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A Pair Of Glasses

A pair of glasses is all that he needs,

To see the words that could set him free.

But this pair of glasses is a special pair,

For all the world to be well aware.


You put them on and the things you see,

Will make you want to take them off and run away free.

From the darkest of hays and the mist in your way,

You find yourself trapped deep in a maze.


With trees that say you better beware,

cause with your life we do not care.

Watching these trees sway back and forth,

as you are praying for this game to abort.


Deep in a maze you find yourself dazed,

without any wind these trees will amaze.

Spinning you around and around and around,

until your mind is as soft as the mud in the ground.


Deep in despair you are well aware,

of the lions, tigers, and even the bears.

Fear grips you tight and you are in fright,

cause the wolves and the beast are all out tonight.


A pair of glasses is all you thought they were,

and now you are trapped in their grip that occurred.

All you can see are the bushes and weeds,

Entangled together making it hard to proceed.


Fear and deception has changed your direction,

and these trees you do see give you no protection.

Sounds of the night are turning your insides out,

and in yourself you are starting to doubt.


Now you believe you know which way to proceed.

But the wolves are nipping at your toes and your knees.

You know they are there cause you can feel them all around you,

and you have no idea of what you should do.


The sounds are getting louder and more intense,

that you are feeling your back is against a fence.

Being afraid and slightly dismayed,

as your whole life is being displayed.


You believe this will be the last night you will ever see.

For it is only your mind that is being deceived.

You chose this path when you put them on to see,

through the grave yard is the way you now believe.


Tripping and stumbling down this path,

that wasn’t there which makes it so sad.

How do you know where this path will lead?

Scared as hell but you must proceed.


For your mind is believing in what you are seeing.

And your heart is exploring every part of your being.

Fear and fright are not a delight

when they have taken control of your total sight.

They have a way of making it so real it seems,

but you have no choice for these glasses are oh so mean.


Twisting your thoughts and gripping your mind,

trying to cause your whole world to unwind.

Now your fear has taken total control,

seeing things that are nothing you know.


Trapped inside a pair of glasses is your mind.

Deeper and deeper they are making you blind.

Blind in the way of not seeing what is real,

but for this pair of glasses it is no big deal.


Forcing your mind to see all that you fear

while moving your emotions to force out your tears.

What do you do now since you think you’re through,

from doing all the things that you normally do?


Stuck in a trap that has weight on your back.

Not having any idea of where you are at.

Lost in a maze that is part of your mind,

losing yourself in the mist of time.


The night has grabbed you deep in your fear,

when it feels like you’ve been out here a couple of years.

The things you are seeing you do not understand,

when the trees reach out with their mighty hands.


Trees with hands this you do not believe,

but they smack you on your face and blood you are seeing.

Your heart rate goes up to a quicker speed,

praying to God, please help you to proceed.


 You are very afraid and starting to shake,

 as this path has lead you down to a lake.

Smoke and steam have covered your way,

and now you believe that nothing is okay.


Do you cross the lake, or try to go around,

hoping your feet stay on solid ground.

Fear and deception have you tied and bound,

making you sweat more and you are feeling it now.


You reach up to wipe the sweat off your forehead,

and you find those glasses up there instead.

You quickly take them off and throw them down

as hard as you can but they never touch the ground.

Some how they are still around,

right back in the same place they were first found.


This can not be true the things you see,

deep in your mind is where this must all be.

But a pair of glasses is all you find,

as you look at your watch and find you lost time.


Makes you wonder what the hell’s going on,

as your voice just raised up a few tones.

Do you dare try them on again just to see,

if what you saw was real or just make believe?


One question arises while you ponder and pace,

why are there scratches across your face?


by Sonny Jay Hairston ... Copyright 2008

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