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Saint Valentine's Day

 Do you really believe in Saint Valentine’s Day?

February 14th is the day they say.

Two people showing all the love they share of a perfect day between lovers who care.

How about a little boy and girl who sees ... the love and happiness between you and me.

Do they copy us and mimic what they see?

Or is it because of something done naturally?


Sweethearts, are what we are call they say.

But only on Saint Valentines Day.

Keeping in touch with your heart knowing how love can build a new start.

I give you roses and a big red heart too.

Filled with chocolates and a big hug for you.


Loving you more on Saint Valentine’s Day.

Please tell me this is not the only way.

I love you today and tomorrow too.

Even if I fail to show it to you.

You mean the world to me from beginning to end.

 You are my wife, my lover, and my best friend.

But on this day we watch our ways,

to try to show more on Saint Valentine’s Day.


But what about those other days?

Does our love just disappear and blow away?

If deep in your heart you truly believe,

and the feeling of love has been achieved.

You will love a bonding love that comes from our Lord in the heavens above.

This love has no date for you to rate.

It will bind your mind as you will loose time.

Always guiding me into your arms where I will stay,

and not just only on Saint Valentine’s day.


Saint Valentine’s day is every day.

If you love in that very special way.

Today, tomorrow, and the next day too.

True love will always be here waiting for you.


Poetry  By: Sonny Jay Hairston … Copyright 2008

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