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A Pair Of Ballet Slippers

A pair of ballet slippers are all that she needs.

To walk on her toes without bending her knees.

To dance across the floor feeling as free as a bird.

Listening for the crowd to give her a good word.


Dancing on stage while the audience give rave.

To her best performance with all the desire she gave.

You are feeling good inside for seeing her in all her glory.

But when people get home it's a whole nother story.


Then what they read the very next day,

that the little girl never made it home not even to play.

Another child was stolen in broad daylight.

Not even a second thought you will give her tonight.


She taught you joy and laughter and style.

In a pair of ballet slippers that was well worth her while.

A family in pain from a child they just lost.

Pray to God asking why must our little girl be the cost?


What do you do when you go to bed?

Do you pray on your knees and bow your head?

Or do you snuggle in your bed all safe and sound.

Not knowing that the devil is lurking around?


He will wait for you no matter what your luck.

Break in your home just for a quick buck.

From dusk till dawn he will destroy your lawn.

Then set you up in his favorite con.


A little girl only wanted to dance and play.

Has lost her life on this very day.

A pair of ballet slippers was the first to be found.

Then, a little girl found buried, in shallow ground.


This poem is dedicated to a little girl who will forever be in my memory.

A neighbors child we all loved and adored but her name I won’t mention.


by Sonny Jay Hairston … Copyright 2008

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