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A Sure Delight

We now have many profile sites,

who say they are here for a sure delight.

A place to mingle and meet new friends.

Because of some messages they allow you to send.


Is this true a new friend you meet?

Or only a dream that is so damn discreet?

Hidden behind pages and doors and walls.

Making you believe you’re having a ball.


Meeting a new girl you care for so much.

And all she is doing is playing with your trust.

I feel in love so fast like a fool,

and she used my heart like it was her personal tool!


I would have done anything for her if she would have just been real.

But it was only my money she wanted to steal.

How can you trust what is on your screen?

Hidden behind code you know what I mean.


I know this is not every woman I speak of in this way.

And believe me it is very easy to find one you want to stay.

Even when you do she is not true.

So what in the hell is a man like me supposed to do?


Getting older more gray and slightly dismayed.

Now living with family and feeling betrayed.

Wanting a pretty young lady in my life

to be my best friend, my lover, or even my wife.


I give all I got when I fall in love,

my heart, my soul,

and even my last dinner roll.

For she is the only one I want in this world.

Yea, I may look at other women you see

but my girl, is the only girl, coming home with me.


I am a dreamer some may say.

But imagine how much money they are willing to pay.

To put it all down in black and white.

To my pocket it would be a sure delight!


by Sonny Jay Hairston … Copyright 2008

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