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Desperate Need
Would you help your brother man when they are in desperate need
If you had the means that could help them succeed?
I’m talking about someone down on their luck 
with their life in a cast
Doing their best and giving their last.
Their path being a little different than yours
People they know keep closing their doors.
If you were the one who can hold your own
Someone who has truly learned how to move along.
Meeting the right people who lend you a hand.
Helping you develop and make your best stand.
Yes, brought up right without any stage fright.
Given a chance to shine in the light.
Would you choose to be the greedy one?
Feeling that no one else deserves any type of your fun?
Saying “I did this on my own all by myself
without anyone giving me any type of help!”
Having more than you will ever need
A Mansion, a car and a yacht in the sea.
So fixated on money that you will never see
A hopeless man in desperate need.
Believe me my friend if you truly succeed
You did get help even if you do not believe.
Friends with connections put you on the right path
Just knowing them alone has lighten your task.
Would you not feel the love in your heart
To just reach out and give someone else a fresh start?
We all have it my friend or we could not survive
Without any love most people would die.
Do you realize what would happen if there was no love?
Fear would cover the night hunting man from above.
Scared about this or even that
Hiding from the world and living like rats.
Money is the root of all evil because it become a desperate need
For most of those who have it they do not see.
You need it to survive or just to stay alive
But without it my friend you could certainly die!
Many problems accrue when money is low
Freedom becomes a word you do not know.
This land of the free has turned on thee
Without any work how will you ever succeed?
How could this be the land of the free
When you know that this freedom you will never see?
You have to have a job that no one want’s to give
But to be in this land called freedom you still have to live.
Bills have to be paid, rents always do
You need food and water just to get you through.
A place to stay and you can call home
And you know that everybody needs a good phone.
What if a stranger gets sick and work they must miss
Will you lift a finger to help them out with this?
Some people believe that life is a gift
So why would the Lord want us living like this?
Man has his own sneaky ways of bringing you down
Then kicking you twice while you’re down on the ground.
Stepping on you trying to get to the top
Truly believing and they never stop
Stealing from Peter just to pay Paul
When Paul is the one who started it all.
This money you make becomes a greed 
More than a need that continues to breed.
But as rich as you get you will never see
Someone down on their luck and in desperate need.
Do you see this cycle that you now live?
So why is it so hard for someone like you to give!
You can’t take it with you so do a good deed
By lending a hand to someone in desperate need!
Sonny Jay 2013
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7 years ago
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