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 The Basketball Court  

I see you are down and out and being so bored

Playing alone here on this basketball court.

All by yourself without any friends.

Not even those who likes to pretend.


Staying to yourself cause you don’t believe.

Anyone else would help you to succeed.

Trust in no one not under the sun.

Cause you believe they will only make fun.


To make a friend you must make believe.

That you have something that they may need.

When they meet you they have already judged.

And never give you a chance just because.


You are a little different than most of them.

A bit smaller and fear is your only friend.

A sickness in some not many have.

Drives your heart to hide deep inside.


Asthma is what it is called.

That can hold you back from playing to hard.

When you meet others they call you a dork.

But you make them eat their words on a basketball court.


When you get to school, that is just what you do.

And now they believe you are someone cool.

But when you meet them with their other friends.

Their thoughts of you start to bend.


At times, children can be so cruel.

And they have no clue of what they can do.

To someone who is already lost.

This can be a very devastating cost.


A geek is all they see even when you are at your best.

And some of them want to even try to put you to the test.

You are small so they bully you.

So you have to prove you will fight to.


You decide you want to play basketball in school.

But the coach has a different set of rules.

You ask him if you can play for his team.

But he tells you, you must be having a dream.


There is no way he would ever accept you.

No matter how well you think you can do.

But this does not change your mind.

You are still feeling the same.

So you challenge his whole squad to a one on one game.


Let’s take it to the basketball court.

And your whole team will be eating my shorts.

I’ll play a game to one with your best three and none of them can defend me.


The first one comes out much taller than you.

You steal the ball in a mystical move.

Stopping in your tracks and hitting a three.

That was so pretty even you could not believe.

The ball hitting nothing but net.

Making this boy walk off very upset.


The second one comes out in his long ass shorts.

And got his jock shook off by this same little dork.

Spinning him around as he falls on his butt.

Sending you in for an easy lay up.


So proud and bold, you holler “Next!”

And just when you say that they send in their best.

Their forward who stands about six foot two.

With the ability to leap up and jam on you.


But somehow to you, this does not even phase.

The way you play can really amaze.

You tell him yeah your big but you better stand your ground.

If you blink an eye, I will never be found.

Come and get this ball if you think you can.

Make the wrong move and I will leave you right where you stand.


He said to you bring it in here and see what I do.

You will only make it if I choose to let you.

So you smile, and dribble inside.

First to his left and you found his weak side.


With a double cross over and a strong pivot to his right.

Made him cross his legs and you were out of his sight.

Spinning to his left and he was lost in a stare!

Leaving him dazed as you were high in the air.

Slamming the ball as you hung from the rim.

Having a thrill as their faces went dim.

Grabbing the rim without even a care.

Left him in standing in his tracks right over there.

You then say, please remember this five foot four dork.

That kicked all your asses on this basketball court.

By Sonny Jay ... Copyright 2012



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