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 Pretty As Can Be

 She is electrifying, an original!

So gorgeously beautiful that it’s criminal.

 A precious little Angel I have been dreamming about.

Late at night when all the lights go out.


 Pretty as can be, damn! She’s fine!

Please oh Lord,

 Make this Angel all mine.

 Day after day and night after night.

 She's pure heart warming and pleasant delight.


Prettiest thing that I ever did see.

 I crave to be with her more intimately.

All I can do is hope and pray,

That someday she will just look my way.


Hoping and praying for the day that we meet.

So I can take her home and my life she will complete.

Driving around in my blue Cadillac.

Looking at her but she never looks back.


She never looks at me from what I can see.

Sitting over there looking pretty as can be.

She would look so good sitting right here next to me.

As my wife, my best friend, and lover to be.


When she is in her bell bottom jeans,

And her boots with the fur.

Damn! I just can’t take my eyes off of her.

I know it will take a lot to keep her with a smile.

But it would be an honor to try and well worth my while.


Pretty as can be, damn! She is so fine!

Please oh Lord,

Make your perfect creation all mine.

Day after day and night after night.

She is pure heart warming and a hell of a sight.


Can you really believe in what you see?

A lady so fine and pretty as can be.

In your heart you are aching for her so bad.

That your feelings inside are making you sad.


Sad that you can not get close enough,

To tell her the things that you believe you must.

Tell her everything from beginning to end.

A little at a time no need to pretend.

Just tell her how you really feel.

How your heart and soul she can easily steal.

You can get her if you really try.

Just believe that you can and tell her no lie.


If you can get her to believe

That in time, you can both succeed.

Together as one, as a special team.

For this you have already done many times in your dream.


Believe in yourself and trust in her.

Your imagination will begin to stir.

A true lady can inspire you,

If she is true to herself and believes in the power of two.


Pretty as can be, damn! She is so fine!

Please oh Lord,

Make this Angel all mine.

Day after day and night after night.

She's pure heart warming and pleasant delight.


Now darkness has fallen and become my sight.

Giving way for my dreams to take on their flight.

All alone and deep in to the night.

Where she always is with the brightest of light.


This light is so damn bright,

 That it feels me up with the beauty of her sight.

 Leaving no doubt in my mind as my dreams grip me tight.

 That what I am feeling for her has to be right.


By Sonny Jay ... Copyright 2012



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