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The Lost Of A Golden Smile
Based on a true story
A beautiful young lady that I have come to know 
Was on her way to becoming a star in a show.
With a golden smile and a gentle heart 
An acting career was her goal from the start.
Always up beat and causing you to smile too.
Just being herself in all the things that she do.
Started having problems with her golden smile 
Which lead to disaster and broke her style.
Never being told that her teeth have gone bad.
By any dentist she ever had
Poison was found from deep within
Traveling through her body 
and could bring her life to it’s end.
Until an Emergency Room doctor with a real MD
Was the only one to bring it to the surface to see.
She was told that some of her teeth had to come out 
Or she will die without even a doubt.
Dentist after dentist she really did try to see
Not worrying about her life just about their fee.
No insurance did she have nor money to pay
So why would a Dentist just send her away?
Would not one of them have any responsibility 
once they found out?
A life in danger that they now know about?
Is that not some type of sin or even a crime?
Knowing this young lady has limited time?
Especially when they know 
this is a life any of them could save
All they would have to do 
is take a few minutes out of their day.
Is it so hard to help someone in need?
When life and death are the choices of creed?
A final choice she had left to make
Going to Economy Denture was a devastating mistake.
They gave her hope and something to hold on to
By telling her all the things that they’re going to do.
Because of what she was told her choices were few
Without much money there is not much she could do.
They took her smile and all of her dreams
Dropping her down as she got lost in their seams.
Pulling all of her teeth and promised her more
The ones they gave her keeps her mouth so sore.
She can’t even wear them to this day
And they will not even help her so she can be on her way.
Destroying her smile and her out spoken style.
Now covering her mouth when she starts to smile.
I know that a Dentist is not a doctor with a MD degree
So why is he allowed to operate on people like you and me?
No morals or standards do they have to up hold.
More money from you is their only goal.
She looks for work but she’s greeted with shame.
She tries to smile but I see her pain.
Always writing about what she’s been through
She could write her own book with the things that she knew.
But putting people down is really not her way.
Deep in her thoughts she is learning what to say.
With no place to stay and no money to survive
How will this little lady ever get by?
Is there anyone out there with a kind heart?
Who could help this young lady have a brand new start?
If she had a set of dentures that truly did fit
She could wear them to interviews for a little bit.
A job with Goodwill she would truly appreciate
Doing her best on each and every date.
Or even some implants would be better still
Then she will believe that her life is truly a big deal. 
Sonny Jay 2013

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