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  Precious Angels

   Women are precious Angles sent from the heavens above.

 Placed on this earth to show men how to love.

Without them men would be in hell.

Holding back feelings with no one to tell.

Hating each other for there would be no peace without a woman to help you release.


We would be fighting each other till one of us dies.

Without a woman proudly standing right by our sides.

Men would be loving one another and none of them even be under cover.

But God created woman for the man to see.

She is meant to be his true destiny.


For she is a Precious Angel who has a special power.

With the right one magic can be inspired.

Causing inspiration and joy and making all men into better boys.

Having a family when you relate love and joy is what she will create.

Being with a woman can help a man for she is guiding him in to making a better stand.


Behind every good man is a better woman.

If you trust in her all men would be better humans.

You must be true to your mate for this magic to ever take place.

God knew just what he was doing and only satin sends us in to ruin.

God is love from creations first start.

He placed this love deep within our hearts.

The right person can bring it out and you my dear have made mine begin to sprout.


When Adam and Eve first related all of us humans were then created.

Adam was not alone he had Eve sitting on his throne.

Yes she was made from him on a night his life went dim.

But when he awoke there she was.

The most gorgeous sight of any of our Lords doves.

Gave him more than he ever dreamed.

Someone to confide in as they became the first human team.


If trust is achieved between a woman and a man glorious desires will be so grand.

Smiling a lot because of the love within our hearts.

Oh yes, the heart plays a very important part.

Nurture it well and it will love from the start.

If a woman and a man ever create a spark.


Women are precious Angels sent from our Lord above.

Placed on this earth to show men how to love.

But finding the right one is a mighty task.

And you are the one I want to ask.

Is there any place in your heart for someone like me?

A mortal man down on his knees asking you please?

A little of your time every now and then.

Because I really would love to get to know you my beautiful friend.

 By Sonny Jay ... Copyright 2012



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