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Charles Turner
Charlie Salinas
I am a fun loving outgoing guy who enjoys life. I spent ten years of my life in the Army protecting the people and the country that i love. I am a combat veteran who did a eight month tour of duty in Desert Storm back in 1990-91. I have been around the world several times courtesy of the Army, and even though we are far from perfect belive me we live in the best damn country in the world. I have made a lot of friends in a lot of countries who have made me feel very at home away from home but never in a million years would i ever want to call anywhere else home. I hung up my uniform after i came home from Desert Storm. I have seen enough of war to last a lifetime i choose to live in peace.I live in a small town in Wisconsin with my lady and her 11 year old daughter who i love to death and have raised as my own since she was three. I have been a bodyguard, a bouncer, hauled a shit load of money for Brinks Armored. Been shot,cut,beat, kicked a lot of ass and had mine kicked
Charlie Pickering
Charles Kraper
Charles Kuhn
Charlie Boullester
Charles Shwab
Charlie Brown
Charlie Ann
Charlie Robison
Charles Mutiva
Charles Rawlinson
Charles Clark
Charlie Pearson
Charles Padgett
i am a simple man
Charles Killer
Charles Roberts
Charlie Dilley
Charlie Hurlbatt
Charles Sherba
well love to snowboard and go 4 wheelin basketball and football fav sports got a couple of tatsTELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The SurveyName:cjBirthday:7/2/82Birthplace:latrobeCurrent Location:blairsvilleEye Color:brownHair Color:sameHeight:6'0Right Handed or Left Handed:RIGHTYour Heritage:EVERYTHING ALMOSTThe Shoes You Wore Today:ADIDASYour Weakness:MY GIRLFRIENDYour Fears:NONE REALLY DEATH MAYBEYour Perfect Pizza:PEP
Charlene Elder
Charles Stanway
Charles Weber
I am a 32 year old happily married man of 2 years. I work for a waste water treatment plant, as an assistant preventive maintenance planner. I am also a Volunteer Firefighter and also a state certified fire instructor. I also am an avid outdoorsy type person and enjoy photography. You will be able to see some of my photos in the photo section. please be patient as i am still setting up this site. Myspace Graphics I found some really Cute Myspace Layouts at Family, Friends, & sports. Football: Philadelphia Eagles Hockey: Philadelphia Flyers And my most favoratist.. lol: NASCAR: Martin Truex Jr. My Mother and father are my deffinate idols. Family is the thing that is most important in life. I have been blessed to have such strong family values. I also have to add my sister Betty. After losing her bladder to bladder cancer she is the true meaning of a survivor. She has had several complications with hernias, and still goes thru life lik
Charlotte Philpott
Charles Klinch
i am a single male in thee hospital right now moved here from mass anything
Charles Carmichel
"welcome to the Nerd Herd" Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with all your heart. As for me, all I know is that I know nothing. I'm 50 percent introvert and 50 percent extrovert...there's no telling which side you'll get. I like to Read, Play Guitar, X-Box Playin C.O.D, Movies, Comics, Comedy, and being spontaneous and try new things. hanging with my family and make new friends. Road trips and everything outdoors. Psychology, Philosophy, and a general interest in Theoretical Physics. Also, a career in computer science.
Charles Clements
About me,let me see,Singer-Songwriter,oldhippie,very fun,naughty--thats why the ladies like me,been playing most of my life and love it---love women,all things about them and i do know how to treat them and feel like a lady,thats about it,thanks CHUCK Have been a Singer-Songwriter for a long time now and that is about my life.have own band called (SAND)from the sand in arizona,where we are from.Love women all most as much as music--(more)and have a lot of g/f.thank you-------OLDHIPPIECHUCK i HAVE A FEW IDOLS-----randy cailafornia,eric,lots of the old rock stars that were a help to me getting started in music-----thanks. Not much of a movie goer,i think the last one that was great was THE GREEN MILE.
Charles Burge
Charlie B
Charlotte Robertsob
Charlie Farley
Charles Mcbroom
Charlie Fripp
About me? I never really know how to answer that question cause there are so many things that define a person. I guess you can say I`m a fun-loving person who cares alot about other people & those around me. I`ll always try to make them laugh or to let them have a good time. I`m kinda laid back but I do take things seriously when I have to. I`m open to any situation & always look at a problem from all angles before I try to make a judgement. I guess you can say that I`m a typical Virgo but I get along with any kind of person. I have a girlfriend at the moment, Megz, which is great. I don`t get to see her often but we talk everyday. I don`t really know what else to say, as the rest of the stuff is coverd in other sections on myspace. I lived in USA for 2 years but I`m back now. I would love to return one day but we`ll see what happens. I actually like any kind of music - Metal, Rock, Folk & some Reggea. Anyways, just have a look around and make yourself at home. Drop me aline if you
Charlie Brown
Charla Lesher
Charlene Banks
Charmain Oleson
I happy bubbly fun person. I love playing games and I have a big appetite for them. I love hanging with ppl and having fun. I like movies, reading, and music. Reading, guys, movies(all kinds), music, and hangin out. Drew Barrymore, Nicole Kidman The Matrix, 2Fast 2Furious, Saw 1 and 2, Moulin Rouge, Ella Enchanted, Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Underworld, Underworld Evolutions,
Charlie Catts
Im a Girl! Are you shocked! What can i say? No really, im not joking, i dont know what im interested in. I spose i could be cliche and say art and music... but i dont know many people who arnt into art or music or both. I spose i could say im into late night art sessions full of jazz and booze. Well minus the booze, im more of a grass fan myself, and it is more conducive to the art making experience.
Charles Smith
Charles Rute
not really that much about me, im from pa but im stationed at cali till oct of 07.. then its back to the normal life of college and not getting yelled at by everyone that is a higher rank then you.. my mom is the coolest person ive ever known.. she is more then my mom. a friend.. and she rides too!!! she got a 2004 kawasaki ninja and i own a 2005 gsxr 600. so if anyone is out there looking to ride hit me up... my boys are where its at... if anything ive learned these past few years in the military its that friends should be the most important thing you have... there always there no matter what.. even if they have to take the fat chick ha.. anyway if anyone wants to learn more just let me know.. im good at listening and i always have an open mind.. and im always lookin to meet new people... him... interests... lets see.. drinking, girls, motorcycles, eating everything i see, workin out,punk music, guitar playing, rice burners, hookas, hooters, bat girl, 2 somes, 3 somes, 4 somes
Charlie Brown
Well, I pretty laid back, like the quiet life. Intrests, humm, I like the outdoors, hunting, fishing and camping. Love to have a campfire and look at the stars. Favorite is, Open Range.
Charles Watson
I'm an average guy that doesn't let life just run me around. I like to think i take control. I like skiiing, biking, hiking, fishing and passion
Charlie Smith
Charles Miller
I'm 5'2",long blonde hair,grey/blue eyes, color(like that matter's),I'm full figured and don't wanna be skinny;I'm me just take me as I am or don't bother me.I'll be cool with anyone unless they are rude to me!!I take in wild animal's that are hurt or abondened,and either nurse them back to health and let them go or keep em' as pet's,depending on the problem of the animal.I used to be a nurse's aid till back problem's stoped all that.I'm a physo bitch at times tho.wanna know more just ask,and if your taking the time to read all of this please take the time to vote on my profile,thank's!! Hey,this is me!!! I'm 33,I have 3 kid's,(their in college,high school,and elem. school)a wonderful boyfriend,many pet's,and I own my own home.I love the summer month's;which include,camping,swimming,fishing,playing with my kid's,and partying on my down time!!!I get along well with new people,but not ol' pervert's,lol!!!!! I'm into tatttoo's,and many other intrest's.I wish I could run my own an
Charles Gibson
hit me up on aim: dfmindgame39!
Charity Young
iam cool funny a happy person cherry cool lil mamam lil wezzy firday after next
Charles Sopringer
Charlotte De Vries
About me..... well Just a ordinary girl. Just ask me for details. What about me? I am interesting in girls and boys. I have a boyfriend but we are into a open relationship. Its hard for me to do something in English. I am a dutch girl and live also in Holland
Charlie Peterson
well to be honest my interests are mainly music and girls i'm currently in a band and we're working on getting enough songs together so we can record a demo before we start doing shows, my favorite bands are: As I Lay Dying, Poison The Well, If Hope Dies, It Dies Today, God Forbid, Killswitch Engage, From Autumn To Ashes, Bullet For My Valentine, Bleeding Through, Waterdown, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, Trivium, Otep, Opeth, The Autumn Offering, Sinai Beach, Bury Your Dead, Between The Burried And Me, Death By Stereo, 3 Inches of Blood, Nodes of Ranvier, Darkest Hour, Shadows Fall, Every Time I Die..... that's all i can remember right now
Charlotte Moore
Charity Martin
im da coolest person you would eva meet, im crunk and down 4 n-e-thing!!!1 i like to shop and talk on da phone and just wild out God whos da head of my life!!!!!!1 and my moma and brother I like Chick flicks!!and comedy and scary stuff
Charlie Christmas
Writing, reading, cooking, baking, scuba diving, hiking, traveling, learning about new languages and cultures, playing with my puppy, trying new things, yoga, Tae Kwon Do, working out, meditation, and lots more. 10th Kingdom, Dogma, Constantine, Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure, Phantom of the Opera, Cocoon, Ripper, Jawbreaker, The Heathers, Kill Bill I and II, Monty Python, and all the Brat Pack movies.
Charles R
Charlene Muhammad
Charles Thompson
Well lets see im 29 and just got back into college and deffenitly going to finish it this time. im single and i enjoy hangin out with friends and meeting new people so hit me up i love anything outdoors an especially my Buckeye Football. GO BUCKS!!!!!
◊ Empire Records ◊ The Life of David Gale ◊ Pay It Forward ◊ The Breakfast Club ◊ Hedwig & The Angry Inch ◊ Harry Potter Series
Charlene Scabby
i hate cheerleaders im native americanim into alot of sportz and this summer im doing voulenteery work at a club about 2mi.from were i live i like black yellow and blue i hate the word pink and im a bit of a tom boy but not alot i love basketball i love to play basketball i like any music but country and im good at fixing hair i hate drawing but i used 2 b very good
Charnel Walker
IM A JUGGALO, RAVER, POTHEAD......... i luv smokin weed
Charles Pierce
I am very Dominant...I love being in control...I love being in charge...I love being Rough...And i have my dick pierced...and i like being "The Daddy" I am from New Orleans but now live on the coast of Mississippi. Makeing friends,Chatting,Computers,Electronics in general
Charli Ransom
Char Bowman
Charlly Moore
bein with my baby gurl...smokin weed hehe partying and hangin out with all my friends loving my boyfriend!!! my mommy and daddy i like all kinds of movies titanic, ever after, my baby's daddy lol, scarface, goodfellas, wise gurls, and all kinds of disney movies.. i
Charles Green
Charles Murdock
6'1'' 210 pounds, uhh alright face i guess and yeah, i believe its mostly bout personality i have a joking personality but can be serious on alot of serious if the situation calls for it Comp games, conversation im the type of person who will die if not in conversation lol Corey Taylor nuff said The rock, The mummy series, things with nicholas cage in general love lord of war
Charlez Waring
Charlotte Dean
Hi there all Im Charlotte and im 25 years of age. Im currently living in Telford and i have just finished writting my first book which im hoping to possible get published soon, Just need to design my cover for it :) im a fun lovin girl who always like to enjoy life to the max.. I enjoy to hang out with my mates, Pubs, clubs, just havin a laugh in genral. I also enjoy reading a good book and watching a good horror film.
Char Wleklinski
*~ My name is Charleen, and i go by Char (I'm loved by many and Hated by Some) I have 17 tattoos, and 2 piercings. I love Michigan and Pittsburgh football. I love making new friends, and i like talking, so just hit me up if you wanna talk. Just to let you know a little bit more about me though... If you don't like me i don't care, It won't hurt my feelings i promise. If you don't like my football teams who cares (opinions are like assholes everybody has one) If you want nudes, i don't have any (so dont ask). If your a perv and you wanna get on my nerves dont even bother me, save it for someone else. I just like to have down to earth conversations so if your gonna be a pain in my ass dont even think about bothering me. I'm pretty sure you'd be more attractive if you left your cock in your pants..... And last but not least if you don't like me, or you think im a smart-elic WHO CARES Hmmmmm ....My interests.... Well first off I like a little bit of everything........ I like
Char Botah
Charlie ... I dont watch many movies or tv at that but I did like fight club and the book was cool.
This one is for my brother. He is away right now and I really miss him. Well because some one had to report one of my pics as adult or offensive I have locked them. If you want to see them you have to ask and if you as you will need to comment on them. If you dont like them then don't comment or rate them. All this because some one did't like me in a towel. Which you can't see anything. So if you want to see then ok let me know. Thanks for looking at my page. Please leave a comment or two on it. Don't forget to check out my photo's. I am a chef, a full time college student going for my degree in culinary arts. I am also an amature adult model. Oh yeah I have been told I am a really big flirt. I am here for friends. I dont care if you are a male or a female. There is no reason why we cant be friends. I have some rules that I would like to have followed. They are about my photo albums. The main rule is please don't rip without permission. If you like the photo please
Charlene Wright
Charles Mcclean
Charlie Thomas
Charlie Thompson
i can be the sweetest guy u could know or a pure asshole !!!!!! i am me if u dont like it then im sowwy !!!!!! well im originally from (New Orleans,Louisiana) been in South Carolina since hurricane Katrina if u wanna know more bout me ... just ask
Charlie Moore
Charlene Dixon
Charles Meeks
Charles Carnell
Charles Cooper
Charmeda Patterson
Hello all my name is Charity..I am 27 and I live in Ohio.. I am in a relationship and not really looking for much but friends..If there is anything you would like to know just ask..But dont get to personal..
Charles Brown
kinda short, about 5'9", 145 lbs. , redhair, slender/athletic build...anything else you wanna know...ASK! too many to list. if you really want to know, just ask me about anything. I'll let you know if I like it, hate it, or whatever "> if its Marvel Comics-turned live action films...I probly already own a copy! I love all of the Marvel films, like the Punisher, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, etc. I also enjoy watching action, horror, suspense thrillers, sci-fi, comedy, some drama, and various CGI films.
Charity Tomlinson
i like chatting on the computer listening to music and spending time with my two beautiful children i like walks and relaxing on the couch watching tv. devins ghost,devils reject,save the last dance, the note book, saw 2, walk the line,
Charlotte Mccrone
Charlotte Smith
Charles Adu Fosuhene Apenteng
Charles Reynolds
Charity Czechorski
Charles Cline
I Have The Best FuOwner On Fu Much Love To You DarkNymph ! DarkNymph@ fubar Have You Added This Wonderful & Special Friend Of Mine Today! She Always Has Something Runing Go Catch The Points While You Can! Much Love To You DarkNymph! Hello My Real Name Is Charlotte, But Everyone Calls Me Char!! For Short I Prefer Either One! I Was Born In Malone NY & Brought Up In Plattsburgh NY. I'm Pretty Much a Upfront Person Or At Least Try To Be! My #1 Thing Is Honesty - Just Wish A lot Were, But Sometimes It Doesn't Work That Way. Guess Thats What Life Is All About - Learning & Finding Out How Some People Can Really Be Sometimes. But In Reailty, There Are a Few Nice Ones Left Out There In the World As Well! Trust Me, If Anyone Can Tell You I Can! I Love To Just Meet New Friends, Maybe Even Old, Who Knows What The Future Will Bring For Us All. I Like The Yankees & Most Of All, I Love Collecting Dolphins! I Write Poetry from Time To time. I've Been Writing Since I Was Real
Charlie Williams
Ask me I let you know. I hear to meet real people
Charlotte Norton
I am Charlotte I'm a fairy princess And I have the wings to prove it I'm a Christian I have a pet duck called Clarissa I'm a secret ninja in training I want a 'hello, im...emo' sticker I'm a cat I'm a loser When im alone, I like to scream It's great fun, You should try it sometime I love music My friends all rock I like to run with scissors Tigers are pretty J'aime le francais I have awesome hair [Most days] I love pretty stuff [look at all my picture albums] Clarissa lost my toothbrush Now i have to use my other one It sucks, because it's not purple I want an ice-lolly Enjoy my page If you don't, you suck And the moral of the story is: Don't run with scissors Or you may die I luff yooh all [Maybe] -xx-
Charity Young
I have blonde hair and blue eyes, im 5 foot 1 ( yeah im short ) and i weight 105 pounds. I used o be a cheerleader and im a senior at Hillsdale high school. i drink and i dont smoke and i love to party i love to dance and soon going to be stripping at a gentlmans club in wooster only for awhile i will be moving to canada in 11 months. Anyway im looking to talk to anyone that just wants to have a good time and not be too serious i will pretty much do anything because im very daring and i love to just have a good time even if im at a party and dont know anyone there i will always try to be the life of the party
Charles Holmes
Charles Babbo
Charles Arnold
Well... I am currently residing in HELL - A.K.A. Bluefield, WV.. Where there are no JOBS or otherwise fruitful entertainment... OH, NVM looks... Well, I'm 5'9" tall, Brown Hair and Blue eyes, weigh in at 235lbs. without clothes... Am into 4X4 trucks, fast cars, and beautiful girls... Well, I'm a guy! What can I possibly type here to defend myself? Want to know more, just ask... Ill be happy to talk, seeing there's not much else to do here in WV!
Charlie Scholl
Charles Thompson
I'm a 22 year old Theater Major with a wide array of interests. I've played Amtgard for about six years now. That's about all the roleplay I do, except for Ren Faires and the occasional Dungeons and Dragons game. I'm into Yoga and Martial Arts. I've studied Isshryu Karate, Regional Capoeira, Yang style tai chi, and Shaolin Kempo (however, I despise tournaments and sparring). I'm also quite fond of studying religion and philosophies, especially any that might actually help me to figure things out. Acting, Yoga, Martial Arts, Renaissance Faires, Amtgard, Religious Studies
Charles Lewis
Single father of a 2 year old. I'm pretty laid back, easy going. Really responsible and I work too hard sometimes for my money. I love my children very much and do everything I can for them but I also find time to have fun. I race dirt stock cars (no people they are not hillbilly junkyard cars, but mine cost me just a tick over $51,000 and is super fuckin fast). I might come across some beautiful lady to share my life with. If anything you wanna know just ask. I'm open like a book unless I close the pages. Any Godfather Scarface Blow Training Day Friday 1 and 3
Charles Allan
Charles Drennan
Charisse Lawelawe
love Heavy Metal.... Recently divorced! Im single and ready to meet some nice guys. A little about me, I'm straight forward and very honest..I have 3 boys who currently live with my ex in California..I would like to meet new people. Its time to put my past behind me and just have fun. I'm soo ready for whatever life throws at me. If you are married or in a not contact me. Thanks! Email me if you wanna know more... P.S fast cars,heavy metal and cycles are some of my turn ons! Oh and I'm no slut by far, I just know what I want. I have a myspace account that has more pics..I will get some more up soon..need some that show some skin *grin* Top Gun Anything gory or scary.
Charles Smith
Charlie Moxley
not much to say i like to play WOW(world of Warcraft) and play games on my PS3 im a big fan of ICP and i like anime i also have two daughters one is 3 years old and the other is 2 years old oh just in case anyone is wondering ryuk is a name of a character form one of my favorite anime called death note if you want to know ask
Charlie Thompson
Charlessea Johnson
Get this video and more at i donno how to describe myself. i have been in usa 2 and half years, i speak 4 languages. i love to spend money. i am driving a convertble mercedes benz and a grand cherokee for winter. i work too hard. 45 hour a week manager in fast food restaurant, and i have my own buisness in cleaning. i love to make friends. i love sex. i am single now. i love cars, sex, and money.
Charlene Whitmer
Charles Shanks
my name is charles. im 32 and from texas but live in colorado springs. i like beer, sports and music. anything you want to know, just ask. You scored as Special Ops. Special ops. You're sneaky, tactful, and a loner. You prefer to do your jobs alone, working where you don't come into contact with people. But everyonce in a while you hit it big and are noticed and given fame. Your given the more sensitive problems. You get things done, and do what has to be done. "VULCAN NECK PINCH!!!" "owww.......(slump)"Special Ops81%Artillery/Armor63%Combat Infantry63%Engineer63%Support Gunner56%Officer50%Medic44%Civilian38%Which soldier type are you?created with
Charlie Hand
Charles O
Chardae Wislon
my name is:chardae my b-day is:8-22-91 myfave. movie is:when a stranger calls my fave.wild animale is:a tiger,leperds&chetas brother/sister:;I have 2 brothers 1's name is Dawayne he's 9 1/2 My sec. brothers name is Darryl he's olest sister name is Kameria she is 22 my yungest sisters name is Ondre. animales: I have 2 a cat & dog fav. sport: b-ball,softball,kickball&soccer mixed:black,3different kinds of native,white,mexican,german hight: 5'1 weigh:95 to 100 skin color:sandy brown hair color:a light honey brown fave.drink:cherry pepsi fave song artist:chris brown,bowwow aka chad gregory moss,jay moss,mary mary,Aaliyah channels:"107" "27" "101" "405" "402" "401"
Charlee Padilla
Get your own countdown at I am fun to be around and loves have a good time!! :) I love going to the mall and the beach with my friends.I am a very nice person to talk to and guys think so to. I have 3 dogs and 2 fish there are my pets.L live at home only because I am 17and going to be 18 in augest I cant wait!!!.I have 2 brothers I am the only girl in the family beside my mom.I have a quad and I love riding quad is so fun and most people say I act like a crazy person on it because I ride really fast. ~~~~~~~ .................. I'll'll never I'll never wear your ring I'll never hold your hand I'll never get to touch you face I'll never get to kiss those lips you'll never notice I'm gone but most of all you'll never know how much I love you~~~~~~~~~~~~ ............................... love is ...when you feel something more than friendship but cant quite describe it. ...wanting to be close to someone, both emotionally a
Charles Boxley
Charlotte Rawcliffe
wel wel wel :P haahaa aww wel im a fun lovin party gurlllll:D:P always up for a laugh and im reali confident n bubbly!!:P i have blonde hair with brown underneath and i luv spendin time with mi best m8s and mi bby adam!! lv u adam x n i luv shoppin.. drinkin n bascialy socialisin :P i lyk meetin new peeps!! so if u wna chat then msg me :P lv yas x x x x x
Charlene Wright
Charles Nichols
i am charles nichols i love to play hockey i have brown hair and brown eyes i am 6'0 i love to listen to music i live in fredericton n.b i like msn love to hang out with friends love to play sports love to listen to music
Charles Snyder
Charmy Lucky
Im not much jus a chill type quiet to myself like but I'll open up if i get to know you. Im down for my friends no matter what they come few and far between but my enemies dont know what I got for em. I just recently moved to woodbridge actually i just got here about a month ago. anyways I'm moving in with my brother and lookin for work and plan on going to college up here. I'm originally from virginia beach but i went to school for a bit in NC I'm back in va but I still dont know anybody where I'm at.anything else hit me up or AIM SN- capuletIII everything
Charity Cutrer
this is abotu the smae as my interests if you need to know anythign else jsut feel free to ask. i do sports like to hang out with friends,i like to hunt fish ride the 4 wheeler, i also like to party, to make it all easy i like to do thign that has to do with gettign out of the house becasue im very outgoing. any questions ask me. i like to watch movies go to the theaters and watch it too i liek to buy and rent them.
Charles Fraley
I'm 22 years old I'm engaged to an amazing man I have a sweet car...that my amazing man bought me :-P I have a wonderful and absolutely perfect life....who could want more? Dancing and amazing my fiance, Jeff...that's about it.
Charles Forsyth Sr
Charlene Moore
Charles Giura
Charlie Jaworski
Charlotte Warren
Charles Mathias
Charles Borders
Charlie Chambliss
Charlie Schaff
Charles Forester
Charlie Nicks
Charlie White
Charles Lindberg
Charles Thomas
Charlie S
Charlotte Hutchinson
Charles Miller
Charles Duff
Charlie Valor
Charles Collins
Charlie Baldry
im charlie i luv zebrahead and my best m8 nikky :D thays all i can b botherd 2 write :) xxcharliexx
Charles Wolf
Charles Bradley
Not much to tell about me I work hard and play harder.Right now I am renovating my home I love the outdoors and motorcycles.I'm not as mean as I look if you want to chat you can find me at I like Fishing,anything outdoors,motorcycles,tats,wizards and dragons. Billy Lane,Indian Larry,The Tuttles and Jesse James pretty much anyone who builds motorcycles. Scarface,Goodfellas,Mobsters all kinds of gangster movies.
Charo Romero
Charles Mclain
I am a father first, that being said it should go without saying what gender I am and also what orientation i fall under. i like my women and love my woman. But other wise I am roughly 5'10" 160#-170# Dark hair and Brown eyes. RPG and PC games, Strategy mostly. I like to read books go to movies and wathc the rare show on Sci-Fi or comedy central channels. I am really into my woman and love my son. What else can i say?
Charl Rudge
Charlie Langeness
Charles Cash
Charles Heisler
Charles Lavallee
Charles Christmas
I am a TEXAN...I like fishing, camping, baseball, riding horses...& younger Babes with BIG BOOBS!!! My favorite movies: anything with John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, Gene Hackman...I loved "Married with Children" & "That 70's Show"...Naturally, I LOVE "King of the Hill"...My faorite music is: easy listening-jazz...Favorite artists: Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Kenny G, Taylor Dayne John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Sean Connery
Charles Quackenbush
Charlotte Love
mostly i just love hangin with my friends! i have the best friends in the world! Dan-my oldest and best friend. we are lyk sisters not friends. ive known her since i was 4. she knows evryfin bout me! Quince- first friend i made in secondary skl. lv him 2 bits. i no i can tell him nefin. he is always lookin out for me! Cat- shes a bit lyk the mum ov our group, luks afta evry1! shes so funny! Will- shes so much fun. we can tlk 4 hours on end wivout eva runnin outa fins 2 say! Alex- so so much fun! hes always makin me laugh and he can always make me smile. dont realy have any idols. old horror films. but my fave movie is Rules Ov Attraction. its so gd!
Charles Koehler
Charles Rose
Charlie Ruddy
Charles Arvidson
chuck@ LostCherry My name's Chuck, or Arvidson if you know me on a more personal level. A lot is going on in my life right now, school's about to start back up, I decided to say fuck work so I am opening my own business, I'm box at the columbia boxing club every day and want a belt while I still can. I joined the marine core and will ship out may 28th of 07 and will be stationed at pensacola fl. I'm the command master chief of the local rotc unit. and I'm a senior. I tend to see past superficial things and more toward what a person really is on the inside. Looking nice is part of that, but I need a good personality to really get me fired up. Here's where it pays to be modest. I like to remember, there were many people who accomplishied so many things before I was even born, so many people died for important causes or for their loved ones. They are my Idols. Those who were forgotten, those who have no memorial for their heroics, those who have been cast into history by their peers, the
Charles Moore
I am a father of 4 beautiful children (3 living). 1 boy and 3 girls. The youngest (6 yrs old) lives with my ex-wife's grandmother in Texas and the oldest 2 (13,11 yrs old) live with my mom, stepdad and brother in Wiley, Colorado. My sister lives in Lamar Colorado. I am very hard to deal with sometimes. I do have a very hard time opening up to people but I do like to make them laugh. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and depresion. I enjoy spending quiet evenings at home. I tend to be a bit of a home body. I love to go to renaissance festivals. I'll try anything once. I love driving around at night with the windows down feeling the air between my fingertips. I had 2 piercings, my tongue & eyebrow and will probably get my toung done again. I plan on getting at least one tattoo of H.R.Giger's Alien. I like going out with friends or just watching a movie. Would love to be cuddling someone while watching a movie. I pretty much watch all kinds of movies and listen to all kinds of music.
Charles May
Charnee\' Brown
im 5'4, brown skined, long hair, dark eyes. im nice 2 every body until i have a reason not 2 like u then i would let it b known da we have a problem then i will beat some ass if it is needed! i like 2 party, go 2 da movies, hang wit my niggaz, go shoppin and mainly jus have fun! some of my fav movies of all time r: -set it off -save the last dance -finding nemo -the brothers -ATL -waste deep -soul food
Char Cowan
I am 5'0" average build and I am a mom of five. I have a Loving Husband. Family and Friends, Art and music But,Mostly my husband and my kids though they are my world.
Charles Gerris
Charles Derflinger
Charles Smith
Charles Grski
Charlotte Peacock
Charles Parker
Charles Rogers
Charles Brown
Charlotte Moore I'm a pretty straight forward down 2 earth kinda gurl..I 'ma playa so i don't get played...(hehe) Wanna know more about me: JUST ASK DUDES!!!! I'm here for friends and whatever becomes of it...i'm married with 3 kids..(wait don't run away )yet......hahahhaha Get more at Get more at Get more at Get more at
RANDOM FACTS My music is ridiculously loud when I drive. McDonalds fries are a weekly craving for me. I love the smell of burnt out matches. I have a major dog phobia. The internet is my new addiction. Shopping is a must. I hate repeating myself. I'm afraid to swallow pills. I fear daily that someone is watching me. When at home alone, I take baths opposed to showers, the thought haunts me from watching so many horror movies *THE HOUSE GETS BROKEN INTO, GIRLS IN THE SHOWER, MIRRORS FOG AND GIRL EVENTUALLY DIES*. I am 18 years old, and still don't know the *true* pronunciation of my middle it D*ANN*A or D*HAUN*A, I may never know!?! Impatient people annoy me. I attract older men ( 40 and up) for some reason. I'd rather keep in touch with old friends through e-mail, than telephone. I haven't blow dried my hair on over a year. I never had chickenpox. 11/10/06-After being on the face of the earth for 218 months and one day, I just noticed I have freckles on both of my hands.
Charles Meier
Charmaine Jones
Charles Ledbetter
Charles Horton, Jr.
Charles Gutierrez
Charmed For Love
Charlie Russo Sr.
Charles Scott3
Charles Barnes
Charles Francis- Xavier Coriston
I am loyal to a fault, a reluctant giant, an altruistic lover,a bitter ex-musician, a hack writer, an exceptional mediocre, a psychology major, a retail manager, deceptively agile for a man of my ponderous size, a goal-oriented sardonic slacker, a lawyer's best friends, obsessed with my dog Phoebe, the most masochistically nostalgic person on the planet, an avid reader, can still do cartwills at age 30,possess the abilty to love forever, a practicioner of zen/tantric buddhism, a retail manager, am a graciously spoiled Momma's boy, bereft of the abilty to end friendships, and deplore bad grammar, casual sex and hypocrisy. Friendship and loyalty are my currency! I am stil active in music despite my statis as a bitter ex musician, I read more then any three men, I sing more then most men breath..I'll become proficiant at it some day. I am expressive to a fault which often lends people, particularly females the impression that I am in love when I am not...I am a gusher, I am eager to pl
Charles Cilek
Charlie Andrews
ask me and i might tell you!! - Get Your Own
Charles Lapointe
Signup on!
Charlene Pimentel
Charley Thomas
Charlene Katarina Saucier
Hey what's up? The name's Charlene Katarina Marie, I'm your typical boston area girl. I live in the city of quincy with my mom, and stepdad since my brother moved down to his fathers. I tend to be considered as one of the guys cause girly things aren't my thing, I'd rather play video games or play a game like baseball or basketball then play with my hair and make up. My most known fact is that I'm a loud mouth and it tends to get me into trouble. Right now I'm trying to get out of Quincy and get into a really good school, not sure when but lately I've been learning that you can't always have plans that work out and you have to take control of faith on your own. .. .. This image is from ProfileJuice This image is from ProfileJui
Charles Clark
Charo Samudio
Charlene Smith
Charisma Jones
Charles Wright
Charlie Brown
Charlotte L
Charizma W
Charly Marin
Laid-back, relatively outgoing, will talk to anyone; but I prefer the submissive male. Hit me up. I rock. :) Photography, Travel, Attachment Parenting, Mid-wivery Requiem of a Dream, What Dreams May Come, The Jacket, Clockwork Orange
Charmaine Jamelarin
Charanjit Singh
Charlie Schwerin
Charles Siegle
Charles Gilbert
Charlotte Dickinson
Charles C
Charles Dominguez
I am a very interesting guy. I like to dress up in female clothing sometimes when I am with my girlfriend because it is hilarious all of the stuff we do. I am 20 years old and currently living in New York. I love sports but can't really play them anymore because of a bad knee. Possibly moving to California sometime but not really sure about it yet. Playing the keyboard, playing dress up with my girlfriend, lingerie, school girls, french maids, math, collecting movies, watching movies, beach, music
Charles Kelly
Charles Chan
I am in the air force i am leaving for england in a few days. I am happy about it but also sad at the same time, the reason for that is because it is england but i am leaving my great wife behind but she will be coming over soon enough. just holla at me if you want to know more.
Charley Harrtley
I'm a guy from London who likes to go out and party alot. When I'm not doing that i like to find ways to do it more often. I also take photos, I wanna be a a DJ and I don't spend much time on the internet usually, but I can see why people do. This is addictive isn't it?!
Charles Harris
Charlita Bryant
Charlie Prendez
Charles Vogt
hi my name is charles and i am 14 i luv hanging out with my friends and playing sports my fav sport is bball i luv it i go to skool at western its ok but notin special i am interested in meeting new friends my idols r my mom and dad i luv them i luv funny movies ne thing funny i will watch and i always like war movies idk y but i just like those kind of movies.
∴Charles∴ ∴15 years old∴ ∴Dont got time for ugly gurls∴ ∴Imma put more on here later∴ ∞Playin B-ball ∞Chillen wit my niggaz ∞Dime Peaces ∞Rappin ∞ Mixtape Hard Work comin soon!∞ ∞ MWB ∞
Charlotte Craigie
Charlie Reyes
Charles Bailey
Charles Long Jr
Charidi Danley
my name's Charidi, Im almost 16, and I love my friends!!!!
Charles Wallis
Charlene Hebron
Charles Mckinney
Charlie M
Charles Hamilton
Charles Perryman
Charlene Chagdes
Charity Davis
Charity Davis
Charity Newton
Charity Newton
Charlene Ooops
Charles Johnson-mccoy
Charles Rivera
all about me charlie,iam crazy koo and i like to have fun wit all kinds of peps but u kno how it is Code by MySpaceDirect.comCode by MySpaceDirect.comCode by MySpaceDirect.comImage code by MySpaceDirect.comCode by MySpaceDirect.comCode by style type="text/css"> body {background-color:; background-image:url(); background-position:Top Left; background-attachment:fixed; background-repeat:no-repeat;} Table, Td { background-color:transparent; border-style:none; } table table td { width:100%; } table table table table td { width:auto; } table table table {background-color:; background-image:url(); background-position:Top Center; background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:; border-style:solid; border-width:; padding:4px;} table table table table{ background-image:none; background-color:transparent; border-style:none; } .orangetext15, .lightbluetext8, .whitetext12, .nametext, .btext, .redtext, .redbtext {color:; font-size:10pt; font-style:normal; font-family:,arial,v
Charmagne Portier
I am me 100% if you dont like me I dont care I am not perfect I am not beautiful I am not labeled... Do not label me......Do not judge me...Do not make assumptions about me or my life.....Like me or hate me I dont care....But atleast get to know me before you decide..... My daughter,Music, Tattoos, Piercings, Trucks My biggest Idol is my Mom....And anyone who can go out into this hateful criticizing close minded world and be who they are 100% and not giving a flying shit what other people think of them........ I am a movie collecter I like most movies but mostly Horror
Charlie None
Charity Armendariz
Charles Kinseher
Charlie Leigh
look at the picture now you know what i look like but i am 5 foot though but just because im 19 dont mean imma stop growing being me and like no other is what always gets me through my day
Charles Chatman
Charles Bradshaw
I,m a welder by trade and have been for 20 years I have two kids one daughter who is married and live with her husband and son in Atl Ga and I have a son who is in the Navy and stationed in Charleston Sc at this time I was born and raised in Georgetown Sc.. which is about 35 miles to myt beach .. do I miss the beach sometimes but the mountains is alot calmer and I moved to spartanbug Sc about six years ago.. golf hiking sking shooting guns
Kinky sex, Kinkier sex, Movies, Beaches, Reading, Writing, Blowing things up, Bonfire drinking parties, Gor, Stephen king, Koontz, Music is a main staple in my life, pow wows, crafts and festivals to sell them.
Charlene Rae
I am no more important than you, and probably less. I have no significant talents or traits. If you wish to aquire more knowledge about my personality, you should get to know me. I am nothing more, and truly something less. I can make friends with nearly everyone, and get along with nearly no one. I'm bubbly and hyper, yet at the same time a melancholy, sated person. I smoke and drink and have a good time. I listen to rock, metal, punk, dance, trance, electronic, and what have you, and here's the kicker, Country. That is right, I love country music. Don't like it? I don't care. I like doing what's fun, and often suffer the consequences later. I'm easy going and you can hold an intelligent conversation with me, or I can act like a complete stoner, either way, I think I'm pretty cool to get along with. Music, reading, photography, living by the 'if it feels good, do it' motto, smoking, drinking, cars, poetry, writing, my band, a mild social life, blogging, and...I'll fill in mor
I play baseball at Independence Community College.
Charlie Jacques
Charlie Wilson
Chardea Smith
Iam brown skin sholder lenth hear got fits for days and years. I love all the hatters because thay make me who iam.O yea ladys you slipen on ur pimpin cuz yo boy chose me. I hope u guys like my pro file if you dont that is ok
Charlene Harvey
Charlie Haley
I'm a fun loving guy who likes to get out and party... I'll do anything once especially if it's dangerous. I have two motorcycles and am working on a new race car. Hopefully soon I'll be moving to North Carolina, to start college. I'm in a band that is currently in the works and might soon be up and running. I'm the lead singer and also do some sax work.
Charlie Wilson
im 25 just moved to tallahassee fl im to nice or thats aleast what everyone tells me im bored out of my mind cuz im new and lonely im going to college well start in a couple weeks
Charles Bopykins
Charles Sterlin
Charles Robinson
Charlene Johnson
too many to count
Charles Spencer
Charles Rice
I like chicks, Sorry guys.
Charlene Sanders
Charlotte Moore
Im a tomboy and my style's Rock 'N' Roll. Im weird, crazy, dorky, out there, and I live my life to the beat of a different drum. Im laid-back and I like to crack a lot of jokes. But, Im also very level headed and a hopeless romantic. I can also be very quite and shy when first meeting someone. Although, I can be really mean if someone is mean to me or someone I care about. (So dont under estimate me or you will be sorry) But for the most part Im pretty nice to everyone. Basically, I have a lot of personality. (It just depends on how I feel like acting) If thats not enough info. for you and you want to know something, ASK! I love talking to friends, playing sports, listening to music. I also love writing short stories. My Mom! Comedies and romantic movies.
Charles Blanchard
I love hockey, women and fun.
Charlotte Griffin
Charles Hube
Charles Campbell
Charles Peters
Charmane Rox
Char\'lee Hudspeth
Charles Worthington
Charlotte Wolfe
check out my Myspace at........
Charlie Lawrence
My full name is Charles Allen Lawrence Jr. Im 19 yrs old. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes. I stand about 6 feet tall. I enjoy going out and having fun I like to stay late. I enjoy a conservation and/or listening. I enjoy going out to movies, clubs, dinners, and just to hang out. I like to hang out with my friends. I don't like to talk about sex all the time. I think that sex is not the main thing of a relationship. The sex come after everything else, unless we just want to get laid. I like for people to accpet me for who I am. I will not change for anyone. I like horror and funny moives.
Charles Ewers
Charles Gleason
Charlita Bryant
Chea, my name is Charlita aka Lita. Im 18 yrs old, just graduated school. CLASS OF 06' standup! Im a down to earth shorty from ATL but currently living in Asheville, NC. I sing and write my own songs. Love to go clubbing, shopping and anything else that relaxes me. So if ya digging my style hit me, leave me a note and tell me whats really good.
Charles Is Jesus Christ
Charles Pelletier
Charlie Mackie
Charles John
I believe in living life and having a good time. Nobody gets through life backward. Look ahead, that is where your future lies. I hope I live a long life but it is not the length of life that matters most it is the depth of life. I suppose at the end of my journey it would be nice to know that I have a lot of real friends that knew how much I loved them Spending time with family Vacations, exploring Driving Traveling Chicago Museums Navy Pier IMAX Church Preaching Kids, I love kids Reading the bible, Sports: Going to Cubs Games, Indy Colts, Minor League Baseball teams, The Southbend Silverhawks, Gary Railcats Nascar
Charles Ayetigbo
Charlie Morales
Feel free to add My MySpace Page =] My Bestfriends Flirting My Family Music Internet Shopping Dane Cook Chocolate Ice Cream FairlyOdd Parents! I dont watch Much Tv Tho I
Charles Mckinney
Char Char & Larry
Charles Hughes
Char Harris
Charles Spencer
i,m a jazz musician i play many instruments in particular vibraphone ,harmonica ,melodica,tenor guitar,eletronic keys, digital horn,i program drum machines,congas,bongos,claves,and ising good as i want to

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