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Ashley S
Ashley B
Ashlie Loyzelle
Ashley Hughes
I'm Ashley Nykole. Or They like to Call me: KILLA CALI
Ashley White
im just barely legal. i turned 20 in july. i have a 2yr old son named Ethan and a 4 month old named evan. n they r my life! my son Ethan and evan is my main interests in life but i love to have fun and party!!!
Ashley Castor
Ashley Brooks
Ashley Walker
i am ashley i am 25 i have a little boy..i like to listen to music read write and go for walk. i come from a big family i have two brothers and three sisters.i have three tats and my tonge done.ummmmm if you want to know anything else just ask me.
Ashley Stephens
my name is ashley im down to earth i have a husband and a amazing son named maverick james i love them with everything i have my son was born 3 and a half months early he only weighed 1 pound 9 ounces at birth now he is 23 pounds and almost 2 him and my husband mean the world to me i thank god everyday for what i do have and dont let it bother me if i dont have something i live life to the fullest i love to party and have a good time i have the most amazing family and the best friend anyone could ask for katie nicole dunwoody im talking about you btw love you anything else just ask spending time with my son and my husband partying and hanging out with family and friends and im the one in the middle on the picture
Ashley Riggs
Ashley Freeman
Howdy, well Im 18 and Im a down-2-earth country girl. Im outgoing and I love being around family and my fiance and friends. My fiance is a pro bullrider and he fights also. He is the love of my life. Im not a bitch all the time but I can b pushed.
What can I say really? I'm English, Obese and single. What more could any of you really want lol
Ashley Haris
I am ashley I was born and, with a short stay in Missouri, . I grew up in wyoming, graduated from Ball State, moved to Fort Wayne for opportunity and my friends. I never intended to stay-so much for good intentions. Am 6.1"ft brown eyes. I like honesty loyalty and I hate liars cheaters.
Ashley Greenwood
Ashley M
Ashley Jones
Ashley L
Ashley Jones
Ashley Johnson
Ashley M
Ashley Baures
Ashley X
Ashley Castle
Ashley Sunshine
Ashley Sutton
Ashley Lavalley
Ashley Waggoner
Ashleigh Gain-marrero
MY NAME IS ASHLEY IM MARRIED WITH TWO KIDS. IM A DOWN TO EARTH OUTGOING GIRL WHO LIKE TO HAVE FUN SOMETIMES AT ANY COSTED. THERE IS NO PERFECERT PERSON ONLY ROOM TO GROW. I'M OVER ALL HAPPY WITH MY LIFE. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TO MUCH FUN. IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE JUST ASK ME. /* This CherryTAP background skin complements of */ body { background-color: rgb(0, 0, 0); background-position: right bottom; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-image: url(; } a { color:white; } table.top_header{ background-color:transparent; } td.top_left_header{ background-color:transparent; } table.top_menu{ background-color:transparent; } table.shouts{ background-color:transparent; } table.user { background-color:transparent; border:none; padding:5px; } td.user_left { text-align:center; padding-le
Ashly Ruelan
Ashley F
My name is Ashley, Ash for short. I am 20 years old {05-01-89}. Im generally easily to get along with. Im 5'10, multi color eyes, 199 pounds... im a beautiful woman.. Yeah I do have my attitudes and shit.. but you really got to piss me off to see that side of me LOL.. hit me up with a message if you wanna know more about me!! Have a good one Although, how it may seem that im a complicated woman.. my significant other seems to still fall in love with me.. at least that is the way that it seems.. i mean hell, im not that great of a woman.. I never put myself out to be like that for real.. I am a big cuddler and I tend to want to spend as much time as i can with my man.. as much as possible. I got the man. I lovee you Anthony Gibson
Ashley Moeller
i love everything lol
Ashley Nichole
Ashley Metz
I'm Ashlie and i'm a girl who lived in a big city that moved to a small town that had nothing in it... Well theres still nothing here. I'm a girl who is all ways up to doing new things and to prove guys wrong that girls can do anything that they do... I'm going to college to get a Certificate in Diagnostic Medical Sonography and also a Certificate in Dance... I Love classic cars and love to work on them... I Have a 1967 Dodge Dart and she is my baby... My dad and i rebuilt the whole Motor... I LOVE my family they mean the world to me and i know that they will always be there for me and support me in whatever i want to do... Everything in life is going great... If there is anything else that you would like to know about it just send me a message....
Ashley Lariviere
Ashley Waggoner
Ashley Meaney
Ashley Stopienski
Ashley Martinez
Ashley Thomas
Ashly Francis
Ashley Deluhery
Ashley Irvin
Ashley Pratt
Ashley Freeman
Im a bi female im a photographer and i love it i take tons of hot pics of my friends and the things they do keep posted to my profile for these pics maybe i will let ya see us... I photograph professionally for nude/sex pics i love my job think of all the wonderful things i see
Ashley Mcginty
Ashley Burrus
My name is Ashley i am currently 18 yrs. old. Most people call me Emo but i fucking hate labels! i'm just me and that's who im gonna be, if you don't like it then y the hell u talking to me?..i currently living and i am in love with my fiance micheal were getting married June 28th i fucking love him he's my little devil (long story). I'm working on getting my ged i love hanging with my friends. iv'e got the most cutest yorkie her name is lacey she's only two year's old. then i got a pitbull his name is fat puppy he's only 13-weeks old i love them both to death!(: i have some amazing friends i wouldn't trade them for anything in the world and my family ain't half bad either we just don't agree on alot of things but hey you can't choose & pick your family.lmao I'm not shy to meet new people so if you wanna talk just give me a holla! (duces)!
Ashlynn Ford
im a young single mum living in melbourne city... i love going out and hanging with friends, i do like to meet new ppl. but im very shy and so mostly the answer will be no, unless u can change my mind
Ashley Towne
Ashley Bellere
what ever u wanna kno email me n ill tell u ~!*w3ll l3mm3 s33 im 21 bout to b3 22 i hav3 a lil gurl who is 3 n i lov3 h3r mor3 th3n anything n this hol3 world sh3 is the air i br3ath th3 light that shin3s i would hurt anybody for h3r..w3ll as right now i dont work im lookin for a job th3 l3t m3 go i do driv3 i stay wif my moms right now n my kid..i lik3 to go out hav3 fun party m33t n3w p3opl3 do what3v3r fun...i try to k33p muhs3lf out troubl3 caus3 i got muh lil singl3 right now im looking for th3 right on3 to com3 n scoop m3 n muh lil gurl up and tak3 us away for a lil bit n just go to a movi3 or dinn3r.i dont like th3 drama so if u got drama k33p dat bs away from m3 forreal...but yea i cant put no pics up h3r3 it wont l3t m3 but if u im me ill be glad to s3nd u a is xcutiebabi4u69x hit me up
Ashly Cline
Ashlee Smith
Ashley Fought
My name is Ashley...I'm 20 yrs old, I work 2 part time jobs and hope to go back to college to study nursing and get my RN.
Ashley Lasher
Ashley Finch
Ashley Morelock
*-. Ashley .-* Watkins
Ashley Smith
Ashley Meeker
Ashley Stevens
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Ashleigh Armour
Ashley Hills
Ashley Audette Warren
Ashley Huerta
Ashley Masters
Ashley Wasson
hey im ashley im 19 atm im honest and blunt and thats all im going to say right now if you want to talk hit me up ...
Ashley Morteboy
Ashley Warner
Ashley Moore
Ashley Love
Ashley Sutton
Ashley Clark
Ashley Hannigan
Ashley Boyer
Ashlin Nicholson
Hey this is my first time being on Fubar. I am Ashlin I am 5'6 125lbs Dirty blond hair blue eyes. I am single and I am looking to meet some one. Right now I am trying to not get hooked up with a guy right now. But if I find one then that is cool too. I am Bi so ladies hit me up too.
Ashley Brooke
I was born in some small town inCalifornia and moved to Alaska at the age of 9 months and lived there for almost 20 years. I moved to Olympia, WA in 2004. I haven't seen any of the people I grew up with in over 5 years. It's weird moving to a town where you never went to school, you see everyone knows just about everyone...I on the other hand, know just a small handful of people. Lately, I've just been focusing on work and eventually I'd like to go back to school to continue studying photography as well as criminal justice...perhaps?...I'm not too sure yet, I've got time to figure it all out. I am kind of an art fan, I'm a photographer of sorts, I like to try and find new things or new places to go for a chance to take a photo. I'm not much of a party goer, I go out with my friends, just tend to stick to the smaller crowds. Music, Photography, Writing, Singing, Driving, Hiking, Trucks, Football, Piercings, Tattoos, Ceramics, Swimming, Ice Skating, Beaches, Concerts, Glowy Things, Comed
Ashley Green
i am sexy, 5ft 2in, brown eyes, brown hair, and weigh 107 lbs and like to go places. i am looking for the right person that will treat me right take me places be there for me take up for me taking to the movies out to eat and buy me anything that i want.
Ashley Mcmillan
Ashley Wilkin
Ashley Tufaro
Hey I'm Luna, I'm just a regular girl living life to the extreme...I love my husband with all my heart. He's amazing to me and everything I will ever need. We are expecting our first this Halloween, and cannot wait!! I'm just ur ordinary college kid, minus all the wild parties sadly. I can get along with pretty much anybody, but mess with those completely and I can be your worst nightmare. Anything you wanna know about me just ask movies, music, hanging with friends, shopping, curling up with a good book
Ashley Oliver
Ashley Hagenkord
Everything from partying at the bar with friends and having house parties gallore to fishing swimming,sports,art,photography,diesel mechanicing,computer,movies,chilling out,listening to music,and trying new thing,im quite simple laid back trust worthy honest,caring,loving,and a good listener,im a good friend,and girl friend ,looking for a man but in no rush ,just waiting for that right someone other than that your gonna have to chat with me to get to know me
Ashley B
Hi may name is ashley and i'm a single mother of one. His name is braydyn and he is my world. I'm the type of person that always trys to make other people happy when they are sad. I'm not a normal women I love playing video games, paint balling, muding, taking photos and what ever. I love spending time with my son as much as i can
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Naylor
hey my name is ashley i am 18 im fun loving and am here for friends so if your looking for something else dont look here but i am willing to just about anyones friend, if i think ill like you ill add you. but a lil more about me i 18, blonde hair, blue eyes, love to have fun and hang and just chit chat with people will if you wanna get to know me add me For all those Doms out there i am seeking a Dom to train me as a Sub. my intrests are reading, walking my dog, hanging with my friends, parties, wathcng some tv or sittin online on my computer.
Ashley Lowe
Ashley Edwards
Ashley Jackson
Ashlee Oliva
Ashley Castillo
im very easy going and i like to have fun... me and my man are looking to have some fun if ur interested write back
Ashley Chappell
Ashley Goulding
Ashley Boykin
Ashlee Morrow
Ashley Reinhardt
Ashley Douglas
Ashley Gilbert
Ashley Tanner
Ashlee Bowman
Ashley Poling
Ashley Cole
Ashley C
Ashlee Borlog
Ashlee Hopkins
Ashley Lavigne
About a stubborn, opinionated, rationally irrational, little wild and crazy yet respectful, devious, fun loving kinda of girl. Dont do drama and bullshit and love to just laugh and have a good time. Anything else you wanna know else just ask.
Ashley Sixberry
Ashley Kaforey
Ashley Sanderson
Ashley Lewallen
Ello again everyone, I am updating this bad boy. I haven't been on it in a while, and it's time to get some new things in this little about me section. My name is Ashley, but people call me Diamond, Kittie, Baby, Bulldog, all of those types of name, so any of them are very good to use. I am in my early twenties, got in a car accident on my twenty first bday, which that is one bday I will never forget. I was tipsy, an ex was driving me to a store, and then the wreck happened. I had to get stitches in my head, I got a scar there, so please do not judge me or ask what that is from, or it will make me sort of well low in self esteem. I have been through some bad times since I haven't been on here. Too many guys broke my heart, too many men front about who they really are. That goes to show me never to date someone off the internet anymore. I went to plenty of fish to do it, and never again will I do that sort of thing. I am currently single, in a healing process, I am just looking for frie
Ashley Breesewick
just ask There's not a lot to know about me. I'm 20 I'll be 21 in September. I work alot. I love my daughter and being with my friends and family. oooo yeah I forgot... I'm kinda a little bit crazy and have an odd sense of humor. If you want to get to know me send me a message idk all kinds
Ashley Wilkie
Horror, some comedy, very very VERY few romance and almost absolutely no chick flicks....Most hated movie: TWILIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley Inman
Ashley Norris
Ashley Voper
Ashley Lindholm
Im a fun and out going person. i will always speak my mind and if i offend u, well then too bad. im happily married to the most wonderful man it the world and i love him to death. i am a proud bisexual woman, and my husband supports me 100% (although at first he was afraid i would leave him for a woman lol). Im currently lookin for a gf who wouldnt mind being with a married woman. ummmmmm lets see......i have a very colorful vocabulary and i often make up words or murge words together. i love watchin comedians, no matter what mood im in...i always seen to laugh. if ya wanna know more just simply ask
Ashleah Martin
Ashley Pina
Ashley Spitz
Ashley Grywalski
Hello pathetic human race, I am Ashley. I am sixteen years old, I blow out the candles within the third day of December. I've always been a strange "only" child. I am psychotically insane when I want to be, and I do it on purpose. Usually, I am the quiet one in most groups because I don't have anything interesting to say. I am easily amused and I love to smile even in the worst possible situations. I hide my true feelings everyday, and it had become an unfortunate habit. My intentions are to be weird, but I swear, people love me more like that. I'm generally sad and depressed because my family has been through a lot since I have been born. Sadly, I am the only reason for keeping my mother and father together. Most of the time, I wish I was never that reason to begin with.... I am a tomboy, I like to hang out with the guys of course.. I am like one of them. My passion in life are video games, when I get a bit older, my main career will be Game Designing. It has been my dream since I wa
im a 22 year old single mom of a 2 year old lil girl...i got 4 tattoos an my toung piearced if u wanna know any more jus message me im a open book
Hmmm.... I am who I am, what you see is what you get. Outspoken, quirky, insane, fun, crazy, country girl... yup thats me... Im 24 and im an EMT-IV I love my job its part of who I am Hiking, Music, Art, Hunting, Fishing, Rapelling, EMS (its not just a career its a life style) oh my i have a million... the wizard of oz gone with the wind scarface the godfather trilogy monty python and the holy grail true grit blazzing saddles top gun i could go on and on
Ashley Lee
I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best. I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when their right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together. Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.
Ashley Yost
Ashley Cahmbers
Ashley Lauren
Ashley Vaughan
+ Living the 1950's rockabilly lifestyle. + I wish I could go back to the 1920's - 1950's. + When I was 4, I discovered the Stand By Me soundtrack. It's all I would ever listen to for years. Probably the reason I am who I am today. + Although I listen to rockabilly/pshycobilly/oldies/rock n roll/swing ... I'm not afraid to admit I still listen to New Kids On The Block and Spice Girls. + I could live off of Arizona green tea and Swiss Chalet. + My hair is currently red. + I make a high pitched squeaking noise when I yawn. + I have 6 tattoos and do plan on getting more. A lot more. + I consider myself funny and witty. + I'll try anything once. Within reason. + If I could punch anyone in the face, it would be the Boflex guy. + I always put my friends and family before myself. Most people take advantage of this. + My dream car is probably a 1957 Cadillac Hearse, or 1956 Ford Mercury. + I have an Olde Victorian Bulldogge named Delilah. She's my life. + I plan on opening a ret
Ashley Schairer
Ashley B
Ashley Brumit
Ashley Maddison
Ashley Jones
Ashley Bannister
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Garton
Ashley Clarkson
Ashley Paugh
Ashley C
I am just getting to know myself and have found there is a lot left to learn. Music, writing, books, art, dance, fashion, philosophy, hookah and shisha G.I. Jane, Chicago, The Hangover, Starship Troopers, Foxy Brown, Something's Gotta Give, A Clockwork Orange, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Dark Night, Love and Other Disasters, Purple Violets, Role Models, Halloween franchise, Friday the 13th franchise, Horror movies...Period, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Stay Alive, Bay of Blood, Watchmen, Halloweenmovies, Star Trek, Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, P.S. I Love You, Seven Pounds, Grindhouse, The Soloist, A Fistfull of Dollars
Ashley Powell
Ashley Franklin
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Ashlee Backus
Ashley Gray
Hi My Name Is Ashlee I'm 18 Years Old I'm A singer I Love Horses,Goin Muddin',And fishin' I'm a Down-To-Earth Country Gurl!! I Hate Being Fucked Over If You Wanna Know More Just Get A Hold Of Me :) My #1 Idol Is My Daddy He Is The Most Amazing Person Alive And He Deserves The World!! My Fav. Movies Are Ghost[[ Love That Patrick Swayze]]Ummm....Frequency,Twilight,Stand By Me,The'm A Hopeless Romantic
Ashlee. 19. Sagittarius. Short. Energetic. Animals, Video games, Movies, Friends, House MD, music, the beach.
I am a fun out-going and naturally happy person. I get along with just about anyone until they make me mad then I can get a little bitchy. I have a beautiful wife whom I love with all my heart. I plan to marry her one day when it is legal. And please don't comment to me if you are against lesbians and gay marriage cause closed minded people like that don't bother me and I won't waste my time on your stupidity.
Ashley (omitted)
Hai! Most know me as Ash or Mako, I don't care what you call me. Just do not use racist slurs, derogatory term and such and we'll get along just fine. I am 21, well just turned 21, yea fully legal! I am however happily taken by a beautiful girl named Angela, she goes by Gizmo. We are happy together :3 I do smoke socially, some times three four times a day. I drink at least one mixed drink a day and a virgin shot (here thats a straight shot of hard liquor). Not much else to say, except I love drawing, I love art ad writing alot. I do have two dogs, they are my children, you don't need to know their names.
Ashley Sinicki
Ashley Schindler
Ashley Carppenter
Ashley Chamblee
Ashlyn Deans
Ashley Bennett
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jonelis
Hello My name is Ashley,I like hanging out wth friends and my lil sis. I luv havin a good time with people, I like chilling with people at partys and other places. I am a open girl to people at times. I am a Aunt to one of my friend's kid's cuz I luv her son so much. I luv spending Time with family n friend.
Ashley Parker
Ashley Dalton
Ashley Harris
Ashley Grey
Ashley Bell
Ashley Davis
Ashley Coleman
I am an easy outgoingperson just looking for a little bit of extra fun in my life. I'm a very open and honest person if you want to know anything just ask. I like all kinds of music new old and inbetween. I love to go out and have a good time like going for a walk on the beach at night just listening to the waves crash on shore and talking with the person im with. I also like to sit at home watching movies snuggling and eating popcorn. Im pretty much cool with anything except I don't like drama or ladies with excess baggage so sorry ladies if you have any of that you better check it at the door cause I don't want it here. Well I can't seem to think of anything more to write but if you want to know more just ask. Well im not a picky person I guess I have to say I'm just looking for a woman who is grounded, someone who knows what she wants and is willing to just go for it. Also honesty is a must as long as your honest with me we will get along great. I would also like a woman I can talk
Ashley Durrance
Ashley Durrance
Hey everyone! My name's Ashley, I'm 22yrs old. Born and raised in Florida!
Ashley B
I am 22 years old. I am with the love of my life, Martin Lee. Between the two of us we have 3 children, his twin boys at 19 months old and my 3 year old daughter. I am currently enrolled at the University of Phoenix online, I am going for my associates degree in health administration. Alice in Wonderland, Stephen Kings movies, Tombstone..
Ashley Barnette
Ashley Roush
Ashley Stapley
Ashley Robertson
Ashley Richey
Ashley Willis
Ashlie Johnson
I am an activy duty soldier in the 101st Airborne Division in Fort Campbell, KY. I am a stepmom of three wonderful kids. I am preg. with my own now. Im so exited. I love to go mudding and horse riding. My husband is also a soldier at Campbell also. He is in Afganastan right now though. I like anything that is not spiders. I like all the Twilight movies and the Avatar movie.
Ashley Wilson
ummm i like stuff...its fun..if you know what my name means...your cool and have a cokie
Ashley Warbritton
Im a pretty simple person, very down to earth and easy going, hyper active with vulgar language so you have been warned. I also completely fail at conversations, I am interseting but I suck at talking to people over computers. Im obsessed with trance, techno, rave, and anything similar. Im a total rave junkie. Dont think im another stupid little girl. I may not give myself credit for it but I'm not an idiot and Im alot smarter than I look. Im working towrds an art career in what ever I can get my hands on and maybe even a writing career who knows? Art is one of the few things I on my "importance list". My friends are the only other things on there. Nothing else really matters, too much stress in this world. Well peace homies... and love to my fellow juggalos! MCL! Art, music, and writing are my life... and videos games... and bellydance... umm and pretty much anything else that gets thrown my way that i find interesting I have already met all the people i want to meet... and if i d
Ashley Bessette
Ashley Stephens
Ashlee Baker
Ashley Miller
Ashley Zemina
Ashley Wagner
Ashley C.
Ashley Nash
Ashley Morris
Ashley Greek
Ashleys Candy
Ashley Marie
Ashlee Simpson
Ashleigh Hall
Ashley Tune
im a kind and sensitive person. i love hanging out wit my friends and family. i like reading sci-fi and mistery books i love drawing anime and disney characters. i like singing country. i like dancing and cooking. i like cooking anything thats spicy or not, but mostly spicy foods. im a dog person, i just love dogs. i love kids especually my niece. i like playing sports, my favorite sports r volleyball and basketball. i like travleing, especually during summer. thats all i can think of right now, if u want to know anything else just ask, im only a message away
Ashley Smalley
I'm an artist...I draw portraits mainly of celebs. I entered some pieces in several contests and won big money...ill post some pics soon...I love basketball. Listen to music...U wanna know more hit me up. Any comedy moives. Step Brothers was funny. All of the Friday movies. Hate scary movies. haha
Ashley Shyne Trigg Rhy
Ashley Fetterman
Howdy, my name is Ashley I'm a carolina girl that made her way to good ole Oklahoma. I have 2 lil boys that make up my world. I seek adventure & a challenge Thats me...wanna know me just ask Well I can kick your ass at Texas Holdem' if you dare challenge me to a game...lmao but I can also kick your ass at any game...Monopoly anyone or heck how about Wii bowling, or lets go laser I luv to go camping & most important to laugh. So the comedy club and hanging out w/ my lil men is my greatest interest out there
Ashley Dunlap
Hi! I'm Ash! Well I'm bout 5'1 brownish-golden hair, I'm thick so if you don't like it then don't fuck off! I'm proud to be a thick girl, just cause I'm a big girl don't mean I can't get the job done!!!!! I have 3 siblings, 2 brothers and 1 sister, I am the 2nd oldest. I miss my mom very much, she died April 25, 2008 from cancer. She was my world and is always in my heart! I love and miss you momma R.I.P.! I'm a very sweet person till you piss me of! I will treat you how you treat me! I love my fam, I'm all about fam! I love kids, I have none (YET) but do want then one day! I do have a boyfriend but it's complicated right now! Don't ask please! I'm a good listener and friend as long as your loyal to me! I hate liers! You fuck with me I'ma fuck with you! I may sound like a bitch but I have to be that way so ppl don't run my ass over! That's me so love me or hate me it's your choice! I love photography! It's my passion! I would love to work all around the world one day just taking pictur
Ashley Sworlf
Ashley Reyes
Ashley Singleton
Ashley Marshall
Ashley L
Ashley Duncan
Hey I'm Ashley! I'm 22 yrs. old, I'm happily married to a wonderful man named Rusty. We live in Farmersville, Tx. I like all music: rock, classic rock, metal, country (new and old), and some rap like: Eminem (me and rusty love his music!), Haystack (recently discovered his music), like 3 songs from Plies I like. If ya'll wanna know anything else all you have to do is ask!
Ashley Irvine
Ashley Brown
My names Ashley Brown.Im 18 years old. I live in A shitty little state of Pennsylvania. I am very mature for my age. I dont act my age at times. Some say i am a bitch others will tell you im the nicest person you will ever meet. You can call me a bitch it doesn't bother me. You call me a cunt that will be the last word that will come out of your mouth. Im a hardcore bitch i don't play little kiddy games nor do i have time for them. I lived with my aunt and uncle for most of my life. Personal reasons. You want to know anything else about my shity life feel free to ask. Somethings i won't answer.
Ashley Groover
I am me what can i say, i live everyday like its my last, I'm willing to try anything once or twice. I wear my heart on my sleeve, i have been hurt more than i can count, I've loved and lost and wished i hadn't loved at all. I don't have many friends but the ones i do have will do any and everything for them. Want to know anything else just ask i don't mind.
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Henderson
well lets see. im just a down home country gal love to go hang out at the beach with my wonderful fiance deezy.. im and 7 weeks pregnant with my first kid who will be here in march and deezy and i cant wait... im here well really cause of deezy im not into hooking up swapping pics or getting on cam if you ask you will be banned...
We just found out our lil baby boy Xander Chase Priest is dying from Menkes disease.It is basically a copper deficiency that kills the central nervous system.Keep him in your prayers please.For more info on this disease copy this link. Menkes disease is primarily a deficiency of copper. In the disease, a specific] genetic defect prevents dietary copper from being absorbed into the body through the intestines. An otherwise normal baby can not develop Menkes disease simply by avoiding the element because the body needs only an extremely small amount of copper, and it can be obtained in just about every food. Genetics Menkes disease is caused by a defect on the MNK gene, which is located on the X chromosome. Thus, the disease is considered X-linked. The MNK gene encodes a protein that transports copper from the inside of the intestine to the blood. Because of the X-linkage, the disease is passed from the mother (who is a carrier) to
Ashley M
I'm a Psych major and i have no time for trivial childish games. I believe that everything happens for a reason and i am dedicated to finding the reasons. If i'm faced with a problem, i won't stop til i find the answer or solution. If you can hold an intellectual conversation then please send me a message. If not then don't waste your time. I'm funny and easy to get along with and everyone i meet loves to be around me...i write erotic fiction...I smoke marijuanna..if thats a problem then i'm sorry...people think that the drugs are the reason that i'm so chatic...they aren't i only smoke pot...i'm fukked up because some people just don't know how to handle life....i love to just sit and write while i listen to music...MUSIC is my life...i love when it rains....i'll sit outside for hours and just watch it pour...its very calming...i love to sit outside in the spring and summer and just stare at the stars....i'm a hopeless romantic...i want to fall in love and i'm not afraid to admit it..
Ashley Parkinson
Ashley Smith
Ashley Dunlap
You want to know just ask! I love to take photographs! I love music and movies! I'm a big fam person, I love my fam and would do anything for them! Anything else you want to know ask me! My mom! Well I just have to many favs. I love comedy and action the most!
Ashley Ellis
Ashley Hickerson
Ashley Dickey
hi my name is ashley i have one sister her name is tina i have one brother his name is zachary i live in potosi missouri with my mom if u want to know any more just ask. some one that will care for u and not hurt u
Ashley Read Profile First
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Blank requests will be ignored!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hi all! Im Ashley. Looking for friends both guys and girls, mostly girls, as I recently discovered that girls attracts me more than men. If I dont respond directly, I might not be at the puter or not online at all. If you start waving your male genitals up my face you will be blocked in an instant, girls on the other hand are welcome. If you want to see more of me, if you are a male costs a 6 cred blingpack to be added to family for a month, ladies just have to exchange fam places.
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Ashleigh Williams
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ok lets see what can i say oh ya im ashley im down to earth i love to have fun all the time i hate when im bored n not doing nothing i like to pary all the time to the point where i get so meesed up i dont reamber i dam thing that happend the next day i like movies with blood and sex in it i dont know why but i do i love a guy tht is cool fun funny sweet and has a tat on him i love ufc fight its so hot 2 me when they kick the shit out of eother i love cars and going 2 car shows and yes i have a care i street race my baby with my bro i have to of them and i love them to death like i said i party alot with my family and friends like going out with new pepole and a good 1st date for me is going 2 a car show looking at all of them n next going to a party and geting the bad girl in mr come out and after that come home and chill well if u wanna know more get at me with a msg
Ashley Robillard
Hey Whats up!! I'm Ashley AKA Baby. I am 21 years old. I am 5'5 I have blond hair with a reddish tint. I have three younger brothers but they treat me as a little sister cause im short and I always watched their backs when they were little. I have 6 piercings and 1 tattoo. ! I support my troops 100% My brother is in the Army my best friend is in the Navy!! I hope they come back safe!! I am signing up for GED classes then after im done im going to go to college at south georgia technical college to study web designing and website building I am a very outgoing person. I love to talk once I get to know you. I come from a sorta big family. I spend most my time doing photography it's my biggest dream. I enjoy sports. I'm a big movie fanatic. Especially horror the really gory ones with lots of blood and guts. I love sports. I spend my Saturdays usually at the VFW or at home watching movies. I'm very laid back and very blunt. I'm the type of girl who'll call you everyday or text you to tell
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I love love, sex, playing, fighting, skipping, reading, sighing, crying, living, and maybe eventually dying. I like writing poetry and taking long walks on the beach, in the woods, in the rain and through the mountains. I enjoy doing these things alone, but the greatest moments of my life have been doing them with a fellow joyous soul (yes, I'm looking at you, and winking). I live in the tension wrought by two opposing pulls in my person one which is drawn to the maya of the everyday world and wants desperately to engage in that, and another which wants to pursue its spiritual perfection to the exclusion of most other things. I'm always looking for new friends, lovers, playmates, or arch-enemies. I love to travel, and if you are beautiful in heart and soul I will cross the globe to dance naked beneath the stars with you.
Ashley Mainor
T.I. =] Pineapple express, bad boys 2, twister, name it i prolly have seen it!
Ashley Jones
I'm 22yrs old i'm a single mom and full time nursing student, i'm independent, love to have fun, and i live my life to the fullest.that about it if you want to know more just ask. don't be shy.
Ashley Gray
How to describe the self? impossible task so I'll offer little glimpses = I'm pretty much a global citizen and seeking the same (someone who loves to travel and experience other cultures, and has perhaps lived/worked outside the US) I'm someone who is happy and content with my life and who I am, I enjoy life and love my friends very much. I never tire of growing and learning new things. I have a wicked sense of humour but also know when to be serious and listen and can be thoughtful as well as fun, sympathetic as well as sensual, glamorous. I'm looking for a loving soul, with a kind heart an inquisitive mind and a passion for life. Someone who listens, someone who cares. Someone who knows the value of quiet alone moments as well as togetherness, someone around my age who wants a healthy and harmonious relationship, filled with fun as well as growth. Spending time to develop a friendship and see where it leads is important to me.
Im pretty simple. layed back girl tryin to hav some fun
Ashley Lynn
Ashley R
Ashley Palmer
My name is Ashley Im 24 years old.Im openminded,laidback,caring,respectful,loving,considerate,honest,faithful,and caring anything else feel free to ask
My name is Ashlie. I am 22 years old, I turn 23 on the 22nd of August. I have a son, Micheal, that starts kindergarden on August 17th. I am pregnant with my second child. My due date is October 22. The birth of our son will be mine and franklin's second child together. Franklin has another son with one of my besties. Kind of ironic. I love my two boys and my man! I am family-oriented and love to be spoiled be my man! Anything else just ask! I like hanging out with my besties. I love my boy friend, Franklin. I look up to my father! I love watching all of the Harry Potter movies, some horror movies, comedies, and fantasy.
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I'm 22 i have 2 beautiful kids my lil girl is 3 and my son is 3 months old i have a wonderful fiance who i love and i listen to all types of music MyHotComments MyHotComments Juggalo comments and graphicsJuggalo comments and graphics
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I have a beautiful lil man named Domanick and its all because of the tic tac man, whos my fiance. love to read and watch movies with my family. currently reading a million lil pieces. im 20 and a mom, i've got a crazy fiance (the tic tac man)who i love with all my heart. well he's not completely crazy just a lil insane sometimes but hey i like it. right now i work for burger king and im the head cook for breakfast. i love spending time with my family and with my dogs. i've got two pits a male and a female. i also got two other dogs but they're staying with my brother and gma till i get situated up here and can handle everything. lol well let me kno what u wanna kno any women who can do everything alone and my momma anything scarry
Ashley Cosey
Ashley Nichols
Ashley Crouch
im 21 woo! hate talkin on the phone rather txt i have one girl who is a friend rest are 2 faced bitches i stay outta drama amap idk ask me sumthin my bestfriends SAM and Dev my fam my puppies PINK! :) my car my ipod my fone touch 4th gen my broken ass computer (usin moms lame one lol) still livin at home but thats gonna change soon but who cares ne way im livin for free atm lol im 21 ^-^ Texas born n raised chocker-toker-second hand smokers ^_^
Ashley Brannock
Ashley Wagner
Ashley Mullen
Ashley Ford
Ashley Bailey
Ashliey Noneofyoubusiness
I am fun and out going, just message me to know more. It's simple. Men, College for accounting, softball, and anything fun.
Ashlee Smith
Ashley Parham
Ashley Richard
Ashley Smashy
About me huh? Well, heyy, I'm Ash (: Nice to meet you. Erm, Im pretty shy but once I get to know you I don't shut consider this a warning (: Haha. Anyhoo, I love, teach and study music. I have a secret obsession with snowboarding and I love to play volleyball. Basically if you want to know anything else about me, just ask. I don't bite...well I haven't yet...but there's always that first time.. One other thing...If Your Not Going To Talk To Me Then Don't Bother Adding Me. LoveYouToox ♥ Interest huh. Well. I love music. I study and teach Piano, plus I play guitar and sing (: I'm fully in love with snowboarding and volleyball. I love most sports apart from Netball and Golf. I play tennis, soccer, volleyball, and I snowboard heaps I read ... ALOT ... not magazines either, but real books with the black print and the no pictures. You know the kind i'm talking about? The ones where they're like really think and like ... hmm ... 500-1000 pages long. I love reading John Gris
Ashley Javarauckas
Ashley Bass
Ashley Pulley
Ashley Willies
Ashley Griffith
Ashley Mcanton
Ashley Horton
Ashley Horton
hey i love 2 hang out with my boyfriend....friends and family.. am graduated yay finally.... i have 4 cats and 1 dog. am a big animal lover..... tobby i love u with all my heart!!!!
Hi. My name is Ashley. I'm 27 and I'm a nurse and I love my job! Helping people has always been my passion. I don't really have a lot of free time anymore it seems, but once I do have some free time, I like to hang out with my friends and party it up!! I have a dog, her name is coco. She's a teacup yorkie. I listen to just about any kind of music. As long as it has a good beat to dance to! I used to be a cosmetologist before I got into the medical field. That job was also tons of fun! I don't really know what else to write here, so I will end this. XOXOXOXOXO
Ashley Coleman
Ashley Champlain
Ashley Greer
Ashley Johnson
im 22 and i recently got in a car crash. no i wasnt the driver. i was sleeping in the passenger seat. i am an artist workin on my music going back to cali to record again soon. i go by the name of young ash
Ashley Haynes
well im 18 likes to have fun from denver colorado an loves to chill an lay back an watch football like to party hell im the party age likes to have fun an try new stuff
Ashley Slatton
Ashley Care
I'm Ashley. I'm a full time college student, 18. I am a hairdresser and a customer service rep, only one of which is a job I like. Ask me whatever, I'm pretty open
Ashleigh Williamson
Ashley Russo
Ashley Depino
Ashley Pate
I am one of 9 children. I guess you would say the third oldest, i have a step sis thats a yr older than me and a twin brother that is a minute older than me lol. We are all scattered all over the place lol. I like hanging out with my friends, and hanging out with my two cats watching movies, when I get the chance I like to go bowling and to the movies when I get the chance. I love being out doors, it doesn't really matter what I am doing even if its just sitting outside on the porch.
Ashlee Zamora
Ashlynn Brookes
Ashlynn Brookes
Ashley Reeves
Ashlee Cyr
Ashley Woodard
Im 19 and a college student. I love to play softball and volleyball. Going to the beach is one on my favorite things to do. Im a easy going person and am easy to talk to.
Ashley Harris
i love gettin fucked up an gettin dirty ;P lol
well im 20 im from oklahoma. Im a single mother and proud of it! i have a daughter named Ja'Den love her to death!!, if u wanna know anything more just ask!!
Ashley Rioux
Ashley Morris
Ashley Wilkins
Ashley Hargett
i am single and lookin 4 the right guy but he has 2 b around his 20s. he also has 2 like kids cuz i have a one yr old. i like to chat wit friends and take care of my one year old daughter and look 4 mr. right. cuz all i have found is mr. wrong. i like beauty and the beast, twilight saga movies and some others. there r so many movies i like i cant remember
Ashley Moran
Ashley Patnode
Ashley Packard
Ashley C
my name is Ashley, I am 19 years old & I am married to the most wonderful man in the world. Friends & family always come first to me. I love to have fun. anything else, just ask I love racing, being with friends and family, fishing, icefishing, hunting, travelling, taking pictures, going to the movies, going on dates, and just being myself. I am not high maintence & I'm pretty easily entertained
Ashley Walker
Ashley Green
hi im down for what ever
Ashley Adkisson
Ashley Semple
Ashley Ivins
Ashley Hardy
I am a fun outgoing girl who is down to earth and laid back and love to have fun whether going out or staying at home. Love spending time with fam and friends. If you would like to know more about me feel free to hit me up, message me and i will get bk to you when i can. take care be safe and God Bless Love the outdoors. Hunting,fishing, camping. Love to spend time with my children. Love hanging out with family and friends. If you would like to know more hit me up and we can chat sometime.
Ashley Mondosa
Well my name is Ashley, I am 22 yrs old. I live in ohio. I am a single *divorced* mom to twins a boy and a girl. I work all the time and barely have time to breath with two screaming kids lol, Just Kidding actually they are very much the best kids in the world. I love to party when I can and do get wild at times haha. Ummm if you want to know more just let me know. Spending time with family *my kids*, Hanging out with friend, Movies, Listening to music of course
Ashley Velebit
Ashley Williams
Ashleigh Guy
well im pretty much 6foot im natural blonde but dyed my hair. im not shy i am open minded. outgoing very trusting nd honest if u wnt to kno mre hit me up
Ashley Reardon
Ashley Choate
im engaged so watch what ya say or ill block you i love my kids and my man lookin for frends only dont ask me to take my shirt off cuz ill block you and no you cant see my a s s so dont ask.
Ashley Fourcade
Ashleigh Wallis
Ashley Inzinna
Ashley Lealao
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