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Ali Şen
Alieu Mboob
Alieu Jallow
Alieshia Carey
Hi. My name is alieshia. I like to be called Ally for short. I am engeged been engaged for two years now. My hometown is in Manchester NH, I have 4 brothers 1 sister, One nephew and 2 nieces. I am the youngest one in my family. I dont talk to my dad i havent been talking with him since I was 10 years old. I havent seen my mother since I was 4 years old and I just got back with her since I was 16 years old. But I dont like really talking about what happend cause my parents lied to me on what really happened. I a friendly, easy to get along with, I normally meet 2 million people each day from going on yahoo, chats, and playing this game called wizard101. If you guys havent checked it out feel free to its so so cool. Even kids can play it. Its protected, no virus, its not a scam, its free, but requireds to download, has great graphics i mostly play on that game thanks to my fiance he hooked me up on it lol. Its so so cool. But anyways, if you would like to get to know me more just feel f
Alieshia Carey
Hello. This is what my life is about. Please read and if you have any questions please ask me. Thanks. Sometimes its hard to tell people your feelings cause you don’t know if they understand on what you say to them. And its hard to let your feelings out sometimes. When you asked your family a question do you ever think if they are lying to you? Its hard to have a family that you cant even see cause they moved on with their lives. Some times you really cant tell if your family is lying to you but you can feel it sometimes in your heart. I knew at first my family was hiding things and lying to me for tons of stuff. Like what happen to me and my father. But its really hard to describe that because my family tells me one thing and tells me another thing I am trying to figure out what is the truth what happen to me when I was little? I have questions and I am trying to find answers. How can you know you found out the answers that you are asking? How can you feel it that’s the truth? Will th
Ali Elhajj
Alieshia Carey
feel free to ask me any thing. If i dont answer please i am sry i might be busy with all lot of things or its TMI. Thanks tmi(too much inforomation) anything with science and adventures/outer space
Alie En
Alieshia Carey
Hello My hometown is in manchester NH. I graduated at Ottawa Hills HS. I have 3 nieces, 1 nephew. 20 Cousins, 16 Uncles 16 Aunts. (I think). I don't know much about my family. Oh I don't take no Bullshit from any one on here. Please if you wanna talk SHIT OR TALK ABOUT YOUR DICK GET OFF OF MY PAGE. Thanks. I AM ALREADY TAKEN I AM LOOKING FOR FRINEDS ONLY. Thanks. BOWLING, HIKING, SCIENCE, BIOLOGY. NEVERENDING STORY, STEPHEN KING-IT.
Alieshia Carey
Alief Jihan
Alief Saputra
Alie Evo
Alieta Bynum
Alieshia Carey
Music: Hip hop, country, Christain, soft rock, ACDC, Creed, Greenday, Alica Keys, Chris Brown, Keyshia Coles, Carrie Underwood, Usher, Newsboys, Lill Wyane, Akon. Movies: Lord of the Rings, Angel, Wall-E, police academy, Alvin and the Chickmunks 1-2. Spy Kids, Law and Oder, Holloween 1-2, Screen, Jaw, Pacifer, Krate Kid 1, Jeresic Park, Dumb and Dumber, Any thing with action/killing/bio. TV: Family Guy...... Sleepover.... Star Trak... Law and order(All)... CSI (all of CSI), Sex in the Sity... Tom and Jerry... Scobby Doo... Sponge Bob... Shall we dance? American Idol... American Model... Dancing With The Stars... Animal Planet.. Hanna Montana... Spy Kids.. And all the other channels... like HBO, Family, Disney, And more. Books: Any books Sports: Basket ball, Baseball, Nascar racing, Football, Golf, Volleyball. Interests: Playing the Paino, Hiking, Swimming, Bike riding, Clumbing on mountains trails, & Camping. Writting Stories/Poetries, Looking at the Nature, etc. D
Alie Myloverock Mukti
Ali E
Alien Dark
Aliesei Kojin
I am looking for really serious long/term relationship.Please email to my private address Would like to get married and my own family if no one is afraid of that marriage.
Ali Eskandari
Ali El-barca
just ask.
Ali Elkefi
Ali Ener
Ali Ebrahimi
Ali Emami
Alie Can
Alieu Baldeh
Ali Emam
Ali Eww
Alif Babul
Ali Faruk
Ali Farhat
Ali Ferrell
Ali Ferrell
Ali Fakhoury
Alif Ghassan Habinsaran
Ali Fou
Alif Hubaedilah
Alif Ruslan
Ali Fitri
Ali Farooq
Alif 'alfie' Ahmed
Ali Ffffff
Ali Fard
Ali Faraji
Ali-farad Mohammed
Ali Farhan
Alifreehand Alidapoet
Ali Fard
Alif Surya
Alifvia Rahmadani Putri Putri
Aligator Xxl
I am from Germany, Single, 45y. Looking for new a girl... My Interests: all Motorsports and Music, sometimes Girls....hehehehe... /">" target=_blank> Criminals about Mafia
Ali Girl
Ali G
Ali Golden
Ali Güner
Ali Gilson
Ali Gross
Ali Ghanim
Ali G
heyy I'm Ali I love my juggalo family mmfwcl hit me up if you're fam
Ali Gilmore
Ali Ghamry
Ali Garbarino
Ali Garan
Ali Gil
Ali Geda
Ali Ghazi
Ali Gharedaghi
Ali Gramme Binaday
Ali Gastillo
Ali Ghazi
Ali Ghasemi
Ali Ghavami Monfared
Ali Ghasemi
Ali Gholami
Ali Ghorbanzadeh
Ali Garcia
im ali, been on and off for 8 years or so... just coming back for fun.
Ali Hawas
Ali Harms
Ali H
I live here in the U.S.A. I live in the center of the country. I will be here until I figure out why.Then hopefully I will be able to go back to California. The summers are to hot and the winters are to cold here. But for now it is the place to be. I am an artist. I am a photographer,weaver and sculptor. I make organic shapes and vessels that are hand built from clay. I weave tapestries and wall hangings on a loom. I work with different textures and fabrics as well as different colors. I am also a gifted psychic. I read Tarot cards and have studied dreams.I am studing Astravel now. I have had past lives experences too.
Ali Hassan Awan
Ali Hashmat
Alih Enviro
Ali Hinnawi
Ali Hmhm
Ali İhsan Ergİn
Ali Hafeez
Alih Neiz Morsson
I'm a free-spirit, a romantic and a dreamer. I believe in honesty, true love and awesome sex. I'm originally from LaGrange, Kentucky, but I moved to long beach, new york, in 2004 to attend college I enjoy playing tennis and guitar in my spare time, as well as writing songs and drawing make-believe characters for the children's books that I also like to write. I have a passion for fashion design and costume design, too, and I totally love to model whenever the opportunity presents itself. My "girl next door" looks are deceptive as they are accompanied by a rather perverse mind and I've been keenly aware of my power and kinks since adolescence. As for any other information about me, please feel free to ask and I will feel free to answer or not to answer depending on the question. add me up!im free and available! aliahneiz_morsson
Ali Hughes
I'm from a dinky little town in Indiana where the kids drive their tractors to school, and everyone is in everybody else's business. I'm currently jobless, which is gay, but oh well. I have a 2 year old son, he's pimp shit. I'm drug and alcohol free. I do however smoke like your 90 year old emphysematic grandmother who I met at the Bingo hall last week. (: I really have a lot of interests in a lot of things, It's just hard to summarize my personality into one box. Message me and get to know me (: Hmmm.. I like to sleep, watch movies, eat, dance, hang out with my son. And...I also like to do things spur of the moment.
Ali Hussein
Ali Homiee
Ali Hosseini
Ali Huss
Ali Hoseinian
Ali Hasanloo
Ali Harris Sr
Ali Hussain
Ali Hamza
Ali Hassan
Ali Hosseini
Ali Hamidi
Ali Hesari
Ali Hamad
Ali Hassan
Ali Hameed Cena
Ali Hameed
Ali Hassan
Ali Halloumi
Ali Heesbani
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan
Ali Hoza
Ali Hasan
Ali Hodge
Ali Halili
Ali Hammad
Ali Haider
Ali Hakim
Ali Hasan
Ali Hyder Bhutto
Ali Hussain
Ali Hassen
Ali Haider
Ali Haroon
Ali Hasan
Ali Isik
Ali Imran
Ali Ihsan Balcik
Ali Ila
Ali Imran
Ali Imran
Ali Ilchizadeh
Ali Iii
Ali Ibrahim
Ali Ismail
Ali Imam
Alii D. Rezpector-uchiha
Ali Imran
Ali Ismaiel
Ali Irani
Ali Isa Muhammad
Ali Issa
Ali'i Castillo
Ali Izadi
Alii Rizvi
Alijah Garcia
Ali Jamal
Ali Jarbouny
Ali Jaradat
Ali Jatoi
Ali Jones
Ali Jonathan
Ali Jusf
Ali Jasim
i am looking for girls for sex mail me i am looking for girls for sex mail me
Ali Jamal
Ali Javadi
Alijah Meixner
Ali Jouini
Ali Jerbi
Ali Jaffar
Ali Jawad
Alija Hodzic
Ali Jarrah
Ali Jan
Ali Jama
Alija Kehić
Ali Jolanzadeh
Ali Jamali
Ali Jalalian
Ali Joon
Ali Jannesari
Ali Joe
Alijah Nelson
Ali Johnson
Ali Jabari Moghadam
Ali Jan
Ali Jasim
Ali Jab
Alika M
Ali Klein
Hi my name is ali! I love to ice skate, dance, and sing! Everyone says i look like Rosario Dawson which is really cool because i am absolutely obsessed with RENT! i want to meet someone just for fun. longterm relationships really arent my type. and by the way, if you don't think that figure skating and dancing are real sports, don't waste my time. i don't want you!
Ali Kendall
My name is ali and i liv ein kitchener ontario canada im 19 years old and if anyone wants to know more just ask ok Thanks Luv ~TuttyFukkinFruity~ i love the outdoors like camping swimming bike riding horse back riding im in too everything love offroading on the quad and canoeing and fishing and i am just into everything
Ali Kasper
much love *muAh*BLESSED be *Ban Drama Violators Will B bitch Slapped* TALK SHYT SPIT BLOOD ! Well hmm ima big gamer chick,love mi world of warcraft!wootwoot Got the best man in mi life Love him with mi everything
Ali Karim
Alika Bujabie
Ali K
Ali Kisses
I'm amazing. That's all you need to know. I'm into pixel art and I'm a sketch artist. I sing loudly, I dance on a whim. I'm eccentric. I'm giggly. I have a sarcastic cheesy humor. I'm passionate. I'm open-minded. I'm sexual. I'm an attention-getter. I'm pretty. I am artistic, and I am intelligent. I'm opinionated and stubborn. I'm also a lady and very single. And you'll treat me as such. ;) Queen Latifa. Tim Curry. Sandra Bullock. Leona Lewis. Cascada. Daft Punk. Piers Anthony. Iron Man. Thirteen Ghosts. Kannazuki no Miko. Mai Hime. Revolutionary Girl Utena. Nightmare on Elm Street. Scream. I Know What You Did Last Summer. Where the Heart Is. Strawberry Panic. Disturbia.
Ali K
Ali Khan
Ali Kuscu
my name is ali I live in adanaIm from Turkey I like traveling holiday hunting
Ali Kahil
Ali Klitzing
Ali Kansoalghori
Ali Kassim
Alika Spaeth
Ali Khan
Ali Kiani
Ali K
Alika Boy
Ali Klay
/ / /
Ali Kalkbrenner
im a total girly girl and i love red and pink!
Ali Kh
Ali Khan
Ali Khon
Ali Kadhim
Alika Ona Mau
Ali Khan
Ali Khan
Alik Hebert
Alika Chee
Ali Khan
Ali Karami
Alikhan Jadoon
Ali Kuttippala
Ali Khan
Ali Khalil
Ali Kaid
Ali Kesho
Ali Khan
Alik Colbert
Ali Khan
Ali Kmal
Alikile Wheatfall
Ali Khan
Ali Khan
Ali Khan
Ali Kaveh
Ali Khaleghi
Ali K
Ali Kayhani
Ali Kalhor
Ali Kaptan
Ali Kamangir
Ali Khan
Ali Kazemi
Ali Khan
Ali Kabli
Ali Kawa
Ali Kazemi
Ali Khan
Ali Khan
Ali Khare
Ali Khan
Ali Kanyua
Ali Kurt
Alikswapno Chatterjee
A_lil Uummmm
That discribes me to the T. I'm 5'0 with attitude.I don't take shit.I'm a down to earth,spontaineous,lady in the street but a freak between the sheets typa female.....I'm a lady at all times rememba dat.I'm holdin' me and mine down.Workin';not stressin' and lovin' every bit of life....I'm sweet an petite & quite a dilectable treat..To all off ya'll that read this,don't hate my smile,my style.You can't hate on me or my inner My interest are, To know more hit me up. My idol is I like to watch pritty much anything.I love love & basketball,kung fu hustle,cathouse,g-string divas,Amittyville horror. you have to like: Mo betta Blues(for those dat don't know,it's a spike lee flix) Don't be a menace while drinkin' yo juice in tha hood What love got to do with it TFriday the 13th movies he old chuckie flixs American history X Wedding crashers Boys in the hood Queer as Folk The best man Noah's Arc
Ali Leigh
Ali Love My 1 I Do
"I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." ~Marilyn Monroe The Man of My Real World. vegetable@ fubar
Ali Lalji
Ali Larsen
Ali Lacandazo
Ali Lower
Ali Lee
Ali Laghari
Alili Salim
Ali Mcleod
Alimoh Mamud
Ali M
Ali Mcgraw
I can be a smartass but most the time its all in fun. I love to laugh andjoke around. I have 3 of the most beautiful children in the world... they are my life!! I love the outdoors and all sorts of sports.. cuz of the balls LMAO Hosted by Sparkle Tags Superman and my mom Hope Floats Pretty Woman John Q
Ali Momen
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed
Alimae Leonard
*Im out going* I like to party* I like to go on dates* I like BOYS!! ;)* I like to drink* I like to go to movies* I like to talk on the phone* I like to drive around beautiful Colorado with my friends* I like to go swimming* I like to play volleyball and tenis* I love music* I love sex* I love to kiss* I like hugs* And i just love to have a good time* I hate getting my heart broken* I hate selfish people* I hate liars* I hate mean people.. they suck* I dont like school anymore..* I hate boys* I hate alcoholics* Occupation: Hooker Interests: Boys ;)* Parties* Boys* Hangin out with friends* Boys* Money* Boys* Doin hair* Boys* Dancing* and uh Boys ;p Must hear: I like every thing Hip Hop* Rap* R&B* Country* Classical* Alternative Rock* Oldies* Cage* Techno* Emo shit* Underground anything* Old rock* EVERYTHING!! Must see Movies: Scarface* Goodfellas* Casino* The Notebook* Titanic* Half Baked* Unfaithful* Super Troopers* American Pie 1,2&3* The Wedding Planner* Goo
Ali Mandviwala
Ali Mckinney
If you stop by and rate me, I will more than gladly return the favor. So, don't just look and leave, leave a rating and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Okay Men, just some information for you. The test to even "date" me is as follows: 1: You must be a Republican. That is a must, first and foremost. 2: You have to make at least $100,000 per year which means you have to have a job. 3: You must own your own house worth at least $250,000. 4: You must have your own vehicle or two or three. Please don't try to flirt with me or try cyber sex. I grow bored of that entirely too easy. Thank you and have a great day and/or night. LOL, ok, so the above being "said". I'm a player and wouldn't date you even if you asked. Don't ask me to cam for you because I won't. Don't ask me to have phone sex with you because I won't. In fact, I will probably get bored with you fast, faster if you bug me about camming or having phone sex with you. I find it rather borin
Ali Morfin
Ali Marhamo
Ali Mohamad
Ali Mrj
Ali Martin
Hey my names ALi i live in YC cali, i love just being lazy hanging out at the house bc i work my ass off all day long! I'm COMPLETELY new to this site my friend todd told me about it so if i take awhile to respond to ur messages dont take it personal if u have it i'm a lot more familiar wit myspace and ur more likely to hear back from me quicker there
Ali Mirza
Ali Mourd
my name is ali..I am a Lebanese resident in Thailand for some time .. I am a very simple man , like to be honest and love to have fun The girl I would like to meet should be atractive , sexy , sweet and love to live every moments in her life for me, life is too short to loose a sec. without having fun I would like to meet someone with similar values.. i love sex..looking for one like my how love sex ..and i hope to meet sexy girls and ladyboy.shemale..
Ali Mumcu
Ali Mayor
About me... well i'm kinda shy, i really love being in nature... i like to have fun, go out with my friends, and do fun stuff ect... i als love to read, an watch movies. i have a rat,i call her baby, cuz she is... lol um.. i'm from B.C. so as you've probably heard we smoke a lot of weed here. lol. i'm kinda complex, so if you really wanna know anything specific just ask........... :) um... i like art, watching movies an books, i like partyin marijuana, an coffee... lol pretty basic stuff.
Ali Mac
Ali Mutairi
Ali Masters
Ali Maher
Ali Mohmmmed
Ali Murtadlo
Ali9 Mike
Ali Molavi
Ali Moh
Alimi Hammed
Ali Maj
Ali Mahdavi
Alimony Casanova
you'd definitely rather see me here...its much more revealing:
Ali Mohammad Teymoori
Ali Metalwala
Ali Munif
Ali Mo
Ali Memon
Ali Mujahid
Ali Merai
Ali Moshtaghi
Ali Mohamud
Ali Mohamed
Ali Mohamed
Ali Muhmmed
Alimi Ali
An easygoing open minded male looking for likewise friends to have fun with. A companion you would love to have conversation and activities with. Anda takkan menyesalnye...
Ali Malek
Ali Mohseni
Ali Manafi
Ali Mbuthia
Ali Mmk
Ali Moosavi
Ali Mohamadi
Alimatu Yakubu
I am Very Nice, Sincere, and Honest to begin with. I am open and truthful, kind and affectionate person. I am also a fun loving person, and easy to get along with. I think I have a great sense of humor, I am a generally positive woman, and I love having serious discussions about love and life.. Plus on the other hand I enjoy having fun too. I value friendship and I am very Loyal. And I am a very warm person, very out going, I enjoy talking, going out for dinner, and movies. People say I am a very gentle and nice person. I am also passionate, fun, well intellectual, and a big believer in living every day and enjoying life to the fullest. I am full of Life, outgoing, a charmer, and a great Listener. If you take the time to look further than someone's looks, and You will find Your Soulmate. Someone who is honest and loving. I am looking for a serious relationship with a man who is, truthful and God-fearing I'm wonderfully open minded, sexually uninhibited, funny, silly, kind, sophistic
Ali Malik
Alimamo Darbo
Ali Morgan
Alim Kurtkaya
Ali Mehrparvar
Ali Masrey
Ali Mujrim
Ali Mubarak
Ali Masaud
Ali Muchsin
Ali Mused
Ali Mérazga
Alim Wynn
Ali Murtaza
Ali Mahmudi
Ali Milhim
Alimasi Byaale
Ali Maskge
Ali Malek
Ali Malek
Alima Traore
Alimo Janahi
Ali Masoodi
Ali Mcintyre
Ali Mahmood
Ali Mohsin
Ali Muhammad
Ali Malekian
Alim Manzo
Alimamy Sannoh
Ali Malakooti
Ali Mafi
Ali Mushtaq
Ali Moeinian
Ali Moussavi
Ali Musa
Ali Mohammadian
Ali Man
Ali Murtaza
Ali Mollakarimi
Ali Madad Sultani
Ali Menanti
Ali Mohsan
Ali Md
You can ask me whatever you want Interest in WOmennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn noneeeeeee Action and porn
Ali Masri
Ali Machar
Ali Moh
Alina Mason
Alina Shkolnikova
Alina Yellowhbird
Hello, I am just starting this page here. I dont know how to work this shit here. so I am gonna figure it out I think I am getting mad about it because my friend CURTIS! is acting like a profile to this site and not even helping me he invited me here and then ditches me! ever sad eh? lol...but anyways I am Alina thats all you have to know right now
Alina Pres
ayo wasssup it yo gurl alina from maryland bitches reppin riverdale yup yup 301 nikkahs ...if u wanna no ab0ut me catch on aim Dalilshad0w
Alin Iutuc
i like lots of stuff
Alina Polishchuk
Alina Aguilar
My motivation right now in life would have to be Music. I'm currently signed under UGA (underground artists) in Oceanside Califaz. My producer, whom I love very much...Sergio Gonzalez, has helped me out alot so far. My solo album should be coming out soon....and watch out, we doin big thangs now!! muahz luhb ya SG!! Gangsta numba one fav...Scarface. Know why? Cuz i am..the one and only...Lady Al Pacino!!! (ask about meh!)
Alina Gomez
Alina Hymes
Alina Hymes
Alina Cardi
Alinda Sun
Alina Castle
Aline Aline
Alina Alina
Alina Semionova
Ali Nour
Alina Bennett
Ali Nuna
my names ali im 18 and in love and to keep things simple u dont want nothin dont start nothin cus i have no problem layin any bitch flat if i get pissed enough. TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Ali Birthday: May 25, 1989 Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio Current Location: kirtland Eye Color: blue greenish Hair Color: black Height: 5'3 Right Handed or Left Handed: right Your Heritage: heinz 57 The Shoes You Wore Today: bop flops Your Weakness: my bfs smile Your Fears: BUGS Your Perfect Pizza: veggie Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: get car and liscence Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Thoughts First Waking Up: Jon? Your Best Physical Feature: Eyes Your Bedtime: when i want Your Most Missed Memory: idk Pepsi or Coke: diet coke MacDonalds or Burger King: mcky ds Single or Group Dates: single Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: homade Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee Do you Smoke: Do you Swear: yes Do yo
Alina Zimmerman
Ali Nunya
Aline Brock
If you want to see more pics of me check out my profile---look for Aline Im Very Friendly If U Get 2 Kno Me Im A Easy Person 2 Get Along With But Im Also Shy! I also have my naughty side to me! I like to party and man i can party! I`m that kind of girl that you can take to a party and take to see your parents!! I love to travel and meet people..Love wearing sexy lingerie and being undressed slowly and sensually... I LOVE to cuddle and laugh. I think laughter is the best medicine for a person...
Not much to tell really. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and moved to Roswell (aka RosHell), New Mexico in October, 2007. About my name: First and foremost I am NOT a dominatrix. I chose my name because I didn't like the sound of Lady so I chose Mystress, I was born in the year of the Dragon, and according to mythology dragons breathe fire. Also, I chose y's instead of i's in mistress and fire because I felt it gave a Medieval look to the name. To all the guys out there: I would like to be your friend, and have fun here. I DON'T CARE THAT YOUR G/F, WIFE, OR WHATEVER YOUR IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH, IS NOW THE SIZE OF A COW AND WOULD RATHER GET UP TO SHOVE FOOD IN HER FAT ASS INSTEAD OF HELP YOU GET OFF. If you didn't want to be with 2 ton Tessy you should have never hooked up. "This happened after we got together." Then get out or get some counseling.
Aline Mason
Ali Çınar
Alina Dimitriu
23.Chicago.Mommy 2 Nathan.Wife.Student.
Alinia Flew
Aline Verdon
Aline Smith
Alina Nekhamkina
Ali Naeim
Alin John
Ali Nuzzo
Ali Nemr
Ali Nord
Hey there! I'm a 24 year old college student currently pursuing my master's degree. I currently reside in the caribbean and am a webcam model on Come check me out
Aline Moreira
Alina Cummings

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