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Albert Leong
Albert Nieto
on my free i grt my homeboys and go play some football
Albert Rivers
Albert Calamita
My full name is Albert Francis Gabriel Calamita. I'm about 6ft tall and 136lbs (I'm skinny, deal with it). I have dirty blond/brown hair, dark green eyes, and a pale complextion. I just finished high school and will be going to ASU soon. I love art, and I wish more people would see its importance to society. I draw, paint, play drums, and even write poetry every now and then. Any questions? Just send me a message. Art, Music, Rock & Roll, Drums, Guitar, Painting, Poetry, relaxing, video games Don Henley, John Bonham, Rick Allen, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Jon Stewart, Dane Cook The Godfather
Albert Rodriguez
Where do I start........?? Well, I am an insurance broker based out of San Dimas, CA but live in South Gate, CA. I do all commercial insurance, mostly for contractors. I am 23 yrs. old, single and employed full time (sorry, not a mommy or daddy's boy). I train out of Valdez Muay Thai (Kickboxing) in East L.A. during the week after work and on the weekends (6 days a week). I also go to Bally's 5 days a week (Sat-Thurs) so I stay pretty busy. I do like to go out and party or just hang out when Im not training for a fight. They way I see it is, the time I dont spend training for a fight, the other guy is training to kick my ass!! Dont want that. I have a record of 13-0 so far and I dont want to ruin it by going out and getting fucked up. I have a fight coming up on March 17 at the San Manuel Casino in Redlands, CA. You can go to and their should be an updated flyer in a couple weeks. I am really into the sport because it keeps my bad ass out of trouble, besides that I get
Albert Haines
Albert Meurer
Albert Ap
Michelle (belladona) had drive me up here. I don't really know what is this space but a place where to meet people, is for sure a good place. hope to meet you... ciao albert like to take pictures, organize some scene acts, water sports like sailing, scuba,...
Albert Cervantes
Albert Andrade
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Albert Davis
Alberto Otero Iii
I'm just a regular guy. Go to work come home sleep and then do it all over again in the morning. Ask me i'll tell you more. Wow Ummmmmmmmmm. I hate this just ask me. Dennis Leary You would be amazed when you see my collection of dvd's.
Albert Johnson
im 21 i like to fish hunt swim and i love the out doors im a country boy i do ever thing i like to do any thing really outside i work full time i enjoy hanging with family and friends want to know more jsut ask ... oh and i have 2 tattoos plan on more but thats all i got for now i like to hunt,fish,swim,music,friends,bmx,and stuff like that mom dad brother hulk hogan john cena avp,little nickey,ghostrider
Albert Pena
well i am a big wrestling fan im nice sweet kinda i love making new friends DX all the way though when it comes to the wwe. if u have yahoo aol or msn, hit me up i love full figured women thats all i got to say about that, if your full figured and want a friend, im here *smiles* Albert Wrestling, body building, watching tv, videogames stuff of that nature talking on cell Triple H(Paul Levensque)
Albert Delbosco
Alberto Maldonado Jr
Albert Hathaway
I'm 27 and live with my girlfriend and our two cats. I play guitar and used to play in a band. They rocked... I did not. Now I just play softer music by myself, couldn't really do the whole "metal" thing and feel very serious about myself. That was years ago. Now I fancy myself a writer, though I don't really know if I'm really that good at it. Don't have a whole lot to say. Trying this out. I love movies and music... I'm a bit of a pop culture junkie and probably put too much stock in my own opinion just as we all do.
Albert Fontenot
Alberta Cook
Alberto Gonzalez
Albert Mathis
Albert Lushtaku
Albert Franco
Hilarious Soundboards at
Albert Arriaga
im the most friendly person you will ever come across im 6ft, blue eyes, medium build, short dark hair, and have about 42 tattoos most things u will here me talk about is pink and playboy things and no im not gay lol i just do alot for charity iv'e raised over £52'432 for cancer research dressing up in everything either pink or playboy iv'e been a pink fairy pink barbie pink cowgirl pink play bunnygirl this year im a pink police woman the reason of the charity work i do is over the last 2 years i have lost my, father inlaw father aunty 2 best friends and now my mum has cancer and not looking good so if u ever think u are down just take some time to think what i have gone through and lift your self up and get on with life as i live for one day at a time and live it to the best i can. hope that lets u into abit about me if u need to talk just call or e-mail me god bless u all and have a great life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Albert Redenica
Alberto Silva
Albert Proctor Jr
I am a gay white male that is looking for new people to meet and maybe have a pen pal also, You can also, look at myspace account too: I love to go camping, and just go to the River late at night and hang out and injoy the peace.
Albert Shokey
Albert S
Albert Holdrum
Albert Jackson
Alberto Cruz
I'm 25 years old. Puerto Rican. I have a beautiful 2 year old girl who is the love of my life. I am a Hip Hop artist and am the leader of the Bilingual Group DVS from Rhode Island. I'm a very intelligent goof. I believe in having fun. I'm just a cool person to get to know. Feel free to ADD ME!, RATE ME!, MESSAGE ME!, COMMENT ME!, FAN ME!, DO ME( Wait I think that was just me thinking out loud). I'm just your average down to earth guy. I am on EVERYBODY'S LEVEL!!!!!!!!!! Try me. -AkA Get More at Get More at
Albert Davis
Albert Watson
Albert Villegas Jr
Albert Z
Albert Mcglinchey
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Albert Pedroza
Albert Jackson
Alberto Martinez
Albert Snyder
Albert Volt
Albert Maas
Al Bethere
Albert Presley
Albert Benjamin
Albert Samuel
Albert H Cyrus
Albert Lopez
Albert Harrison
Alberto Ale
Albert Sunday
Albert Kemper
Albert Cedillo
Albeiro Munoz
Albert Enriquez
Albert Johnson
Albert Thoma
Albert Diaz
Albert Sands
I'm not very good at telling about myself I do better at assesing other people or taking other people assestment of myself but here goes. physical discription: I'm 5'11" of course black and I like to think I'm athletic. I've been in the army going on six years in march. I've been married once and devorced . . . once lol. I have two beautiful girls and I can't wait to get home to see them. Growing up my parents where in the military so they were strict so I stayed grounded alot so I read a lot of books which I don't do much of any more. I enjoy to play the piano, draw which I picked up while grounded lol and play basketball, ping pong for those who know what that is and I just pick up pool. I'm also starting to enjoy this whole going out to the club and getting drunk thing I didn't know what I was missing lol but I'm sure it will get old some time. any ways if I think of any thing else I'll write it I'm not much of a talker so just being short and too the point I like to draw,
Albert Johnson
Hey my name is albert but everyone calls me aj....I live in north carolina. I have a three years old son his name is isaiah.I love to play basketball,football,and sometimes baseball. I am 6'3, light skin,brown eyes, and black hair.I love to go clubbing,play pool,drink,smoke,and love to play with my son.
Alberto Zanetta
Alberto Rios
TO THE HATERS DONT HATE GOES YOU AIN'T ME !!!TO THE MAMIS IM TALL DARK AND HANDSOME, IF YOUR LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ON THE WILD SIDE HALLER AT ME!!!!! I LIKE NICE BIG THIGHT ASS!!!! Bikini Babe myspace layout from Free Flash Games Very Sexy Comments & Graphics Very Sexy Comments & Graphics Very Sexy Comments & Graphics Very Sexy Comments & Graphics MySpace Graphics & MySpac
Albert Ferrer Jr.
Albert J Leblanc
Albert Riley
Al Best
Albert Lee
Albert Hernandez
Albert Medina
Alberto Nelson
Albert Villegas
Albert Weaver
Albert Francis
Alberto Bittan
Albert Flores
Albert Santiago
Alberta Baker
I am a fun loving person once you get to know me . I am single mom .i dont live alone . but i dont have a male that i live with either so dont worry i live with my son that is how kind hearted i am .if i see someone that needs a spare place to sleep and i have the room its theirs.ok so thats me how about you ? i also need to let some people on here know that i am not a saint either i dont go to church as they think i just dont use harsh language i aint such a bad person but now seems i am because i said the same thing i just did i just dont go nude contact me at alberta_semouor most men think because you have nsfw pics you want them I got this layout from Sparkletags.Com! Layout by SparkleTags.Com { Background Properties } table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0;} body { background-color:ac1b22; background-attachment:fixed; background-position:bottom left; background-repeat:no-repeat; border-width:5px; border-color:520004; bo
Albert Olivarria
Alberto Lopez
Alberto Gennero
Albert Clerc
Alberto Carabinieri
Alberto Pacheco
Albert For Albert
I love playing rugby, My favorite team is the New Zealand All Blacks... If you dont know who they are i suggest you watch a rugby match from the beggining and then you'll understand! Im into rodeos as well, used to compete in bare back and saddle bronc and loved it Also practice and teach Karate
Albert Franco
Albert Avalos
Albert Fernandez
Albert Rios
Alberto Hernandez
Albert Jefferson
Albert Cancino
Albert Goins
Alberto R
Alberto Arroyo
Alberto Perez
Albert Langthorne
this is where i can never think of anything to say.well let me see im a dad of 3 the grandfather of one to watch the sun set as much as i like to watch it rise. im a member of 2 diffrent fire deptments that takes up some of my time. if you want to know more please ask. let me see im into race cars as a everything about the sport.
Albert Tucker
If you want to know more, just ask me =)
Albert Johnson
im a country boy i dont take shit from no one and i love my family and will give the shirt off my back for friends and family hunting fishing farming truck pulls diesel machnics
Albert Martin
Alberto Gracia
looking for a girl that know what she wants respectfull and that will treat me with love hey what u doing and hows ur day i was wondering if u had msn or yahoo if u do add me my yahoo is and my msn is if u had msn or yahoo if u do add me my yahoo is and my msn is
Albert Robertson
Albert Glerum
hey my name is Albert. My friends call me Al. I go to Michigan Technological University to study Electrical Engineering. I love any and all sports. I love meeting new people. I am prolly one of the most outgoing people that you will ever meet. If there is ANYTHING that you would like to know about me just ask. I will answer any and all questions you might have. any and all sports. running. hanging out. Partyin. and last but most definitely not least GIRLS!
Albert Jaramillo
Albert Massingo
Albert M
Albert Hawkins
Albert Castanon
Albert Garcia
Albel Nox
Albert Gorham
Alberto Alberto
Alberto Gutierrez
Albert Carter
Albert Leon
Albert Smith
Albert Vega
Alberto Reyes
Albert Startt
Albert Blackburn
Albert Kemper
Albert Flores
Alberto Gomez Jr. 3
Albert Ybarra
Albert Crumsey
Alberdale Hovey
Albert Moss
I'am a hell of guy sweet a lady's man will make you smile and a good listener. Just hear to show women that all men are not asshole. And will show you guy's how to please your woman. Just by talikng to hear and yes I'am single cause waiting for that 1 Making women smile and feel good about them self. Not just with sexx but just talking to them too. Oh don't get it twisted I'am a freak. I love to play basketball, watch a good movie and do what ever is fun
Albert Booker
hi my name is albert. i like big trucks going to faire to watch the cash up dumbe and he truck polls and the trancker polls to. i am just lookng for some one nice.
Albert Faulkner
Albert Flores
Albert Chavez
Albert Thomas
I work really hard to make a living...i am a mortgage broker, a PPL associate, a loan modification expert, and the Director of sales for i appreciate all of you at fubar but sometimes the hoops you have to jump through to get a chance at seeing some of the beautiful people in their private folders is a hassle...LET ME IN! i love the NSFW stuff as well...Help me out here and buy my a drink! I just wanted to let you all know some of the events that have occurred this week. On Monday, a friend of mine dropped me off at Best Buy and then headed over to Starbucks to wait for me. I got out of Best Buy and started jogging back to Starbucks and I found this shortcut down a five foot hill covered in ivy. It was a well worn path and I started trotting down it. But I tripped on an ivy vine, and my hands were in my pockets, so I fell forward and landed on the curb at the bottom of the hill, and slid onto the parking lot. In the time to follow two people appear
Albert Sandoval
Al Beeswax
Albert Fine
Albert Buck
Albert Povadora
Alberto Ortiz
Alberto Cortez
Albert Merrifield
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Albert Harris
martial arts, 2nd degree black belt in goju ryu and akido my M-4 carbine hiking music dancing hanging out swimming paintballing sky diving (funny i do it for a living) traveling and other stuff
Albert Brown
Albert Garcia
Albert Brisko
Hi my name is albert! Live in bc canada! I on the shy side of the world. Well I`m a rancher so I for everything. mostly outdoors. As you can read my English is not so good. Ask me why!! I like hunting,fishing,horse back riding, well everything. IF YOU WANNA NOW MORE ABOUT THIS COWBOY JUST ASK. WEll I must say I,m picky. I just wanna meet friends now and you don`t now maybe more later. So any white girls that is on the skinny side I will like to meet you!!!lol
Albert Aramburu
Alberto Gonzalez
Albert Peterson
Alberto Mendez
Albert Hollis
Anyone wanting to contact me
Albert Higdon
Alberto Calva
Alberto Cuadra
Albert Flores
Albert Mathis
Albert Martos
Alberta Minter
Alberto Perez
Albert Zuniga
Albert "magno" Martinez
I fight
Alberta Da Silva
Albert Kevin Prasanna
Albert Kilpatrick
Albert Sobalvarro
hey my names albert but i go by marshell im 18 i just moved to arizona from california im peurtorican im 5,9 black hair brown eyes what i like to do on my free time is work out party go to clubs movies and hang out with friends oh and having sex thats my favorite so yeah if u dont like what u hear i really dont care but if u do hit me p what interests me is a girl who is white and beautidul honest outgoing adventures sponatnious and will do anything and evrything and is down to earth and that likes to have a good time
Albert Dombrowski Ii
Albert Rienzo
im a man lookin in all the wrong places
Alberto Medina
Just chill guy like smokein drinkin playbasketball 21 yrs old bi male ..lookin for fun..
Albert Seeley
Alberto Cruz
Albert Tanous
Albert Mangum
Albert Nel
Albert Richardson
Albert Sanchez
Alberto Hinojosa
Albert Murillo
Alberto Garcia
Albert Jackson
Alberta Baker
hate liers cheater and players soif thats what you are tay away like good strong handsomeman like ajck
Alberto Muñoz
Alberto Aguilera
Albert Zambrano
Alberto Jimenez
Alber Gutierrez
Alberta Honu
What more can i say about me except been, gentle, loving, caring, sexy, romantic, humble, respectful, outgoing, responsible, hard working and independent, am just me and i try to do what pleases my heart. very open minded, loves comes to those who believe in it. life is too short to be lonely and feel the last pains. and sometimes when i think about this life, it sound funny because i don't seems to understand the reason why people with good heart always got hurt. but you know they say God's time is the best and what ever God give out is Joy Peace and love, peace of mind, i pray God provide me my special man. Love to Dance, swim, sing, cook, go to beach, forest, zoo, parties, shopping, and musical concerts, do photoshooting.
Albert Bungula Jr
Albert Rivera
Albert Chambers
Albert Lockhart
Albert Wirekoh
Albert Owens
Albert Bridgers
Alberto Smith
I was born in 1982, live in Georgia. I like arts, and collecting stamps of all countries. africa stamps europe stamps middle east stamps oceania stamps old canadian stamps
Albert Elgin
Albert Williams
Albert Orr
Alberto Rivera
Albert Torres
Albert Brown
Alberto Rosales
Alberto Espinoza
i am a college student. if you would like to know more than just ask.
Alberto Montalvo
Albert Luckino
Alberto Oliva
Albert Helmig
Alben Moses
Albert Bartee
Albert Gunby
Albert Stamann
Albert Medlin
Albert Schultz
Albert Cunningham
about me? well, i am recently divorced and i am back in a market where men my age are looked at as fathers or grandfathers...both of which i am not. i have no children and therefore no grand-kids. i am not looking to fill a void in my life as i am trying to rediscover who i am first. i am not looking for Mrs. Right Now but i would like to eventually find Mrs. Right for me. i know that i have a lot that i can contribute to a relationship and in due time i will once again try and go down that path. time heals all wounds...or so people say. i like the simple things in life. i don't like things complex...i am a typical male in that aspect...the rest of me isn't so typical. i like all kinds of music even i like to sit around and just talk though i'm not one for words. i am a gamer but not to the point where i'll let it come between what is important. i would rather watch a movie than watch a tele program. i am a smoker so all non-smokers can skip over me. i do love bil
Albert Lytle
Albert Roman
Albert Campbell
Albert Hernandez
Alberto Morales
Alberto Paz
Alberto Trillo
Albert Cervantes
Albert Magby
Albena Chakarova
Albert Roberson
Albert Schnelzer
Albert Snow
Albert Leblanc
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Albert Williams
Albert Chitty
Albert Kirwan
Is this a party.... or what? When does the fun begin? How do I load my photos onto this site> I tried and nothing happened. Perhaps I'll just be the mystery man. You want to know about me? Just ask!
Albert Dwyer
Albert Trevino
Albert Chavez
Alberto Carlos
Albert Bedlyon
Alberto Hernandez
Alberto Garcia
Alberto Isaac Santamaria
Albert Wosk
Albert Ali
Alberto Silva
visual artist, woodworker, writer, designer Visual artist, writer, woodoworker designer
Alberto Martinez
Albert Taylor
Albert Landry
Albert Koney
Albert Alford
I'm college student all about taking care of my business never lagging for anyone else. Love Raving it gives me an escape that I need. Love cali with a passion and enjoy SOME of the people it comes with. Layout by CoolChaser /* Basics ==================================== */ body { font-family: Verdana, Arial, sans-serif; background-color:e5e5e5; background-image:url(; background-attachment: fixed; background-position:center center; background-repeat:no-repeat; } .cool { position: absolute; left:0px; top:0px; width:45px; height:137px; z-index:8; } p {margin: 0px 0px 1em 0px; font-family: Verdana, sans-serif !important} a, a:link, a:visited {color:F35485; text-decoration: none;} a:hover {color:76996E; text-decoration: none} img {border: none} br {line-height: 10px;} br + br { line-height:0; } u {text-decoration: none; } table table table br {
Alberto Mojica
Albert Koney
Albert .......
Albert Beshon
Alberta King
Albert Chiaravalle
Albert Kennedy
Albert Barciszewski
Albert Holmes
Albert Otero
i am a single father of 3 beautiful girls. i love to cook and i am up for just a bout anything except for people who just want to play games!
Alberto Angel
Alberto Vasquez
Albert Callie
Alberto Pasotti
Alberto Carrillo
Albert Gar
Ok hows this go?Im here just to meet n greet n have some fun.Im a vet.INFANTRY all the way.Love and appreciate what i have.Ive seen those without.A couple of my friends here have some awesome pics!It says alot about them.Theyre awesome!!One i met in another site while i was in country.Shed e mail messages and that was great.Ignorance may be bliss for some but its annoying as can be to me.Im not into drama.I could care less for that.Not really into sports either.How are athletes HEROs and get all the glory and praise when all they can do is play with their balls.There are only a few worthy of accolades.Pat Tillman!Turned down millions.To go n die fight a fight they started!!Yes he died that way but he went.Sports stars.Heroes my ass.Whatever. My weapons of all kinds are a pass time.Fishing camping sky diving n trackin down the bad guy.Reading some shows.The unit 24 NCIS CSI Miami and the three stooges.
Alberto Valera
Albert Jones
Albert Bell
Alberto Aguilar
Albert Alford
Albert Ballard
Alberto Uribe
Alberto Calcurian
I am half Armenian & half Mexican/Spanish 5'9" height, 180 lbs weight, muscularly cut but not enormous. I have dark brown eyes and hair (hair looks black). I have dark golden skin color that loves the sunlight. I like to work out on a daily basis. I Love Playing Video Games, Watching Dvds, I Love Pets. I also like to stay active. Riding my bike, rollerblading, or doing martial art's, Weightlifting.
Albert Lopez
Albert Rivera
Alberto Avila
Albert Cox
Albert Sr
Albert Brocklehurst
Alberto Mora
Albert Flieg
Alberta Green
Alberto Muniz
Albert Miller
Alberto Quintero
Alberto Jacomino
Albert Bill
Albert Reed
Albert Cohen
Albertus Dogie
Alberta Bells
Alberto Ziem
Albert Boateng
Albert Halili
Albert Williams
Alberto Ortega
Albertoo Kastia
Alberto Ioppolo
Albert Miz
Alberto Miller
Albert Vasquez
Albert Harper
Alberto Cerrone
Albert Amuzu
Albert Dawson
Albert Rand
Albert Walther
Albert Melancon
Albert Martinez
Albert Saucedo
Albert Alkejjisha
Alberto Torres
Albert Macias
Albert Garcia
Albert Garan
Albert Yates
Wassup errbody on fubar my name is lil al some ppl call me lil hitta I have alotta nick names lol but a lil bit bout myself I'm 23 I stand at 5'9 I work and I go to school and I also do music as well I'm laid back most times although some ppl say that I'm crazy but I'm not all that bad lol I'm just real cool and I get along wit ppl real good but I'm also drama drug and disease free and I would like to keep it that way if you wanna know more bout me or if you into music like I am then just hit me up and we can go from there ladies if u wanna know more just send me a msg and I'll get back at you I rap sing a lil bit I write my on lyrics I work go to school I go out and kick it herre and thur I work out also and I like meeting new people and that's about it God, Jesus Christ who is my lord and savior, and Me Friday, Carlito's Way, and others
Alberto Del Hoyo
Alberto Meco Fernández
Albert Seymour
Albert Pierru
Albert Leblanc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Albert Johnson
Albert Rodriguez
Albert Rodriguez
Albert Saucedo
Alberto Leon
Alberto Calvio
Albert Garza
Alberto Rivera
Albert Swift
Albert Ntumi Agbedozah
Albert Aguilar
Albert Nelson
Alberto Garcia
Albert Laureano
Albert Crahcie
Albert Valentin
ALL I NEED IS $MONEY HOES AND CLOTHS$ div>I edited my profile at, check out these Myspace Layouts! Myspace Graphics
Albert Valentin
Alberto Hernandez
Alberto Castrejon
Alberto Garcia
Alberto Rodriquez
Alberto Perez
Alberta White
Al-beezy Noble
Albert Onuoha
Albert Dema
Albert Flores
Albert Reyes
Albert Roper
Albert Padilla
Alberto Martinez
Albert Holland
Albert Mccall
Albert Guzman
Albert Stanley
Alberto Mendiola Fuentes
Albert Bean
Alberto Jimenez Lopez
Alberto Noriega
Albert Alatorre
Alberto Madrigal
Alberto Flores

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