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Annetta Hailey
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Annette Lavender
Just a Gal that Lives In Tasmania , Australia : ) I have 4 Teenage Young Adults ! A Son Joshua whom is nearly 21 with a Son of His Own named Tyrone Who is Nearly 2 already .. Another 1 on the Way due 23 April 2011 to which we hope is a Girl with his Girlfriend Sammiie So...YES Im a GrandMum I have 3 Daughters... Anna-Lee 16 Emma 15 Alana 14 Been a Single Mum for Too Long but do Adore those Children of Mine...and the Grandkiddies too : ) Books Movies Networking Games Friends Music Dancing Forecast for Launceston
Anne Harris
Anne Churchwell
Anne Collins
i don't watch t.v. i don't listen to the radio (exception of N.P.R.) I'M NOT TRYING TO BE ARTSY , i just hate americas so called entertainment its not my cup of tea AT ALL. the only site i use on a daily basis and totally dig is FunLocalSex com and YES, I enjoy casual sex sometimes i paint, i draw, i write, i make music, i love rafting ,canoeing, kayacking ... hiking minus camping
Anne Serna
Anne Lorraine Tugab Y Castillo
Annette Sizemore
Anne Stone
Annette May
skype id catherine.may9 adultspace id bigbooty40 blackplanet id loveblkmen40 and myspace id is lilmama4070
Annette Vita
Anne Emery
Annemarie Fitzgerald-selders
Anne Angus
Anne Sims Jamison
Annette Jinkins
Anne Mortensendamme
I'm new to this website so I'm trying to learning my way around. I'm from Kansas, just recently moved to Pennsylvania (Yep, I rode the tornado express I'm shy person at first but once you get to know me I open up and let the real me out, sometimes that's not a good thing cause I am kind of a smart mouth. I love to laugh and have fun, try not to take things to serious. I'm here to meet new people, I'm recently divorced so I'm trying to find myself again. If you wanna know more, just ask. I love motorcycles, bought my first Harley (Sportster 1200) last April. It's a little big for me so I'm looking to get a little smaller bike next, maybe a Kawasaki Eliminator.
Anne Alanne
Annetta Doggett
Annette Conley-riley
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Ann Ed
Anne Barnholt
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Annette Fleischfresser
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Anne Giddings
I am a 24 yr old Florida girl... although my heart remains in Colorado. Not with a boy but with the beauty of the state. I am a photographer by profession; though I am looking in to changing professions. I like to drink with friends, hang out, draw, write, read, swim, fish, and so much more. Sadly I have very few friends because people seem to think that I am an ATM and have to provide the party (which is okay sometimes but not the way they think it should work). I was up until recently completely content with my life and the path I was on. However I have had several reasons to change who I am and how things were going. I do not deal with bullshit, drama, or unneccessary stress very well so if you are carrying any unwanted baggage please don't think you can set it down here. I am not easy, slutty, or hoish so again if this is what you are looking for kick rocks. I am just a down to earth girl who is tired of the bullshit. I hae a very wide range of interests. I enjoy photography
Anne Johnson
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Anne Johnson
i'm kinda sick and tired of guys that keep on saying that he's hot, he's rich, he got big dick, c'mon guys, if you wanna meet a girl and get laid, earn her trust, show respect and treat her right, impress her in a nice way... even if this is an adult site, girls will be girls... it's more in the attitude, face and money fades too but not the attitude..if you want to contact me you can see me on my personal site at and
Anne Nina
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Anne Mary Conda D
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Annette Everett
I'm me what can I say..just plain ole me.. and I am addicted to starbucks!! Facebook, twitter, yahoo, and now fubar...yea i'm exciting LOL whoot whoot! my daughter.. almost famous, blow, vanishing point, overboard, point break, face off. ahh i could on and on..
Annette Holmes
Anne Huber
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Anne Murray
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Annette Harris
Anne Blaha
Hello..i'm very fun and to laugh and joke...i'm here for friends as i'm married...i have two beautiful children,my son is almost 3 and my daughter just turned one a few months ago..they are my world...i drink+and smoke...if ya want to know more ask. being outside on a nice day...(don't like the cold with out the snow its pointless) playing on my computer drinking coffee reading books listening to lots of music... other bunches of stuff
Annette Turner
Annette Pfeifer
Hello..I am A married woman with 2 kids and 4 step plus 4 grandkids..ya I know alittle young to be a grqandma...but when you marry into an already built family you tend to get that..LOL...I am a fun person till you mess with my family then I can be your worst nightmare...LOL...Here to have fun and hang out..not here for dating or drama I enjoy Hockey,Football,Outdoors and my family..I also like to make new friends My Parents All kinds
Annette Tannahill
Annette Dawn
Anette Dawn was born on May 09 in Budapest ,Hungary and she is a famous x-rated movies actress. Being born on May 09, 1979. Anette is a Taurus and she is also known as Bridgette, Brigette or Bridgett. General appearance: She has brown eyes and blonde hair. Anette is 5'-6" tall. She weights 108 lbs. Her body measurements are : - bust : 38 (with DD cup) - waist : 24 - hips : 36 Hobbies ~ Shopping & Playing With Her Dog Assets ~ Great Body, Nice Ass, Big Boobs, Pretty Face Vices ~ Spicy Sausage & Doggy Style Read more: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROFILEROCKER.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm a pretty simple girl and I enjoy the finer things in life. I love nothing more than to hang out with
Anne Mae
Anne Akey
Anne Cooper
Single living outside of Austin Texas. Working on finishing my degree in Computer Science and finish the remodel of my home after a flood. I have a cat which is a lounge lizard named Cleopatra and two pound hounds named Scotty and Ladybug. I love the outdoors, camping fishing, hiking and any water sport I can get into. I am reading the series Left Behind and The Client. Both very dynamic reads. John Wayne, Paul Newman, Charlie Chaplin, Vivan Leigh, Debrah Kerr, Jane Austen Movies and series are what I am into now. I collect series. The Tudors, Rome, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Sex in the City all the way to the Matrix. I am watching a series called the Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels. My dvd library is close to 1500 now and still growing. I would rather own these movies on dvd than download due to a storage issue with my computer. Friends love to visit and borrow movies, I am less expensive than RedBox.
Anne Taylor
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Annette Lucido
Annette Horner-grow
Anne-marie Modesitt
Annette Durst
Annette Garcia
Create a playlist at Here is a quote I found and I think it makes perfect sense..."I'm amazing and, therefore not easy. If I was easy, I wouldn't be amazing. If I'm worth it, you won't give up. If you give up, you aren't worth it"! So on that note, i'm NOT at all full of myself, I just think that quote is perfectly written and I agree with it 100% :) Looking for real people to chat and become friends with if you are aplayer or a hater dont add me. Got any questions just ask Looking for that guy thats romantic enough to woo me,playful enough to play with me ,and brave enough to fight for me .. I wont accept request from 35 and under been there done that i want to chat with someone that has walked the path that i have walked If you are from another country and want financial help forget it , i work hard for my money and you should try it .. it will set you free Intelligence, Music, motorcycles, Good Times with friends ,Thunderstorms ,Candleli
Annette Dawn
PERSONAL BORN: May 5, 1978 (age 33) Salgotarjan, Budapest, Hungary LIVING NOW: Ft Lauderdale, Florida ETHNETICITY: Caucasian NATIONALITY: Hungarian BODY MEASUREMENTS: 36D-24-35 BRA CUP SIZE: 36D HEIGHT: 5'-6" WEIGHT: 108 lb (49 kg) BODY TYPE: Slim EYES: Brown HAIR: Blonde PERFORMANCES SHOWN: Topless, Bush, Full frontal SOLO: Masturbation BISEXUAL: Softcore PAST EMPLOYMENT: Eight years of porn ~ Now retired Ownership of a classic boutique in south Florida Free lance model for runway modeling for fashion shows Sexually, I'm still a bit shy, so I need someone who can coax out my wild side! Don't get me wrong -I love to show off my body and love sex, but I like a guy who is really into me and really into opening me up sexually. I guess I can just be shy when I'm still getting to know someone. But once I feel comfortable, then you can't hold me back!
Anne-margaret Hobson
Annelise Harrison
you won't learn much about me here. Let's talk Football, working out, art, theatre, beauty
Anne Erwin
Anne Fields
Annette Menot
Anne Rosa
Anne Armstrong-willett
Anne Mary
Hello FUBAR buddies!its good to be back here...Its been almost 2 yrs i miss this stuff and my Fubar friends here and from all over d world!I"ve been very busy with my life...searching myself until i've been to Dubai for work but no luck yet..My daughter is now 7 yrs old...Thanks God she is good in school...Ive been stronger for her..Life is not easy esp.a single parent like me but i have faith in God thats why im still hoping for a better life ahead of us..I dont go here for fun or playing games but to gain friends all over d world.Im thankful on Fubar coz i meet someone who is really good to me and love me for what i am...I meet him here 4 yrs ago. Travelling,Outing,Swimming,Internet Exploring and Cooking
Annette Rosetto
Anne C
I love hockey and Vikings football say (Don't bother commenting if you have something bad to say)
Annette Carter
Annel Ochoa
I'm a middle-aged, middle-class, mini-van-driving, cookie-baking, sweater knitting, suburban mom. If you don't think that's interesting, feel free to fuck off.
Annette Mozingo
Anne Fishburne
Anne Mann
Anne Hunt
A very gym-fit girl, although not overburdened with superior intellect - on the contrary - I'm nevertheless a Political Editor and Foreign Correspondent. An open-minded single girl who has a career that keeps me travelling overseas constantly. In fact I probably work longer hours than God and we all know how hard she works slamming those fake pearly gates in the faces of 'whacked' politicians, despots, dictators and evil Mother-in-laws. I am not sure why I joined this site as I haven't the foggiest myself. It's more convoluted than any Middle Eastern street system I've ever seen, Particularly as I haven't had time to work out how the hell it works. Shooting shots of booze all around the globe must mean something. I guess it's all sponsored by the manufacturers of hard liquor. Clever. Keeping fit and playing many sports.I play tennis and into show jumping. Even a spot of Polo, when time permits. However my main interest is as a code breaker.Ie; trying to determine the facts that spout
Annetta Prescott
Anne Matthew
Annette Adams
Anne Adrian
Annette Hively
Annette Williams
Annette Murphy
Annemarie Hearl Sr.
Annessa Campbell
open book, want to know something ask me. internet, music, dancing,hanging out chillin with friends,watching movies. open to try new things. and always all about my kids.
Annette Brannen
I am a single mother of 4 beautiful children and I have gone back to school to get my degree to better myself. I would like to me a truth full honest man who will accept me as well as my children.
Annette Martin
Anne Doughtie
Anne L
Annette Cryer
Annette Ackerman
Annette Lister
Annette None Of Your Buisnes
Annelia Dominguez Angulo
Annette Mccormick
Annetta Sexton
i love to have so much fun i love to play games all kinds the green mile
Anne Bennett
Annette Pfeiffer
im a single mother of 3 .dont get out much but when i do o lord look out.i like football wrestlin fishin hunting.
Anne Sanford
Annette Davis
Annette Creeson
Annemarie Jewell
Anne Ouellette
Anne Burgess
Anne Dunsmuir
Annette Gransden
Annette Keller
Anne Clark
Annemarie Bryan-gallagher
Anne Marie
Anne Mccloskey
Anne Libby
Anne Phillips
Anne Clinton
Anne Simpson
Annette Huxham
Anne Asanez
Anne Meyer
Annette Benson
I am a very outgoing fun lovin libra love makin people happy More Images @ I love all types music I also write music lyrics taylor laughtner twilight any horror movies and comedy
Anne Anne
Anne Servidio
Annette Thimsen
Anne Young
Annette Konidis
Annette Waldon
Annette Haak
Anne Knowles
Ann Eberhard
Anne Smith
Anne Pinky
Anne Wait
Anne Jewel
Anne Marie Perry
Annette Garcia
Annette Belden
Annette Williams
Anne Gelder
Anne Day
Anne Siegle
Anne Chains
Annette Jones
Ann Freygang
hey if you need to contact me email me at, cuz i have no internet anymore and i only check yahoo every single day on my stepfathers computer:) you know u wanna contact me lol byes all stay sexy my poem~ you ask me the color of a rose and id tell you, you ask me why my eyes twinkle with life even when its dark,you ask me things i dont think i could answer but i do.yet for some reason i feel far away from ask from a far and id answer yet no reponse from the answer i gave to you so why do you think i love you,your cold as ice but hot as the sun, my mind wanders with questions, i dont know how this story with be undone. all i know and all i'll say is to be close to you hopefully would make you neutral someday. authors comments~ this poem is basically to men or women that feel they need a distance or a block or a form of a wall between them and there partners to feel like if they fall in love there takeing a risk. i have the belief blind
Ann Ferre
Spanish graphics from My Onda -
Ann Fogwell
.................I am a full-blooded, sexy, redneck woman..and DAMN PROUD OF IT TOO!!! I have 3 kids,(only one at home) and a granddaughter, who is the love of my life. I also have a rottweiller named Mocca, who is the biggest baby of them all, and a bullmastiff/pitt named Rebel,( who was actually my daughters dog), but mom mom has adopted him....he is all mine now....such a handsome sweet, doggie. I enjoy the simliest things in life, and try not to get hung up on the small dramas that life throws us...WHO HAS TIME? My family and friends are very important to me, and if you are one of the lucky know that. I would go to battle for my family and friends, if need be, in fact I actually have. The State of Delaware has made quite a bit of money off of me......LOL....So, don't FUCK WITH ME!!!..LOL I am new to this lostCherry site. If I don't get back to right away for ur sweet comments, just give me a bit, I am not ignoring you. I am just trying to figure out wha
Ann Fehrman
Ann Flora
Ann Foxworthy
Ann Flora
Ann Fox
Ann F
Hey, Well what can i say?... I'm a single mom of two great kids that r my world.... I'm new to this site and am not too sure about it... lol kinda confusing to be honest with u...Am just looking for friends right now just got out of a relationship so not quite ready for anything quite yet... So if u wanna chat just send me a message
Ann Fisher
Ann Foagrty
Ann Fanke-wenberg
Ann Ferguson
Ann Fike
Ann Fitzwater
Ann Feldhahn
Ann Gower
TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: Ann Gower Birthday: August 8,1982 Birthplace: Berwick Pa. Current Location: west Hazelton PA Eye Color: Hazel Hair Color: Sandy blonde Height: 5 6 Right Handed or Left Handed: Right Your Heritage: N/A The Shoes You Wore Today: gray and pink skechers Your Weakness: shopping and hot boys Your Fears: snakes, spiders Your Perfect Pizza: cheese Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: to go back to school Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: whatever Thoughts First Waking Up: can I go back to sleep Your Best Physical Feature: don't have any Your Bedtime: what ever time I feel like going Your Most Missed Memory: Hanging out with my mom (RIP)3-12-97 Pepsi or Coke: Dr. Pepper MacDonalds or Burger King: MacDonalds Single or Group Dates: Single Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: neither Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappuccino Do you Smoke: no Do you Swear: hell yes Do you Sing: sometimes Do you
Ann Gardner
What's there 2 say about me !!!!!!!!! There's not much 2 say but i'm a quiet person dont talk 2 people much like 2 just keep 2 my self......I have very view selective friends that i call friends .....
Ann Greenfield
Ann Garner
Ann Gallant
Ann Gonzales
Ann Greene
Ann G
********** I'm a mother of 3. I have 1 girl age 16 and 2 boys, ages 14 and 11. My kid's are my # 1 priority. As soon as my daughter graduates next year, her and I are going to school for massage therepy together, then we want to open our own buisness with it together. My son is studying to be a chef, and my other son wants to be a weather man as he calls, when he gets older. I'm a pretty fun person. I love to laugh, and make people laugh, I pretty much have to be the jokester of the Ohhhh and I'm a really big flirt tooo !!! I am very easy to get along with. I really hate to argue, unless I really need to. I get along with all age groups. I'm a really young at heart person, so yea you probably wouldn't think I was my age when you meet me I consider myself one of the best friends that anyone could have. I am always there when someone needs me, to talk, to listen, a place to stay, something to eat, and money if i am able to. I never turn my back on a frie
Ann Gonzalez
MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds/" target="_blank" title="Cool MySpace Graphics at">MySpace Codes & MySpace Backgrounds">/" target="_blank" title="Cool MySpace Graphics at">MySpace Graphics & MySpace Codes"> I'm very down 2 earth & easy 2 get along w/most people.I like a good laught now & again,but who dosen't.And if u don't like meaty girlz then u won't like me.I'm married,but not happily.I have 4 kids all diffrent ages,who r my whole world.I have a job driving 4 handcap people,& work split shifts, overall hay it pays some of the bills right?I collect mick mouse things, I love pixies/fariesthings also.As for music I like mostly hip hop,reggay/raggaytone,club music & some R&B.If there's anything eles u'd like 2 know about me just give me a shout out. Mannie Ramarez,Big Papi,Tom Brady&Randy Moss r all my boyz!!!Ya,even though they (PAT's)lost U gotta give them credit it was a very close game!!! And my younger bro.
Ann Gower
Ann Garrison
Anngel Coty
Ann Gwinn
Ann Garland
Ann Gerber
Ann Graham
Ann Garcia
Ann Go
Ann Graham
Ann Greene
Ann Gomez
Ann Holmes
Ann Hall
easy going, laid back down to earth kinda person. lives life one day at a time... hello there i'm a single mom of three lil boys ages 6,4,and 1 there my world, im easy going laid back, very easy to get along with ill try anything once hell twice to make sure i didnt like it.enjoying hanging out with friends kickin it, pool,boating,sitting home watching movies ....always up to meeting new people,smiles..... noth i'm in to almost nay kind of movies...anything not boring. scary,drama, cartoons etc..
Ann Houck
Well what can I say I`m Ann.... I just looking to have some and meet new people.... I`m in college full-time.... I love going out and hanging with my friends.... I love my friends and family.... I love doing stuff with my 8 year old little brother.... I like to try new things.... Well that`s me.... I`m in to anything fun.... outdoors, indoors, driving around, anything that get me moving around I hate sitting around doing nothing....
Ann Harley
I am a free spirit. I love to do spontaneous things. I have 2 teenagers at home, but it is nice to have adult conversations. I love tattoos, and have 3 myself. I am like an open book, anything you want to know just ask.
Ann Huston
Ann Herrick
Ann Hambrick
Ann Hofmann
Ann Houchin
Ann Heart
Ann Henline
Ann Helen Kristinsdttir
i will be 24 yr in July.. i have a beautiful 5 yr old girl that i love more than anything... i am in school and soon i am moving to my best friend in Norway.. i love my life and everyone in it I.C.E.L.A.N.D.I.C.: Ideal Cutie Expertly Luxuriating in Arousing Necking and Delightful, Intense Caresses P.R.I.N.C.E.S.S.: Playful Ravishing Individual Needing Caresses and Erotic, Sensual Stimulation
Ann Hansman
Ann Hatch
Ann Heflin
Ann Hope
Annhie Poblete
Ann Hughes
Ann Hart
Ann Hill
Ann Hill
Ann Harty
Ann Hodgson
Ann Holland
Ann Hartmann
Ann Hoffman
Ann Hays
Ann Horack
Annie Kiley
Annie Beaulieu
Annie Beaulieu
Hmmm....I am a 22 year old singlefemale..... Does that say enough? I love tattoos and piercings and think they are sexy!!! I currently have 4 tattoos and 3 piercings, and I plan on getting more when I have the time and money to do so. I love my dogs, they are my family. Both of them are rescues, Lucy came from a horrible background, she was horribly abused, and used for fighting and to be a puppy making machine. Tiki only has one eye, and when I adopted her, she was 7 months old, and I was already like her 5th home. Lucy and Tiki both love everybody and everything, and Lucy is slowly, but surely learning what life can really be, she isn't even all that skiddish, as long as I am around, anymore. I adopted Lucy Nov. 1st, 2004, and Tiki on Feb 28th, 2006. I am a nerd and I don't get out of the house much.... If you wanna know more, ask. My private photos are private for a reason, I don't want just any creep to look at them. I only let people I know or talk to and have grown to
Annie Purple
I am a stay at home housewife, and mother of two. I love my family, friends, being outdoors, concerts, clubs, hell there isnt much i dont enjoy. life is meant to be lived not feared! everything life has to offer me! lol My grandmother Rosann. People who knew her call her a saint. I miss her with all my heart! She is my one and only idol. The notebook, is my new favorite movie. I also love: Fried Green Tomatoes, The Ya-Ya sisterhood club, Scarface, Seven, The Green Mile, and on and on and on.....LOL
Hello my name is Annie , I am just on here for fun. Feel free to say hi!
I am a sincere, genuine, caring person. Honest to a fault.(I'm a really bad liar, so I don't even bother with it) Very loving, kind and considerate. I have a very playful nature,and love to laugh! I possess a profound sense of the ridiculous, and consider humor and wit an important quality. Serious when I need to be, and I try not to sweat the small stuff! I am a very open minded woman, I love the company of the opposite sex. Im looking for someone very special to share my varing interests. I'm NOT looking for sex or someone to cyber with so if you are... Keep going. I am an attractive, sensual, tender loving person. I am the line between introvert and extrovert, being able to go in either direction, in the right circles. I love quiet times at home most though. I am a very loving and passionate woman, with so much to offer the right guy. Entertainment I Enjoy Board/Card Games, Concerts/Live Music, Movies/Cinema, Music:Country/Folk, Music:Pop, Music:Rock/Indie/Alt, Pool/Darts, S
Annie Palazzola
Annie Nelson
Anni But;ler
Annie Pham
Annie Timler
Annie Joe
Annita Robinson
About me? Well I was born in Oklahoma...lived most of my life in California. My Great-grandma on my dad's side was Cherokee! I'm proud of my Cherokee hertiage. I'm divorced and was blessed with 3 beautiful daughters and 12 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. I have a special connection with the wolf. Love dogs ...have two of my own. My interests are many.... Love animals.... Native Amrican Lore.. All types of music... star glazing at night... car races... rodeos.... Tiger Woods..... flowers... long walks on the beach... motorcyles..... list goes on ...
Annie Streap
Annie Hayes-giron
Annie Bostwick
Anni Scheiwe
Annie Ignacio
Annika O\'brien
Annie Elarco
Annie Stipp
Annie Something
Well,this is always hard...But I will do my best and try to describe myself as honestly as I can... Im a mum with six wonderful kids,six grandkids.I live alone with my youngest daughter in the south of Sweden. As a person Im happy most of the time,love to laugh and have fun.Im easy to get along with and not judgemental in any way. So for those who just wanna have a friend,have someone to talk with about life in general,then Im the one you should talk too! If you just want to find someone to have fun on a cam and have websex with,do not bother me...What you see on my pics is about all you will see on my cam! I like spending time with family and friends,cook,go out dancing sometimes,love to paint and draw,spend time outside in nature,watch a good movie,take pictures and my pc off course. I also love native american culture and collect things from them,dreamcatchers,dolls,mandellas,bags,jewellery and so on. Anything else you might wanna know,feel free to ask!
Annie Marie
Annie Jones
Annie\'s World !
+Gov Name --> Annie +Tagged As --> Annie's World +Age --> 27 +Sexuality --> 100% Gyal Bisexual +Status --> Taken +Proud Groundz --> Where U Think +Representing --> NYC +First Open Eyez --> January 31st,1979 +Zodiac --> Aquarius +Mamiz Stadin Ft --> 5`3 +Skin Touch --> Sexy Light not pale lol +Hair Touch --> Brown with High Lites +Bless Eye Color --> Brown +Body Tattoos --> [ 1 ] Butterfly on my upper right on the back +Wut I do Fo Fun --> I spend time with the family. And talk to my Amigas & Amigos all the time. Shop and I love doing graphics. Shopping, doing my nails and hair. Am a girly girl. All the way. I love to write. And meeting new people is one of my biggest interest, because everyone is so interesting. +Muzic I Fuck Wit --> Rap N Reggeaton but I love all the rest of the shit out there. +Main Artisit/Actress --> JLO that's my girl for sure. She is a good actress N artist. I respect her to the fullest because she reps. us Boricua's and w
Annie Mason
Annie Lopez
Annie Shaddix
I am the leader of the Britney Spears fan club, we are best friends! My other best friend is Danielle Clary you can look at her page at! I am married and have one son! I like to eat, sleep, and be lazy! I have a brand new BMW it is Candy Apple Red! My husband drives a H3! We go to LA every other weekend to visit my peeps! I am the owner of chain of convience stores we have a total of 26 stores! I also own a small car dealership! I like to eat strawberries but not cherries! I like mexican food but not american food! I like to go to church with my family! I have 4 uncles in the pen! I am adopted and have the best family in the world! Anything else you want to know just ask! My name is Annie I am married with one son! I live in a little po-dink town with about 100 people in it! My best friend is Danielle Clary! Anything else you want to know just ask! Jesus and Britney Spears The Notebook, Sweet Home Alabama, She's the Man, Legally Blonde, any
Annie Rose Guidaven
Annie Uber
Annie Root
Annie George
I grew up on a farm, and right now I live in a stupid appartment in a stupid city... I hate this stupid city. arg. I'm an "outdoorsy" girl, and very adventurous... I love to travel.... I love hockey.. four-wheeling, and fishing.....I have 5 brothers, and 4 sisters.... so I can kick some ass when I need to.... Being the middle child and all... I am soon to be travelling to california, for a quick vacation... a friend and I are going to see the price is right before bob barker retires.. should be a blast!! moving to cow-town, calgary, in february.... going to board the white stuff for sure..... I love going to the cottage, my family has one in northern ontario... and my Fiance's family has one on lake Okanogan in BC..... I love the yearly trips to our place in florida.... it's a snowbird village, but whatever..... I love it.... right now I am an Social Service Worker, but will be going to school in calgary, Ima gonna be a nurse..... my awesomeness is outstanding.
Annie Rosado
WHAT THE FUCK CAN I TELL YOU ABOUT ME!!!???? i was born in pr,been in us for 7 years!!!!i hate school, but i'm still in it cause i want to be someone in this world!!!LMFAO
just ask!!!
Annie Frey
Anniek Xxxxxxxx
Anniemay Clemens
Annie B
Annie Casey
Tha name is Annie
Annika Cruz
Annie Nguyen
Annie Bodie
intellectual intercourse Legend Labrynth Willow Ever After LOTR Dracula Anything Terrintino Anything M Night Shamalayn
Annita Benson
Annie Walters
Annie Klaas
I'm from very small town Texas. My friends would describe me as funny, sweet, caring, off the wall, understanding, laidback, loud and wacky and outspoken. I work at a State Hospital with MHMR clients. When I'm not workin, I like to go out with my friends, drink and dance and just have FUN! I'm passionate about music, Texas, football, John Deere and more music. music, the outdoors, bein with friends & family, sports, mainly football. Love my Longhorns! I'm pretty much into doin anything, as long as its in good company
Annie Cardoso
Annie Guzman
imma a well-rounded person wit good morals, i guess. im in college-TSTC. im undecided though. im right-handed. u speak both english and spanish. i was born in Harlingen, Texas. i live in Santa Rosa, Texas. um...i'll add something else later.buh-bye. o and thanx for coming by ~annie~
My name is Mary. I am 28 years old and just here to make new firends. I don't really like to describe myself on these profiles if you have any questions just ask mary Oh boy my interests. Well I have many interests here ang there. But I love to make new friends and cathc up with old friend. If you want to know anything else just message me.
Annie Bielak
Get Your Sexy Name I am in a very lovng commited relationship. I woudl never consider cheating on him. This includes showing nude, seminude pics,caming or phone play. I DONT DO IT! OohRah is the love of my life that one person I cana't live with out the pieace that was missing. He makes me very happy I am not looking to replace him. Get Your Sexy Name I am here to make friends only. I dont Cam, I dont have naughty pictures & I don't phone so please dont ask. If you do you will be ignored. If you want to be my friend then send me a friend request telling me a little about yourself. I support the troops. I think they are the real heros. If you don't support them please don't add me as a friend. I love meeting people all over the world. So please feel free to shout at me. As you can see my page is dedacated to the troops SemperFi (Marines Rule) I have a special place in my heart for the Marines. Because my sweetie is a Marine and so was my first love. But I su

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