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Anus Attacker
♦ I don't want to hear about how cute/hot/sexy (or not) you think I am. ♦ I'll probably accept your friend request, but if you don't make an impression, you'll be deleted with a quickness. ♦ Infomercials are heavenly. ♦ I hate pink. ♦ I fart in front of my boyfriend. (And he laughs.) ♦ Curves make the world go 'round. ♦ Freakishly skinny wenches: Eat a steak, your flesh-wrapped bones are wigging me out. ♦ FuWhores: Please stop flashing your meat wallet for bling, you're making the rest of us look bad. ♦ I've met some of the best friends I have here, so I don't consider it a total loss. ♦ Disappointment is the lack of quality horror movies released in the past 10-15 years. ♦ You sing in the shower? I sing on the toilet. ♦ I'm a little put off by couples who look like they could be related. ♦ I feel the urge to smile or laugh when people yell at me. ♦ Nothing worth having comes easily.
Anusorn Sin
Anusha Anu
Anusha Anu
Anu Singh
Anuska Banerjee
Anusak Sodchuen
Anusha Loving
Anushka Roy
Anushik Davtyan
Anuta Lyagina
Anu Varghese
Anvar Anvarsha
Anverali Valli
Anwar Turkistani
Anwar Saudi Arabia Al-Khobar working in Saudi Arabian Airlines Dammam E-mail y/m id anwarcgk website Contact nbr :+62817133385 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting+62817133385end_of_the_skype_highlighting Indonesia Contact Nbr :+966505525XXX Saudi Arabia
Anwar Hopkins
What up people. I just heard about this place so it'll take me some time to hook my thang up. But anyway...its all about the people. just lookin around to see what's poppin! I'm a normally chill guy, just don't piss me off, If u do i'll have something for that ass! Just lookin forchill people like me in the area or around the worl. You never know when your gonna meet somebody! Please no assholes or stupid mother f*ck3rs! I need you to have a brain! Im lookin for whatever...friends...and women! what else is there? Oh yeah ..i can't forget my son Damien....he's my heart! Love him to death and i'd love him till your death if I have too! He's gettin so big now. Soon he'll be a bigger pimp than his daddy.....hell he already is!!! Free Comments & Graphics Interested in you....come talk to me!!!!
Anwar Abukar
Anwar Salim
Anwar Taj
Anwan Holman
Anwar Eshrak
Anwar Ben Mahmoud
Anwar Sudrajat
Anwar Jones
Anwar Arnouk
Hi I'm from Syrian Arab Republic and i'm working in Saudi Arabia , Christian religion , single never been married before and no kids to . I like action movies and wwe raw , smack down
Anwar Anwer
Anwar Alhuwaishl
Anwar Hossain
Anwar Ahmed
Anwaranah Anwarhana
Anwar Kamal
Anwar Chef
Anwar Abbas
Anwar Shk
Anwar Haq
Anwar Hussain
Anwar Luqman
Anwar Cain
Anwar Muzaqi
Anwar Exmud
Anwar Thayank Fida
Anwar Codet
Anwar Sadat Tahiru
Anwar Rmp
Anwar Khan
Anwar Dabosh
Anwar Maniyar
Anwar Eshrak
Anwar Khan
Anwar Khan
Anwar Uddin
Anwar Ismail
Anwar Choudhary
Anwar Ahmed
Anwar G Rakan Rakan
Anwar Saeful
Anwer Manea
Anwer Mhajba
Anwer Akil
Anwesha Saha
Anwer Ul Huda
Anwer Assan
Anwr Aldrimly
Anx's Rl Master
Anya Anza
Im 24 econs grad from Africa, but working in Asia. Would like to meet any interesting people in here....and yeah, Im not really from PNG, never been there...I'm from a small island in the indian ocean named after a dutch prince and in Mark Twain's words "God created ********* and then modelled paradise on it" kidding! I'll accept a friend request from whoever can guess where I'm from.
Anya Smith
Hey whats up? I am 25 currently in cda idaho, I am a country girl. A little on the wild side. I like to drink and i do smoke. I love to dance and i like the out doors.
My name is Anya. I'm 19 years old. If you want to know anything else about me you can IM me on AIM. My SN is >.
Anya Whitlock
Hi, I'm Anya, thanks for checking out my profile! I am a Russian born actress and model. My upbringing in a Russian household taught me self worth, determination, creativity, and a passion for life. Seeing the struggles in Russia gave me an appreciative outlook on life, making me the determined actress, student, and aspiring producer/ director I am. My family is the motivating factor that keeps my momentum going to advance in the entertainment industry and I hope to one day be able to give back to them. I moved to Plantation, Florida in the early 90s. My upbringing in Florida gave me a love for the outdoors, especially the beach, where I spent countless days rollerblading and swimming. During my high school years I took dance lessons in jazz, lyrical, ballet, and modern. I was also involved in cheerleading and theatre, which molded me into the performer I am today. After high school, I moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. There, I worked on a pilot, which never made it to broad
Anya Nielsen
Im 22 and danish, so im sorry if i make some grammar mistakes ;) Im a free spirit by nature... i goe where the wind takes me... I am absolutely terrible at making profiles... lol... but you dont win if you dont try... !!! I have a crush on people who know who they are. On men who dares to be maskuline, take charge of things! on the other hand i like my girls to be free... I am kind of a geek when it comes to some things... I play larp... do reenactment... practise swordfights and wants to study history on Copenhagen university. Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi What sign of the Black Zodiac are you? The Lost SoulTake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code
Anyanka Rice
I'm 5 5....180 hair...brown eyes...anything else you wanna know...just ask... everything dark and love faeries....i love piercings and tatoos....basically anything....
I am a single, white, female, lol like you couldn't already tell. I live in Jacksonville FL. I am a manager and stylist of a salon here. I like to go clubing, hang out at the beach, watch movies, travel, hang out with my friends and family and work. I hate drama. I love to laugh. If you wanna be more than a friend I need your time, attention and money lol. I expect to also be treated like the princess I am. I dont put up with bullshit but if I am treated right you can get anything you want outta me. You got questions I got answers. lol Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Anya Fedorova
Anya - Ivanova -
Anya Sobo
Anya Taylor
I uploaded some sexy (nude) pics on my sex dating profile So Click here to see them (you have to login to verify your over 18) I'm a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets!LOL link me and i will answer any questions your heart desires to know! :)I'm an independent, smart, confident woman who is self-assured and knows what she wants out of life.Without life experiences and lessons we would not be who we are today.Maybe that headline was a little harsh, but I'm tired of all the BS, and games! I'm an attractive woman, I'm in my late 30's but I'm told I look like I'm in my early 30's and feel like I'm boys.
Anya Knightly
Anya Patton
I'm a natural red head, I love to have fun, I have had my heart shattered, love writing and reading poetry.
Anyaduba Nonny Boy Frankie
Anya Villa
Anyanwu G. Ifeanyi
Anya Freeman
hi my name is anya im a 27 year old single female i have short blond hair and baby blue eyes and i got to tats and my tongue pierced and im 4foot 8 in a half im new to this site im just checkin it out to see wat i can find if anyone wants to know anythin just feel free to ask and i might tell it depends on wat u ask lol!!!!!!!! im lookin for a sweet and honest man who love to chill and have a good time if thats u hit me up!!!!!!! dont really know yet really dont have any!!!!!!!!!!!! i watch scary movies action, comdey, cartoons, mostly anything that interest me!!!!!!!!!!
Let me start off by saying I'm new to site and it's a little confusing so I'm sorry if I don't respond to you right away. I'm not trying to ignore anybody. I'm 22 and I live near Chicago. I'm not interested in going on cam with anybody. *Photography
Anyaka Chinelo
Anya Salazar
Any Dickwilldo
Any Deh
Anye Tuma
Anyer Di@h Anyer
Myspace Layouts
Anyelo Medina
Anyeline Love
Anyelo Eduardo Morejón González
Any Eve
Any Guy
Anyhony Howard
Anyhony Editone
Anyika Luckett
Anyi Joel
Anyi Mendoza
Any Morrone
Anyone From Connecticut?
Anyone Want To Be My Sugar Momma :)
Anyone I M Lost
Hello every 1. thanks to take interst on me i m a full on musti.... enjoy me u really feeling gud n enjoy my comany,
Anyong Bending
Anyssa Ross
Anysha Williams
Anyssa Saechao
Anythingbutbebe Cato
Anyzsa Reid
Anza Roon
Anzette B
Well im a young college mom currently finishing up my sr year. Im going to school to b a medical office assistant. I have two beautiful little boys they are my life! I spend most my free time with them. I love to shop go to the moves eat out and just hang with my friends im a very outgoing person friendly and sweet once u get to know me! also check out myspace!
Anz Kad
Anzleigh Killion
Anzor Byram
Aobz Ottinger
Aobz Ottinger
Aoc Joshua
Aoc Pro
Aod Dark Elite
Your Love Style is Agape You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner. Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare. You are willing to sacrifice your world for your sweetie. Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you. For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love. What's Your Love Style? Overall interests in life are living well. Treating others as they should be treated and hoping to get it back in return. If not, working on understanding that they may not know how to be polite an
Aofie Haffey
Aoife Lenihan
Aojfafj Dfjja
Aol Name, Jjladder2
A'omani Oman
Aom Berry Aom
Aomi Armster
My name is Teni Sarks, I'm an artist and suffer from constant artists block and doom worthy laziness which makes me angsty. I shake it off, I need to do it more though. I feel like a princess thanks to my family---very hard working people. My parents most of all, both of them busting their guts out to make a living. I enjoy all sorts of stuff like music, writing, inventing things, playing videogames, reading books, studying about the world, history, current events,cultures-etc etc... playing the piano, martial arts--stuff of that nature--so yeah my interests ARE ALL OVER THE MAP. I am the proud owner of several mind-creations (characters i've made) Ukaihimi, Drop, Rahu, Aomi Armster, etc Contacting me is easy-- here, I'm ONLINE most of the time--so message me on the messengers. I have to add you first though, otherwise you can't message me. AIM: AomiArmster MSN: YIM: AomiArmster ICQ: 2905132
Aomori Mitchell
Exclusive -- [noun]:An erotic popsicle 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at You are The High Priestess Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education. The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out. MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts MyHotComments /
Aone Felix
A-one Johnson
Aono Tsukune
Aop Suraop
Aoril Moraco
I am a sacastic, brainiac, in a wheelchair for a little bit longer.ummm.....I hate talking 'bout myself so ask Everything outside. Mostly camping and outdoor music shows/festivals
Aouini Sofien
Aoul Ray
Aown Raj
Aoxuka Xusudra
im an artist/ grfx designer/
A. P.
Apache Angel
Apache Cheif
Apache Half Blood
Apache Rowbottom
Apache Man
Apache Siliceo
Apao Renz Vincent
Ap Ap
Aparecido Macedo
Aparnesh Dnyanmothe
Apa Raymond
Aparup Banerjee
Aparicio Aleman
Aparicio Brayhan
Aparna Singh
Aparna Chauhan
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Aparicio Escobar
Aparna Das
Apatua Alexis
"apathetic Agnostic"
Hey, I'm just an old dude lookin to pass th time and have a little fun. I enjoy checkin out th ladies and rating th flicks. I try to send a message to everyone on my family list 'EVERYDAY'. (s'truth)Just to make'm smile. If you accept me as a friend and want to say good morning everyday I will add you to my family. I do like th ladies and if you have a private photo album...I WANNA SEE IT !!! yes I do, so I would appreciate it if you would do me the honor of adding me to yer family so's I can Oogle them boobs an such. (hee hee) I am a dirty ol' man fer sure. I did some cartooning and illustrating for BIKER magazine a few years ago, you can check out some of my 'toons and biker poetry in an album (marked) You can check out the MORPHS and HEAVY METAL covers I make my lady friends in my albums (they're marked) I just want females to be in my friends list so if yer a dude.. forget it....DEALER It would appear that some take this a little too serious. It's all good. Enjoy it wh
Apat Pot
Apee Alex
Apekz Sittie
Apeksha Jain
Apel Mahmood
Apendi Joseph
Apeq Belang
Aperfectshade Tinting
Apes Simpson
Well to start things off I just turned 18. I graduate this year, and then I plan on going to Pendleton to go to BMCC. I like to play basketball and go snowboarding and just hang out with friends. I like to get drunk and have a hell of a time. I am very photogenic. I am soon going to be doing modeling. Thats exciting!!! I am loud and obnoxious. I like to be the life of the party. I am always energetic. My friends and I always find something to do so were never bored. Well if you want to know more about me then just ask!
Ape Strempel
Apethetic Silence
Ape Thulung
Apex Martin
Apex Toocast
Apex Xiomos
Apey Star
A.p. H.
Want to live forever? Come drink from me and be my childer... Hosted by Sparkle Tags Aphaythea's 360 (the "Vampire")M42's 360 (the "human") Click Here to get this from! My Current Music Faves
Aphelion Crowley
Aphie Mckinley
Aphol Almazan
Aphrodite Augeropoulos Buried at Make your Comments HEARD using
Aphrodite Demonus
YahSU Let's See My Name Is Aphrodite from Greece oringle from Beverly Hills, CA I am 18 year old lesbian and I am Big w/ a little brother that 14 Thing I like doing is one going to the beach, the spa for massages, tanning, getting nails done crusing going to parties, Listen to music going to the movies I like Almost Famous,Dazed And Confused, Clueless, The Crush, Fear, Femme Fetal,Spaceballs, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Kevin Smith Movies, Electra, Wanye Worlds, and many more to come The L Word, Exes and Ohes, Night at The Movies, Work Out, and more to come .pimp_my_profile { Generated at Pimp My Profile } table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0px; } table table table { width:100%; max-width: 600px; } table table table table { width:100%;; } body, .bodyContent { background-image:url(; background-positio
Aphrodite Lestrange
Aphryl Jane Foster
Apia Sanguya
Apichaya Anechok
Apiezza Jpam
Apie Taylor
Name -> Apie Age -> 26 years old Location -> Wonderland Status -> Happily Taken Occupation -> Professional Bitch Proud Mom of a 17 yr old and an angel Medicinal Marijuana Activist and page owner of Stoner Moms on FB.
Apiep Meonk
Apiffany Parker
Api Kata
Apinya Wannajanya
Apiq Fadzly
Apirl Staley
my name is apirl and im gay. i like all anamils.. i love rose's.. i love havin fun. i like cars, fishin, capin.. i want to meet pple with opne minded.. pple who likes me for me.. see i think thats it for now.. o some times im a lil stupid.. my family, and friends... comedy, horror, mystery, and thriller...
Apisara Phochanakong
Apisalome Delana Rabo
Apis Hafis
Apis Melifera
How would I describe myself...I like people in general...I like to have fun and talk on the phone...I'm outgoin and personally I think I'm sexy...But I'm not conceited by no means...just photogenic(spelling?)
Apit Keith
Apix Ktn
Çapkın Boğa
Apknkadir Apkn
Aple Emmil
Apna Avenue
Hotel Apna Avenue is place for the Best Taste of Indore. It is a Pure Veg and Best and Economy Hotel in Indore. Its location is near Malhar Mega Mall, Orbit Mall, C21 Mall, Mangal City Mall, Treasure Island, SGSITS, Yeshwant Club, Holkar Cricket Stadium, Bombay Hospital, CHL Apollo Hospital, Abhay Prashal, Curewell Hospital, Basket Ball Complex, ITC, AB Road, MG Road and in Commercial Area, most Posh Area, Shopping Area etc. Pure Veg Hotel in Indore
Apo Apyong
I am from Utah my real Name is Jason.. I go by Apocalypse, or prefer that name itstead.. I am trying to get into a good band... I love playing guitar and I am learning the drums.... I have been playing for three yearsish... If you have Question, I have answers... Regards Apocalypse Ladies. Guitar. Music. Metal. Pleasure. Rum. Beer. Moutain dew. Death. Life. Love. pain. Piano. drums. Bass guitar. banjo.
Apocan Hun
Apocalypse Guitar
Apocalipsa Fc
Apo Deli
Apollonia Vincent
I am 23 years old like to have fun with ma wild and crazy friends. I have 2 brother and 1 sister i go to college and like to party. I like to read and play on da computer I like to read , Talk on the computer, go out to clubs, ahng with ma friends, love to have with ma lil cousins on the weekend when i am not goin out. .r{} body { background-color:ffffff; background-image: url(; background-repeat:repeat; background-attachment: fixed; } .r{} table, tr, td {background:transparent; border:0px;} table table table {background:transparent;} table table table td { background-color:3c6eba;padding: 2px; filter:alpha(opacity=100); -moz-opacity:100; opacity:100; -khtml-opacity:100; } table table table table td {;filter:none;} table table table { border-width:2px; border-color:FFFFFF; border-style:SOLID; } table table table table {border:0px;} .table, tr, td, li, p, div { font-family:helvetica; color:FFFFF
************************************* RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME I'm Apolonia~~Ap~~apy~~apple~~bitch I'm a random,crazy,bitchy cunt I love to cook/bake(give me a bottle of wine n a stocked kitchen n ima happy camper) I can be your best friend or your worse nightmare (the choice is yours) Music is my passion my playlist is as bipolar as i am I have a sick obsession w/ candles I'm brutally honest n don't sugar coat anything you want sugar coating go to the candy store. LOVE LOVE LOVE NY giants (been a fan since '88/'89) Hobbies include but not limited to---- reb
Apollyon Demon
i work in construction on my second marriage i had 2 boys from my first (have custody of both) 1 step son and a son with my wife now (he is an ass like his daddy lol)
Apolonia Sanchez
Apolonia Sanchez
Apollo M
Apollos Florence
Apollo Proctor
Apollo Greene
Apollo Moreno
Apollo Fernandes
Apollo Jason
Apollo Leandro Gutierrez Vergara
Apolinario Sanchez
Apollo Marvin Paguyo
'm just an average guy who love to make friends....i really hate promises, i hate poser and fagots... if u like me then meet me in person so i can share to u what i feel for u.. to much expectations leads u i suggest not to expect sexy, hot good kisser daw hahaha.... i dnt think so.... cgro nga * I am wild, crazy, and a huge rebel. I am always up to something. I have tons of energy, and most people can't handle me. I am very intense. I'm definitely a handful, and I'm likely to get in trouble. But my kind of trouble is a lot of fun. You are a very lucky person. Things just always seem to go my way. And because I'm so lucky, I don't really have a lot of worries. I just hope for the best in life. I'm sometimes a little guilty of being greedy. Spread my luck around a little to people who need it. I am the total package - suave, sexy, smart, and strong. I have the whole world under your spell, and I can influence almost everyone I know. I don't always resist my urges to
Apollo Bello
Apolo Manuel
Apolinar Cruz
Apollo Costa
Apollo Drophead
Apolonio Rios
Apolonia Fox
Apolin Vaz
Apollo Stirn
Apollo Jolly
Apolonio Ríos
Apollo Taber
Apollo Cioffi
Aponi Moonshadow
Apoorva Krishnagiri
Aporsche Semien
Apostolos Papageorgiou
hanging out, fishing, hunting, cars, going out, having fun any thing more u can find out when we chat
Apostolis Manitsas
Apostle Williams
Apo Slmn
Apostol Cristinel
Apostle Chongoa
Apostle Braggs
Apostle Dorsey
Apostle Brown
Apostle Charles Opara
Apostle Quentin Wright
Appadoo Shrinu
45apparel Clothing Company
Appalonia Ryder
Im 25. I love to chill with friends. Im here to meet some new people. I have 5 tattoos and 3 piercings. I'm a Thick and very Beautiful woman. Buffalo Wings&Rings(JOB) Applebees Music My family I have a lot of interests
Appalachian Ghostwalks
Appache Storm
Appaci Blue
Appetitus Rationi Pareat Let Your Desires Be Ruled By Reason
Profile approved by the only one D.I.V.A. Perhaps I am too whole and too perfectionist, in perpetual change. Explorer in the heart, I like to go to the discovery, I adore new experiences, any kind and travel as often as possible. People say I am cold and arrogant, I would say that I am introvert and shy. In fact, I love to communicate, even if I do not deliver myself easily. I trust my intuitions. I am not much a fanatic of the marriage. It is even all the opposite! For me, social conventions have no real significance, and freedom, only, makes it possible a true love to take its entire dimension. I am a big romantic, even if i don't shout it on the roofs. One can perfectly live several years with a partner without saying yes. But, with the birth of my first child, I will feel obliged to reconsider the situation. I have a big horror of the routine; the woman of my life will have to deploy treasures of imagination and originality. I'm living in Brussels,
Appiah Boamah
Appiah Brenya
Appiah Victory
Appie De Ruiter
Appiah-kubi Leslie
Apple Jack
Apple Bottoms
Apple Xiv
Apple Sison
Apple Bootcat
Apple Core
I am an aspiring artist who attented Full Sail Academy and got a AS degree in Recording Arts. I am a very open minded person whos spirituality is a collage of beliefs, i know that may seem controversial, especially these days but truthfully i dont know what to entirely believe. So I kinda just go with the positive aspects of a lot of religions, ideaologies, beliefs. I just build my own belief system. i do have morals and stuff. Art, soccer, and women. im looking for a someone i can sleep next no no...not a one night stand cause i ireally like to sleep ...........................and not worry about how loud im breathing sort of thing...i dont mean snoring...but if you dont get this just ask i guess:P
Apple Patch
I never check this page. LostCherry is slower than "myspace" with the computer I have. Feel free to contact me:
Apple Bottom
Apple Bottom
Get your layout at TweakYourPage.comCheck back later
Apple Thunder
hmmm, i work for a film company based in Charlottesville, Virginia. It is called Darkstone Entertainment. i have worked on multiple projects with them thus far 2007 SKELETON KEY 2: 667 NEIGHBOR OF THE BEAST- Darkstone Entertainment "Feature" CAST- Multiple Zombies CREW- Production Assistant CREW- Kitten Wrangler 2008 SKELETON KEY 3: THE ORGAN TRAIL- Darkstone Entertainment "Feature" CAST- Sweater Vest Zombie CAST- Random Zombies CAST- Bunny Zombie CREW- Production Assistant TAG: YOUR IT- POTU Films "Feature" CAST- Poison CREW- Production assistant 2009 PLAN 9 TEASER TRAILER- Darkstone Entertainment "Trailer" CREW- Production Assistant CAST- Radio Hand CAST- Running Zombie GRIMMEL- Darkstone Entertainment "Feature" CAST- Fred EXTRA- House Hood 1 EXTRA- Random Hoods EXTRA- Dead Body In Tree CREW - Fire Wrangler CREW- Production Assistant 2010 SPADE- Darkstone Entertainment "Web-Series" ENTIRE SERIES- Production Assistant ENTIR
Apple Vinluan
My friends call me "Apcie" but my real name is Apple.. 18 years of age,Single but not available coz I have a boyfriend. We're three months now. I love pink snd cute stuffs. I laugh and eat a lot but I don't get fat. I can say that I am a very exciting,lovable and a very sweet girl. I'm fun to be with. I get along with people easily. I talk loud but I can also keep secrets. My weakness is my loveones. I value friendship big time. I am a very loyal and a romantic partner, I love to cuddle a lot. I'm easy to talk to and I never judge people. I can be your friend who can give helpful advises. I hate people who are users,naggers,pretentious,time wasters,maniacs, two faced and backfighters. If there's one thing I cannot tolerate it is lies and being cheated. I don't want to feel stupid and worthless. Whooah,I think that's enough description of me. If you like me to be your friend just add me up and leave me a comment. I would really appreciate that. So nice meeting you and
Apple Hold Ur Tongue Bottom Jeans U Cant Affored
Apple Soda
Apple Cherry
Apple Asia
Apple Bautista
Apple Sue
Apple Phile
Apple Grace Bermudez
Applewhite Dearney Applewhite Dearney
Apply Here
Apple Kristine Marfil
Apple Mcintosh
Apple Angeles
Appletini Renae
Apple Jazzy Anore
Apple Riz
Apple Anderson
Appleton April
Apple Orange
Apple Sduisant
Apple Fort
Apple Greene
Appollonia French
Appollonia French
Myspace For Girls Only - Im 21 as of sunday the 28th Im married to a great guy and just here lookin for friends... well anyways thats all im tellin u want to know anymore ask me
Appollonia Quintero
App Player
Apprille Bartlett
Ap Presland
Appu Earath
Hi, Im Appy from Glasgow
Apra Reny
Apreku Anthony
Aprel Freer
Apree Banks
April Schroeder
April Smith
April Eaton
Get Your Own Voice PlayerManage * * * I have currently redone my page to dedicate it to 9/11 and to all our Military. You will first need to stop the video playing up top so you can hear the video that is playing at the bottom. I dont know how to make it stop playing automactically. Then after the one at the bottom is done you can then resume to watch the rest of them. For while they are gone, they will never be forgotten. For the nation which forgets it's heroes, will itself be forgotten. ~PFC Mark Vincenc Co B 120th CAB 30th BCT (H) NCARNG Please stand for Star Spangled Banner - A Soldiers Tribute AMEN! Get this video and more at * * * You may be seated.... * * * We in the United States have all heard the haunting song, "Taps." There are no official words to the music but here are some of the more popular verses: Day is done, gone the sun, From the hills, from the lake, From the sky. All is well, safely rest, God is nigh. Go to sleep,
April Blanchard
April St.denis
April Nachman
April Mcghee
Well, What's up LC...I'm new here so drop me a note or message so I can have some fun on here...a little about myself is that...I'm a full time college student...I'm currently talkin to someone and I really like her alot..yea that's right men I'm sorry in your interested in dating or anything I'm not interested...I'm bisexual but right now I'm only interested in the ladies..get at me chilling, having fun, partying, listening to music..and tons of other things
April Allen
I love to have fun with my life and be crazy!! My friends are; Cassie, Mariah, Meghan, Jessie, Kiana, Rachel, Rachel, Roberto, Danny, Eggie, Franny, Austin, Steph, Beth, Sandra, and Megan! All of my friends and family who has survived 14 years with me around!! Tristan & Isolde, Flight Plan, Monster-in-law, when a stranger calls, benchwarmers, diary of a mad black women, and pirates of the carribean!
April Martinez
April Ortega
Hosted by Sparkle Tags MM.. what can I say? Let's start with.. I love Dennis... .. mm.. yeah, that describes me. -grins- To continue down this list... I'll add in my blood line... since I love the fact that I hail from so many places.. and it's still all me: where do I start? Let's just say I'm Philippina, Italian, Irish, Hungarian, Cherokee, and Spanish Fun times. I love Tae Kwon Do ... but any martial art will have me drooling.. so let's see what you got. ^_^ Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||||||||| 73% Stability |||||||||||||||| 63% Orderliness |||||||||||||||| 63% Accommodation |||||||||||| 43% Interdependence |||||||||| 36% Intellectual |||||||||||||| 56% Mystical |||||||||||||||||| 76% Artistic |||||||||||||||||||| 90% Religious || 10%
April Kent
im 18 f wolverhampton im always up 4 a laugh and fun wanna know more then message me plz
April O\'neal
April Farrell
April Mccormick
April Johnson
A Little Romance in My Life  I cannot explain the way I feel about you baby, you're always on my mind Everytime I often think of you I get a funny feeling that I'm so in love with you I want to give you all my love Let me show you that I'm real The love that I have shall never fade away I'm tired of being broken hearted I need a little romance in my life Can't you see I need little romance? Take my hand May I have this dance No one can love the way that I can love I'm telling you I need a chance I need a little romance in my life A Little Romance in My Life    I cannot explain the way I feel about you baby, you're always on my mind Everytime I often think of you I get a funny feeling that I'm so in love with you I want to give you all my love Let me show you that I'm real The love that I have shall never fade away I'm tired of being broken hearted I need a little romance in my life Can't you see I need little romance? Take my hand May I have thi
I'm very friendly,outgoing,funny,love to party & have a good time.I'm in the process of gettin a race car to race pure & super stock,My friends race so i go to the track bunches.I love goin mud boggin.I live in the middle of jus about nowhere & im very country have a southern accent.Everyone lovs me! Thats all i gots 2 say. So ima tlk 2 ya'lls later biaches!
April Helton
Im a real I got And I got My intrest are pretty obvious cant ya see.
April Blake
I love heavy metal!!! And country. I'm from Georgia. I love baseball and football. Especially watching the Braves and the Bulldogs. I love rainy weather and mountains and furry little animals. My daddy R.I.P 5-11-06.. and Corey Taylor
I'm a sexy BBW, with long red hair, hazel eyes, lots of freckles, and a nice round ass. If you want to know more about me then please feel free to ask, I might even give you an answer. Hugs, Licks, N Kisses I'm an amuture BBW Model, that loves to take naughty pictures. I love taking naughty pics for everyone to see. Come see me at
April Simon
April Mcgrath
My favorite movie of ALL time is Home ward bound it still makes me cry =/ but as of now TAKE THE LEAD RULES!!!! lol
April Miller
April Hernandez
Im 5/6 ... i'm engaged to the love of my life!! Gangsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was alone thinkin' I was just fine I wasn't lookin' for anyone to be mine I thought love was just a fabrication A train that wouldn't stop at my station Home, alone, that was my consignment Solitary confinement So when we met I was spreadin' around you I didn't know I was lookin' for love until I found you 'Cause there you stood and I would, oh I wonder Could I say how I felt and not be misunderstood A thousand stars came into my system I never knew how much I had missed them Slap on the map of my heart you landed I was coy but you made me candid And now the planets circle around you I didn't know I was lookin' for love until I found you So we build from here with love the foundation In a world of tears one consolation And now you're here, there's a full brass band Playin' in me like a wonderland And if you left I would be two foot small And every tear would be a waterfall Soundless, boundless, I surround you I didn't know I was lookin' for love until I found y
April Fool
April Jones
i am a mother of two and love mt children w/ all my heart. i am married, i have a best friend who i've know for 10 yrs!and love her to pieces. lol and am married and been married for 6yrs! Get your own countdown at Get your own countdown at
April Daniels
im a decent person once ya get to know me but you have to get to know me first, i love to joke around, and i love to make people laugh i am irish and indian and i love it i also am engaged have been for over a year we have been together for almost 2 years and nothing makes me happier... i love him more than n e thing.... also i love to play FB tackle, of course b/c 2 hand touch is for pussys i love to just hang otu and be me. i liek to skateboard and i like to play guitar, adn play some video games, also i love to hang out with my baby boi cory and just chill with friends and play FB!!!
April Curry
hi im April im 16 i like to party,get dressed up to go out,hang out with friends ,and go out of town.theres alot more but to sum it up im just fucking awsome
April Emery
I have a boyfriend his name is kenneth and hes mine and all mine. music,boys,the computer lol any mosty everything
April Beal
i like cheerleading,basketball,money,boys,hangin wit my friends,money,boys,going 2 the skating rink,beating ^ my cuzs,and going 2 the movies. my family friends and god
April Bean
There is not a lot to say about me actually there is I just don't have time to say it right now. so if you want to know about me then look me up on yahoo messenger but here is a few tips. I am not interested in friends with benefits or one night stands. I am NOT interested in unloyal dishonest men. I am NOT interested in someone who spends more time in the bathroom grooming themselves than I do. I am NOT interested in someone who does not like themselves. I am not interested in black or asian guys no offense im not racist but im just not attracted to u physically i tried it it just didnt work. I am not interested in being played or head games. I am not interested in someone who is extremely over weight or over the age of 35. I am a bit overweight myself so if you need to lose some that is ok but anything over 250 is too big for me to be attracted to you. tried this one too it did not work. i AM interested in tatoos piercings blondes sexy eyes, someone who can cook, italians, lati
Me hmmmm......I am very happy, very busy, exhausted, in love, a ballet dancer, a tap dancer and about a million other things that make me, me. ballet, tap, jazz and most importantly my boyfriend Anything that has a good story and a little action
im a fun and outgoing person looking for friends and a possible relationship if yr interested talk leave messages im interested in a good group of friends to go out with and party and hopefully one day an awsome bf
April D
April Chalkan
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