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Brian Childress
Briannah W
Brian Grissom
Brian Sudlow
Brian Kim
Brian Patrick
Currenly working in Bowling Green Ohio Devorced for the last 4 years after 24 years of marriage been Engaged since but it did not work out One thing I can't stand is a Lier or a Cheat. Single and looking for the right person for fun not a relationship, I normally work at Ford or Chrysler Plants for the new tooling install and launch. 3-6 months at a time, then a week or to off and off to the next one. Well if you want to know more just ask. If you Live near Bowling Green, OH. and would like to meet up for drink or something message me. Have a WebSite Lots of cool stuff for Sale Come check it OUT New Clearance Item While They Last Montana Silversmith Bareback Kickers Sandals $5.99 a Pair And Women Lace Tube Tops for Only $1 Each at Buy a Couple Photo Books to save the Memories Only $4 Each
Brian Cardenas
Brian Elish
Brian Close
Brian Granger
Brian Bartel
Brian Thurston
Brian Warner
Brian Cook
Brian Grace
Brian Murray
Brian Ledbetter
Brian Applegate
Names Brian and I'm an enthusiastic Network Marketer. I was introduced to the Network Marketing industry by a Real Estate Investor Whom I was friends with and had worked with for nine years. Our relationship sank with the Real Estate Market. Because I owed him thousands. We didnt talk for nearly a year. I owed him and he to was having hard times. I felt so bad there was nothing i could do to help him or myself. Then my life changed in a BIG way. He brought this idea of Network Marketing to me. He said he was making money on a proven system and was willing to lend me more money to get started. I was sold on the concept and was really turned on by the personal development that the industry offered. I thanked him an said this is our Plan B glad to be on the team. We took a serious look at Network Marketing. He was a little older then me and I knew there had to be a another way then just person to person marketing. This is when I decided I'd try a new concept so I turned our busine
Brian Straughn
Brian Douglas
Brian Porter
Brian Cochran
Brian Rementer
Brian Adams
Brian Metcalf
Brian Anderson
Brianne Edins
Brian Verdoes
Brian Checkers
Brian Cooper
i'm 35 divorced,and have a 2 yr old daughter who means more to me than the air i breathe and i would die for that baby girl! ido have a job lol but i was cut to part time but at least im lucky enough to have a job right now when so many others dont.and if you have anymore questions just ask cause i'm very honest and won't lie! i'm an open book. i love to fish,my hobbies are writing poetry,reading biographies and playing video games
Brian Brennan
Brian Romero
Brian Chorman
Brian Kennedy
Brian Barranco
Brian Davidson
Brian Suber
Brian Laur
Brianna Love
Brian Sepe
Brian Davis
hey my name is brian im 20 live in va. move here from n.y. looking for friends and someone to kick it with and see where it goes from there im just trying to be sucessful
Brian Henwood
Brian Ciesielski
I work like a dog and get paid like a pup. luckily I've got everything I need. so the rest is up to fate. Drinking, smoking, riding my motorcycle,blowing shit up V for vendeta,Fight club,Tank, any chech and Chong,anything with jay & silent bob
Brian Bodine
Brian Smith
Brian Creed
Brian Ross
My name is Brian Ross I have Three kids . Tiffany , Nathaniel and Drake Ross . I love cars and action movies . I work hard and Play even harder . My kids are the best thing that has happened to me.I love anything to do with cars. and video games I have a xbox360 and some games for it .I love buying dvd's . going out as a family doing the family thing ya know.... I have a 68 plymoth valiant and a 86 dodge d150 truck and a 01 DURANGO AND A 98 BMW NONE OF THE DODGES. Anything more just ask me. AND LOVE ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH BEING OUTSIDE IN THE WARM WEATHER ! CAMPING AND RIDING IN THE RIVER OR FISHING OR SWIMMING IN THE RIVER .ANYTHING MORE JUST ASK WE'LL LET YA KNOW.... ALSO REMMBER THIS IS THE INTERNET THIS IS A GAME AND THIS IS A PLACE TO RELAX DON'T BRING DRAMMA TO HERE ENJOY IT AND RELAX WE ARE HERE FOR FRIENDS AND FUN THAT'S IT! HEY IF YA WANNA HAVE A GREAT TIME HIT ME UP SOMETIME . I ENJOY ANYTHING FUN FAST AND OUTSIDE! just about anything that involves outside , and my c
Brian Morgans
Brian Williams
Brian Allen
Brian Green
Brian Mack
I m 6'3 tall. I like nascar romantic walks. love to have fun. Camping fishing anything really outdoors. I love to write. i drive truck. love to cuddle and be romantic
Brian Berkson
Brian Parker
Hello all I don't know what to say i'm into a little bit of everything, I love music, animals, movies, naughty fun, reading, sports, thats about it. If you want to know anything else just hit me up.
Brian Graham
Brian Utke
Brian Larned
Brian Carter
Brian Murphy
Brian Kemmerle
Brian Moyer
Brian Anderson
photography, hockey, music, sex, movies
Brian Beck
Brian Knotts
Brian Kendall
Brian Bartolomie
I am outgoing,intelligent,honest,hard working person,who loves to go out and have a good time.I love to make people laugh and i like to laugh too.I am easy going ,loving,caring ,understanding ,great,listener,enjoy going shopping.I love to laugh,i can be goofy and silly but also know how to act my am very laid back,Am very focused and driven for the call of God has on my life.I've never been told that am shy so i guess that make me rather out going Golf,computer,ministry,anything,outdoor,sport,reading,and working out since,I am at the gym twice a day.Cardio in the morning and weight at lunch.
Brian Riggins
Brian Bartlett
Brian Reynolds
Brian Tilden
Brian Thomsen
Brian Chaney
Brian Machycek
Brian Kaylor
Brian Fisher
Brian Henke
Brian Wayne
Brian Brown
Brian Bartel
Brian Tyner
Brian Wiedl
Brian Delong
Brian Downey
Brian Mutart
Brian Draper
I'm shy at first but then i warm up and love to have fun in anyway I like techno and drum n bass and other types of music. Oh yeah I'm new here on fubar so if I'm missing something let me know thanks Some day I'll make a salute which I still know little about... drinking, having fun, hanging out, internet, video games, learning, drag racing, cars, gym
Brian Dale
Brian O'dell
Brian Decker
Brian Jacobs
Brian Powell
Brian Powers
Brian Shetler
Brian Burkhardt
Brian Clark
Brian Crawford
Brian Clearwater
Brian Drawbaugh
Brian Leezer
Brian Rosenthal
Brian Protz Jr
Brian Wilcox
My name is Brian Wilcox . I love music everything from Rap/Hip-hop to rock and heavy metal. I enjoy hanging with friends, listening to music, playing video games and partying. If you have any other questions just hit me up
Brian Johnston
Brian Hawley
Brian Mund
Brian Messos
205 lb, white, tatooed, beer drinking, partying,anything fun.i like riding my harley, hunting, fishing,and eatin good food.
Brian Bruorton
Brian Dilorenzo
Brian Hubble
Brian Beasley
Brian Gentile
Brian Demeuse
Brian Watson
Brian Brown
Brian Gerow
Brian Worthington
Brian Pittman
Brian Jett
Brian Davis
Brian Mann
Brian Kirchman
Not sure why I continue to hang around this place...My friends list is small because I trim off dead weight and unfortunately that constitutes much of the inhabitants here. The short list of people you see either mean something to me...Or I see potential in them..enough to keep them around. Its not rocket science. So when I delete you off my page or dont accept your friend request..You either wore out your welcome...or you never had one. Its my page....I do what I want. visited 16 states (32%)Create your own visited map of The United States or jurisdische veraling duits?
Brian Velez
Brian Guy
Brian Hamilton
Brian Nnadi
Brian Lucas
Brian Cantwell
Brian Louden
Brian Major
Brian Warner
Brian Whitaker
Brian Orlowski
Brian Shaffer
Brian Sullivan
Brian Kniff
Brian Christopher
Brian Strong
Brian Webber
Brian Batres
Brian Douglas
Brianna Brown
Brian Taylor
Brian Mills
Brian West
Brian Hough
Brian Cameron
Brian Frain
Brian Rospond
Brian Dig
Brian Lovie
Brian Fosty
Brian Howington
Brian Electricaltechian
Brian Hart
Brian Lee
im easy going not really to outgoing and very honest no matter who i upset so if you dont want the truth dont ask im here for friends so if your down cool i aint looking for no one night flings so if thats why you looking move on i do have morals not many but few i have 2 kids there my world anything else you wanna know then ask tattooing indie wrestling only hardcore though martial arts reading writing poetry guitar and according to most ppl being a savage or asshole however you wanna put it
Brian Alexander
Brian Vold
Brian Kanavy
Brian Cutler
Brian Dillon
Brian Defreitas
Brian Rudden
Brian Renaldo
Brian Comfort
Brian Deadmond
Brian Thacker
Brian Boggs
Brian Briggs
Brian Little
Brian Zogby
Brian Connelly
Brian Hart
Brian Hart
Brian Mcqueen
Brian Strobel
Brian Harris
Brian Bass
Brian Acevedo
Brian Madin
Brian Watson
Brian Manning
Brian Atchison
Hello my name is Brian I'm 22 I just move to Texas from Virginia to run a catering business and well I don't know a lot of people here so I decided to join this site well hum I love bars I love skateboarding and love to chill
Brian Pisko
Brian Kinn
Brian Holler
Brian Carney
Brian Scardone
Brian Reed
Brian Borton
Brian Curtin
a rite i am just a sore poor loser. i came here looking to get laid. i m intrested in my PS3. i take great pride within my accomploishments on it. now i have no money no job no car nothing zip nada zilch zero anything within the term wen it comes to money that means this 0 x infinity = me no if i was a much more successful guy i will enjoy driving in the country cause it is a very relaxing expierence, swimming, bowling, deer hunting, and sadly jerking off on the computer looking at porn. which of case i am getting realy tired of. now i would love to go to college. but here the thing as i did say b4 i have no money to spend on my very own personal computer in my room at this godforesaken group home. i did not graduate from high school just so my remaining years will be spent on being around people who shit their pants and i know that oi deserve better than this. thats where u kick in please get ur rich over here so i can get the hell on outta here. this place is a complete hillbilly he
Brian Schneider
Brian Sr
Brian Jankowski
Brian Parker
Brian Drew
Brian Scott
Brian Vazquez
Brian Banks
Brian Russell
Brian Bessey
Brian Wilhite
Brian Daily
Brian Brown
Brian Petrie
Brian Wood
Brian Parker
Brianna Flanagan
Brian Manning
Brian Henry
Brian Cupp
Brian Craig
Biker comments and graphics
Brianna Edwards
Brian Scott
Brian Svalesen
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Brian Stanaway
Brian Stanaway Flemington N.J. Married to Nicole Stanaway 2 beautiful children Twins Sean and Jacqueline who just turned 8 yrs old Location: South Brunswick, Princeton and Rahway Check out our website for , services, pricing, locations , hours and more. New Jersey's PREMIER car washes ! Over 30 yrs family owned and operated ! Have your vehicle detailed, and look great while driving to all summer fun ! Call today to book your detail 732-821-0100
Brian Marceau
Brian Mezzapelle
Brian Powell
Brian Flournoy
Brian Lopez
Hi my name is Brian I live in the El Cajon City of California Recently divorced and looking for a new hunny to meet. I like watching wrestling going bowling and bbq's and havign a great time.. Very much a couch potatoe
Brian Bastian
My name is Brian Bastian im 22 years old and I just recently moved to Tennessee as you can tell my pics I ain't from no where around here, but it's alright
Brian Ciesielski
Brian Scheele
Brian Scaff
Brian Weary
Brianna Young
Brian Lower
Brian Dietrick
Brian Lesley
Brian Jandrew
Brian Mead
Brian Conner
Brian Smith
K little bout me. Well i thought i had everything figured out. Though things didnt turn out how i had planned. I am recently out of a five year marriage. Guess we just werent compatible, though it was a very emotional life lesson. I have an awesome little boy and two step children who mean the world to me. My true friends would tell you that i am a very genuine guy that actually has a big heart. I love the outdoors and sports, all types of sports. Football and racing are at the top of the list. As far as racing i could be border line fanatic. I like to go out and have fun though i can also just stay in and hang out.
Brian Showerman
Brian Carter
Briana Nichole
Brian Carnevale
Brian Gosney
Brian Stalnaker
Brian Nolden
Brian Keadle
Brian Mckinney
Brian Sr Wilson
Brian West
Brian Whitfield
Briannon Kemp
Brian Mcintosh
Sign by Danasoft - For Backgrounds and Layouts I'm in Iraq with the national guard as military police. I just got through a divorce some I'm back to pub crawling for a bit. I'm a pretty easy going person. Anything else just ask, I don't bite... Anything really, I'm always willing to learn or try new things. I'm a gamer at heart, I always enjoy a competition. Hiking, biking, cliff diving, are just a few of my weekend hobbies.
Brian M
Briannna Scott
im bree i have a great boyfriend who i love with all my heart.. we r looking for a bi girl to hang out with and have a little fun if thats u then message me....i am 5'3 i have brown hair and blue 23 ill be 24 in feb.3rd..i love to read and hang out with my friends and family and my boyfriend joshua baylor...but just message me if u want to know more. im bree i have a great boyfriend who i love with all my heart.. we r looking for a bi girl to hang out with and have a little fun if thats u then message me....i am 5'3 i have brown hair and blue 23 ill be 24 in feb.3rd..i love to read and hang out with my friends and family and my boyfriend joshua baylor...but just message me if u want to know more. my idol is my mom. she has been though alot and is still making everything work....i love her so much and thank her so much. i like all types of movies
Brian Sechrist
Brian Turner
Brian Alexander
Brianna Robb
I love talking bout me and my loving boyfriend. but this is my account so I quess I should say a lil bout me huh? I'm bicurious. I'm not online alot so if you need to get ahold of me my number is (360)551-2709 Reading poetry,writing poetry,going on walks, dancing, jumping on the trampoline,swimming,playing with the dogs,playing on the wii,meeting new people, playing in snow,working in the yard etc
Brian Hinzpeter
Brian R
Firefighter/EMT, 5'8" 215lbs and fit. Looking for a someone to chill with and get to know. Firefighting/EMS, Females, Music, Movies, Cooking,Racing, Cars, Street Bikes, just to name a few.
Brian Nichols
Brianna Morrero
I'm origialy from Boston I've worked doing a little bit of everything from being a LPN to being a dncer, so i got alot of Knowledge from most sides of the world.Which i think makes me who i am cause i can relate and see people for who they are regardless of what their lifestyle or upbringing is!I just think i'm a smart inteligent woman who knows how to have a good time regardless
Brian Caro
Brian Smallheer
Brian Hamrick
ozzy osbourne transformers steven king movies
Brian Murphy
Brian Brown
Brian O'reilly
Brian Smith
Brian Sparks
Brian Williams
Just moved to Texas! Looking to meet some new people. I work as an ER doc. I work hard and play hard!
Brian Nix
Brian Wright
Brian Fouts
Brian Petersen
Brian Ray
Brian Miller
Brianna Bohanon
Brian Smith
Brian Starr
Here is a little about me i was born and raised in Philadelphia right out of high school i joined the US Army i was also in the Coast Guard was in Alaska as a rescue swimmes if you would like to know more about me feel free to ask.
Brian Bateman
Brianna Bense
Brian Yu
Brian Walsh
Brian Loher
Brian Rich
Brian Baisden
Brian Henry
Brian Wingal
Brian Ring
Brian Dearth
Brian Czajkowski
Brian Perry
Brian Scales
Brian Bailey
Brian Oldenburg
Brian Nichols
Briant Guzman
Brian Benes
Brian Brown
Brian Morey
Brian Johnson
Brianna Marrical
Brian Colyott
Brian Burnett
hello my name is brian iam 22years old single & looking iam laid back kinda guy who likes to have fun iam shy at first if u like what u hear write me have nice day
Brian Parry
Brian Williams
Brian Skelton
Brian Hall
Briana Hugaboon
Brian Dinger
Brian Liu
Brianna Touchton
Brian Ripp
Brian Hartman
Brian Reva
Brian Richardson
Brian Gurchinoff
Brian Dewald
Brian Wiley
Brian Bridenstine
Brian Barkley
Well, I'm currently 26, I'm 6feet tall and I weigh around 145lbs. I have kinda long brown hair and green eyes with a mild tan and yes I do have a six pack! I enjoy pretty much anything outdoors even though I am a disabled veteran. If you want to know more, just ask... I have many interests, if you want to know them then just ask...
Brian Gaffney
Brian Happy Im Not Married
Brian Estes
Brian Wells
Brian Spence
Brian Miller
Brian Molter
Brian Slone
Brian Hannon
Brian Delgado
Brianna Stevens
I'm here to meet new people and have fun doing it. I respect everyones privacy, will not ask you for your real info or private pics, not here to beg for things from you. I like to think that I am a fun person that loves life. I am strong where it matters: being an honest and caring person, putting others first, being content with what I do have while striving to better myself. I spend a lot of my time here on fuMafia, if your not playing come join us... I like food, am open to try almost anything. BBQ is my comfort food. I like sports, but to be honest mostly as a spectator. I like to read books, wish I had more time for that. I like to meet new people. I sell cars for a living, I try to keep up on them in general but am not a motor head. Cheesy Kung-Fu movies are always good.
Brian Pedigo
Brian Davis
Brian Hill
Brian Johnson
Brian Morrison
Brian Pyatt
Brianna Atkins
Brian Evans
Brian Brunkow
Brian Yost
Visit my newly launched website here. business loans
Brian Realmuto
Brian Swack
Brian Brennan
I'm a kool, down-to-earth kinda guy. I like to have fun and joke around. I may not have a lot to say at times but im no where near shy. I'm confident in myself and my actions and i'm sexually mature in every aspect. I'm not on any kind of search but i'll take what i find for what its worth. I'm attracted to all types of women and all races, but i do have a problem with women being TOO big or TOO skinny. I like women somewhere in between. Personally, i like to stay in good health and reamain physically fit and like to mingle with people with similar interests in mind and body. If there are any questions just ask and I'll answer them to the best of my ability.
Brian Borquist
Brian Windsor
Brian Wallace
Brian Rittie
Brian Longhofer
Brianna Schaefer
Brian Stamm
Brian Stopher
Brian Nance
Brian Grigsby
Briana Rachal
Brian Tatum
Brian Smead
im here haven fun and lookn for a good girl any out there
Brian Johnstone
Brian Gosnell
Brian Cullimore
I'm Brian. I'm not into fubar enough to post a salute, get "fu"married or any other "fu"thing. I just want to chill on this site and occasionaly chat. Now that I've got that out of the way I can talk "about me." I'm 24 until Nov. I'm in the USAF. Plan on doing 20. I've got my shit together so if you don't then piss off. I'm currently in New Mexico, I'm moving to VA to work at Langley AFB. I've got an 09 Yamaha R1 and yes that means I love to go fast (172mph) Ive got a huge chocolate lab, Brown and he is a carbon copy of me when it comes to personality. Well if this disclaimer didn't give you enough information then please feel free to ask.
Brian Butler
Brian Summers
Brian Wood
Brian Eloff
ok so this fubar weird looking site is rather daunting, flashing people faces all over. i am only here to observe and see how this thingie works, with facebook,twitter,tweet, and what ever other shit is out there, how does any person work anymore, i only sat down for the first time in 12 hours and decided what the fuck write something, you deserve some time out from cooking, running around, reading arbitrary mail shouting at staff, god i dont even get time to pee....... pretty neat site, but so full of shit everywhere, how can people concentrate. beats facebook hands down, really for the smallies of this world. all just fun stuff........but fuck where do u start....what do u do to earn points drinks fubars, fuckups etc etc
Brian Adkins
Brian West

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