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Brittany Conkel
Britton Ford
Brittney Buckley
Brittany Anne
brittany, volunteer firefighter, im tall, a senior in high school, a soon-to-be medical assistant, im a hostess at Bob Evans, and i text ALOT. get at me (:
Brittani Adams
Brittany Carnley
Brittany Carter
Brit Johnson
Britney Winston
Brittany Matthews
Brittany Forrester
I just turned 21 April 16. I'm off to get my I.D. and head down to the bar. Will someone please give me some of your best liquor?!
Brittany Forrester
Firstly: I'm Brittany. Loving, Caring, and Loyal. Looking for some friends to laugh and share my life with. I have a boyfriend so please keep it respectful. Thank you My life involves, Writing, Music, Facebook, Family, and Friends. Volunteering for different things. Recycling. Cherishing the small things. Helping Animals and People. /* This CherryTAP background skin complements of */ body { background-color: #000000; background-position: left top; background-repeat: repeat; background-attachment: fixed; background-image: url(; } a { color:white; } table.top_header{ background-color:transparent; } td.top_left_header{ background-color:transparent; } table.top_menu{ background-color:transparent; } table.shouts{ background-color:transparent; } table.user { background-color:transparent; border:none;
Brittany Burrow
Brittany Sayers
Brittany Stambaugh
First Name: Brittany Age:19 Gender: female Nickname:Brit-brat, bee Hair Color:blondish Hair Style:curly Eye Color:blue What is your favorite.... Color:blue Game:black ops (nazi zombies) Song:a little bit stronger (sara evans) Music Video:the house that built me Animal:cats Sport: football Country: Movie: Edward Scissor Hands Food: Chinese Friends... Best:My son, My father, My mother, My brothers, My sisters and Kasey Funniest:Alyssa Coolest:Chiana Sweetest:Emily Kindest:Bre Annoyingest:None Dullest:Sara Stupidest:None Most Intelligent:Chrystal Athletic:Jason Relationships.... Boy(Girl)friend:None Are you in love right now: I think so Do you have a crush:I do Do you have a stalker:No Do you miss someone right now:yes What do you do... At school:School work At home:Cook, Clean, Laundry...u know all of mommy duties Outside:tan, fish, camp, ect When you first wake up:Get my son up What _____do you hate Food:bacon Color:None Hair colorurple Tv show:N
Brittany Thompson
Britney Wade
Well I don't have a lot of time to myself. I have a daughter and she is the love of my life!! Shes getting so big and shes so stinking smart and BEAUTIFUL!!! I love spending time with her I cant see my life with out my little princess! I'm with her a lot, I work, and when I get free time I'm with my daughter or friends. I love going out where ever my friends are. We always have a good time. I don't put up with anyone's crap. I have done it for to long. I'm fun to be around. I'm a good listener, I'm caring, and I give the best advice that I can. I DON'T ADD ANYONE I DON'T KNOW SO DON'T TRY. IF YOU WANT TO GET TO KNOW ME SEND ME A MESSAGE. AND IF I'M INTERESTED I WILL WRITE YOU BACK. IF I'M NOT DON'T KEEP SENDING ME MESSAGES. If you have any questions about me just ask! Lukey I LOVE YOU!! We've been friends our whole life! I wish the best for you! And I hope you know I will be there for you until the day comes. Hopefully wont be for a long time. But if it does comes soon I just wanted yo
Brittany Long
Brittany Hornsby
Brittney Nichole
Brittany English
Brittany Post
Brittany Devilist
Brittany Johnson
i am 22 and MARRIED to an amazing man
Brit Brit
Brittany Manka
Brittany Johnson
Britt Chaney
im a free spirit..i go to shows..when i can. i have a wonderful husband that i love dearly! i can sing i dance and i love to have a great time with great people! so if you are willing to have a good time,,love good music..and are ready to take a journey let do it!
Brittany Winchester
Brittney Williams
Brittney Clark
im cool laid back type female, chill type not on no bullshit very considerate and loving and caring, i keeps it 100% all day everyday hate liars cause im always honest, so if you boud some bullshit and fake ass shit get da fuck on...
Brittany Stewart Gay Takin.&.happy Established- April 29 I'm a tomboy and a girlie girl in the same package... My trust is hard to come by, it's been broken way to much Typically, it takes a lot to piss me off, but god help you if you do! I'm most fluent in English, sarcasm, and profanity Hit me up
Brittany Larose
Britanny Martin
'm britanny and I'm looking to meet someone new . I'm pretty down to earth and laid back, and I like to spend time with people who don't take everything too seriously. I am a nice person, I love going out and having a good time. I would like to have a bit of fun and enjoy life, im easy to get along with and would like for someone to show me a good time. If you wanna know more message me. my perfect match... would have to be as easy going as myself, and be up for a laugh and make be laugh. Also they would have to be kind and considerate, knows how to treat a girl right .im looking for a good listener and adventurous a male with good sense humour romantic honest and likes a good time.
Hey! Well I like to play pool,bowl,hang with friends,go to the mall,party, and mostly drive my car around town with the music up loud. I have 6 piercings and 2 tattoos. One tattoo is a skull with a rose in its mouth,the other is a rose and crossbones. horror mostly just have to have a guy to be close to though
Brittney Mcelhaney
Britt Hendler
Britt Mcdonald
Brittany Hubbard-loftis
Brittany Patterson
Brittany Arroyo
Brittany Adkins
Brittney Teal
Britt M
Britni Thomas
Brittany Ammons
Well I am in college right now majoring in Business Administration. I am 20 will be 21 in August.
Brittany Morgan
Brittany Green
Britnee Morfino
Brittney Glidden
Im cool and shit
Brittany Miller
My name is Brittany. I'm eighteen. I really don't feel like going novel status about myself because I highly doubt anyone would read it anyways, so if you wanna know anything just ask.
Brittany Breach
Brittany Averett
Brittany Hungerholt
my namedd is brittany and a single mom thats acts a lil crazy sum times lol ...hahah dirt biking,pool,fam,friends,music
Brittanie Gallant
Brittney Martinez
Brittany Henry
Brittany Underwood
Brittney Forbes
Legalize 420! People really need it for more than medicinal reasons, some people self medicate because they cant get a card for it. If they really wanted to stop 3/4 of the drug trafficking in the world they'd legalize the shit. Plus it has been shown to help many different types of cancers and diseases so people aren't in pain. B4 you friend me or get interested in whatever else you think you might want, I have 2 children who will always come first, so just putting that out there, they dont live with me, so time with them in precious, and I will always take spending time with them over spending time with YOU! Quit hating, and if your a hater, leave me the fuck alone!! I love all kinds of music, love reading and just loving life while it live it! I love my children and went through all kinds of hell and back to have them, if someone would like to say anything different, well then leave me the fuck alone! Love horror movies and comedy's. One of my new fav's is the Invention of Lyi
Brittany Welch
Brittany Flannery
Brittany Yancey
im brittany from louisville Kentucky. im 21 f usa i have blonde hair blue eyes skinny 5'7. i have a bigggg ass and hace 38d's
Brittany Littleton
ok well im britt i playing drums,softball,basketball,paintball,hockey i also like skateboading. im a trouble maker sometimes not most of the time because i dont like getting into trouble. im going into the air force as soon as i can. i work and i go to school im from germany but moved to nc i grw up in a military family so i dont take bullshit. i listen to metal. i dont really pick the people i talk to. i like the colors black,red, and blue sometimes green. my life has been hell for me but i work out of it everyday i have so many friends its not funny when it comes to me getting hurt im a juggalette i speak german,spanish,irish,greek, japanese,italian and more of a night person then day i love my friends and family i do have a military family im also a tomgirl.if you wanna know more message me or IM/chat me drums music hanging with friends mudding raceing guns paintball sports anything scary
Brit Miller
hi just got on this site.Im fun im out going party type of girl. I get along with everyone.Right now im working at a local club as a dancer.Im 25 no kids or boyfriend right now so that means im single and loving if anyone want to talk just hit me up clubbing, drinking, stripping, partying,going to the movies. umm me. comedy, romance and some scary movies not really into it but ya.
Brittany Smith
Britney Devries
Basically I have fun no matter what Im doing or who Im with and I LOVE football season and my country!
Brittany Ruiz
Brittany Ryzkiewicz
Brittany Quentin
Brittany Golanka
My name is Britney. I don't really know what to write in here. Or even wonder if I should even bother. No one reads these anyways, it is just a place for me to waste space. There isn't that much about me. I can get annoying, I can get bitchy. I always try to do what I feel is right, treat people right, and be there when someone needs a shoulder to lean on. I have negative qualities just like everyone else does, and I try to fix them.. I can get very jealous, not specifically of people but rather how they're treated. I can get overly grabby. I like talking through things instead of leaving them in the past until I am fully satisfied that what went wrong is resolved. I am usually always the one to apologize, even if I haven't done anything wrong. At least once a day I think about punching someone in the face. I can be overly sarcastic, perverted, and I swear a lot. I'm a klutz, and have extremely air-headed moments. I can act like a two-year-old one minute then act above and beyond my ag
Brittani Carrasco
Britteney Lawson
Brittaney Smith
Britteney Lawson
Brittany Logan
Brittany Wilson
Brittney Lemenager
Brittany Harshbarger
Brittany Whitney
Brittney Jones
Britney Smith
hmm...I'm completely random. I dont take alot of crap. be forewarned. I'm happily married to a man named Rob Smith. We have been together since September 2007. His birthday is one day after mine. we're both left handed. Hes my everything. I have a son named Ayden Lee he will be 5 in May. I have a daughter named Ariel Jane-Lynn she is 2. I have a cat she will be 1 May 2nd. Her name is Princess Tiny. Drawing, Computer, Writing, Tv... House, Grey's Anatomy,Law and Order SVU, No Ordinary Family, Desperate Housewives, Smallville, Twilight, Harry Potter,Cake Boss...etc etc My mom Horror Movies are my faavvvvv.
Brittany Bieber
Brittany Mcglone
Brittini Ray
Brittany Yuch
Brittney White
Britnee Green
Brittany Little
Brittany Williams
Brittany Reed
Brittany Pressel
Brittany Mcclure
Brittany Grenon
Brittney Dormagen
Brittany Cochran
Brittany Webb
My name is Brittany nd Im 23 years old im a layed back, fun to be around down azz chick you want to know more just ask... i will tell. Movies wow i like scary, funny, sad ones in a blue moon tho..., and really anything good
Brittany Scheuerman
Brittney Cruce
Brittany De La Paz
Britny Marshall
Brittany Willis
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Goodell
Brittany Anastasha
Brittany Doyle
Brittany Earl
i am a loveable fun person love to make friends cheerleading, running, basketball, shopping
Britt Parrish
Brittany Mathews
Brittney Gray
Brittany Smith
honestly...I'M AWESOME Tattoos,,friends,fun,RAWRRR
Brittney Jo Collins
Brittney Hightower
Brittany Long-somerville
Britney Lazzy
Brittian Lea
Brittany Thayer
Brittany Mathis
Brittany Denise
Brittaney Fagan
Brittany Brockett
Britni Small
Brittneyred Rumholmes
Brittany Delanzo
Brittany Brock
Brittany Mariie
My name is Brittany Mariie. I look young but im over 18, i promise. Talk to me(:
Brittany Mccollum
my name is brittany.... im 18 years old.... i love hanging out with friends and i just like being around people.... im just looking for new friends.... i like talking and hanging out and watching movies.... i think that's about it i like to read. hang out with friends. go to movies. go out to eat. and spend time with my family. thats about it i have a ton of idols and they all know who they are because i have told them (: the notebook. shaun of the dead. all of adam sandler's movies. fight club. and clerks & clerks 2.
Brittney Thompson
Brittani Whitver
Brittany Valdez
Brittany Lindsey
Brittany Jetton
Brittany Robb
Brittany Ballard
Where do i start... I have a beautiful wife and daughter, i love you both very much. MUSIC is my LIFE and dancing is what i do, always the crowd pleaser Born n Raised in this Secret City, I'm 23 years old and life's too short. I love meeting new people and love to travel. HATE liars n drama so leave it at the door. Sports. Beach. Biking and RollerBLading. Tattoos. Reading. Writting. DJing Dancing and Singing. Movies and Chillin with my Hommies My Wife and my Daughter are my idols and they keep me going. MICHAEL JACKSON is def my inspiration
Britt D
hey whats up? the names britt dont forget it. im 21 student. love to have fun talk to new people and all that fun stuff. anything else dont be afraid to ask ask i shall tell my bestie dahvie vanity and jayy van mainly horror
well, I can be sarcastic, so if you don't know me excuse it, but please be respectful in your comments and messeges, I do have a man that pleases me well, we are interested in my taking the leap and experimenting with an attractive lady. I am open and honest and won't play games, so I expect the same
Brittnay Stead
Brittany Devercelly
Brittany Gilliam
Brittany Vanichek
Brittney Gentry
~*!I am the Mother, of the 3 most amazing daughters ever! ) Proud Medical Student, I am finally Finding out who I am, & comfortable in my own skin ..~*! A Beautiful Disaster♥ .I am a very multi-dimensional individual, and can adapt myself to almost any situation, or environment that I am faced with..I enjoy the simple things in life..and take not one minute for granted!
Brittney Todd
Brittany Reagan
Brittaney Rebel
Brittany Tucker
My names Brittany (: I am laid back I love hanging out with my friends I am a huge music addict (: I am also a gamer chic (;
Brittany Steptoe
Brittney Stogner
Brittnee Webster
Brittnie Mclain
Hello all very laid back guy with a great sense of humor and adventure love to enjoy life. I like to meet new people travel, play sports anything to do with being outside also love to go out to clubs, movies, concerts will try anything once twice if i like it LOL!!!! Is it beer 30 time yet oh yeah its noon somewhere oh and dont forget to fgire a big fatty for wake and bake LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
My name is Brittany and I am a 21 year old female! Let's take shots!
Britt Yearsley
1st 0ff.... rate my profile 2nd.. comment my pics... or cherry bomb 3rd - if were not friends we otta be! My Name is Brittany Cake Day- jan 8! im 20.5 lol.. yes i count my half! hehe. im a single mother.. my son Caleb is 2.5! i Hope you like G.R.i.T.S, because im a true Girl.Raised.iN.The.South!! LiKE, RATE, ADD, COMMENT, BOMB, PiMP, BLiNG thanks bitchh! DiD i LEAVE SOMETHiNG OUT, GOTTA KNOW.. JUST ASK!! me myself and i i love to laugh so... i guess... jackass movies. american pie. madea movies. not another teenage movie. i like chick flicks durr~ the notebook. mean girls. time travelers wife. raising helen. burlesque. im soooo scared lol paranormal activity 1 & 2. freddy vs jason. halloween. friday the 13th. thirteen ghost.
Brittany S.
Brittany Wodzinski
Brittney B
Brittany Henry
Brittany Dawson
Britten Miller
Brittany Reka
Brittany Cerrato
Brittany Tracey
Brittni Dickson
Britney Flowers
Britnee Watley
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Laas
Brittney Laquidara
Brittany Compton
Brittany Armstrong
Brittany Marie
Would rather be outside than inside. Especially like riding quads (: Meryl Streep & Helena Bonaham Carter (: Nothing girly. Thrillers mostly
Brittany Williams
Brittany Thomas
Brittney Seaholm Smith
Just single and no kids..I work and come home. I spend most of my free time on vacation somewhere else. Colorado, Jamaica, Germany etc. I am a nurse so it makes it easy to go wherever.
Hey, my name is Brittanie. I'm fun loving and easy going. I am down to earth and am pretty easy to talk to. If you wanna get to know me, just ask. I love to write, dance, listen to music and chill with friends.
Brittany Cerezo
Brittany Williamson
Britt Martin
Brittany Reithel
Brittney White
Brittany Forbes
Britt Brat Killian
Brittani Smith
Brittany Motts
Brittany..19..Married..Bi..Love txtn and just wanna meet new gilrs..No men
Brittany Debarros
Brittany Webb
Brittany Greene
Brit Swagtodamaxtrees
Brittanii Spears G
Britne Adams
Brittany Farris
Brittani Carter
Brittney Miller
Britty You
Brittany Cambell
Brittany Krammes
im me and i no who i am and were i stand in this world im a lesbiean so i really dont want guy friends lol i love weman :* i am like any other girl i have my ups and downs i have issues and im somtime's never happy im agressive im a lover a fighter and i no alot more then people think i still have a heart even though im a bitch i care about animals lol specily my ferret koda rip and my dog max im a very random person lol it could be two years lateter and im bringin up something about that now i might be a screw up just anther normal person with blackish brownish hair greenish blueish eyes and a uniqe personality but you,ll never no me untill you truley try i will try to be the most koolest white /pr girl you,ll now but its the best i can do if you'r an ass and mess up in my life yes you'll have a secound chance well this is me the most i can be so yea peace whoop whoop plus im a juggalette wicked clown love to all my fam♥ + ♥MyHotComments.c
Brittany Rodiger
Brittany Yager
Brittany Williams-atchley
Brittany Sherry
Brittnee Haygood
I have a handsome baby boy named Patrick Legend Enderle. I love my son with all my heart. I am who I am and you can't accept that then kick rocks. I am real sweet and loving person. I do like to party when i can
Brittany Jyton
Britney J
I like traveling. Love pizza salad tacos love martial art movies Computers Weapons Martial arts Ninjas Kung Fu Movies (FPS) First person shooter games Halo Call of duty black ops Dragon age WII Playstation Xbox 360 Plantation 2 Playstation 3 Combat Paintball Airsoft Knifes
Brittany Zilisch
Brittany Kranitz
Brittney Conan
Brittany Osmer
Brittany Wagner
Brittney Foltz
Brittany Flaherty
Brittani Parrish
Brittany Turner
I'm a total gamer. You can find me on any given day playing on my X-Box. For reals. MW2 Bitches and Black Ops. I can find something beautiful in everyone. I tend to take things to heart. Gullibility, a big downside to me. Music is a huge part of my life. I listen to it all the time. "When words fail, music speaks." The little things mean the most to me. I am quiet. I am shy. I can be outgoing when I choose. I don't open up with just anyone. I used to give my trust to easily but I have learned not to. I love my family. I'm addicted to pain. Most people tend to interpret me as something I'm not. I've lived my life in a box and I am done with it. I am going to be outside that motherfucker. CUNT is one of my favorite words. I use it a lot. I love to cuddle sometimes. I like to sleep alone. I am too kind. I can get along with just about anyone. I want to make everything worth while. I'm more spiritual than religious. To me, religion is a joke now-a-days... Don't expect me to open up to you
Britney Murphy
Brittany Cassidy
Hi Im brit. i have one sister one brother and me and my parents! HAHA thats it for my family tree neways. I love to FLIRT! I am single! I LOVE to have FUN Shopping is great I LOVE TO CAMP i love sleeping Hiking,running, taking walks are love! Sports cars
Brittany Williams
Brittany Lilly
Brittany Mickelson
Brittani Reid
Brittany Obuchowski
Brittany Van Galder
Brittany Mccarthy
Cute, funny, smart, sarcastic, stubborn, hard headed, isn't nieve or vulnerable, I stick to my beliefs, isn't prone to peer pressure, n I'M NOT EASY...I'm gf/wife material not just a 1 sec girl...I like to get all prettied up n go out on the town n have fun however don't mistake me for a prissy girly girl b/c I'm not! I love a pair of ripped jeans n a basic T anyday. I'm not afraid to get outside n play in the dirt like 1 of the guys. I'm not afraid of dirt under my nails n I don't cry over a broken 1 lol. I love outdoor activities give me a four wheeler and ill be outside riding the whole day away. My point being I can be both a miss priss or 1 of the boys I basicly linger somewhere in the middle. What I look 4 in a guy: cute,funny,smart,honest,faithful,has goals,someone who is sweet but also has a cocky side, a guy who treats me as an equal n not like their property or an object, someone who's attitude doesn't change just b/c he's around his "boys", and I definitely love a guy who ca
Brittany Myers
Brittany Kaye Laymance
Britt Tyrrell
Britnee Baglin
Brittany Sirois
Brittney Mattel
I want to have sex allllll of the time so if u want m ur gonna have to chat with me and i can make ur bed rock and u will be having a boner right when u see me! SEX ALL THE TIME BABY!!!! ANY SEX PORN ARTISTS!!!!!! PORN!!!!!
Brittney Uzarski
Brittany Williams
Brittany Kinder
Brittany Ronzio
Brittany Weese
Brittany Thompson
Brittany Jarrell
Brittany Goodnight
Brittany Goodroe
Brittany Adcock
Britne Brunstetter
Brittany Jones
This profile belongs to me and my husband. We are using this to hook up with a female that would be interested in a 3 some Cars, writing, drawing, tinkering, playing.
Brittany Bower
Brittney Johnson
Britney V
Brittany Meredith Harvey
Brit Low
Brittany Wolfe
i am a redhead (100% natural) with blue eyes (also natural) im not very tall or very pretty but that dont matter to me. i love to go hunting, fishing, hiking, mudding, quadding and pretty much anything outdoors. i not a girlie girl and i like to get dirty and hang out with the guys. im in a relationship with the most wonderful guy i have ever met and he is beyond amazing. i am on here to make new friends. i have been told i am a sweetheart have a good smile and personality but if u piss me off you might as well delete yourself from my friends because i will make you wish that you never pissed off a redhead.. one of the dumbest things you can do is piss of a redhead and try to get away with it but you are sadly mistaken. if there is anything else you would like to know about me feel free to ask but dont go over board or get too personal because i will stop talking to you.. have a nice day!!!!
Brittney Gregson
Brittany Skutans
Brittany Leigh Anne
Brittany Zemek
Brittany Smith
Names Brittany but u can call me Bella. Im 19 in college and in a relationship with a great man! i love him with all my heart so all u out there think u can flirt dont try wont happen Music Books Movies
Brittnee Haygood
Britny Bixby
Brittany Payne
Brittany Johnson
Britany Chappell
Brittney Green
Britni Bleeker
I am 25 full of life have a little one, go to school and work full time. I love singing karaoke and hanging with friends. If you want to know anything else just ask me.
Brittni Davis
Brittany Myers
Brittanney Banks
Brittany Hoffacker
Brittney Odegaard
Britney Fullmer
hi my names brit! Im a student at CWI in nampa idaho, im going to be a sergical tech when its all said and done! i am super super excited for it to be over so i can start my life! i lovvvve my job right now ima sales rep for CutCO companies i sell knives. sounds lame as eff but i loveee it! My family is my life id do anything for them at any given time im very very family oreinteddd.! ummm i love sports expecially softball and lacrosse! neeeda no anything else jusss ask softball, lacrosse, longboarding, biking, hiking, drawing, music, cell phone, me car, DRINKING, friends, schoooool! mom, brother. taken, 40yr old vergin, brides maids, bad teacher, john tucker must die, shes the man, v for vendetta, south park,
Brittany Sanford
Brittani Hubbard
Brittany Thompson
Brittany Castle
Brittametit Thorensen
Music, movies, animals, travelling, languages, history, cooking, hiking, camping, tattoos, peircings, sex.
Brittany Harder
Britney Medina
Brittany Shannon
Brittney Wilkes
Brittney Wilkes
HI my name is Brittney and I just turned 21 years old! well alil bout me is that I love to dance and sing! Dancing is the best thing to do! I also like to take pics and play the piano. By the way if you was wondering about who my idol its definetly Ms. Britney Spears. I loved her ever since she came out! As you can see im obsessed over her hehe. yea she the best! As for me my dream is to be famous just like she is. I love entertaining people! I hope one day I will be on tv and mags jus like her jus doing what i love best!WEll.....enjoy erybody.Thanx for reading! Muazzz much Luv to ya*** Modeling,Dancing,Playing The Piano,Singing,Chilleng With Friends and Enjoying Life
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Viars
Brittany Dunivan
Brittany Murphy
Brittany Houck
Brittany Roses
Brittany Pettit
Brittany Weber
Brittany Perez
Brittany Tudor
Brittney Redd
Brittney Jo
Brittany Glover
Brittany Alsbury-alm
Brittany Holmes
Brittany Newman
Brittany Baker
Brittany Farrell
Brittney Bertelsen
Brittany Norman
Brittany Deuber
Brittany Walls
Britney Payne
Britt Risser
Brittany Rhodes
Britte Huddleston
Britney Houston
Britany Brown
Brittany Mcbride
Brittany Meyers
Brittany Hall
Brittany Mcneely
Britney Wilson
Britney Carlton
Brittany Rutherford
Brittany Douglas
Brittinni Roll
Brittany Huitema
Brittany Light
Hey guys (and girls) My name is Cole. I am a very outgoing and open person. If you'd like to know anything about me ask -xoxo- Cole Sports, photography, dancing, singing, horseback riding etc. My twin sister I
Britani Tigner
well im 23 yrs old living in memphis tn. im looking for someone who can interact with me .i have three ways for letting people to know how i feel in the national black people orginaztion what i be trying 2 tell people too love ,care and try 2 build on making this planet better!! but anyways im am the real deal . looking 2 network and socialize4 interact with people so let have fun!! well i looking for someone who can have fun its dont matter who u meet as long u can enteract and communicate lets have
Brittany Weaver
Brittany Iwai
Brittany Middaugh
My name is Brittany im 21 and i love to hang with my friends...... I love to go camping i love to go fishing im sweet and romantic i love candle light dinners.... i love long walks on the beach my favorite food is Mexican and i love to sing and dance and listen to music ...... if u wanna knw more my number is 1-989-305-7530 I LOVE TO EAT PUSSY AND LISTIEN TO MUSIC SING DANCE MASSAGE AND ETC IF U WANNA KNW MORE TXT ME 1-989-305-7530
Brittany Van Tassel
Brittany Baker
Brittney Diaz
Brittany Lynn
im brittany im single looking for that speical cowboy im a country girl im fun to be around and chill with
Brittany Plaisted
Brittany Perez
im a gettho country girl..... fried green tomatoe's, blow, transformer's 1, jerry lee lewis, the rifle man, catch me if you can. ECT.
Brittany Smith Dicorato
Brittany Rose
Brittany Johnson
Brittany Lynch
Britany Summers
KONNICHIWA - My name is Brittany, you can call me Usagi. - I live in Japan and teach English to the nationals. - I speak Japanese, English, and also French (poorly I might add). - I love to game, play piano, watch anime and be creative. - I have (x2) lip piercings, (x2) Dermals, (x1) tongue piercing, and (x3) ear piercings. - I also have (x8) tattoos and plan to get more. - My favorite food is sushi (Japanese Sushi is waaay better than american.) - My favorite animal is fish, usually all fish, but I have a few specifics that are my absolute. - I'm a pretty friendly person. If there's anything you want to know, just ask! :"> Traveling, creativity, photography, languages, computers and gaming. Sony all the way, none of that American bullshit, Japanese technology is where it's at!! My father and Hayao Miyazaki Most all Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, and most all Tim Burton films.
Brittani Heuett
well to start off im brittany im 23 im a mommy and i love it. i love to party have a good time ,hang out with my family and friends. shoppin all but freaky movies
Brittany O'keefe
Britt Commings
Britney Aguillon
Brittany Sells
Theres alot to say about me. Im a very talented person and i love to show it. I love to always have a good time, and im very much out there. Ill ry anything once and i live for the extream. I do have wants, in a guy; like great teeth, great body, funnie, outgoing, sexy, tall, good hair, good dressed, goals in life, has a good job, own place, lives near me and more. I might like to shop and look great always but i play rough and with the big boys. i love being outdoors, hiking, swimming, biking, fourwheeling, camping, hunting, fishing, rock climbing, and boating! Dance is my life and one of my many talents! please dont get your hopes up! Anything that will make me pee my pants and laugh my ass off!
im a colville native age 23 wanna no more?? jus ask parties
Brittany Starr
Britney Fox
Brittany Nicole
Britt Coleman
I'm 18, I'm from this small town called Johnstown PA. I work full-time. I live on my own, almost have my house paid off. I love hanging out with friends, going to the movies, playing video games, listening to music. Gaming, Movies, Music
Britney Bunar
my idols are JUSTIN Bieber Jo-Jo and a lot of other's
Brittany Nicole
Britlie Madding
Brittney Nd
Brittany Farrell
Britney Bunar
Britt Nicole
Britt Scott
Brittney Staggs
Brittany Bennett
Brittany Burns
Britt Church
Brittany Rogers
Brittany Taylor
Brittni Abbott
Brit Haneiwich
just down to earth kinda girl.. enjoy the simplier things in life atv'n reading horseback riding karokee
Brittany Marker
down to earth, trustworthy, try to get along with about everyone I'm around. I'm not religious. I hate people who think that people who don't believe are bad people at heart. but we're not and i am proof. I don't do drugs. I love rock/metal music. Bengals fan. add me if you want. rock music nfl movies
Brittany Barrett
Brittany Gray
Britta Knight
Brittany Andrade
I take computer science in university, specializing in software engineering. Soul is what I worship plus I as well watch funny movies or detective TV programs antivirus protection. It happens I’m a very gregarious person who likes to have fun, establish connections, party besides fix things. My hobbies are tennis, chess, taking pictures as well as drawing images. Fashion designing. Interior designing. Astrology, tarot card reading. Gardening.
Brittany Wadford
Brittany Minton
i am who i am and thats all i will ever want to be Hey I am Brittany I am 21. I am hard to handle and sometimes a little nerve racking but its what makes me who i am

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