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Brook Noble
Brooklyn Djbrooklyn
Brooke Shadowheart
Brooke Desbien
Brooke Wallen
Brookes Smith
Brook Bassett
Brooke Anderson
Brook Dubose
Brooke-lynn Pinklady
Brooke Cox
Brooke Theshizz Evans
Brooklyn Pace
Brooks Gurney
Brooke Van Buuren
Brooklyn Deleon
Brooke Smith
Brooke Dovichin
Brooke Moore'
Brooke Crabtree
Brook Johnson-hoover
Brooke White
Brooke Van Zee
Brooke Johnson
Brooks Gresham
Brooke Hathaway
Brooke Hobbs
Brookelyn Dobson
Brooke Rohr
Brooke Reese
Brookke Hilburn
Brooklyn Bowman
Brooke Earley
I am a woman with a man and we are seeking a lady friend. If interested please contact me.
Brooke Sweet
Obviously, for the unfortunates who do not know me, my name is Broooke. :] i'm 19, and that changes on november 14th. i go to Notre Dame, and i'm a freshmen in collage. Single
Brooks Shay
Names, Brooks... I'm 30 but I don't act like it nor do I look it!!! I'm Single... I Love the color BLUE... I'm 5'9"... I have BLUE eye's... I have Black hair... I really don't care what people think of me!!! I'm honest... I'm caring... I'm GAY!!! I live alone!!! (Thank GOD)... I work all the time!!! I feel like I'm rich, but far from it!!! I'm straight acting!!! I hate drama!!! I'm happy with where I'm at in life!!! I love my Family and Friends... I DON'T drive!!! I hate other people's driving!!! I swear a lot... There's just a lot about me and I don't feel like writing anymore so I'm done for now... NEED to know more just ASK!!! I'll tell you!!! P.S. Don't waist my time on bullshit!!! I have better things to be doing!!! Electronics... Work... Interesting people... I like the outside... My phone is smarter then me!!! (Go figure)!!! I love showers!!! I like to read!!! I love watching movies!!! I love good food!!! I love people that don't let others run their lives!!!! I love HONEST p
i am a fun loving girl with a sense of humor and loves to have a good time. i love to skateboard and to hang out with my friends and family. i would love to find someone to be mine forever.
Brooke Hajdasz
Brookella Givens
Brooklyn Engelman
any militay personel
Brooklyn Akhigbe
Brooke Willie
Brooke Hershberger
Brooke O'dell
Brooke Keeler
Brooke Jacobson
Brooks Douglas
Brooke Warner
Brooklyn Carter
Brooke Skilton
Brooklyn Rose
Brooks Montgomery
Brooklyn Hodge
Brooke Hodge
Brooklyn Rainbow
hmmmm.... lets seeee. idk... im just me i guess. i dont try to be anyone different. why would i? i like who i am and if other ppl dont well then they dont have to be around me. I am here to tlk to new ppl and make friends nothing more than that. and i do not like to video chat for the most part. i am easy going and really easy to get along with. and im a nice person till ppl piss me off. lol. I have to say that one thing that pisses me off is guys that are only on here to see pics and get off. its pretty demeaning to us. especially when a persons relationship status says in a relationship. you should have more respect for us ladies and yourself. go look at some porn. i love to hang out with friends and family. i love to sing and read. i spend like everyday with my best friend and love of my life jingles. he rocks. lol
Brookiee Cline
Brooklyn Landrum
Brooke Tabor
Brook W Russell
Brooks Overholt
Brooks Overholt
Brooklyn J Cragun
Brooklynn Herring
Brook Acosta
Brooke Brdge
Brooke Standish
Brooklyn Benoit
Brooky Torres
Brooklin Sutton
Brooke Griffin
Brook Green
Brooklyn Lovejoy
Brook Field
Brookfield Communities has been building new homes and active adult masterplanned communities in Arizona for nearly twenty years. Brookfield has two current large Arizona projects, Verde Santa Fe and Fox Creek. Brookfield Communities has been building new homes and active adult masterplanned communities in Arizona for nearly twenty years. Brookfield has two current large Arizona projects, Verde Santa Fe and Fox Creek.
Brooke Douglass
Brooke Santiago
Brooklyn Horan
Brooks Kelley
Brooks Ward
Brooksie Pugh
Brooke Rider
Brooke Wilkerson
Brooke Cullifer
Brooklyn Audigier
Brooklyn Sursok
Brooke Reiner
Brookie Eavenson
Bropain Themedman
Bro Ross
Bror Stewart
Bros Tha Sann
Broseph Stalin
I'm Ham. I'm nerdy as fuck and equally perverted. If you dig geekery and/or knockin' boots, we'll get along swimmingly.
Brother Adie
Brotha Nature
Born & raised in East Oakland CA. Currently in Costa Contra County. Love being creative with art & music being my main vehicles. Feel free to ask me anything. Below are samples of my work consisting of nothing but my beautiful online friends and a few offline friends that go back to Jr. High. None have sites and have never modeled before & this is a whole seperate gallery from my celeb/comic work soley to honor friends/subjects that deserve it. Feedback appreciated
{bro To Sandman} {{praying For Sandman}}
Brother Of Supermangod Here To Help Him
Bro.terry Muhammad
Brotha Mikail
Brotherjeff Fromdc
Brotherstreet Ramirez
Brotherwith Anothermother
Brothel George
Brothers Arms
Brother-a Allen-el
Brothermohd Seliman
Well I'm Kind of a work-aholic "EXAMPLE" I'm working on this from offshore right now & I have another 2 weeks to go out here. But when I am not working I like to spend time with my kids. I am from New Iberia But work in Houston as a consultant on pipelines for a Houston Engineering firm. I live in Shreveport now. I have a 35' 5th wheel (camper) & I like to pull it up to Mansfield, just south of Shreveport where I have 30 acres & a 3 acre pond a quarter of a mile off Toledo Bend. I spent most of my life traveling around the United States & overseas due to work as a "Pipeline welder". I'm Trying to settle it down "TRAVELING NOT TO BE MISTAKEN WITH THE M WORD" now to be home with daughter-11 & son-13 who are both by the way honor role students & well behaved wich I have to credit my ex-wife "a single mom with an ex that travels for work" with credit where credit is due she has done a fine job mostly on her own. I have been divorced 12yrs so dont worry she is very much, We also go
Brouwers Greta
Brown Sugar
Brownie Ramirez
Brown Eyes
Brown Wills
Brownin Grant
Browsing People
*brown Eyez*
my name is kayla, i am always working on making my body better.............. if u want to know more check me out I love to hang out with friends and family.
Brownskin Rican
Well, Im real simple kind of person i really dont need alot to make me happy. As long as i have laughter im good. Im 5'9 and have long jet black hair and yes its all mines lol. Im a big gurl and i love my size. I can work it just like the skinnys ones and better at it. I have brown eyes and im a brown skinned puerto rican. I love almost everything im a tech geek and love new toys to play with lol. That didnt sound right lol, Anyways if u have any more questions just ask. People say that I'm the type of person that says what I want when I want. Without considering other peoples feelings. I say the truth is a harsh reality. And reality is what we live in. A true friend won't lie. A true friend won't decieve you. A true friend will defend you. And, a true friend won't get upset at you for telling the truth. Maybe I could soften the way I say things. But, why? Because, even if I did you and other people will still talk about me. So, I might as well be me!Im 5"9 Puerto Rican with long jet b
Browni33 Sw33t
Average indivial. Please give a Browniee a hand and let me know how to get Lost in theses cherries.
Brown Owl
Browneyedgirl Browneyedgirl
hi im easy going always the life of the party a joker but have a serious side like chillin with friends the beach clubbin spending time with my daughter goin to movies just about anything as long as im having fun!
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A Brown
Hiiiii Everyone!! My name is Karen Brown I live in boring ass Jacksonville, North Carolina. Home of camp lejeune. yea yea yea.. =]
Brown Eyes
Brown Trip
Brown Eyed Girl
Brown 3y3z
Brown Jenkins
Is this the part where I'm supposed to talk about how hard it is to sum myself up in a paragraph or two? I’m a Gemini of German & Norwegian decent born in the year of the Monkey with ISTJ traits I've been described as "a multifaceted dude" I certainly have a lot of interests & dabble all over the place. I’m an Art major who is now in Information Technology. I have an addiction to PC video games particularly First Person Shooters. I spent a LOT of time outdoors particularly camping. I tend to prefer “primitive” camping and what some would call “Bushcraft”. I personally see it as trying to reclaim skills once known to everyman man & somehow lost as we became more dependent on others. I hunt and fish and have done so since I was 7 years old. I participated in a full contact medieval wargame for over 20 years but not longer do so as my body doesn’t heal as fast anymore. (Basically we dressed in armour & beat the snot out of each other. I was a student of Judo for 13+ years & ot
Brown Alex
Brown Karl
Browards Finest
Brown Ann
Brown Poet
Brown Khalid
Brownsville's Best
Brown Smith
Brown Eyez
I like to think I am a pretty laid back girl. I love to go out and have fun, but sometimes I just want to be lazy around the house. My biggest passion is baking. I love baking all sorts of pastries and goodies haha. Another passion of mine is animals. I'm a big animal rights person. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats myself. And yes, I am one of the weirdos that say my pets are like my I guess if there is anything else you want to know just ask! Thanks!
Brown Gomez
Hi! I'm just an average man looking for an average woman. Oh, far from that actually, I would really love to meet someone who just "clicks" you know? The chemistry thing is important - but getting along, having fun and being yourself is the best of all. About me - I guess I've been all work and no play...too long. I still work hard, but love time off. Hopefully, you do too! Humor is
Brownsub O-dog
I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can't be helped. I like to be a free spirit. Some don't like that, but that's the way I am.
Brownsugar Jones
Brown Salu
Brown L Boyd
Brownsugar Johnson
Brown Richard
I'M ALWAYS LOGGED IN, BUT I'M NOT ALWAYS AT MY COMPUTER. i like and comment to both men and women. but to clear something up.... I"M STRAIGHT. don't get me wrong, i don't have a problem with people being gay/lesbien/bi. some of my very good friends are and i love them dearly. CHANCES ARE.... if your default picture comes across my home page i'm gonna like it. this is a GAME and that's all i'm doing, PLAYING A GAME!!!!! i could care less who you have a crush on (if it's me thank you) could care less who you think you are falling in love with through the internet (you don't really know the person, just who they are online. you don't know the things that upset them, make them happy, piss them off, or comforts them) 95% of the people on this site will say, act & do whatever they think will get you to spend your fubucks, ability points, or even real money on them. GROW UP PEOPLE..... IT"S JUST A GAME. THERE ARE MORE IMPORTANT THINGS TO DO. i like to meet new people, but the drama on this s
Browski Week
Brown Richard
Brown Young Lens
Brown Zalasar
Brown T
Brown Noodle
Browneyes Haney
Brown Brandon
Browneyedbiker Southern Charms2
My name:browneyedbiker came from me actually having browneyes & riding my own bike. I ride a 2007 HD Streetbob with the roadname of TWC. I am a Biker, a Nudist, an Exibitionist, a Teaser & a Pleaser...I'm just getting started with this site so be patient... What are you waiting on don't be shy I am browneyedbiker aka TWC........ Myself I have my own website I am up for most anything if the chemistry is there. I also look for females preferrably Bi to do photo shoots with. If your interested , please don't hesitate to email me. Us as a couple we are a D/D free couple who enjoys having a good time every where we go! We work out on a regular basis and are in great shape. We attend Bike Rallies and both ride our own Harley. We are both Nudist, Exibiitionists and very Free Spirited!!! We love taking photos of everything we do and everywhere we go. We also enjoy Sailing, Playing Frisbee on the Beach or just h
Brown Cherry
Brown Travis
Brown Ed
Brown Hoods
Relaxfauteuils en relaxstoelen bij Zitmaxx Wonen.Bent u opzoek naar een r Relaxfauteuil waarin u heerlijk kunt ontspannen? In de relaxfauteuils en relaxstoelen van Zitmaxx Wonen komt u compleet tot rust.
Brown Linda
Brown Amina
B Roy Masters
Broza Hollar
Br13r Banks
I'm in the military (Army/11B-Infantry)and currently stationed in Grafenwhor Germany. I don't really drink or party much. Your more likely to find me reading a book, in the gym or at a tattoo shop when I'm not at work. I belive in slefless service in persuit of the 14words and that is my mission in life. WOTANIST/NATIONAL SOCIALIST, VINLAND, KKK, 14WORDS, FAITH, FOLK AND FAMILY!
Brrennt Dinargio
Brsndy Maldonado
B.r. Syall
Br!ttn3y C
Bru Bierman
a boy that lies through his teeth, buys demonic records and smokes the dope. fire arms and fisticuffs, 420 and 666, bikes, beer, and inked out bitches!
Bru Baba
Bruce Forest
Bruce Masson
Bruce Willard
Bruce Mosansky Jr.
Recently reincarnated lost soul, who is slowly, inexorably being drawn into the web of the beast. Have I found heaven or more appropriately HELL. In my philosophy class we had an argument that sanity was relative to your time and place in history; color me insane. This site is a project to me, six months ago I knew squat about computers, today it becomes my playground. So show me whatever, tempt me, tease me make me beg for more. We all need a little punishment now and then. Footsteps marching in unison to embrace The Beast who has no soul. Computer with the flesh and blood heart. An entity with the collective consciousness of a billion minds. All with one purpose, to disengage us from one another, until we all become just lines and numbers. The Purifying Burn Does anyone else stumble through life with such blind purpose? I can tell when I hit a nerve, she doesn't respond for a week. I guess I am kinda scary, so thoughtlessly cruel, relentless, and unyielding. I should be ashamed of
Bruce Cahjsgd
Bruce Waldrop
Bruce Mcmillian Mcmillian
Bruce Talisman
Bruce Sheridan
Bruce Ellard
Bruce Profitt
Bruce Shelton
Bruce Lemond
Bruce Barton
Bruce Watkins
Bruce Steers
Bruce Williams
Bruce Williams
Bruce Hannan
Bruce Ellis
Bruce Kennedy
Bruce Myke
Bruce Martin
Bruce Wildfeuer
Bruce Wood
The Bruce
Bruce Laffin
Bruce Kerr
Bruce Willits
Bruce Harala
Bruce Macpherson
i'm 21 and have two beautiful daughters, and a beautiful wife...i live in md but i was born in tx....i love to watch football and play with my kids..... most of all i like to play poker and chat with all my friends....anything else and you'll just have to ask....
Bruce Clifton
hey there everybody my name is Bruce i live in SA im a photographer by trade lol and it pays da BILLS anyway on here to meet ppl and have fun im currently working on a horror movie and would like to direct my own independents so im working my ass off to fufill my dream.anything else i can think of u will b the first to know lmao ask and ill tell u its that simple
Bruce Northrop
Sorry girls Im taken, Ive been there done that and will do it again :) If you know what i mean 37 years young with 2 kids that are my life. I have my freedom to let the wild side show. You only have one life to live so why not live it well and have fun. be honist with yourself before you can be honist with anyone else.
Bruce Belisle
Bruce Hawkins
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Fryer
About me, hhmmmm. Well, I think about sex nonstop. I'm shy, quiet sometimes, a nice guy and random. The monkies love eating peoples pickles so juicy and wet. I am a bit strange to people who don't know me yet. I'm a unique person, sometimes I think. If anyone has yim(yahoo messanger) drop me a line sometime. s/n ecurb1986. I'm much more socialish outside of these kinds of sites. No offense to anyone. but yeah, I love video games been playing them since I was little. Did I mention that I was random, I can't remember. Oh, I'm also ADHD. For those who don't know what that means, it is Attention Deficit( not the kind of deficit we're having now) Hyperactive Disorder( it's not really a disorder cause I'm still sane and kind of a neat freak, not a freak just a bit ocd. It more like and illness, a really cool illness that doesn't kill you or make your penis shrink to the size of an acorn. Or for you ladies whatever you would hate to happen to your body.) Ok, I think you now know a little abou
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Felt
Bruce Canning
Bruce Niles
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Lloyd
Bruce Hock
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Pittman
Well, if you want to find out what im about, call me up, 814-316-5616. Sup people, the name is Bruce, basically, if your not a female, then i dont really want to talk to you,shit, i love girls, any girls wanna call me up, 814-316-5616. Hugh Hefner is a P-I-M-P To be brief, Waiting, You got Served, Formula 51, Friday trilogy.
Bruce Kennedy
Bruce Miller
Bruce Doss
You scored as James Hetfield. Your are James Hetfield! The front man and leader of one of metal's greatest front-men. Even tho you are a complete write some good tunes!!James Hetfield80%Jimi Hendrix70%Ozzy Osbourne!60%Slash50%Tommy Lee30%Kurt Cobain30%Billie Joe Armstrong20%What Bad Ass Rock Legend Are you? *with pictures*created with I'm a 45 year old guy in the middle of a serious mid-life crisis I ride my dirt bike and use chemicals to adjust those pesky inbalances. I have a degree in computer technology and I work @ a place call dynatorch. Go to and see how much this has to do with computers. Married 20 years two kids and I live in Kentucky. my life sux
Bruce Lee
Fiecely independent, free spirited, uninhibited, self motivated, life loving, fun loving but devoted, disciplined, and diplomatic. Into martial arts, night clubing and dancing. Into healthy living, good conversation, working out, windsurfing , scuba diving, rock climbing, river rafting, paintball, windsurfing, and skiing. Very adventurous, free spirited, and clean living.
Bruce Kellen
Bruce Kelly
I go by west coast rebel because I have always rebeled against what most people accept. I always seem to be making waves. Sometimes intentionally...and sometimes I'm 52 years old and feel like I'm 30. I enjoy going to the beach and drinking beer. I like to dance to country music and listen to classic rock. (it's more fun to dance to country). I LOVE to go to the drag races. Nothin like the smell of burning rubber and nitro methane in the air. Kinda gets ya goin...haha. I just moved back to California after being in Colorado for the last 13 years or so. Damn it's nice to be home. I hope to meet some cool people here on LC
Bruce006 Bruce006
Bruce Daniels
Bruce Cobb
Bruce De
Bruce Johnson
Bruce Acfalle
Bruce Stephan
Bruce Otto
Bruce Treadway
Bruce Reding
im 5'6 brown hair goatee blue eyes but have green contacts. Im in a wheelchair but im one of the most outgoing people you will ever meet Im interested in clubbing, sports, music, playing video games from time to time, hanging out with friends, camping and any outdoors things.
Bruce Treadway
Bruce Romanis
Well i am a Virgo star sign and a nice caring wonderful loving understanding sensitive amazing person i am a uncle to the best nephew ever and i am Australian i have 2 brothers and 1 sister who are cool and some of the bands or artists in my Music List are Australian well if i think of anything else i will put it in later i promise feel free to add me on myspace it's htpp:// my 2nd myspace which is now my main myspace it's Courtesy of Get Yours @ NackVision girls and movies and reading books and hanging out with friends and music and other things to australian friends only
Bruce Eckstein
Bruce Lackey
Bruce Barry
Bruce Fehn
Bruce Ostman
i am a 46 yr old male. I am a singel father of 1 daughter who is 23yrs old. I live in houston tx
Bruce Johnson
Bruce Alexander Garofalo
Bruce Way
Bruce Roberts
I am a MWM living in East TN, I am looking for more than my marriage gives me, which isn't much. But I need it all the time. So if your also bored and lonely and just need a special friend with benefits, let's chat it up. Sex, sports, sex, pool, sex, darts, sex, women, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, and more sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bruce Adams
Kon-nichiwa! (thats hello in Japanese) Im Bruce. No i dont speak japanese.... yet i am studying it. Well lets start with some things about me: I am 25, single, Recently moved from florida to washington! I have a full time job and a car. I'm 5'11 and 210lbs. Brown hair and Brown eyes. I am crazy, open-minded, compassionate, fun, funny, odd, weird, cool, awesome, and intellectual. I have a very solid understanding of who I am, and what I want and what I value as well as why. I tend to be funny and not so serious most of the time, but if the situation requires seriousness I change my behavior to what is needed. I do not have piercings but I want some. Nor do I have tattoos but eventually will get some. I am an open book and I vaule Truth, Trust, Honesty, Respect, and Communication above all. I do not have many friends here but am always looking to meet some! I do like to talk intellectually and philosophically and share thoughts and ideas but thats maybe 20-30% of the time. So
Bruce Dodson
Bruce Fahringer
I am 5 foot 9 inches tall brown hair and eyes.190lbs amd 43 years old born june 6 1963 i like walks,parks,movies,swimming,music rock soft rock and country.i am easy to get a long with love kids and pets like to cuddle i am a romantic type guy.i am a carpenter i had worked for the school dist,. in my town for 15 years as there grounds keeper. i like scary movies drama and love also like to fish and hunt i do radio control hobbies as well. also love to go quading. i have 3 kids there ages are 5,6,7 two girls and a son i have joint custodity and hope to have primairy soon.there names are ida,crystal and bruce. i do and love to do many things. i like to cook on the grill when i can. i also make crafts and build computers as a spare income.i am a nice guy if givein a chance to show it .if there is more you want to know about me please ask and i will answer. well i like movies walks parks, do my hobbies when i can go quading and more.
Bruce M
Bruc E Buckner
Bruce Weltch
Bruce Stoker
Bruce Daffron
Bruce Herron
Bruce Nunya
Bruce Johnson
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Bruce Whitney
ask me and i will tell u what u may ask of me. i like to chat with fine females on line. i like to play with peoples minds. i like to play video games. i like people to like me for who i am. the army action packed movies, horror comidy
Bruce Wayne
Bruce W. Batchelder
Bruce Osborn
Bruce Heford
Bruce Williams
I am married with three adult children, one girl & two boys.. I was born and raised on the outskirts of Pittsburgh,Pa in a town named North Braddock. I attended and graduated General Braddock Area High School. I am and will always be a diehard Pittsburgher and am an avid supporter of all my hometown pro teams (Steelers, Penguins, Pirates)! At the age of 21 I decided a change was needed and moved to California. I currently work for a government agency as a contractor. I also follow the San Jose Sabercats and the Golden State Warriors. I am also an avid bowler maintaining a 178 avg, I try to bowl in as many local, regional, state and national tournaments that my schedule and finances will allow. I am very competitive but can take a loss with class. I love music with R&B being my main soundtrack to my life. My other interests are mountain biking, cooking, wine-tasting, and volunteering for various causes that are dear to me. Muhammad Ali, Pittsburgh Steelers "Steel Curtain" Defens
Bruce Creighton
Bruce Creighton
Bruce Preston
Bruce Washington
I'm a 19, I am from north philly. I am a junior at Cheyney University studying business management. I gotta 6 month old daughter named Janya, she is a spiting image of me!!!!!! IF you wanna know anything hit me up aaight, jus lookin for friends, i got a gurl holla I jus like to chill and go with tha flow, whatever seems fun at tha time is what i do u kno!!!
Bruce Macmahan
The Bruce
dude I am theBRUCe that's all you need to know I so rock I do stuff alot of stuff mostly annoy people with Power rangers facts THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT! Anthony Micheal Hall Dr. Cox John Cusack Zach Braff General Zod
Bruce Gelazin
Bruce Bradley
Bruce Jeffrey
Bruce Bruce
Bruce Swain
Bruce Alexander
Bruce Macho
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Bruce Slack
I am a person who is in the middle of a real life change due to prolonged issues.I have 2 children my son Jacob & (by another mother) my daughter Greenlee,lt would be a tramendis accomplishment to quit everything.But anyway i am a true nice person just like other's I will also get mad when crossed.But all luv to juggalo's & Juggalete's and my family and kids love U and peace 4 now. TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The Survey Name: B Birthday: Aug 9th 1982 Birthplace: Manch-Vegas Current Location: manch-vegas Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Dark Brown Height: 5'9" Right Handed or Left Handed: right Your Heritage: Irish/Greek/German The Shoes You Wore Today: Rebock's Your Weakness: Love like everyone elses and my kid's Your Fears: Never seeing my kids again Your Perfect Pizza: Onion & garlic mmmmm Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Geting a job with damn good benny's Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Who are u? Thoughts First Wa
Bruce Norman
im really into rodeos. i have been riding bulls for the past five years. going off roading is always a good time also. hunting which awesome, and just hanging out with friends at college parties.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Hoch
I'm originaly from upstate New York. I'm now living in a little town in Virginia called Buffalo Junction. It's in between Clarksville and South Boston. I Love all kinds of music and poetry. I'm a night owl. I love the tranquility and mystery of the night. I love having a good time, friends, reading, ghost stories and about a million other things. Read my blogs and learn more about who I am and about what makes me tick. "Yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." I love music and poetry. Anything that has to do with ghosts and the paranormal. Sports (Football, baseball). Reading, Other people and like I said before about a million other things.
Bruce Booth
i love going out. makeing new friends. tattoos /" target="_blank">
Bruce Odanza
Hello, my name is bruce . I am 41 years old and i live in waterford Ireland I have 4 childer 3 live with there mun and one lives with me But I'm a single and I'm seeking a nice woman for marriage.
Bruce Dubinski
Bruce Leaton
Bruce F
I am a 50 yo man. Married for 28 years. 6ft 1. 280 lbs Interests.... Hmmm.... Well my music for one. You for another. Sports, particularily football and soccer. Action movies. Sex of course (had to get that one in somewhere).
Bruce Mcclinton
I'm 6,3 around 230 short hair now with waves i love writing music R&b and rap i have my own business im 31 proud father of 5 great children love a woman with open mind want to know more ask lol woman
Bruce Elliott
O.k. Lets cut to the chase... I'm short. So dont go looking at my stats. I'm short, so any of you who are looking for someone tall to gaze up at... Quick, hit the next button... Just blow past my profile. Those of you who stayed....... All right!! As you can see, I have a very off-the-wall sense of humor, and I love to laugh at life and myself. I'm a little shy, but also I am a very intense person and I want my girl to be able and willing to communicate with me on a very deep, personal level. I graduated from college with an engineering degree in 1997, and I currently work for a construction firm that specializes primarily in residential cement structures and remodeling. It is very difficult and physical work, and it is for this reason that I love it. I like to work hard, and I play hard, too. In addition to that, I am also a body-builder, and I go to the gym 6 days a week. I used to compete in the body-building arena, but now I just do it more for fun than anything else. I usually lik
Bruce Wooten
I have blond hair green eye's. I am about 5*11 - 165 pounds. I work at rumble pouring concrete. I have 3 kids. 1 leaves out on his own. the other lives with there mom in summerville. We have been divored for a year. I am looking for a good hearted women to have a life with. I am very outgoing and good with kids.
Bruce Snader
Philadelphi Eagle fan, I am an advid bowler. I coach junior bowlers. I love camping canoeing and other sports.
Bruce Hayward
Bruce B
Bruce Boyer
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Bruce Rule Jr.
Bruce Pratt
Bruce Sammons
Well im on here to make friends, and on the way hopeful find that special someone but who knows, i have three grown kids, and 5 grandchildren that are my life, i keep busy with them when i have time. My World Visitor Map!make your own map at: im into anything out doors, fishing,hunting, water sports, but anything that is fun is challanging, as long as it doesnt haMy World Visitor Map!make your own map at: www.modmyprofile.comve to do with the cross bar hotel. then im game.
Bruce Burnside
Im a single romantic, that loves to cuddle, loves romance and candle light dinners, I love to cuddle, and especially please my lady, anyway she needs or wants to be at the time. I give a great massage, and been told I'm a very very good kisser too:) I hate cloths, and love the water especially the full moon out on the lake. and oh how I love to eat, hehe. Home cooked food with love put in it, or just at the "Y" too, lol. Never been kisses, An afair to remember, Triston and isold, My best friends wedding,
Bruce Senter Ii
My name is Bruce, i live in Kent,WA, im here to meet new friends. if you have any questions just message me
Bruce Watson
Bruce Mccallum
Bruce Hill
Bruce Haynes
Bruce Butler
Bruce Hammer
Bruce Payne
hi philly guy here hope to meet people and have fun
Bruce B
I'm 22, and from Flint Town,Michigan.......I luv'z to skate/snowbord, I'm realy into art.....I produce music, and i luv'z photoraphy. I likez to meet cool and intesting people. I luv tattooz, i have around 40/50 o peole who have tattooz and percings are cool to me. Um I'm straight forward so if u hve a question feel freeto ask. I like tattoo's, peircings, art/grafiti, music,boobs,and jack daniel's, MyHotComments / HotFreeLayouts I THIS BEAT RIGHT HERE........ Check out this MySpace MP3 Player!
Bruce Brady
Bruce Conner
Bruce Dalton
im 41 and holding or at least trying to,i have a 9yr old son that is my heart and soul and my hero,ive been divorced now for little over two yrs,i dont believe in cheating,playing games,i dont lie,i would like to find somebody that can feel my heart with joy and love,im a kind and gentle person with a big heart,if i care about somebody theirs nothing i would'nt do for them,i love spending time with that special lady in my life and showing them just how much i really love them,i like to travel,i love to fish,hunt and just spend time outdoors,i love doing things with my son after all he is all that ive got left,im the quite type but im a good listener,i try not to judge people,god knows im not perfect,i just try to treat people the way that i want to be treated. i like 80s rock,country and a little rap,i love looking at beautiful woman hey who does'nt im only human,i love riding a 4 wheeler and going 4 wheeling in my truck when ive got a lady with me so i can get stuck in the mud for a c
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Bruce Kettle
Bruce Schamus
i like to watch baseball,footballand hockey.i also hunt and fiish to
Bruce Buckley
Bruce Smith
I am a father of 2. A son and a daughter. Want to know more ask. wrestling, nascar, and other stuff.
Bruce Woodward
Bruce Williams
Bridge cricket movies reading meeting/talking to people
Bruce H
Bruce Wenrick
Bruce Maine
Bruce Foster
You are The Hierophant Divine Wisdom. Manifestation. Explanation. Teaching. All things relating to education, patience, help from superiors.The Hierophant is often considered to be a Guardian Angel. The Hierophant's purpose is to bring the spiritual down to Earth. Where the High Priestess between her two pillars deals with realms beyond this Earth, the Hierophant (or High Priest) deals with worldly problems. He is well suited to do this because he strives to create harmony and peace in the midst of a crisis. The Hierophant's only problem is that he can be stubborn and hidebound. At his best, he is wise and soothing, at his worst, he is an unbending traditionalist. What Tarot Card are You?Take the Test to Find Out. bad26- Broadcast your self LIVE my name is Bruce, i have a daughter that is 4. she was in the hospital for her whole first year. she was born with her bowel out side of her and some of it had died and left her with a short bowel. she is home now with a feeding tube. o
I truly love meeting new people I live in NYC but travel EVERYWHERE! Message me anytime at or
Bruce Cox
just ask
Bruce Martin
I'm sarcastic by nature. I git alondg with most people, just don't piss me off.;) I don't care for crowds unless I'm singin'. I'd rather talk face 2 face. I enjoy ridin my horse, my bike, hikin, playin with my dog, & various other things. mdement@ CherryTAP

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