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Barbara Brewer
Barbara Biggers
LIVING 'ONE DAY AT A TIME'. Life is becoming way too short. Is very precious. I don't take much for granted that's for sure. Have been very blessed with my family and friends who I value more then anything in this big huge world of ours. Wanting to start living my life to the fullest. Having some playful, clean, adventurous fun. Letting the inner child come out more often and why not. We only live once. Love the mountains & beaches. Being outdoors. I enjoy being active, staying fit. Hopefully I'm aging with grace. Don't think I'm doing too bad in that respect. Just ask if you are interested in knowing and learning more about me. Never know who or where you might find someone special or make a new friend. I'm open minded to all the possibilities. Adventurous. Are you? Been through many changes and transformations in pass few year. Mostly good. Helped me became the person I am today. Positive and happier. Willing to take on new challenges. Don't sweat the small's all small
Barbara Ford
Barbara Coger
Barbara Dijon
Barbara Gonzales
Barbara Wilson
Barb Whiting
Barbie Gibler
Hey... My name is Barbie and I live in Elkhart,In. I am 34 years old. I have RED hair and Green eyes. Im not a small Chic.... I have a little meat on my
Barb Johnson
Barbara Thompson
Barbara Bazel
Barbie Smith
i am an out going girl i can say....i love to party and drink....i love to meet new ppl and have fun and hang out.....ummmm i got 4 tats and my tounge done...
Barbara Nimmo
Barbara Reed
Barbie Barkley
Barbara Bijoux High
Barbie Cromer
Barb Schlichting
49 year old single female with a 13-year old living at home. Just in here because a friend sent me an invite. Not sure how often I will have the time to be here. Take no offence if it takes a long time to return a drink or a comment but I don't just sit in "bars" all day and night. LOL I have other things that are priority. Such is life. My main hang out is Facebook and I will check in here when I get the time and get bored and thirsty. Thanks for the drinks I have received so far. Tomorrow I will be uploading a salute that I hope turns out OK as I am spending the day alone so will be using the self timer on my camera. Hope everyone has a fun time and DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE! Get a DD! Favorite movies are Horror. Favorite actors are Kane Hodder and R.A.Mihailoff of the Hatchet movies. I will be dining with Kane Hodder in October at the Rock and Shock Horror Convention. YEA!
Barbie Poe
Barbara Kemp
Barbara Fox
Barbara Mills
Barbara Kinney
Barbara Pelos
Barbara Hill Sherlock
'barb Radek
Barbara Southard
Barbara Vazquez
Barbara Brown
Barb Vanpatten Loso
Barbara Burtcher
Barb Anderson
Barbie Soli
Barbara Mycoff May
Barbara Lucia
Barbara Fernandez
hi! im barbara fernandez but you can call me babrbie that sucks! haha! im 27 years old, im a half filipina and half american. im a very outgoing person, i love to travel, shopping. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU CAN GET.
Barbara Payne
Barbara Schenck
Barb Lowery
Barb Robinson
Barbara Fox
100% real to the t and not into BS but if thats ur game so be it. players who say they r not players please, only player cant spot a player, just be real about it. IM LOOKING FOR MY ONE AND ONLY LIFE FRIEND, LOVER, MAN. SO IF YOU SEE HIM LET ME KNOW OK awe the big word love, everyone wants love but lots cant semm to find it. lol want someone to give me everything i want, but not so easy, make me work for it. i want to be someones whole world, they think of me 24/7, and all that. i want to be treated like a lady, wined & dined, my wish is their desire.... but that is the impossible dream. so if someone can and will put up with me. And be my good friend who likes me, lol. a cuddle buddy, friend, and careing person (who likes sexy hot fat chic IF I LIKE ITS CAUSE I LIKE U, BUT IF I WANT TO SLEEP WITH U ITS CAUSE U HAVE AWESOME SEXY EYE, ME WELL THEY SAY IM A BITCH ASK ALL MY EXES AND THEY WILL SAY IM A BITCH, BUT THEY STILL WANT ME BACK, AND KEEP SAYING THEY LOVE ME, BUT
Barbod Boromand
Barbara Clark
Barbara Pate
Barbara Bienvenue
Barbara Voight
Barbara Herpin
Barbie Haywood
Barb Stephen Robinson
I am 38 years young. I am with the most amazing man in the world!!!!!! I have 3 children and 1 grandson. I work as a crew leader at a gated community and love my job alot. I am planning on moving to Puerto Rico in the next 3 years to spend the rest of my life with mi amor. I love to read and play on the computer in my spare time. My favorite movies are Coyote Ugly, Titanic, Dirty Dancing, Law Abiding Citizen
Barbara Webb
Barbi Kyser
Barbod Vox
Barbie Reyes
Barb Middaugh
Barbara Smith
Barbara Droese
Barbra Muminov
Barbara Bowers Bailey
Barbiechen-hermeliza Dalogdog
Barbara Coetzee
Barb Steller
Barbara Taylor
Barbara Ramos
Barbara Hamm
Barbara Smith
Barbara Knight
Barbara Barker
Barbara Battaglia
Barbara Iwaniuk
Barbara Van Ess
Barbara Mick
Barbara Reichert
Barbara Cossette
Barb Andersen
Barbie Dianne Laceste
Barbara Behrens
Barb Drake
Barbara Darnell
Barbara Mosley
Barbita Yousefi
Barbara Ainsworth
Barbara Ann
Barbara Barton
Barb Butler
Barbara Wager
Barbara Dotson
Barbara Keller
Barbara Ailes
Barbara Cooper
Barbara Holmes
Barbie Carson
Barbara Jon
Barbara Del Carmen Peribanez
Barbara Fleury
Barbara Hooks
Barbara Pembroke
Barbie Jordan
Barbara Mitchell
Barbara Smith
Barbara Dalton
Barbeeque Man
Barbara Vaughan
Barbara Hawkins
Barbara Saenz
Barbara Greiner
Barbara Bunch
For starters i am a LESBIAN which means i'm not interested in MEN for any RELATIONSHIP except for friends i'll be anybody's FRIEND i have a GIRLFRIEND but meeting FEMALE friends in my area to hang out with would be cool i just moved to Lexington N.C. a year ago and i don't really have anybody to hang out with..... so if your FEMALE and interested in just HANGING out then hit me up and let me all the MEN out there you are welcome to be my FRIEND and JUST hangout but nothing more HINTS the word LESBIAN if you have any questions just ask but DON'T BE RUDE OR A ASSHOLE....thanx PsYcOsBaByGuRl.... P.S. I'M ALSO NOT INTERESTED IN A 3 WAY WITH YOU AND YOUR BOYFRIEND(ALTHOUGH MY GIRL AND I MIGHT THINK ABOUT IT WITH ANOTHER SINGLE FEMALE) Horse back riding on real horses (NOT MEN'S DICKS)....Bowling....Camping....Going to the Beach(ALL FEMALE NUDE BEACHES INCLUDED ....Going to the movies....Dancing (NOT MEANING ON A POLE OR SOME ASSHOLES LAP)....Listening to music....And fishing
Barbara Bullock
Barby Belcher
Barb Soluri
I have a amazing family!I have a amazing daughter Katie Soluri.She is my world and she is always going to be.I am engaged to a wonderful man...Randy Stenoski!I hate dramma so you can keep my name out of your mouth.My favorite color is pink,blue and purple. I like watching n.c.i.s and law and order. I love spending time with my daughter and step son Harley Stenoski I love my family!! I like horror... the last house on the left saws urban leagend things like that.
Barb K Vieira
Barbara Madison- Kincaid
Barbara Pollock Brown
Barbara Kwitkowski
Barbara Burke
Barbara Hayes
Barb Higginbotham
i love life and my family and friends.. i injoy traveling around to meet new people and love to just plain have fun.... and i am who i am take me our leave me... life is to short...i love many and is loved by many... yep this is me... love to sing dance and shoot pool i love loretta lynn she's the best cops... and order
Barbara Dulaney
Barbaria Nannoo
Barbara Robertson
Barbara Germanchocolate
Barbara Grange
FYI I'm not some mindless Bimbo that wants to Fuc Every One that comes along .... I can be Flirting just like every other Hot Blooded Human ... alot of times Shy (sorry for that)if I dont answer you i might not be right here (sorry for that too) or You JUMP right in with do you cam.... ( another again I'm sorry)Shy again...good luck trying to get me there ! Don't get me wrong I Have s*x on the brain 24/7 too but come on now!!! I do like other things road trips (by bike ,jeeps,trucks , cars, planes scare me)camping ,fishing ect.I could be your best friend and do what ever I can for you if I can loyal to those that treat me with the same...fuc me and then its fuc you...dont think i'll just let it go..dont have time for bull sh*t, don't want it!!! Lifes to short! SOOO with that said "Hi my names Barbie " Bondoc Saints well Action Adventure Comedy some Horror
Barbara Cook
Barber Tuia
Barbara Splawn
Barbie Jones
Barbara Kelley
Barbara Bersin
Barbie Wesberry
Barbara Couch
Barbara Evans-weavercollingsworth
Barbara Dorn
Barbara Poston
Barbara Reid
Barbara Witthaus
Barb Netz
Barbara Grier
Barbara Campbell
Barbara Virginia
Just a heads up if your looking for a quick lay you might as well leave, I like romance and an intellectual mind included in a hot body alright? Just a plain collage student, I'm really picky about who I talk to and such so don't feel offended if I ignore your friend request or chat invite, well actually do feel offended I really don't much care >. I especially don't want to talk to you if you cant speak real English i hate people who "TAlk L!k Thi$" or can only speak Ebonics, that just makes me annoyed to the point of hatred, I can understand misspelling words and such but really people raise your hand if you have passed the freaking 2nd grade or even have a spell checker on your computer. Also the stereotypical people (wiggers and anything like them) don't even try if your darker than the color of a dark mocha then you going to be ignored just a preference but even if you are the whitest person on earth if you are a complete idiot please shove your head up your ass and get lost bec
Barbie Jean
Barbara Mcintyre
Barbara Erwin
Barbara Gibson
Barb Rock
Barbara Masselli
Going to school for Business Administrative Technology Specializing in Business Administrative Assistant, and Medical Administrative Assistant. I will graduate in December of 2012. Have a part time job. I like fishing, Internet, Movies, Going on trips. Some Shows I enjoy are Law and Order Special Victims, CSI Las Vegas, Sons of Anarchy, House, Big Brother, America's Got Talent, American Horror Story, America's Next Top Model.
Barbie Doll
Im 24 frm cali i like to sing dance draw cook play lazer tag and also online 3d chat games or 3d chat worlds =^.^= more commingg soon..........
Barbsy Blagrove
Barbara Miller
Barbie Rosario
Barb Dunn-davis
Barberia Lunny Tunn
Barbara Pluma
Barbara Mena
Barbara Sanchez
Barbara Goerlitz-ingram
Barbara Parriott
Barbara Funk
Barbara Norris
Barbara Sandlin
Barbara Osteen
Barbara Beck
The best way to woo a Sagittarius is to be very direct and open about your feelings while at the same time giving him or her a long leash to do what they want. Although they love expressions of appreciation from a lover they do not like to feel smothered, penned in or hampered in any way by a relationship. The beautiful thing about them however is that once they are smitten they can be the most devoted of partners that offers expressions of commitment and devotion through actions and gifts on an almost daily basis. Having patience with an Archer is definitely worth it. If you really want to seem exciting to this sign that loves people then make sure you can take him or her to many loud and busy parties as you can. Make sure that they are attended by a lot of important people or celebrities too. Sagittarians love to throw parties and go to parties and will also be very impressed if you live in a home that is set up for entertaining large numbers of people. They are also good social
Barbara Phillips
Barbara Read
Barbara Chapman
Barbara Hanback
Barbara Lewis
Barbara Fonseca
Barbara Grenon
Barbara Lynch
Barbara Rush-wells
Barbara Walter
Barbara Hegedus
Barbara Williams
Barbara Bailey
Barbara Helton
Barbara Randolph
Barbara Marvin
Barbara Loeffel
Barbara Toothman
Barbi Crow
Barbara Murawski
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Sether
I'm fun, loving, free spirited, involved in my work, (who is great by the way), I love to tan, play with my hairstyle, get manicures and pedicures, listen to music, fine dining, live shows, music concerts, have a desire to travel, love the water, can't ski, love my camera! ... 2 relationships since, failed..... friends with guys over girls, allergic to cats, non smoker, likes wine and martini's, cold beer on a hot day. Always working on improving myself, I love myself, feel comfortable in my skin. I think life is precious and needs to be enjoyed to its fullest extent. I talk alot, analyze everything, jump in at times head first, Blah Blah Blah I am an Gemini, what do you expect! Wild side for sure, mostly just a girl. I have a good balance between my intensity and silliness, I appreciate irony. Smart but humble. A friend of mine once said I had a built-in b. s. detector that never fails. And it registered that he was telling the truth, of course I also like: Auto racing / Motorcross *
Barbi Gannaway
Barbara Simmons
Barbara Griesbeck
Barbara Lowery
Barbra Graham
Barbara Gabriel
Barbara Bohl
Barbara Alford
I'm single.Looking to make friends ,maybe see where it goes.Like to chat ,am open and honest about all things .Somethings I won't share here and will just tell you so.Am pretty blunt but polite ---SOUTHERN STYLE!LOL LI Like dirt track ,Mini sprints ,motorcycles ,cars,and big trucks Not always in that order.
Barbara Bair
Barbara Fox
looking to start living life after being a widow for 2 years. looking for love in all the wrong places. love to hunt, fish, camp,be near a camp fire. making love under the stars,
Barbara Burns
Barbara Griesbeck-siomos
Barbie Ferry
Barbara Lavigne
Barbaric Heathen
My real name is Cody. I DJ for Blade Radio ( on the Guild Wars stream. It's an internet radio station assoicated with the MMORPG "Guild Wars" and other games. I DJ every Friday nite @ 9pm - 12am central time. I go by the DJ name "DJ Barbaric". You can tune in @ I also DJ for Metal Kulture Radio every Sunday night @ 8pm - 11pm central. MY DJ name for this station is DJ Sinister. I play all metal music. Official site: Tune in @
Barbara Barker
Barbara Stroder
Barbara Johnson
Barbie Thomas
well i am 29 years old i am the mother of 3 beautiful kids and i have 1 on the way. i love to talk walks in the sun. i love to swim. i love to sing.............anything else just chat with me or message me everything interests me
Barbara Liebowitz
Barbara Dimmick
Hey all my name is Barbara I am a born and raised longisland girl.. I am in to alot of different things just ask me okay!
Barbara Seever
i like spending time with family an friends an i like that it got nice out side i like that i getting to go fishing this summer an spending time with my tow grandsons
Barbara Patina
Comments by ZingerBug.comBabiTag Comments - Sassy Trendy Sexy""> Image by
Barbara Rowell
Barb Mcbrian
Barbara Padilla
Barbara Johnson
Barbara Russell
Barbara Trevino
Barbie Wilson
Barbara Arkue
Barbara Favreau
Barbara Olson
Barbara Diaz
Barbara Ortiz
Barbara Henry
Barbara Sherrod
Barbara Harris
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Barbara Pickett
Barb Kilburn
Barb Wahl
Barbara Collier
Barbara Powers
Barbara Wyble
Barbara Mcewen
Barbara Sauer
Barbie Blaze
Barbi Adkins
Barbara Simons
well my name is barbara im 43. i have 5 children 2 girls and 3 boys and i have 3 beautiful grandbabys 2 girls and 1 boy. I am not married but i am with a great man and we both enjoy have lots of fun if you know what i mean. we are lookin for new friends who also enjoy to hav fun
Barbara Newport-carver
Barbara Herren
Barbara Gray
Barbara Campbell
Barbara Fabre
Barbara Gingrich
Barbara Braner
Barbara Finuf
Barbara Jones
Barbara Lavigne
Barbi Adkins
Barbiee Mcdaniel
Barbara R
Barbara Cloud
Barbara Osborne
Barbara Adams
Barbie Leslie
Barbara Liebowitz
Barbara Montgomery
Barbie Divine
Barbara Wehbe
Barbara Boldt
Barbara Salfino
Barbara Kelley
Barbara Hunter
Barbara Tracy
Barb Rose
Barb Herman
Barbie Gault
Barbie Kruser
Barbarochine Santillo
Barbara Myers
Barb Kerr Mccusker
Barbara Jewitt
Barbara Nixon
Barbaraf Fulfortq
Barb Talton
Barbreshia Hale
Barbra Gage
Barbara Thair
Barbara Everhart
Barbara Hubbard
Barbara Burnett
Barbara Phillips
Barbara Wyble
Barbra Canada
I am,a very likable person. Im calm cool and collective till you piss me off then its on. Lol just kidding Sports music hangin out with friends. And I love to make new friends.
Barb Bolduan
Barbara Lopez
I'm fucking insane. I'm interested in other fucking insane people.
Barbara Sessions
Ask me and I'll tell u... heavy metal, playin pool, live shows
Barbara Godding
I am s sexy lady who lives and works in Rhode Island I am 5'6 120 pounds Have blonde hair and blue eyes I enjoy going out to dance clubs and hanging out with friends I love all kinds of movies The latest one I have seen is Argo and all time favorites are The Lord Of the Rings, Star Wars and The Chronicles Of Riddick I'm a huge music fan and I like Donna Summer, The Brothers Johnson, Kool and The gang and Barry White Karl Urban, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro The Pathfinder, Bram Stokers Dracula,Doom,Hammer films, John Carpenter's Vampires, Star Trek
Barbara Aaron Coker
Barbara Mills-james
Barbara Wyble
hey my name is barbara u can call me by barb or barbie i have a boyfriend and ive been with him for 5 years & 2 mouths and im in love with him and im not shy so get to know me u can ask me anything so get of my page u cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Barbara Hanson
Barbara Miller
Barbara Garcia
Barbiee Bri
Barbara Paige
Barbara Boots
Barb Bigler
Barbara Taylor
Barbara Miller
Barb Moore
Barbara Konopka
Barbie Richins
Barbara Woods
Barb Bunnell
Barbara Lavigne
Barbara Chandler
Barbara Delk
my name is barbara. im deaf.i have a son one . him was name is timm. my son is 27 years old .i lose my family . my brother passed away in 72 my grandmother passed away in 86 my father passed away in 88 my mother passed away in 99 my sister passed away in 07 my brother and i are four i alone live my aparmtent i live in greenville , ohio
Barbara Brohner Garrison
Barbara Seeley
Barbara Simpkins
Barbara Stafford
Barbara Vaughn
Barbara Burns
Barbara Youngblood
Barbara Jo Grubaugh
Barbara Dano
Barbara Anderson
Barbara Carnley
Barb Hilarzewski
Barbara Smith
Barbara Hart
Barbara Seaton
Barbie Navita
Barb Lippenga
Barbarra Smith
Barbara Baker
Barb Strickland
my name is Barb, Im from the Jacksonville, Fl area! I'm the owner operator of Interactive Adult media. Im Single, I have no kids. I love going to the beach, and I love going out with my girls!
Barbara Battle
Barbara Playfair
Barbara Dixon
Barbara Mcfall
Barbara Ventrella
Barb Browne
Barbra Midkiff
Barbara Burdette
Barbie Ann Elizabeth
Barbara Boring
I'm in a relationship with a wonderful guy!!!!!!! Who I loved very much!!!!!!!
I'm mainly here for my kids and to support my son-in-law's band, Future Ruin!
Barbara Jarvis
Barbara Spradling
Well i am a mother and a wife.I been married for 7yrs and we been together for 12yrs.i am happy with the man i am married to.and i am very down to earth and openminded and i dont believin playing head games.i like to have a great time and enjoy the outdoors.So if u dont mind me being married and having children then we can chat if u want.anyways thanks for reading this Well i love playing volleyball...dancing..bowling.and taking walks around the park or anywhere.softball and whatever else my idol i would have to say is the judds..and i also like other ppl as well... Well there are a few movies i love to watch and some i dont.I luv twilight saga..Horror movies and comedy..romantic...romantic comedy...sciene fiction.and more...
Barbie Towers
Barb Mordah
Barb Grant
Barbara Fisher
Barbie Shay Hollins
Barbara Pilato
My name is Barbara, Barbie for short. I'm a 20 yr old country girl. Grew up in the country and love it, wouldn't change it for anything. I love meeting new people. Been in a relationship with my BF for 5 and half years now (though its going sour now. I have 2 dogs of my own, one is a 13yr old greyhound/bluetick coon hound named sammi. The other is a 3yr old staffordshire bull terrier named emerald. I can be a pretty awesome person, but if you get on my bad side well lets just say make sure you sleep with one eye open. I LOVE my country and soft/classic rock music, although i listen a bit to everything. I NEVER wear the same matching pair of socks MISMATCHED ALL THE WAY YEAH! k take care have fun! music animals horseback riding muddin 4-wheelin hanging out with friends not sweating my a** off not freezing my a** off getting to know new folks tired of BS
Barbara Mahlich
Barbara Paclik
Barbara Crawn
I am a compassionate, hard working, honest person. I am sexy, romantic, loving and caring person I enjoy fishing and camping. I love a movie. Enjoy romantic walks and looking at the moonlight. Sitting with my soulmate in a romantic settings. Eating in candlelite dinner together with romantic music. Going to some romantic place and sitting together watching the sunset or the sunrise. One needs to be happy, cheerful, and understanding with good sincere communication. Reading, Writing, Traveling, Painting and drawing.
Barb Sherlock
Barb Eustaquio
Barbara Barker
I am a single mother of 3 and they are my world. I am out in this world looking for friends and to be able to get out of the house once in a while. I love to be outside on beautiful days and I love taking my children to different places they have never seen before. I am just your common Mom and I have a lot of people that call me "mom" even though I am not their real mother. I love kids and for some reason they seem to love me too. I am easy to get along with and I enjoy a great conversation. It's a great way to pass the time away. I am just an easy going person and love being able to meet new people. And yes people I am a disabled Mother, before anyone even ask! Live with it! Flirt, Flirt Quotes | Forward this Picture - More Dark Roses Comments There are a lot of things that I enjoy. I love playing MMORPG games on the computer and I love playing cards as well. I love being outside and enjoying the sounds of the animals and enjoying the fresh air. I
Barbie Mann
Barbara Arizona
Barb D Hammye
Barbara Blair-bethany
Barbara Mcgee
Barbara Houck
Barbie Stormrider
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Barbara Goodrum
I am a 22 year old loca chicka, I have three babies(King,Grace,and KitKat). I Have four half sisters, and a half brother, three stepsisters and a stepbrother. I am very shy and a bookworm...I love to read...I am a big fan of anime, and I tend to be childish alot(my aunt Joy would know xD I get it from her).I am a major animal lover , I tend to be sweet thou I have a temper which don't happen alot . Anime(inuyasha,Naruto,VampireKnight, ect),books(Percy Jackson, ect),Music(pop,tencho,goth/emo, ect),Animals(Foxes,Wolves,Panthers)
Barbara Evans
Barbara Manfra
Barbara Cermola-cascio
Barbara Donnelly
Barbara Freshour
Barbara Porter
I like most music. I don't watch tv or go to the movies.
Barbara Johnson
Barbie Exline
Barbara Ralston
Barb Riddle
Barbara Wyble
Barbara Paulsen
Bar Code
Barcley Reed
Barcode Mothuhfuhkah
Barcaly Louis
Barcamica I like
Barcelona Ealaf
Barca Waleed
Barcelisa Rhoades
Barditus Menhir
Bardolph Mcconnell
hey sexy ladys out there, my name is bluv4life! im one of the laid back drama free coolest person you can hang out new to fubar, looking to meet some friends, and have some fun, and see where it takes me. im also looking for a wonderful women to hook up with, so holla back at ya boy! one! im laid back, i like dance, i love the out doors, i love to cook, i had 2 restauraunts here in portland, now in into realestate. i like walks on the beach, i love to read books.i like to work out, im into sports, but not more then paying attention to a women!smile! i love camping and fishing, i love to cuddle and watch a good movie at home.
Bardello Blackywell

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