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Let's see...what about me?? My name is Britni and i just graduted high school. I'll be 19 on august 25. I do have a boyfriend who's in the navy and i love him with all of my heart. I love it here on LC! Everyone's great and i love talking to people and making new friends, so keep it up! :)
Brittney Dilling
Brittany Thomas
Brittany Hill
Brittany Wood
My name is Brittany, im 20 and i live in Corona,CA. i like to hangout with friends shop go to the movies and go to the beach.
Brittany Roth
Brittany Viles
If you wanna know, just ask! ♥
Brittney Gould
Brittany Hewitt
Brittany Williams
Hey It's Me. My Name is Brittany Marie Williams. I grew up in cleveland Ohio and just moved out to Macedonia. I love to sing, dance, and write things from my heart (like poetry). I am a really cool laid back all around person. I really dont have time for those phony people out there. I am really kind and sweet. I think I am a very attractive person(not to sound conceited or arogant i just have confidence) but anyone thinks otherwise its all good because thats what I think. I keep it real to the fullest. I am really goofy and down 4 whatvea. I always try and have time for my family, friends and school. I LOVE to go to parties, out shopping,or to just hang wit some friends. I am currently a free agent if you know what i mean. I have a really good personality and I try to help others. I often just talk on the phone, go to parties, listen to music and write poems. So you should all holla at me so you can get to know me Ms.B!!!!!
Britt Wagman
Brittney Wright
Brittany South
Britney Skye
Brittany Mills
Brittney Wolfer
Brittany Downey
Brittnee Poe
Brittnie Williams
Whatz good people? My name iz Brittnie but dey call me Kool-Aid. I am a fun kool down to earth person i like to laugh, have fun, sing, chill with my friends, talk on the phone, and make others laugh. I am a Jr. at Rickards High School In Tallahassee Florida. I love to write..i dont write poetry or anything i just love to my free time i like to watch scary movies and get on the computer or talk on the phone and dance. If you want to know anything else then juss hit cha girl up
Brittney May
Brittney Petersen Hey everyone...I'm new too this site so if you have any tips or what not, let me know! My name is Brittney, I'm from MN. Love sports. Volleyball is the shit...umm idk if theres anything else you want to know just ask!
Brittany Lewis
Brittany Womack
Britni Bailey
Britt Williams
o What is there to say? o Some friends call me B.B. and others call me B_Laz. b_lo...chances are i wont respond to "brittney" being said at school considering there are oh so many so if you want to get my attention say one of those or polly pocket... ~~~~~~I LOVE YOU VERONICA!!!!!! o “Life without God is like a sand castle with the tide coming in” Jonathan N. Gilman, one of the best MEN in this world....or so i thought. not anymore. o I love concerts o My mom is one of the nicest and most bad ass moms you will ever meet... i mean come on, "hey i'll be back at 2 am" " ok have fun!" that was before i fucked up. now shes still pretty cool about a lot of things o If you have made me cry dont look at is as bad or that i dont like you, think of it as i actually cared and still do care for you enough to cry o I love swinging anytime o I love dancing to ANY music. especially in clays car because it has stars. o I like playing dress up w
most call me britni. i am shy. i am loud. i dye my hair. a lot. i like my height. i hate my weight. feet amaze me. my boobs are too small. my butt is perfect. PDA is my life. blaine janssen is the center of my universe. holding hands is my favorite. high school is overrated. kissing is pretty much the funnest thing ever. i loove to cry. it makes me feel amazing. if you hate me, chances are i hate you more. my best friend is blaine. he understands me. i ¢¾ harry potter. black eye liner is in one word = AMAZING. i live for chocolate. i eat carrot cake on my birthday. you're jealous. i tend to be a little ditzy. spilling milk is pretty much a daily ritual. i hate players, liars, cheaters, backstabbers, two-faced people, bitches, perfection, mattawan, ugly clothes, bronze, purple, peas, green beans, blue eyeshadow, jimmy neutron, tornados, tomatos, aspharugas, drama, cauliflour, mud, the smell of dog and cat food, being yelled at.
im brittany..18..and i live in conroe (for now). i love meeting new people & making new friends. not big on partying..more into just hanging out with a few friends (or just one :P ) if ya wanna know anything else..msg me :) or you can look me up on myspace. hmm..i like country western dancing. and listening to music. and hanging with friends. and a bunch of other stuff :) hmm..i don't really have any idols. omg i've become such a movie addict in the past month. i guess because i have nothing better to do. i love scary movies. (but they're funner to watch with someone..preferably a guy :) i also like comedies and chick flicks..pretty much anything.
Brittany Niedermeyer
British Owens
Britney ?
im briteny and i live n arkansas ... i love to fuckin party !!!! and shit like that !! ya you know what i mean ,, im not a prep !! umm shit ,,, i love long walks on da beach ,...... umm how about NOT !! i like to have fun every were i go !!! and i think thats bout it ,,, oh ya i should be presdant ... id make weed legal!!! ROCK ON LETS SEE I LIKE TO PARTY AND CHILL WITH MY FRIENDS AND
My name is Brittany Miller. I`m a freshman in highschool. I have myspace. So add me. I love talking on the phone. Hanging out with my friends. Playing with my dogs. I have four. Precious, Angel, Tinkerbell, and Prissy. Precious is Maltese and Dachshund mixed. Angel is Lab and Shephard mixed. Tinkerbell is a terrier. And Prissy is a terrier also. I love taking pictures! I`m from Pensacola, Florida. Umm... I`ll add more later. AIM: BrUnEtTeBrItT129 Yahoo: brittbabe7013 Talking on the phone, hanging out with my friends, playing with my dogs, going to the movies, shopping, etc.
Brittany Roberts
Brittany Rogers
Brittany Anderson
Brittani Parker
Brittany Bradley
brittAny nd. rAndy-' f00ever were t00 beqin Ab0ut him wh00A i meAn i l00ve everythinq b0ut him fr0m his crAzy Ass lAuqh t00 his cute smille ., he meAns s00 much t00 me &- i never wAnnA be with0ut him . he is the 0nlly quy i hAve ever lett in And ActuAlly 0pened upp t00 &- he will pr0lly be the 0nly quy i ever d00 ,' he hAss been muhh first f0r everythinq fr0m breAkin the rec0rd f00 the l0nqest i tAlkedd 0n the ph0ne t00 s0me0ne with0ut hAnqin up (8h0urs) t00 lettin him t0uch muhh feet tAhA . &- when im with him n0b0dy else mAtters its like its just me Andd him Andd everyb0dy &- thinq is bl0cked 0ut ,; n0b0dy will ever be Ablle t00 tAke hiss plAce he c0mpletes me when were t0qether i feel like i d0nt need t00 seArch f00r Anythinq else ., he is the 0nly quy i hAve ever cAred f00r like this im willinq t00 d00 Anythinq f00r him '; i never knew i c0uld even l0ve A mAn this much . Andd i l00ve him with All muhh heart w0rd 0f Advice. stArt puttin yur 1st. thinqs 1st.
Britteny Smith
Brittany Baria
Brittany Williams
Hey im Brittany. I was born in Brooklyn but i've lived here in Nottingham, MD for about 10yrs. I would say im a fun, outgoing, loving, friendly, happy most of the time, cheery, jolly and down rite kool type of chick who loves to go clubbing. Live life to max! I cherish the little things in life and im really grateful for everything. I live for the moment as u may hav guessed. i love love! I dont like negative thinkers cause they annoy me, i try n make the best out of any situation and try to have as much fun as possible. i like to work for things rather than have them handed to me...but hey i like things being handed to me too lol. if im gonna do somethin, im gonna do it right. I always lookin for the next level with somethin, I try not to put limits on myself cause ya dont know what u can do until u try! i try to see things from a differnt angle and from the deeper side rather than just what others see on the outside. i love challanges and am not one to give up. Im really focused when
Brittany Day
Brittney Hubbard
Brittney C.
Brittany Whaley
Brittney Chapman
hmm...lets see what is there about me to tell? i just graduated from foss high school!! *WOOT WOOT* and im just about to head to college in a couple weeks so im excited about that! i love volleyball. basketball football. im also an art person i love art!! ima music person too! music can save ppls lives! lol . favorite color is red n black!!! music rock n rap some r&b....favorite food is mexican food! hells yeah!! other than that i just love to chill n hangout with people i like!!
Im a pretty laid back chick!! I work full time and im heading into my second year of college. I love just to hang out with my friends and laugh!!!
Brittany Anderson
Brittany Kline
Brittany Ciolko
aight, ya'll want to know about me.. here's what your gettin... I'm 5'10". I've lived in Kansas all of me life. I learned to surf while i was in Mexico a while back... I loved it.. everything else, well thats' w/in driving distance.. I don't like fake people. I don't like being categorized by the way i dress or where i live. It's bullshit... I'm one of those people that like to do whatever i want. if i don't want to do it, then i won't. I love my boyfriend. we get along so well cause we've never TRIED to change each other. Well, that's all i'm gonna say for now, I.M. if you wanna talk! I coach swim team, and i played volleyball. I love old muscle cars (cause i work on them in my spare time), and i love hanging out with friends. I've never been in any real big trouble, just little stupid shit... I like all seasons cause all of them bring some sort of new challenge. Winter=snowboarding, summer=wakeboarding and traveling, spring=motocross and mudding on quads, and fall= is just anything y
Brit Lewis
whats up my name is brit. i love playing sports and hanging out wiht my friends. i write poetry and songs and i dont take shit from anyone. mess wiht me and i will probly kick the shitout of you. my names brit. i love playing all sports and im really into writing. I hate stuck up pple , they suck. I dont idolize anyone. all diff. ones. my favorite are scary.
Brittania Torbett
Britnie Madick
i'm 20 years old. I have one daughter. I like haning out with my friends. Ilike going out and haveign fun. It dont matter what it is as long as it is fun.
Brit C.
I'm tall and young compared to well, everyone on this site... well, that I have ran into so far... Well, Ill update later...
Brittany Benz
Brittany Aint Sayin
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Brittany Caldwell
Brittany Heard
Brittany Burris
Brittany Kitner
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Casablanca, Secret Window, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, Braveheart, October Sky, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Napoleon Dynamite, The Ghost and the Darkness, Pretty Woman, Garden State, Igby goes Down, Bridget Jones Diary, Pretty in Pink, Home Alone, Zoolander, Weird Science, Valley Girl, My Cousin Vinny, 13 Going on 30, Chronicles of Narnia, Seventeen Candles, The Breakfast Club, The Witches, Drop Dead Fred, Little Black Book, Saved!, The Hot Chick, Fight Club, The Good Son, Ghost World, Love Actually, The Notebook, Say Anything, America's Sweethearts, The Witches of Eastwick, Dead Poets Society, Bio-dome, Practical Magic, Mommy Dearest, Final Destination, Glory, Bring it on, Whatever it takes, Can't Hardly Wait
Brittney Sutton
Brittany Huff
Brittany Whitworth
Brit Reed
You Are Tequilla When you drink, you're serious about getting drunk! You'll take any shot that's offered up to you... Even if it tastes like sock sweat! And you're never afraid of eating the worm. What Alcoholic Drink Are You?You Are 32% Abnormal You are at medium risk for being a psychopath. It is somewhat likely that you have no soul. You are at high risk for having a borderline personality. It is very likely that you are a chaotic mess. You are at low risk for having a narcissistic personality. It is unlikely that you are in love with your own reflection. You are at low risk for having a social phobia. It is unlikely that you feel most comfortable in your mom's basement. You are at low risk for obsessive compulsive disorder. It is unlikely that you are addicted to hand sanitizer. How Abnormal Are You?>You have a sexual IQ of 142 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. Y
Brittnye Gilliland
Brittney Shaffer
Brittani Shettles
Brittany Holley
Brittney Petties
Brittany Floyd
-About Me-[Basics][Name]:Brittany [Nicknames]:emokid [Birthday]:march 13, 1992 [Status]:single [Occupation/School]:high school [Screenname]:aim: emokid13xxx yahoo: grl_for_God13 msn: [Personal Style]:emo/grunge/punk [Current Location]:living room [Appearance][Height]:5'7" [Weight]:like im telling you [Hair Color]:black and pink [Hair Style]:cute [Hair Length]:shoulder [Eye Color]:blue [Contacts/Glasses]:glasses [Braces]:nope [Favorites][Color]:black [Season]:fall/winter [Number]:13 [Music]:emo/screamo [Person]:God [Holiday]:Christmas [Animal]:monkey [Smell]:vinilla [Perfume]:bambi [Make-Up Brand]:idc [Store]:hottopic/torrid [Song]:i dont have just one favorite [Movie]:Thirteen and the notebook [Book]:
Brittany Mckinney
Brittanie Ranshaw
well my name is Brittany im 17 and im a senior and liberty High school. Im Pretty much a cool girl to hang out with. i love music and my friends+family. I HATE drama so if it fallows you dont talk to me. If you hate me im pretty sure its for a good reason, so just get over it cuz im sure i have. I dont really like many girls only for the fact that all girls talk crap. Mainly i hang out with guys but that DOESNT mean im a whore! But ya if you wanna know more just talk to me. im nice..well sometimes =] love ya.♥ i Pretty much love to go to the beach and ride. i like to listen to music and hang out with my friends. what can i say im with my friends more then im at home. but ya im a simple girl. =p well most people say their idols are their parents. but ya my mom is my idol but my main idol is marilyn menroe and jenna jamason and holly from the grilz next door. ya i love it. ♥ My Favorite movie of all time is The NightMare Before Christmas. i love scary movies
Brittany Brinson
Brittany Sember
Brittany Walter
Brittnay Patterson
Brittany Lee
Brittney Yantis
Brittany Portacalis
Brittney Nicole
I'm 15. Sophomore. Brown hair. Blue-gray eyes. 110lbs. =) yeah, that sums it up.
Britney Blankenship
Brittney Weer
Brittany Hopkins
I never kno what to say when it comes to those words " about me" what the hell im just like everyone else except maybe a little ok soo im crazy and outgoing whats wrong with that.... soo where do i start? ive been in florida forever, im 21 and I like to party have fun drink play pool swim write poetry read and most of all i love la bares, oh yeah and sleep haha i have one tattoo on my lower back and no its not a roman numeral two but its ok i understand ide probably say the same it means gemini i also learned that its hard to not party a little hard i do it all the time i just know that i lost my best friend to drunk driving and i miss her everyday ANASTASIA NICOLE RIGANATI (STACI) R.I.P. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU one more thing if i were to follow you home would you keep me?? lol Well lets see i love Swimminig,Volleyball, most of all having fun
Brittany Postles
I'm in love with music. ESPECIALLY metal.. I typically can't live without it. I like to read (lol i llllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee harry potter ♥)but ya... im like pete wentz cept im a gurl. :)
Brittany King
Brittany Pierce
ask me and u mite find out now thats a secert!!! lol
Brittany Agee
Brittney Moss
Brittany Leatherwood
Im 18 years old and wel i live in Blue Ridge GEORGIA but i go to school in NC well hell i grew up in copperhill well anything you wanna know just ask me....
Brittney Dawkins
Well, im gone tell yall a lil bit by myself. Im a laid back, cool person once u get to know me. Im funny when I want to be and havin fun. Im 5'3 and caramel.
Britni Little
Britney Shaw
Hey, My name is Britney. IM 19. Live in Ottawa Ont. ( well a town just outside it) i like to have fun...I have never used this aint going to be pretty! hahaha...just looking for somthing to do online haha bye hey, I like shopping, swimming, dancing, partying anf having fun! lol Im so new at this hahaha i have no idea how it works! sorry hahah My mom, lame i know, and Oprah she is pretty sweet too!
Brittani B
Brittney Soldani
Well my name is Brittney but ive always gone by Raelyn. My birthday is in october i will be 20 wooo hooo big deal right its the next one that really matters, ill finally be able to do everything ive been doing since i was 15 legally!!LOL I love to dye my hair if you can think it ive done it, pink, purple, blue, black, red, brown, green(on accident), black with blue streaks, right now its brown with blonde highlights i like it! My natural color is blonde!!(HATE IT!!!!!!!) I love to hang out with friends!! Mac n cheese is my fav food!! Amy lee from evanescence is beautiful!!! She is my idol!!! I love to be different!!! i HATE labels but i have been labeled a few things.....prep, punk, skater, i like to think of myself as the total package a little of everything mixed up in one person!!!LOL I can be a tom boy at times i LOVE football!!!!!! Some of my teams are BAMA!!! Roll Tide Roll!!!, FSU, LSU, the saints i know i know they such but i am from louisiana so i have to root for my home tea
Brittany Proctor
Brittany Corbin
Brittney Swallows
Brittany Ornelas
Hmm, the breakdown. I'm 16 yrs old and will turn 17 in December. I'm a very depressed person and am seldom happy with my life. There are few people I can count on in life but I find a way to deal with it. Some of my favorite people are the peeps on my msngr list cuz they help me out so much. The person I love the most these days is Tim. he's so nice and I can't get enough of him. Ha to bad he's like 22 and so very NOT interested... I swear I'll update this more but it's late... i'm sleepy... and yeah. Tim got offline so it's time for me to get offline. ~brittany~ wowza i have to fill this out later... sorry
Britteni Pabro
Brittney Lynn
5'7" black n red hair, blue eyes, i work at FedEx, im a fucking juggalette, i live for music friends and family, and ne thing else u want to know just ask :) ne thing thats spontainious... meeting new ppl state fair the battle shack concerts horseback riding friends tatoos...dont have ne YET peircings pets cars skatboarding snowboarding rollerblading pretty much ne thing...
Britney Jones
all kinda movies...except scary ones
Brittany Bowen
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Britni Bloodwell
Brittany Williams
i am a very open minded person im not a girl thats like omg i broke a nail i love to get on cars go muddin stuff in that nature.I am an outdoors kinda girl i like to go camping i love to ride quads,dirt bikes. i love to BBQ.i like to go to movies. my favorite music is rock but i listen to almost everything. im in love with my computer lol just kidding but im on here alot.i signed up for lost cherry because.i want to make some friends and someone told me there are some pretty cool people on here so i hope i meet some.
Brittany Campbell
I don't know what i would do if I lost them. My sister is my life. I have choosen not to choose a path. To become my own person and to freely acknowledge what ever I want. For awhile I have been tied in a series of knots, and I have given up on untangling them. I have been through situations where my life has ran past, and I have yet to relive those moments. I believe in things that no one else has a capablility of understanding. My wishes and dreams seem way to extreme for who I am, yet i still strive for them every day. I am human, I love, and I make mistakes. Sometimes I am strangled in the important things and forget that you only live once. Live in the moment. My life isn't a movie, and i'm not looking for a fairy tale ending, though I wish I were able to rewrite the beginning. I believe one should think for themself. Dream for themself. Succeed as themself. And in the end, they will find themself. The People Who Have Impacted My Life: My mother: Maria L. Campbell
Brittaney Holdren
*brittany *
My Name is Brittany I love hanging out with friends and going to parties im pretty laid back but at the same time can be outgoing. I smoke, i drink, and i like to have a good time I have a strange sense of humor but then again so do all my friends, i can be very blunt sometimes but dont take it personally, i love to chill and i hate drama. I like to chill with friends, watch movies , i love to listen to music, i dont watch tv that much , i like to read occasionally to take my mind off things
Brittany Willis
What's up. I'm new to this lost cherry thing so if you have any advice then don't hesistate to let me know what it is. Um anyways, i'm 17 years old and I'm a senior at easternwayne High located in the gayest place in the world, Goldsbor, North Carolina. I love music, basketball, singing, writing, and chilling with my folks. I am very laidback, so if you a chill young man then get at me. If you wanna know anything else hit me up. Peace and blessings. My interests include: music, cartoons, sports, comedy, hell anything that's fun. If it's humorous then i'm cool.
Britt Real
i drink, i used to go out i have no idea what happened but my tolerance for bein around druken people i dont kno is Shot!! im somewhat outspoken, and my "Keep it real" knob is a couple of notches away from "Bitch" i think thats all for my flaws!!! ;-)
Brit H
well my name is brittan and i dunno whatn else to say =D (i l;ove making smileys) My name Is brittany I am 13 years old I live in pennsylvainia. I am an onlt child. I love to shop and talk on the phone and play on the computer and a bunch of other stuf!!!! Well thats all for now anything else just ask =D I like some horror movies but Chucy ascares me and I HATE gushy lovey movies they make me sick and thwy bore the heck out of me!!!!!!! So if it was me I would rather watch a horror movie over a chick flick! =]
Brittany Trevvett
Brittany Smith
Cruel Intentions, The sweetest thing, Grandmas Boy
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Briteny Chavez
Brittany Glascock
Britni Jones
Brittany Smith
Brittnee Schaller
Brittany Mccuistion
i'm 5'4, mixed with black white and indian*apache* and thats direct indian relation sweets not "my dads sisters cousins....". i have curly brown hair and amazing eyes that change colors but always have gold flecks in them. i have a nice smile im told and for some reason people think my laugh is adorable. i have 3 half brothers and 1 half sister. i only say half cuz it lets everyone know that we dont have the same dads. but seeing how i raised 3 of them i consider them absolutely whole.. almost my own. i love babies. i cant wait to be a mom. i have an amazing boyfriend his name is christopher. but you can only call him chris (♥ love yoo baby!!) i live with my over bearing dad and his witch of a fiancee (of 2 years) gag me.. anyways.. um.. i guess thats the basics.. i l o v e to flirt. i am so much of a girlie girl. you can always buy me stuff to impress me hehe (most of the time) i love surprises. i like to have fun but i dont hang out with many girls because they love the d r
Brittany Mcmillan
Well i am 18 years old and new to this os if i offend u by not responding soon dotn get mad im a nice girl unless u get on my bad side (that u dont wanna see)ummmm well thats all4 now so if u wanna chat my aim is xxbrittanyfosho
Britney Ridgers
Brittany Wright
Brittany Britt
just message me and if i like u will tell u about myself:P i like everything out doors thats all and i like doing sorts of other things so yeah and every sport u no i love:P
Brittney Wilkinson
Brittany Padgett
Brittney Henderson
my names brittany. im a senior in high school. i like to listen to music, its like my life, other than my friends. yes i work at taco bell, you can laugh at me all you want. but hey, atleast i have a job. i just got my license, and two weeks later, got into an accident. i like to party, mainly with my sister. we have good times. i can be a bitch, it kinda runs in the family. if i dont like you, then ill tell you. if you have a problem with me, then oh well. im not going to change for you. i admit that i run my mouth alot. and im really nosey. im really loud, i cant help it. i get my heart broken easily. i sometimes fall too fast. i have really low self-esteem. i dont really have a stable life. alot of things have happened lately. but i dont need the sympathy. if you want to know more then add me or message me and ill let you know. =] i love music its my life and i love my friends, they make me smile. AIM- hi imbritt xo all my friends.
Britain Gillespie
Brittany Johnston
Britney Spire
Brittany Burker
Brittney Shreve
Brittanie Salt
Brittney Hill
Britney Winiavski
mi name is britney nicole winiavski im engeged to a wonderful guy named bobby we have ben engaged for almost 3 months
Brittany Rebello
I'm weird and crazy. I do alot of stupid shit. I go live in STC and go to SCHS. And thats about all I can think of, anything I left out, just ask. Art, Drawing, dirtbiking, helping people, chillin with my friends, and having fun! XD Um my mom? I dunno...seemed like the right thing to put here. Too many to name, I watch alot of movies...but um...a short list of favorites...Edward Scizzorhands, Pirates of the Carribean I, The Secret Window, From Hell (see a trend?, I love Johnny Depp, all his movies are great!), Van Helsing, A Walk to Remember ( I'm a girl, I have to love the chick flicks...), She's the Man, A Cinderella Story, and too many more that I don't want to name...
Brittany Skee
Brittany E
Brittany E
Brittany Boggs
fun, bitchy, boring, interesting, hard to understand, crazy, weird, funny, easy to talk to, understandable, lovable, careless, but i care alot all at the same time... this is pretty much me im alright looking, i die my hair when it gets to light. Right now it's a dark dark red aubornish color, im 5'4", have blue eyes, i am into neve campbell alot, though i don't know much about her, im skinny (i think i need some meat on me though), i shave my arms and don't give a shit of what people think of me, although it herts sometimes i still don't care... does that make sense? hanging out with friends, going to see a movie once in a while, drawing, reading, writing, talk, get fucked up, or whatever happens, happens
Brittany S
Um Music. Shows. Kyle. Friends. Johnny Depp. UnderOATH Hello Kitty. More. ...
Brittany Padgett
Brittany Wirebaugh
I love to do anything as long as im not sitting down as I do it!!! I hate to be bored and hate it when I dont get my way... I love to drink and hang out with my friends and family!! Any more hit me up!! xoxo Def my mom!! She has put up with a lot of my shit!! Kudos to her!!!!!!!!!!!
Brittanie Fraga
Brittany Macqueston
music,movies,chatting,driving around,partying,meeting new ppl,n just havin fun
Britney Spears
Brittany Smith
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Me is not actually a me, it is an Us. Thats right, me and my bf got interested in looking at this site and decided that it would be easier for us to just share one profile.....We have no secrets from one another, and we are here together for other reasons as well....All ya gotta do is ask if ya really wanna know and I will tell ya....Anyway, I am really looking forward to making a lot of friends on here....Looking forward to hearing from all of you, and don't worry, as soon as I have had a chance to ask him, I will have some pics of him on here to.... Amber'n'Jerry
Brittney Hiles
I'm 5'6 with shoulder length hair. I am a black girl who like to have fun. I enjoy meeting new people.
Brittany Golden
Well I'm 19 I live in NY and I'm new at this so I'm lost
Brittany Mclain
Brittany Cook
She got her high boots && britches onshes ready to go flyyyy here'sz the deal my name is brittany but call me britt do me the biggest favor && please dun judge me im one of those crazy girls,ur mom warned u bout i live in waterford works ;; i hate it here im a junior at Winslow HS. im 16 ;; ill be 17 in January im very family oriented. i have alot of friends && some enemies :) i have a great personality;almost eryone loves me i am scared of thunderstorms and spiders i work at the fountains (retirment home in atco) i have 9 piercings and a tattoo i procrastinate ALOT i dont think before i speak alot of the time i am very outgoing & loud once u get to kno me wen ppl 1st meet me they get the rong impression. p
im brittney. i really like meeting new people. :] i dance all the time. i have a puppy. he's uber cute. i like scene/emo boys i like piercings and tattoos i dye my hair too much i wish i had a boyfriend sometimes... i just want someone who lives close and someone i can be myself around and who will like me for who i am. i try not to be like everyone else. im addicted to the computer and camra. i like pic and regular comments. aim - piratexxarrr hmm.. lets see here. i like: dancing singing being weird eating going to youth group Jesus friends dogs MUSIC sleeping not working
Britain Perry
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What it do baby boo? My name is Brittany and I'm a freshman in college! I love living on campus and hanging out with my roomies! My friends are awesome and I LOVE spending time with my wonderful man, Jimmy! It would be really cool to meet some new people on here for friends so I'll talk to you guys later! i love horses, reading, soccer, and hanging out wth my b/f and friends!
Hello there ya'll...I'm Brittni an i am from lil ol Morristown Tennessee!!! Well lets see...i am 18...i love to have fun an party...i am always on the go an always up to some kind of trouble!! I am single becasue all guys are full of shit so i dont waste my time with them!! I love cars an trucks!! I go to car shows all the time!! I am just like most teen gurls livin in the fast lane!! but i am not like most gurls..i hate people that talk shit..i hate drama...just love to have fun..i am a blunt person i tell you what i think!! well i dont kno what else to say if ya want to kno anythin just ask me!! Well lets see..i love hangin out with my friends!! i love car an truck shows!! i love goin swimming..i love ride 4 wheelers!! i just love doin anythin that is wild an fun!! well really dont habe any idols... I love any funny movie..i love the movie Beer Feast!! I really anit into scarey moives but i like Joy Ride!!
Brittain Mangrum
Brittany Larcenaire
Brittney Enriquez
really have no clue how to work this.... im use to myspace. :) im married and live in germany.....
Brittnee Kay
Brittany Watson
Britt Cresap
i luv playing sports such as basketball,softball,soccer, and sometimes even football(even though im not that good) the computer is my life and thats about it YAY
Brittany Baldwin
out going....loud abnoxious funny, lovable, easy going...pretty easy to get along with unless u piss me off then ima bitch! ive watched pretty much everymove there is!
Britni Nichols
so my name is britni and im pretty outgoing! and personally i think im amazing!!! i livein canal winchester ohio! which i know is pretty fuckign lame but i do! i have no scene really i listen and dress like everything!!! i dont judge ppl!! unless you look like a stuck up snobby lil bitch then i judge you!!! i hate posers! and i definatelly hate fucking haters!! lol!!! ill put a pic up as soon as i get one! give me time bitches! i need a digi cam! god! but to describe myself i have long brown reddish black hair. hazel green brown eyes im about 5' 8'' and i weigh 140 lbs! im proud of my fucking weight bitches os bite me!! lol!! i have otns and tons of friends! and i definatelly love to fucking party!! so yeah!! well i have nothing elese to write so im outta here ill update more when it comes to me! i love to hang out and have fun! partys are hte shit!!! and i love to drink!! hangin out and watchin movies wiht the girls is also a bonus!! lol! i dont really have any idols but i look up to
Brittanie Spivey
Brittany Taylor
Brittany Frazier
I Love Jimmi!!! He is my life.
Brittnee Kinsey
Britty Kitty
Hello all you cool cats and hip Chicks, i'm 23 yrs young, proud bbw! from pico rivera ca. I enjoy listening to music, hanging out my my friends and just kick back and relax... I live each day as it comes, Some ppl think im crazy, others think im funny, shy at first but pretty cool chick once you get to know me. Well guess thats it for now, any questions just ask!!! love, peace and hair grease! WickedCherry I love doing Hair and Makeup, love music, love chillin with my bitches(Bitches Unite For Life!), Spending time with my family and whatevers fun and strikes my interests! My Brother~Marilyn Monroe~James Dean~ & David Gahan of Depeche Mode
Britney King
Brittney Ruiz
my name is Brittany. i'm a muscian. i play guitar and sing. i've been in a few bands over the last few years. i absolutley love music. i love to sing and write songs. being able to express how i feel in a song, poem, drawing is so freeing to me. it helps me to escape the world around me and to free me from the thoughts that sometimes overwhelm me.i love metal, i'm a true metal chick at heart.i'm easy going and i don't care what other people think of me. i don't go around and listen to all that gossip bullshit, and act like i'm better than anyone else. i'm the same as any other person. judge me for me and not what i look like, what i wear, or how i do my makeup, and i'll do the same for you. i'm me and i'm fine with that, and to anyone who isn't ok with that,FUCK YOU! i really don't give a flying fuck whether you like me or not. i give everyone a chance.and i would apreciate it if others would do the same for me. i speak my mind and i have my own oppinions. i'm not afraid to say what i
Brittany Ervin
I love Chicago, Music is a passion, can't live without my computer or phone. Television is cool somtimes. I love movies. I love my family. I am a mommy enjoy it most of the time. Bre is my world. I LOVE THE CHICAGO CUBS, I HATE THE CHICAGO WHITE SOX, NO WHITE SOX FANS im just playin but dont show them love HERE. I love mary jane, if you ever wanna smoke hit cha girl up I am always up for new weed buddies. I love my guy friends more than anything lol girls yall assez are crazy so I'll choose my boys over my girls anyday. I would really love to be a nurse some day not sure which kind yet... I have an interest in ER but shit gets' so crazy down there, so I still dont know what I want but ill figure it out. I hope to complete college some day soon too. I am usually the quiet type unless I feel comfortable enough to get loud. I have a weird personality it could be the Gemini in me but one day youll be talking to the most sweetest girl and then the next youll be like who the fuc
My name is Brittany... But you can call me Britta. I'm 18 years young! I live in Maine.. It's pretty boring, but It's life. I've lived here my whole life, besides moving to NewHampshire when I was to young to remember. I have a pretty good life. I have a 10 month old Daughter.. Mikayla Harmony. She's my everything. Idk what I would do with out her. I am dating the love of my life.. *D.A.B* I would be lost with out the 2 of them. I am currently enrolled in The passages program.. It's where teen parents can get their highschool diploma's, and they don't have to go to school, teachers come to your house. Im Almost done with it. I can't wait. Then I am planing on going off to some type of college. I'm not sure what I want to study yet though. I guess you can say I'm a bitch. I don't take peoples shit. If you know me, then you should know that by now! If you don't know me.. Well now you know!
Brittney Smith
Brittany Chihcester
The name is Brittany or Britt. I enjoy everything from singing to dancing, racing, listening to music, & just having fun. Oh & when I get to skating & bowling are also very fun lol. I'm 19 years old, Married, I have brown hair with blonde highlights, blue eyes, 5'4, 145 lbs. I have 4 brothers & 3 sisters who I love very much! My brothers and sisters mean the world to me and I call them more my own kids instead of my moms, As I took care of them pretty much all my life and done alot for them. If anyone ever trys to hurt them ... well ... lets just put it this way, I wouldn't attempt to lay a hand on them if I were you. I am also very straight forward which in school I wasn't. So for those who don't like me or have a problem with me don't play those highschool kiddie games just tell me to my face! Act your age and not your IQ. I am a very outspoken woman and I have been through alot throughout my life and do not have the time nor patience to deal with kiddie bullshit. I am sure a few of
ok well my name is brittany. brown hair blue eyes. i like to shop. spending money is fun. like to hangout and have a good time. best thing to do. i like drinking its fun. i love my animals my kitten and dog. love them to death. well i cant think of anything else to say so.....
Britaney Fleming
There is so much to tell! And not enough time to tell it! So anything you want to know just ask me and I will answer any question! table table table td.text div img {visibility:hidden;} table table table td.text div { background-image:url(http://www
I am a country girl, im a daughter raised by 2 wonderful parents, a sister to 2 siblings that i love very much, a best friend to a girl ive known for 18 years, a friend to many friends, and a aunt to a beautiful 3 year old girl. I am a fighter when i feel there's something worth fighting for. I am a lover to the one person that wants to be loved by me. I am a hater to all the people who hate on me. I tend to find myself giving up on a lot of things. When work get stressful i feel the quickest way out is threatening to quit. When i have problems with the family i feel the solution to that is to stop talking for awhile. When i am in a relationship and times get hard i feel that threating to break up with heal all the problems. But in reality none of those answers are the right answers. I have been raised to be a fighter not a quiter. If i am anything like my mom then i am fighter most of the time. So0o now when i have problems I try to work them out before jumping to conclusions. I ha
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U figure it out... Add me 2 ur yahoo messenger: /* BACKGROUND */ body { background-color: 8dc63f; background-image: url(""); background-position: bottom left; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-attachment: fixed; } /* TABLES */ table, tr, td {background:transparent; border:0px;} table table table {background:transparent; border:0px; border-width:4px; border-color:f7f3f7; border-style:solid; } table table table td { background-color:f49ac1; filter:alpha(opacity=100); -moz-opacity:1.0; opacity:1.0; -khtml-opacity:1.0; } table table table table {border:0px;} table table table table td /* SEARCH BOX */ form{border-style:solid;border-width:1px;border-color:f49ac1;background-color:f49ac1;margin:10px;padding:10px;} input {color:000000;background-color:efbec6;border-width:2px;border-style:solid;border-color:f7f3f7;} font{color:000000;} /* TEXT INSID
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my daughter...
Britney Talotta
It's the Bright One, it's the Right One, that's Britney.Well first of all for who all dont me my name is BRITNEY ANGEL TALOTTA joke huh me a ANGEL more like a DEVIL... well i like to do wat normal teens like to do talk on the comp -n- phone, like hang with friends cuz trouble... heheh... lol who dosnt ;) the mall is the best it has everything food fun fashion!!! i have the cute face but i know im not hott and if i loose a lill weight yea be a perfect well i think so... any who... i luv to be outside doors to jog get the excercise , swim at the cove shh.. secert swimming area... :) play football with the family n friends but then i get bored and become the cheerleader which is so much better while i do tht i can practice my gymnastics which is a good thing for me cuz i like to be flexible ;) I alwayz wonder who my MR. PERFECT was but i realize their is none... lol but it dont hurt to try to find him!! well who i like the colors BLUE -N- PINK shiny things catch my eyes too!! i luv saying
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Not too much to say.. I'm a single mother of a wonderful lil boy... he will be 5 in Feb and his name is Damian!! I'm currently a part time student and I'm just on here to make a few new friends and stay in touch with some old ones!
Britney Burge
I am 16 years old!!! i am about 5'3 and 100 hair is brown with black on the bottom!! i love to have a good time and i love to make new friends! I love cheerleading and softball....and also i love hanging out with all my friends from my hometown!!!
Brittany Mccadden
Brittney Chisolm
My name is Brittney. I'm 18 and i live in Pa right now. Well let me get strait 2 the point I'm quiet but I'm also outgoing and luv 2 have fun, i hate being bored. I'm the type of person that just like 2 chill, talk on the phone, go 2 parties and just being out. My Interest are chillin wit Friends -kick back chillin n my crib -being wit my man -listening 2 music -talking on the phone -partying -watch mmovies
Using your body Your sexual hidden talent is using your body's natural charm and beauty to seduce your partner. You are all about having the perfect body/looking good for your partner - and it does the trick every time. Take this quiz at Brittany -- [adjective]:Extremely dominant 'How will you be defined in the sexual dictionary?' at
Brittany Way
I live in South Carolina, and I have deaf family, and love animals, and im DEAF! and im MSSD student, in Freshman.... If u wanna to know more abt me then aim me!
Hi, my name is Brittney and I am 18 years old. On April 10th, I'll be a proud single mother to my lil angel.... I'm very caring and outgoing and love meeting new people. I can't stand drama and people that lie. I love being who I am and I will never change for anyone... I love to hang out with my friends, go out to eat and go to the movies. I love traveling. I'm originally from Houston, Texas, so I love the heat and being at the beach.
Britteni Cunt
My name is Britteni, and I have no life.
Briteny Floyd
Brittany Hu3bn3r
Brittany Berry
Hey sexy guys, I'm Brittany. I cheer for the hottest team, the Washington Redskins. Here's other stuff that may interest you: Food: Birthday cake, ice cream, seafood and any kind of cereal. Music: Country Band/Singer: Rascal Flats Book: James Patterson's "The Beach House." Movie: "Two Weeks Notice" TV Show: "Desperate Housewives" and "Friends" Redskins Player: LaVar Arrington Saying/Quote: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars." Redskins
Brittney Whitfield
Brittany May
I am 15. ore in high school. I am a sophmore I live with my grandmother in Maine. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters. I do gymnastics twice a week. I have a bf that I love sooo much. His name is Scott and i have been with him for 2 years on Feb. 18th....
Brittany Stone
Brittney Funk
Britt Payne
Brittany Daniels
Well I am Brittni 19 years old birthday is September 30th!!!! Currently right now I am trying to go to college I am aiming for Winter semester, it is just so hard when you really want to do something but nobody wants to help you. So I made my choice to jsut say fucm em and take it into my own hands. But I plan on going to school to be a nurse that handles babies< i have always wanted to do that and I think it would be a good job for me. Im very loud and outgoing I love my freinds and will do anythign for them... My family is my most prized possession!! I can squirt water between my teeth PERFECTLY!!! I need 5 pillows for when I sleep! I love to dance!! I can cut a mean rug;) haha!!! The littelist things amaze me I love to play softball I love the outdoors... I am obbsessed with big sunglasses and flip flops Flip flops should be worn all year round Live everyday like it is your last and if anyone has a problem with that then F* U!!! haha dance ur ass off have to have country on b4 I go
Courtesy of I'm a 21 year old single college girl who works part time and attends IPFW full time. I love spending time with my friends and going out with them. I'm patiently waiting for the right guy to come along, I'm tired of guys and their'm trying to protect myself from getting hurt again. I'm honest and genuine and I tend to worry more about others than I do about myself....ask away if you have any other questions.. "Its a shame that we have to go all the way to Miami, we should just go to Fort Wayne and split the difference." ~ TONY DUNGY "The worse thing a guy can do is make a girl fall for him, with no intentions of catching her." ------>Wait for the guy who calls you beautiful instead of hot, who calls you back when you hang up on him, will stay awake just to watch you sleep...Wait for the boy who kisses your forehead, Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in sweats, Who holds your hand in front of his friends, who thinks y
Brittney Mac
yo! My names Brittney. I go by Birtt or Brittney lol either on idc. ummm some of you may of seen me on myspace or hoverspot. Im kind of a computer whore! :]But the computer dosent take up all my life, If u read my Interests youd know that lol. I lovvve the beach!! Thats another place i spend all my time. I cheerlead && ive been doing it scince I was 5 years old. :D Anythnig else you want to know just hit me up. blog layouts Boys ♥ Life&Sunshine ♥ ppl &hearts' my cell phone ♥computer/laptop♥love icons ♥ ♥napping♥laughing ♥ hair♥fashion ♥movies ♥ friends && Family shoes♥ fuzzy ♥things ♥glitter pens sparkly things& monkies♥ AE ♥shopping ♥Starbucks♥ ripped jeans?? && the beach ♥ God && my mom && dad! the ppl in my life who never let me down, who love me no matter what. They can always tell me the truth. I
Hello I'm a pretty laid back person and I'm easy to get along with, I have three piercing my Tounge My Nose n my Lip n just got my eyebrow done. I have one Tatt..I have started a new chapter in my life and left some people out of it and I think it may be better this way..
Im awesome! duhh! Volleyball.Music.Friends.Partyingg!
Brittany Dont Worry About It
Brittany Bishop
Brit B
my hubby and son :) playing with grrlz with my hubby ;) my kitty "baby" my "lil" putt putt :O
Brittney Martini
Brittney Brown
Brittney Dunn
My name is Brittney. I will be 18 in 2 weeks. I have a boyfriend named Adam and a little girl on the way for December that is going to be Mariah. I like partying, chillin w/ my friends, and just having a good time. O ther than that there is nothing else to say.
Brittany *
My Name is Brittany im 17 im a senior this year :D which is good cause im ready to get the fuck out of high school way to much drama. I like to chill and hang out with friends , i have brown hair and blue/green eyes,im 5'6 Going to parties, chillin with friends, listening to music,watching movies, anything fun. no idols Trainspotting, A clockwork orange, Fight Club, Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands, Cry Baby, Kiss the girls, Seven , The exorcist(73'), Clerks, jay and Silent bob strike back, Chasing amy, Mallrats, The notebook, Garden State, 28 days later, Red eye, Underworld, Underworld evolution, The craft, American History X, Breakfast club, Bill and Teds excellent adventure, evil dead 1-2, Army of Darkness, Running scared, Truman Show, Ice Age 1-2, Lord of the rings 1-3, Road Trip, American Pie 1-3, Scream,Zoolander,Anchorman, etc...
Brittany Bright
Brittney Wright
Brittney Kinnamon
Hello, My name is Brittney, I am 18 years old, and currently living in Bonita Springs of Florida. I am hearing impaired, I do sign languages. I am finished with school, from Fort Myers High School.
I'm just your average girl looking to have a good time!! I love: *my boyfriend *to party *to make friends *to have a good time *to laugh *hot guys *candy *money
hey wuts good mi gente? ma name's blk n rican..n sum other things..i speak english..(duh) n the best dancer ever...i dance everything...hip hop n salsa, merengue, bachata, reggaeton, everything..i listen to all types of music..i have alot friends..i make friends wit everybody..all types of people..ghetto black..preppy white...crazy spanish..n quiet really nice...juss holla
Brittany Sprague
My name is brittany. I love to draw, sing, dance, and all sports. I also love the dark, storms, adventurs, reading, and anything else i can think of. everyone says im different and i gess i like to be that way. OK OK ANYTHING THAT KEEPS ME BUSY everything in the about mt catorgy...... >
Brittany Yoder
Brittany F
Britney Walker
Brittany Doll
Brittany Taylor Patricia Hicks
hey everyone one ... im Brittany Hicks Iam from Bathurst NB canada, im single and yes looking, but i have some dislikes and likes about the opposite sex. lol well i like most but damn men! ergg,, Likes: went a guy cuddles, Loves sex, socialable, smoke dope, drgs, booze, parties, a job, loveable, can like me or love me for me. Dislikes: fucken men that live every monemt on there computers, and play that fucken game world of war craft if i ever see that damn game a again ERG!! anyways i am a loveable person i love sex everyday lol.. and i love to have arelationship or even a fuck friend whatever i love music and every kind. i want someone to talk to and someone i can hangout.. anyways if u are that person then plz hit me up:( Im lonely! kinkybuttercup-aim- AOL :D hope to hear from u . Love Britt
Brittney Bryant
My Name is Brittney Bryant, im 14 years old. Im 5'7 and i have brown/black hair and hazel eyes. Im a very nice person unless someone makes me mad. I try to be nice but it just doesnt work like that. Im an outgoing person and i love to have fun. I have a lot of great friends, and i love them all. Im bisexual and i have a gurlfriend. Her name is morgan, and i love her with all my heart. I love hanging out with my friends. Well if you got to kno me i think u would think im a very kool person to be friends with. I love to play basketball, volleyball, and football. I love hanging out with my friends, going to the movies, and just messin around wit people. Its actually very fun.
Right now all I have time for is work (CNA in a nursing home), and school (Im going for nursing at a community college), and hanging out with friends once in a while. I'm not really a motivated person but I am trying as hard as I can. I refuse to still be wiping ass in 5 years. I love any type of music watch movies constantly (The Boondock Saints, The Big Lebowski, Varsity Blues, etc. I cant miss an episode of NIP/TUCK I drink a lot of beer but I love Jack Daniel's if you want to know more just ask
Brittney Jennings
Britney Washington
About Me... 1. I'm EMO 2. I eat my EMO cookie everyday. 3. I'm vegetarian 4. I hate Coleman America and wish all the people would die 5. The Devil Wears Prada is my fave band 6. I have a shit load of cd's 7. I'm 5'4" 8. I had to dye my hair back strawberry blonde for school 9. I hate liars and cheaters 10. I'm in a rock band And i want a lotta fucking cherry bucks or whatever so hit me up and rate me 10 people. Britney Malevolence 99.9% of all rock bands
Brittany Bell
Brittany J Ruiz
Well I am Britt or Brittany I am 19 I from Eureka ILL.. It's pretty much in a middle of corn field.. I am a waitress and a shift manager at Pizza Hut.. I am single.. I am looking for a sweet, caring, nice.. awesome man... Well I love to hang out with friends, drive around, boat, snowmobile, party, drink, LOVE to go camping.. I like to do about anything I am a easy going person.. I love The Notebook and A Walk To Remember I cry watching both movies..
British Invader
Medic in the great big sand box. Seeing the "other" side of Iraq
Brittany Destefano
i am a single mom to the most sweetest 20 month old ever..shes my little beautiful baby.she comes first in everytihg i do or think:D i love to red,only if its vc.andrews.i havent gave anyone else a chance yet:Pi love to watch and order,everytihng on mtv. i love music .music is needed everywerre i go or i dont go:P hmm what am i intrested in?ok so i am intrsted in sports of all wroking with people who are mentally disabled.i will be goin to college to be a teacher for that as well...i love to talk to new people,concerts are always good..i love to take my kid places, to the park,zoo places like that,shes all i have she comes first before anyone...
Brittnie Corey
Brittany Moland
Brittany Esterle
If you want to know, you have to write me! I will say I'm 27, in a relationship and found out about Cherry Tap by Belladonna who is one of my fave people ever!
Hey, I'm Brittany, but some of my friends call me Brit Brit. I'm a pretty out going girl once you get to know me and one of my favorite things to do is smile :]
My name is Brittany, I am over all a weird person but my friends don't seem to mind cause they get to laugh at me alot and not always with me ( jerks) i love to joke around and can't talk to ppl who can't take a joke , but i love to talk to ppl as long as theres a good sence of humor i'm good...About Me Personality QuizWhat is your name?:Brittany How old are you?:18 When is your Birthday?:December 26 What is your zodiac sign?:Capricorn Where were you born?:Corry Where do you live now?:Corry What color eyes do you have?:Blue , Green , depends on my mood What color hair do you have?:Brown black How tall are you?:5'6 How much do you weigh? (Be Honest Ladies):I don't own a scale What is your race?:I'm white What is your worst fear?:Being alone Do you smoke?:yes Do you drink?:yes Do you cuss?:yes Do you use drugs?:yes Have you ever or will you ever steal?:Have don't anymore Are you dependable and/or trustworthy?:Very Do you play in a band or play an instrument?:I wish i was that
Brittany Lumpkin
Brittney Lowe
My name is Brittney Lowe. I am married to a wonderful man named Jeffrey Joshua Julio Lowe. The only reason that I am on Cherry Tap is to meet some new people. If there is anything else that you would like to know about me just ask. The Players Club, Hot Boys, Baby Boy, Scary Movie 1, Scary Movie 2, Scary Movie 3, White Chicks, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hostage, Hostel, and many other amusing movies.
Hola! I am a 21 year old student from the Indianapolis area. I am working on my degree in Elementary Education -- so I am literally going to be in school for my entire life! I am always smiling or laughing and I love having a good time and making the most of life. I adore my family and friends, they are my favorite people and I enjoy spending lots of time with them. I can be a bit of a "princess" sometimes. I'm spoiled and I love doing girly things like shopping or getting pedicures. I'm living the unemployed life at the moment -- and it's not bad, let me tell you! I love making new friends and I would love to meet a special guy to be in my life, but so far only "no committment" guys, liars, cheaters, and players have come into my life. I am usually around on AIM so find me under BSUBritny if you'd like to talk to me! shopping,karaoke,basketball,movies,concerts,travel,sleeping,family,vacations,guys,pedicures,jewelry,computers,driving,games Office Space, Never Been Kissed,10 Thin
Britney Spencer
Brittany Owen
I am 19. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Height bout 5'4'. umm i have three brothers....oldest is 24..and the twins are 10. I live with my Dad. i am currently going to CVCC..and working at the local Country Cookin'. Next year by this time i hope to have moved down to Va Beach and started nursing school. Yep i am going to be a nurse hopefully working with the mother baby unit or childrens floor. well if u are curious and want to kno more bout me jus send me a message or im me at Blubutrfly369. i like all kinds of things....i LOVE to dance so ne time there is good music and a dance floor u will be sure to see me dancing my butt off!!! parties is wut i do best!!! i make sure wutever i do i am having fun and enjoying myself...hangin out with my friends is the next place u will find me!! if u like wut u see message me or im me at Blubutrfly369....thanx for checkin me out!!
Brittany A
Brittany Nichols
Hi! My name is Brittany but everyone calls me Bryt. I'm 19 years old. I'm from Danville, Ky but currently stationed at Ft. Benning, GA. I've been happily married to my husband, Nathan, for ten months now. My husband is currently overseas in Iraq. I've been in the Army for a little over a year now. The Army has taught me many things but most importantly, it has taught me loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. I'm currently attending college where I'm majoring in early childhood education. I want to be an elementary teacher. I just love kids. Well, if there is anything else you wanna know about me just ask.
Brittany Witt
if u wanta kno just ask me = ) i like lots of manily.
Brittany Smith
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im 15. i dont talk to people who are alot older than me, its VERY rare if i do. i love my friends. they are my world includin my mom dad bro and sis.
Brittany Coakley
Britney Orosz
Theres not much to say. Just check out my pics. Hmm i would have to say that my idol is Brittany Murphy. Shes so beautiful and fun. Shes a great actress. Wow were to start?! Well I Love horror Movies. Anything With Chad Michael Murray && Brittany Murphy.
Brittany Akers
Well, my name is Brittany and I'm a freshman at Concord University. My major is pre-pharmacy and I have a double minor of biology and chemistry. ummmm....I have dark brown hair brown eyes and I have an average figure. uhh.....i dno anything else so if u want to know anything else just ask!
i already described myself in the otha part so read that wat it do? ya girl brittany is new at dis and dont really kno what to do so yall gotta help me out... but anyway... as i jus told u... my name iz brittany. i aint bout no bullshit. so if u hata... all ima say is thanx and keep hatin... it motivates me i have no idols but myself... i have neva had anyone to rely on but myself and thats how its gon stay... ima independent woman... im into all kinda movies... mostly action movies. i aint the typa gurl that git into them chiq flicks
Brittney Skye
Im very confident and i know im hott.. I love making friends and hanging out and having fun! Parties are always fun and just the crazy fun times we have are unforgettable. Drinking is def a passion of mine. Im very outgoing and laid back and love to have a good time. Laughing is what i do best so i always have a smile on my face. nothing really bothers me unless you piss me off than its all over. i love working out and going to the gym. i have a job and its allright i mean its a job and it pays the bills. david beckham is my idol and always has been. soccer is my favorite thing to do in the world. i love the red sox and jason varitek. i'm a diehard Denver broncos fan i love football almost as much as soccer if thats possible. i dunno wanna know anything else message me. david beckham and Brittney Skye!!
Im a single mom living life...wanna know more ask me im just outgoing and into alot of things u gotta ask me ...depends on my mood
i'm a blonde.. Average height.. I love to have fun and I am very open minded! My idol would have to be my best friend Kim! I dont know what i would do without her!!! Anything really! I am an easy going girl who likes a good chick flick here and there.
Brittany H
Brittni Alise
I think I am one of a kind. I doubt you will ever find someone that is like me :-) Pimp out your webpage with PimpWebpage Courtesy of Music, movies, twirling, taking pics, partying, w
Brittany Griffith
Well lets see. I am a dom. Sometimes I will switch but for the most part I like being in charge. I am into the bdsm scene. I like flogging, spanking, wax and fire play and a few other things. Yes Master Adam that is becuase of you. LOl. I am a very unique person. I am 1 of a kind and thank god there is only 1 of me. LOL. If you wanna know more just ask. Lets see. I love to play thwe guitar. Love to snowboard. I am a big outdoors person. I love going to the club with all of my friends. Yeah guys HG is awesome but Dennys cracks me up. LOL. I love all of you guys.
Brittan Hawkins
Brittany Stephens
i dont know just dont fall in love with me
Im pretty much your typical girl, i love to shop, hang out w/friends, especially my boyfriend, soon to be fiance!, but i also love to get a little dirty when i go camping, hiking, etc...but yeah, im really laid back and like to talk to and meet new people.. CherryTAP Images at
Brittinee Gilbert
Im 5'6, fill figured girl with long dark brown hair with blond streaks, I can be an undercover freak and I am very sweet and know how to hit that "spot" haha I also have a nice smile and a great sense of humor message me if you like what you see... Ask me what you wanna know...
Brittany Sparks
i love to go out and party, chill with friends, listen to music, a lot of stuff...i dunno ask me
Brittney Brosius
Brittney Willis
Brittany Sanchez
Brittany Stora
the name's brit or brittany. alabama, united states. yeah, i know. bisexual. like photography. argue politics for fun. play acoustic guitar in my spare time. totally lost on this site :) photography, politics, music, bicycling

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