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I am a truck driver have been for over 20 years I work about 60-70 hours a week so I don't have time for much. My favorite activity is cooking followed closely by gardening. I spent a lot of my free time on the computer. if you would like to follow me on twitter I am at roadhog01 and on instagram at nhroadhog01 and nhroadhog01 on Skype. i'm a bore these as well as fubar.
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I am a fairly easy going person. i enjoy getting to know new people. i am at the tail end of my 2nd divorce (dumb ass didn't learn the 1st time). I have 2 kids (14 yr old son, 13 yr old daughter), only have them on the weekends (but spend most of week driving them to their activities - 1st ex does not feel it is her responsibility). i coach football, basketball, track and field at one of the local high schools (enjoy making a difference in kids lives). My free time is spend, resting from my incredibly busy schedule, and going out with good friends having few drinks, shooting pool, playing darts, foosball or a bit of gaming.... Enjoy playing just about any sport, but really enjoy racquetball. Love hiking, mountain biking, skiing (snow and water). Not much of a clubber, but enjoy my local hang outs and listening to really bad karoake... Walter Payton, Barry Sanders. My first football coach (Keith Karthan) - i was about 8 (taught me more than anyone) Clint Eastwood, Demi Moo
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Hi, my name is Allan! Im 24 years old and I live in daytona beach, Florida! I work as a Nurse Anesthesiologist in the O.R and I have always had a passion for the medical field. Yes its good money but if you hate your job then money does not matter! I am a kind-hearted, thoughtful and respectful guy. I love to workout, play soccer, hit the beach, hang with friends and family and I love watching movies! I was raised to love and respect others and myself and I know how to treat a lady right! :) If you wanna know more about me then hit me up!! I like to play soccer, go to the gym, hang out with friends and family and go to the beach!!
Allan Howe
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Free Image HostingWhats up fubarians? I am glad you took time to visit and learn something about me. I am going to give you what I want you to know for now, if you want more information, hit me up at or it don't matter what ur question is i will get back at you. if you want graphics for your profile, fubucks will do the trick, give me an offer and maybe we can meet in the middle. Anyway, I am sharief, the CEO of my own companies, Not Your Creation Graphics. All them graphics you see, belong to me, that is why I name my company NOT YOUR CREATION GRAPHICS. I am also a video/photographer, 20 years of experience and still climbing to levels I never thought I would reach. Free Image Hosting About a year now I have been getting my feet wet once again in the world of audio tune. I have had several artists and I still do. i added on new ones and let the rest of the others do what they like, because I am not a da
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Allen Walker
I'm HELLA key. I'm totally interested in babes that are most excellent.
Allen Holzman
Allen Corral
mixed martial arts vodks racing weightlifting running home theater
Allen Bush
Allen Palmer
well what can i say i am a rock and metal fan who is in the Royal air force. i enjoy music in general especially classical and metal hence i am a big fan of nightwish and lacuna coil and withintemptation. i do martial arts and love reading and computers. i am a weapons tech which means i handle bombs etc. if you want to know more contact me my intrest vary i am a big reader(whiles away the long dets) i enjoy movies of all type, martial arts is my main sport though i enjoy rugby. i love music and i love chinease food also a big fan of ladies. i am also a pagan
im from ohio
Allen Startt
Allen Stewart
Allen Scott
Allen Duval
Allen Nelson
Allen Russell
Allen Russell
Allen Alderson
Well Im laid back, ya know fun to be around. Im 6,3 205, and Im currently in college trying to get out of here. Um basketball, baseball, drawing, drinking, and sex, sex, and more sex. My Mom, Micheal Jordan. Muhhammad Ali, and Reggie Jackson Scareface, The Warriors, Heat, Serpico, and A Dog Day Afternoon
Allean Craven
Allen Mcglohone
Allen Turner
Allen Sienfuegos
the grinch , zero new blood , the ousiders , lord of the rings , x- men , spawn , batman
Allen Clarke
swimming , reading ,fourwheelling, bike riding, movies, collecting sports card's, partys,love my plants all kind's,fishing , boating, love my fam & my dog of course, love to cook , hanging out with freind's , smoking that wakie weed, love the lady's of course, i love a smart woman & a hard body woman, some one that take's care of there lovelyness,all woman should be treated like a princes,give them the world if you can , thay deserve it, for putting up with are shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Allen Wahlstrom
I am just me, there is nothing I can say to that. I am blunt, honest, straight to the point type of girl. I don't mess around, I hate lots of things, and like lots of things, and some more so than others. Am a small and precious child My mommy's been sent to fight The only place I will see her face Is in my Dreams at night She will be gone many days For my young mind to keep track I maybe sad, But I am proud My mommy's got your back I am a caring sister My Sister's gone to war My mind is filled with worries That I've never known before Everyday I try to keep My thoughts from turning black I maybe sad, but I am proud My my sister's got your back I am Lyric, a loving man With a girlfriend soon to go There are times I am terrified In ways most never know I bite my lip and force a smile As I watch my girlfriend pack My heart may break, but I am proud My girlfriends got your back I am a soldier Serve proudly, Always standing tall I fight
19, Ireland, easy-going up for anything... just ask and il answer... lets see.. theres partying football rugby pool and snooker.. some poker and whatever
Allen Mixon
Al Leiter
Allen Mixion
Allen Chicago
Allen Wein
Allen Tellyoulater
Allen Tsosie
about me my name is allen i grew up in the windowrock area spent half of my life in west phoenix no im not a gangster or drugdealer im just quiet allen if u know me youll know anywayz im chillin down in tucson for awhile so anybody who wants to know me hit me up laterz...
Allen Funderburg
im allen, a 23 yr old outta cherryville this point in life im just workin my ass off for nothing and drinking like a fish!i have been called crazy.i have been known to do crazy things.i love a good party and i like to just sit back and relax too.i like alot of things but ull have to ask if u wanna know. i like to play backyard football,lift weights ocassionally,love to party,love to drink n smoke,like spendin time with my girl,shooting pool, bowling,i mean the list goes on and on u know? the rundown,walking tall,gladiator,white chicks,the exorcist,jason goes to hell,house of wax,pirates of the carribean,devils rejects,matrix(all of em),final destination(all of em),texas chainsaw massacre,tombstone,sin city,van helsieng,blow,chronicles of riddick,a man apart,i robot,
Al Len
Alley Cat
Allen Oldfield
Pussycat Dolls LyricsPussycat Dolls Music Video CodesMusic Video Codes by action flicks sci fi comedy
Allen Flinchum
Allen Lane
so here is the deal i'm gay whatever no big deal about that i may come off as a bitch or an ass some times but that is not me i'm out going fun to be around and loveable. i don't judge other on their ways of life so i don't ask you to judge me on mine. i love to talk to people from all walks of life goths preps punk emos whatever i don't type people into groups the only grouping i do is friend or foe and you'll know if your a foe. i'm big on the whole club secen thing so yeah that is me i'am a club kid if that is what you want to say. love my friends can't get enough of any of them wish i had to spend with them every day but we're all busy people. i only ask that if you want to be my friend you don't just use me to get higher on the cherry tree cause i'm not here for that i what people i can talk to and get to know i'm a people person well that is about it so kisses and hugs and love all over keep it real till next time this as been a lover's lane good old time well i'm bisexaul.i'm o
Allen Rife
politics, psychology, debate, photography, writing Casablanca, anything else by Bogart
Allen England
here for friends can be friends with any one long as not a ass im a semie truck mechanic and trucker win needed love to party and ride my bike and big boobs lol and do lots of reading on wicca and witch craft /">" />
Allene Persinger
Hi. I'm from Gary, Indiana and have lived there all my life. I have two wonderful sons, teenager and newborn. Pretty much a hopeless romantic when the opportunity arises. Somewhat shy until I warm up to a person. I enjoy individuals who can bring a bright spot to my life and can accept the same in return. I mix on turntables and also on the pc. I love working with computers. I write raps about love and relationships and actually created my own CD. I also love traveling, camping (went for the 1st time and loved it!), going to the movies, occasionally going out to restaurants, and cuddling up with someone special. Men In Black, I Robot, Ms. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Toy Story, Monsters, Inc., The Ring, Poltergiest, Three Kings, Face Off.. countless others.
Allen Williams
Allen Helenihi
Alley Kelley
Im the Devil. Very Spontaneous, witty, sarcastic, I am a bitch, but I am as real as they come. I live to have good times, make good music, and get as messed up as I can. Im a true friend to the end, but I dont put up with no BS. Words to live by....There is a difference between LIVING and EXISTING. LIVING is enjoying your life to the fullest and EXISTING is just getting by, staying alive and dying slowly. ..haha..I'm from Fayetteville Nc (gotta hate it or love it ha), well shit i've moved around alot lived in texas,mississippi, new york and new jerzey.... I am a very out going and out spoken preson.I love surfing,snowboarding..rock climbing...working on cars...hanging out...just living life to the fullest..because you never know whats in store for you coming up in life..i really believe in Karma...ha dont mess w/ it trust me it can be a bitch haha...yeah well i have 4 percings had 5 but took my nose ring out..didn't like it that much anymore ha...and 8 'em...can't stop h
Allen Magnuson
Allen Targett
looking for a real lady tired of head games i am very real and dont play head games wanna hook up lets go just went thru a divorce and looking around man its rough tring to find someone i am for real no head games up front caring loving and love to have a good time and hopefully one day it will again be fun
Allen Simpson
Hey ppl what sup nmh well im kirk im about 6' tall and i weight about 170 or so im atheletic i like to work out with some of my friends or all by myself just what ever i like to work out when im mad or i like to box to but i also like to ride dirtbikes i dont race or ne thing i just like to ride and one of these days ill own me a crotch rocket i have always wanted one and i also hate ppl who are self centered about everything and are concided and two faced and talk crap behind your back and if you have something to say..say it to their face unless your a pussy thats the way i look at it but yea if you have ne questions or want to know ne thing else hit me up and if you have my cell number call me and if you dont just ask me for it....laterzz
Allen Beard
If you wana know about me talk to me some time
Allen Young
Allen Yeager
Well, I am a very internal person. I like to learn things about myself. I am very in touch with my inner child. I've studied psychology and sociology for about 16+ years. I am passionate in all things. Too many to mention, lol, but I'll list a few... Walking, Bike riding, playing sports, spending time with my daughter and her older sister, friends, music, movies, traveling, etc...
Allena Brown
Alley Runyon
i love hot/cute/sexy guys wink* wink* boys
Allegra Jones
Allen Rees
well ok my name is Allen im 18 years old and i am finshing up my last year of high school. i play football been playen for 8 years now and it mite be my last year so sad it sucks .i love to meet new people anytime anywhere on anything. im a great guy to get to know and to talk to and im very very funny . ill talk to u about anything at all and when i say anything i mean anything so be perpared for when u talk to me . i love to go to the movies i am the biggest movie freak u will ever know and one day i hope to become a actor . i lve to stay in shape work out every chance i get whitch is every day lol . i love to run swim bowl golf go out with my friends and get into trouble , and sometimes i like to stay home and chill whach a movie or two. the one thing i love the most in my life is sleep . i am always sleeping even when im sopost to be up im not im in my room sleeping lol. and when im asleep i am out nothing can wake me up nothing , unless u shake me untill i open my eyes lol
cellspacing='0' width='600'> You scored as Army. You're an Army of One, and your strength does not just lie in technology. You don't see the point of those fancy planes and lumbering ships; all you want is your rifle and the company of your fellow Army troopers.Army71%Navy61%Air Force57%Marines57%Coast Guard29%Which branch of the Military are you?created with Girls, Military, Army, music, clubs, partying The Other Guys
Allen Curlee
Allen Smith
Alley Baggett
Allen C
Allen Barnett
Allene Persinger
i am very blunt and exciting and out goin and ready to have some fun i am into anything that if fun and romantic and exciting comedys and thrillers
Allen Humpage
New to this web site just wanted to check it out. I can talk to anyone but, dont be a dumb ass. I enjoy meeting new people and chating. SO LETS CHAT............
Allen Robinson
My name is Allen. I am a comic artist. I really love to draw and watch horror films. Interests include comics, horror films, and music. Wes Craven, Eli Roth, George A. Romero, Tobe Hooper, Rob Zombie, Quentin Tarantino. And I am MILDLY obsessed with Christina Ricci. The Exorcist, The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes(1977), A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Serpent and the Rainbow, The People Under the Stairs, Scream, Cursed, Halloween, In the Mouth of Madness, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Poltergeist, Toolbox Murders, Mortuary, Cabin Fever, Hostel, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects, Carrie, Christine, Saw, Saw 2, An American Werewolf in London, Masters of Horror, Audition, A Tale of Two Sisters, Oldboy, Sin City, Pulp Fiction, Reservior Dogs, Kill Bill, Batman, Batman Returns, Batman Begins, Superman, Superman Returns, Van Wilder, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, Mallrats, Clerks, Chasing Amy.
Im a Pig,but at least im honest about it .Click Here to get this from! Women, Here to get this from!
Allen Bartu
Allen Parks
♥aLLi♥ VERSION 1.0™ so you found my page thats pretty cool... ♥ well, let me say this... i used to be one of the best trumpet players at one of texas' BIGGEST high schools and i still fucking OWN on trumpet! ♥ ♥ ...first off... music is a very big part of my life. it [[always]] has been and its gotten me through some serious shit. its one of the most relaxing things that i could think of and its just about the only thing that calms me down when i'm angry. and i love every kinda of music there is out there... and if i dont love it then i can, at least ||appreciate|| the work that goes into it. ♥ ..second thing... i'm not really into labels so i cant tell you if i'm one thing or another. i can tell you that i'm original and funny. one day i might be super preppy and the next i might look like i'm going to a local show. it just depends on my mood so dont take my apperance at first glace. get to know me and
Allen Lee
Allen Romero
Im an easy going guy just send me a message if you wanna know more about me.
Well what would you ppl wanna know Im 6'4" im usually between 190 and 200lbs. If im not at work im usually riding my Harley,on the puter,watching a movie,if its summer out in the boat wakeboarding and skiing,reading or sleeping anything else u wanna know just ask im not shy at all!! and im single at the moment.
Allen Graves
I love to go boating, get outside, spend some time on the water hanging out with my best friends and meeting new ones. Lately I've been trying out mountain biking, still learning a lot but love the thrill of flying down a rocky trail. I absolutely love reading. Some of my favorite authors include George RR Martin, Michael Chricton, Stephen King, Anne Rice. I'll try to read about anything so feel free to suggest something you love.
Allen Francis
I am a very simple person , with God fearing ,Composed , trusty,loving , carring ,Generious , creative.....made anything seen possible to the level that i can,Funny.........Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!.....Too funny.....well porpularly known as never a doll moment.......LOL. But must friends called me Aboki, I speak English,Hausa,Yoruba,Igbo,Idoma,Igede,French . I love Kids,Coz i learn from their funny ways ,I like to be outdoors,Camping, Watching movies, Going out to the Beach, coffee bar , Sight seeing, Swimming, Polo playing &; just being outside. I love to travel just about anywhere in the World. Who I'd like to meet: Really just about anyone. I think every Human is beautiful in his or her own ways ; none is more beautiful than the otherI have a great core group of friends but would like to branch out and talk to new people which is sometimes hard for me to do. Coz most people wont take my serious when i really am,i guess its my kinda funny ways regardless strange faces ,I am a loyal friend al
Allen Hetrick®
Sa Aking Asawa, i love you so much, it hurts! Miss ko sa inyo kaya much, kaya kong sigaw ng isang ilog! ako magkulang sa hold ka masyado, wala na hihinto ako mula sa pagkuha ng doon sa lalong madaling i am able! Ako isipin wala mas mahusay kaysa sa hawak mo sa aking mga armas at nagsasabi kung magkano ang i love you at kung maganda ka! Ako captivated sa pamamagitan ng iyong pag-ibig! i will get back to you on this one!!!
Allen Williams
Allen Warner
Allen Harrell
I have lived around here all my life. I am very outgoing and love to joke. I am sarcastic sometime but I know when to be serious. I am serious about my life and want to achieve my goals and I will someday soon. I love sports esp basketball, clubbing, dancing, music, pool and just having a good time. I have a beautiful daughter Paris who is my heart and soul. I am told I am a hard-worker and I enjoy to be busy. I am clean. I am very laid back and don't get upset easily. I love the outdoors and esp fishing. I want to become a coach one day. I live alone. I am very outgoing but a carefree guy. I am also someone who loves to make people laugh table, tr, td { background-color:transparent; border:none; border-width:0;} body { background-color:000; background-image:url(""); background-attachment: fixed; background-position:top left; background-repeat:no-repeat; border-color:eeeeee; border-width:5px ; border-st
Allen Myers
Allen Larison
sports layout @ HotFreeLayouts
Allen Finstad
Allen Jestes
me? what you see is what you get.i'm easy going laid back.not into the party thing anymore.can't dance except slow dance so i don't go to clubs much.i'm into nascar and classic going to car shows and see all the classics.also into racing on line.never had the money or chance to do it for real so this is the next best thing.all the car pics here are pics of the cars i race on line in different series.i'm single and live alone except for my little yorkie.if you wanna know anymore just ask.i'll answer. like nascar.i build nascar models.i race on line.have the nascar 2003 game and race in a league at like to go fishing or just get out and ride the back roads.not much of a partier any more.too old lol.
names allen, an aspiring photographer just trying to make it, oh and im a super huge nerdy dork but everyone of my friends tell me thats in.. im trying very hard to move out west since it totally sucks balls here but being poor and not having money kinda dampers my moving plans.. um i know totally awesome people.. thats about it for now but ill add more later.. photography, chucks, la *west hollywood in particular*, redbulls, text messaging, cameras and camera accessories, sushi, asian-ness, inside jokes,eating, sleeping, 60's/70's/80's retro crap, asian food products, everything tokyo, experiencing new york, expressing sarcasm, food, morrissey, nocturnal-living, sexy girls with class, sleeping in the day-time, visiting metropolitan cities..
Allex Davidson
Just out to make friends you can never have to many.It's always nice to meet new people see how things are going around the world.I have 4 boys 20,15,12,7.Talk about hand fulls.I will say I am A real quite person till you get to know me most times you have to start me talking cause I don't like to bother people.I am slowly adding more here about me and my family.
Allen Leggin
Allen Steinruck
Allen Potter
Allen Lee
Allegra Jones
Allen Chamberlain
Allen At
Allen Jost
Allen Finstad
Allen Paul
Allen Lancashire
Allen Sifiata
Allen Staffford
Allen Jackson
Allen Wilson
Allen Snyder
Allen Holmes
Allen Sackett
Married and bored. Trying to keep busy while my wife and daughter are in CA. She is taking care of her mother who is cery sick right now so my wife is back home with my daughter. I drink smoke chew and play computer games when I have the time. So needless to say I am pretty boring. Boondock Saints or something where people get the shit kicked out of themselves or something blows up. Military movies in general except for Cadence, that shit was fucking gay
Allen Craig
I am professional ski instructor. Full time occupation si paramdeic instructor. Love sailing in the Atlantic and Pacific
Allen Nicholson
Im 6' 5" tall, and weight just a tad over 300 lbs. I have Dark Chocolate brown hair, and i have sparkly brown eye's. My mental age is older then my phisical, but then again i tend to act less then my age as well! At any rate im about to turn 21, go me! Ive been compared to a very huggable Black bear, which is ok cause i love giving and receiving hugs. ^_^ Im very oriented with my family and friends, and im not afraid to speak my mind. You could say im protective of those i call family, and those i consider close friends. Normaly a very taciturn person, im never quick to anger if you mess with me but im set off easily if you mess with some one i care for. I love to cook for people and to give people body massages, been rated between an 9-10 against a professional... Gotta give me props for that. Hehe. I rarely drink, i dont smoke, and i hate Drugs. Im a straight edged person so to speak, but that does NOT mean i dont know how to have fun. ;) Other then that, im normaly
Allen Beaver
Whats to tell about me? I am into music more than anything else. I sing and play guitar. I love to travel and make new friends. I also love my toys especially my four-wheeler. I spend a lot of time online trying to find that special someone. Or at least weaning my way through the Want to know anything else, just ask.
Allen White
Godfather all 3 parts, Goodfellas, Scareface, GreenMile, Breakfast Club, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, Casino, Scare face to name a few
Allen Francois
I'm Allen, 26 years old. Originally from Miami, Florida. I was a U.S. Marine from 1998-2002. I'm out and free from the military thank god! I'm a full-time college student at Palomar College and will be transfering to San Diego State University so you better prepare for this young gunna! My Major is Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting, so you can tell I'm money driven. Money is the source to happiness and you know it! So chase the paper, everthing else comes with it. Other than that, I'm single and working. Anything else, just ask... MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC!!!, I love the West Coast, Beautiful Girls (I love my vanilla bunnies), Fast Cars, Football (Miami Dolphins & San Diego Chargers) Myspace!, UFC, Street Bikes, Guns (What guy doesnt??), Fashion (Ecko Brand!), Movies (Scary and Action), Sex lol...all day everyday.
Allen Waters
i like to fish box and spending time with my kids spending time with my kids pulp fiction , be cool
Allen Harrison
Allen Lawrence
im 5'10 1/2",blue eyes,sandy blond hair,i like to fish,hunt and race, i just never have time.i have a sexy lil girl
Allen Leach
Allen S
Allen Simmons
Ok all I have Said once and think I need to resay I am a Knight of chivalry. I seek my true ladys hand. A lady who cares for me as much as i care for her. A lady who is able to understand that I am in all my parts always going to be a true gentleman. In some things I say some might take them as Flirtting but in who I am they are not but just words. It is the emotion behind those words that take the very same words one calls flattery and transcends them it a higher meaning and makes them not flirting but love comments. I am one who tends to speak the truth as I see it, and try not to do more then I feel is within the limits of who I am. In todays age players and con artists rule. They have taken things that were compliments and made them other. SO when a true gentleman or a knight says them then we are looked at as flirting and as players. I have done much soul searching this past 4 yrs and 9 months. Since my son was conceived and I been in a way lost. I still know I have f
Allen Mathews
Very out goin u can text me at 904-343-1939
Allen Robison
i like to ride
Allen K
hi im 32,5;6"185 ok built ,u tell me i have 1 pic for now i have a mechanic ,ido tattoos for a 2yrs,ilike to surf in summer time,make people feel goosd im looking for a girl that likes to be treated good for once and not badly,that dosent mind a phone call once and a while ,not honting u just to see whats up.if u are it lets chat ill trave ta ya or just travel i like to do...i can also be their just to take care of ur need feel free to call or email or 978-304-5418-- or 9788796180 any time or late night... hi im 32,5;6"185 ok built ,u tell me i have 1 pic for now i have a mechanic ,ido tattoos for a 2yrs,ilike to surf in summer time,make people feel goosd im looking for a girl that likes to be treated good for once and not badly,that dosent mind a phone call once and a while ,not honting u just to see whats up.if u are it lets chat ill trave ta ya or just travel i like to do...i can also be their just to take care of ur need
Allen Turner
visited 29 states (58%)Create your own visited map of The United States
About me: I served in the 1st Ranger bat!! Did 5 years in Iraq working for a couple different companies doing PSD, Covoy, and site security. I actually miss the place for some reason.. guess things didnt turn out like i had dreamed they would once I came home.. things were simpler there.. you just woke up everyday and it was a good day!! Home you trade the risk of physical pain for that of emotional one.. I am a single custodial father of my increditable 4 year old son Kristopher (Critter) At times I think that if it wasnt for him I would have totally fallen apart!!
Allen Gibson
I am just your average guy just trying to by in this world. I have been in the Navy for the past Seven years, and I love my job. I like to travel so, this was really a good job for me. I have been to ten countries on three continents, and I have been to eighteen states including Alaska and Hawaii.
Allen Dodge
Allen Rogers
a real juggalo looking for a juggalett to git with to spread some love,smoke the shit out of some gonga pass that shit my way,love every kind of music if there wasent music in this world we would all b crazy, spread the love everyone lets chang this politacle shit or nothing will last
Alley Bishton
Allen Sneed
body{background-image:url(""); background-attachment:fixed; background-repeat:repeat;
Allen Jordan
Allen Smith
There are a few things about who I am that people like. I am a down to earth person that believes he should respect his girlfriend or wife. I like to do out of the house activities with people. I don't mind staying inside either. I have been told that I am a bit on the heavy side but not fat. I also was told that I am a fairly attractive man. I work fulltime for a slot machine producing company. I don't plan on leaving either. I must always have a fulltime job.
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im allen a very down to earth hard working man!!! I live in parma by myself!! Here to meet people who like to chat and have fun. Maybe ill find a good woman who i can hang out with!I sell cars so if you need a vehicle im your man !!! Been single so long its crazy!!!! Id like to meet a woman whos lookin for a good man!!!! OH GO CAVS MORE OF THIS FOR DETROIT !!!!! name="movie" value=""> CherryTAP Images at" name="CherryTAP Images">/"> eam MySpace Logos" />MySpace Tweaks, MySpace Layouts, MySpace Images and more!style="padding:3px;background:#000;color:#00ADEF;font-family:tahoma;font-size:11px;font-weight:bold;text-decoration:none;border:1px solid #00ADEF" href="" target="_blank">CherryTAP Images at TweakYourPage.coms Team MySpace Logos" />CherryTAP Images at TweakYourPage.comm
Allen Thompson
Hm, whats there to tell, all you have to do is just ask me, ask me anything you want to. Other than that, I AM the Gun Toting, Flag Waving, Pro-Life Conservative that your mom Warned you about :} I am also a single father of Three kids who I Adore each day, I Love being outdoors, and of course that means I Love camping as well. I like ALL kinds of music, EXCEPT Rap or Hip Hop, to me thats mostly just kinda noise. I am Very much into Talk Radio, Southern Rock, Country Rock. I do happen support OUR Troops 100%, for which I am one as well, I am formally a Navy Seal, and Lord knows I miss ALL of my brothers and sisters that I have served with. And, if you disagree with me on some things, well, thats you opinion. We ALL cant agree on the same things. But, one thing we CAN agree on , I HOPE you do, that is that we ALL Love Our Country. And if you Dont Love OUR Country, ,,,,,,,, WHAT THE HECK YA STILL HERE FOR, A BAILOUT LIKE THE REST ? ? ? ? ? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ! ! !
Allen Southern
Allen Santoyo
Allen Clark
Little bout me.Im 33 live in duluth,mn and have a 6yr old son.Im easy going fun to chill wit.Im a toker(hence 420)so if that offends u then see ya.I am single and looking.wanna find an open minded female or femals for fun and friendship.I have a shaved head pierced toung 1 tattoo and a average build.
Allen Not Tellin
Allen Williams
Allen Knowles
Allen Penunuri
me comedy
Allen Blevins
ok well im 19 and currently in college. i love cars and love meeting new ppl...i love sports and anything to do with the outdoors. i really dont know what else to say
Allen Whitehead
Allen Tylski
im a union electrician whatelse can i say haha. im a typical country boy i love to have fun and party till dawn i also like to ride my 4wheeler and take my truck out muddin. i also like to hunt and fish and whatever else sounds like fun at the time!
Allen Lamb
Allen Swindler
im 5'9 160 pounds and athletic.i love sports and meetin new people. well i have done some shit in the past that im not proud of but sence ive changed how i am and reall want to get shit together. if you would like to know something about me just hit me up and ask. IM STRAIGHT SO IF UR A GUY AND TRYIN TRY SOMEPLACE ELSE. my interest are women,board sports,drawin =,the out doors water sports and racin.other then that i enjoy to meet new people and just have fun hit me up cuz i would like to get to know you and see where this goes. the things i love most in this world loyalty and respect and these dogs have both help protect them from stereotipical people out there tryin to get rid of them its the owner not the breed thanks. Sorry againAdd to My Profile | More Videos
Allen Jacobs
Allen Ellsworth
Allen Hagen
Let me Make this clear Fans first then maybe friends You prefer Passionate sex! You enjoy passionate sex. You're the kind of person that has tons of fun in the sack, and you can really get into it. Not necessarily rough and lusty, passionate sex is the kind that satisfies both your lovin' and horny needs. 'What is the best type of sex for you?' at
Allen Strother
Ask what you want to know and I'll tell you.I hate fake ass people,and drama I love to get stoned and play video games mostly first person shooter games.Courtesy of Evil, Satanic, and Horror pictures Rob zombie,Scarface,And most of all my father.. Evil, Satanic, and Horror pictures The bloodier the better... Evil, Satanic, and Horror pictures Evil, Satanic, and Horror pictures
Allen Furgeson
Allen Smith
I'm a very normal down to earth guy. I just want to meet someone out there that I'm attracted to on all levels. Spiritually, Mentally and of course Physically. I get really tired of all the hoops a person has to go through just to meet someone cool and decent. It seems like we all have so many walls up. It's hard to get past those isn't it. The magic has to be out there between me and someone else, and I am looking forward to finding that. I don't expect to find a greek god, but I want him to be attractive. I'm above average, and it's cool to want the same I think. Most importantly, I want someone that is cool with who they are, someone that is ok within themselves and is happy in their own skin. Life is rough, and gay life is even rougher sometimes, but a strong person emotionally, mentally, and spiritually wont let that get to 'Who' they are. I try to make sure to keep myself in check at all levels. I am a single father of a great little girl. I know that there has to be guys out the
Well lets see. I am the father of two perfect little boys. Hunter is the oldest, he will be 2 on the 22 of april. Hunter and I share the same birthday. Will is the second he is 4 months old now. I have a wonderful wife. I was is the Air Force for 3 years. I now am a mechanic at a car dealership, I am also in school for criminal justice where I am carrying a 4.0 grade point average. Well anyway if there is anything that I have left out ust ask what you want to know. Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of Courtesy of
Allen Stevens
im am 30 year old male from tn . i am getting dirvorced soon. i have two wonderful kids that are my life and always will be . i am looking for someone new to spend my life with but they have to love kids and be honest and faithful . i have yahoo messager if anyone would like to talk just let me know. if you would like to know anything else just message me on here .
Allen Finley
Allen Gregory Jr
Allen Carter
Allen Walker
My name is Allen and I am 19 years old, I am a student studying to be an Xray tech. I love older women, they are so hot and sexy to me. I like hanging out with my friends, they have a band so we just goof off alot. I have a deep voice so I mess around with them and can sing bass really easy.. BUT I am not a good singer, infact I suck LOL. Hot women email me anytime. I love women in their 40's They are very hot to me. My email is or HOT Sexy Older women in their 40's mmm
Allen Jhonsen
Allen Rehrig
to have some fun. play the guitar and sports. i like to be wild, and party. i like to have a girl that knows how to handle her self.
Allen Clark
Allen Lewis
Allen Cindle
Alley Kat
Hey Ya'll. I'm 22. Gettin ready to move to FL soon. Would like to get to know a few people from the Central FL area. I manage a hair salon in Mineral VA. Finishing up College now. About to get my license to own my own business. In hopes to own my own Hair Salon in Central FL. Been looking for a while now. I like to have fun. Not looking to get involved right now. Just got out of a long relationship with my high school sweetheart. Right now just want to focus on getting my career in order and up and running. Anyways. I hope to become friends with some decent honest people.
Allen Thurston
I'll tell you all there is to know. I am 18 years old and live in Pennsylvania, and I have two brothers that live with me as well. My main hobby is computers, but I also like to fight, ride ATVs. And my most favorite thing of all time is to be with my girlfriend Sam. She's the bomb, and my future wife. There isn't any better, nor could I ask for any better, because I got it all right here :-D. I don't give a damn about politics because George Bush is a meat head. If there's anything else you need to know about me, just give me a message!
fun tattoos fun men relationships my kids parents im blunt caring a shoulder to lean on understanding and honest and faithful thats me computers movies sports nas cars drag raceing family outings fun with my kids
Allen Jennings
Allen Squibb
Allen Farmer
I'm 26 and I'm like no other you've ever met. I love to dance but I'm white so I look like Richard Simmons sweatin to the oldies lol. j/k but I do love the dance machine at the arcade and I love to sing kareoke. I like making my own versions of songs, and laughing is my favorite past time. I roof for a living and I'm in the makes of being my own boss. So if you need a roof, and are near my location call 910-934-ROOF. I'm truly an original person who is wondering where all the real people of my fizzling fun town have ran off to. I Love to have fun, and I love to be me. 5'10", 145 lbs. Humourous, spontaneous, and focused. Also have two lil girls that are my world, so if you can't handle that don't holla back! I love to work with my hands. Love to know how things work. Women, Money, I still love to skate, I'm a music fanatic, love concerts, love to play pool, love to laugh. Kareoke, and I'm a dance machine fanatic. Jesus Christ blow, scarface, belly, godfather, goodfellas, dusk till dawn,
Allen Micenec
I am happily married!!!!! I am just here to check things out.
I am a 38 year old male interested in Wiccan type ideals,travel,computers,women,The CRAFT. I like talking to open minded people. I am a free spirit And like the same in people I keep as company. Blessed are those that roam free !
Allen B
Allene Persinger
Allen M.
Allen Hamilton
About me... Well I am a 31 year old tattoo artist living in Mn right now.... The cold weather sucks but hey 1300 miles away from my ex cant be all bad... I have two great kiddos a son and a daughter who I have custody of right now and A beautiful girlfriend who just has a beautiful 4 month old baby boy..... Kinda quite most of the time but then Segrams 7 and Mt Dew can change that after awhile. If there's anything else ya wanna know about me I guess you will ask,... I normally dont have a problem answering questions..... Tattoos my kids my girlfriend and her sweet baby... Oh and well other than that I goof off on my PS3 or 360 other than that I don't do much...
Allen Keehn
Allen Butcher
hey to ever-one that looks at this page name is allen butcher im from Greenfield ohio it is a ever small town....i like to fun...i like to go to the bars and have fun...i like to play games with a my friends and family .....and if u need to know anything let me know i like to chat under my yahoo messenger my name u it is allen_06_07 so if u have yahoo hit me up Get your own glitter and more at
Allen Sedore
I like my space,walking on the beach,talking,cuddling,and i like just about every thing that has to do with the out side.excpecaily with th e right person ozzy,james hefield and alot of other musicians i like all kinds of music all kinds of action advetures,horrer films and dramas
I am a retired CPA and business owner who now spends 15 hours a week playing tennis. Was in the Florida state Championships. I ride motorcycles and collect cars. Used to race vintage stock cars and sports cars. Listen to music whenever I can and enjoy photography, good conversation and good company. By the way I'm looking for a new life partner to share and experience together the best life has to offer.
Alley Burns
Uhh.. Video Games, Cars, Trucks, Racing, Rock Crawling, Music, Speakers, Shoes, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Snow Skating, I like ice sculptures that they do up here, Dark photography, depressive things, Sadness is beautiful, and I love hard metal music.
Allen Petters
Allen Smith
Allen Michaels
Allen Walker
Allen Graham
Allero Cole
Allen King
Allegra Allegra
Allen Thomas
Allen B-bong
just ask me what u want to know...... playing guitar in my band....and partying with bitches!!i like getting i dont party all the time tho, i dont have the energy 4 that shit. if u wanna chill or drink or w/e just hit me up... "dimebag" darrell abbot(pantera). Chuck Shuldiner(death), and Alex Scholnick(testament) 300, lord of the rings, star wars, Final fantasy advent children,pantera vulgar videos, underworld, the Crow, and Borat.
Allen Relthford
I am a 28 year old father of 2. My son Allen jr is 5 and my daughter Natalie is 1. I was in the military for 4 years I spent the better part of 3 years overseas. I was in Iraq from '02-'04. I am from Cincinnati,Oh , but I have traveled plenty and lived all over the world. I love seeing and doing new and exciting things I will try almost everything once. I definately love meeting new people I dont want to die in Cincinnati hopefully i will make it elsewhere when the Reaper Man cometh to carry me away to that one way in the clouds IMA FIGHT TILL HE GIVES UP AN DROPPS MY WHITE AZZ!!!! I like guns,cars, girls, reading, television,video gaming,computers,chatting,cellphone,racing,wrestling,music(tone def),and plus plenty more that i am being to lazy to list.
Allen Sole
Allen Evans
OK OK OK Hello my name is Allen Evans i'm 17 and i'm like 6'1 and i'm a goofy gay kid who playes video games and likes ninjas and stuff.Ok now I live and L.A.(yeah sunnyst place on earth)and i have lots of friends and I act like a childish little kid!!(hey that's me don't like it then screw you)I act like a white kid i like rock,J-pop,Emo and SOME rap!!! not all. That me in a nutshell. XP Well.......i like video games,tv,food,boys and music
Allen Kessler
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Alley Davis
Allen Hatch
about me i'm an easy going pretty much down to earth kinda of guy don't like head games i have 2 children 21 yr old son and 22 yr old daughter whom i luv so very much very much into classic rock and oldies camping harleys video games and clubbing along with romantic nights on the town or and home very much a clown at heart believe that lol
Allen Macula
I never know what write just an average person making everyday count. I work midnights have two grown kids yongest just graduated H.S. I'm here to make some new friends. If you want to know more just ask. My intrests are the the usual blah bblah.including clubs (bars ) I enjoy a cool beer baoting fishing pool hockey ...
Allen Lewis
Well, lets talk about me , I am just your every day fun to be with party guy but still holding onto my good sence that god gave me with a touch of intamacy and a dash of good looks topped off with a orgasm of love. I am the guy that can bring a smile to anyone also the guy that is not talking any bullshit allong the way the shoulder y ou can cry on but not the door mat for u to walk on. I am and can be the light at the end of aa tunnel but for damm sure not your hero i am better then that i am your FRIEND. I was allways tought to think of a stranger as a friend you have yet to meet well i am willing to talke a chance how about you hit me back u may be surprisedstyle style hangin out ,making new friends , sports, clubbin and just sitting back enjoying a warm summers day
Allen Scott
im a out going guy dont get me wrong i like talking to people its just sometimes i get a lil carried away on somethings i like working and rebuilding cars and tearing them down and rebuilding them from the bottom up if my hands arent greasy or oily im not happy
Allen Ottaway
Allen Caday
Allen Jackson
Hi ladies hope u dig my pics I\'m just chillin lookin for fun. Thnks for takin the time to read n look at profile I\'m a single guy lookin to meet exciting ladies who just want to hve fun I wrk a little to much so wht ever extra time I flip through the web.I love all sports I run n play basketball. If u think u can handle big Al hit me up n dnt be ugly srry to many fakers thnks hve a good day.
Allen Johnson
i love fishing singing camping meeting new people and having fun
Allen James
Allen M.(mac) Coleman
Allen M
Allen Verity
Allen Mine
Allen Page
Allen Gordon
Alley Morris
i am 22 years old i love living in the united states i also loved fighting for our freedom. I am currently serving in the national guard in alaska we are up for deployment in the near future but not curently deployed. I have 3 beautiful children,and a loving family. any way anything else you want to know ask... Myspace Quizzes at I am 21v years old i have just got out of the military as a specialist. i really loved my job as a soldier. But my daughter comes first in my eyes she is a year old. I also have a 6 year old step son i love him as if he was my own. My husband is curently serving our great country over in afgavastan. we are both hoping to have more children when he returns home. My Grandpa & Grandma, My Mom & Dad, and my husband Richard i love funny movies, i also love soap operas, and watching cartoons with my daughter and son
Allen Bush
Allen Strange
if you want to see a pic send me a e-mail to football basketball soccer movies horrors funny movies tv series crime dramas csi csi miami without a trace
You Are Homer Simpson You're just an ordinary, all-American working Joe... With a special fondness for pork rinds and donuts. You will be remembered for: your little "isms" and philosophies on life Your life philosophy: "Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals ... except the weasel." The Simpsons Personality Test Advanced Global Personality Test Results Extraversion |||||||||||||| 53% Stability |||||||||||||||| 66% Orderliness |||||||||||| 46% Accommodation |||||||||||||||||| 76% Interdependence |||||||||||||| 56% Intellectual |||||||||||||||| 63% Mystical |||||| 23% Artistic |||||| 30% Religious |||||||||| 36% Hedonism ||||
Allen Williams
Allen Jones
I LOVE LIFE!!!! Love women! Can't get enough of the sight of them!!! Im not a dog so stop trippin. I just love the sight of a woman. Im a fittness intstructor in Nashville TN. Love palying ball, basketball, football, you name it. Love Kung fu flicks. Jet li is the shit. And Tony Jaa is on the rise!!!
my name is allen,i am a former army sniper 82nd airborne ranger bravo.505 of 20 years have seen 6 combat deployments,grenada,panama,hondurez,kosovo,desert storm,and iraq again had enough but love my brothers and sisters in arms then and nowlive by 3 words honor,respect,loyalty,want 2 meet new people and friend ,hell maybe my next ex-wife who knows,so lets get the party that i have been on here 4 awhile,i have found that a lot of you are full of shit,buy a blast if you want to see pics,rate all photo's,to see nsfw pics,well got 3 words 4 you kiss my ass.don't be a dick.ok it seems we have come to the point were i tell you how it is with me,some of you have way to much ego,don't cum 2 my page and not rate or add me and then ask me to rate and add you .you have lost your !@#$%&^ mind,and don't ask me 2 buy you stuff or give fun bucks,i feel if you have 2 ask for theses things you are not worthy,thats all 4 now i'm sure there will more to cum, cause there are to many f!@#%$# d
Allen Mcgouldrick
I am a 28 father an husband i have a daughter an a son an married to a wonderful wife i have been with for a very long time we just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on August 6 i also like makin money here at this link below call yuwie it is just like fubar,myspace,facebook,myyearbook, the only thing on yuwie is you can add people an you can make money from adding them an if you make blogs of your own if someone views them you also can get paid by them an you even can put a layout on it also anything you like PASTE THIS LINK IN YOUR WEB BROWSER
Allena Skinner
I'm just awesome, what can I say? lol Cats, animals, books Clint Eastwood

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