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Justin Gibney
Well basically, I'm someone you wanna meet lol. I dunno, im friendly, I love meeting new people, I'm crazy and wild and I love to make others laugh. Lets see... I went to ITT Tech, working on a video game, and I have a 3 year old son named Dante. Need to know anything else just hit me up. Well lets see... I like Video games, computers, technology in general, Yes I am a nerd. I like outdoor stuff too like snowboarding and football, I play the drums and am learning guitar slowly lol. I am a raver, I love to go to raves and put on light shows for others as well as meet some of my favorite dj's. Basically I just love to have a good time. If its fun I will probably do it.
Justin Melendez
anything u wanna kno, just ask
Justin Marchiondo
Justin Courtney
Justin Helton
Justin Melson
Justin Knight
Justin Ray
Justin Bean
Justin Mcintosh
Justin Smith
I am a 30-year-old male, who lives in Kaneohe, HI. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I am 5'9" and 145 pounds. I have 4 tattoos, but am nowhere near done with the ink that will represent me for being the unique person that I am. I am looking for a new friend that might end up being something more later on in life. I like going to hard rock/Punk/Metal concerts. I am always up for hiking somewhere new. I can spend hours at the beach, even at night just watching the stars and listening to the waves. The brothers that I have went to war with. 1. Halloween I,II,H20,Resuurection, and the remake Rob Zombie did. 2. Evil Dead I, II, and Army of Darkness. 3. Any movie with a decent Vampire or Zombies. 4. Any good Horror Movie at all.
Justin Hamilton
im a 19 year old party animal i love going to raves in detroit once and a while im a big metal fan but also i listin to rap my favorite drink is a simple screw driver i live with two room mates who are some what cool ones a loser and the other just is a kick ass person i allways like to meet new peaple so if your interested hit me up music drinks drugs and sex lol im a beast
Justin Blake
I've just recently joined the US Navy, other than that...I'm not sure what else to say
Justin Hecker
A little about me. I don't care if you like me or not. Because it's better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you're not.
Justin Huffman
Justin Smith
Justin Coates
Justin Green
Justin Fisher
Justin Tichenor
Justin Dodge
I am producer in the fine city of chicago. I dont even know why I have this thing hahaha
Justin Conner
Justin Fluckiger
Justin Morcom
Justin Dufresne
Just a chill guy looking for a chill girl. Hanging out with friends, being active, typical 19 year old.
Justin Keefer
i'm 19 years old and love playing football and working out
Justine Inikori
Justin Brown
Justin Eveland
Justin White
Justin Roach
Justin Stites
Justin Rust
What sums me up- well i am fun loving good hearted person I am romantic person i don't play games and don't act like a fool when i am with a lady i have respect for women and ask the same from them. i drank but lightly i don't act like a fool when drinking i like to have fun getting drunk is not fun but having a few drank's with a pretty looking women. i love to make people smile threw bad times and good times. i am always there for my friends when they a shoulder to crie on. i am smart funny and some what of a geeky person. i do have sentive side but who dosent but if people say they don't then there lieing everybody has feelings. i am very family orinated i love my mom to death but i don't have her support me in any way i like to do things for my self so i can feel that i did it on my own. So that is pretty much me and hope there is a lady looking for a guy like me. My likes- I like fast cars and freedom. I love the outdoors camping fishing hikeing mountain climping. I like to get di
Justin Smith
Hey. My name is Justin I work at Fedex as a package handler, I live in Little Canada Minnesota. I'm shy sometimes at first but I'm a great guy sex video games driving pool poker
Just Ask
I am a 23 yrs old, I was born and raised in Texas, but moved to Arizona after I got out of the Army. I have a 1 year old son who is my world! Im 6'3'', Irish, and a big kid at times. Anything else youd like to know? JUST ASK I love camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, off roading, playing guitar, reading, writing, going to shows, drinking, video games.... anything and everything really. If its a good time, IM THERE!!! Oh, and I LOVE to cook
Justin Shepherd
Justin Fouintain
Justin Roark
Hi, im justin, i have no interest in meeting people off the internet who live thousands of miles away or in another state for that matter so click the back button if you live in africa and are interested in me. i just moved to Austin so id love to meet new/fun/non-psycho-rapist-bitches.
Whats up, my names Justin, I'm 27, and the most kind and polite atheist this side of the Mississippi . I spent 5 years in the Army (couple in Iraq)and now get paid to go to school for the next 4 years which is sweeeeeeeeeet I'm starting the long process of a masters degree in psychology that hopefully leads me to be a psychologist working for the Army. In between that I love going to comedy clubs, going to the gym and working out for 10 mins and sitting in a sauna for 50, watching my Cleveland teams and having great sex. I play a little guitar and sing. Love to smoke and I'm a gambling phenom lol. Any ?'s feel free to ask. Tennis, gym's, hottubs, comedians, food, texas holdem, blackjack in vegas, women
Justin Boillard
Name is Justin. I'm 18. I live in Rhode Island. I'm a pretty laid back dude. fuck with me or my friends and it will be your last mistake. other than that, if you wanna know more, just IM me @ Dragon6Of6Blood6 on AIM
Justin Carr
hey gurls my name iz justin carr and im from da hood of kansas city missouri i rep my block till da death of me i love to play basketball and i really love2 have sex dats like my most fun thing 2 do im a freak in da bed and im lookin 4 gurls 2 talk to on here so hit me up gurls
Justin Walker
I'm Justine if you haven't already figured that out, it's pronounced Justeene if you would like to know, I really DO NOT like people calling me Justin so.. the minute you do, you lose points with me. I am a total and complete outdoors girl, the only real time I play on the computer is when it's like really late or I'm at work and can't go outside.. Like I've said before, I don't watch TV much ither but there's quite a few shows that I love to watch at night or in the morning when I get ready to leave for work or something. T.V.- BURN NOTICE! Gilmore Girls Frasier Seinfeld Yes Dear Becker Wings Cheers Whose Line is it Anyway Will and Grace Desperate House Wives Degrassi Secret Life of an American Teenager CSI NCIS Nip Tuck There's probably more than I can think of right now but yeah there's all the main shows I watch on my days off.. Favorite Movies- Waterworld Ironman The Fifth Element Transformers Enough The Last Unicorn (Because I remember watching i
Justin Kartak
Justin Mahoney
My Name is Justin, If you want to know about me just ask lol
Justin Butts
Justin Hinkel
im a laid back guy down for anything.i like to sit and chill listin to music just have a good time with friends.i dont know what else to wright if u want to know more about me dont be bafraid to ask baggin trucks ridein dirtbikes any thing really that can get an adrinaline rush mettallica anything thats post to be scary
Justin Albano
Justin Shoales
like 2 have lot's of fun working tryin 2 be successful
Justin Fisher
Ok what can I say about myself? I am profusely untrusting yet I am in a very committed relationship. I love my girlfriend and can't see myself without her. Im 27 and Ive made many mistakes in my life. One of them sent me to prison for many years. I am, thankfully, a person who learns from their mistakes and doesn't repeat them. I have been out since December 2010 and I've been keeping my nose clean. I can't see myself risking my relationship with my girlfriend for 5 minutes that could send me to prison for years. She means the world to me and I would do anything to make her happy. I try to be a good person and I try to make those I care about and who care about me happy. I'm far from perfect and never will be. But I am me and that's all I can be. If you don't like me then you can go fuck yourself. Other than that, have a nice day fuckers. I like to play video games, ride dirt bikes, watch T.V., watch movies, drink and whatever else catches my attention. I used to skateboard
Justin Prucha
Justin Johnson
Justin Wolvin
Justin Credible
Justin Hollis
Just Me
Justin Shuster
I'm Justin and I live in Missouri. I'm gay, so if there are any single men out there, drop me a line.
Justin Vanmiddlesworth
boondocks saints is by far my favorite movie. i have veritas/aequitas tattooed on my arms and all together have 10 tattoos and one piercing (in my ear).
Justin Saari
Justin Tompkins
Justin Nussbaum
Justin Hakala
Justin B
Justin Shoales
Just Ask
Justin Spengler
Justin Burnett
Justin Greene
Justin Vick
My name is Justin Vincent. I am 21 and live in New Jersey. I will eventually be moving to Tennessee. I am a fun guy and try to be cool. Video Games, Roleplaying, Hanging Out, Rollerblading or Bike Riding, Running, Writing, Reading, Sex...heh heh...
Justin Borba
Justin Koch
Hmm...... I guess your gonna have to ask to find out. Lol Women, sports, working out and keeping fit, sex, American muscle cars, feel free to ask me what else I like!
Justin Mathis
Justin Woldtvedt
Justin Harville
Justin Harris
Justin Lamoureux
Justin Freeland
About me? Never thought much about it. I have two daughters (13 & 2) who are the biggest loves in my life. I am usually always working, when im not I try to fill my free time between my kids, my wife, and trying to start several new bussiness. I am more blunt than most people prefer, and am often labeled an ass hole, but I could careless. I tend to be a little perverted and warped, but thats okay cause I dont mind I do enjoy movies and eventually will own both a movie theater and a rental store (specializing in horror flicks, my favorites). I am also interested in the usual things like: cars, motorcycles, guns, paintball, strip clubs (drinking with my wife and beautiful women... I am a lucky man), and I read alot on various subjects. Anything I left out that you want to know, just ask. I only bite during sex and thats only if you ask (sometimes)!
Justin Haugland
Justin Webster
Justin K
Justin Thasher
Justin Hale
Justin Tilton
Justin Funk
Justin Heck
Justin Beal
Justin Robertson
Justin Harley
Justen Ricker
Justin Mike
Just Life Next Level Baby
Justin Wisniewski
I just found this site. I am not sure what I am looking for. I think I am looking to have fun. I did 8 years in the Marines with two tours in Iraq. I have been out for a little wile now and I am working on becoming a firefighter. I am an outdoor nut. I Mountain bike in the summer and snowboard in the winter.I love motorcycles I'm love animals lover
Justin P
Whats Good, what can I honestly say about me, well im the laid back, but still have fun type of guy. Thats basically it. Traveling, Reggae, History, and meeting people
Justin Lovelady
Justin Right
Justin Curless
Justin Rankin
Justin Eveland
Justin Weaver
Justin Lundy
Justin B
ask me.
Justin Smith
Justin Larsen
Juston Dungca
Justin Mc Donnal
bullridin workin out huntin fishin football wrestling
Justin Soto
Justin Romeo
Justin Tinsley
Justin Wohlrab
Justin Riggs
just ask Im looking for that one to be my girl
Justin Hoffman
Justin Caffrey
Justin Hill
I am happy to be here and look forward to meeting great new faces today; Maybe you can be the one. Hello there my ladies. My name is Justin. I am a compassionate artist. I like draw pictures of the scenery and real life. I want to go to art school to pursue this talent that I have. I currently study Art as a major at my college right now. I am very athletic. I love to run, and have fun with anybody who wishes to come along with me. I have participated in marathons and what not. One of my future plans are to travel around the world with my two best friends. i like to hangout with friends, and most of all with that special someone, which I am currently lookng for. ONE THING: I DO NOT OWN A CAM FOR CHAT. IM NOT HERE TO TALK PEOPLE ON CAM. If you wish to connect with me you can add me on Yahoo Messenger, Myspace, Facebook to just talk and get to know each other. I am not here for sex, so please dont ask for it. OH IM NOT HERE TO PLAY GAMES,
Justin Brown
Justin Pearce
I am From Long Island NY. I do construction for a living. This a good site for real people who like tp party. I'm one of thoise real people so lets have fun. As long as you're a woman u can rate me have a crush, or whatever. Dudes, just say whattup.
Well my name is Justin. 25 years old. Just got out of the Marines almost 2 years ago. I am very laid back and easy going. Looking for a woman who knows what she wants in a man.
Justin Miller
Justin Gurto
Justin Weber
Justin Barber
Justin Obershaw
I am a hard worken single man. Around 6ft brown hair, baby blue eyes, love the out doors,looken to have fun n party with people. can be sweet n nice when i want to be. But can be a mean ass mother fucker to. but you treat right an i will do you right. The name Justin, and im looken for people that are fun outgoing and lov to have a good time. I work n Houston for Mustang as disle mech. I have my own house n car. The one n my house besides me is my dog dum dum. want to know more wirte me up on here n ask. Brock lesnar, and family Anything realy dosent matter i will watch anything
Justin Lockridge
Justin Case
Justin Anderson
Justin Garcia
Justin Zipnock
Justin Wagner
Hey my name is Justin I go to Clemson University and Clemson Tigers by far are my favorite football team. Here to check it out and see what interesting people I can meet at this site. Always down for talking so just let me know.
Justin T
if u wanna no njust fuckin ask lol
Justin Alexander
Hi im Justin.. im bad at this profile bullshit so ill tell you whats possible lol. i live it up as much as i can and meet as many people as i can. you can like me or not.. if you dont fuck you i dont know you lol and if you do fuck drop me a note. im a gamer, stoner, drinker, swimmer, cooker, and whatever other nice stuff i do lol.. im am a peircing lover i got 9 or them.. i think they are the hottest thing ever so if your peirced up good luck beating me off I like to cook its my job and i love my meetings with mary jane. I love to party and live it up... ill tell you more later lol im drawing a blank
Justin Rhoads
Justin Cash
Justin Hayden
Justin Hines
Justin Rayner
Justin Pisetti
Heyy my name b Justin =] Get iit rite! Thee cake day b April 1 x] belive it or not. Im 18 love to have fun so if ur fun then ima like u haha!well i got great friends and an amazing girlfriend Trish tht i would do anything for so if u fuck wit them u fuck wit me =]]] well if u want to know more about me then hit me up if u have a myspace add me
Justin Bacon
i am currently attending Georgia Northwestern tech where i am studying to become a firefighter/EMT. I already have my certification as a Firefighter I and im currently working on FF II classes as well as learning to scuba dive on the side i am looking for a girl who isn't afraid to be herself around me, who doesn't feel as tho she needs materialistic things to be happy and enjoys being with me for me and im not looking for a girl thats wanting to play games im past that point. there are things that i have left out but only because i couldn't think of them at this time so if you would like to know more then please feel free to send me a message
Justin Sorhondo
im looking for fun basically
Justin Kellerson
Justin Cardew
Justin Mason
Justin Pennington
My name is Justin I'm 20 years old. I love to draw and i love to make people feel good about who they are.My favorite color is black. If there is anything you want to know then just ask. Have a nice day. I have a girl friend named Jessica i love her more then art. So yeah you don't have to worry about me being dirty. My main interest is my art
Justin Matthews
I'm sexy I'm a scholar People like me!
Justin Fisher
im 6ft 200lbs im a tank mechanic in the us marines stationed in so cal dirty blonde blue eyes anything else you wanna know feel free to ask i love riding my dirt bike partying with friends going shooting with my buddies
Justin Bullington
Justin Ginn
Music, Vgames, Sports
Justin Peavler
Justin Clark
Well, Im A happy father of one Her name is Hailey "I love her" nothing will change that lol im also from KY except i got the goood looks and the better talk im Built im native american german lol fucked up yeah but im me... Im a very positive person allways full of energy Adventurous and Determand
Justin Brown
Justin Bedosky
Justin B
Justin Murphy
Justin Pereira
Short and simple... I'm 31 years old with black hair and brown eyes. I'm divorced with no children. I'm a Myers-Briggs personality type INFP (known as the Healer)... I have a decent job that pays the bills working with 'At Risk' youth. I like to go to karaoke, have some beers at bonfires with friends, play video games, watch movies, go to local concerts, and listen to music... I'm a bit of a nerd, but I'm also a bit of a metalhead... I am very close with several of my friends, and consider them more family than most of my blood relatives. Most of my clothes are black or grey, and my wardrobe has me in either band t-shirts and jeans or dress pants and button down shirts... Depends on the day. I know I'm not likely to be mistaken for Brad Pitt or George Clooney any day soon, but I make up for my average looks by being a good, honest, hardworking, and faithful man, and having a five star personality... I always believed the credo "A beautiful face withers with age, but a beautiful spiri
Justin Floan
Justin Peters
Justin Spear
Justin Mccowan
Justin Smith
Justin Dixon
Justin A
well lets see about me section hmm what can i say here my friends know how i am my sisters do mostly candi and jac jac and missy. i came home june 24 2006 from the marines i been out off paducah for 4 years and what ya know this place still sucks major donky dick but i have to stick it out for a while i got my dad to take care of while im here he has cancer well as u can tell from my personility and spelling i am a weird person but im a great guy to have around sometimes when i am not pm'sing lol just playing but i do like to be there for anyone even if i dont know who u r or anything ask my friends they tell you im 5'10 brown eyes, brownish hair, dark complextion but im a white boy meaning i cant dance lol nor dancing but i try to have fun most of the times when ever i see that i can or feel like i can well i guess i bored ya enought now so i will say goodnite now so hope to hear from ya sometime and yes i have yahoo and aol and msn so just message me if ya want to chit chat
Justin Hall
Justin Freehill
Justin Camp
hey girls my name is justin camp and i am here to meet some new people i like to skate and get fucking shit faced. so if anybody wants to talk then just write me.
Justin Hffm
id like to playin basketball and working as a designer in Norway but am from Turkey..i love Turkey because its my country...if u visit it one day u never want to go back...(if u see me there while i was swimming in the sea) make me ur friend to know me more make me ur friend to know me more make me ur friend to know me more ♥♥♥ Justin
Justin Goode
Justin Clinard
Howdy yall i am justin frm south east tx yeeeeee haw
Justin Marx
Justin Carter
Justin Swillum
Justin Pons
Justin Peters
Justin Twedt
I'm a smart and easy to get along with individual that is as unique as I am fun to be around. I will do anything for a friend, and about just as much to take down an enemy. I like to walk alone, but that isn't always an option since I have many friends. My family is very small, and it stresses me out to talk to them so I tend to gravitate towards friends over family even though I don't want to. Technology Science UFC/ MMA Vikings football food sex drinking video games working out surfing the web aimlessly not in any particular order
Just Looking
Justin Conner
Justin Blankenship
im 19n years old and looking for true love...if you want to anything in particular about me then ask...i wont hesitate to answer your questions!!!
Justin Puskas
..TMNT..see more Fail Blog SEX!!
Justin Reyes
Justin Forg
Justin Trentham
Justin Wilson
Justin Villani
Justin Ahl
Justin Kirkland
Justin Hunt
Hey whats up everyone! I am new here so anything that yall can offer would be great! I am currently attending the United States Air Force Academy in order to become a fighter pilot. I love it up here, but it is hard to meet new people. So I am here to meet new people and just chill and hang out. If there is anything else you want to know just ask!
Justin Daven
Justin Mahoney
Justin Eaton
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics Sexy Comments & Profile Graphicsguaranteed u will like Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Justin Giersdorf
Justin Davis
Justin Kramer
Justin G
Justin Johnson
I am an easy going guy. Just like to chill and hang out. Listen to music. I love all kinds of music, movies and all around just having fun. I am a DJ at an online Radio station. You can hear me at Come check me out. Feel free to add me or friend me up. The more the better.
Justin Adkins
Justin Easter
My name is Justin, I am 22 years of age. I am not really all that exciting at all, I find myself to be fairly boring and also believe that my novelty wears off quite fast. I am into Art, Music, Photography, Vinyl Records. Collecting comics, mostly Marvel. Sweet Indie comics and maybe some old DC stuff, Heroclix, going to thrift stores and searching for treasure. Collecting action figures, mostly of a comic book variety, Drinking soda, wearing my glasses, swapping music with people/downloading new music to find great new things I have never heard.
Justin Brantley
Justine Marshall
Justin Dunsworth
Justin Rodgers
Justin Squibb
Justine Day
Justin Drake
Justin Vanstry
I am a quick-whited, energetic person. I have a deep passion for music. After I have realized I've have over-reacted, I calm down quickly. I like freedom... freedom to do whatever I want. I AM LIMITED ONLY BY MY OWN MIND. My beliefs most closely resemble those of Bushido, celtism and Buddhism. My theory in life generally focuses upon the spiritual advancement of the self, rather than upon submission to a deity. I live by my own set of moral codes. I am a very open person and I take easily to new ideas. I like doing the random and unexpected. I have a high sense of honor and I am fascinated in ancient culturistic ideas and ways of life. Since I discovered my fascination, I have been taking many styles of martial arts. Ninjistu is my main style along with muay tai and the reason I have to take others. I enjoy martial arts very much and its only equal would be music. Music and martial arts share the same principles. Both wrestle in complex cords and rare melodies. I know just how it feels
Justin Belverud
Justin Alexander
I am a single daddy Hanging out,car,walks,hanging out with my children.
Justin O'connor
funny athletic like sex chatting sending pics on cell txtin meetin ppl dont wanna be married anymore wanna fuck otheres lol im 6'3" i have brown hair im athletic and love anything to do with cars mechanic work body work just building cars i have currently a 1987 pontiac firebird its orange 69 hugger orange to be exact with black racing strips interested in chating with every one i am married dont wanna be lol so im interested in meetin anyone an to have fun sex and etc hit me up 9317876586
Justin Moss
Justin Mcconnell
I am looking for new friends. If you want to know anymore just ask.
Justin Caise
Sup Bar flies>> I work hard and play harder.. I live for taking care of my two boys ( 3 n 5) and yes that blood suckin babymomma.. But i Still take care of my family broken or not.. I stay busy so if i make time for u feel special!! Now Acceptin Applications!! APPLY WITHIN
Justin Kinsey
im single and down for whatever
Just Call Me Bobbin
Justin Carmen
My name is Justin. I go to Beech High School. I am a pretty nice person if you treat me the same. Otherwise, I'm an asshole. I'm 18 and i love to hang out with my friends, mainly Zack, Chris, an Bubba. I also like to play my 360, which i bought with my hard earned money. I don't really have much to say here honestly....Then again i do have a slight short attention span. XD Well, everything else is posted in all the other sections. If there's something else you want to know that isn't posted, send me a message and let me know. I'll be glad to answer MOST questions. Oh yeah and....I'm awesome and a beast. No big Deal. Lol.
Justin Gay
Hi, my name is Justin Gay I am from Barre, Vermont and am attending the University of Northwestern Ohio(UNOH). I love racing and working on cars and hanging with friends. Love to party with everyone. I am friends with everyone till you piss me off. I am an easy going person and love to meet new people. I am what I am love me or hate me that is your choice. I love all my family and friends to death and would die for all of them no matter what. Hey all I love to chill with my friends and love to party cause im young and dumb. I love playing paintball, soccer, football, basketball, baseball alittle, bowling, pool, racing anything or driving anything, and most of all I love my family and friends to death and would do anything for them as best as I could.
Justin Ray
well theres not really much to know. i have 2 kids that are my life and i love them very much...other than that im just living life not really looking for anything more laid back than i used to be...i used to be a big partier and drinker but ive calmed down alot and almost quit turning 25 in 2 months and i now have 8 a very respectful gentlemen and looking for that one to prove shes not like the rest...... theres not really much to 24 with blue eyes and dark brown hair..i have 2 kids a boy and a girl that come first in my life. i live in washington and just over here living life....i work all the time and when im not workin im inside a cage fighting or at the gym working out...if you wanna know anymore just feel free to ask....i also have 8 tattoos....
Justin Emerzian
Hi I'm Justin I am 20 years old. I live in Yuba City still with my parents. I finally finished high school. I have my license but currently no car. When im super bored i write movie scripts sometimes. I love to play poker Texas Holdem to be exact. I have a major passion for wrestling I would love to be a wrestler maybe one day but anyways if you wanna know more just message me I am interested in sports, going to the movies, girls, making model cars, writing movie scripts, and alot more.
Justin Caine
Justin Franks
Well Im Justin. Im 18, and Im trying to start over. I have a LOT of shit goin on in my life right now, and it eats at me everyday. Its hard to stay strong and keep my head up but I know I can do it. I dont need anymore bad influences in my life. Gonna be stayin away from anybody who tries to bring me down. People who wont help or support you arent the kind of people you want to be around you. I learned that the hard way. Keep God first, and your family next. I dont go to church and havent been in a long time. But im a strong believer in God and how he works. When God gives you a great opportunity you need to take it and try to excel to the fullest. You dont want to end up like me, If you only knew.... But just hold on and you will make it through your hard times. We all have them, some worse than others but we all do have problems. Thanks to all the people that have helped me through my hard times, and fuck you to those who brought me down. But anyways, I just moved to Conyers not too
Justin Hockenberry
Justin Harding
Justin Klett
Just Moi
Justin Young
Justin H
Justin Selman
26, live in Centerhell, Tn. Just moved here like six months ago from Florida, can't wait to get out. Just waiting for my student loan check from college so I can move out. I like to drink and laugh with people who don't take everything seriously. Anything else you wanna know just ask. I warn you though, I'm brutally honest.
Just Me
Justin Harris
GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!(not the Montley Crue song)DISTURBED I'm interested in Computers and Video Game Design. I'm also very interested in being a forensic computer intelligence tech in the United States Army if you wanna talk since I don't really check this hit up my myspace/disturbed1117 or
Justin Kellas
Justin Myers
send me some hot pics
Justin Perl
Rate me... Fan me... Add me as a friend. Hello there. My name is Justin and im a very friendly guy. My friends say im a big hearted person and easy to get along with. Being my friend means ill always be there for you if you ever need me. I only give out my personal info to those i can trust and those who earn it. Im on Fubar to meet new people and maybe meet a nice woman. Im 23 but to me age is just a number and ive been with women twice my age. I work for a museum and im starting school to become a counselor. I have been in trouble in the past but working really hard to right those wrongs.
Justin Tavenner
Justin Baughman
Hello I am a 28 yr old male from atlanta.
Just Here To F*ck Things Up!!!
i'm a 41 yr old guy who can't grow up...or overcome my appetite for beer. I work as a dj/av tech. I spend much time at the beach or on the lake with the dogs and the seadoo. I found this site from playing card ace on my my criteria for adding friends.." you seem normal..and nice" my criteria for deleting friends.."you seem manic depressive, bi polar,needy and slightly insane nd not at all nice" My Rottweiler male is Biscuit at 155 lbs. Yes he is well trained.No he is not mean or violent. (he's scared of cats....seriously). This is my dog Biscuit. I have a huge interest in MMA, bodybuilding, beer, babes, dogs, jeeps. Watersking and sailsurfing are how i spend summers. Winter, imo, sucks ass. Prefer the waves. If I wanted a HUMMER I'd ask your MOM!! "My truth is not your truth. My kung fu is not your Kung fu." Bruce Lee " I am not a violent man, but it is a violent world and I would not venture about unprepared. If a man seeks co
Justin Ladow
I am back in Ohio this time for good. Just got out of the military and now going to school. I am a great person to have around for a good laugh. just wanna meet some people in the area since its been so long since ive been in this town. im an outdoors kind of guy. i like to snowboard, camp, fish, hike, boat, and canoe. just about anything outdoors i do winter or summer. i also like to go out to the local bars and clubs and meet new people. i try to shoot pool. one of my favorite things to do is just hang out with my friends and just let loose. -horror -comedy -action
well theres not much 2 say, my friends wud say i get along wit erbody n nybody, im pretty layed back n easy goin, idk why im really here on this site, sure friends is a yes, comma even casual get 2gether 4 sex if sum1 wanted, or if ur lookin 4 a serious relationship i can deal wit that, just broke up wit my gfriend of 9mths, didnt wanna but it happens (i was heart broken, thought she was da one) so im still lookin 4 that one 2 spend my life wit, im not into drama so dont start ny bullshit wit me n u wont get ny fro me, if u do i will prob block u nyways, im not a hater/fighter so if u have a prob wit me nicely say n b on ur way, cuz i wont put up wit assholes, so nyways if u like wat uve seen join my friends list leave me a message, or watev u feel like doin.... peace!!!! love sports, go vols, football is one of my alltime fav sports, i like 2 party, im goin 2 college 4 a history major n education minor, history had always been one of my strong points in skool, a lot o
Justin Ortiz
Justin Robertson
Whatever u wanna know just ask. I'm an honest and open person a little bit of everything
Justin Mcfall
Justin Shirah
Justin Cooper
Justin Miller
Justin Miller
Justin Gibbs
Justin Runnerstrom
Im big into Soccer,Football,Rugby and Streetfighting! I love to Dirtbike,Surf and Mountain bike! Im Currently SINGLE AND LOOKING! I want a girl that will except me for me, Will not have drama and is funny,out-going and is easy to get along with. Im a sweet loving guy i would do anything for that person that im with, But i also have a demon side! I just try and stay sweet! I give a lady the respect that they deserve. Im the type of guy that likes to take a lady on a date to remember! Like favorite is grabing a bite to eat then going to an open field and laying on a blanket or on the hood of my car and lookin at the stars and having long conversations til she falls asleep on my chest. if interested in me then message me!
Justin Parker
laid back. crazy. simple with a complex mind. stubborn. selfish. honest. blunt. risk taker. perfectionist with a side of ocd. forgiving. innovator. creative and artistic. passionate. sarcastic. confident. strong-willed. compulsive. impatient. procrastinator. respectful. reliable. competitive. open minded. art, audio engineering/recording, music, real conversation, cars, cooking, movies, graphic design, poker
Justin Gates
Justin Mayer
well what do ya wanna know? i guess i can tell ya pretty much all about me lol. i grew up in a small town in mississippi. i graduated high school at 17 and joined the military a few months afterwards. im really smart my iq is lik 140 somethin. i love the outdoors, im really into hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, rock climbing, biking, four wheelin, muddin, dirt bikin, lol you name it and i probably do it. im an adrenaline junkie. ive been skydiving and parasailing. im hoping to learn how to ski and snow board this winter. and this summer im going to try and takin diving lessons and become a certified diver. but at the same time i can be laid back mellowed out and chill as hell. i can either be out roughing it or inside reading a book. i love to party and i love to dance. i like to work out its just fantastic. iono if theres anything else ya wanna know just ask video games working out women fun stuff new and fun experiences AND LIVING LIFE TO ITS FULLEST AND TELLING ALL
Justin Ploeckelman
I would say I'm the type of guy who says that it dont matter what you look like how u dress its the way you are on the inside and ur personality is most important. As well with me I am 100% open with people so if you want to no anything about me just ask. I also try to help people where i can even if i dont benifit from it. my personality is that i like to make jokes from time to time but knows when to be serious as needed but other then that im usually pretty fun to be around
Justin Doyle
Justin Bowles
Justin Newman
Justice Luster
Justin T
Justin Meany
Hello guy my name is justin but u can call me jay or jay t if u like im realy a cool person at heart layed back with to much time i need a job an im still looking lately its been hard living do to life probs but i got my friends behind me to help im really cool to hang with ( yea i smoke alote of weed i really do no joke u dont like go fuck your self if u do lets hand even if u dont oyur stilol cool to me as long as theres no dissrespect an were all cool im not a ganster thug or homie g lol im mean an me is jt cool to the bone an freind with anyone i love weed i realy do but here lately i need to stop i love my firends to hang around there here all the time its like a fucking party all the time over here got lounjg bangin ass music lol an a ps3 with all kinds of music
Justin Nobles
Justin Grooms
Justin Seely
Those you who do not know about me the name is Justin a.k.a J. Seel, i was born in Fort Worth, Tx(Killa Co.) raised in Huntsville, Al(Rocket City). Back in the mid to late 90's i listened to artists like Swisha House, Lil Keke, Paul Wall, Triple Six, ect. and basically all dirty south musicains and anything envolved in that catagory. One of my hobbies were, freestyle, battle rap at school, home. We'd take on old synthesiezer, record player, tape recorder, and a couple of vacol mics, wire 'em up and go at it, those were the days. Now I recently manage my own label(Four Ohms Ent.) & produce my own hits. I haven't really seen my cousin Pzee for a minute nor my others on my dads side of the family. My other hobbies consist of song writing, church activities once and a while. Can't think of anything else to type but to cut to the chase, feel free to send a message, request, comment or something
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Justin Hubert
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Justin Fricke
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Justin Matheny
Justin Anzaldua
i have tattoos and perceings tattoos and perceingd
Justin Jones
Justin Ferguson
I am a dope ass person, if I do say so myself. I am honest, fun loving, hard working, dependable, outgoing, trustworthy, non-sheisty, loving, caring, always got your back, if I know you got mine, true character, dont give a shit what anyone says, always down for my loved ones, bad ass, street smart, but also professional business, 9-5, but slangin on the side overall good, though I can be a super asshole if provoked, genuine, sincere, great guy. I hate liars, sheisters, and scandalous persons. I love my family and loved ones with all my heart. I appreciate everything in life and always try to look at the positive, no one can hold me down or back or even tell me which goddamn costco entrance I can or cant go in or out of. ill go out which ever door you tell me not too =-) Chillin, Working my ass off 11 hour days, to get shit back together. Being with my loved ones. Staying out of Troule, Eating good food, Eating anything, Cooking, Wishing I could Play video games. Trying to get the dam
Just Ask Me
Justin Taborsky
Justin Brush
Justin Lowery
Justin Buckner
Fast cars, UFC fights, and heavy medal
Justin Barnwell
Justin Watkins
Justin Watkins
Justin Walsh
Justin Hall
Justin Lynn
Justin Walker
Justin Love
Justin Byles
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Justin Yeon
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Justin Prince
Welcome to Big Pistol's page Please Add Rate & Fan Me while here all respect returned & Check out Triple X Throw Down Lounge Thanks! Im a 27 awesome guy that loves to have fun an be out doors an love the lake an my band and my 4 year old girl sarah shes my number one thang in the world. I play drums in a band named BROKEN an love music open to anything u can pitch my way I see threw all the bull shit an want the same thing I'm marine 4 years an I'm a real easy goin guy umm I love too just have fun the best way I can just lookin for that one real girl out... there... I love the out doors an the lake I love too take out my boat an sea doos an play in the water im a summer guy not a winter man I love too dance an have a great time an up for pretty much any thing at least once any who lol love too dance an love line dancen soooo yea
Justine Grosser
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Justin Erwin
Justin Cadenas
Justin Roberson
Justin Ulmer
Justin S
Justin Ogolla
I am one very shy guy especially to ladies. I hate those ladies who look direct into someones eye when she is being seduced. I love kissing but i have no one to kiss. I love singing but i have no one to sing to. Generally, i am a gentleman who would do anything to make a lady happy. Unfortunately, i am a virgin!!! Am interested in slim brown ladies, who would do anything to make me happy. I am so lonely and wish to get someone to hold me tight. I love travelling and going out for 'safaris'.
Justin Bruce
Justin Harrison
Justin Blubaugh
Justin Stevens
Justin Dooley
Just Ask Me If You Want To Know
I am currently in the Army! On my 2nd deployment. I am single and have no kids. I like things to be spontaneous and interesting! I like surprises. I like to have fun and party! Basically enjoy life to the fullest! What would you like to know about me? Just ask me! :) That goes for about knowing my interests.
Justin Hurley
Justin Crain
Justin Espada
Justin Seely
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Justin Cox
Family which includes friends cuz all my friends might as well be family then havin a good time. My name is Justin Cox. Im just your average country boy making it through this messed up world. Looking to meet new people and to keep the ones I have in my life. If ya wanna know more just ask I will tell you. Ain't figured it out yet but when I do I'll let ya know.
Justin Smith
Justin Forella
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Justin Barnette
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Justin Blakeney

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