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Glenn Bergstresser
Güler Mehmet
Glesley Mirabueno
Glesilda Jones
Gleyder Dominguez
im just here for some fun im quite an exciting guy and i love to party! im 19 live in ireland and i live for the weekends ! i enjoy going out to nightclubs, music festivals and going on sunny hollidays! lol
Gleziel Templo
Glhaii Susaya
Glhg Lhg
Glinda Gerone
Glinda Cloer
Glinda Thegoodwitch
Glinda Isley
Glisten Jones
Glitch Zero
Well, fuck. I joined this a long time ago. I skateboard. Skateboarding. Chicks. Snowboarding. Music. Big time. Drinking. Smokin up. Movies. Just chillin out. Greg Lutzka Linda, haha, she's awesome. So, so many.
Glitter Angel
Glitter Girl
Glitch Oddities
I am a 48 year old BBW and proud of it. I am very blunt, loving and openminded. I am not here to meet anyone as I have someone very special in my life. I am here to find friends. One can never have too many friends in their lives. I have a wonderful daughter that I am very proud of. She is my life and my world. My better half is a wonderful man that I have lived with for over a year now and he still makes my heart smile. /"> You have a sexual IQ of 156 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at /"> I have so many, I don't know where to start. I love cooking and baking. My boyfriend has also gotten me started in photography which I am loving. I enj
Hello Everyone! I'm a single, fun loving and free spirited 'straight' woman who likes to laugh and enjoy life. Retired from long tme career in telecommunications but have returned to the working force part time in a less demanding and fun job. I have many interests of which all are pretty normal and run of the mill but most anything can be fun if you enjoy the company of who you are sharing those activities with. Here are a few that comes to mind right now. Family, Traveling, Motorcycling, Dancing, Boating, Dinner Theaters/Plays, Movies,Health and Fitness, Gaming, Television, Computers/Internet(surfing the net), Listening to Music, Cooking, Crafts, Outdoor & Water Activities picnics, festivals, watching sports, BBQ's, Gardening.
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m Hi all! I am 37 years old and loving every minute of it. I am currently single. Never been married, nor do I have any children. I do love them though. They can be the best source of entertainment you will ever know and make you act so stupid playing with them and you wont even care. I am a graphic designer, and can design anything from magazines to t-shirts. I love all my fubar friends, YOU ROCK! I love to go camping, to concerts, to movies and to the races. I am a great cook and if I need to fix it myself, then I will. I love motorcycles (have my MC)and muscle cars! I have a bubbly personality and I have learned the hard way that honesty, common courtisey and respect are almost non-exsistant. Actions talk and bullshit walks, I always say. Say what you mean and do what you say. Top 5 things I think make a man sexy.... 1) I love a gotee and a mustache 2) A man who isnt afraid to paint a womans toe nai
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Globe Trotter
Glo B
Global Nico
Globtrotter Trotter
G Loc
Glocker Glocker
Glock Full
Glocnine Thebadguy
Glo Davis
Glofer Ugto
Gloira Jeane
love mooch cigs
Glo N Steve\'s House !!!!
Get your own glitter and more at we've been together for four wonderful years, we have three beautyful children and live a wonderful life in texas Get your own glitter and more at SOUL MATES It is said that when we are borne the soul we are given splits in two and half is given to someone else. And all our lives we’re looking for the one person with the other half of our soul. As time goes by and if we’re lucky enough we will find that one person with the other half of our soul. And when we do find that person our soul says “At last I can rest for I have finally found my missing half” When we see each other for the first time we are familiar, we are known and the heart has recognized it as apart of it’s own and finally we are happy and at peace. And it is said that we have finally found our soul mate!
Gloomy Girl
I like dying my hair so I can't say what color it is...I'm a natural brunette though! I have hazel-green eyes....I'm tall and turning 13 in November!! YAY!! I like a lot of reading...writing... CHECK ME OUT IN "Timeless Voices"! The book comes out sometime in December....Taylor Morony's "I'm Lost Without You" that would be me!!
Gloomy Matt
Gloria Gill
Glory Foxxx
They call me the perfect BBW! Im 5'4 with dangerous curves and a killer smile! I love to play and do naughty to join me? you can see me on web cam and some of my hot steamy photos! Did I mention I do web camming to? interested email me! I also have a yahoo group that i use to keep everyone informed about my whereabouts and events..and theres tons of pix of me there too! Click to join bbwgloryfox_x_x I have many biggest is SEX...I LOVE SEX!! Im such a slut puppy..I love to get guys off and get myself off too!!! I also love money and music and the beach..but #1 on my list is to join me? you can watch me have some adult fun on!
Gloria Bonez
Gloria Lewis
Gloria Thomspon
Gloria Hunt
well i'm an outcast and i happened to be a juggalette and i'm into the kinky stuff like the biting and scractching and i hardly have any friend's and the ones i have i try not to lose and if u don't like me well u can fuck off but that's just me and i'm into piercing's and tatoo's too. i have the piercing's but no tatoo's yet so if there is any thing eles u would like to now abpout me just ask me and i'll try to answer u ok love, rai the klown hey i like hanging out with friend's and going to parties and doing to stuff and i love my gf and my bf and i'm an outcast a freak u know the type of person that people don't like being around
Gloria Stephanie
add me Join MyCrib Hi Hello My Name Is Gloria I am 1/4 Italian 1/4 Spanish 1/4 German 1/4 French I Like random things... I Love eye make-up especialy MAC make-up its the best I live in Texas...ridding is super fun..hehe im 17 gonna be 18 next month..............yeah sorry but hey 17 is legal in Texas im going to be a freshmen in college this fall i want to major in criminal justice........ i want to be a lawyer...haha... i doubt that ill ever amount to that though....if not i wouldn't mind being a teacher or something to do with kids or animals..there soo adorable..but i am also thinking about being a gogo dancer or a model........hummmmmmmmm it'll take alot of work though... but its not as hard as becoming a yeah i told my mom i want to work at coyote ugly...shes cool with it...kind of suprising though shes so overprotected of ha ha.. i'll probly move to canada soon... my dad wants me to move up dad is everything to daddys little gir
Glorya H
Gloria Rivers
I am a mother of two sons--Army soldiers--no longer living with me...I work in a mental health hospital and love it...i am 5'7", few extra pounds, black hair, brown eyes, curly long hair....Not a supermodel but haven't had any complaints yet...I treat people how they want to be treated...I don't meet strangers....i love making new friends...come visit with me... I love wrestling and football....i have four tattoos and one piercing...definitely interested in getting more....reading stephen king/dean koontz books, writing poetry ( when inspired)...listening to music, hanging out with friends, dancing.....
Gloria Tucker
Gloria Acker
Gloria Russo
Gloria Domangue
I'm 14 and I love to dye my hair. I love shopping, I love my boyfriend above all other things. I wouldn't be able to live without him. He is the greatest, even though like most guys he can be a jerk sometimes. But, I'll always be with him.hmmm, I love food. So if I hate you then the way to make me unhate you is by giving me food, LOL. Yeah I'm very weird. I have a pet bunny and his name is Wubby! awwwww, I love him too. Music, Movies, ocean stuff, animals...and ERIC!! my bf, I love him soooo much! We've been going out a year. yay!
Gloria Garcia
Gloria Bisighini
Gloria Sorensen
Gloria Schuessler
Gloria Lowe
I have blonde hair,green eyes,5'1,137lbs.I'm a sweet,nice girl till you piss me off.I don't like people lieing to me or talking behind my back.I like to hang out with friends,chat on the net,make new friends,going shopping,riding 4-wheelers,spending time with my family,etc.
Gloria Marichalar
Gloria Leon
Gloria Fernandez
Gloria Emel
Gloria Polney
Gloria Fernandez
Gloria Emel
iam happy married/
Gloria Mcginnis
Gloria Harper
Gloria Dominguez
Gloria Hernandez
Gloria Pohl
Gloria Granado
Gloria Cruz
Gloria Jacks
Gloria Fuentes
Glory Newu
Gloria Guess
Gloria Dials
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Gloria R
Gloria Chaffin
i'm a loving girl. MySpace Tweaks, MySpace Layouts, MySpace Images and more! well i like to hear music and dance even if it's alone i love animals.i like to take walks on the beach.i almost like everything.
Gloria Fernández
I'm a pretty laid back person, sarcastic, good natured and all of that wonderful stuff. I have 8 tats and plan on getting more. I'm vertically challenged too. I'm a single mother of 2 awesome demons that rock my socks. I'm a scary movie junky, but the smallest things scare me. I listen to just about all kinds of music, as long as I'm not being preached to and it's in English. I write poetry and sometimes erotic storys (I'm not claiming to be any good at it either) I live in Queen Creek,AZ, if I could figure out how I'd have it up in 'location'. I'm slowly figuring out all of this. A place for Witches and others of like mind and magick, for learning, friends, fun, sharing: Zauberisch Forum Myspace: Glory's Page
Gloria Lambert
Well I am a 36 yr old single mom..I am very easy going and down to earth. I am a kind and caring person who believes you should do unto others as you would want done unto you... I do not have a lot of material things, but material things do not matter to me..things may come and go but friendship and love are ever lasting. I am a stay at home mom raising my 17 month old and my 8yr old, both boys. I do not drink or smoke.I like helping others it makes me feel good. Well that is it for now... I love movies and the best are Horror.. I like to take walks Play with my Kid's My computer I like to cook.. I like to play video games
Gloria Shaugabay
Gloria X
Gloria Lodrigue
Gloria Smiley
Gloria Coke
hi everyone...i am a 52 year old widow from kentucky...looking for friends and ummmm whatever...i truly think this is an amazing place...and i hope i make a lot of friends here...i am retired...i work on computers in my spare time...i love to cook...sing..and spend time with friends and family...i will get the hang of this soon and will drop lots of ratings and comments on you have been doing to me...and i thank you all for it...
Gloria ...
Gloria Arnold
Gloria Slover
what can i say about me, actually i'm 19 still i have 3 more months to go,. i'm easy going i like to party alot hang out with my girfriend of course and friends..i love her alot we've been together for almost two years...i'm a wrestler 119 lbs..well i used 2 wrestle 4 irvin high now i'm just tryng to join the air force... to fight 4 our country ,,and wrestle the world championships..well that's 4 it now add me..
Gloria Boyle
Gloria Sucharski
Gloria Teves
I love wolves, hiking, camping, and hanging out with friends and family. I love horror movies, Micheal Myers is the man!!! My favorite shows are CSI, The Sheild, and my all time Fav is GHOST HUNTERS!!!/">Graphics & Layouts">
Gloria Cross
Gloria Gonzalez
Gloria Guess
Gloria Rock
Gloria Please Sign My Guestbook Below
What is there to tell. I spend all of my time with my son when I am not working. When my daughter is not working and not busy we all try to do something together. I like it when the 3 of my kids and I are together. I am a true family person. I am here for friends, not sex. My older son and my daughter are on my family list. My son is actually the one that told me about this site. I am honest. I do not like a liar. Liars ruin everything. That is my biggest pet peeve. So all I ask is be honest with me. I don't want to know what you think I want to hear. I want to know the truth and let me decide. I AM INTERESTED IN PRACTICALLY ANYTHING DIFFERENT. I WILL TRY ALMOST ANYTHING, AS LONG AS IT IS NOT DANGEROUS AND IT WILL NOT INTERFER WITH MY FEARS. I HAVE GONE TUBING, BUT THAT DID NOT GO SO GOOD. I LIKE MINUTURE GOLFING, BOWLING, MOVIES, I HAVE GONE HORSEBACK RIDING ONCE MANY, MANY YEARS AGO. I HAVE GONE CAMPING.
Gloria Rios
Gloria Matienzo
Gloria M. Segura
Glori Pope
hey guys my name is kori im 20 i am in the united states army hooah been in for only 6 months and so far its not too bad but well i still have seven and a half yrs to go if u want to know anything hitt me up
Gloria Maglione
Gloria Garrett
Gloria Yvette Miranda
Music Video:HIPS DON'T LIE (by Shakira)Music Video Code provided by Video Code Zone
Gloria Ruiz
Gloria Smith
Gloria Rod
Gloria Felton
Gloria Smith
i am a nobody. But i am a nobody who loves profile and picture comments lol ;) MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments
Gloria Jean
Gloria Esteve
Gloria Scott
Gloria Pires
Gloria Penny
Gloria Guess
Hi. I'm Gloria Guess from the big city of Scottsboro, Alabama. I'm still a county girl at heart. I was born and raised in Fackler, Alabama along with 4 brothers and 1 sister. My father was a farmer. I am part Cherokee Indian and have a bit of Irish in my blood too. I am proud of being part Cherokee Indian.Traveling, Dancing, Video Conferencing, Chatting, Cooking. Country and Golden Oldies from 60's, 70's, and 80's My family and my pets My number 1 things in my life.And i am God mother of 7 year girl.She my number 1 in life travel,photography,I mention most of in about me.
Gloria Garcia
Gloria P
;">What's Your Slow Dance Song?You're ''Time of My Life'' by David CookThe guy/girl you're with right now is not just another fling-- you realize, this is the real deal and hope it ends in happily ever after, not, ''Where are my pants?'' the next morning. The good thing is, you appreciate how special that person is to you and you savor every moment with them, like a close slow dance next time you hit the floor.Myspace Quizzes href="" target="_blank" style="text- alt=" take="take" the="the">Myspace Quizzes Which NFL Team Are You?
Gloria May
I am a daughter, a sister, agranddaughter, a niece, a cousin, a friend, a student, a young girl, and a grown woman. I am confident and scared, terrified and excited. I am loving, caring, thoughtful and hopeful. I am sick and tired. I am shy and friendly and caring and careless. I am broken and whole. I am misunderstood, misguided and mislead. I am hard working and determined but a little scared on the inside. I wish on a star and dream my dreams. I pray to the God and cry my tears. I smile on the outside while I'm dying on the inside. I listen to others who wont listen to me. I walk on eggshells and walk on fire. I believe in passion and true love. I love you and push you away. I am everything and nothing all at once. And all I want is for you to love me. From catching snakes to chasing bears, from 4 wheeling to bike riding, from one of the guys to one of the girls, shooting pool to throwing dart, what can i say. Im me, nothing more nothing less. To get to know me is to love me. If you
Hey all hope to get to know most of yall.
Gloria Oconnor
Gloria Cross
Gloria Simms
Where do I begin .. I am a Single mother. I am independent, stubborn, bitchy but very very honest. Sometimes too honest. I like to give my opinion on lots of things but dont like others butting into my life. I love to Vent. Laughter is the best medicine and sometimes i laugh at the most inappropriate times. I cant and wont take life seriously. Been there, done that and dont want to go back. I got a new grandson so now I am a granny. I just hope and pray that he has a better life than what my own children had. I dont like argueing and will walk away. I am my fathers daughter so being alone is easy for me. I choose to be single. I have friends that i cherish and they are in England. The one thing i want to accomplish before i leave this world is to meet them. They have kept me sane during my darkest hours. My zodiac sign is Leo and trust me you dont want to hear me roar. Whatever i do i do the best of my ability. I dont need help from anyone and if i do i might ask. But
Gloria Gardenas
Gloria Okemow
Gloria Marr
Gloria Best
Gloria Hawk
Gloria Cornell
Gloria Hohol
Gloria Smith
Gloria Hefner
i am 22 years old and i have a beautiful 4 year old son. i am 5'2 have red hair but my true color was at one time blond. Like to hang out with my friends and be myself. i like spending time with my friends, playing pool, spemding time with my family, playing on the computer, and etc. i am like a variety of movies but one of favorites are sci-fi.
I am a crazy outgoing girl that just likes to have fun and live life one day at a time
Gloria Wehmeyer
HELLO! My name is Glory. I'm fun to be around and I'm a good friend although I have recently been learning alot about those that I should or shouldn't call a friend. I love to give speeches. I love to dance. I love to party. I smile and laugh alot. I can find fun in just about everything and I like to meet new people. I don't like when people lie and honesty is really the best policy.I am an extremely busy person...I love to learn and meet new people. Anything else you would like to know just ask!!
Gloria Paradisis
Gloria Fitchett
Gloria Foisy
Married and live in a rural community in Arkansas. Retired from AT&T.
Gloria Martinez
Gloria Labelle
MyHotComments MyHotComments Hi im GLORIA!!!!! Im a 32yr mom, a 13yr son that i love 2 death. More about me, I have 9 tattoos. And 6 peircings my ears has 14. So if u want and like what u see hit me up!!!! MyHotComments Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics - Hip Hop & Urban MySpace Comments PROFILEDESIRE.COM
Gloria Solano
Gloria Streeter
Gloria Schwartz
Gloria Esh
Family, friends, music, long walks, dancing and Penn State and Steeler Football.
Glorymar Rodriguez
Gloria Chavez
Gloria Williams
God has blessed me with a beautiful daughter and 3 amazing grandchildren. I am a devout god fearing christian and I enjoy reading. I would love a chance to travel one day. I would also be happy if a sugar daddy would pay for some cooking classes for me. Then I can cook for you the rest of my life.HaHa! I live in the house I grew up in and love my home and my family.I think Georgia is a peach!
hey my name is gloria im 21 and i love to hve fun and dance hang with friends and family.. looking to make new friends...i use to lift weights and play soccer and i was a cheerleader.. and play track and field and if u ant to know more just ask ill tell u watever u like ok later.. im intrested in making new friends and maybe finding a bf is someone would like to give me a chance well later..
Gloria Marquez
Gloria Quanimptewa
Gloria H.
Gloria Hopkins
Gloria Zipperer
Gloria Stone
TY Terminal Bachelor
Gloria Wesley
Gloria Shadburn
Glorie G Washington
Gloria Ward
Gloria Okemow
Gloria Lambert
Gloria Allen
Gloria Rosario
Gloria Hinton
Gloria Mcdaniel
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Gloria Tadic
Glory Torres
Gloria Aflo
Glorimar Santiago
Gloria Zalasar
Glorine Vlach
Gloria Vargas
Gloria Vazq
Gloria Jones
Glori Alvarez Ruiz
Glory Akueta
Gloria Chapman
Gloria Anderson
My name is Gloria and am 28years old lady. Am honest, sincere, caring, humble, respectful and understanding and am on here looking for a honest and sincere man for a SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP AND NEVER ON HERE FOR GAMES OR FUN. i like going to the beach, watching football, wrestling, listening to good music and cooking
Gloria Maldonado
Gloriney Hernandez
Gloria Amos
Gloribelle Rodriguez
Gloria Hazen
Gloria Berry Thompson Deverick
Gloria Morris
Gloria Thedford
Gloria Swartz
Gloria Hamblen
Gloria Gilchrist
Gloria Apodaca
Gloria Berger
Gloria Quayson
Glorimar Rodz
Gloria Constanza Garzón Peña
Glorefel Reyes
Glor Caldwell
Gloria Wood
Gloria Selgado
Gloria Melgoza
Gloria Silvero
Glory Iyere
Gloria David
Glory Chesshire
Gloria Isibor Isibor
Gloria Heredia
Gloria Williams
Gloria White
Gloria Mcgrath
Glory Williams
I am an easy going person dat love God and like honesty cooking, football, singing, reading.
Gloria Newingham
Glory Ngantung
Glorii Lo
Gloria Oliver
Gloriani Gonzalezz
Gloria Mauk
Gloria Fernandez
Glory Calpito
Gloria Howard
Gloria Anyaeji
Gloria Worrock
Gloria Tritt
Gloria Brakatu
Gloria Glass
Gloria Echevarria
I believe everything happens for a reason! And that "what goes around comes around". I've seen it happen to many times, so there's really no need for revenge because they'll get theirs in due time. I'm a hopeless romantic. I believe that there's a special someone out there in this vast world for everyone and you'll find each other when the time is right. I also believe in love at first sight, if it's meant to be it will happen. Love can't be forced. I believe in miracles and in heaven and the Lord, and I know I'LL go to heaven and sit at His right hand when it's my time. I believe in angels. I know becausI love to cook,e I have 6 that watch over me. I believe that there's good people in this vast world and that good out weighs the bad. I love to cook. I love to bake. Enjoy going to the gym. none The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Finding Nemo, Pretty Woman, Cars 1 & 2, Thor, Avatar, Somethings Gotta Give, Titanic, American Me, Blood In Blood Out, Transformers 1, 2,& 3, Fas
Gloria Gomez
Gloria Sanabria-costanza
Gloria Newkirk
Gloria Ricarte
Gloria Hakim
Gloria Echevarriagamez
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Gloria Townsend
Gloria Castro
Gloria O'dell
Glorimar Collazo
Glorismel Solis
Gloriaanne Rux
happily married mother of three kids dirty dancing ella enchanted princess diaries never ending stories willow
Gloria Chandler
Gloria Rodriguez
Gloria Barrett
Gloria Correa
Gloria Sanchez
Gloria Grey
Gloria Peters
Gloriaanne 'sharp' Rux
Gloria Juarez-hamilton
Gloria Frieson
Gloria Byers
Gloria Garcia
Gloria E Jesus
Gloria Deutsch
Gloria Ortiz
Gloria Donani
Glory Villanueva
Gloria Pipher
Gloria Arsenault
Gloria Sousa
Gloria Florez
Gloria Naas
Gloria Morales
Gloria Hammond
Gloria Mantlo
Gloria Vollmer
Gloria Memenana Toliver-freeman
Gloria Buie
Gloria Morris
Gloria Mangual
Gloria Garza
Glory Chinwe
Gloria Charley
Gloria Yagi
Gloria Maghame
Gloria A Hanson
Gloria Gonzalez
Gloria Manherz
Gloria Freeman
Gloria Harris
Gloria Lewis Stevens
Gloria Copeland
Gloria Alfaro
Gloria Cain
Gloria Manciaz
Gloria Nunez Leon
Gloria Venegas
Gloria Okemow
Gloria Paul
Glorious Campbell
Gloria Harrell
Gloria Brown is the hotbed for Obagi starter set ,Obagi nu derm system and Obagi kits.
Gloria Sinanan
Gloria Tanedo
Gloria Cond
Gloria Chapman
Gloria Czigle
Gloria Garcia
Glory Bwoy
Gloria Moran
JESUS,MY MOM westerns,true stories,love stories....most all movies but very violent and horror movies!!
Gloria Greenberg
Gloria Greenberg
I'm sweet caring loving Movies music church
Gloria Durham
Gloria Ngozi Madubueze
Glo Slavin
Glover Washington
Gloves Taylor
Glow Yo Mamma
Im a 24 year old mother of two... I rock it like no tomarrow!!!! I also have a Come see my rockin page Angelina jolie, charlize tharon, any hott chick makes me sweat!!!
Glow Stunner
Gloy Kh
G L.r
Gülten öztuna
Glubb Ab
Glucophage Glucophage
Glundit Gulunduti
G.l. Wolford
Glyde Duarte
Glynn Stalvey
Glynn Reid
Glyn Davies
im on here looking to make easy going guy who loves music.go to gigs all the from england,uk.yes i do have an accent.been to us for 7weeks travelling round meeting up wit bk in uk looking 2meet up with new soccer,cinema,music,gigs,eating out,bowling,pub ,clubs,
Glynis Sharp
22 College Grad, SMU B.S. Civil Engineering.. Love baseball, volleyball, softball and cruising around on my bike.. stunting..showin off..having a good time. Love texas country music and high maintenance girls. Partying and i even enjoy playin video games Calf Roping, although i havent had time lately Sportbikes Racing Stunting Dirt Track Racing Bar hopping Concerts Baseball/Softball tourneys Volleyball in the sand
Me well thats a hard thing to write about.I'm an open book getting to know me you find out all about me.I think I'm a pretty good person,people that know me do too,so come be my friend and get to know me!
Glyn Gillespie
ime getting on now haha but ime still young inside and fit not bad looking ive been told off the blind school i left shool wen i was 15 went stright to a apprentice joiner hated it was forced into it anyway left there and went into engineering then i decided i wanted to look after the elderly so i went into nurseing stayed in the job for 27 years then reported some one for abuse but back fired on me now ive no job well thats the story of my life been married twice but never worked out got 5 kids 4 girls and one boy all grown up now i love walking and swimming and music ho and of coarse my computor i love my friends and chatting with them i like getting to know intresting people i dont really idolize any body you could say ive been a bit of a loner most of my life but ime not the boring type my best movies is action packed i love gore and blood i love horror as well as sfi movies and some comedys but i hate love storys and being a man i love my naughty films as well
Glynn Tozer
Glyn Goodge
Glynn Leslie
Glynn Shavers
Glynn Williams
Glynis Grace Juatas
Glynn Mcwilliams
Glynn Callagain
Glyn Dyar
Glynda Kish
Glynis Millikan
Glynis Machaterre
Glyn James
Glyn Williams
Glynn Towler
Glynn Christenson
Glynn Butler
Glynn Hewitt
Glynda Bennett
blah.. blah.. blah.. blah.. blah.. just kidding.. well, about me? well, 1st & formost im a single mom with 5 amazing kids & 2 grandsons.. yes.. grandkids.. my youngest two (twins) turned 21 this past aug 2012.. i am a native american mix, blackfoot & cherokee with irish, german, scott, danish, welsh & italian. i am 5ft 2 1/4in tall.. God, please dont laugh, ok laugh a lil`.. but you dont know how hard i hard to work for that 1/4 inch.. i wear a whopping size 3 in kids shoes.. no, no, really, im not joking, i have tiny feet.. i am a gemini with multiple dysfunctional personalites, i was truly born without a filter.. i have a sharp tongue & quick witt that can & will speechless.. if it pops in my mind, it comes out of my mouth before i can think it will offend anybody.. i will speak my mind quickly.. boom.. its out there.. im a comic genious.. at times.. if i see the chance, you could very well get stung.. i am just me.. a simple native american country girl.. no frills, no ribbo
Glynn Murphy
Glynn Channer
Glyn Gibson
G Lynn Moore Sr
Gly Ps
Glywin Mcjennett
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