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Andrew Poulin
Andrew Armstrong
Andrew Rainey
Andrew Cummings
Andrew Hogan
Andre Monteiro
First off, i love to be spontaneous, I'm a Very friendly (people person) The main thing about me is that i'm honest, straight foward, and I don't screw around. I speak my MIND why hold back. Love working with and Riding horses. I have good hygiene (Unless working out or in hot sun) "Thers alot smelly people out there LOL Also Like a clean house - Well a house that looks like someone lives there, not a trash dump, not someplace ya feel like ya have to take your shoes off before entering. Unless its outta respect and part of there Rules of house I like a good Beer Not to picky on what kind (not cheap beer or Good mix drink to pass the time. "I LOVE to COOK" yes, cook almost every night Sea food, Steaks, Roasts, I'm there cooking it since woman, most woman don't for some reason or other. U only live once. It's what u leave behind that matters. I like hanging out with friends and family throwing a party from time to time. Been engaged, but never married, --> Someday i hope -- No kids ye
Andrew Horspool
Andrea Nicole
Andrea Mesexy
Andrew Corona
Andres Martinez
Andrew Farnsworth
Andrew Niper
kidnve a regular guy always down for a good time and lookin to keep good company and always wanting to meet new people hit me up! cars bikes music etc. 8mm, final destination, godfather, goodfellas,
Andre Turner
Andrew Godoy
Andrew Roberts
Andrea Kling
Andrew Parker
Andrew Ford
Andrew Jones
Andrew Davis
Andrew Walter
Andrzei Pakrouski
Andre Correll
Hello, Im Andre. 20 years old. Im from the Cincinnati area. I am a full time student at Hocking College/Police Academy. I am in training to become a police officer. My goal is to become a K9 officer then work my way up to homicide detective. I also work full time with two different police departments as a internship.I am single and have no children. However, I am looking for a long term relationship and wanting a child in the future.Im very independent. Looks arent everything, however, I do have a type that I like. I normally only go for the white chicks but that could change. She must be a working woman, someone thats laid back, trustworthy, faithful and someone who is a family person and someone who is drama free and is willing to try new things and have a sense of humor. I have alot of hobbies. Some of them are, martial arts,(I have my 2nd degree black belt in tae kwon do), traveling, camping, hiking and being outdoors, family and friends outings, swimming, going to the shooting ran
Andrew Hagedorn
Andrew Pratt
Andre Braham
Andrey Neverov
Andrew Gavrilov
Andrew Holman
names andrew holman im from dayton ohio im in the army i recently got stationed in california anything you want to know hmu
Andrea Ogle
i am a sweet heart loving and caring. i am an easy person to get along with too. i am not telling that if you want to know ask
Andrew Aidoo
Andrew Nolan
My names Andrew, They call me Beavis or DJ Beavis im a blast to be with and love to have fun all the time. I love to party and do fun stuff and have fun. You need anymore info hit me up. Im a dj and I love to cook and play music and I do karate and work on cars and engines and love to have fun party and do crazy stuff whenever I can.
Andrew Cool
Andrea Dont Need To Know
Hello(: Im Andi! If you dont like me, get the fuck of my page! I dont care what you have to say or what you think, so you can keep all of youre opinions to yourself if you dont have anything nice to say(: !! Im sweet, cute, funny, and AMAZINGLY athletic. My favorite color is green and periwinkle!!(:. I love to sing, dance, laugh, and just have fun!(: I get annoyed easily. and when that happens I will tell you off.. so Beware (: Im an easy person to talk to, and Im a lot of fun too! unless, of course, you freak me out. BUT! thats okay!, because I probably freak people out too!(: Im a rreeaallyy big smart ass, and I have "quick wit". which means I can come up with some pretty good come backs superbly fast(: (just in case you didnt know that) If you HAVE to know more about me then just ask.
Andres Carrion
Andrea Kilpatrick
My names andrea I'm a 25 year old single mother to a beautiful son and he's my world and the greatest gift god ever gave me and love him more than anything in this world. I am lover of all punk rock and rock music. I love meeting new interesting people and am open to try almost anything.I am looking for Mr. right that I can love as he loves me and I dont have the stomach for pervs so if you want hit me up but know that if your looking to fuck go to hell I love music and good times with friends and family love tattoos and both men and women
Andrew Provencio
Andrew Golik
Andrew Marriner
Andrew Hampe
Andrew Greene
Andrew Martin
Andrew Sudbury
Andrew Sanchez
Andrew Adwell
Andrew Howard
Andrew Kearney
Andrew Pacely
Andrew Hughes
Andrew Jones
Andre Van Lill
Andrew Nutter
Andreus Davis
Andrew Coleman
Hello I am a country boy from Ft Worth that loves the outdoors, camping, fishing, sports, shooting pool, cooking, and cuddling. I am single and seeking something real.
Andrew Harmon
Andrew Carlson
I'm just a regular old white guy. A New Jersey local transplanted to South Daytona, Florida. I'm pretty damn bored down here, actually. No time to go fishing, no money for anything else. Photography, writing, indie movies, books, target shooting, archery, knife collecting
Andre Crawford
Andrew Trepte
Andres Mijatovic Ortega
Andrew Koehler
Andrew Jones
Andrea Matlock
Andrew Berry
Andrew Gill
Hi my name is Andrew K. Gill. I am a single Male, strait but support gay marrage and gays, I do not get into double pen or other nasty stuff like that If I date you then I stay loyal to you, don't expecpt me not to try n find something more perm if you can't handle a commitment. I come from the bottom ....I will not be gay, and do not enjoy gay insults. FYI.... I am very often mistreated and discriminated against by rich people. Most of my friends are from the streets and poor communities. Most of them don't have cars, a few of them do, but those that do came from the bottom just like me. I have had a hard life. As a child I was segregated from the rest of the children and not allowed to attend school regularly like the rest of the kids. I did not get into fights, did not get detentions, I even made the honor roll one time. I am now in DC arguing my point of violation of Amdt 14 like Brown V. Board of Edu. I don't want or need your pity. visited 27 states (54%)C
Andrew Muniez
i am a nice and hard working person i love having fun and doing my best in all i do am down to earth and very much love meeting new people and make friends learning new things and let my imagination run wild. i love hanging ouy with friends and love ones doing fun stuff and going to the movies,hiking,camping,fishing and sailing.
Andra Dotterer
Andrew Correll-melton
Andrew Post
Andrew Patalano
Andrea Reyes
Andrew Byrd
Andre Nunez
im a chilld laid bak kinda guy who likes other guys so heeeeyyyy lol but yea if u wanna noe sumthing just ask
Andrew Johnson
Andre Talley
that Man your Dad wanted you to be with. The boy the girls never looked at. the teenager who was fucking your friend and u didn't know why. The grown up who got there shit together and might give you a chance at Happiness. HOLLA
Andrew Curtis
Andrew Feulner
Andrew Flannery
Andrea Mckee
Andrea Daynes
Andrea Stone
hi i am 19 yrs young and i have an amazing and beautiful lil girl..she is my love nd my life! and i am also expecting a baby boy sometime in october! i am MARRIED...(things are a bit complicated right now,we are together but seperated at the same time lol get it) so please guys dnt be pushy or direspectful and deff dnt ask if we can meet up..hello no! NO CREEPERS should try talking to me lol! and i do not cam2cam pleas dnt ask...besides i dont have a cam anymore lol
LOVE ME.... HATE ME..... ETHER WAY, I'M STILL ON YOUR MIND. (I'm Back) There is not a lot to me I'm a open minded down to earth type of guy. I live to love and, I love to live, I welcome smiles and having fun. I don't do drama o% tolerance. I am married to (1hotRN) I'm in the U.S. ARMY for 22 years right now I'm on my 7th deployment and in the Afghan region expecting to return home soon. My mission on this site to meet new people and have fun, with that being said if you are not here for the same please move the f**** on and take all your negativity with please. I will always give respect to those that it's due so I expect the same in return. for all of the fubar family out there that don't have a problem with that let's have fun !!!!!!!!!!! My only interest is to meet new fun people, and have a great time ! To keep living, loving, and laughing, and enjoying this thing we call life because when it' time for it to be over... guess what??? "It's over".
Andrew Cabath
Andrew Jenkins
Andre' Sanders
Andrew Doss
Andrew Pearce
well.. im 6'3" down to earth i like just about all music and a fan of most movies. im a lot older then my age but to truly understand that you will have to get to know me. om an open guy depending on the question but you can never over step your mark with me. im not a serious person but can be when needed to be. im always there for my friends and family when ever they need. over all im a down to earth laid back Aussie bloke that lives in the middle of no were. music plays a big part of my life not so much playing but more listening and i listen to just about anything. i love to watch movies with friends and to hang out with them... but over all i like to game... a lot... i do have insomnia so im online a bit lol... so if you want chat or get to know me better shoot me a message or start a chat.
Andrew Ryan
Andrew Blank Haha
Andrea Boyer
Andrew Jones
Andrew Simms
Andrew Anderson
Andrew Minssen
Andrew Greanya
Andre Hoskins
Andre Triplett
Age: 31 Height: 6`3 Weight: 295 I was born on January 11th 1982, in Chicago, Illinois. I have no brothers and sisters on my mother’s side but on my father’s side I have 23 half-brothers and sisters. I graduated from Lane Tech High School in June 2000. I had a brief stint at Wilbur Wright College in Chicago. After a few months working at UPS in 2001 and ASG Staffing in 2004, in 2006 I went to the Illinois Center for Broadcasting in Lombard, IL and graduated with a certificate in Radio and TV Broadcasting in January 2007. After being unable to find a job in broadcasting in I went to Truman College in Chicago in the fall of 2011 for Pharmacy Tech and graduated with a certificate in the same subject. After unable to find in that field, I’m now going back to school for the third time. I’m currently enrolled at the Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago looking to get my Associates in Graphic Design. I don’t know what field I want to work in as of yet but I
Andre Arrington
Andres Garza
Andrew Elliott
im a metal head if you want to know more ask me metal games cooking
Andrea Short
Andrew Black
Andrew Damignani
Andrea Smith
I am one sad mother who has never really found myself...and so...i still wander around in the bleak wilderness of mankind's Pets, poetry, art and nice people......................... My Mum A I. Green mile. Holiday. Ghost town. Avatar. Anything with Hugh Grant or tom Hanks.
Andrew Leong
Andrew Galvan
Andre Sides
Andrea Beattie
Andrew Woods
Andrew Flynn
Andrew Watts
Andrea Cloud
Andrew Dermody
Andrew Paisley
Andrew Brinley
Andreas Jackson
Andrew Kolasa
Andrew Harris
Andrew Knapp
Andrew Porter
Andres Madrigal
Andrew Redmon
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Recinos
Andre Coleman
Andrea Carmichael
Andre Viray
Andre Cannon
Andrew Robinson
Andre Van Lingen
Andrew Marshall
Andrew Christie
Andrea Good
Andrew Dorning
Andrew L
I'm 20 years old, from orlando florida, i have an large 8 inch dick. Straight, athletic build, curious, lets do this! Sports, Music!
Andrew Lassman
Andre Dafel
Andrew Barnes
Andrea Clinkenbeard
Andrea Richter
Andrea Goleshi
André Camargo
Andrew Graham
Andrea Ballard
Andrew Gutierrez
Andrew Atkinson
Andre Martirossian
Andrew Albertson
Andrew Shaun
Andrew James
Andrew Bradley
Andrew Rocha
Andrew Tagliaboschi
Andrew Mac
Just turned 22 in January. Single. I pretty much like everything and everyone. I'm chill. I love animals and food. I'm skinny but I'm fat at heart. I'm just out to make friends and have a good time. Everything.
Andrew Harrell
Andrew Loomis
Andrew Carson
Andrew Mussaw
Andrew Pederson
Andrea Lodge
Andrew Davis
Andrew Starr
Andrea Robertson
Andre Trimm
Andrea Harding
Andrea Ison
André Dohse
Andrea Hranac
Andrea Stephenson
Andrew Waddell
Andrina Mendoza
Andrea Neale
Andrea Gray
Andrew Dabson
Andrew Sinclair
Andrew Fein
Andrea Cornish
Andrea Henderson
Andrew Denning
Andrew Lane
Andrei Arenas
Im the most craziest person on earth. And I made the world believe that Im not totally perfect. But Im lovable and I have the kissable lips like an apple that you can bite anytime you want. Im person whos willing To play basketball in or out. hi im andrei, I can be your car that you can ride on. Untill we reach heaven delicious.
Andre Johnson
Andrea Oliver
Andres Rojas
Andrew Booth
Hi, i'm new here. Looking to meet new friends. I enjoy going for walks through the countryside, or along the beach etc. Looking to do some travelling, no where inparticular, just some nice and hot. Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Denzel Washington, Mel Gibson, Mark Walburgh, Donnie Walburgh. I love to watch thrillers, (not horrors), and war films.
Andrew Boston
Andrea Carrati
Andrew Campbell
Andrew Martin
Andrew Vandewater
Andrew Mccall
Andrew Digirolamo
Andrew Emert
Andrew Clark
Andrew Keithley
Andrew Mccallum
Andrew Thyng
Andrew Charles
Andrea Morrison
Andrew Bergmann
Andre Johnson
Andrew Ooi
Andrew Young
Andrew Netz
Andrea Rivera
Andrew Forrester
Andres Flores
i like to have a good time music, freinds, family just realaxin having a good time the hangover, 40 year old virgin, old school, anything funny
Andrew Gray
Andreas Thiel
Andrew Price
Andrea Smeltzer
Andre Mortima Dey
Andrea Sampson
Andrea Forsythe
Andrew Searight
Andrew Clifton
Andrew Sosnoskie
Andrea Gould
in relationship with fox 31
Andrea Blonde
Andrew W
Andrea Berrty
Andrew Poole
Andrew Lemons
Andrew Schut
Andreya Manzo
Andrew Katz
Andres Sanchez
i guess im an ok person=_ i like certain unique things....i dont like trash you catch my drift
Andrew Smythe
Andrea Patron
Andre Bowens
Andrew Mercer
Andrew Mcphilimy
Ha well wouldnt u like to know hit me up if i like ya we ll chat if not well u know cuz i wont reply but ya im single so ladies u know what thats all about contact me : ) im an all around nice guy with a long ass fuse soo im pretty much harmless untill a guy someone decides to fuck with me than he gets to see my mma skills ha but ya i dont like to tell my life story in this lil ass about me box u gota message me or chat w.e to figure me out i dont hide nuttin so ask anything later umm my interest would 1 be any girl thats DTF lol umm i play guitar i like girls with a lil teaseing party attitude there always the best in bed lol but i have plenty others come and chat or message me about it
Andrea Marie
Andrew Ndrewz
Andrew Thatcher
i am a arizonaian desert rat from the dry heat state XD. i'm 23 years old i go to college working to become a video gamer designer and programmer. i love video games, comedy movies, action movies, i love women with huge boobs and a round nice looking ass not to big through. lol
Andrei Roman
Andrew Bravata
Andrew Smith
Andrew Harr
Andrew Watson
hello my name is panky, im a producer/music engineer/artist. been around music my whole life start with the drums and moved up. i like to colab with other artist and producers to Make good music from r&b, rap, hiphop, really all music ill even do country and rock. why not love all music.23yo from oakley ca. iv done/made music with y.reasons, boov5000(r.i.p.), scheme,meezy, highyellow, TO aka hoffah,young curt, symba,, fnyce, city, feez, pody mouf and more just to name a few any ?
Im a simple normal guy! I like photography,graphic design and similar things.
Andrea Bakersmith
Andre Keys
Andrew Graves
Andrew Schroedl
Andrea Bodner
Andrea Blount
Andrea Stroman
Andrew Gallice
Andrea Wilson
Not much about me, a 23 year old trucker who is inexperienced in the fun things of life... Computers, women, sleeping, making money.
Andrea Winn
Andrew Ledo
Andrea Wilkins
Andrew Perez
Andrew Barker
Andrea Hoffman
Andrew Millns
Andrew Sopkowiak
Andrea Poletto
Andrew Whitmore
Andre Marcotte
Andrew Tyler
Andrè Koch
Andrew Worley
Andrew Ferraro
Andrew Zornek
Andrew Koet
Andrew Horton
Andrea Razo
Andreqw Corral
Andra Marajh
Andrea Myers
just on here seeing what fubar is about and maybe make new fubar friends. we can take it from there watching movies, spending time with my family, visiting new places, hanging out with friends
Andrew Mozingo
Andrijana Milisavljevic
Andres Ruiz
Andre Shumpert
Andrea Silva
Andrew Martinez-lemes
Andrew Bankston
Andrea Baker
Andrea Trout
Andrian Carter
Andrea Mueller
Andrea E
Andres Sanchez
Andrew Slaight
Andrew Watkins
Andrew Yancy
Andrew Harris
Andrew Wardle
Andrew Keeven
Andrew Tokoly
Andrea Schröder
Andre Marion
Andrew V
Andrew Smith
Andrew Keithley
Andrew Hernandez
Andrew Embry
Andrew Walkerfeller
Andre Parker
Andrea Boren
Andrew Cram
Andrew Jordan
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Lee
Andrew Ramos
Andrew Nesbit
Andrew Pline
Andrew Mayson
Andres Pantarotto
Andrew Alex Andrew
Andrew Serna
Andres Silva
Andrea Cox
Andrew Holbrook
Andrew Ratlif
i am 27 i am from selma alabama i move to ft.l in 1990 i love togo out am i like to go to the movies and fishing a good women
Andre' Beardshear
Andres Hernandez
Andrew Hills
Andrea Lipovská
Andrew Me
Andrew Esparza
Andrew Juarez
Andrew Winter
Andrea Gleason
Andrew Kelsey
Andrew Zayas
Andrew Keblaitis
Andrea Vaszkó
Andrea Barzola
Andrew Earnest
Andrey Polidor
Andrew Williams
Andrea Luca
Andrea Guy
Andrea Colvin
Andro Khoury
Andrew Lawrence
Andrea Archetti
Andrew Studden
Andrey Niones
Andrew Chua
Andrew Valdez
Andrea Gonzales
Andrew Mariñas
Andre Kurniawan
Andrianto Ajah
Andry Quay
Andrey Aban
Andrés Estrada
Andres Sanchez Recio
Andre Jvd
Andrey Tolentino
Andrew Rybicki
Andrea Stan
Andrew Hubbard
Andre Aerosmith
Andri Jabrix
Andreas Mario
Andrew John Dalisay
Andrei Hilario
Andrea Alengka
Andres Mora
Andrew Metz
Andrew Roy Caratao
Andrew Dillera
Andre Exelent
Andrew Horsch
Andre Wisnu
Andri Dian
Andre Cooper
Andrea Parker
Andryemo Loverssallawwasnaa
Andrea Jones
Andri Alfian
Andre Surya
Andrew Harris
Andrio Brezza
Andrea Della Valle
Andra Zeg Zeg
Andre James Williams

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