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Andrew Haslam
Well, Where Should I Start? Im 18. Im in college. Im having the time of my life. Im 6'3" 225. I play the drums on my spare time. I was in a band. Ive played almost everywhere. I love to travel and play sports, as well as run and lift, and better myself in any way. Im Single*. So yea hit me up =] West By God Virginia! Music, Football, Track, Lacrosse, Running, Lifting, etc
Andrew English
Andrew Garrett
Andrew George
Andrew Barker
Andrew Catch
Andrius Nesvarbus
Andrew Papenleur
Andrew Fonseca
Andre Hubbard
Andrew Viazanko
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Duncan
I'm 22 USAF Active duty. I like to play paintball. I love brutally honest people. Be real. Uhh I don't know what to say in this shit so just hit me up if you got any questions.
Layed back guy who could care less about NSFW's....i mean seriously people....leave something to the imagination....ummm ummm....don't pay any attention to my default pic..umm...yeah so pervs make me sick...blahhhhhhhhhhhhh Im a tattoo apprentice alongside Gabs and Beticupcake at 4Keeps Body Art......2 of thee best people on this earth so hit up BetiCupcake and Tx Tattoo...........NOW ! interests....hmmm....let me really interested in people that can challenge me...if you're dumb...we won't get along....knowledge is everything and being stupid is for the birds....
Andrew Southard
Andrew Javorsky Jr
Andrew Nichols
Andrew Black
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Andre J
Andrew Mackelden
Andre Lucette
Andre Suber
Andra Clark
Andrew Von Eschen
Andres Almaraz
Andrew North
Andrew Carter
Andrew Rodarte
well i am a busy guy that is always looking for something fun to do when i have free time. i like to kick back drink and go out. i am looking for some fun ladies to chill with so hit me up rock n roll baby!
Andrew Wood
Andres; Dre 4 Short
Andrew Haid
Andrew Rodriguez
Andrew Townsend
Andrew Shelton
Andrew Jones
Andrew Maples
Andrew Carlson
Andrew Shanley
Andrew Sherman
I'm work a trade and it's the coolest job ever! I have a car and it's the coolest car ever! I'm Drew! Nuf Said! Who needs idols when you're me? ;) I love comedy! Will Ferrel is the best thing since sliced bread!
Andrew Harrah
Andrew Goldstraw
Andrew Alejandro
Andrew Gomes
Hello My name is Andy, I'm 28y.o. from Townsend Ma. Was just up late and this site looked interesting. I'll write more soon but for now would like to make new friends that are local to me or at keast in the Massachusetts/ Southern NH area... Hope to hear from ya... p.s. be patient with me, still trying to figure out how this site works
Andrew Potteiger
Andre Lewis
Andre Davis
Andrea Smith
Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Andrea
The name is Andrea and I'm the proud mommy of the two best boys ever born! I never know exactly what to say here, so the best way to get to know me is to talk to me. My best friend is my number one, she rocks, love her up if you get the chance. ~Seduce my soul~ I love to read, watch movies. I like hangin out with my friends and family. Going to the occasional bar. I am the champion of Triple X Jenga! Wanna know what it is, hit me up or ask my number 1! LOL!
Andrew Lowe
Andre Rogers
Andrew Deprey
Andrew Vertolli
i'm 19 allmost 20. i love to party and hangout wit my bro wich i have three they are bryon,jason,and chris . they are adpoed. one of my idol's is chuck the ice man lydel i like them all
Andrew Knepp
Andrew Lassen
Andre Moore
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Arrowood
Andrew Diaz
Andrew Vasquez
Andrew White
RIP sorry I never got to say goodbye, you were a good man!!!
Andrew Jenkins
Andrew Mcgeth
Andrew Meza
Andreas Romeidy
Andrew Ramstedt
Andrew Knapp
Andrew Norton
Andrea Middleton
Andrew Guerin
Andre Howard Jr
Andrew Kirkman
personal Information Favourite Music: The Kooks, Pigeon Detectives, Simple Plan, Lost Prophets, Paramore, We are Scientists, Plain White T's, Green Day, Hard-Fi, Good Charlotte, Blink182, Kaiser Chiefs,slipknot Favourite TV Programmes: Rescue Me and anything with Denis Leary! such a legend!. The Simpsons of course !!!!! Favourite Films: Ladder 49, and the ultimate BACKDRAFT!!
I'm laid back, open minded, like to try pretty much anything and everything. Easy to get along with. I like to make people laugh. I have a great since of humor. If anythingu want to know just ask and have a nice day Storms, and chasing them. Meeting new people. Out door activities and indoor. Camping and so forth.
Andrew Miller
Andrew Nesmith
Andrew Golden
Andrew Callaham
Hi my name is Andrew im a pretty nice guy easy going i like to party and chill with friends. im 6'0 weight about 150 got brown hair hazel eyes.
Andre Alfaro
Something I wrote out here i hope you enjoy The One of My Dreams I dream of the perfect woman, the one I think of after I wake up from my dream… The one that can change my life forever… The one that is not only beautiful on the outside but even more in the inside… The one that can make me feel my best, at my worst… The one that can make me think I can do anything, even if it is impossible… The one when I am sad, she is sad with me and will tell me the word that can make me feel better… The one I can tell everything too, and will listen to me and will reply with the perfect answer that just always seems right… The one that I can hold in my arms and will hug back and know that she will never let me go… The one when she gone just for a moment, it will seem like she was gone for an eternity… The one and I hope that one day I will find the one of my hopes, my dreams, my wishes, my desires… I pray for that day to come, but for now I will just dream…….. tell me what you thi
Andrew Riesenberg
i go to college. i live in the buckeye (ohio for those who are lil on the slow side). i mostly listen to music (rock) and hang w/ friends or watch movies in my free time. family sux except for my 2.5 yr old brother and my younger sister. thats all i can think of that explains me. find out more if u wanna living life day by day, and hopefully finishing college. friends to of course
Andrew Douglas
My name is Andrew Douglas alot of my army buddies call me dougi. im on my second deployment in IRAQ (y did i volunteer) from texas representing it all the ways overseas.. right now i dont know wut im doin in life im just tryin to pick up the pieces and start all over again....but maybe ill get my mind right second go around over here..neways if u want to know more bout me just hit me up.... I am in the army i love it and also hate it.... i have a beutiful daughter name aubrey raynae douglas she so also tryin to play the guitar...
Andrew Billerbeck
Andre Juarez
Andrew Owens
My family means everything to me. I love them more than anything else in the world. I just moved to Vegas and its hard because my family is in minnesota. I am a salesman here and i am going to be the host of a tv show my dad is starting. I have my own house... and im 18 years old. I do pretty well for myself and like to stay in shape. I am really here because i want to find a girlfriend... write me and ill tell you what im looking for... but ill tell you that i do make really good money and i need a girl who will be ok with that? but will not take advantage of it... Ill buy her lots of things... just as surprises, i also need a girl who wont mind working. Oh, but she also has to like traveling I have been snowboarding for 15 years... I could have gone pro, but decided that i should chill for a little bit... I still try to ride every day I can. My family is the most important thing in the world. I am planning on being a Host for my dad's new Cable tv show coming out soon... I also pla
Andrew Terkildsen
Hey every1 I'm a good person with a wacky personality and I'm most likely the biggest kid you'll ever meet. I like to joke around and be crazy I'll try anything once no matter how crazy most people think it is. I have about 4 personalities. If you wanna chat just let me know. There is more about me on my myspace and also more pictures on my myspace. check it out at Horseback Riding, Fishing, Camping, listening to almost any kind of music.
Andrew Fields
My name is Andrea who live in Yulee, im about to be 21. No job no car, 5'3 170lb. Proud to be an american, ha anyway. Im kinda of shy, If you want to know me more, www. myspace. com / crazyandi420 or im me. crazyandi88 yahoo. music, games, poetry, chillen with friends, blazen, anything
hey The Name is Andrew. I go to Film school in Hollywood and do modeling on the side to pay the bills. I am a movie and music freak. i play The guitar drums and can sing.. a little. I drive a Ford Mustang and tak care of it. send me a message or comment causei am new to this fubar thang!!
Andrea Richardson
Andrew Mathe
Andre Smith
Andrew Harms
Ask away...
Andreas Pippel
Andre Anderson
Andrew Francis
Andrew Hackney
Andrew Frost
Andres Rodriguez
Andras Kleent
Andrew Prentice
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphicswould any ladies out there be my sweet heart woman Well let see I love to cuddle up and can cook a roamntic dinner with caddle light. I love cats, cows,dogs and horse. I have a wild side too. I can be crazy and wild and nasty too. I love dieasl power pickups and smi. love tractors and equimpent. love counrty and oldies too. my faviorte sports are golf and fishing. I am open minded.also love to play tennis good with kids love kids want kids. have yahoo or msn so hit be up some to talk on the phone too like to meet new people too. I love to build model air plances and model rockets. I love to be on the farm love to drive tractors. love to play with power tools. love to cum love to cuddle up. love to have fun and party.
girls,car,movie,video games,that
Andrew Moore
Andrew Hutton
Andrew Suratt
Andrew Monroe Iii
Andrew White
Andre James
Andrew Funderburk
Andrew P
Hey whats up??im 5'11 240lbs...brown hair blue eyes..i love football..GO EAGLES BABY!!!...well im a nice to make women laugh n be happy by doin nething i could..humor is one of my good qualties..n i really dont know what else to say soo jst hit me up to chat..cya
Andrew Burrier
Andre Gonzalez
Andrea P
Andre Augustine
Andrew Mccarroll
I am a nice guy who likes to party and stuff like that. i don't do drugs, i only go organic. i like to drink but only with others, and im getting ready to move to canada. computers (i know it all) music, bud, getting a little tipsy. i download all my tv shows so they are doctor who, house, big bang theory and stuff like that.
Andrea Peterson
I am a vol. firefighter with Muskingum Township Vol. Fire Department, I run cross country & track, throw shot put and disk, participate in marching, symphonic, jazz, & pep bands, 4-H, FFA, livestock & equine judging teams, writer, editor, & chief photographer my school's newpaper (the Scottie Gazette). I train horses, and I'm not afraid to ge thrown off. Right now I work at Wendy's. People say I'm a tomboy and a redneck, and I'd have to agree - I've never been the type to get my nails done (or keep polish on them longer than 2 days), and I'm not very girly hardly at all. I like being one of the guys. I really like to help people too - I want to go to school to be a physical therapist assistant, or a fire investigator for the Ohio State Fire Marchall's Office, but right now I'm having the time of my life just being ME. I love to have fun and will try anything at least once!!
Andre Porter aka thedon
Andrew Muhoberac
Andrew Newman
I stay signed on to my computer ALL THE TIME. I have insomnia. I like my job but I wish the commute wasn't so long. I am clever. I am creative. I get more ideas than I can get out of my mind. I love to try new things. VISA owns my ass. I love three day weekends. I believe that beef jerky is real food. My room is painted entirely black. I take photos... lots of them. I am a Mac whore. I am an identical twin. I'm very friendly, but not in a creepy way. I am a bad influence. I am an atheist. I am in the process of getting heavily tattooed. I make plans to make plans to do things (yeah I said that correctly). I am a comic book, graphic novel, and superhero movie geek. I love art but I'm very opinionated. I love to argue. I love to be proven wrong, but you have to earn it. I wish I could travel more. I hate to be teased. I almost don't care entirely if I make a fool out of myself. Sometimes all I eat is meat. Sometimes all I eat is brown rice. I'm pudgy. I like to read but wish I could do i
Andrew Polster
Andrew Edgar
Andrew M
Andrea W
Andrais Delacruz
Andra Windom
Andrew Wuorinen
Andrew Windsor
Andrew Pope
Andrew Norris
Andrew Brashers
Andrew Dobson
Andre Jones
Andrew Freeman
Andrew Davis
Andrew Naylor
sexy and hrny i love sex
Andres Leon
Andrew Meade
Andrew V
Andrew Perea
Andrew Seagraves
Andrew Demis
I'm 24 years old I like to hang with the guys and party ride dirt bikes and snowmobiles and go hunting! Drinking and working Me and Myself
Andrew Turner
Andrew Lewis
Andrew Odom
Andrew Barajas
Andrew Lucas
Andrew Vella
I'd rather a real drink, but fake ones will do, especially from the right people...
Andrey Wilson
Hi my name is Andrey Wilson I'm very out going and funny. I like to meet new people and talk to them. Also I'm 100% russian i was borne there and then i was adopted when i was ten. Know i live in Alaska before that i lived in Texas and Michigan. So if you want to ask me more questions ask me.
Andrew Blauwet
Andrew Puga
hey my name is Andrew i am a chill guy and i am always down for a good time i like to party and just chill and watch movies i live life like it was my last i just have fun so if you want to know more just lev me a comment or just shout at me
Andrew Bean
Andrew Lightsey
message me on aim if you want to know more Food, Music, Guitar, Movies, Stuff.
Andrew Mottern
Andrew Norton
GETTING DRUNK, hanging out with friends.
Andrew Mack
Andrew Ellis
Andrew Townsend
The Name is Andrew!!! and most wont forget it. I'm a fun guy. I like making people happy, I'm Just Your Regular Guy that likes all the simple things in life like stripping, If you're close to me, there's nothing i wont do for you. music is one of my biggest passions, and I love movies and computers. I love traveling... I get to fly nearly every week. I like working out and keeping my body fit, MMA, Concerts, I like a broad range of things from mullets to break dancing. There's definitely more to me than what meets the eye. Thanks for stopping by.... drop me a line if you're bored. way too many damn things. read my about me. thats a lot of what im into. stuff like :movies, sports mma, music, travel (I fly every week, cause I work for an airline). etc.
Andrew Davis
Andrew Pena
Andrew Deyo
Andrew Gebler
Andrew Vital
Andrew Oakley
Andrew Sutton
well i'm 25 years old. I live in a small town called lafayette TN which sucks cause theres not much to do here except get into trouble or just hang with your friends. I'm single and woundering if i will ever find the right woman for me. well i love to ride 4-wheelers,playing sports mainly football and basketball,fishing,swimming, and drinking beers with my friends. i like mainly scary movies and action or comedy.
Andrew Thornton
Andryk Glez
Andrea Noneya
I am not sure exactly what to put in this, so simply being myself it most likely the best key. A mother of two, engaged, I have learned a great deal in life, including, just going for the things you want. If you do not step up and take care of things on you own, you will fail, because no one is going to take care of things for you. If you do not understand the meanings that are behind the pictures that I have up, do not ask, I do not think I can explain it to you in a way that will make sense for the average person. It is something highly personal, and frankly, just something that I enjoy. If I had to have a motto, or a saying to live by, I think it would be this..... We have scars from life.....I'm lucky, most of mine are on the outside. be well, remember to duck, and dont stop moving forward.
Andrew Olson
Andrew Olson
i love to chat and play out side
Andre Wade
Andrew Foster
Andrei Mokhov
Andrew Bintliff
Hey there y'all bare with me... Still trying to get the jist of this.
Andre Scott
Andrew D
young hi energy kinda guy lots of confidense and i love the ladys girls;girls,girls,girls,girls,girls
Andre Bell
Andreas Hughlett
Andres Lovato
hey wuts up im Andres im 18 years old hispanic 6ft but ya bout me i grew up in a gang mostly all my life i have sat four years in jail i still bang but not as hard but ya i a thug so all ya ladies that like that hit mi up and anythin ele u wanna no jus ask duces SSL4LYF shit i out makin dat paper partyin all the time chillin wit da boyz
Andrew Bottelson
Andrew Clark
Andrew Hersey
Andrea Hasselbach
Andrew Lail
Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body. But rather to skid in sideways, totally worn-out, shouting, "Holy shit....what a ride!" i live by this quote. hi im Drew. i like to meet new people despite my shyness. im a outgoing guy when you get to know me.i can pop all of my joints except my hips.i hate vegetarain food. im a carinvore. lol XD. i love to be random. so if you have any questions just hit me up. i must worn you tho i have autism, and from lifes experiences, ive learned not too many pplz like it, so if you dont like it you can kiss the whitest part of me irish ass and back the fuck off
Andrew Leal
Andre Thomas
Andrew Z
Andre Cortez
I'm a preaty out going kind of guy I love to have fun and try new things and not scared to do it. I lost alot of my fear do to my near death experiances over time so I'm one tough cookie as they say lol. I love to be outside rather then indoors unless I'm gaming but if not I usually am working. I love meeting new ppl and I'm not much of a religious type but that doesnt mean I will treat anyones beleafs any different then they would with mine. I'm very respectful and loyal to those who earn my trust. If you break it very rarely do I give a second chance let alone a third shot. But otherwise I'm straight forward and take alot of pride of who I am. Even though I'm not the best guy out there let alone the most wealthy b/c I'm broke as hell lol but I'm still trying to do what I have to to survive and thats all that matters. I love music (techno, dance, trance, industrial, pagen, russion, and german), paintball (woodsball), drawing, painting, sketching, designing, shopping, sex (if my mate
Andrew Lilley
Andrew Saulmer
Andrew Humphrey
About me.... hmmmmm well im 19 about to be 20 im a very mellow guy pretty much any body who knows me will say i am a very kewl guy ummm i like to laugh and i think every day should be a good day cuz bad days are depressing and i hate havin to be depressed had enough of that my first 14 yrs of existance uhhh i like to listen to ppls probs and help them to the best of my abilities and i like to hang out with my homies im in a clan called the wicked txtrs clan cuz pretty much we just txt all day long any thing else just ask me. I dont really have any fave movies i like pretty much anything in Action, Comedy, and Horror genres
Andrew Hoggard
Andrew Rambus
Andrew Scott
want to have some fun? text or call me! LOTS more pix! 12705432266
i live in texas im a grease monkey im you want to know anything just ask i like music workin on cars and trucks pretty much anything with an engine hanging out with my friends but the thing i hate the most are fuckin retarded ass stupid people.
Andrew Holmbeck
Andrew Collins
Andrew Dimas
Andrew Martin
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I own my own Sports Marketing Company. I love sports, Video Games, Coking, Beer and just about anything else.
Andrew Adams
Just ask and id b happy to tell all me lil secrets Just ask and id b happy to tell all me lil secrets
Andre S
Andrew Ross
Andrew Bigaj
Andrea Hill
Andrew Baumgart
Andrew Lutkins
Whats up!!! Im Andrew 19. I Live in Prescott Arizona. Im 5'10 and about 180 pounds. My Favorite things to do are to Hangout, Drink, and smoke. Im always down for a good time.. I like UFC, it represents what i love to do... But if you want to know anything else hit me ....
Andrew Ward
Andrew Pullen
Andrew Scott
Andrew Muller
Andrew Silvas
Andrew Call
Andreas Smith
Andrea Murphy
Andrew Snide
Andrew Gould
Andrew Mcdonald
I like to fish and hangout with friends. anything fun
Andrew Krick
Hey im single and looking!! If you want to chat I'd love to have a one on one cam chat or just IM me on yahoo..agsurv
Andrew P
Andrew Medina
Andrew Hall
Jesus Christ The Lord of The rings Trilogy, Dark Knight, action, comedy
Andre Plasencia
Left alone in the past by Brande Left alone in the past Forgotten friendships buried, never meant to last She walked away from me Why couldn't I foresee? Time standing still Another way to deal, another pill The sky is gray with hate One thing tore us apart, your fate Now what will you do? Who will confide in you? Remember the times we shared? Remember how well we paired? The consequences are tough You only knew how to treat me rough Who is next in line? Will you, too, break their spine? Look at what you've done This time I will stand in front of you, I won't run Don't bother me anymore All you touch, you tore What you wanted, you took Now I glance back, I take one last look You left me alone in your past Forgotten friendships buried, never meant to last
Andrew Smith
Andrew Brannigan
Andre Smith
Andre Bergeron
Andrew Thomas
well i am a pretty laid back guy and easy to get along with...if you wanna know any thing just ask working out and staying in shape...sports mostly football...and just hanging out with the guys boondock saints, green street hooligans, snatch, blow, we were soldiers and pretty much anything funny
Andrew Creamer
Andrew Norton
Andre Roscoe
Andrew Larson
whats good out ther is ther any single laddys out ther that are looking for somebody to treat them right and that doest play mind games and knows how to keep it real at all times with you no matter whats going on? well if your ready for somebody to treat you right!! well so am i to!! what are you waitting for. dont drop the ball and make the call you know what i mean well i also have ya hoo messager to and its drewmann792005 get at me.
Andrea Rebello
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Andrew Koplin
Andrew Recces
Andrew Brown
Andrew Ball
Andre Mc
Andre Williams
Andra Joiner
Andrew Tait
Andrew Ely
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jarrett
jsut ask and maybe ill tell .....very interesting..
Andrew Corona
Im just a chill person who likes to relax and have fun drinking with friends Drinking, Dj'ing, Clubs, Vid Games, Drawing, other random stuff and cant forget women
Andrew Melton
Andrew Pardee
I am a divorced single soldier that like to fuck, drink, and fuck. There is nothing really to say about me. I have been in the army for about 5 years. I love to go out and get fucked up with friends. I live in bamberg germany with the 173rd airbourne BRG. I love video games, drinking, i used to alot more things then that. Most of them are not going to be posted on this about me shit. Well that is me, whoohoo!!!!!!
Andrew Michael
My hometown: Hollywood, Fl Broward county ABOUT ME: Open, Outgoing, Honest, Straight forward, Very energetic, Pretty restless, Self-directed, Love outdoors, Love anything physical, Intense and Complex, Very willful, Love mystery, Not selfish, Willing to comprimise, Practical not perdictable
Andre Johnson Tattoos
google me fam ANDRE JOHNSONTATTOOS %100 mobile best inks,shop work & FREE gas FREE a&d send a ## get locked in fam
Andrew Wren
Andrew Seath
Andre Garrett
Andrew Joya
Andrew Northouse
Andrew Gillespie
Andrea Fields
Andre Dorsey
Andrew Aderson
Andrew Richardson
Andru Morrow
well first and formost im a horrorcore rap artist and my musick is my life!!! and you should also know i roll with the anti-christ! im 21 from grandview washington im loud and obnoxious and a BIG pervert or well i like to say im a provert i love horror movies and have an obsession with cannibals and zombies and serial killers I SMOKE ALOT OF WEED! im pretty much a nudist i have an AWESOME red mohawk yep yep its the fucking shit! im not very tall only 5'8 and only like 135-140 pounds but make no mistake about it i may be a small killa but ill still fuck your ass up and gut you like a fish my favorite color is RED!i dont like blue...i am also the co owner/founder of the BANG GANG which is basicly the faces of death films meets porn meets live musick meets drugs and all that good shit though we havnt got any dvds out yet we will soon...just like most men i dream of being a porno star hahahaha and thats why me and my friend created the bang gang so we can make our own porn with other peopl
Andres Cabrera
Andrew Brown
I'm Andrew. I really like playing video games. I have a great girlfriend, and I like watching TV. I like to hang out with my friends a lot. They mean a lot to me. I like watching NASCAR, playing video games (mostly NASCAR and racing), watching TV, swimming, playing basketball, and other things as well.
Andria Kain
Andrew Mooe
i am
Andrew Tyler
Andre Gant
Andrew Wilmot
Andrew Not Given
like iit says freshmeat...ha names andrew ii like to have a good time just as much as everyone else. quiet at times. but can be loads of fun... new people fun and games, sports party life adventures,rocky climbing skating runN....list goes on
Andrew Landgrave
Andrew Nard
Andre` Williams
Andrena Schello
Andrew Stang
Andrew Ward
Hey everyone. My name's Gee. I'm 22 and I live in Tallahassee, Florida. I'm 5' 11", with a slim build. I have blond hair and green eyes. I'm not in college at the moment, but plan to go back for a few classes. I live in a fairly nice house with two friends of mine. I'm single. I'm shy in person, but a few hours (and a few drinks) into meeting someone, I tend to open up. =] I like nice girls... It's a shame because there are so few. I'm not really looking for anything on here, but I keep my eyes open like any guy does. This is an extra flirtatious site after all. Lol. I'm hoping to meet some cool and interesting people on here, nonetheless. Please read my Interests if you want to know a little more about me. Thank you for stopping by my page! =] I enjoy music a lot. I love hardcore, grind, and most other fast-paced styles of metal. I have a passion for biology, and I'm infinitely fascinated at the diversity of living organisms. I hope to one day open up my own aquarium shop,
Andrew Mcnulty
Andrew Clayton
Andrew Dittmer
Andrew Burba
Andrea Black
My name is Andrea, I'm 22 yrs old and I'm just about the most random, fun-loving person you'll ever meet
Andrew Yang
Andre Payne
Andrew Kurzaea
Andrea Hamilton
Andre Britton
Andrew Jenkins
Andrew Rojas
Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Skyles
Andrew Parker
Andrea Ostendorf
Andrew Tracey
i am a 33 white male 6' 7" decent shape brown hair blue eyes, who is sarcastic funny honest nice easy going laid back and looking for some good friends and maybe more movies, music, video games, writing, reading, playing pool, darts, having fun, laughing, being sarcastic.
Andrew Murphy
I am a 21 year old mother. I don't have time for games or BS, so don't even come at me with it. I'm NOT looking for man,I already have one of those, I am just looking for a friend. Someone I can talk to that will like me for me. I have made many mistakes in my past and I have to deal with the consequences. I love my life, and I love my friends. I can get along with just about anyone unless they are just flat out idiots. I dont like to be stereotyped, so keep what youre thinking to yourself, unless you think I will like it! Well...let's see here, I like taking pictures. I like playing video games, listening to music, singing, reading. I like to spend time with my friends, write poetry, draw(not any good at it), reading. I love spending time with my daughter and my friends, what few I have. There are many more things that I like, some which I can't name here, and some I don't feel like naming, so if you want to know more, just send me a message
Andrew Allen
Andrew Huston
Andrea Sutton
Andre Barker
Andrea Garrison
Andrew Gonzalez
Andrew Wallace
Andrew Lilley Jr
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Weinand
Andrew Tyo
Andrea Long
Andrea Gillett
Hello Everyone!! I am a single female who likes to have fun and likes to mix and mingle with friends! I do like the outdoors when its warm, not in the cold. burrrr! Thank you for all your support and u know who u are! I work in the medical field and I love it! I have been married before and have a cool 17 yo boy who is very talented with fingers and feet! He plays guitar, and very well i might add, and loves to stakeboard! And he is very good at that too!! I like to have good food with good friends and with good conversation too. So COME ON! stop in and just say hi! One of my intersts is camping, but I have been spoiled in the past. I dont like to "rough it" so to speak. A nice tow behind trailer works well. I do like to go to concerts, movies and out to dinner with good friends. I love my job in the medical field and i like good stories. Combine them both and you get Medical thrillers on CD. I like to listen to Audiobooks, CD's or MP3'S. I get great pleasure from listen
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Andrew Kelly
some things about me are i am nice, sweet,m carring, and a very loving person. i will listen to whatever someone has to say. And i just hate to see when people are down... i try my best to make everyone who is around me happy.... and i just love to go out with friends and family... and try new things in the world...... I am 6'1" and weigh 185lbs. I am a very athletic person... and enjoy the outdoors.... I have blue eye's and light brown hair.... i am interested in anyone who wants to meet me or talk to me... i am down for whatever... i love to do new things...
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Andrea Stalker
Lets see what is there to say about me really?? I am a very complex person but that will all change once you get to know me.. I am not easy to get to open up.. I feel like my life isn't an open book.. I hate people who ask alot of questions.. I hate people that judge before they can get a chance to know someone.. I hate Biggots!!! I don't tolerate for that.. well i have nothing else to say really I like to hang out with anyone and everyone as long as they don't come with drama.. I hate drama and have my own things worry about.. I like to party with people who are down to earth and chill like myself.. Enjoy life pretty much and enjoy my free time while i have it, cuz i am gonna be going back to school.. and not gonna have time for anything else.. not really looking to get comitted to anyone right now. Just friends..
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im crazy need i say more well ok im engaged to the most beautiful women in the world. she makes me feel complete and thats awesomness right there. i love outdoor activities like soccer football dirtbikes hiking and walkin on the beach. if you want to know more ask marley and me, transformers,a walk to remember,brige to terabithia

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