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Andrew Robertson
Ask about me and I will tell I'm not a picky person
Andrew Smith
Enjoy having a good time with friends and family. I enjoy extreme sports like White Water rafting and rock climbing. Also.... -Dogs -Motorcycles -Anything Fast......
Andre Aramiyan
Hi guys im andre im just looking for a geniune girl to get to know and spend time with. clubbing,dancing,travelling,cooking,shopping.
Andrew Mcwilliams
Andrew Sword
I do voices 'n' shit. Crazeh.
Andre Cluff
Andrew Yopp
Andrew Martiez
Andrew Ward
Andrew H
Andrew Minnis
Andre Wallace
Andrew Rogers
Well, im 25, I work for QT. I like to just have fun fuck it.
Andrew Gallegos
Andrea Taber
I'm me, what else is there to say? I'm married, so don't bother trying to hit on me or get me to cyber with you. I live in Japan, so good luck trying to find me. No, you can't have my email/phone number/address or any personal information if I don't know you. No, I won't teach you to speak English. If you don't know it, go to school and learn it. Yes, I am this bitchy in real life. No, I won't explain myself to you if I don't know you.
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kapusta
20 years old laid back loves to party and go to da clubs
Andrew Elder
Andrew Scarlett
Andrew Dodds
Andrew Easterly
Andrew Jones
whats up im Andrew.I'm just a kid trying to make it through life as best as I can.I'm not on here for people to tell me about there problems because I don't care,I have my own.I have few friends,and I would do anything for them.Also goes for my family I love them with everything I have,they do alot for me.I'm an asshole to people i'm not close with.I'll never change my attitude to impress someone,I'm myself,if you don't like it go fuck yourself. I like blondes and brunttes umm legs are a big turn on for me umm shes gotta have a nice since of style repsect me for who i am and just a funn all round gurl.
Andrea Wheeler
Andrew Dorsey
Andra Rouser
Andrew Knight
First off i dont give a fuck what anybody thinks about me, simple has that. I can be cool or i can be a dick, that choice is up to you. Yes i AM ALL ABOUT THE WHITE RACE its who i am, dont like it, good, and i dont wanna hear about it! If your lookin for a solid HONKEY to chat with or whatever then get at me other than that if your belief is the same as mine, then power,respect, and much love to you-stay strong and never lose your pride in being white-I salute you brother(or sister) 1. I like Football- Go Colts 2. I love to fight 3. I listen to Rock,Rock, and more Rock-Country music is for the hicks,Rap is for the niggers, and all other is for pansies 4 I like entertainment in general, you know dancing, movies, Tv, and sex 5. I like working out although i have been slacking as of late. YOU WANNA KNOW ANYMORE THEN HIT ME UP!!!!
Andrew Allen
Andrea Hensley
Shit read my interests and you will know. Yo name's Andi, I had a fubar account but I deleted it. But I'm back now bitches. Fuckin rage on my page
Andrew Whitcomb
Andres Espinosa
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Scarbrough
well im 5-9 165lbs im a great guy just looking to find him self in this big world and find that special someone im into sports and love to just drive and talk and go out to eat and watch movies just chill and hang out with friends and talk alot on the phone and text alot on the phone so im just being me i just wanna find the speacial woman that knows how to treat me like a man not a kid so if its not u peace well how do i start ok here we go hello my name is andrew im 5-9 165lbs athletic build i like to just hang and have a great time i like going out to eat and i like to watch movies at the theater or at a house snuggle up on the couch next to someone.. well im single got out of a 10 year relationship so yes i have 2 kids and there my pride and joys of life one boy and one girl there everything to me well ok i think i said enough so if you like what you have read hit me up some time cuz for the most part im trying to meet new ppl and trying to make new friends at the samer time
Andrada Cristina
Andrew David
Andrew M
Andrew Komperda
Andre Gutierrez Jr
Andrew Gillihan
Andrew Jones
Andrew Clark
Andre Williams
Andrew Bryne
Andrew Angle
Andrea Duarte
Andre Jones
Andrew Enright
Andrea Haeussler
Andrew Mellon
Life is way too short to worry over what has been, mistakes made, or wrong paths taken. Each and every step we take will always lead to somewhere, the goal is to keep moving, keep trying, and keep dreaming. Spilled milk is exactly that, spilled, why worry over it when you can just go get another jug? We all have a future, we all have wants and desires, Just keep moving forward, if you get knocked back, so what, get up, dust yourself off, take a moment to treat your wounds and move forward again, always forward, always upward, and always Onward. Reading books of all sorts and genre, poetry, opera, musicals, and life in general. I enjoy Baseball, hockey, basketball (on occasion) and College Football (It seems pro football is more about dancing after every play than actually playing football).
Andrea Martzahl
Andrew Phillips
Andrei Pokrovsky
Andrew Sellinger
Andrew Schettl
Andrew King
Andrew Williams
Well for starters i am happily married to a wonderfull woman we have two beautifull little girls ages 3 and 4 we live in texas cause thats where the us army told me i had to go well on top of two deployments to iraq but other wise i reside in texas for now lol
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Maillot
Andrew Guenther
Andrew Sams
I'm a nice guy, people tell me i'm funny. I don't know. I have one tattoo on my left arm. Plan on a couple more. I have a daughter, and while I don't get to see her due to ongoing custody issues, i love her more than anything. I'm going to college to get an associates in criminal justice. I'm something of a nerd. I'm a bouncer at a bar. I like reading, writing, hunting and fishing, video games, movies, and a lot of other things. My favorite thing to do is to go to the bar and hang out with my friends, shoot pool, and do kareoke (which i'm good at).
I dont pay close attention to fubar, if u wanna get ahold of me hit me up on YIM dragonzbrokenheart Im the nicest guy youll ever meet. I can make anybody laugh at any time I decide I want to. I dont have pictures of my dick on fubar and I wont beg you to look at it. What more can you ask for? And everybody PLEASE feel FREE to join my fan club. There will be cookies and wet t-shirt contests (only for those interested in participating\judging\watching) every Tuesday at NOON. I have a girlfriend (she is incredibly awesome). Im not interested in you. And im DEFIANTLY not PAYING to see YOUR NSFW.
Andrew Mcwhirter
Andrew Bennett
Andrea Oconnell
Andrew Youmans
Andrew Wilson
Andrew Louis
Andrew Frakes
Andrew Cadenhead
Andrew Barrows
Andrew Meyer
Andrew Arden
Andrew Joffe
Andrew Hawkins
Andrew Sebring
Andrea Ruede
Andres Fonseca
Andrew Stanley
Andrew Kremer
Andrew Dienhart
Andrew Wilkins
Andrew James Blades
Andrew Reckner
Andre Hill
Andrea Kasparek
Andrew Midson
Andre Pigny
Andrew Jones
hi im andy im 22 in march although i dnt normally act my age im very horny person i like playing bass and guitar. i enjoy spending time with friends and family, also like playing video games
Andrea Smith
Andrew Mcintyre
Andres Marin
Andrew Ask
Andrea Love To All The Troops Come Home Safe Ratefanadd Please Crush Too
__I'm pretty Fucking cool if you ask me please read my profile below___ Curves Ahead Before you read on, I want to put something on the table. I do sell family spots for nsfw pix(Unless I am running a God mode or Famp). No I am not a whore, because whores get real money for selling there body, I am "selling" pictures. I realize not everyone agrees and that's fine, but I'm a sexual person at heart so, it is, what it is. I have been Fu married to the same person for almost 2 years and I also happen to be Married in real life to this person..So with this being said I am by no means a whore, so please don't yell at me in shoutbox or whatever if you disagree with this, move on and don't bother reading on. Thank you. I DO NOT add PRIVATE set profiles, OR blank friends requests, Thanks!! I want to say I am not new to the fubar game I have been on this site for 4 yrs now I use to be on another name and left for awhile but am back now , and always looking for new friends.. I could never full
Andree Guerrero
Andrew Smotherman
Andrew Brown
im 5'10-5' of average build,light brown hair thats curly when i dont get drunk and shave it HA! im 75% irish and the rest scottish,im a decent guy.....and if u dont like me well then UR RACIST!!! we dont take kindly to your kind round here. ive got a 6 year old son who is my little clone in angel form,he is my world and dont know where id b in life without him?! if you wanna know anymore then i suppose you should hit me up now shouldnt you Im a chill guy who enjoys life to the fullest! I LOVE SKATEBOARDING!!! i play guitar,write lyrics and draw....check out my tat i drew that lol. um im a lush,i enjoy my beer and consider myself a whiskey man. im in2 football GO SEAHAWKS! and hangin out with my friends always puts a smile on my face, and if u dont like to laugh then u shouldnt b talkin to me cause thats what i make people do and i do it well lol
Andrew Laine
Andrew Taft
Andreea Toba
Andrew Sams
Andre Daniel
Andrew Nasello
Andrew Christy
Andre Falden
Andres Martinez
Andrea Austin
Andrew Vines
Andres Flores
Andrew Gardner
Andrea Mono
Andre Lee
Andrew Harris
Andrew Clark
Andre Thompson
Andrew Nickens
Andrew Rice
Andre Griggs
Andre Griggs
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Tucker
I study guitar at valdosta state university and strangely, I don't have the urge to light up a spliff. as a courtesy, I must warn you that I sometimes strip while getting smashed. buy me a drink, bitches! playing guitar, shooting ak-47s, wrestling bears, and having wild, drunken sex.
Andrea Millard
I think my biggest intrests are baseball (Red Sox hells yeah), bowling, video games, good music, and going to the movies.
Andre Rose
Andrea Julie
Andrew Baughman
Andrew F
Andrew Smith
Andres Tabares
Andrew Cabrera
Andres App
Andrew Thomas
Andrew William Calvello
Andrei Mariano
Andrew Carlton
Andrew Devlin
music art
Andrew Mcnamara
Andrew Mccormick
Andrew Kincaid
Andre Oliver
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Kelso
Andrew Bigger
Andrea Carturan
Andrew Long
Andrew Majerus
Andrew Greenwood
Andre Boyer
Andrew Cornelius
Andre Robinson
Andre Randolph
Andrew Waltman
Andrew Naylor
Andrew Morales
Andrew White
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Carbonaro
Andrew Halewood
Andrea Munoz
Andres Valdivia
Andre Lewis
young brotha from VA looking for some fun, nothing more. unless you wanna know more, then hit me up fighting, drinking, sex, and art..what more do you need?
Andrew Staso
Andrew Buck
Andrew Staten
Andrew Baer
Andrew Riddle
Andrew Strauss
Andrew Murata
i love cars i have 2010 dodge challenger srt8 i just bought last week
Andres Santamaria
Andrew Andriani
Andrew Husson
I'm a Mainah the most Hardcore motherfuckers in the world!!! You wish you were as cool as me! shivers24 RL wifey to doombringer6669@ fubar
Andrew Boucher
Andrea Martinez
im a chunky brunette from lancatser califorina just taking each day as it comes and embracing the punches life deals me im 19 going extinct.i love to sing singing is my main outlet to relaxtion umm im proud of being a fat bi*ch its a lifestyle iv growm to love besides men are more attracted to a girl with confidences and a jiggly ass than a girl with nothing but bones and a head full of hot air i have the vocabulary of a sailor all in all im a down to earth chick with no sence of urgency and not a care in the world i have friends that would kill for me and family who would die for me thats all i could ever ask for oh wait no I NEED A MAN lol with a job lol humm acting (comedy) singing cooking music movies food lol just hanging out having fun
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Fontana
Andrew Rowe
Andrew Houtz
Andrew Blackmun
Andrea Battaglia
Andrew Barker
Andrea Muracchini
Andrew Lee
Andrew Boren
Andrew Neighbors
Andre Bailey
Andrew Gomez
Andrew Ayers
Andrew Childers
Andrew Dego
Andrew Singley
Andrew Bass
Andrew Sykes
Andrew Dashner
Andrew Fox
Andrew Vargas
Andrew Schanstra
Andrew Spong
Andrew Arce
Andrew Harbuck
Andrew Minnis
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Wolf
Andre Carter
Andreas B
Andrew Ask
Trent Reznor William Blake Elliot Ness John and Robert Kennedy Abraham Lincolm Mario Savio More to come ... The Nightmare Before Christmas Boondock Saints Fight Club Shoot em Up Crank Family Guy Futurama Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple Princess Mononoke Howl's Moving Castle ANYTHING FKN MIYAZAKI True Blood Rome Fringe Eureka Warehouse 13
Andre Francis
Andrea Graham
Andrew Mcsperitt
Andre Faaeteete
Andrew Adams
Andre Bland
Andrew Mobley
Andrew Workman
Andrew Gutierriez
Andrew Novak
Andres Colmines
Andre Riviera
My name is Andre Riviera. I've been in the Adult Entertainment Business for about 2 years now. My started teaching me all about the business when i was 16 when he was running a stream of Escort Services in Austin,Tx (X-Sta-Cee, Dreamers, etc.). While I was down there i got to meet different people all across the U.S. the have made this there profession. Now the more you learn the more you know. The Adult Entertainment Business is a Very, Very hard and complicated to get into. Anyone just cant get in and become a Pornstar. It takes years of training to get where all the top name stars are. But there is hope. THE INDUSTRY IS LOOKING FOR TALENT!!! And that's where i come in. I thought where else than my hometown can I look for talent...... I am what the Industry uses to hire new talent. i am the guy that does the amateur vids for the auditions. And yes before you ask....i am looking for people. If you are interested read my Blog FIRST @ before sending me a message
Andrew Estrada
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Vlasak
Names Andrew im 21 in the United States navy im currently stationed in Italy. But luckly ill be in the states soon enough though. Im a very active guy i like to go running play damn near anysport. i like to meet new people to talk to. i like to go out and party haver a good time im a pretty easy going guy just ask and ill tell u e want u want to know Im a big movie buff i like playing soccer football. im bit of a computer geek..
Andrew Adams
Andrew Rapley
Andries Taljaard
Andrew Finnegan
hey wats up i live in northeast paim not always the normal guy i have other priorties on my mind besides just sex like my family getting my own place again and other stuff if you want to no any more about me message me on here or my aol or yahoo or or give me a text or a call on my cell 814-273-0099 if i dont answer its cause i dont no who it is or im sleeping n just leave a message and ill call u back or text u back wen i get it
Andry Erviansyah
Andrew Kaskiw
Andrew Platt
I love Music. I play guitar, and have been for a little over 9 years now. I love all kinds of women wether they are slender or big.
Andres Mosquera
Andrea Papotta
Andrew Magnum
Andrew Quenn
Andre Tucker
Andrea Lopez
FungirlsPromote your Page too
Andrzej Czaczkowski
Andrew Badalamente
Andrew Sharon
Andrea Stevens
Andrew Still
Andre Smith
Andrew Rollinson
Andrew Steel
Andrew Harker
Andrea Grahams
Andrew Robertson
Andrew Macmillan
well where to start....well i gess right at the start, lol well my names Andrew, but u can call me Gandrew, every1 does, i might even tell u how a got that nickname if you ask. it is quite a funny story, lol am 22 wishing i was 17, that was a good age for me, well kinda had a few gd frends who stuck by me, but unforchinitly a dont see them as much as i wish to. im a youth worker at the ymca and with the local council, its fun but thier is some downsides im single, which is my falt i gess, i dont get out that much, work and thats it realy so i think i need 2 change that, cos am tyerd of being on my own, but at the same time i cant take social events unless am working, like going out to kittes is to much for me some times, 2 many ppl. but is is some thing that i am working on over comming, slowly anyway. thats aboutit realy, if u want toknow more just ask. peace out quite a lot actualy, just ask and a might tell u, lolz
Andrew Montgomery
Andrew Washington
Andrew Reames
Andrew Reich
Andrea Arnold
My name's Andrea. I REALLY don't like being called hun my name is Andrea, or Dre, Drea... I may not be perfect, but I'm fuckin real. I am loyal, to a fault sometimes. Relationships suck, but it doesn't stop me from trying. Yes I really do live in New Mexico, born and raised. If you're local I probably wont like you THAT way... but let's have a REAL beer together, Blue Moon please, and don't forget the orange. k thanks. I can be very sarcastic. I am super stubborn. Dr3w informed me that I have a fetish of Tattoos... I'm gonna have to agree with him on that one! (giggle)! The opinions of my friends really matter to me. Sometimes "funnies" aren't so funny. *I* get my feelings hurt easily by people I care about. I have an emotions based personality. Honesty... People should try it... I LOVE Rocky Road, the kind with the real marshmallows none of that swirl shit. The Fu World and Real World do NOT mix well. don't believe me... try it fo
Andrew Huntley
poetry is my passion i like guys and yes if you havent guessed it im gay girls get used to it. cher,madona,mairolin manroe,lady gaga, and others. action,syfy,commedy,romance,drama.
Andres Luzardo
Andrew Analore
Andrew Peacock
Andrea Hamblin
Andrew Henning
Anything you want to know just ask me... AIM/YM - Xboxkiller24
Andrew Twist
Andrew Mendoza
Music & dancing
Andrea Jones
Andrew Gavinski
Andrew Rider
Andres Vasquez
Andrew Delacroix
Andrew Rauch
Andrea Galvan
Andrea Summers
I hope that anybody who comes across my site [respects] my photos posted and would maintain the sacredness of one's property. I might be imitated but never duplicated (I am not being arrogant. We are all unique and [distinctive] as individuals). i've realized that life is indeed full of contradictions. sometimes its crazy to be sane, u need to fall to fly, people suffer bcoz u care, u have to unlearn to know the lesson, u have to give up bcoz ur [strong], u have to be wrong to make things right... nonetheless, life's complexities r also life's source of beauty. we should cry to laugh again, fall apart to b whole again and get hurt to [LOVE] again... im ready for also [concious], Always tell myself that i would rather remain single than to have someone who is going to make my [peacefull] life miserable... but its been so long... i missed those annoying days that made me stronger... it's the spice of life... now im ready to feel the true [essense] of my heart & my existence... i
Andrees' Maneiro├ľ
Andrew Tite
Andrea Shak
Andrew Gleaton
Andrew Little
Andrew Baxter
Andrew Boyer
Andrea Blasher
Andrew Reid
Andrea Maeson
Andria Siek
Andres Trevino
Andrew Brown
Andrea Estep
Andra Dwayne
Andrew Delgado
Andre Duhart
pretty much said it all in my interest. Music,Women,Smoking weed,working every once in a great while,Reading,writing,and hanging out with hommies.
Andre' Samuels
Andrew Browning
Andrew Finney
Andrew Woods
Andre Mastrogiacomo
Andrew Duquette
Andrew Furer
Andrew Snell
Andre Moten
Andrew Pierce
Andrew Cazares
Lets101 Quizzes - Online Quizzes i dont really drink but i smoke hella bud. im from chicago but i just recently moved to indiana its so boring here. i love to have fun. my friends call me chuckles cuz thats all i do all day is laugh. i am a joy to be around all the time. well holla a me if u think u cool enough
Andrea Smith
Andrew Scovell
Andrew Epstein
Andrew Zuniga
Andrew Scribner
Andrew Donnelly
im 27 im an anarchist i beleave there is no heaven above and no hell below i dnt like to litter i protest whenever and where ever possable i have a voice and i will be hurd togather we rise i encourage u to try oh and last but not lease if ya dnt like me or what i have to say you can fuck off easy
Andrew Carter-fuller
Andrew Denham
Andrew La Roy
Andrew Aiello
Andrew Anderson
Andre Walker
Andre Cutler
Andrew Sees
Andrew Steele
Andrew Goff
Andrew Litteken
im a single guy looking for some fun. lived in Freeport Ny my whole life like to hangout party and drink. i like to go out on my boat and head out to my bayhouse and party anything else hit me up and ill let you know
Andrew Jacobson
Well, I'm 20 years young. Livin in this town they call Salem OR. I like to go outdoors, swim, watch movies, ride bikes, drive the country roads, and take random spontaneous day trips. I work full time, and go to school. I'm gay, so yes that means i only like boys lol. I enjoy the perks of life and everything it has to offer. So live it up people. And if you want to know more, just ask. boys, music, psychology, life, spontaneous day trips, swimming, snowboarding, dinner and a movie dates, and lots of other stuff.
Andrew Milano
Andrew Paddock
Andrew Perry
6'1 german neo pagan i do not like politics worked at cemteries since i was 13 i would die without my mp3 player or stereo and if you dont like me then fuk you lifes hard enough without trying to please the people who dislike you.
Andrew Mckinney
Andrew Loggie
Andrew Edwards
Andrea Sampson
Andrew Worsley
Andrew Reimer
Andrew Does Not Sell Rent Or Loan Boomerangs
Hi there, name is Andrew. I live in Seattle, love making new friends. So please feel free to say hello!
Andrew Smirnoff
Andrew Hopkins
Andrew Gabany
Andrew Myers
Andrew Morris
Andrew Driskell
Andres Ramires
Andrew Abnet
Andrew Luque
Andre Town
Andre Cromer
Andrey Martynyuk
Andre' Jordan
Andrew Stubbs
Andrew Messner
Andrias Samuelsen
Andre Freeman
Andrew Tanner
Non Smoker Some Times Drink Love Going Out Danceing I,m 511 170 Waist 23 To 33 Shaved Head Dark Brown Eyes My Hobbies Are Biking Hiking Camping Travel Long Walks Art Shows OldCar Shows Movies Acting Funny Movies Hunging Out With Friends Lot More Just Ask Thank You
Andrew Ruttley-bass
Andre Poitier
Andrew Genus
Andreanna Korns
hey my name is anna, i have a son that is 17 months old named joshua he is my every thing. im not hard to get along with i just dont like drama or ppl that bring it around. umm realy dont know what else to say if you want to know just ask cuz i have nothing to hide
Andrew Maulucci
Andrew Abraham
Andrew Patricia
Andrew Mcculloch-gratton
Andrew Angrist
Andrew Arvay
My name is Andrew and I am 20 years old. I am a Scorpion for any of you sexy ladies out there who want to know I am currently a senior in college, and I am studying Computer Information Systems. I work at a major Commercial Real Estate company in Manhattan. Basically we sell office buildings in Manhattan. I'm looking for a good time any one one who wants to have one Thanks for looking at my profile. I Like to just chill out. I like all types of sports. My favorite teams are the New York Mets, New York Knicks, New York Jets, and New York Rangers... and New York Yankees(only if the Mets are not in the playoffs) I'm 420 friendly I just like to have a good time.
Andrew Ferguson
i never no what too say i am from canada 6 foot 1 about 180 and have two boys and singal i like music sport long walk on the beach and tv
Andrew Lubar
Andrew Makuch
Andrew Powell
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Morris
Andrew Phillips
Andres Delgado
Andrew Garcia
Andrew Nelson
Andrew Davidson
Andrea Peel
Andrew Stanton
Andrea Kalmowitz
Andrew Macbean
Andrew Mealy
Andrew Turk
Andreas Babee
i like sports,eatin good such as steak crab legs shrimp things like that i like to go to the movies bowl shoot pool throw darts have a couple drinks smk 1 thn desert

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