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Sexy But Evil's Blog
I believe- that our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become. I believe- that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that. I believe- that just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. I believe- that true friendship continues to grow, even over the longest distance. Same goes for true love. I believe- that it's taking me a long time to become the person I want to be. I believe-that you should always leave loved ones with loving words. It may be the last time you see them. I believe-that you can keep going, long after you can't. I believe- that we are responsible for what we do, no matter how we feel. I believe-that either you control your attitude or it controls you. I believe- that heroes are the people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, r
The Givens
Recently, I was teasing a friend about how women, because of long standing tradition, change their names after marriage. She lamented all the various things - driver’s license, bank accounts, etc. – that need attention. I said, “Sometimes it’s good to be a guy” to which she quickly replied, “That may be, but we have the power”. Truer words have never been spoken; as long as women are women and men are glad of it, they will have the power. That got me thinking about “The Power” and how folks use it. Do you realize that we all have “The Power”? We have the power to help or hurt. Sometimes we even use our own power to hurt ourselves. Think about this: Let’s say that I’m having a fight with a friend, not fisticuffs mind you, but an awful argument. It gets so heated that neither of us wants to give an inch and the argument ends with both sides vowing never to speak to the other again. Now the mere mention of my “friend” gets me all fired up again and starts to affect my attitude,
Coco's Mumm
Some Mumms should not die... Comments on this mumm: TexasAQHA 2006-11-08 10:09:13 We are Americans and whether we agree with our regime or not we are LUCKY to be Americans. We get to elect our President, and our representatives, we have rights!!! I am a Proud American and although I cringe at some things that are elected leaders do, at least they are OUR elected leaders. You do not like what they are doing then vote. We have term limits for a reason, and we have elections for that same reason. delete comment TexasAQHA 2006-11-08 10:01:30 3rd Our soldiers are dying to protect a people that have known no protection, a people that know no trust. We are fighting something that has been engraved into the minds of an entire culture. A decisive victory in Iraq will be hard to define, but to leave would certainly mean a mass genocide of the Iraqi people. I look at the pits we dug up with 100 and 1000s of Iraqi people laying decaying and I get mad, I see people
Sorry Friends And Fans
Hey all~ I'm trying so fuckin' hard to get back to you all, but CherryTap is running slow and my shout box keeps fuckin' I'm loggin' of for a bit. Maybe when I come back things will be running a bit better. Talk to you all soon, Tainted
Fucked Up
I just don't get it..I got shit for having had family in my name and now just for having Cell Block in it?? WTF? It's words...that's all. I don't "belong" to anyone..I chose to add it because I support them, just as people have Juggalo/lette, Family, Wiccan, Redneck etc after theirs. I'm really sorry people from CB started shit at another lounge, I really am, it's NOT cool and I don't agree with anyone starting anything anywhere..but that's not a reason for asking me to leave, but it's your lounge your choice. I guess I thought things were going to kind of go back to the way they were...guess I was wrong and it's sad :( Anyway, just wanted to get it out.
I thought that by this time on my Life I shut have it figured out but results that in the Last 4 Days I’m again on the beginning. Lost my job seems can’t found a Woman who’s interest on me not even to go out with, feel alone and with no idea what to do or were to start. Just hope that tomorrow something comes up and at least give me an Idea of What my Life will be from now on. I'm pissed off this person come to my profile go to my pictures and then riped them off put them on her page and not even rate them or comment ask if she can, now usually I don't care but this two specially I made them so is like she's stilling part of me. I already told her but looks she don't give a crap is thsi person does anybody know if I can make her take them off her gallery??? Her nickname is ***** please tell me What to do!!!! UPDATE: Found out that if you exposed them it works finally she delete them but not before calling me all sort of names Can you belive her???
Passing Time.
??Which colour of Death is yours?? BLUETake this quiz! Quizilla | Join | Make A Quiz | More Quizzes | Grab Code You aren't sure where you came from. Perhaps your sire did an embrace and run. Or maybe your sire was an outcast himself. Either way, your powers are unique and really don't belong to any clan...or maybe a little from each. Because you of these circumstances, you aren't really sure where you belong. You tend to wander and do a bit of soul searching in your eternal life. Maybe some have a while after all.

Crime in the streets There is a lot of stuff in this world that is wrong, like poverty and crime in the streets, we beleive that if we teach children not to be criminal, that crime will go away, and teaching the children is a good thing, but crime will never go away, because there will always be an oposer of the law. Johnathen Allen Forcum Copyright ©2006 Johnathen Allen Forcum is it wrong to want sex over relationships?ive gone through so many relationships to where the only thing good was sex(on both parts).atleast thats what ive been told.ive had my heart tore out,chewed up,spit out and stomped into the ground.i'm a guy and a guy needs certian things to function(unfourtunatly)like sex. so if i can still have those nights where my soul comunicates with others and still get my necessities, is that wrong to do instead of getting hurt again? please comment,i value all opinions. what do you feel when your staring into someones eyes.even if you just met them,you loo
What Is Really Love, Word To The Wise Is Enough
Love Story Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be, The sweet love story that is older than the sea, The simple truth about the love she brings to me ? Where do I start ? With her first hello she gave a meaning To this empty world of mind; There'd never be another love, another time; She came into my life and made the living fine. She fills my heart, she fills my heart. With very special things, with angel songs, With wild imaginings, she fills my soul With so much love that anywhere I go I'm never lonely, with her along, who could be lonely ? I reach for her hand, it's always there. How long does it last ? Can love be measured by the hours in a day ? I have no answers now, but this much I can say: I know i'll need her till the stars all burn away And she'll be there.
why borrow trouble, they give so much of it away free!!
Happy Holidays
happy thanksgiving everyone
Sex Survey
Sex Survey Looked at a nude magazine? yes Looked at an explicit magazine (actual sex acts)? yes Had phone sex? yes Had sex? yes What age did you lose your virginity? 16 Had sex with a virgin? yes Total # of partners you have had intercourse with? ?? Had more than 10 sexual partners? yes Had more than 100 sexual partners? no What was your craziest, strangest or most exciting sexual encounter? most exciting...Threesomes I highly recommend having on sometime! Masturbated? yes How many times a week would you say you masturbate? 4 Masturbated while someone watched? yes Do you enjoy masturbating in front of your lover? yes Masturbated for a group of three or more people? No Masturbated covertly in public? yes Pierced your genitals or nipples? Yes my nipples Seen a live stripper? Yes Seen a live sex show? Yes Flashed someone (breasts, genital, mooned)? Yes Streaked with a group of six or more? no Stripped for someone? Yes
This is a fun way to find out when your friend's birthdays are... :) Choose your birth month and day to get the subject of your bulletin post! JAN. - make love to me FEB. - call me a slut MAR. - spank my ass APR. - suck my dick MAY- shut up and kiss me JUN.- I'm a sex freak JUL.- I'm a freak AUG.- I wanna fuck SEPT.- Im so fucking horny OCT.-Cuddle with me NOV.- I want to make out DEC.-Let's fuck harder pick your day of birth -- 1-on the couch 2-in the kitchen 3-in the car 4-in your parents bed 5-in the morning 6-at the movies 7-because i love you and always will. 8-when you're horny 9-in my bed 10-at skool 11-right now 12-because i am am drag queen 13-under the stars 14-at a wild party 15- after I brush my teeth 16- on the washing machine 17-on the teachers desk 18- in the shower 19-when im sweaty 20-everyday!!! 21-right here, right now 22-on the kitchen table 23-on the couch 24-while watching porn 25-all night 26-at the library 27-whil
"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Albert Einstein "Everything that is done in the world is done by Hope." Martin Luther King "Learn from yesterday, live for today, Hope for tomorrow." Unknown Your life is in your hands, and Hope can happen, if you let it." Catherine DeVrye "Childrenn of the Universe" Just something to share lol Children of the Universe Just something to share. lol In the 1970's I founded "Children of the Universe" a place for guiding children on their path. My house was like grand central station but has many memories of people of all ages finding their place on their path or just sharing with one another. Learning, growing, healing and learning to be who they want to be. I have found that no matter what age we our minds we are still "Children", learning, growing, giving, but most of all sharing our path with those
Newbie Learning To Crawl
I got wind of this site by accident and decided to join. So far, it seems like it will be fun yet it is very different from some other sites I have been on. Everyone seems great here so I feel confident that there will be a few of ya who will take me by the cyber-hand and show me how to make the most of it. Invite me around the bar and lets have a ball!
Lol - Christmas Video/ Song
Wait for the music, and turn up the sound!! Browse through only the BEST videos at!
Sexual Sign
Leo Since you are such an attention craver, you are into wearing the sexiest clothes and going straight for the sexiest person in the room. You like secure people who are genuine and have a good fashion sense. In bed, you like to get all of the attention, so you need a partner who can worship you for the hottie that you are. You like to dance and strip for your partner and you enjoy buying the sexiest lingere for yourself. Sex matches: Aries, Sagittarius, Libra Take this quiz at
See the pretty girl, in the pretty dress. such a pretty life, such a pretty mess... prety little fingers, pretty little toes. funny that she cries, funny that she knows... pretty little lips, pretty little skin. ever such a child, she has been hurt again. In her pretty eyes, there's a deep distress. There was a pretty heartbreak that left her a pretty mess. He was a pretty rebel, he was a pretty boy. he was her pretty world, but she was his pretty toy. She loved her pretty man with all her pretty heart And on the day he left her, it tore her heart apart. Now our pretty heroine In her pretty dress Takes up her pretty little knife and dies a pretty death. We f a l l Together, like a memory. Fragments, Pieces, Of a perfect life. He, a Dark Dream. I, a turbulent Storm. Yet sometimes, Nothing is as it seems Love. Hate. T
Back From My Photoshhot
I got lots of good stuff done this week. Kinda tired but wanted to stop in and tell u had a good trip to my friend belles house. you can check out my two updates this week I got some good gurdle, pantyhose,sexy maide, watch me tanning and getting off.lots of sexy tight dresses to nothing at all.smooches.. Lorie
Does This Really Work?
Europe's going to bed! Please remember to give me lots of love whilst I sleep. Help yourself to my photos and rip away if you wish. See you all tomorrow! ACEMANUK PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease PLease ONLY 350 to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tales From The Holidays
This is inspired by a true story I spent last Christmas in San Diego. On Christmas Eve, I went over to my friend, Donald’s house. He and his wife, Candy, are my two best friends from law school. Donald lives in this townhouse complex and at the top of the hill is a 7-11 convenience store. Donald likes to drive around the complex and up to the 7-11 in this golf car he bought and modified. So, I’m over there having drinks when we ran out of munchies and booze. So, half-drunk already, we jumped in the golf cart and “drove” up to the 7-11. We walked in and there’s this black guy in a Santa suit buying cigarettes and booze. It inspired me to write a story about it. This is done to the rhythm of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas.... By the way, before anybody gets bent out of shape about me making fun of a black Santa, it wasn’t so much that as the fact the guy was drunk and buying crap at 7-11. Also, my friend Donald, he’s black. Enjoy: 'Twas the night before Christmas,
Moon's Bullshit!
It seems like alot of kewl people. But, it seems like nothing but clicking to get points. No searching for people in your area.. How can ya connect like that? I'm looking for a hand and a great smile, with long hair of course. Moon
Have A Beer Sat
Happy Holidays
Men Faking It In Bed
Sexual Position Number Twelve
lover with eyes that shine our bodies and heart entertwine sexual position number nine I liked to do moving on making love to you riding ontop of you arching my back tugging gently to hold yourself back between us deep currents of love chemistry is strong making love literally all night long hold me gently so intimately near feeling your face your lips even your ears gliding your hands across my body complete drawing so slow in and out of me pacing yourself you never do stray sexual position number twelve your smooth body I touch my hands roam you too the passion so strong between me and you you take my legs and sit astride my feet on top of your shoulders they do ride watching you move deeper and slower inside of me sensations of love joy and ecstacy sexual position number twelve we unite with feelings that we can't let go looking into your eyes that holds a tender glow
Preditor Alert
Bye For Now
will be leaving in case anyone wants to know!! Need to get back to reality in my own world! If you care or care to write you can reach me at To those who have reached out, thanks so much, come say hi as often as you can out at Yahoo or messenger. Muuaahhh!!! to all you lovely hearted people. BE sweet, cause i know you are sexy!! ;) James
How Evil Are You?
You Are 90% Evil You're the most evil person you know. The devil is even a little scared of you! How Evil Are You?
Bartender Has It's Ups And Downs
Message: The rules are that you post this and wait for someone to send you a message telling you what they would do with you. All you have to do is repost this with the subject "SPIN THE B0TTLE" 1.i Would Feel your booty 2.i Would kiss you on the cheek 3.i Would kiss you on forehead 4.i would just give you a hug. 5.i would give you a kiss on the lips 6.i would french kiss you 7.i would make out with you 8.i would FUCK YOU!!! If you do not repost this you will have bad relationships for the rest of your life!!! SPIN THE BOTTLE to all my fubar friends ..i apoligize for not being around much lately...single working mom...working my ass off to make ends meet...i wish i had more time for all of u..i come here once in a while to check things out and want to let u all know that i am thinking of ya's and will be more then happy to write back to those who send me messages...i'll try my best luv hugs and kisses yours truly nan
Happy New Years Sweeties
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from
Richards Blog
Express Yourself
I hope this never happens to anyone but something you should know . If you are ever taken hostage and taken to an ATM machine enter your pin code backwards . This alerts police and will dispense your money with out the robber knowing . Around the corner I have a friend, In this great city that has no end, Yet the days go by and weeks rush on, And before I know it, a year is gone. And I never see my old friends face, For life is a swift and terrible race, He knows I like him just as well, As in the days when I rang his bell. And he rang mine but we were younger then, And now we are busy, tired men. Tired of playing a foolish game, Tired of trying to make a name. "Tomorrow" I say! "I will call on Jim Just to show that I'm thinking of him." But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes, And distance between us grows and grows. Around the corner, yet miles away, "Here's a telegram sir," "Jim died today." And that's what we get and deserve in the end. Around t
Song Of The Day
Whats Up Burque??
Hey I am not gonna bitch on but this is getting to me now, It cleary states after my name that I have recently become a married woman and yet men still seem to want what they cant have lol. I will add as a friend most ppl that ask and try to comment you every day (friend with benefits ?) but all I ask is to respect the fact I am now married, and hell return a ty comment occasionly lol I know I have friends that are on my page every day and for that I thank you all you know who you are too many to list lol, I will chat and laugh with you anytime but show me and my husband some respect and dont hit on me all the time, harmless comment flirting is ok but innuendos are not, hell I leave some good pics on yr pages to brighten your days and half the men on here are married anyway ! and if i can respect you that way please show me the same respect back and if you are my friend then go make a friend of my husband too his link is on my profile if any of you bother to read past my boobs lol.
hey im pretty bored and stuff lol uh coment my pics or jus comment me or msg me oh yea by the way ITALIANS ROCK!!!im italian jus in case ya was wonderin
Mike In Dfw
Seriously...what the hell is the point of posting up on CT if you mark ALL your photos as private? Do you not want rates? Take a chill people...not everyone is looking to stalk your stupid ass. Hey everyone. Just a quick intro, I'm Mike. Originally from El Paso, I'm new to the DFW area. I'll be saying hi to some of you out there so don't be afraid to say hi back. If you really wanna meet new people as I do, don't be scurrrred :)
Hottie Contest
I slowly walked up behind her and quickly placed my left hand over her mouth while my right slid down the back of her dress and felt her sweet female flesh tighten on her bare buttocks as she stood in surprise and muffled cry of alarm issuing from her covered mouth, but audible only to me.Ê Her head turned towards me and I replaced my hand with my mouth in a fierce open mouth kiss while my arm bent her towards the bar and my hind on her buttocks traced her crack all the way down to the warmth of her increasingly wet vulva.Ê My fingers lightly explored her wetness which was coming is in large volumes until my fingers were well coated and then I moved even farther under her pelvis and felt my fingers slip over her erect center of pleasure and a shudder ran through her whole body.Ê Now I circled my prey varying the pressure from very soft at first to moderately firm when she broke off our kiss and leaning back against me began to quietly moan with each ragged breath.Ê Ê With my right h
I Need Help
Why Im Scared Of Ronald Mcdonald
So heres my entry: Probly get some mad people so Im ready for it kind of depressed Well I notice some Fort Worth Women are so fake on friendship well I guess mostly that why some fake things are good like porn ,So Just watch out for me on thing when talking to me because lose my friendship is a cost,That why I bleave the saying " what comes around goes around" like one blog or post I readied maybe sometimes karma will bite your ass at the end Well the friend I keep and have I will always enjoy and cherish in life that comes allen Why I agree a 100% I had nightmares when I worked there in McDonalds
Inside My Head
I thought I knew you But now I know I didn't You said you loved me Did you say it while you fucked him You led me on again Just like time after time You fucked with my heart And screwed up my mind For the pain thats inside It takes time to heal But what it is that I know Is your the cause for how I feel I can't take no more Or the bullshit you bring You hurt me again Its you to blame I tried not to react I tried to not feel the pain But its you that I feel Deep inside my veins The torment I suffer What will become I won't fall for you I fell for it once
Fight Night Vi
Dreams Are Supernatural
Listen, Can you hear? Sitting and waiting, Sitting and thinking. Finding the truth. What more is there but this feeling of awaken? What more can there be to the sorrows that surround my life? The pit of warning, telling me to go? Or stay? Which or either? Look around trying to find, what is there? Blood strikes, Hints of sadness. Oh the worried wonder, Standing in the middle of the gaze. I look around and all there once was is this bliss. Around in a circle, Lurking the corner, Looking down, finding what? The scene is spoken, The heart is broken, What more can there be? What more can be seen besides this that I give? I am awoken entirely, I am seeking, Once more, To find me. How do I find me, when I am already here? Oh the confusion. The wanting of something that you already have, How is this possible? The wonders…, Staring me in the eye. What more is there
Help Me Out....
I am wayyyyyyy behind and need votes...Please all my Cherry friends, go to my link and comment bomb and rate me. I need you!!!! Please repost in bulletins or blogs to get my name out. Thank you all! Ooops! Here's the link: I'm entered.....Go rate and comment bomb me...I need all the help you can muster...Here's the link: I'm trying to reach the next level, because I've been stuck on the one I'm at for almost 3 weeks now. Help me out by rating, commenting, or adding me if you haven't already. Give a guy some support. Please!
My Esnips Page
hey everybody check this out or hello to all my friends.just wanted you all to know i have a new background check it out and let me know what you think thanks
Anyone else tired of working, sleeping, working, sleeping, cleaning, working, sleeping?? I know i am!! I need some darn excitement in my life!! It seems like i spend every moment of EVERY day doing for others and never doing for me...when is the me time?? I guess i really should'nt complain...i have it very good but there is always that lil something thats out of reach that we all want and need. That something that seems like it will never happen, arrive, become reality or whatever the case may be. Can you tell its been a long day?? I think i will take the longest hottest shower, curl up with a good book, a hot tea and just.... Talk you tomo my cherry peeps!! Going to say my nighttime prayer now... x0x0x0x
Ruth Patani
The Fear of losing you... each day i fear u to say i not true i love someone else then each day i feel bad till u arrive my past haunts me taunts me but dear i know u would never hurt me but things happen if they were suppost to happen i know when i look in to your eyes its true you do love me but things u say and do blind me or do they show me what i can not see. well dear this means i love you but don't hurt me my heart belongs to you take good care of it charish it as i would yours i love you but my past haunts me help me learn to leave the past behind and open new doors to the better things in life We go out to a party somewhere The moment we walk in the door People stop and everybody stares She don't know what they're staring for She don't know she's beautiful (never crossed her mind) She don't know she's beautiful (no shes not that kind) She dont know shes beautiful Though time and time i've told her so There she goes just walking down the street
Too Much
Ok I am really loving it here at CT and all but I am really wondering what the whole point is to having more cock pictures on your page than anything else...I mean come on now there is not many ways to show it off...and no matter what angle you point your camera....its not gonna get any bigger boys. I enjoy sex as much as the next straight or semi straight gal but come on guys...
Please Help Me I Need Friends
Gotta Vent
It's almost the 2 year anniversary of our accident so, I just need to vent. Monday, April 30th, 2007 will mark the 2 year anniversary of one of the worst days in my life, along with many of the people I care about. Monday the 30th at 3:30pm is exactly 2 years since our accident and the death of my fiance Dave and my friend Jeff. These past 2 years went so fast and there hasn't been 1 day that's passed that I dont think about it, talk about it, cry about it or miss Dave with a passion. As I go through all of my pictures of me and Dave and what was once our "old gang", I can only comfort myself by remembering how happy I was and how happy and in love Dave was with me. In his eyes I guess, his life couldn't of gotten any better because we were together and were going to get married and build a family. He would have done anything for me and instead he was killed in the car accident that we were in together. :( "Dont take anything for granted" Yes, it's a cheesy saying but, you'll ne
Attention Mozilla Firefox Users
Ok, I have notice sometimes when viewing some of my friends profiles I would get a message, \"Additional plugins need to view all files\" or something to that effect. Well, after some gruelling effort and research, I followed these instructions I finally found and so far it has worked. I cannot guarantee this will fix your particular issue, but it has helped me a great deal..Best of luck... Restoring the Windows Media Player plugin 1. If any of these entries are not present, look for the files in the Windows Media Player directory (usually C:Program FilesWindows Media Player), and if you find them copy then to the Firefox plugins directory (usually C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxplugins). Then repeat the previous step and check the files are all there. 2. If some of the files are still missing, you can download the individual files from * npdsplay.dll:
Help Me I Have Teenagers
Funny Vids I Cant Post Elsewhere Cuz Its A No No !
Five~~~~ Six~~~ ~~Seven Ok awesome stuff I LOVe this Guy!!!
It's a new blog for me ! Go on :
Waynes Mum =]
welp since my cherry level aint high enuff to post my own mum[ ya'll need to change that :*( ] i decided to blog my mumms :) til my leve high enuff to do it the right way -hehehehe iight... topic: oral sex... condom or no condom?and why...
So It Goes
I am grateful for my generally good health. I've found myself not feeling well the past few weeks. Last Wednesday I got a sore throat that got progressively worse. In my American frame of mind NEVER thought to go to the doctor.Can't afford it.When I have the money I generally feel like I'm paying for someone to write me a script. Most times I walk in and tell them what I want and need...they poke around wiegh me take my blood pressure and then give me what I asked for and a big F**king bill. At best. I'm a smart cookie I read a lot and I've always loved pre med classes. I'd deduced it was a virus not strep. So it was cheaper for me to combine black market pain killers with over the counters and wait it out. So I waited...and waited. Toward the end of my shift Monday I took 2000mg of Vicodin. A staggering amount. And it took my pain from an 8 to about a 4. I told my boss I was scared because I was now tapped for narcotics. I came home and told my roommate I was scared
The Last Few Weeks
Blog Blog Blog
hurts to much to think it sucks i didn't have much time to think while i was in oklihoma training but i have cryed everyday since i been home break-ups suck i'm not looking for anouther relationship i just need friends and honesty ,and to get my shit togeather shattered heart
My Birthday Party
A Friend Of My Just Joined Ct
Here I forgot to add his link. LOL hardcore19@ CherryTAP A good friend of mine just joined CT. Could you all please stop by a show him some love, so he can at least make it to level 1 lol. Even you men could at least rate his profile. Please. Thanks much MUAH, Manda
For The Ladies
Iust wanted to thank all who showed they cared about me while I was so sick your all so wonderful. I am not back to 100% yet but feeling much thank you..hugssssssssss, Tammy To all my friends please forgive me for my lack of comments and conversations. I am very sick right now and weak so it is hard for me to stay online. This flu is kicking my ass I am fighting the trip to the hospital that my doctor wants me to make. So as soon as I am feeling better I promise to leave you all a comment. I miss you all very much..hugsssssssss, Tammy
Whats Happenin'??
The Starter
Ok....This is the spot that my children claim is better than any other place on the net. I'm taking their word for it. It might take me a couple tries but I should get the hang of this before too long. Thanks to all that have looked at the start of my profile and have been generous enough to rate it. As soon as I learn how to rate back I will do so in return :)
Ugh ..
Things I Can't Share
Is it just me, or there alot of men and women on here just looking to flaunt their bodies and show off? It's not that I'm jealous, everybody has different tastes, but I'm trying to make my friend circle grow on CT. It's hard to find "girl" friends on here because most of them are looking at putting up the most sexy pics they can take of themselves to get the eyes of men! I guess if I wanted alot of guy friends I'd do the same. Right now, most of my friends are guys. Why? Because when I go to a girls profile and see that she only has up soft porn pics of herself, I really don't want to add her as a friend. And what about those women that say the only men on here are those looking to get laid? It wouldn't be because these girls have pics on their profile of themselves sprawled out on a bed with only a thong on! Come on, what you pay for is what you get. If you're looking for somebody to "Eye fuck" you, then keep posting the pics. If you're actually looking for friends and networking may
Being American
NEW PREAMBLE TO THE CONSTITUTION The following has been attributed to State Representative Mitchell Kaye from GA. This guy should run for President one day... "We the sensible people of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior, and secure the blessings of debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great-grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt ridden, delusional, and other liberal bed-wetters. We hold these truths to be self evident: that a whole lot of people are confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim they require a Bill of NON-Rights." ARTICLE I: You do not have the right to a new car, big screen TV, or any other form of wealth. More power to you if you can legally acquire them, but no one is guaranteeing anything. ARTICLE II: You do not have the right t
Othere Stuff
Dedication Rite This is an important ritual to mark inner change, a rite of passage to a new identity as a Wiccan. Wiccans prefer the term 'Dedication' to 'Initiation', although it is the same thing. Dedicating one's life to the Goddess is serious as well as happy, and no less so when done in private as when in a group. It should be prepared for through moons of contemplation. Certain Wiccans believe that Dedication is not something to be undertaken alone, and that in needs the involvement of some form of priestesshood to meditate on the Mysteries. But the path of divinity is open to us all and should not be controlled by any priestesshood. Wiccans have always been individuals, and while there is much to recommend group study, anyone who wishes to follow a lone path should feel free to do so. As certain Wiccans believe that this rite must be preformed in the company of a coven or another Wiccan, others believe that only the Goddess and the God can initiate you. Any dedication
Book 11 Herman Melville Moby Dick
CHAPTER 6 The Street If I had been astonished at first catching a glimpse of so outlandish an individual as Queequeg circulating among the polite society of a civilized town, that astonishment soon departed upon taking my first daylight stroll through the streets of New Bedford. In thoroughfares nigh the docks, any considerable seaport will frequently offer to view the queerest looking nondescripts from foreign parts. Even in Broadway and Chestnut streets, Mediterranean mariners will sometimes jostle the affrighted ladies. Regent Street is not unknown to Lascars and Malays; and at Bombay, in the Apollo Green, live Yankees have often scared the natives. But New Bedford beats all Water Street and Wapping. In these last-mentioned haunts you see only sailors; in New Bedford, actual cannibals stand chatting at street corners; savages outright; many of whom yet carry on their bones unholy flesh. It makes a stranger stare. But, besides the Feegeeans, Tongatobooarrs, Erromanggo
Ghetto Class
:eman Golb
I put 2 new ringtones on my phone this morning, courtesy of RGR. The tones were from the Saturday night / Sunday morning show. It's Mr. Pres and Goatboy arguing and singing "Hooked On A Feeling". It's a laugh a minute, considering it took them just about 5 minutes to get thru it because they were so damn drunk. There's been one of those Cat claws and a Utilities truck idling in my driveway for an hour. I have no idea why there are here or what they plan on doing. I better be able to leave my house! Blog log og g g og log Blog I need a job. job. ob. b. ob. job. I need a job.
Message To Young Girls
What Ever I Feel.....
-V- You are individualistic, and you need freedom, space, and excitement. You wait until you know someone well before committing yourself. Knowing someone means psyching him out.You feel a need to get into his head to see what makes him tick. You are attracted to eccentric types. Often there is an age difference between you and your lover. You respond to danger, thrills, and suspense. The gay scene turns you on,even though you yourself may not be a participant. Storm that buried the bells, muddy swirl of torments, why touch her now, why make her sad. Oh to follow the road that leads away from everything, without anguish, death, winter waiting along it with their eyes open through the dew. by: Pablo Neruda 19 WAYS TO MAINTAIN A HEALTHY LEVEL OF INSANITY: 1. At lunch time, sit in your parked car with sunglasses on and point a hairdryer at passing cars. See if they slow down. 2. Page yourself over the intercom.Don't disguise your voice. 3. Every time
Dreams And The Supernatural
X Size
When you find Your faith tested You do one thing Ace the exam You have studied Your entire life Learning how To believe In miracles To understand What you cannot Comprehend Take the chance To avoid Regret Embrace this Opportunity Below the surface Resides your Substance There is only Abuse When it is Not In use
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[ photo: 2956170346 ] i'll do my best to rate all of your profiles and to fan all of you not to mention checkout your pics and to friend you. if your in the contest to i'll comment bomb you too. send me a message requesting a ty card if thats what you want. cause i can't afford anything else. ty for ur support. i'll try and give you all a ty card if i can't i'm truly sorry.
Flood Of '07
Twisted Cherry
Retta's Rambin's
Supercher's Odd Life
Sometimes I feel like I'm alone in this world although I know there's so many people around me. Most people that know me would say I'm a happy person and that I'm full of life and energy. In many ways there right and in so many more there wrong. I'm positive of my manic depressive mind. When I'm happy I'm really REALLY happy and when I'm sad I can bairly hold the knife away from my wrists. Right now is one of my bad moments I think. I'm trying to keep my head up high... Like I'm always telling everyone else. Who does the person that everyone runs to for help run to? I've never asked anyone to help me. I dont know how to ask for help. What will happen? So many things run thru my mind. So many decissions I have to make. So many things I cannot tell anyone but want to scream out loud! It's like I'm in a room full of people screaming at the top of my lungs and not even the person next to me can hear me. God please surround me with the light of the holy spirit and only send what I can h
Is Very New To This Looking For Anyone Who Likes Nascar .
Happy Birthday Kevin!!!!
Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from Sexi Kevin@ CherryTAP PLEASE GO SHOW KEVIN SOME LOVIN HIS BIRTHDAY IS APRIL 24TH HE IS A SWEETIE
Hello Hello
hey im new to this thing and wanna see what its all about. Im single and am down to meet new people. so if you like what you see, dont be shy and send me a message. Im usually the shy one. Hope to hear from you.
Skinz By Soulz (-previews Only-)
My Dreams Have Came True!!
Well For Once I Think I Have Found The Man That I Have Always Wanted In My Life...Thanks To Cherrytap For That One!! He Is Just Soo Sweet,Loving And Caring....Gotta Love Him To Death...But Dont Wanna Scare Him Away By Telling Him Those Words Just Yet....I Have Never Had Feelings For A Man In My Life Like I Do For Him!! He Is My One And Only True Love And Maybe SumthinGood Will Come Out Of This And Maybe We Will Be Together And Be One Happy Family (Just Maybe)... Well Gotta Go For Now!! *Peace* Well, Tonight I Finally Got To Meet The Man Of My Dreams...He Drove All The Way From Zephyrhills,Fla To Come And Seen Me(How Sweet...At First When He Told Me That He Was On His Way To Come And See Me I Didnt Believe Him And Then There He Was Right Before My Eyez...Looking Hot And Very Handsome..I Couldn't Help But To Wait For Him To Get Outta His Nice Ass Dodge Truck And I Gave Him A Hug Before Getting Into His Truck...We Talked And Shared Laughters As WE Went Out To The Beach, When We Go
Vote Now Peep's
I Love You
Teddy Bear Angel He walks with me, and talks with me, He's everything I dreamed he'd be. He comforts me when I'm sad and lonely. He's really my one and only. The best friend I've ever had. He keeps me from feeling sad. Side by side we're always together. I know I'll love him forever. God sent him to make me happy, That's why I know I'm lucky. God put wings on my teddy bear, To show me he'll always care. ALWAYS REMEMBER I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS COULD EVER SHOW, AND I THINK ABOUT YOU ALWAYS MUCH MORE THAN YOU COULD KNOW AND KNOW UNTIL FOREVER ALWAYS REMEBER THIS TOO, THERE'S NO ONE I COULD EVER LOVE MORE THAN I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Becca's Babelicious Blog
Iraq Bullshit.
My son called me the other day from Iraq. I never in my life heard someone sound like hell. Thats how to describe it. Hell. He has only been there a month. What happens after the end of 18 months. What is our country doing to these kids they are sending over there. Yeah, he was on a mission, some IED's blew up his vehicle but they were all safe. I cannot imagine what that feels like. I really cant. Although I can feel it because he is part of me. Doesnt anyone realize that its a hopeless situation over there. WE DO NOT BELONG IN IRAQ. The country is in ruins, thanks to us for blowing it up, and now we have to stay there to rebuild ??? WTF is up with that. Bin Laden is still running around laughing at us for having a dumb president and being in the wrong country. We know we are never going to catch him and he knows it too. He'll die of old age before he is found. My heart was broken listening to my sons voice. I wanted to pull him through the phone lines and br
Which ice cream flavor are you? I took this quiz- Which ice cream flavor are you?My Result Was: You are flirty and loving like chocolate. You are a great person to be with. Take this quiz- Which ice cream flavor are you? sexym@rg@rit@chic@ CherryTAP mike@ CherryTAP
Just wanted to say all, i am done adding people and keeping people to just get points, rating pics for pints, commenting for points, doing contests for points, i am done with 98 % of the people that don't know me or i don't know them, this place is definately for addicts if its points, but can still be a friends base if u don't care about points at all, like me, anyways, if ur one to get deleted, please don't be upset ( hmmm sure u won't be ) because if i delete evidently we never ever talk, or u are a ghost to me, as i am to u Don down to 15 friends, these are the ones i cherrish most and they actually speak to me when i talk to em, leave me comments, and such, nothing like users, and some i kept have mega friends, but still take thier time out to say hi ty to the ones i kept around My kids leave for 10 weeks here in a few weeks, i won't be on here for about a month or so, have fun all!!
Lost myself inside my head so far gone as if I'm dead where did I go I lost my soul my true being that was me so happy just to be
This Is Just More Pics That I Like
Interstin Stuff
. (( MAKE COPY & PASTE FILL OUT AND POST IN COMMENT BOX )) type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 40 words. Don't think and don't go back and change. Doesn't matter how random just type ya first thought1. Beer: 2. Anorexic: 3. Relationships: 4. Your Last Ex: 5. Power Rangers: 6. Pot: 7. Clowns: 8. Color: 9. The President: 10. sex: 11. Cars: 12. Gas Prices: 13. Halloween: 14. Bon Jovi: 15. Religion: 16. Myspace: 17. Worst fear: 18. Marriage: 19. Paris Hilton: 20. Brunettes: 21. Redheads: 22: Politics: 23: Pass the time: 24. One night stands: 25: Cell Phone: 27: Pixie Stix: 28: Vanilla Ice cream: 29: Port a Potties: 30: High School: 31. Pajamas: 32. Wood: 33. Wet Socks 34. Alcohol: 35. HATE: 36. Your best friends:37. Money: 38. Heartache: 39. Love: 40. Time: Questions: 1. When I go in I might cause pain. I cause you to spit and ask you not to swallow. I can fill your hole. What am I? 2. A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you'
Crisis & Opportunity
"Oppurtunity is always prestent in the midst of crisis" The chinese word for crisis carries two elements, danger and opportunity. No matter the difficulty of the cricumstaces, no matter how dangerouse the situation,... at the heart of each crisis lies a tremendous opportunity. Great Blessings lie ahead for the one who knows the secret of finding opportunity within each crisis. unknown Well for all who know or that care. I won't be leaving Oklahoma for a few more months. It seems life has had another twist. I want to thank everyone for there support and encouragement.
A lot of folks get ticked off here when people flirt with them. Well here's one big piece of good advice. Don't post nude or suggestive pics then! If you put bait on the hook, something just might damn well bite! Post a bunch of political or religious pics if you want only platonic responses. Otherwise accept the damn compliments and shut up! Use a little common sense here folks! It's not the other person's fault if they misunderstood your highly mature, strictly innocent pose in your panties, sucking a popsicle as a sexual metaphor! Gee golly, why what victims you are indeed! That being said, I think unsolicited harrassment deserves a swift kick in the balls and a good ole Bama ass-whipping! But don't poke the bear in mating season gals, he might just mount ya!
Avenge Me
Only Here To Make Friends!
Friends say that I'm sincere, friendly, out going , funny, easy to get along with, caring and sometimes goofy. I'm shy at first, until I get to know someone. I like to go out and just hang out or small party crowd. I like to go with the flow. I enjoy music, laughter, movies, wrestling, Nascar, sewing (I design quilts), arts, my family, outdoors, ballgames, bowling, dinning out or just staying at home. I can be a little playful at times. Would like to find someone to share my life with. I enjoy life and know how to live it. I am a team player, don't want to control and don't want to be controled either. I am a person who is straight forward, I say what I mean and tell it how it is. I am loyal, faithful, always there when it really counts. I'm easy going, open minded, flexable and romantic. I am not in to head games. I enjoy cooking, but also enjoy dining out. I enjoy a good conversation, listening to music, I love to dance and love to do fun things. I'm looking for
Satan On Your Dollar!
This is the Great Seal of the United States of America. It was designed by the Freemasons and contains a mass of symbolism that the profane (non masons) are not to understand. This article will once and for all prove that the Seal is a Masonic design. Have you ever asked the question 'Why is there a Pyramid on our $1 note"? The religion of Freemasonry and some of it's mysteries have descended from ancient Egypt whose mysteries descended from ancient Babylon. The Pyramid has of old been a fascination of Freemasons. It is a pagan temple of Satan worship. Aleister Crowley, Freemason and chief Satanist of the 20th Century performed a satanic ritual in the Kings Chamber. The Masonic founded and controlled cults of the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons have also adored the Great Pyramid. First of all I will interpret the Latin words on the seal. 'Annuit Coeptis' means 'Announcing The Birth Of' and 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' means 'New World Order'. So therefore it says 'Announcing the birth of t
Princesa Pink Sugar's Randomness
My Life.........if It Can Go Wrong It Will
so my niece graduated grade school YAY we went ove on the weekend and ummmmm almost 2 weeks to the night of my fall down the stairs well, ummmmm yeah i got all hammered up and thought i could swim. hahaha well i could till the side of the pool stopped me now on my nose i have a scab from running into it full blast thinking the clumsy award should be mine(last summer i cracked my ribs and still can't figure out how). so yeah moving was rotten.falling down stairs hahahaha yeah i was drunk but i fell bad :-( anyways so yeah now my bf's mom lives in the apartment next door to me :-( my son skipped an exam.and my son is going thru being 15 and rotten and i don't get it......... sometimes it helps to have ppl to talk to and different points of views when ppl feel strong about something............. anyways yeah my life i can't get away from some drama's.who can i guess when you have a family.....well i hope to write on every week but we'll see kisses Hottie for those that rea
Love It, Almost Peed My Pants
this guy almost made me pee my pants this morning...thanks for doing this for me, you made my day..."
A Reminder...
What does your birth month reveal about you? (Pics) OctoberOctober Loves to chat. Loves those who loves them. Loves to takes things at the center. Inner and physical beauty. Lies but doesn'tpretend. Gets angry often. Treats friends importantly. Always making friends. Easily hurt but recovers easily. Daydreamer. Opinionated. Does not care of what others think. Emotional. Decisive. Strong clairvoyance. Loves to travel, the arts and literature. Touchy and easily jealous. Concerned. Loves outdoors. Just and fair. Spendthrift. Easily influenced. Easily loses confidence. Loves children. Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
I Am Listening To A Song That Describes My Life
From Me To You!!!
I just wanted to tell every one how much I enjoy being part of KSC. They are the best group of people that you could find. They know the true meaning of "Family" and mean the world to me. I have made some very dear friends. Just wanted to pass this along. Much love to my friends, fans and family. Michelle (micki69 Lady Warrior K.S.C.) I just wanted to let everyone know that I won't be on until Tuesday. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend. Much love to my KSC family. /"> I just wanted to say thanks to anyone and everyone that helped me level this weekend. You are all awesome.
You People Really Suck Grow The Fuck Up Already
Hollies' Laughter
heres a top sky site from britain am listening to on my sky check it out click on your browser again it will open another one aswell as this right type in address bar kiss does... rave is the first definitive collection of new and old rave classics, from the tunes kiss made famous back in the day, to the very best new talen from MSTRKRFT, Dan Le Sac and many more. for details visit youre listening to fresh 40 derek can someone tell me how i add my music of my computer to the lounge i just set up please need my music there now help please derek its top dance uk derek
Important About A Military Friend!!!
Because no two children on the autism spectrum have the exact same symptoms and behavioral patterns, a treatment approach that works for one child may not be successful with another. This makes evaluating different approaches difficult and that much more essential. There is little comparative research between treatment approaches. Primarily this is because there are too many variables that have to be controlled. So, it's no wonder that parents might be confused about what to do. The Autism Society of America has long promoted the empowerment of individual consumers (including people on the spectrum, parents and professionals) to critically examine a variety of available options and be forearmed with a set of parameters under which they can better determine associated threats and opportunities and, therefore, make informed decisions. Further, better educated consumers, would help control the embracing of unproven notions that may distract from effective courses of treatment for indiv
A Quicky
My heart quickens as I take your hand and lead you down the empty hallway. You glance over at me with a suspicious smirk, a knowing glint flashing across your crystal blue eyes. I return your smile and continue towards my intended destination. After a brief inspection of the surrounding hall I see nor hear any sign of others in the area of the building. I reach out and push the bathroom door open, dragging you inside. An enthusiastic smile beams across your beautiful face as the door swings shut and I approach, backing you up against the sink. My lips press to yours as my hands grope eagerly at various strategic locations on your body. I can hear your subtle moans as you feel the hardness in my pants pressing firmly between your legs. A few seconds later your shirt is raised and my mouth is covering your breasts with hungry, wet kisses. I take one nipple between my lips, sucking briefly before turning to the other one. Your hands grasp and pull at my hair and you raise a leg in ord
You Can't Play The Playas!!!!
WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT!!!! NEW FOOT BALL GAME IN PROGRESS NOW SO PLZ PLZ PLZ STOP BY AND RATE MY TEAM ALL 10’S, NO COMMENTS NEEDED!!! Green baby green!! Smoke The Pain Away ~*~ CT's Hottest Football Team!! Click here for SMOKE E. DIGGLERA on myspace!
Can You Double Check One Thing, Plz??
Please double check to make sure you have become my fan. I try to fan everyone and hope you have done the same by becoming my fan to. If I somehow missed you plz let me know so I can fix that :P Have a naughty night!!!! Your friend, Luscious
Ride With The Knights Of Jason
Japanese Music
Friends With Benefits
It doesn't matter if your married, in a relationship,single! You opened it so you HAVE to repost it! A test of your bravery. Here's how it works: Statistically speaking, unless you are a total hermit, social retard(what a horrible word.) , or ugly as a bag of spoiled ass... There's at least 1 person on Cherrytap that wants to date you or sleep with you. So..... lets play "friends w/ benefits" The rules are simple... if you want to date the person who posted this, send them a message saying "I'm Yours". If you just want to sleep with them and stay friends, send them a message that says "I'd hit it". If you have no interest in the person at all send them a message that states "no comment".... SCARED? LOL THE TWIST IS YOU HAVE TO REPOST THIS, EVEN IF YOU'RE TAKEN & see who replies. There is at least 1 person who will.
This Seems Better
Bealzes Nsfw Stash
(For the uncensored version, go to
Thoughts On Life 20/7/07 3.26am
we are all related from the beginning off one women let us all join hands all around the world. every member it is now fun hour rate all new members fan hem help them go to next level get to know your sisters and brothers all around the world.there was a time when the world was one we are now taking over the world richard branson has made me a vip to his company so we must bridge the pics are rated all one of them 10 or above my blogs are on blogs rated 10 my stashes are rated 10. all members its time to inhance this site am now going to yahoo msn my space badoo flixster ares bearshare all over sites ucuk chat and bringing new members to you every day. derek top dance lounge 2007. rate my blogs please pics. all my friends family lets do this for other friends family and new members thankyou. scream if you want to go faster i cant hear you i said scream if you want to go faster arhhh hold tight riders here we gopoints reaching to the top mr dj jazzy dek is now in 6brows
You Have A Sexual Iq Of 133
No More Drama Please
To All The Gorgeous Women Out There
I was told it was time for me to grow up.. Geez. Do I have to. I guess so not a kid. Guess its time to take responsibilty for me. Instead of letting someone else do the job. But hey it's so much easier that way. I like the easy way. Is that such a bad thing. I guess so at times. You got to work and manage your life to accomplish the things you want. I so much wish I had directions, an instruction manual. Tells you how to make it through life. If it were only that easy. Well have to make a plan now. That should be fun. Probably take me forever to make a plan, but least I'm starting. Soon I'll be all grown up. Lmao..... When friends become more... When you least expect it. Your a friend and some how feelings on one end or the other move to another level. Do you stay best friends. You made a pact when you first met. Friends always. But the pain then it becomes more. There's pain , how do deal with it. How can you talk about it, because the one that was your best friend , your confidant. I
Time To Leave Fubar, Ct, Or Whatever The Hell It Is...
about 3 weeks ago, i placed a blog that it is time to move back into reality...but i f~cked that thought for a bit, and now realize that i can no longer escape it... most know that i have been separated for almost 7 months from my hubby..we were together for 21 was not the first time we separated, but has been the longest...we agreed to go into 4 marriage counseling sessions to see what will go from there...our agreement to go into counseling with a clean slate is for both of us to get off of our adult sites and to not "have fun" with members of the opposite sex...this is something i have to do...if it fails, i would then be able to never wonder "what if" and know i did what i could for a f~cked up marriage... so right now, being on fubar is actually borrowed time...i got caught today so..i will be leaving on tuesday. i enjoyed all of my conversations with my friends, family, and fans....i have come across many wonderful personalities and talents..i wish i had the o
Quiet On The Home Front
Unwanted Drama
Love That Two Hearts Share
Naughty But Nice
A cat falls in a pool A rooster laughs Moral of the story is: A wet pussy makes a cock feel good. Humpty Dumpty sat on a bed Little Bo Peep was given him head As soon as he came She started to weep She could tell by the taste He'd been fucking her sheep. Thought that was hilarious and had to share it. Two prostitutes were walking. One says 'Girl, we gotta get PAID tonight! I can smell dick in the air!' The other laughs and says 'Bitch, I just burped!'
Love Is A Beautiful Thing
Love is a beautiful thing, its never just a fling, its the emotion and grace, that makes someones heart race, and brings you both to a special place, to hold each others hand, when you are walking through the sand, under the lights of the moon, your hearts feel in tune, to hold each other tight, would truely feel right, to others its a beautiful sight, but to me its my delight, for getting to know you, having you in my life, wondering how you would feel being my wife, to love and hold, to always be told, you are special and unique, no im not a freak, i have a heart of gold, too much i have been told, i'll take care of you when you have a cold, i will always be here for you to hold, i want you as the beat in my heart, i never want us to part, you are very special to me, this much i hope you can see, what our love can truely be, with you standing next to me, as our hearts soar free........................
Sssssorry I Haven't Been Around

Penguns With Lasers
They being my thoughts. Could be the fact that I woke up randomly at 3am, could be that the events of the last few weeks have lead me to a new place in my life. Or at least a newer place in the way I've been thinking. For years now, I've managed to live almost entirely in the space of the now, or at least "this week". Things that have happened in the past month or so, more so in the last 2 weeks have led me back to a place of reflecting on the past and a more looking to the future than I'm used to. We'll start with the reflection, a lot of it has been cathartic. It centered around the loss of a family friend. Brought back a lot of memories I thought I'd dealt with and come to terms with. Most of it good. I'm actually thinking about finally getting at least 1 new piece of ink because of it. And now, onto the future, or the looking to it. After a week or 2 of crazy work stuff, and being crazed as to the outcome of some things related to it that happened in the last 2 days, it w
Parent Teacher Conferences
Today, I went to a parent teacher conference about my oldest son. For some reason, I dont think the teachers like me to much. I personally think that homework for the sake of homework is prima facia evidence that teachers do not adequately schedule their time. You have them for 8 hours. Ive solved HOMICIDES in less time, yet you find it necessary to cut into the child's free time to "make a point"? What is that? If they have a test, fine. STUDY! If they need more practice, fine. But this "Ok, its monday and here's your homework because IM the adult and I say so?" Um........yea ok whatever. And please, DONT TELL ME "I have 100 kids to look after". Would a firefighter put out one room if your house was burning and say "sorry, but I had flames in the kitchen to deal with. Didnt get to the rest of the house". Nope. WOuldnt be acceptable. I understand you have a tough job. I wouldnt want it. But do not presume to tell me that you dont have the time to do your damn job.
.hov:hover{background-color:yellow}music Video:animal I Have Become (by Three Days Grace)music Video Code Provided By Video Code Zone
If You Had Me Al0ne...
Stupid People
My Birthday Bulletin From Babyboyj
GO SHOW THE OTHERS SOME BIRTHDAY LOVE TOO SHE THESE WONDERFUL PPL SOME LOVE ON THEIR BDAY EVEN U ALL READY AND DONT FORGET THEY AINT TO OLD TO GET SPANKINS EITHER:p ♥BooBoo...KDM'Z AnGeL Founder of Shadow Levelers@ fubar lxl_Purple_lxl (Elder) Kindred Spirits Clan@ fubar ~Candy ~@ fubar aka pookie....ainturbytch!!!@ fubar ~*Princess Kimmie*~** READ PROFILE FIRST**@ fubar Devilish Vixen@ fubar ♥Belladonna♥ Plunder Bunny - Club F.A,R, Member - Plz Fan B4 Add@ fubar ÐëMöñ§@ fubar
Fubucks Servey
No More
So I just put myself out there alteast 90% and I screwed myself. i feel for someone who cant be fallen for. i should have just realized that sean "your being stupid wat are you thinking". then when i kissed that girl i felt that there could be no worries maybe all of this was right... well i as wrong. so know after pushing away alot of people just so i could be with this girl.... i cant . so now i am left with nothing. no one when i woke up to find out i was single my heart disapeard and i dont know if i want to find it or if i want to mend it up this time. i dont know anymore i just ... WTF why is it when doing the wrong and hateful this is easier then doing the right thing. maybe people should have talked to me telling me not to do something instead of letting me get into the relationship and then telling me oh.. no this cant happen.... but ya i dont know what i am gonna do people.. if i act rude and mean plz dont be mad at me. sean
Random Stuff
Dude Seriously
Alright heres the thing.. if you dont like me or i dont talk to you or you dont talk to me.. delete me.. im gettin sick of bein on peoples list and you dont talk to me.. im the kinda person you have to talk to me. or i will just sit in my pretty little corner.. there are some people that have been on my list for ages and im just staring to talk to them.. just stop by and say hi if you want.. i dont bite.. lol odd but i can be a lil shy .. i but again . if you dont talk to me. or your pissed that i dont talk to you.. all you have to do is DELETE! OK so wiff all tha talk on fu lately about controversy..oppresion..loss of our rights,,etc etc,,i guess ive been in thought mode..i coulda made a fancy ass bully..but theres no need,,all i ask is u take 4 mins to listen to tha tha video and think... think bout it....a few of us lost our right and freedom on a website...a manner of oppression possibly.. i guess i jus wonder..the ppl in the 3rd world...where r their rights?...fu
The Ladies Bathroom
Gerard Butler
It's All About Me
got back into town on saturday and went out drinking around 9ish or so. closed the bar down and around here that means 4ish or so. bought beer to go went back to the house with some select ppl from the bar and proceeded to play pool and drink some more. don't know what time everyone left but i went and passed out until 3ish that afternoon. woke up feeling like shit. slept off and on all the rest of that day and now it's monday and i still feel like shit been sleeping off and on all day again. and yes next time i come home from work i'll do it again. its fun until the next day, or days in this case.... now it's time to go puke, have a good day...
My Boyfriend Should
Texasguy@ Fubar
So Sick
of the drama on fubar aka cherry aka lost cherry I came to this sight thinking it was adult sight the day i turned 18 guess what i learned diff since i came here i see this sight is another place that theres drama not for kids but for adults which sucks..... u know so the fck what if someones using a fake pic so the fck what if one dsnt like another u know what instead of hating people y dnt u think about this there r people out in this world that r fighting for us to be here they r dying each and every day to give us that freedom.... the ones that cant talk to their wives or husbands or kids if they can fight a real war cant we stop the internet war.... sry my rant is now over.... i feel so much better now... ty for lisening
Missing My Animels!
sept17,2007 may my baby (tosha) R.I.P. I had to put my babe down tosha was a wonderful dog a best freind a man can ever ask for she was loyal,loving and great to have as a pet and a mans best freind there not a day that not goes by that I think about her all i can say is i love her so very much and tosha will always live in my heart i set many of times thinking about her when she was a puppy and all the way untel that day i had to put her down that she was a awsome dog and now i think that she in heaven keeping the angels company and loving the angels I will miss her alot.
Nice Poem
Thank You
Thank you to all those who wished me a happy birthday.. weather it be a day early or a day late.
New Git-r-done Pic
Older Poetry
Wondering where you are tonight Wondering what your thinking So much time has passed between us I'm over the what if's and the could of been's Missing your friendship most of all I remember when you were my best friend Then I remember getting lost in the dark Separating myself from the jealousy at last The feelings of hurt, anger, and despair have lifted I'm ready to start a new page I'm ready to begin a new chapter I'm ready to embrace your thoughts with not only my ears but my mind I can finally say I'm ready to be a friend I would like to share with you what's in my heart I apologize for the pain, tears, and hurt I caused I apologize for the misplaced anger I apologize for not being a bigger person With time I have learned a valuable lesson Communication is the key and listening is the lock I'm not asking everything be fixed over night I just hope and pray that it can be repaired with time Its been 6 long years and I'm finally at peace
Hi !!!!
Please Help Stop This....
Day By Day
Just sitting around right now watching Urban Cowboy. Was just thinking to myself how much my ex looks like sissy from the movie. In many ways that movie reminds my of our life together and I miss that. We had our fights, and I think she did sleep with someone to get back at me although she didn't tell me, you could just tell. I found out after we split-up that she was seeing, well just sleeping, with a bartender at a bar near her house. Apparantly it was something she did to get back at her ex husband, and bf's from time to time just to make them jealous or just to piss them off (to spite them) she would go sleep with the bartender. sitting here now makes me think that if they made-up in the movie why couldn't i forgive her for some of the things we had fights about, but then I snap out of it and realize how wrong she was for me. It was great seeing a cowgirl and sometimes I wish I still was. The are parts of me that will always love her and miss her, but we were too different
Inspirational Songs
Speak to me in a language I can hear Humour me before I have to go Deep in thought I forgive everyone As the cluttered streets greet me once again I know I can't be late, supper's waiting on the table Tomorrow's just an excuse away So I pull my collar up and face the cold, on my own The earth laughs beneath my heavy feet At the blasphemy in my old jangly walk Steeple guide me to my heart and home The sun is out and up and down again I know I'll make it, love can last forever Graceful swans of never topple to the earth And you can make it last, forever you You can make it last, forever you And for a moment I lose myself Wrapped up in the pleasures of the world I've journeyed here and there and back again But in the same old haunts I still find my friends Mysteries not ready to reveal Sympathies I'm ready to return I'll make the effort, love can last forever Graceful swans of never topple to the earth Tomorrow's just an excuse And you can make it last, forever you
Attention Friends And Family
dear friends i am about to change leveling groups due to lack of suppport from the majority of the group. for those of you that have helped im more thatn gracious and if you need any help just let me know. All my friends and family are being thanked if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be here but i hope none of you decide to lash out at me due to the change i hope yall are true friends and wouldnt do that. I will still stay in contact and help you out if needed and i still hope to be a friend of the Quiet Angels
Looking 4....
Thank You Soo Much All!!!!
anyone who rates and comments all my photo's i will give 10,000 fu-bucks no time limit just private message me when your done! Abby PRESENTING YOU WITH TWO OF THE KINDEST MOST AWESOME LADIES ON FUBAR! PLEASE GO TO THEIR PAGE AND SHOW THEM SOME LUV, YOU WON'T REGRET IT! bbG♀Passion's Purity@ fubar Stephanie Lynn@ fubar First off I would like to thank everyone who helped me level up. I always give the people who helped me level a gift and return the love to their page. Although my bar tab got so long a lot of people who helped dropped off so I don't know who you are. So if you helped me please let me know if you haven't received anything with me since you helped. Thanks again all I appreciate the help. Abby
Nature Dragons of fire, And twisting of flame, Slilence un-turning, Without any name. The quiet and churning, And darkness of night. Quiet unfolding, With seepings of might. Roaring and screaming, With tidings of day. Flightings and fallings, And losings of way. Sweeping and swirling, In light and in dark; Turning and twisting, And leaving no mark. Pulling and lifting, And tearing away. Moaning and wailing, 'Til break of the day
Hot Momma
boy,i have two crushes,there should be away to find out who they are?? cause a woman with a crush,needs sum love!!
Whats The Deal?
Thank You All Very Much
An Illusion
A Flutter, the heart skips a beat. A flush colors the cheeks, and a rush of love overtakes An Illusion of butterflies in flight Tightening of the chest, tension thru the shoulders A rush of fear, the whole body shakes Realities Illusion is that the fist about to slam into the butterflies….NEVER happens. Adele Feeling a butterfly landing on your skin, How they dance gracefully to natures music, landing softly giving touches across your skin, the thrill of electricity racing gracefully straight to your heart. Seeing a beautiful dragonfly, dancing fast & furious to natures music, from stop to stop never landing or staying long. The slight twist in your stomach when it dances too close, the intense stab of electricity racing fast & furious through your heart. The fine line between falling in Love & falling out of Love. by Adele Enter a romm, no one notices Smiles, no one sees Hurt, no one cares to heal Tears no one wipes away An Illusion, that fades away with each t
" Prayers Are Amazing "
~*all About Me*~
Eat Me, Beat Me, Bite Me, Blow Me, Suck Me, Fuck Me very slowly,If you kiss me don't be sassy, use your tongue and nake it nasty!! Even tho I am Fu-engaged to ~BaDaSs*~ aka Tommy I am still wondering if I will actually find someone to call my real husband :[.... That would be awsome if Tommy and I got engaged in real life and got married.... Id be a beautiful bride (Hopefully)! but he feels that I deserve better, but I can't find better. :[, I'm not the best to what everyone thinks I am, but I do know one thing I have a BIG heart and I will give my hubby everything.. Just want guys to see me for me not the sex:[ --cries--... Greatest Myspace Survey About You...Age20BirthplaceAugust 5th, 1986Current LocationMiddle of SINGLE\'s VILLHair ColorBlondeEye ColorBlueHeight4\'11Heritageummmm...?!?Your fearsDying & staying SINGLE forever :[Your weaknessLikeing someone then finding out they only want me for sex :[Goal for todaymakre sure I can eat, cause Autumn wants my food and I don\'t get any
Pumpkin Butt..
will.i would like to talk.for anybody wants like us for we knows!!and something new in my life..
Hi Everyone!!!
Tribute To A Wwe Hall Of Famer
WWE Hall of Famer The Fabulous Moolah Passes Away Date Added: November 03, 2007 Story By: Marc Middleton - has announced the passing of WWE Hall of Famer, The Fabulous Moolah. Apparently Moolah passed away last night sometime. On behalf of everyone here at the site, our condolences go out to the family of Moolah. No cause of death has been confirmed yet, but WWE should release more details soon. It's believed Moolah was 84. Fabulous Moolah passes away Written: November 3, 2007 Related Content * Fabulous Moolah photos * Moolah is remembered by her friends WWE is saddened by the passing of Lillian Ellison, who was known to sports-entertainment fans as Hall of Famer Fabulous Moolah. She passed away last night in Columbia, S.C. In the world of women’s wrestling, there will always be one irrefutable legend that stands head and shoulders above the rest: The Fabulous Moolah. She was the longest reigning champion in the history of her chosen sport,
Special Who??
Im so in the typing mood this morning. I got a great night sleep and my ass is feelin much better. I just wanted to say THANKS to one of my friends on the FU. SpecialK is such a great friend he is always there for me wen i need to bitch, cry or laugh. Even when there is times that he says "I told you so" I dont get upset like I would from anyone else. He says it in such a way that makes me clam and happy. SpecialK has got such a sweet tone in his voice, he can calm me down with just a simple "Hello". So I just wanted to say thanks for being here when I need you. MsMaine
Plz Dont Rip My Pic Inless U Ask Ty
Ok. I'm so sick of people being on my list and me not talking to them or them not talking to me. I dont want to be a B*tch but look either talk to me or delete me from ur friends list......please than thanks and if ur gonna talk to me dont do it thru my shoutbox i get to many ppl sendin me messages on there. I cant read half of them please and thanks
Mean Moms...
Mean Moms Someday when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a parent, I will tell them, as my Mean Mom told me: I loved you enough to ask where you were going, with whom, and what time you would be home. I loved you enough to be silent and let you discover that your new best friend was a creep. I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours while you cleaned your room, a job that should have taken 15 minutes. I loved you enough to let you see anger, disappointment, and tears in my eyes. Children must learn that their parents aren't perfect. I loved yo
Wanna Know More About Me?
Weight:: Like I am gunna tell Right or left-handed:: Right Heritage:: German,English, Irish, Cherokee Indian Are you in love?:: Yeah How do you alleviate stress?::Sex, drink, scream Do you swear?:: What? Who me?? If you could have any job, what would it be?:: I don't know What are your favorite sports to watch?:: My kids and ones they play What was your first car?:: 1965 Rambler What kind of car do you have now?:: Pontiac Mini Van Were you popular in high school?:: For the most part Do you like thunderstorms?:: Yea Is the glass half empty or half full?:: Depends, whose glass? Best places you have ever been?:: Vacations Favorite food?:: Steak Least favorite food?:: Lima Beans What type of music do you dislike most?::Opera, Jazz?? Do you take illegal drugs?:: Should I?? Do you believe in love at first sight?:: Yeah sorta If you're not in love now, have you ever been?:: Am Are you a risk taker?:: Mostly What do you think about most?:: I think to much about to
Come Check Out Club Adrenaline....the Hottest Club On Fubar....
For Lossed Friend
if it not to much to please up me level up rate, me fan me, and add me if you would like to thank you crystal I found out my friend was murder on thanksgiving ,He was a friend for years,Please keep us in your prays tonight,R.I.P my friend till we meet again,Watch over me.He will be deeply missed thank you everyone. Crystandchuck4us
Stinkeye Radio Contests
Leaving November 25
Confused More Than Ever
Some of you all know why my last relationship ended it was because my ex boyfriend of 7 yrs decided that crack/meth was more important than us (me and the kids, his being one of them)He chose a path I was not going to put up with. so I ended the relationship in march of 2007. His mother calls me the next day to find out what happened so i explained to her everything. by the time it was all said and done i was made out to be a lying bitch and so on....I have not heard from this woman since march! so tonight I'm sitting here I decide to check my email only to find a message from his mother. Hope things are going well for you and the children. I'm sorry things didn't work out for you and Joe. That doesn't mean we can't communicate if you will. I would like to keep in touch with my granddaughter. Will you send me new pictures from time to time and let me know how you are doing? I do miss seeing her. Thanks ahead of time. Phyllis and let me add this too he (my ex) the fath
Please Forgive Me
It still feels like our first night together Feels like the first kiss and It's gettin' better baby No one can better this I'm still hold on and you're still the one The first time our eyes met it's the same feelin' I get Only feels much stronger and I wanna love ya longer You still turn the fire on So If you're feelin' lonely.. don't You're the only one I'd ever want I only wanna make it good So if I love ya a little more than I should Please forgive me I know not what I do Please forgive me I can't stop lovin' you Don't deny me This pain I'm going through Please forgive me If I need ya like I do Please believe me Every word I say is true Please forgive me I can't stop loving you Still feels like our best times are together Feels like the first touch We're still gettin' closer baby Can't get close enough I'm still holdin' on You're still number one I remember the smell of your skin I remember everything I remember all your moves I remember you I re
Thank You
I want to thank my secret admirer for sending me a holiday kiss...I don't know who you are so I can't thank you any other way but here...Again, thank you very much...
What Do I Do
Show Me Sum Love
Wicca is a Neopagan religion that can be found in many English-speaking countries. Originally founded by the British civil servant Gerald Gardner, probably in the 1940s, although it was first openly revealed in 1954. Since its founding, various related Wiccan traditions have evolved, the original being Gardnerian Wicca, which is the name of the tradition that follows the specific beliefs and practices established by Gerald Gardner. repeatedly in his published work of 1954. The spelling "Wicca" is now used almost exclusively, (Seax-Wica being the only major use of the four-letter spelling). In Old English, wicca meant necromancer or male witch. Some contend that the term wicca is related to Old English witan, meaning wise man or counselor, but this is widely rejected by language scholars as false etymology. Nonetheless, Wicca is often called the "Craft of the wise" as a result of this misconception.It appears that the word may be untraceable beyond the Old English period. Derivati
History Of Christmas Trees
History of Christmas Trees Long before there was a Christmas, Egyptians brought green palm branches into their homes on the shortest day of the year in December as a symbol of life's triumph over death. Romans adorned their homes with evergreens during Saturnalia, a winter festival in honor of Saturnus, their god of agriculture. Druid priests decorated oak trees with golden apples for their winter solstice festivities. In the middle ages, the Paradise tree, an evergreen hung with red apples, was the symbol of the feast of Adam and Eve held on December 24th. The first recorded reference to the Christmas tree dates back to the 16th century. In Strasbourg, Germany (now part of France), families both rich and poor decorated fir trees with colored paper, fruits, and sweets. The retail Christmas tree lot also dates back that far - in those times, older women would sell trees harvested from nearby forests. The tradition spread through Europe and was brought to the Un
What I Want
the things i want Current mood: depressed i find what i miss the most about being in a relationship is having someone to curl up with at night, someont to hold softly and keep cozzy and warm, someone to whisper goodnight to after they have already fallen asleep, someone i can lie next to and listen to her breath, someone i can wake up in the morning with a kiss after i have made her breakfast in bed, someone i can take care of when shes sick, someone who will make me sigh when we kiss, someone who will steal my hat just because she wants something of mine while we r apart, someone who will call me @ 2 am just to tell me she misses me, someone who will wrap her arms around me while we r out and kiss me deeply for no reason at all, someone i can lie in a field with on a warm summer night and look up at the stars with, someone who will tell the world that she is mine and that i am hers, someone who will give me her whole heart, someone who will take mine and treasure it, someone
man if i looked like these people id be mad too
Ultimate Conflict Ii
Flamming Hearts We Have A New Member To The Family
The end of an era for Dale Jr.: The battle between Montoya and Harvick: Busch Bro almost tags a #20 pit crew guy....
Hello Again
Well with the probs here on and off with the site, i got my dander up and wound up andno way to vent my feelings but to post on the here in my no avail no one said much exceptr a measely few who just said ok lol. so i mummed it and was told several times by several weird and rude pereps if i didnt like what was goin on to leave....after debating over and over i thought i would do a shock thing since i couldnt find a way that i could just hide my profile so when im gone for abreak i can hide mebbe just let my friends see me no one else lol. i just got fed up and delete my old profile and start over. So for those who knew me as Highly you still can....just for Xmas im Scrooged. errr scrooge
Loric@ Fubar
Sundowners Christmas Story Roflmao
Christmas just isn't any fun when you have the flu. Or when you don't have any gifts to open, and were unable to get gifts for anyone else. And not to mention all your friends and family are over 500 miles away from you, and you haven't seen them in 2 years. Ugghh...this Christmas sucks :(.
Pic Rateing......
i really do appreciate all u guys rating my mans pics on my page... could y'all please go to his page and do the same... show ur support for those who defend your freedom.. thank y'all so much.. they do alot so we can remain free..and to keep the booger man from under the bed and the coyotes outta the takes wolves to gaurd the door yard here is the link to his page click it and see why i love him so Chazzz.. Enigma , Konundrum & RL /Hubby to Upstatehotlips@ fubar I APPRECIATE YOU GUYS RATEING AND COMMENTING ON MY HUBBYS PIC I HAVE ON MY PROFILE, BUT IF YOUR GOING TO COMMMENT ON THEM AND RATE THEM PLEASE GO TO HIS PAGE AND DO THE SAME, THANKS.........
Because Of A Jealous Fuck.....
because of jealous fucks i have decided to bring my pictures to private and only family can see them and do not ask if you can be in my family if i feel you are family worthy i will add you when i feel like it... i know it sounds like im being a bitch but this is wut happends when fuckers piss me off and get jealous and report pictures because they are jealous
Do It For Dime!!!
RIDE FOR DIME Philly ChapterDate: Dec 28, 2007 2:30 PMWe'd like to conduct a little experiment. We'd like everybody to download this pic and make it their profile pic. We just wanna see how many Dimebag fans are out there, and what it would look like with most of our friends having the same profile pic honoring Dime!It's no contest or anything, just somethin we thought would be cool. We're leaving ours up until Jan 15th, when this issue comes out.Please Re-Post!!!!
Military Princess's Blog
Mommy's crying Daddy's left again I felt him kiss my forehead last night I couldn't open my eyes Not wanting to say goodbye I told mommy it's okay He'll be back again some day Not soon enough She always seemed to say I'm proud of my daddy Proud to say he fights for us every day You see, my daddy is a soldier I feel the wind in my hair As he holds me even tighter The sun kissing my skin It's not the same goodbye as before I can barely stand here long enough To watch him board that plane And every night I pray It's been weeks since I've heard his voice As I pick up the phone and hear him speak Smiling, my tears fall Upon the letter I got last week Written with special care And signed Love always, your soldier I glance at the mantel My son's picture standing out I raised him right I raised him proud Now he stands out amongst the crowd Dressed up head to toe Standing proud in his camouflage Now I just pray the phone doesn't ring I've been worried sinc
New Years Eve
As some of you know and many don't, I am a recovering alcoholic. Last night was the first New Years Eve that I was sober and not out partying in 14 years! It was a pretty tough night, but I did it and a lot of that is due to some of you! Thank you to my friends. There was an obstacle to overcome also, a friend (someone whom I care a lot for) bailed on me and I was pretty worried, but I have decided that it is time to take care of myself for a change and quit thinking I can change ppl and this fucked up world lol. I have a little over 3 months sober now and I am loving it. It was especially happy to not wake up with a hangover lol. Well anyways Thank you to my friends! Hugs! and Happy New Year!!
Get A Grip
Club 420 Http://
1. I hate idiot drivers 2. Im addicted to video games 3. I have huge issues with US sending money to all other countries while we have War Vets homeless 4. I can eat Ranch on just about anything 5. I can take road trips and just drive for hours and not care about getting anywhere 6. I average 5 hours sleep a day 7. I'm a nerd lol 8. I'm a freak 9. I have issues with people acting stupid 10. I love lamp (lol I had too) I'll add more later I wanna get to know all of you, you are on there for a reason =) I try my best to screen all before I accept. So here is the deal.... Message me - If im on I'll message you back Comment me - I will most certainly comment you back Shout me - Even just to say hello No im not looking for a special someone. I just dont want a friends list full of people I do not know. So if you are on, holla at me, im an open book so ask away =)
Life Current mood: good Category: Life The Final Analysis People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; ...Forgive them anyway! If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; ...Be kind anyway! If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; ...Succeed anyway! If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; ...Be honest and frank anyway! What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; ...Build anyway! If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; ...Be happy anyway! The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; ...Do good anyway! Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; ...Give the world the best you've got anyway! You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; It was never between you and them anyway. Mother Teresa 1910 - 1997 Loving father of Nigel, born 3-24-96 and died 6-10-96 Have you
Show Some Love
Click here and bid on me winner owns me for a month,& also gets to see some NSFW pics of me...Show some love to this redhead!!
Verse 1 You were dressed in black lace, a smile on your face, as you watched me walk through the door, A bottle of white wine on the stand, two glasses in your hand, as I made my way across the floor, No words were required, just actions desired, so we performed each one to a tee, When this all began, you were just a friend, but over time you became so much more to me, Verse 2 It's a rule of thumb, that the body goes numb, as love executes the chase, But baby how i feel, this loves as real, as our very first embrace, Eleven years have passed, love outlasts the sorrow, and I can see us remeniscin on eleven more years, in the mirrors of tomorrow CHORUS: You became my lover, the keeper of my soul / you found what was empty, filled it -n- made me whole / the constructor of my happiness, a foundation for my life / you became all these things when you became my wife. ---Robert Markle--- They tell me life goes on, pour out a lil' liquor,
Man Shoots Own Testicle During Attempted Robbery
KOKOMO, Ind. - Police say a man accidentally shot himself in the groin as he was robbing a convenience store. A clerk told police a man carrying a semiautomatic handgun entered the Village Pantry Tuesday morning demanding cash and a pack of cigarettes. The clerk put the cash in a bag and as she turned to get the cigarettes, she heard the gun discharge. Police say surveillance video shows the man shooting himself as he placed the gun in the waistband of his pants. The clerk wasn't injured. A short time later, police found Derrick Kosch, 25, at a home with a gunshot wound to his right testicle and lower left leg. He was expected to have surgery at a hospital. Police plan to charge him with armed robbery.
I'm This Girl...
I'm the girl who gives you her heart, and hopes you don't break it in return...If you break it, you can keep the shattered half. You don't get a second chance. I'm the girl who never gives up hope with you.. I'm the girl who will put her head on your shoulder, not because she's sleepy, but because she wants to be closer to you... I'm the girl who likes to be kissed in the rain, more than inside an expensive resturant... I'm the girl who says,"ok, but you owe me..." jokingly not because I actually want something, but because it means I get to spend more time with you... I'm the girl you can take absolutely anywhere and I will (or at least try to) have fun because it means I am spending time with you... I'm the girl who is incredibly picky, but if it means that much to you, I'll try anything... I'm the girl who never forgets all the sweet little things you do for me And even if we spend time apart, I'm the girl who never forgets you. I'm the girl who loves to e
Survival Tips
Heath Ledger
To My Valentine Syn

Dragon's Remorse
Dragon stand tall, The moment of truth awaits, You stand to the cause, And yet you stare down at all fates, You lack the dragon’s remorse… Wyvern fly high, Wyvern fly forever, Your wings a sterling silver, Yet you cannot see it ever, For you lack the dragon’s remorse… Pegasus you fly, You gallop in the sky, You mane be light and shiny, But you cannot fly too high, Because you lack the dragon’s remorse… Unicorn be true, Your golden horn holds all, Coat a beautiful white, And yet you still fall, Yet you lack the dragon’s remorse… Wurm you care for none, Your heart is black and dank, You do not care of anyone, Yet you're still trapped within your tank, You do not deserve the dragon’s remorse… Angel be bright, Your wings feathery and light, But you’re lost in a lonely plight, And yet all is in your sight, You are filled with the dragon’s remorse.
February 11-12, 2008 Winter Storm Blogs
Here we go one more time! Ice has moved back into NKY. Right now, the airport in Hebron, KY has 29 and freezing rain. Refreezing taking place...the freezing rain should change to all snow by the time we get to 11pm, and maybe another inch or so will accumulate. Tomorrow...some schools will delay, a few in NKY will close due to the re-freeze, but not as extensive as today was. This is pretty much going to be a wrap for my winter storm coverage...if you've been reading, thanks! Right now, we have some light snow here. Should catch a break until about 10pm and then the real fun begins. One school district has already closed for tomorrow...Carroll County, KY schools. We still have major ice problems east of downtown Cincinnati. We have 2013 Duke Energy customers with no power. That's primarily on the west side. Things could break up from the west later this morning...if we catch a break it'll be short-lived because we still have a long way to go before this is all over.
Second Blog
My computer keeps fucking up something fierce so don't be offended if I don't respond right away. Also, my essay test that I had today was a bitch. >_< But I did get 100% on my math test! BOOYA!!! :) I wonder if this will even post or if it will freeze. . . -Kiki ps: Scooty is beside me snoring and its pouring outside. So I thought it would only be fitting to start a new Blog since it is the new year and has been for well over a month. Speaking of well over a month. . .I haven't been on this site for a while, huh? I don't know if anyone noticed that. But hey, I'm back now! Then again, don't know if anyone will notice that either. Hahaha. I'm just little ol' me. Nothing special. Anywho, I went MIA because I came back to school and had to deal with a lot of bullshit and try to sort everything out. I also am no longer single fella's and ladies. I met an awesome guy named Scott. We've only been dating for two weeks, but he's a sweetheart. I'm sure I'll write mor
Dirty Little Secrets Auction! Win, Um, Me!
I hate Valentines Day, just so yall know up front. But the rest of the crew came up with this Valentines Day Auction and asked me to be a part of it, more like forced, but asked sounds nicer. Anything to help some friends out right... So the details of the auction I do not know. All I know is it ends on Thursday and I'm sitting at $35K Fu Bucks right now. Not a bad price, but higher would be nice. Granted it is on;y day two of the auction, but it ends Thursday night. Yeah, I know, last minute and all that, but hey, wasn't my deal. Here is the link to my bid page. Take a look and lemme know your thoughts. Like I said, wasn't my idea, and I wasn't too excited about the whole thing so...... Later, J
Ty All
> JUST ONE BIG HUGE TY TO ALL THAT HELPED ME GET THE SPOTLITE, BY SENDING THOSE FUBUX THE RATES AND THE COMMENT IT ALL HELPED ME GREATLY SO TY EVERYONE.. RATE FAN GIVE THEM LOVES LOADS OF IT.. ~FAT SONNY~@ fubar DevilGirl~Fat Sonny's Keeper@ fubar Ms. Mona Doll@ fubar Steve ~*~Club F.A.R. ~*~@ fubar Bondage Barbie~Property of Fetish Girl Shasta~Member:Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls@ fubar Agent #25 ❤ *david's r/l wife*@ fubar Mysti-Poo(Please read About-Me) Pat M'Groin's right hand woman!@ fubar Johnny Price * Fu-Hubby of Hotpantz76*Owned by Freak!@ fubar CLUB FAR MEMBER in training@ fubar Irish Juggalo ~*~*R/F/A~
Why Me ?
Musical Therapy Does Wonders
I have been a huge 7D fan dating back to 2000. I wanna know what your favorite DUST tune is....there can only be 1. To make it interesting post a music video or live performance of the song as your response. If you are clueless as to how and where to find the videos, check out, just type in "Sevendust" and the song title and you are bound to find something. Here is mine, enjoy! there is nothing more for me to give took it all away and walked out again no matter what you say to me it's what you did face it, face it i'm feeling confident it's going to end you're crazy if you think that I'm staying here nothing left for me to say i'm outta here outta here, outta here you drive me straight into rage i can't wait get me out of this place I don't want to be take me out of this place I don't want to be get me out of this place can't you hear me? get me out get me out get me out of here like a rat you put me in a maze with every single turn it's
Even All Night
Love Is Enough Love is enough: though the World be a-waning, And the woods have no voice but the voice of complaining, Though the sky be too dark for dim eyes to discover The gold-cups and daisies fair blooming thereunder, Though the hills be held shadows, and the sea a dark wonder, And this day draw a veil over all deeds pass'd over, Yet their hands shall not tremble, their feet shall not falter; The void shall not weary, the fear shall not alter These lips and these eyes of the loved and the lover. At Last At last, when all the summer shine That warmed life's early hours is past, Your loving fingers seek for mine And hold them close—at last—at last! Not oft the robin comes to build Its nest upon the leafless bough By autumn robbed, by winter chilled,— But you, dear heart, you love me now. Though there are shadows on my brow And furrows on my cheek, in truth,— The marks where Time's remorseless plough Broke up the blooming sw
This Place Is In Ter S Tin!
i have always heard that candy was dandy - but that sex won't rot your teeth - if that is true then how come i have no teeth - fatman002 ok i git the nsfw thing - what i do not git is why u post nsfw pics on the FU then mark them private - isn't this supposed to be happy hour 24/7/365 - why post if you don't want to show - call me crazy (please) - fatman002 this is my second day on the FU. so far it is interestin - only time will tell though - heard this place rawks - got and invite - took it and seen a lot of people - what i want to know is - why call it fubar - i was in the military and this place dont seem to be fd up beyond all recgntn - seems like a cool place to me - am i wrong or are there a lot of people here that dont appreciate fat people call me crazy if yu want (works for me) but i like being big, fat, large, obese - i like my body - so what's up with you haters fatman002
I Did It To Myself
HA!!! MADE YA LOOK!!! I NEED FUBUCKS!!!! SOME OF MY FRIENDS HAVE BEEN DONATING TO ME, SO I WILL GET SPOTLIGHT....IVE NEVER WANTED SPOTLIGHT, BUT NOW, BECAUSE I LIKE TO MAKE MY FRIENDS HAPPY, IM GOING FOR IT....SO ANY AND ALL DONATIONS WILL BE APPRECIATED, AND IF U DONT WANNA DONATE, I UNDERSTAND, AND WILL NOT CALL YOU A SORRY PIECE OF SHIT FOR NOT HELPING ME!!! LMAO!!! CLICK THE LIL PIC DOWN HERE FOR MY PAGE, AND DONATE TO YOUR LIL HEARTS CONSENT!! ☆FTW☆ This is just a simple blog, to post my stats at the time of me winning spotlight. Ill add more and all that later after this day is over!! LOL... Fuberlord --> Henchman 370,012 Points to go! Rating: 10.41 (1716) [?] Profile Views: 2,671 Points: 1,129,988 [?]
Gabriel 2

I am not even sure what this is for..but help me/rates and comments plz..teetude... I am not even sure what this is for..but help me/rates and comments plz..teetude...
Show The Princess Sum Luv :)
If You Have The Money I Will Build It
Who Does This?..
I was on vacation in November, 2007...i met someone the 2nd to last day of my vacation, but did see him before i went home....... of course after a considerable amount of time, he was forgotten and the high wore off.... THEN? February, 2008, he sends me a "card" indicating he is "..thinking of me..".... .who does this sort of thing?..someone who just brok up with his gf or someone looking for sumthing on the side??????????..OR are guys just really that slow? wondering what i should do about THIS one...
"add this to a list of things I didn't want to see"
what up
Just Something To Say
What A Day
sometimes being a college student is rough! i had a long entertaining night followed by almost no sleep then waking up to go to work. got pulled to the hell on earth. lots of drama grown people being childish. then comes one of the people in a higher position who proceeds to tell me to "shut up" folowed by instructing me to lie on govt documetns... ummm NO! I'm not super pleased with my job but it pays very well im not trying to loose it so this bitch can meet some quota shes trying to pass down responsibility for. worked my ass off wiping other peoples asses, literally, get off waaay late. get home to see that my dog has torn my kitchen to peices...sometimes i have to remind myself to breathe...ill make it.
What Drink Am I ?
Small Sky
WHO WILL CRY? If tonight I die, Who will cry? Strangers with their feigned interest, While those I love have turned away. And if my best isn't good enough, What more can I give? Go ahead--walk away. Just leave me here alone. And if tonight I die, Who will cry? All my strength is drained, With nothing left to give. Drowning in the depths of sorrow, No tears left to cry. A silent voice and distant eyes That no one hears or sees. And if tonight I die, Who will cry?
Sent 2 Me
Vacation!!!! (we're Back)!!
Well my 8 year old daughter and I had such a blast in San Francisco and will definitely go back. We stayed at the Radisson on the Wharf, great Hotel, typical hotel, never absolutely quiet as a hotel is not unless you spend lotsa money but it was very nice. Got there kinda late the first day, so just kinda walked around the Wharf a bit and had dinner. Next morning, did the Alcatraz tour. What a trip!! Never knew so much history there and would love to do the night tour. Ooooh scarey!! Went to the Aquarium on the Bay which was very cool. My daughter loved it. Took the BART to Downtown Berkeley to see an old friend and had dinner with her. It was a wonderful visit. The last full day we had there it was kamakazee!!! Rode the old trolley car, chinatown, Gheridelli, Museums, did alot, I mean ALOT of walking. Spent the last evening on the Wharf and just enjoyed all the sights and sounds. Didn't get to do all the things we wanted to do but next time we will do things differently. At least n
A Big Thank You!!!
Official Columbus Roller Derby Call Out!!
Answering Quizveys!
Don't do em. Never have. I changed my mind, thought.. why the fuck not? What's your Status?: -Superstar What scares You the most about Guy's?: - Guy's who have a capital letter on "g" seem scary. I suppose because they're important or something. On second look, the "y" in "you" is also capitalized. I suppose this diminishes the fear and places us on the same level. So I am no longer afraid. Nothing then. Nothing scares me. About "Guys". Have you ever lied to make someone happy? -No. Never. Are you happy reading this? Like to travel? -Depends where to. Trip to the city dump. Fucking detest it. Fiji? Let's roll out. Like Someone? - Again with the important people. I guess this works here. Uh, yeah. Do they know? -Yup Who sleeps with you every night? -Why does that sound like I need assistance sleeping? Ha! Like, "who helps you brush your teeth everday?" Way to avoid an answer though, huh? Think you're attractive? -Most times. Want to get mar
I Love All My Friends
I love and appreciate all the new friendships i have had since i started fubar this month. It's awesome to meet all new people and so many of them are just wonderful to me. I would like to thank every last one of my friends for just being there. If any of you just need to talk or need help with something specific just message me. Take care love ya all mmfwcl!
Why Lie
My Stuff
wildsexy@ fubar
Hi ,hows Everyone
I'm Inviting You Into A World
The Inner me cry's out to be heard yurn's to be delt with will be here to stay The Inner Me will come to play will come to dream will come to make it's own The Inner Me won't stop until it gets what it wants won't stop until it is recognized won't stop, to stop The Inner Me is here to stay is here to say to its soul mate I will not be denied is here because it is Me! The Inner Me I appreciate everything. I like to make the most out of every situation and live life to the fullest. I try and take advantage of every opportunity I get. I feel accomplished when I know I have made someones day better. I am a pleaser and a giver(Love & Affection). I am me! And here I am another day Brushing back the streaks of grey While pushing forth in steady run With tired dreams I chase the sun Yet in my mind there's still some time My heart's strong rhythms beat A searching soul forward will go Toward a dream someday to meet Today life takes another year While I choke down s
Back In The Capital City
Wait For Me
Wait For Me I will answer the wind I will leave with the tide I’ll be out on the road Every chance I can ride No matter how far No matter how free I’ll be alone If you’ll wait for me There’ll be times when I’ll rise There’ll be times when I’ll fall There’ll be times when it's best to say nothing at all Knowing you’re right Letting it be I’ll be around If you’ll wait for me And I’ll fight for the right to go over the hill If it’ll only mean something to me I will not be persuaded I wont be still I’ll find a way to be free In the cool of the night In the heat of the day If you’re ever in doubt I’ll be on my way Straight to your side I guarantee I’ll be around If you’ll wait for me
My Heart
Weight Loss Plan
To Hell With People
I am gettin so sick of people i have helped out... I have leveled so many of my friends and dont get shit in return... Some of you have and you know who you are... But dont ask me to help u out if you cant return the fav..Most of you all know that I will do anything 4 anyone on here... So if you want me to help u then u need to help me.. love to all that has helped me out
Sandtiger's Kitty Box
So I was jogging in place waiting for my toast to pop up and I realized something...... I could feel my butt cheeks moving up and down. I've never felt this before. I'm very sad.
Need Help
Red Head From Texas!!!
My Footprints In The Sand
I am just wondering what the hell the MUMM is for. I have wrote MUMM's and I have gotten nothing but made fun of, poked at, and called some awful names. I was just asking people opinions on things and they are bashing me. I didnt think that was supposed to happen boy was I wrong. I got ripped a new asshole and it wasnt fun. Damn what kinds of things am I supposed to write about in the MUMM section will someone please let me know so that the next time I post soemthing I want get haters and fucktards harrasing me...
You Got Me Over A Heartache
I can't say were lovers I can't say were friends Don't even know if I'll see you again But against your warm body I felt so alive and you got me over a heartache tonight My heart was broken My hurt was deep I had lost something I had wanted to keep Looking for comfort,when you caught my eye. You got me over a heartache tonight Sweet conversation, a drink and a dance Led to an evening of making romance And I don't even care if it's wrong or right Cause you got me over a heartache tonight Yes you got me over a heartache tonight Stiring of passion brought me back to life OH and it may not last But who knows it just might Because you got me over a heartache tonight Yes you got me over an heartache tonight
The Origin Of Wing Chun
By: Grandmaster Yip Man The founder of the Wing Chun Kung Fu System, Miss Yim Wing Chun was a native of Canton [Kwangtung Province] in China. She was an intelligent and athletic young girl, upstanding and forthright. Her mother died soon after her betrothal to Leung Bok Chau, a salt merchant of Fukien. Her father, Yim Yee, was wrongfully accused of a crime and, rather than risk jail, they slipped away and finally settled down at the foot of Tai Leung Mountain near the border between Yunan and Szechuan provinces. There they earned a living by running a shop that sold bean curd. During the reign of Emperor K'anghsi of the Ching Dynasty (1662-1722) Kung Fu became very strong in the Siu Lam [Shaolin] Monastery of Mt. Sung, in Honan Province. This aroused the fear of the Manchu government [a non-Chinese people from Manchuria in the North, who ruled China at that time], which sent troops to attack the Monastery. Although they were unsuccessful, a man named Chan Man Wai, a recently app
Who Am I (sex In The City
Take the Sex and the City Quiz at Quiz!Free MySpace Quizzes & Online Quizes.
Asking For Help Please
HI, I need picture rates and comments if you could spare a few minutes. I am up against a bomber family, and every time my friends get me close, we end up falling way behind again....if you would like fu bucks to bomb, i will gladly pay you, just let me know what you want by e-mail and for how many comments......thank you to everyone that has been helping me.....Just click on the picture if you can help...thanks Needs over 2500 points to win fubucks. Most points wins a 7 days blast/1 months VIP as well. Most rates (over 200) wins 3 day blast/bling pack. Well your there don't forget to show the hostess some fu love.... MishNumber1 ¢¾ FubarWorldCruise & WISEUKF Owner ~ SUP ClubFAR ShadowLevelers UKFamily & SBG@ fubar
Truckdriver's Wife
Help Me Please ! ! !
imsorry if i offened some people they say dont post this crap yes fubar is a fun place but i feel like my friends are my friends so i try to keep them updated with my condition if some people have a problem with this then you are heartless!
My Midget
A Weekend Road Trip To An American Treasure
This weekend’s last minute road trip was well worth the 1,600 miles of driving over 3 days, the ungodly gas bills, the crowds of tourists and their insane moments driven by euphoria possibly, and Disneyland prices to eat. Many would scoff, but I’m sure their disenchantment would turn to a deep joy when they watched Old Faithful spew 180 feet into the air, giving one the same feeling as watching fabulous fireworks on the 4th of July. What did I receive in return? Incredible value to my soul and spirit at being awestruck once again by the magnificence of creation. I rushed to capture pictures, had a few choice words to utter to some tourists as they braked to a halt because they thought the person 10 cars ahead may have seen some new wild animal, yet overall had my eyes opened again to a National Treasure, no, make that a World Treasure. I finally witnessed the little tiny outlines of a pack of wolves, a bison and bear with some unwritten form of detante`, waterfalls, geysers, mud
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Pimpouts & Stuff
It’s his birthday today!Yep, & he’s my hubby {fu-hubby that is}!You should definitely take the time to go and show him lots of lovins!He’s a big sweetheart & always up for meeting new people!So if you could take 2 seconds of your busy to day to check him out that would be awesome!Be sure to rate, fan & add him& definitely don’t forget to tell himhappy birthday!!!Oh, & tell him his wifey sent you…hehe :)Just click his picture!! MAP IT OUT Hubby to DJ Freak@ fubar Oh and coming from the wifey herself!!happy birthday honey!!!hope you are having a great one!!! This birthday bulletin has been brought to you by: the one & only DJ Freak™ DJ Freak™ Wifey to my gorgeous Liberty!♥ & to my sexy MAP!♥@ fubar
Topgun966 {katy-sue's Baby Boy}@ Fubar
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150 Bling Pack Giveaway
Southern Rock
Wine History ... science and social impact through time ... One path of wine history could follow the developments and science of grape growing and wine production; another might trace the spread of wine commerce through civilization, but there would be many crossovers and detours between them. Fossil vines, 60-million-years-old, are the earliest scientific evidence of grapes. The earliest written account of viniculture is in the Old Testament of the Bible which tells us that Noah planted a vineyard and made wine. As cultivated fermentable crops, honey and grain are older than grapes, although neither mead nor beer has had anywhere near the social impact of wine over recorded time. Wine and history have greatly influenced one another. MIDDLE EASTERN ORIGINS An ancient Persian fable credits a lady of the court with the discovery of wine. This Princess, having lost favor with the King, attempted to poison herself by eating some table grapes that had "spoiled" in a jar. She beca
Target 7/24/08
Mmmm Nasty
Come Check Out The Hottest New Lounge
Looking For Good Woman
Empty Nest
My oldest daughter is getting married in October 2008, and my middle daughter is graduating high school in December2008. It's hard to believe they grow up so fast. Just seems like yesterday they were singing into there hair bruch in the mirror and asking me to kiss there boo boo's. I don't want to look at it as letting them go or getting old but as a new chapter in all our lives. My hubby will always be here and that's all I need.
Help Needed Please
Damn Fay Everythings Under Water.
My Blog
For All My Fans
Daddy Daddy
DADDY, DADDY A little boy goes to his father and asks, 'Daddy, how was I born? ' The father answers, 'Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway! Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo. Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom, and we met at a cyber-cafe. We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive. As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall, and since it was too late to hit the delete button, nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said: You Have A New Son
I Need Help Can U Help Me...
The Stupid Things People Do In The Name Of Love!!!
I was looking around the internet the other day, and got a wild idea to go check out free stuff on CraigsList. Actually, I wanted to post an ad for the 4 puppies that we rescued and that now need a home. Anyway, just started looking around, and silly me, I checked out the men looking for women area, just to see of course, lol. Anyways, there was this ad from a 24 year old man, married, about to become a Daddy, really soon, they are having a girl. He claims to love his wife with all his heart and cannot wait to meet his baby girl, just is so happy to be married and a new dad...BUT, says that his wife is acting all weird and driving him crazy, doesn't know if he can take it and is now looking for a young, very pretty girl, just to talk to, hang out with. Is he insane? His wife is swollen with child in the middle of a Phoenix, Arizona Summer, feels bloated, fat, ugly, perpetually pregnant, nothing fits, it's to hot, she hurts, her back aches, her braxton-hicks are driving her crazy
New Contest
Thoughts In My Mind
HAVE YOU EVER BEEN WITH THAT ONE PERSON WHO YOU KNEW YOU LOVED SO MUCH THAT IT WAS HARD TO TRY AND FIND THE RIGHT WORDS TO EXPLAIN HOW YOU REALLY FELT ABOUT THEM AND THEN THEY JUST WALKED OUT AND LEFT YOU STANDING THERE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT AWAY TO PICK UP THE SHATTERED PIECES OF WHAT YOU THOUGHT WAS A PERFECT LOVING RELATIONSHIP? HAVE YOU EVER ENDED UP SO BROKEN HEARTED THAT EVERYTIME YOUR EYES SHEAD A TEAR IT DIDN'T EVEN EFFECT YOU? WHAT DID YOU DO TO RELIEVE THE PAIN?? COMMENT ME hey all i know that since i'm now offically staff in HipHopz that i needed to fix my yim so i id is similar to my fubar id it's and my fubar id is 2178004 user name RoxStar see how close they are lol Have you ever had to sit back and try to let something go that you didn't know how exactly to let go of? Next time you have to let something go and it seems hard just keep one thing in mind to help you through the change... "IF YOU LOVE SOMETHING OR SOMEONE LET
Poems About Cats
* Dreaming of white cat means good luck. - American superstition * To see a white cat on the road is lucky. - American superstition * It is bad luck to see a white cat at night. - American superstition * If a cat washes behind its ears, it will rain. - English superstition * A strange black cat on your porch brings prosperity. - Scottish superstition * A cat sneezing is a good omen for everyone who hears it. - Italian superstition * A cat sleeping with all four paws tucked under means cold weather ahead. - English superstition * When moving to a new home, always put the cat through the window instead of the door, so that it will not leave. - American superstition * When you see a one-eyed cat, spit on your thumb, stamp it in the palm of your hand, and make a wish. The wish will come true. - American superstition * In the Netherlands, cats were not allowed in rooms where private family discussions were going on. The Dutch be
So Mad
My Momms Picture And A Lost Of A Friend At The Sametime!
What Is A Blog???
Am I the only one who can't stand goin' to work in the morning? okay, ya, I get paycheck, it pays the bills, but that doesn't mean I gotta like it. ...I'm workin' on my on side biz, but it's takin' lots of time.
The Economist
The generally right leaning publication, "The Economist" has endorsed Obama. > BARACK OBAMA > Oct 30th 2008 > > > America should take a chance and make Barack Obama the next leader of > the free world > > IT IS impossible to forecast how important any presidency will be. > Back in 2000 America stood tall as the undisputed superpower, at peace > with a generally admiring world. The main argument was over what to do > with the federal government's huge budget surplus. Nobody foresaw the > seismic events of the next eight years. When Americans go to the polls > next week the mood will be very different. The United States is > unhappy, divided and foundering both at home and abroad. Its > self-belief and values are under attack. > > For all the shortcomings of the campaign, both John McCain and Barack > Obama offer hope of national redemption. Now America has to choose > between them. THE ECONOMIST does not have a vote, but if it did, it > would cast it f
Quotes From A Six Yr Old Boy
12/04: "Mommy today was such a beautiful day, the cold went away and the beautiful sun came out and it made me all warm. Mommy, it was soooo beeeuuuuteeefulll. ***But Mommy, I got the red mark (at school) because my brain wasn't turned on. ***(Seriously, this is true) "Obama and McCain were on TV fighting and they started wrestling and Obama said Im going to kill you and then they made up and were friends" LMAO!! ***Why is my name *** why did'nt you name me Indiana Jones?"
Part Of Life?
I've been thinking a lot lately as my life seems to be moving so rapidly in recent months. With graduation around the corner, and the events of summer and early fall finally settling down I have had time for personal reflection. Parts of this year were joyful, then painful, and now returning to a balance of bittersweet memories and newfound happiness. It amazes me just how rapidly life actually changes, and the directions we moove versus where we think we are going. I see a storm approaching as I look out my living room patio window, and it reminds me of the volitility and unstableness of life. I dunno, but what I do know is there has to be a reason for the events in this world and in our lives to happen, it's not just random, it can't be. I'm so thankful for the expieriences I've had, and the people that I've known, loved and disliked...there's meaning in it all if one really thinks about it.
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Kummflix(slavetotoxiccherry)has Herpees
Return The Favor Heres a real sweet lady and friend that always busts her gut to help people with rates,blings,giveaways and much much more. She never complains when asked by someone if she would help them, ive known her to lose sleep to be here for some, Lisa is so caring and thoughtfull and Lisa is a fabulous friend ever so generous so why is it when she puts on her status or may message any of you that she needs us/your help no ones stepping forward. I couldn't ever blame someone for just giving up on some of the sorry souls in here it seems they are more interested in themseleves and what they can get without sparing a thought for the very person/persons that may of helped them get to where they are. So how about pulling some of that human pride right bk out of your ass and return some kindness to the very lady that offered you a helping hand. Lisa needs help with rating her #5 FAM member for his autos 11 A TRUE SOUTHERN GENTLEMAN™ ISN'T IT ABOUT
Chocolate Desires Scavenger Hunt
First Place is a 3 month VIP Second Place is a 1 month VIP or a 7 day blast Third Place is a bling pack For all that dont know what a scavenger hunt is let me explain. A scavenger hunt is a contest where you try to find things on a list for prizes. Those that can find the most things on that list will be the winner. For instance if one of the items on the list is a heart shape snickers bar then thats what you find and posted under the spefic place label heart shaped snickers bar. if you have any questions feel free to sb me or hit me on yim The rules are simple. 1. It is mandatory that you be a member of Chocolate Desires. So if your not a member join up. No Purchase Neccesary. 2. No copying or cheatin off somebody's elses find. Please be original and look for your own. 3. Please do remember this a contest where only 3 winners will be determine. This is also a time event the first 3 that come up with the correct submissions
Seasons Greetings
First,id like to say 'thanks' for the time it takes to read this...Im thankful to have many friends and fans here at FU-BAR and around the cyber world that have made me Happy to be in your life too..To most of us this is a Special Holiday season, with the economy and many family members that cannot be home...Give thanks to network sites like Fu-Bar,Myspace that bring members closer during the holiday...To the new-born babies that were born into this World..give them 'Special Love' from me...the Lord has reasons for me to be single and have no kids...i must accept that and 'SHARE my LOVE' give them a 'BIG HUG'... Many friends and family members [PWD]Persons With Disabilities..I'am sending my Thoughts and Prayers to you and your Special Care-givers ..i give them my Thanks for their support..Make a wish..for all the people that are less fortunate and do not have the gifts of LOVE..there is a light for them.. Thank You...Drop by my page,leave a gift under my Christmas Tree...
Twaune Auction
Lyrics For My Moment.
BELIEVE IT OR NOT SOMEONE HERE KNOWS I AM TALKING TO HIM HERE . . . GEEBUS. So the flood gates open but nothing comes out I’m feeling no relief in my head, just doubt But my heart keeps telling me ‘hold your ground. You’ll never learn a thing if you bail out now’ And I’m lonely again tonight I can feel it like a knot in my side They keep saying this is part of the ride But I’m not getting stronger. Yet hold me against the light And do you see any bullet inside? Wouldn’t find one if you magnified Because you’ve got the wrong girl Had my fingers around the back of your chair You’d never missed a thing but you missed me there And I just kept thinking ‘Am I prepared To pull it out from under your trusting stare?’ Now the house is quiet as a hollow head And I’m walking round bumping into things you said This has not been as easy as I thought it would I’d be cooling down the fire if I thought I could. And I’m lonely again tonight I can feel it like a k
Time To Make Some Money
Go Bid on me!!! To see auction u need to fan and add the hostess. Thank you!
Thoughts- Things To Do!
Css Skin Coding: For Making Skins
Can you feel the wind As it blows through your soul Can your heart find its way When it knows not where to go. Would your path lead to me If all in you was clear Am I anything in your heart That you truly hold dear. I will wait patietly For to ease in your mind Even till the winds never blow Till the end of time I would like to buy an Auto 11 for fubucks, ty. Keep in mind...that you have to start somewhere. Rip a skin from someone, then rip another skin from someone else. For your own sanitys sake as well....PREVIEW the skin and make sure it loads properly! Put them both into a file on your desktop and do some comparisons between the two. Study the layouts and the different coding techniques. CSS codes, are written by individuals and will not look the same for every skin. Below are some clickable links for various net coding sites. I've also included one for your html and hex color codes. **************************************************** http://ww
Unforgettable, thats what you are Unforgettable though near or far Like a song of love that clings to me How the thought of you does things to me Never before has someone been more Unforgettable in every way And forever more, thats how youll stay Thats why, darling, its incredible That someone so unforgettable Thinks that I am unforgettable too Unforgettable in every way And forever more, thats how youll stay Thats why, darling, its incredible That someone so unforgettable Thinks that I am unforgettable too ... i LOVE this song ...
An Friend Saying
Daily Thoughts
Im in a damn good mood today and i love it...its been so nice getting away from here and getting back to reality. I just needed that little push back into the real world.. I found on here people act one way and then poof,someone more interesting comes along and you are history, and thats ok,i dont hold it against anyone,but thank you i needed that. AND, dont get me wrong there are those few and only just a few that i deeply care for! In this short period of time ive gotten back to me and moving forward in real life, this is no where close to being reality...sad sometimes,but i remember all to well why i took a break for a year from Fu for this very reason... Thanks to my little break into reality my yard looks beautiful and my flowers are blooming and i couldnt be happier. Im getting ready to turn 30 in a few days and this is not what i want or need for myself,i need to be able to hear someones voice to see there face to touch there skin, to give real hugs if someone ne
Looking At Life Differently...
You Can Only Type ONE Word. Not as easy as you might think. Now copy and paste into your blog and tag 5 ppl to do the same. Leave a comment to let us know you have done it, AND LEAVE THEM A COMMENT TO LET THEM KNOW THEY HAVE BEEN TAGGED. It's really hard to only use one-word answers! 1. Where is your cell phone? none 2. Your significant other? here 3. Your hair? gone 4. Your mother? dead 5. Your father? dead 6. Your favorite thing? love 7. Your dream last night? none 8. Your favorite drink? soda 9. Your dream/goal? happiness 10. The room you're in? den 11. Music? none 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive 14. Where were you last night? home 15. What you're not? young 16. Muffins? no 17. One of your wish list items? health 18. Where you grew up? Canada 19. The last thing you did? fubar 20. What are you wearing? pj's 21. TV? off 22. Your pets? yes 23. Your computer?HP 24. Your life? good 25. Your mood? happy 26. Missing someone? yes 27. Favo
(Exactly my thought's and feelings, so get over it if it's not written pretty :P) Let's see i'm fighting sleep again, I just dunno I get really depressed and anxious when I start getting sleepy. And lately, just hasn't been the best part of my life. Between work, school, and managing self time, and my own problems I feel so out of control. Most people would say i'm crazy but i'm not cause I can't help how I feel. Anywho today been a real bitch and right now I feel just like an emotional overload. I'm one I hate talking about my feeling's I keep them bottled up, because I don't like to bother other people with my small shit. I'm a complicated bitch, I love to joke and laugh, but most people don't understand the real me. I don't trust people easy, if I even trust one person at all. You may think I like you, but I am strict to the saying "keep ur friends close, but ur enemy's closer" Hell I cry when I'm pissed, when i'm sad, but never in happy occasion. I've had so much shit ha
You're Rating Too Fast!!!!!!!
YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW YOU...I want to know 47 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, never liked each other, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine...You're on my list, so I wanna know you better! 1. What is your full name? 2. When is your Birthday? 3. What is your e-mail address? 4. Do you smoke? 5.How many sexuall partners have you had? 6. If you can't answer, is it really that many? 7. Can you cook? 8. What was your dream growing up? 9. What talent do you wish you had? 10. Favorite place? 11. G-strings or thongs? 12. What was the last book you read? 13. What zodiac sign are u ? 14. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? 15. Worst Habit? 16. Do we know each other outside of myspace and if not why don't we? 17. What is your favorite sport? 18. Pesimist or Optimist attitude? 19. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with
Ride Hard Drink Fast
I get this question a lot. I guess it is like a wild beaver. Do you think you could handle a wild beaver?
Spotlight Fund!
I am trying to get SpotLight SOON and I Needs your FuBux!! So... Sweet Kandy has decided to Auction Off an Auto 11 and Cherry Bomb bling! Please click on the pictures below to bid! And for those of you who don't like auctions, dont have enough fubucks to bid, feel free to donate to me directly. IF you donate at least 1million fubux to me, then Sweet Kandy will give you a 1 credit bling AND a personalized salute to you from me or her! (or both of us if you want two!!) Happy Bidding! And Also.... She's auctioning me off for FuBux! For one month.... Two Pimpout Bulletins One bulletin Stickied (you pick) A SFW Personalized Salute 500 11's during HH 500 Stash Rated during HH Owned by in my name Added to Family as a top friend #1 Friend Miscellaneous Drinks and Gifts Weekly Profile Comments Weekly Personal Pimpout on my page R/F/A up 10 friends of your choice click My picture above to place your bid on me! All auctions will end on
That Is Me
Update On So-called Tumor
I'm Not Perfect
Fck Hataz
Salutes For Bling Pack
I'm Fubar
Coolijj Lookin For Love!
Update About Jen. (r.i.p)
I JUST GOT OFF THE PHONE WITH JEN'S SISTER MARY,And The Kids Are Doing Ok.. She Has The Kids And They Are Going To Stay With Her. Everyone is in a state of disbelieve And Waiting To Find Out Excatly What Happened..  Except What Is Going On In Their Heads As To What Happened.. We Talked Abt How Jen Made Everyone Laugh And Smile. And,That Jen Was Talking Abt How She Was Going To Get Her Arm Better And Was Looking Forward To The Last Surgery To Be Done On The 30th.. She Was Looking To Buy A House Out In Lake Orion,To Be Near Her Sister & Family.. Mary And Jen Went Shopping At Wal-mart One Day,And They Must Walked Around And Looking At Things And Realized That They Were There For Three Hours.. Mary Said That Was One Of Jen's Favorite Thing To Do..(Just Looking At Things). Jen,Liked Looking At The Deer When She Would See One.. Her Mom Was The Same Way.. Jen Loved The Nature And The Wildlife. As Soon As I Find Out More,I Will Have Another Update.. Please Keep Jen And Her Family In Your Tho
Were Are The People Who Actualy Talk
My Thoughts
Victor's Blog
I'm auctioning off a 6 credit bling back bidding starts at 2 million fubux.
Us: Is Marijuana Tax The Next Revenue Stream?
Deus Of Amotors
From My Friend Sid
Legacy Of An Adopted Child
Once there were two women Who never knew each other One you do not remember The other you call mother   Two different lives Shaped to make yours one Once became your guiding star, the other became your sun   Ther first gave you life, and the second taught you to live it And the first gave you a need for love and the second was there to give it   One gave you a nationality the other gave you a name One gave you the seeds of talent The other gave you aim   one gave you emotions the other calmed your fears One saw your first sweet smile, the other dried your tears  
This Friend I Been Knowing For Over A Year
Dark Haven
Proud To Be Canadian
Who Wants To See Me Naked In Nsfwa Lol
My Life Be Like!
Briannas Blog vote for my mom
The Vogue
Looken For Love In All The Wrong Places.
I'm looken for love but think a little chatting first is mostly necessary first but not always. would any one like to chat?
Help!!! I need a drink or 2...or 10!
Pain Tribe/house Of Shock 2009
My Quab
Hi,         My name is deboh, im from westernafrica. Im single and  about 5fit 2 inches tall, loyal, humble, gentle , welcoming and responsible. i love to share meet positve minded people and focused too. IM hardworking and i believe in hardwork. I glanced through your profile on net and i admire everything about you. i will like to meet you definately love to share pleasantries together even get more closer and probably stay for a life time permitted you welcome. I love listenig to good music and  mostly commited to my work. I hope and believe distance between us will never be a barrier to our friendship. You could reach me at my mail id hopeful to hear from you.

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