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The Burning
my life is nothing i work at a shitty pizza place im 25 no house no kids no car no money i see people around living life its fulliest i just cant do that i have a stick up my ass im a bitter jerk who hates most people. people cant handle who iam i speak my mind and speak the truth im tired of y life failing though i probally wont live to see 35 i will be murder because of something i said i can be as asshole but why be nice i was never treated right made fun of in highschool beat up in middle school ridaclued now because my teeth are imperfect or iam a chubby basatrd or i dont shave and have a huge beard you knwo what fuck off and accept it im just done trying to be the person the want Primer
Do You Ever Get Over This?
Today I have a tournament and I got on fubar hoping to get some positive energy from friends..instead the mumms have brought me down. I am just needing to vent here. I am so saddend by how people turn against each other in an instant when they disagree. A certain Mummer passes away and even still people can not come together and just help each other grieve properly..Instead they rip each other to shreds in a mumm written about her or for her. Either way...right or one will know...know one will ever ONE will ever know now will we. That is the saddest part of it all. From now on I am avoiding these topics.... Good day friends When you get burnned by someone so badly it hurts for a long are still left with scars that show to the world. Then people judge you for those scars and kind of make fun of you for still having them. Wishing somone would come along and work their magic on you and make those scars disappear. Hoping someone will see past the ugly sc
I set up my wireless network finally!!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited.... Just saying... Have a great night. *****wonders if my neighbor will miss me stealing his wireless!!*********
A Few Min Of Your Time
Alone and weeping wondering pondering is happiness real? feeling cheap and unimportant unneeded unwanted confused and crying hopeless now overcome emotions raging BREAKDOWN tears streaming reality sets in never first always close but so far away My body lies on the rocks As the waves creep in to caress it My soul is in his hands His desires control my destiny Overwhelming emotion fills my heart For it is blinded by his words I cannot see the danger Yet my subconscious knows its there To him I'm just another being There for the sole purpose of pleasing him My feelings mean nothing His wants take priority I know he'll break my heart But still I remain at his side. Somewhere in the midst of loneliness I saw a brightly shining light I felt myself being drawn to it But never once suspected it was you. Somewhere amid my insecurities I saw a solid rock on which to stand I embraced it as a savior But never once suspected it was you. Somewhere in the de
You Are Ready, Willing, and Able to Commit You are not scared of commitment in the least. In fact, there's a good chance that you're already committed to someone you love. You are willing to give up a little freedom for relationship stability. And once you're in a relationship, you'll do almost anything to make things work. Are You Afraid of Commitment? What's Sexy About Your Name You are sexy because you are a talented lover. You take being good in bed very seriously. You are willing to do anything to make sure your partner is satisfied. You work hard in the bedroom. And you're always up for trying out something new. You're always dreaming up new ideas and techniques. You are very sexually experienced. You've done a lot, even if you haven't had many partners. Unlike other people, you don't need to be in love to get intimate with someone. You're open to many experiences with many people. And there's no way you could love all of them! What's Se
*ozzy* Needs Our Help Friends
Your Deadly Sins Greed: 40% Lust: 40% Pride: 40% Sloth: 40% Envy: 20% Gluttony: 20% Wrath: 0% Chance You'll Go to Hell: 29% You'll die in a shuttle crash, on your way to your resort on the moon. How Sinful Are You?
Dark Prince
#1 Family Member
Maybe We Can Work Something Out
Hour that is. I would love Love LOVE another happy hour and auto 11. I know that's asking alot so let me know what you would like in return and make we can work something out. Thank you to all of you that are reading this. For you to offer me a happy hour...what would you want of me?
Life In Rockwall
Well i moved to Rockwall about 2 months ago...from Tucson(lived there a year)...and so far its been about 90% negative and 10% positive...but i'm estimating. So far i still havent gotten to go see a movie...which was a fairly regular thing i did in Tucson. I go out to eat every now and then...but nothing is the same here. My job...well it isnt that great...i work at the same place i did before moving...sam's club...but here...its so slummy. I get stuck doing extra work every damn night because dayside people dont do their part. So far been in 2 accidents...i nearly totalled the car in the first one...because of damage underneath. No i wasnt i didnt fall asleep at the wheel....i flew over a median on my way home from work that morning(was still dark out) doing 35,40(the legal speed limit where i was at). It did not have yellow paint on did not have reflectors on it...obviously making it blend right in with the dark. The other i wont go into details about. Just ca
Trick Or Treat!!!!!!!!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN I dont got any tricks for all of you right now but I got lotsa treats too share. In my time on Fubar I have gotten too meet online and in real life some awesome people and wanted too share them all with you. All of these have gone above and beyond what a normal person could do. Some have made sacrifices so others had something. All of these are when the world would turn there back on you they are right beside you too help and bring you through it. This could be rather long so ill just share a portion of them right now. Rate, Fan and Add all of them. They all show love back. When you are done rating them all send me a private message and ill buy you a drink. ~GARY~SHADOWLEVELER~SPANKERS~OWNED BY BOOBOO & SCARLETT~BOOBOO'S FOREVER~@ fubar ~ Shadow Leveler Team Leader~ Passionman71~R/L Hubby To Farscapecat~Proudly owned by ~Bebe~@ fubar Yeahmon™Shadow Leveler Co-Leader{Keeper of Yeahmons Angels}PLEASE READ PROFILE@ fubar SARCASTK1 {SHADOW LEVELER} O
Own Me Again Ends Sat Nov 8th
What Makes A Family
A Love Story
**One day a young man was standing in the middle of the town proclaiming that he had the most beautiful heart in the whole valley. A large crowd gathered and they all admired his heart for it was perfect. There was not a mark or a flaw in it. Yes, they all agreed it truly was the most beautiful heart they had ever seen. The young man was very proud and boasted more loudly about his beautiful heart. Suddenly, an old man appeared at the front of the crowd and said, "Why your heart is not nearly as beautiful as mine." The crowd and the young man looked at the old man's heart. It was beating strongly, but full of scars, it had places where pieces had been removed and other pieces put in, but they didn't fit quite right and there were several jagged edges. In fact, in some places there were deep gouges where whole pieces were missing. The people stared -- how can he say his heart is more beautiful, they thought? The young man looked at the old man's heart and saw its state and laughed. "You
Picnic Fantasy
An Object
I am an object a person on a screen is this all you see? Did I come on to strong showing my freaky side or was it ok to be just who I am? Am I to hard for anyone to accept or for anyone to love will I always be just an object. What do I got to do to make you love me? What do I got to do? I will not be ashamed I will not ever stop who I am,I will always be a freak to some but what do I got to do to no longer be an object? Thoughts of a f*cked up mind
Thoughts... & Sweet Dreams
Happy Frickin New Years
I Miss You Love By: A Close Frind Of Mine
I have been living moment by moment taking and making the most out of life and placing all of who I am into every second until the last second takes my final breath away when my love comes home. That will be the day when I am back in the arms of the only man that I had ever truly loved. I had felt out of place and so alone for the better part of my life never really knowing if I would find the peacefulness others had described when talking about their special someone. And the way that they made the worlds mishaps, problems, cares and worries fade into the distance. And I know in my heart I would be lost without him at the end of each new day. I count on my memories and the special times I shared with my true love. Waiting for the day his deployment will end and with it the lonely nights. Without him lying next to me holding and comforting my fears I find myself wanting more than I have ever wanted before to just hold my love once more and have him see in my eyes just what he has
Im Not That Cute
Life Is What You Make It
Boyzone - Words
Nsfw Pics
So today I added quite a few really sexy pics from my newest set and typically one asshole has to ruin it for everyone and mark them NSFW. I'm not here for points but there is seriously no reason to have pics up if you get no points for them and people are going to mark them NSFW. From now on anything that might even remotely be marked will not be added to my page. If you want to see nudes or ass shots or any of that you will have to find them on the Suicide Girl's website once my pics are up. Yeah maybe I'm being petty but they are my pictures and it's my choice....and I choose not to have them here if they are marked. I'm glad that people on an adult site can't stand to see pictures that have no nudity at all. Sorry to those who liked the pics and can't see them anymore. Maybe I will feel generous later and start an NSFW folder with these pics again but for right now I'm not just in for the games. The funniest part is some of these pictures are on my myspace page and haven't even be
~a Dear Best Friend/a Sister To Me* Lost A Loved One..plz Show Her Some Love Thanks~
Lame Ass!
Its Me
Sex Survey Tawny Made Me Do It!
(If you are reading this, you should repost it. I'm curious what others will say! ....At the very least, leave me a comment letting me know you saw it!) ================================================================================================== What is it that you absolutely need sexually? Sex What is something you have always wanted to try? annal and light bondage - her not me What is something you have never done in bed before? see above LOL What time of day do you like to have sex? After noon, before dinner What do you absolutely need to see to turn you on? Her mouth How long can you just kiss until your hands start to wander? If it were a contest? Long If someone was in the next room while you had sex would it make you nervous or excited? Nervous. I loved Tawny's answer - Makes me Would it bother you if your bf/gf got naked at a beach or river? It makes me a little nervous yes. Bothers? No. Have you ever faked
Fuck You
My Band Gettendeep
Gettendeep@ fubar
Saterday Night
Auto11's On
Bored As Hell
I'm 18 yrs old I was born 2/26/91 I have blue eyes, blonde hair I'm a senior in high school..graduating in 2 months. I love my friends and would do anything i can for them. I'm a lover and a fighter...just depends on the day. I'm not a whore. My dad died when i was 10 I've lived in many different places. I can be a bitch...but only if you put me in that position. i don't really know what to talk about. I'm just really bored and waiting for someone to come talk to me... If you wanna know anything about me you can just ask me. I'm not very shy and I will answer just about anything... Well apparently a couple years ago I started a blog on here and I just now realized it lol. Figured I should update about me seems how I'm not 18 anymore and a lot has changed. * I'm now 20 and living with my husband of 9 months. We have been together a total of 2.5 years and we have a beautiful little girl together. * My daughter's name is Vanessa. As of the day I write this she is 7 months. She
Kids As Your Default...
Protect Yourself
Bubble Bath
Come On Mutherfucker Dig!!!!!!!!!
Plz Keep Maya In Your Prayers
16 Yr Old Girl Dies
A girl of 16 died from a rare heart condition after becoming stressed by caring for a dummy baby which cried all night, an inquest heard yesterday.  Danielle Pilot had been given the doll  -  used to show teenagers the reality of caring for a newborn  -  by her college as part of a childcare course.  The dolls are fitted with internal computers which simulate a baby crying.
today is a day to remember those who lost their lives! this is my story, and how i feel about this day and this country sept 10, i had plans to go to NYcity, start but meet up with a friend who work in the twin towers, he was going to show my gf, buddy and i around, then it was to hit time square. ofcourse i never made the trip with my gf, my buddy brian went ahead. as u know what happened the next day, two planes it the towers, i was grabbing breakfast with my gf. the area i lived in, called TomsRiver,NJ was on alert, as there was a nuclear power plant 10 miles away, i remember most about that day is what if i had gone, i wouldnt be writing this now, what if stopped brian from going,he would be alive. so since that day, i every year, i will honor those lives. in total, i lost 3 friends that day, people around jersey lost someone, or knew someone who did. i ask any viewers to leave a comment, share ur story, what does this day mean to u, how did it change u? thank you for ur time. Ma
Wtf? Pimp Smack This!
As many of you already know I enjoy running marathons. This December 13th I will be running another marathon and as part of this goal I will be raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. If everyone contributes even a small amount, it will help stop leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin lymphoma and myeloma from taking more lives. Please visit my page and do what you can to help this great cause.   ·  ^_^ Jodieme... smacked you upside the head with a Pimp Hand: Rating blocked! I love it when some random person can take away your abilities for no reason at all. This site is really getting stupid.
Copy It
The Beast
What Im About....
Faith Hill "Take Me As I Am" Baby, don't turn out the lightI wanna see you look at meWhisper only truth tonightNot just promises and empty fantasiesI don't need a bed of roses'Cause roses wither awayAll I really need is honestyFrom someone with a strong heartA gentle handWho'll take me as I amBaby, I need for you to knowJust exactly how I feelFiery passions come and goI'd trade a million pretty wordsFor one touch that is realI don't need a bed of roses'Cause roses wither awayAll I really need is honestyFrom someone with a strong heartA gentle handWho'll take me as I amFrom someone with a strong heartA gentle handWho'll take me as I am George Strait "She'll Leave You With A Smile" I can see you're falling for herFriend you know she once was mineSo I guess I oughta warn you'Cause you're showing all the signsShe's a devilShe's an angelShe's a womanShe's a childShe's a heartacheWhen she leaves youBut she'll leave you with a smileWhen she held me it was HeavenIt was worth the losin' pai
Views On Life And Death. Feedback Alright.
Real Friends
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Say What!
Wnna make my fantasy  come true for me.....   Put on the original Mike Myers costume and chase me around the house acting like I'm your victim....cut my clothes off of me and fuck the hell out of me.........   I have a think for Mike seriously cream myself watching Halloween!  
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Rants Raves And Other Obscenities
So my friend just sent me trailor for the new "Nightmare" movie....   WHAT THE FUCK!!!! WHY??!!!! WHY THE FUCK CANT HOLLYWOOD COME UP WITH SOME NEW SHIT, WHY DO THEY HAVE TO KEEP REMAKING CLASSICS INTO SHIT? WHY?? NO ONE WILL EVER COMPARE TO ROBERT ENGLUND AS FREDDY. YOU KNOW IT AND I KNOW IT. WHY DO THEY HAVE TO TAKE SOMETHING GREAT AND MAKE IT ALL EMO AND GAY IT UP WITH "DRAMA".....GODDAMN I HATE HOLLYWOOD AND YOU CAN BET YOUR BOTTOM FUCKING DOLLAR I WILL NOT BE WATCHING SHIT PIECE OF SHIT. I AM SO THOROUGHLY IRRITATED AND ANNOYED WITH THIS I CANNOT THINK STRAIGHT.. THUS, THE BILE HAS RETURNED.... For fun I decided to do a survey of all the dirty pussy down here in mississippi.. well at least the northeastern part of it. I must scan a million boxes of vagisil, yeast infection treatment, FDS, massingil, generic douches a day. I counted every time I scanned one of the above products and at the end of the week I did an average. I would say 80% of Booneville Mississippi has dirty sla
December 3rd 2009
Television is a fixture in my life that compares to no other.  Its like an old internet.. you ever wonder about all the information we wouldn't have known if it wasn't the TV.  Think about where we were before TV... then think about how that had exponential decreased in purpose with the internet now.  its crazy..   My basic enjoyment in my life for a few months was my ex girlfriend.  When it was going good it was probably the best emotions I've ever had.  Made going to the beach better, playing video games better, made going out to the mall better... how often do you go to the mall alone and see something funny but since you are alone its not as funny.. somebody to vibe off of..even if its a platonic relationship.. Now that this void I have in my life is there cause I don't have that best friend/girlfriend in my life I have attempted to fill it with my old friend television/internet.  Then I remember all the reasons why I don't watch it anymore.. The oversaturation of reality TV aka
My Life, My Rules
I think I am starting to understand fubar. . . If you are a guy you can be topless in any and all photos, even your default picture, but if you are a female and show even the smallest bit of cleavage your photo gets taken down and marked NSFW. What the fuck is with the double standard??? Baby Jesus and Scrapper need to pull their heads out of their asses and and start pull all those photos of shirtless guys off.     P.S. If a woman is in a bikini it is the same thing as her being in her bra and underware!!!!! I am at the point that I can truly say that I am done with guys. It is sad, just as I was letting guys back into my life, I start being used by them or lied to by them, or my favorite they start playing games. Guy A: Turns out he is married with kids. Hello??? I don't play that game. Guy B: Nothing but “Maybe's” and “Probably's.” In my book those two words are only used when you are playing games.
Short Story # 6
been thinking of my man all day at work i cant wait til he get s home from work to show him now much he was missed i change into something sexy as i lay in the bed waiting for him to get home I'm so worked up that i start to play with myself playing with my Breast making them perky as i reach in my night stand an take out my bullet start rubbing outside of my lace panties get me worked up where the pantie come off an break out my toy an start working it in my wet pussy just the feeling form the Dill entering my pussy i let out a sigh as i cum enough to get the dillo all the way in as I'm playing an moan my man comes into the bedroom i was playing so much i didn't even here him come home he standing in the door frame watching me play seeing me get all worked up as work the dillo fast an fast in my pussy as i let  moan so loudly that he take over play-in for me so i can grab the bed sheet  he works if faster an faster as i cum all over his fingers he stops an looks at me i grab him throw
 It's late and we've had a wonderful time at the club. The drinks have lowered our inhibitions and we are being very affectionate just before closing. We've spent the night mingling with your old friends and making some new ones. You've noticed me chatting it up with a couple of really cute guys you haven't see before, and are happy that I am getting along. When we leave we invite a couple of your friends and one of the cute guys to come back to your place for a nightcap. We spend the ride in the backseat fondling and kissing each other, and make no effort to hide the fact that things are going to get very hot when we get home. The cute guy is watching all this with a sly smile, and nods in approval sitting next to us. We arrive, and soon the group of us is laughing and sharing a few last drinks together in your parlor. A little while later everyone is gone except for the cute stranger and us. I notice you've been checking him out when you've had the chance and ask you if you like wha
I was wondering if there is any woman out there willing to date me? If yes could you please let me know. I would love to find someone that loves to go on walks. Well this is what happen for the last 4 months my ex was blaming me for us breaking up. Then I have not heard from here in two weeks when today I hear that her boyfriend , the one she cheated on me with stole her money and her bike. She calls me and ask me to help her out. What should I do? Should I help or not? Please comment and let me know. Thank you for your time.
Coen's Blog
Shooting Nazis Shooting zombies Shooting Nazi zombies Shooting aliens Shooting zombie Nazi aliens Shooting robots who turn out to be alien.. zombies   LMAO! This reminds me of men on POF, who play WoW. They'd rather meet me at a coffeehouse. Maybe 10 mins, then it's back to WoW. Do they really think this behavior is hot or sexy? Why bother? I installed a trial for this guy. WoW bored me to tears.   If you'd rather play WoW, fine, go ahead. Don't get pissed when I won't date you. I have needs and expectations. I only date on POF it's the largest free site out there. I don't just want a hookup, there has to be more to it than that.   Is my profile.   Also I look offline but in my area. I rarely get asked out or hit on, so if someone ASKS I will say yes.
My Roleplay World
MY ROLEPLAY WORLD IS A ABOUT A FICTIONAL VAMPIRE CLAN AND THE LIFE OF ITS MEMBERS, NAMELY THE KING (BASED COMPLETELY ON ME AND FEATURING POPULAR CHARACTERS FROM TV, MOVIES, MUSIC, VIDEO GAMES, COMICS, ETC) PICKING UP AFTER RECENT EVENTS. SO IF NAMES AND STUFF SOUND FAMILIAR I DID IT ON PURPOSE. DEAL WITH IT. AND FOR ALL THE SICK PEOPLE (LIKE MYSELF *SMILES DEVILISHLY*) THERE WILL BE NSFW PARTS IN LATER CHAPTERS, SO WHEN IT COMES TO IT I WILL MARK THE SECTION AS ADULT OR M. ANYONE WHO MARKS THE ENTIRE BLOG AS NSFW GETS BLOCKED AND REPORTED. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION/THE STATE OF THE FAMILY On a quiet piece of flat land somewhere in the Carolina mountains. a large stone and steel castle sits silent after the divorce its king just went through. sitting in his study, thinking of the state of the family, the king, Brian, rendered near crippled from years of strenuous battles with demons, werewolves, monsters and human enemies over the past several years ponders what could possibly be next.
Rose Shkitova - Sage, Thinker, Poetess !
Replacement Officials..
"Hey if any of you are looking for Christmas gifts for me, I have one. I'd like the ref's from last nights game (Seattle vs Green Bay), brought right here to me tonight. I want them brought from their happy slumber over there on Monday night football, with all the other rich owners, and I want them brought right here, with a big ribbon on their head. I want to... look them straight in their eyes and I want to tell them what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood-sucking, dog kissing, brainless, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug eyed, stiff-leged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey shit they are!!!! Hallelujah!! Holly shit!!! Where's the Tylenol!!"
people say i'm such a sweetheart and a nice guy but why am i single
Jack and his friends were playing golf one Saturday.    As they are getting ready to tee off, a guy walks up and asks if he can join them.    The friends look at each other, look at the guy and say, "Sure."    About two holes into the game, the friends get curious about what the guy does for a living.    So they ask him. The stranger tells them he's a hitman.    They all laugh. The guy says, "No really, I am a hitman. My gun is in my golf bag. I carry it everywhere. You can take a look at it if you like."    So Jack decides to check it out. He opens the bag and, sure enough, there is a rifle with a huge scope attached.    Jack gets all excited and says, "WOW! I bet I can see my house through here! May I look?"    The hitman replies, "Sure."    So Jack looks and says, "YEAH! You can see my house! I can even see through the windows into my bedroom. There's my wife. Wait, there's my next door neighbor! And he's naked too!"    This really upsets Jack so he asks how much
Screw You Cancer
Hello everyone name is chris,  i am a 29 year old  cancer survivor. (leukemia)  now july 25th  will be 2 years in remission but even with knowing im remission cancer still aggravates me.   Its flipped my whole life upside down and has taken its toll on me and my family.  I can not return to my  job that i held before getting ill. Because the doctors believe that might be the cause of the cancer ( working with industrial chemicals)  i pretty much feel useless to my wife and kids.  i went from being the provider to  being absolutely useless.   Anyways im just ranting.  figured this just might help get some frustrations off my shoulders!!   Have a great day everyone!
Stepping out Dripping Warm Glistening even in shadows Meticulous Every valley known Every nook explored Sounds escaping Whispers Silent melodies Dizzying Ethereal Rhythmic Pulse Eyes closing Succumbing Inner monologues Reverie Excitement Chills All in one A touch A look A memory Lost in the moment A private joygasm Thinking of you...     Heart PoundingBodies GrindingHeat...You enter the tranceWhisking away to another dimensionYour body movesThe feelings envelope youCarressing youYou move to his command hypnoticallyMind racingBody quakingSurrender Hold mecomfort meLove meNeed meA selfish hexA necessityLet me run across a pastureLet me leave the rocky mountainsJust for awhileTake me awayto the serenityto the calmness,that you have brought meLet me gaze...into your twinkling eyesSo vibrant, carefree,and So lovingEmbrace me with,your Gentle touchColor my cheekswith Soft-spoken wordsTurn my world,from black and white,into a Rainbow of colorLet me Quiver,from your KissJust Take me Awayl
Shop At Geeliph
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Thoughts That Make It To The Outside World.
The Warrior of the Light has learned that it is best to follow the light. He has behaved treacherously, he has lied, he has strayed from the path, he has courted darkness and everything was fine, as if nothing had happened. Then an abyss suddenly opens up. One can take a thousand steps in safety, but a single step too many can put an end to everything. The Warrior stops before he destroys himself. When he makes that decision, he hears four comments: "You always do the wrong thing. You're too old to change. You're no good. You don't deserve it." He looks up at the sky. And a voice says: "My dear, everyone makes mistakes. You're forgiven, but I cannot force that forgiveness on you. It's your choice." The true Warrior of the Light accepts that forgiveness. -Paulo Coelho
Sad News
well i still havent found the way to cope with everything ... my heart feels like it has been ripped out my soul feels broken..    The love of my life has been through so much this week...   Hes one tough man    missing his touch , his smile, him telling me he loves me  missing everything about him   i sleep with his shirt at nite on his side of the bed  i love bill more then life its self  IM so lost cant find my way to cope.... so yesturday oct 27  we had to call 911 for bill aka dark  he was worrying and scaring me  he wasnt him and i could see it    BROKE MY HEART TO DO IT  He isnt doing well  its tearing me up inside and out    i cuddle with our love pillow on his side of the bed and cry  i fold his clean clothes and cry  i stare at his pics and cry    i love this man so much    i want my BILL HOME    i cant even pretend im ok    im broken inside i want my soul mate back 
The Unintentional Stalker!
OK, so I tend to complain a lot. And one of my pet peves is lazy, selfcentered, inconsiderate morons, who refuse to pull forward when they are done at the fuel island. They go in, grab a cup of joe, a burger at the dive, or even grab a (Not so,) quick shower while everyone is trying to get fuel at the busiest time of the morning. So after the 2nd or 3rd time this happens in a row, I go off. I run in raising cain to the fuel desk girl, the guy at the gas desk, the tire guy, even the indegent hanging around to hitch a ride. Thus it happened. Crabby was born. This happened over the next couple of months. Each time by the time I had left, I issued another sheepish apology. At this time no one person stood out as the highlight of my visits, but that night, the night it all began, SHE entered my consciencousness. She looked at me after swiping my rewards card to cover my coffee and uttered the words that penetrated my very soul. With her searching eyes, she asked me, "Why are you always so
It Never Ends
Lost waivering no direction confused. Wait because of you darkness fades. Hope is not lost my salvation has arrived. Alive again because of you. You say you love me but how can that be true? Your words they hurt me The pain you inflict… How can you mean it when you say you love me? You say its true but it never ends. The cycle continues over and over again. It's not just the words you say that cause all of this pain. Knowing it once was different knowing what it could have been is what hurts the most. You say its true but it never ends. The cycle continues over and over again. Why do I continue on? Why do I stay? Wouldn't it be easier to let it go to just let it fade away? But you say again that you love me. Yet it never ends the cycle continues over and over again.
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Sweet N' Sassy 4 Eva
Do Americans Understand Dr Who!!!!
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ray ray@ LostCherry
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Yeah I'm New Here(fresh Meat For All The Sexy Ladies Lol)
so i'm new here, and wanting friends. i'm into alot of things; cars, clothes, clubs etc. for any fine girls out there, give me a hollar, i'm nice,and don't bite TOO hard*wink*.
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Poetry In Motion
Well, this was send to me from an ex. I not one for lets say, flattery but this one gives me to much credit. Lmao, just jokes... I thought I would share it considering some thought was put into it and I enjoyed it. I took the time to wait for you, I took the time to spare. I took the time to understand you, But still you showed no care I told you once I loved you, And from then many more. I told you once I'd wait for you, Even still you chose to be a whore. I guess now I have nothin' to say, No more choices on my behalf. I guess I'm back as I once was, Just a friend to make you laugh. But still I know you won't change, And you'll never see me as a friend. So just go with the flow, let time pass, Because it's no use to pretend. But you know I'll always remember, All the times we had shared. All the drinkin' times and the cries we had, All the times our minds had bared. You'll be a part of me lifelong, You'll be in my heart forever. But now
Where Is All The Sexy Blk Georgia Women!!!?
are there girls on this thing???
What Kind Of Pics Do Women Like?
Pool Of Guilty Tears!! :`(
Haunting past thoughts, actions invade my mind sinking into deep depression body consumed with pain searching, pleading craving forgiveness drowning within a pool of guilty tears
Hair Cut
The SmugglerPeople Iced:Forty FourCar Bombs Planted:TwoFavorite WeaponCurdled MilkArms Broken:EighteenEyes Gouged:FiveTongues Cut Off:None. Pathetic.Biggest Enemy:Ruphas the TerribleGet Your HITMAN NameAWSOME-GAME turtle@ CherryTAP Is anyone else out there annoyed withh all the adds, posters, phone calls...etc from politicians. Christ they get enough of or money now they want to ruin our scenery, waste our time with their bullshit lies...The only difference between a politician and a convict is that the convict is in jail. From the president on down to local gov't. Its all bullshit. I am just irritated with all the shit they spew. I love this country but i would love to see this bullshit gov't party disappear. Put People who have actually earned what they have in office so at least they have some sort of idea what the people feel ,w
Getting It Up
I know how you all luv hot women, so some of my friends are helping me out get to the next level. Now I need your help to vote for their pics. So Please help me get it up! LOL Repost to all your friends
Thought It Was Cute
Confession 29
as a gay woman i dont know why love has to hurt, is there any other gay woman that knows what im talking about? what i mean is that i dont understand it at all. i dont know why love has to heart for some one else to love the abuse. is there any gay woman know what im talking about?
FRIENDS VS. ITALIAN FRIENDS FRIENDS: Never ask for food ITALIAN FRIENDS: bring food whenever they come over. FRIENDS: Call your parents Mr. and Mrs. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Call your parents mom and dad. FRIENDS: Have never seen you cry. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Cry with you. FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Keep your stuff so long you forget it was yours then borrow itback. FRIENDS: know a few things about you. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Could write a book about you. (but wouldn't) FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that's what the crowd is doing. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds' ass that left you. FRIENDS: Would knock on your door ITALIAN FRIENDS: Walk right in and say, "Yo, I! 'm here !" FRIENDS: Are for a while. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Are for life. FRIENDS: Will ignore this. ITALIAN FRIENDS: Will share this.
Worth Reading
WORTH READING Read Each One Carefully and Think About It a Second or Two 1. I like you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.. 2. No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry. 3. Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to, doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have.. 4. A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart. 5. The worst way to miss someone is to be sitting right beside them knowing you can't have them. 6. Never frown, even when you are sad, because you never know who is falling in love with your smile. 7. To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be t he world. 8. Don't waste your time on a man/woman, who isn't willing to waste their time on you.. 9. Maybe God wants us to meet a few wrong people before meeting the right one, so that when we finally meet the person, we will know how to be grateful.
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Tashi And Naru
It all started one day in Blake High School. A young man by the name of Tashi was introduced As the new student as he enters the room. A beautiful Girl in the back catches his eyes an he thinks why Do pretty eyes cry. After he says hi too everyone He sits down next to her and says hi may I get your Name beautiful she replies my name is Naru. He then wipes the tears from her eyes and said your eyes are too beautiful to be filled with tears. She says I was Showed pain, as my boyfriend left me. Tashi says life Is but love you are a beautiful girl you will find a great Guy I promise. Naru ask how do you know Tashi says Cause your beauty reminds me of a angel (Naru blushes) Ms. Manning calls Tashi to the front and ask him What do you think your doing I don’t aloud taking in class Tashi just says I am helping a broken heart be fixed and strengthen a bent soul. As Tashi returns too his set he Is punched him the face by a classmate then Naru runs to him And says too the cla
Watching You Leave . . . is to know such pain, it's jagged edges tearing into my soul. As a stake from the garden tears into the warm, dark earth. Knowing all the while that never again will I fit myself, warm with sleep, against your solid back. Nor hear your steady breathing. Or feel the beating of your heart. Aware in every moment of every day that my dreams, my future; once tied with silken ribbons to yours, will never come to be. And the mornings once so silent and hopeful, us gazing at the mountains and so gently awaiting forever - are now but small pieces of my past. Your heart a tight fist of anger and your dry eyes betraying nothing of you. I cry for both of us, my love, because you will not. Watching you leave ... I've lost my place on this earth. My station. My heart's home. That I will wander, forever a nomad. Alone and afraid. And in my troubled dreams watch you leave, again and again. For the balance of my days. I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU! Re
Poems I Wrote
I love you so much your delicate touch your gentle embrace your handsome face your smile is so bright it is my favorite sight to be held in your arms seduced by your charms when I am close to you I am never blue To have only your smile makes it all worthwhile Written in 1997 (long time ago) I hate you so much, for what you did to us. you'll never know how much it hurts me. You might as well just leave us be. I'll always hate you for what you've done, To me and your son. Written in 97 What is the real meaning of this? I know it has nothing to do with a fist. Can I ever respect anyone? Does anyone respect anyone? I wonder.
The Never After
The plan is in motion Everything in its place You set it all up To meet face to face You forgot the unknown What you cannot predict Before you see them You are drowning it in The evening goes well You really connect The next day’s a disaster You live in regret How could they do this Why can’t it be me I did what they wanted I was open and free Now they just move on And I’m left unhappy I will try again Next time won’t end the same I know what to do This time they’ll stay Yet the day arrives And you’re pulled down the drain You’ll just get your short smile And endure longer pain
Oscar.babyboy/ Puerto Rican For Life
Herbies First Christmas Tree
tommorow will be 14 weeks to the day that my puppy herbie passed away. please comment and rate his pics and his christmas tree pic. thank you :) besoin de toi i always wonder why people block you for no fucking reasone. they tell you one thing and then the next day they block you and ignore you. i wonder why. you know who you are if you read this. im fucking pissed at them for doing that.
Send me a voice comment. It's FREE! Just call 1(641)985-7800 and enter *2495169. If you get one too, I'll reply.
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getting help,ill continue later
Cherry School
What's up everyone? I just wanted to say hi to everyone...I've been so busy I hardly get on much....but thanks for all the comments on my page and especialy on my pics....I love those the best :) So today was my last day of finals...and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about it! After 5 finals I am completely mentally exhausted. But now I am stressing out about my math final....I went in to take it and I completely went blank! Nothing made sense to me. How can I be getting A's in all 4 of my other classes and not math.....why...because I don't freaking get it! Math sucks!!! But well school is over for at least a few weeks so I am going to enjoy it....and hit up some cherry tappers...cause this thing is addicting...LOL. Oh and I'm going to party it up this weekend...a little dancing...a little....******* and lots of.....*** LUV YA WOW so its been a long time since I've been on here...crazy! I forgot how much I loved this place....thanks for everyone that sent me messages and all I'm goi
What Celebrity Booty Do You Have(girls Only)
what celebrity bootay do you have? (girls only) BeyonceYoure sexy and know how to shake what your momma gave you!Take The Quiz Now!Quizzes by
Peace And Trees
Know what you're government's intentions and motives are for the wars they make. We don't have to support everything the government does and still be loyal patriots, we the people have a voice and the freedom to use it. As a world people it's time to unite in peace. Stop the violence at home and abroad. At one time, north america was the 2nd largest forested continent in the world. 80% of america's disiduous trees are now gone. At one time, a squirrel could travel from the edge of the atlantic ocean to the futherest eastern point of texas without ever touching the ground, but not anymore, the trees are all gone. The brain, like any other muscle, grow weak without exercise. And the brain is a muscle that can move the world!
Hot Hot Hot
Im new to this and just wanted to say hello to everyone and to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas,Hugs Shannon
The Gunslinger
The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.
Butterfly's Journal
If your into Vampires. Please read J's Atonement and Js REGRET by Jessie A Snow :D they are my absolute fav books :D
Tapping Ct
Well readers this is my first, and probably last (?), blog. I have looked around CherryTap and am trying to understand what it's all about. Seems to me like it's a popularity contest of sorts....person with the most ammount of friends wins. Still don't see why obtaining points is important and to be totaly honest I don't really care. All I hope to get from this site is a few decent people to have an occasional chat with....and due to the fact that I type with two fingers it's probably best I keep my contacts to a minimum anyway. There are SO many people with photos out there ! Totaly amazing. I can't see why some profiles have opted to have 1001 pics up. I myself will keep them to a minimum. I have been contacted by a few random people (mainly girls who wear little) asking me to rate them and add them to my list of friends...but honestly they don't give a hoot about me so why should I return the favour? I am sure there are some absolute gems out there waiting to be discovered..s
Blue Rhino Paws
Like mothers milk From mystic breasts The love flows And keeps you Alive You never realize What you’ve spent Until it costs Everything You’ve got Was it worth it Trading sanity For nectar Or were you Just following Erection Thru the channels Of good enough Selection You seek the Pleasure But miss the Passion You never lack Some tenderness But die from Malnutrition
Wut I Want U Do Do For Me
Girlfriend Application: Basic Information: Name- Age- Sexual Orientation- Height- Eyes- Body Type- Smoke- Drink- Virgin- Rate yourself 1-10- Location- Single or Taken- About you: What do you look for in a guy? Why did you and your last boyfriend break up? Would you ever cheat? What would you consider cheating? Describe the perfect date. Are you good in bed? When was the last time you cried, and why? When was the last time you were truly happy, why? What do you think about most while in a relationship? Ever loved someone who didn't love you back? Last time you watched a sunset? Do you like to cuddle? Do you like cuddling better after sex? What was your longest relationship? Do you want to get married someday? Have kids? Do you like to get naked? Do you like to party? About me: How well do you know me? What do you like about me? What's one thing you would change about me? What would we do on a rain
Accepting The Unacceptable
New To The Bar...
I was having one of those thinking moments earlier. LOL. I need or should say seek some input. You might think I am too much of a logical thinker, but then again maybe that is my problem. Ha ha ha ha. Anyway. If you never have the "break-up" fight, but you and the other person seem to just slip away from each other, are you broken up? If not, then are you cheating even though you don't have contact or communication with the other person? LOL. Here is why I am thinking about this. I am "dating" this guy. I really like him because I could be myself around him. I didn't have to pretend or anything. I didn't have to dress to the nines, he liked me for who and what I was, but we haven't exactly talked lately. I am pondering this other guy at the moment, but I am not exactly broken up with this other guy. It has been over 2 months since I have heard from my supposed BF. Are we still together or did we unofficially break up? If I decide to go after this other guy am I cheating? If that is the
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Seasonal Employee Of The Heart
My dear buddy Amy wrote this, and I wanted to share it:) Cluttered mindfield You're driving me insane like a speeding car in the wrong lane It's thrilling, yet dangerous This affair could turn hazardous I can't slow down I want you to much You entice me with your touch Keep your hands on the wheel Experience it's vibrations like how i feel This passion is set in to overdrive The thrill of being caught keeps the desire alive Lets not change how we are just enjoy the ride that we have driven thus far. I don’t need forever Right now works Fine for me Letting go Holding on Wondering what could be I’d never be one To clip your wings Or keep you From who you’ll be I will hold you While I can Then I shall set you free A kiss hello A wave goodbye It’s all the same measure We skate the indecipherable line Between Pain and Pleasure Dancing to Sir Francis Holding hands Times to treasure Things I'll miss To hold you back To block life’s path I wo
You Have A Sexual Iq Of 157
You have a sexual IQ of 157 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
I'm always intrested in meeting new people, I'm new here to and the more friends I have the better I feel.
Popped Cherry
49 Goddess
Checking out the site, and pondering the thought of what I am in for.
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Record Lablel Your Next Platinum Rapper
I Hate Being The New Gal!
Alllllloooooooooooooooooo! Bare with me whilst I get used to how this thing works. LOL!
No Longer
The vows we had spoken all but forgotten now Searching for reasons seems silly somehow Our bond has been shattered, we ended this dance No longer trusting enough to take one more chance Vast are the miles between our two hearts No longer beating as one, but now broken apart carelessly reckless you now seem to be there is nothing left to tie you to me Be free and soar high, I ask nothing of you Live your life as you want, rebuild it anew No longer do I want love from you. A. Boudreaux 2005
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Fire Fighter's
Love Hurts Like Hell
Happy Or Sad
Anybody Man Enough?
Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they sometimes take the apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who is brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree. I have been at the top of the tree long enough, somebody pick me.
Divadez Blogs The Cherry
...ordering up a lemon meringue martini and lettin' it rip. I'm a 36 yr old wife and mother of three. My husband, Seraphyim, is in the Army. We live in Colorado Springs, CO where I run a mobile DJ/Karaoke service (Diva Does Karaoke), predominantly for the soldiers who serve on Fort Carson. By day, I stay at home and home-school my children. I love blogging ( and I love shopping (got two closets full of shoes to prove it). My husband and I have been together for 9 yrs and married for 7. I have lived in Colorado for 11 years. I don't have much else to say right now, so I'll finish my drink and be on my way. The beginning of another busy week for me. I am sure that some of you noticed that I haven't blogged in a while and that is because I have been working my assets off for two full weeks. This weekend will be a little less stressful, thankfully (no show on Saturday). There is more talk about giving me a permanent show, and I hope it happ
There are moments in your life that make you, and sets the course of who you are going to be. Sometimes they're little, subtle moments. Sometimes, they're big moments you never saw coming. No one asks for their life to change, but it does.... It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are. "Beautiful people do not just happen... The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths. These person have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.. Beautiful people do not just happen...." (Elizabeth Kubler Ross) You can spend your whole life building something from nothing one storm can come and blow it all away Build it anyway You can chase a dream that seems so out of reach and you know it might not ever come your way Dream it anyway God is great
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Join The Club Bewitched 24 Hrs Of All Request Music
hey everybody this is Bedazzleddeb and i would like to invite all of you CT members to drop by our lounge check it out and become a member if youd like .... Its an all request lounge 24 hours a day we aim to please we have fun and so will you all guarnteed!!!..So come join us at Club Bewitched ..enjoy♥
Leaning over he looked through the bars of the large dog cage. His girl lay naked against the cold steel floor with her hands handcuffed behind her and her feet tied together. She looked back at him fearfully her eyes begging to be let loose. She could say nothing for the ball gag that was in her mouth. How is my pet today? He asked her sweetly. She looked at him mutely tears leaking from her eyes. Yes you look very contrite my sweet, but I don’t know if six hours is long enough or not. She tried to nod her head yes though with the small space she was in and the chains it was hard to do. He unlocked and opened the door pulling her out by her ankles. Holding her up by her arms he dragged her to the bathroom and set her on the pot still chained. I’m sure you might need to use this pet. She looked at him gratefully as she peed for quiet a long time. Personally he was surprised she had lasted the whole six hours without soiling the cage. She was the first of his girls to make it
Why Sex Toys are Better Than Men 1. They don't talk back. 2. You don't have to worry about STD's. 3. You don't have to worry about getting pregnant. 4. You don't have to worry about your toy cheating on you. 5. You don't have to worry about it lying to you. 6. It's there for you no matter what. 7. You don't have to worry about where it is or what it is doing. 8. You never have to wonder about what it is thinking. 9. It likes you regardless of what you look like. 10. You don't have to worry if its going to call you the next day. ZEN SARCASM 1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me either.. Just pretty much leave me the hell alone. 2. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and leaky tire. 3. It's always darkest before dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. 4. Don't be irreplaceable. If you can't be
Scared For A!
so this is what she typed in her myspace blog today...does anyone know anything about all this...does anyone know what i can do to help her...please someone tell me something i can do for her...please "so i woke up this morning at 10 n went on the computer...then 4 some reason i stiood up...then i don't quite remember what happened after that but when i finally realized what was happening i was standing in place shaking all my body was jerking...i was leaning against the wall...i could feel myself jerking but my vision was super blury...i couldn't see anything...the i eventually saw the chair in frount of me..i could see the blue but i couldn't make it out cuz it was fluffy...then i sat on the ground in place untill finally my head stopped shaking and my vision cleared...i looked at the was 12:27...i lost about 2 hours today...i don;t know what happened...i guess i was shaking or something because i remember standing up to like go weigh myself or take a shower
No End In Sight
More Sex Surveys
The porno of jessica's life will be called ... "Black and Blue Erotica" 'What will the porno of your life be called?' at You have a sexual IQ of 146 When it comes to sex, you are a super genius. You have had a lot of experience, and sex interests you so you know a lot about it. You pride yourself on being a source of information and guidance to all of your friends. Take this quiz at
The Stalker
Lavender(not letting mindless people get to me)@ CherryTAP This stupid Bitch thinks im brained washed from a good friend of mine... get a clue you stupid moron biatch...if i need saving...he'll be the first person i run too......LMAO! You really need to get a life ...its unhealthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Lavender be a good little girl/boy and go play in the street! Also I will delete ppl that are on my list and hers..She is using you to get to me... Been going on for along time...
The Psychological Togetherness Of Chatters In A Chatroom
Over the past few years since I began chatting online in Yahoo,I have come across some real winners but not as bad as these eejits in Catholic Chatroom 1 who even have a blog where they attack and demean certain chatters for random mistakes,mental illness or whatever. I recently returned to chat to visit old friends and later found myself mentioned on the blog attacking the fact I'm bi-polar. As if these people don't have their own issues.Don't they have anything better to do? This is just one reason why I prefer Cherrytap,SANE PEOPLE. I have met some kick ass people on here. So if you get the chance,check out Rayne's and Morrigan's pages. You won't be sorry so show the love.
Remember Daytona
First One
i ahve no clue what this is i was just on here to look and meet new popel make a couple friends oh no what did i get myself into so if anyone reads this and think they can help me please do so
I went to see how my grandma was at the hospital today. She had her uturus removed I think. She had some cancer cists on there. Very scary. What did she say when I walked into the room? "I can't have children anymore!" Hahaha the lady is a trip. Just from that I knew she was going to be fine. She walked around the wing of the place. She was tired and went back to bed. So that made me feel better.. My dad got his car tire stuck with a nail in it. So i gotta go get him at the auto shop. have a great weekend everybody ~Timmy~ This is fairly sad stuff so thats my warning! The few things I regret in life are things like not being more social when I was in school, not finding my soulmate, not finding my career yet, and not being closer with my family. The later comes into effect today cause my grandma had a hysterectomy. I think that has to do with the uterus. She is in the hospital and dad and I are going in the morning to see her. She is still unconscio
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Will You Be My Girlfriend
> (repost of original by 'spicolisyndrome' on '2007-02-25 13:16:22') > (repost of original by 'Dj Romeo(nsfw)' on '2007-02-25 13:17:28') > (repost of original by 'Lauren Marie' on '2007-02-25 13:53:50') > (repost of original by 'big daddy' on '2007-02-25 14:21:45')
What Would You Do?
Date: Mar 1, 2007 12:20 PM Subject OK SO YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW...... Body: OK SO YOU'RE ON MY FRIENDS LIST, I WANNA KNOW...... I want to know 20 things about you. I don't care if we've never talked, never liked each other, or if we already know every thing about each other. You are obviously on my list, let me know with whom I am friends! It's really easy, JUST HIT REPLY....thanks! 1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Single or Taken: 4. Favorite Movie: 5. Favorite Colour: 6. Favorite Music: 7. Sweet or Mischievous: 8. Tattoos and/or Piercings: HERE COMES THE FUN... ... ... 1. Do we know each other outside of CherryTap? 2. Why did you add me? 3. Would you have my back in a fight? 4. Would you keep a secret from me that I had a right to know? n 5. Rate yourself out of 10 as a person and explain why? 6. Would you give me the kiss of life if I was pretending 2 die? 7. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you: 8. Would you take care of me i
Ok, so i just joined here, and have no clue what is going on. A friend of mine told me about this site. Maybe it's better than myspace i dunno, but she had hell of alot of problems with it. Anyways i still have it, lol!! So if you have any suggestions for my page, let me know!!
If You Have Children, Check This Out!
I have tried to make this easier... please check this out. I am asking for help because my friend and her son both have cancer. They have been told that there is nothing more they can do for Jay, he has terminal cancer. The grandmother would love to take him on this trip to Normandy and I would like to see it happen for them. They touch my life and I want to help make this wish come true for them. This little boy is amazing and just needs a little joy in his life!! Listen to your hearts and listen to what God would have you do. thank you!! and God bless you!!! Words of a grandmother "this mighty warrior at heart....i so want to take him to normandy and i want to do it soon....have to find a way to accomplish this... he has wanted to go there ever since he knew about daughter and I know he walked on that land, shoulder to shoulder with those soldiers who were there so many years before him...he is passionate about his desire to become a soldier..."
Guys Are So Blunt
So last night I was hangin' out at my bar, and some random guy comes up to me before he left, and all he said to me was, "You're hot!" I smiled and laughed and thanked him, and then he left. A couple of hours later, some other random dude walks up to me and says, "You know, you have the most incredible ass. I'm sorry – I just had to tell you that." Hahahaha!!!! I appreciate the compliments, I really do… but do you have to be so blunt about it, guys? Seriously, you could come off a little less rude, and still get your point across. ;-)
Tuquatis Cabasa
ok ok this is a funny story. One of my friends had taught me a little spanish one day told me to go up to a spanish guy she knew and say tuquatis cabasa(want some head)Of course i did not know what that meant at the time. So I said it to the guy you should of seen the guys face. So my friend was standing there almost falling to the ground laughing cause she had told me it means Hi how you doing. The guy kept telling me si si (yes yes). The poor guy was probably thinking damb i am going to love america. That was the first words in spanish my friend taught me. I told the guy i was sorry and he was laughing so hard he was nierly in tears like my friend. I was so mad at her but its funny.
This One Needs A Warning
As tender as A rattlesnake Coy and stunning Like a viper The romantic Submissive Draped in Leather Accessorizing lace The angel with Silver chains A heart of gold And a masked Face She approaches With elegant grace Takes the whip And smacks my Chest Just another Roll to play With unbridled Pleasure Comes inspiring Pain
Get Me The Fuck Off This Site
I try so hard each and every day with day to day to push myself.... I go to work everyday and bust my ass and do whati can for a working woman and its all a joke cause people want to talk shit and not back it up well here is tip i dont give a rates ass what anyone thinks...Im free white and over 21 i do things as i can and when i can and there is no stoping me ...everyone calls me to soft hearted well here is some news for people i may have a soft heart but i also have a cold heart and when people stomp and trample on me i tend to get pissed like hte next person ......So grab a clue to who ever wants to tell people shit back off and keep ur damm mouth shut cuase im not here to mess around no something else with ur time and not worrie about what i do with my time Also here is something else for everyone to take a bite on i have a boyfriend and i love him with all my heart and he knows how i feel deeply because he feels the same way and yeah i know ct is a page to help p
Bambi's Blog
Your monthly house payments exceed your annual income. You drive next to a Rolls Royce and don't notice. You don't know anyone's phone number unless you check your cell phone. You speak Spanish, but you're not Mexican. You begin to "lie" to your friends about how close you are when you know damn well that it'll take you at least an hour to get there (see below). Getting anywhere from point A to point B, no matter what the distance, takes about "twenty minutes". You drive to your neighborhood block party. In the "winter", you can go to the beach and ski at Big Bear on the same day or mow your lawn in your shorts on New Years Day, and maybe sunburn. You can eat a different ethnic food for every meal. If your destination is more than 5 minutes away on foot, you're definitely driving. Calling your neighbors requires knowing their area code. You know what "In-'N-Out" is and feel bad for all the other states because they don't have any. You don't stop at a
Show Some Love
Still Tryn
Hi to all. This is my first quik blog on Cherry tap. I wanna thank everyone who takes the time to stop and rate my stuff. I really appreciate it. I will always do the same for you. I'm still tryin to learn cherry tap, but i think im gettin the hang of it. So, just bear with me and ill get this thing down. A special thanks to my new buddy, Boston pete. A great amigo. Rate his stuff. he has some kick ass shit on there. so see you guys soon.
One Model Place
Reluctant Poeminister
I am not A poet I just write Poetry I did not Invent the Words Just created Their order I don’t like To read it Out loud I may invent A definition That causes A meaning Different from Your reading And ruin my Treasure By spoiling Your pleasure And waste more Of your time I’m not a Poet But sometimes I rhyme
Tight Ass Shit
Jusy Do It
My Son Junior
i lost my son junior about two years ago he was tragically ran over in front of my face i did cpr but there was no saving him he died instantly my son went from playing one minute to being dead so if you have kids please cherish them they might make you mad but they are only kids! i would give anything to have my son back or to have taken his place but it is to late for that! i miss him everyday i think of him constantly so i am working hard to make it to heaven to see him and i will make one way or another! i miss his smile his laugh and the way he took to everyone he is my angel and he was and is my best friend he is my hero cause he taught me the real meaning of life and love! i miss you son and mom will make it to you one day! that is a promise! r.i.p junior you will forever be remebered and missed!spread your wings and fly Browser Artists: # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Search Song Lyrics Featured Artist Artists Song Titles Albums Lyric word
The Ripe Cherry
Thanks to everyone who rated,befriended,fanned,and made me a part of their family.Its pretty cool moving up the ladder in cherrytap,its been fun so far,here's to much more fun and excitement! Drink up!
Wheres There Shirts?
why are most of the women half clothed?lol
Okay I have myspace and thanks (or no thanks I haven't decided yet) to a certain unnamed person I decided to get on here and see what it is all about. For now that is all I am going to write because it is time for bed and sleep.
Hey So This Is Cherry Tap
hey so this is cherrytap, pritty cool, i can see why my g/f likes it so much, so many people to talk to and stuff... awsome site.
Im For Sale
if you want to own me just type "i own you" and il do what ever you want.
Blond Car Accident
Blonde Car Accident One day, while a blonde was out driving her car, she ran into a truck. The truck's driver made her pull over into a parking lot and get out of the car. He took a piece of chalk and drew a circle on the pavement. He told her to stand in the middle and not leave the circle. Furious, he went over to her car and slashed the tires. The blonde started laughing. This made the man angrier so he smashed her windshield. This time the blonde laughed even harder. Livid, the man broke all her windows and keyed her car. The blonde is now laughing hysterically, so the truck driver asks her what's so funny. The blonde giggles and replies, "When you weren't looking, I stepped out of the circle three times!"
You Must Not Know
How can a man really expect a woman to wait around for him? Knowing very well that the woman has feelings for him that are strong and unwavering. He says that he loves her and misses her only to tell his previous ex the same thing. OK so here's the story: I dated this guy for over 2 years. HE lied to his friends and family about our relationship because he was afraid of commitment and was afraid of his feeling s for me.... well that is what he says... However he has done this with all his ex's I was just the worst case. His parents think I am addicted to Meth and other drugs.... which I am not. His friends are under the impression that I was physically and mentally abusive during the relationship and caused him to become depressed and reserved. He was depressed when I met him and he continued to be that way. No matter what I did to try to help it just got worse. He would just snap at me and treat me like I was a huge pain in the ass. I tried to talk to him, I tried to talk to his f
Not So Much A Blog
As u all probably dont know I love writing short stories when I'm bored keep in mind pretty much 98% of my stories have nothing to do with me it's just things i think of writing about so...Enjoy. But if u dont...Ill try better next time then for you :D Critism is much loved just as well as praise right then? Read on literate people read on!!!! Once upon a time a girl. With all her problems she accumalated she started to disappear. Her and her parents never saw eye-to-eye, her boyfriend aways wanted more and better things, her and her school work could never co-operate, her job was so unappreciating for such hard work. One day she couldn't talk to anyone about all of her problems and issues because people were uncaring and only thought about themselves. While people didn't listen, she couldn't be heard. She started to run away from her problems. She ran away from home leaving her family without a word of goodbye, leaving her boyfriend without a good bye kiss, her friends without
New Cummer...
Erotic Words For The Song Bilingual By Jose Nunez
The only aphrodisiac I need is your voice. Hearing you speak my name, beckoning me to answer telling me you want me. So I tell you that you're the answer to every question I've ever had about love. Without words, I use my tongue to tell the tale of "us". Tracing your shadowscape, kneeling before you, my eyes feast upon your masculinity, in all it's divinity, and I praise you because all of that is for me. I begin to indulge myself of your delicacies, digesting semi-sweet dark-chocolate decadence as it melts, dripping down my chin. Your taste is something Godiva couldn't recreate. Needing every atom of your anatomy, necessity is placed upon me knowing you're the source of my serendipity. Dipping in and out of me stroking more than my conciousness. Subconciously, I find myself rewinding our love-scenes in my day-dreams. Seeing that face you make when you're making me cum and it makes me want you right there and then. Thinking of you in inappropriate places I get ting
Moment To Chill
Someone Buy Me A Drink...
Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or random things, facts, or habits about yourself. At the end, you choose at least 5 people to be tagged, listing their names . Don't forget to leave a comment that says, "You're it" on their profile and ask them to read your blog. You can't tag the person who tagged you. Have fun! 1: I'm not wearing underwear. 2: My dog is finally learning to sleep in her own bed at night, and for the whole night. 3: Spiders continue to freak me out, despite stories of their contributions to the world. 4: I want a new cell phone. 5: I'm starting a new company... 6: I think the time is right for Carl Weathers to run for Governor. 7: Most of the time, I drink Ice Tea straight but SOMETIMES, I'll add three packets of Sweet'n'Low and buzz. ^_^ 8: I have a heterosexual man-crushes on Ewan McGreggor, Alan Rickman and Ralph Fiennes. 9: I'm riddled with guilt that I use as a kind of humbling power source. 10: I tak
Free Me Save Me Bleed Me Kill Me Leave me in puddles on the floor Push Me Pull Me Sex Me Slave Me Leave me on my knees begging for more. I want to be free tired of this guilt tired of the lies that were built on lies of man handed down mouth to hand to put me into chains for life cutting through my flesh like a knife Leaving me in puddles on the floor Eyes that pierce through to the heart of me sees to the start of me that's what you do peels away all of the layers of me revealing what's left of me that's what you do I and I can't stop your gaze is so demading wants more of me than I can give Cuz I don't usually give myself away like that take me to the grave and then want's me down on my knees to give the best of me What's left of me as your eyes pierce through to the heart of me. This is just the start.... Sweet Love That your arms embrace me that your lips do taste me and I surrender wholly to you. Can fingernails be
Thank You
Thank you everyone for helping me along the way when I was a newcomer. I really enjoy being here on CherryTap. I am now beginning to know the ropes around here and have a lot of fun doing it aswell. I also want to let everyone know that I have finally found my soulmate. The only thing I need to figure out is how to make my name stand out a little more than it is right now. Now again thank you all. darkprincess1345
I have recently had my HeartBROKEN so please dont try and make me feel better, yet. I just need to be alone on this struggle. Hope everyone else is doing better then I. bye CT for now, JonJon(
Tequila - Happy Cinco De Mayo
Tequila - Happy Cinco De MayoAdd to My Profile | More Videos
On The Tap
Your words are hollow, your actions are trivial. Everytime you speak it carries the scent of lies. You say you're the master of the game but you've yet to play mine. I can see right through you to your ulterior motives, to all your shady logic. So you play your game and I'll play mine and when it's all over we'll see who the Master is this time. Seriously.. how hard is it to read a paragraph on somones page? Chances are you'll find out alot about a person before you approach them with some off the wall bull shit that's only gonna get you a cold shoulder. Lets see.. if it says I COULD GIVE A SHIT LESS HOW HORNY YOU ARE.. guess what? I really could care less. There's enough people on here that might actually help u out.. so go find 'em. Yea anyway thats my bitch of the day.. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT
Come Show Sparky Some Love sparky_g@ CherryTAP Get More At YourSpaceCorner.Com Get More At YourSpaceCorner.Com Get More At YourSpaceCorner.Com Get More At YourSpaceCorner.ComGet More At YourSpaceCorner.Com Come Show Her some Love Fire Dragon Angela(Angel Family
Someone's soul makes you look beyond appearances. If ever there were a moment for opposites to attract, this would be it! You see past borders and superficial differences to the potential of a real connection.
New Blogs
ok im new to this and all i got an invite from a very cool friend of mine and i kinda liek the sight...i can even get to it at work so thats cool
Belladonna@ Cherrytap
Page 14
Husband: Ya know.....if you learned to cook, we could fire the chef!!! Wife: Yeah.....and if you learned to fuck, we could fire the gardener too!!!
Closer To You ..
Do you know what you have done? Silver teardrops you have won I‛ll never show them to anyone but you Do you see what you did? You laughed as I hid I‛ll never show me to anyone but you I look up and you‛re gone And I turn and notice her She has filled up my room And taken my listener And it always comes back to you Every move that I make is to get closer to you You know I cannot show The things that they don‛t know I can‛t unveil what I haven‛t found in me You know I want respect This just hasn‛t happened yet And it all gets stuck down inside of me I look up and you‛re gone And I turn and notice her She has filled up my room And taken my listener And it always comes back to you Every move that I make is to get closer to you I wish things could be different I wish things would change What would I do? What would I do? If I can‛t be with you? I can‛t be with you! It‛s not right, it‛s not e

Mistress in the Dark I can't make out the details of her face, when she leaves she won't leave a trace. Her visits are becoming rarer and fewer, I'd give anything to see her. She walks in without a sound, everything she does is unbound. I can't remember the last time she came, things can't just stay the same. I look into the night for her gentle figure, hoping this time she'll pull the trigger. I love the mistress of the dark, just as natural as the sky loves the skylark. She has my heart and soul, when will she show? I guess its time for me to leave, only my love have i reaved. I flew into a tree as she dropped him off. I had been watching them since they left the movie theater. She gave him a kiss on lips as she left him at his door. I didn’t listen to their conversation because I really didn’t care. The only thing I cared about was the girl leaving that doorstep. She was a redhead which always sparked my curiosity. When I am out to feed, my favorite is a natural re
man, i feel really stupid and most say that i would so, help me out if anyone can please. no this isn't begging but, i don't know what else to do ....... anyone
Blogs Duh
Passion Parties For Ladies
Hey ladies!! Any of you intersted in passion parties for women. If so please contact me and please no men unless your wife might be interested cause I am VERY happily married and just here to promote my home business. Thanks.
Looking For Models
Ice Road Truckers (show)
A Year In My Life
when after struggling for two hours to make conversation with two co-eds you've only just met outside a McDonald's in suburban jersey, you cant help but ask why. are you so desperate that when they casually slid their car in behind yours, blocking you in so you cant get away, you pretend not to notice? does their attention stroke some need in you? fill some void, some loneliness left behind by the last few months of homelessness ? well its like this. you're sittin on the back of your best friend's '86 camaro eating cheeseburgers and sharin a coke. you've just got off the highway after 10 hours worth of driving that should have taken 5. you're exhausted and damn glad to be out of the car. being an 18 year old guy, you dont mind a bit when you notice the two girls parked a couple spaces to your right pointing at you, staring and eventually sauntering over, clinging to each other as if one has any more of a spine than the other. they invite you to some party one of their friends is havei
How I Feel
my life is falling apart more and more everyday...when i think that things are finally looking up for me something terrible happens and knocks me back down to i'm never making any head way in my life other than living day to day...doin the same shit...constantly worring about family and friends and about my life and the difficult moments that arise....but mostly i worry about one person who has had a major part in my life....even tho we had a wonderful but also painful five years together...we still to this day talk as if nothing happened and still feel the sameway about each other....but in all reality i'm the one that at this point is suffering...and i'm not talking about pain...i'm talking about long days of loneliness..depression..anger.fustration. and so many more...i find myself losing control of my train of thought...i cant focus on things that are right in front of i guess i'm saying that i'm lost without my soulmate....i have no soul to live
Nice To See You
I thought it time to say a hello to you all, while i have chance and am actually standing still. I though it an idea if I asked if my new friends could post a full length recent photo of themselves, if of course they havent yet. Nothing of a sleazy (well not overly so ...smiles) nature. Just fully dressed natural shot. You are all stunning ladies, but some i can only see head and shoulders and it would be great to see you in full, so to speak. Also ... myspace anyone? if so .. pop your address into me and maybe lets link up? Hope to hear from you all soon, see a few pics (and yes ill post more too) and maybe link on myspace too. Have a great day Cal x ps ok .. you fellas can post some too :)
Too Much
Little Things
Miles upon miles, seems like forever ago when I left here. Things still don't seem real, but the smell of the salt from the ocean tells me I was really there. I did a lot of thinking on the way there and back. The things I wish I could change, take back somehow. The things I wish I could do again. I'm still learning to hold tight...and let go... To Nicole...who was my passenger...thank you for the company. Twelve years together and we still manage to laugh until we cry. Even when it hurts. To Marc...who held my hand through that tough is never easy, but I don't wish for it to be. Otherwise we'd miss out on the good stuff, the stuff that makes the bad with it. To Sarge...too many drinks and we still manage don't we? You make sense when the world doesn't. Scary huh? To are right. To Chewie...still crazy as ever, but your smile was all that was needed on the rainy days. You always remember the little things in life. Thank you for remembering me-b
On 29 last month this sweet friend of mine got ct married with Miss Cherrie..I know it's a bit late but i want to congratulate them both See his page Mario di Nava..See Miss Cherries page 2.. CherryTAP He really is a very great and lovely guy You 2 rock xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Vote For Marita!
Single And Down
Respectfully To The Women On Ct!!
Work Vs Prison
Come See How Good I Look
So, basically I'm just doing this because I have nothing better to do. I have no idea how the hell to work this place yet, so if anyone has some interesting advice, please give it to me! Thanx
Everyone In The Military .... everyones comments are welcomed!!! well folks i updated my profile--only thing i added Stickam to it and im on live hello to all my friends!! if some of your are uploading pictures, i am only able to know at certain times, my fubar page is jacked or the sysytem is who knows or its payback for my nasty mum that got deleted and pissed off every mummer on fubar, anyways if you want me to know you uploaded new pics just message me thx
Life Sucks
Im Feeling It!
A Poem I Did
at the bottom of a bread box you will find a doorway into the back of my mind fly into my dreams and see what you’ll find floors that talk to you late at night and the walls watch over you as you sleep tight people are not quite as they seem use them as candles they all start melting down to the ground they are now one or the same the flame burns out with each drop of rain the clouds fade away into a blackened sky and the birds fall to the sea one by one they all die this place in my mind I call the land of gilt and regret washes away with the tide and helps me to forget brick by brick a wall takes it form keeping me safe from anymore harm the clocks turn to dust and my bones they decay bringing me to a new day what happens next its so hard to tell i could only say now I know this is not hell by sonnie
The Dash
Looking For My Cousins
Autism Awareness
Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and is the result of a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain, impacting development in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Both children and adults with autism typically show difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication, social interactions, and leisure or play activities. One should keep in mind however, that autism is a spectrum disorder and it affects each individual differently and at varying degrees - this is why early diagnosis is so crucial. By learning the signs, a child can begin benefiting from one of the many specialized intervention programs. Autism is one of five disorders that falls under the umbrella of Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD), a category of neurological disorders characterized by “severe and pervasive impairment in several areas of development.” The five disorders under PDD are: Au
What The Fuck?
Guess Im Asking Now!!!
can u vote for me in a sexi tatt contest plz click the link below and rate and comment bomb my sexi tatt pic as much as u can till ur fingers hurt pleeeeessee!! i need the help of my friends! i wanna win so hook me up plz!! love to all u weather u do or don't but please do!lol holla at cha gurl---dawn MyHotComments First of all kisses and hugs to all the friends who have actually blessed my page with madd love u know who u are!! If u are asking urself is she talkin bout me? then the answer is yes!! there are so many fake ass folks up here who say they give love back to all who fan rate and friend me first and all these other stipulations but those very same people with all these rules are not doin what they say!! now i believe in giving a person a few days cuz who knows what they may be doin or how busy they are with life and all that jazz but i would like to see who actually reads these and takes tim
My Boys Birthday
Is it wrong 2 have a picture of your tattoo on here,cause some dumb ass turned in my primary photo picture I had up and said it was nsfw.You people need 2 grow up you don't like my pictures or profile don't look at it.I could care less at least I have clothes on I am not showing my boobs,ass or pussy and I have no nekkid pictures on profile like more then half these people do so get a life and stop fuckin with people that are trying 2 enjoy fubar.ty Hey all it is my best friends birthday today and he just joined fubar so can we show him some love tyvm His name is chuck and he is under 'hardride' he only has 1 picture with me in it lol ty all xoxo annie
ALRIGHT LOOK… all of you women looking for a man just ready to fall head over heels for you after emailing you a couple of times and reading your profile…wake up. These things take time. Yeah we may start to pursuit a relationship, but if we see something we don't like for example: psychosis, unmentioned children, general distain towards men, or a lack of emotional attraction…we leave. Don't be dejected. Its not's you. No I'm not a jaded man writing this. I'm just a man sick of my female friends bitching about it AND THEN repeating the same pattern of crap. With a big girl. I see past size and look at character. Big girls and skinny girls can be sweet or total super mega bitches. Size doesn't matter...its alll about personality, character, and how you carry yourself that makes you attractive...not if you're a single digit size. Elder folk have told me I have a Seasoned Spirit...a seemingly unwarrented understanding about things in life that I shouldn't have at my age. I get
George Carlin
Fun Stuff: Walk into a gun store, buy three guns and a bunch of ammunition, then ask them if they have any ski masks. The very existence of flamethrowers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, "You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done." "I am" is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that "I do" is the longest sentence?
Inspired By Tabatha
I see you walking towards me That initial comment slips my mind I am dazed and confused As if my brain is blind I say the first thing I can think of My lips move, but there is no sound As if my voice has been taken And I am gagged and bound As you glance in my direction I am captivated by your eyes I know you can see right into my soul And my body language can tell you no lies I am mesmerized by your beauty Hoping that I am not dreaming I try to say something clever As you stand in front of me gleaming I finally get out a Hello My voice trembles with dismay I know your out of my league All I can do is hope and pray You smile at me sweetly I feel a big relief You say Hello And I begin to believe
Thank You For Making My Birthday Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Visit www.hostdrjack.comHost Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE! Visit www.hostdrjack.comHost Your Images & Videos FREE CLICK HERE! Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You.....I wanted to thank everyone for making my birthday wonderful. There are so many people to thank I don't even know where to begin and so I don't exclude anyone I'm not going to mention names here but do it on a personal basis.This might take me a few days considering there is so many thank showed me so much love. I never expected today to be what it was. I'm truly greatful to the many awesome friends I have in my life. Thank you to everyone for all the notes, gifts, tags, Status Shout Out,Birthday Bulletins, Songs,Birthday blogs and anything else I might have missed to say. Your friendship means so much to me. This is one Birthday I will never forget. I have never seen so much love in one day from so many people. Many Thanks to all of you for taking the time to remember me today.Much Love to you. ¢¾BooBoo...KDM'Z
New Way To Get Rid Of 11's
What is a Curious Klinker? other answer was: Penguins and Camels winner gets tomorrows 11's or the 11's to a friend What two animals have the same red blood cell make up as a human? first to answer correctly will get 100 11's or can give them to someone.
Music Up For Sale
Mystery Love (a Fav)
Help A Friend.
I know I haven..t known you very long and I shouldn..t be asking you for this so soon, but I really need it badly. I haven..t had it for a while and I can already feel it going in good and hard and coming out nice and soft. If you would do this for me no one would ever know. I am sure you can satisfy my needs and I..d be very grateful if you would. I am very desperate and I need your help. You must think by now that I have a lot of nerve but I can feel my tongue wrapping around it and sucking out all the juices until it..s very dry. I am not going to beat around the bush any longer so. Do you have a piece of gum
Christy's Nagging & Ragging!
Finally...I got my first perfect score on DDR Extreme a triple A Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! Ok..heres the deal. I drive a very old big V8 and the gas gage doesnt work. As I was driving home from the grocery store I ran out of gas. 5 different Merrillville police cars drove past me and didnt even stop and not only that a Lake County cop drove past as well. What if I was hurt? I mean it wasnt like the car was abandoned or something. The only person who offered any kind of help was a man, whose house I died infront of. I wish I could have gotten the numbers off of the cop cars because I would have called and complained. What was I suppose to do to get any help? Stand outside naked..I dont think so. PROTECT AND SERVE MY BIG FAT ASS!!! YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY PISSES ME OFF............. When people are driving and talking on thier cell phones. I went out today and from the time I left my home, went to the currency exchange (which is a 1/2 mile) and back home...I saw atleast 10 or more drivers with t
~ASHLEY~HTA~ IS IN CONTEST ending on September 6th, at 7 PM MST. Shes behind in 3'd place needs 1500 comments to catch up been away from here a while .. get a break from here ..get back into real life things .... had a great weekend dispite the fact garage got broken into .. anyway don't got internet at home for now sorry guys i won't be able to help out on contest or help others level ..... I will be back off and on .. want all my friends here to know i miss ya'll I hope to be back soon Bye .. First Lady of Fubar Contest start time Sunday nov. 11 @ 12:00 pm central Ending time SaturDay nov. 17 @ 12:00 pm central Prizes 1'st place 7 day blast or 1 month vip 2'nd place 3 day blast 3'rd place 1 day blast comment bombing contest self comment bombing allowed contest entrants Trophy Wife Toastergirl Sweetness RedGurl Horny AngeL Andrea Satin
Bad Feelins
Should you be friends with some one whom tells you that they are gonna be there when you need them.. Or should you break it off due to the fact that the friend stood you up.. knowing that you were needing to go some were for an employment interview. And even when you offer to pay them cash for the time... What would you do. ?? A.) stay friends or B.) go seperate ways
Him Tour Dates I'll Be There Will You?!?!?!
Oct. 18 - Sayreville, NJ - Starland Ballroom Oct. 21 - Worcester, MA - The Palladium Oct. 24 - Toronto, ON - The Docks Nightclub and Concert Theatre Oct. 25 - Chicago, IL - Congress Theatre Oct. 26 - St Louis, MO - The Pageant Oct. 27 - Maplewood, MN - Myth Oct. 30 - Omaha, NE - Sokol Auditorium Oct. 31 - Kansas City, MO - Uptown Theater Nov. 02 - Denver, CO - Ogden Theatre Nov. 06 - Calgary, AB - MacEwan Hall Nov. 07 - Edmonton, AB - Edmonton Event Centre Nov. 09 - Vancouver, BC - Croatian Cultural Centre Nov. 10 - Seattle, WA - Showbox Nov. 11 - Portland, OR - McMenamins Crystal Ballroom Nov. 13 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield Nov. 14 - Los Angeles, CA - Orpheum Theatre Nov. 17 - Las Vegas, NV - The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas Nov. 20 - Dallas, TX - The Palladium Ballroom Nov. 21 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live Nov. 23 - Ft Lauderdale, FL - Revolution Nov. 24 - Orlando, FL - Hard Rock Live Orlando Nov. 25 - Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle Nov. 28 - Myrtle
Dreaming Of You
I Dream of You In the stillness of the night Your arms are the wind Holding me Tight Whispering softly Calling my name It's your voice i hear again and again My heart is full.yet empty to Because the one thing I want and can't have Is you!!!!! Man:Haven't i see you someplace before? Woman:Yes,that's why i don't go there anymore. Man:Is this seat empty? Woman:Yes,and this one will be if you sit down. Man:Your place or mine? Woman:Both,you go to yours and i'll go to mine. Man:So,what do you do for a living? Woman:I'm a female impersonator. Man:I would go to the end of the world for you. Woman:But would you stay there? Man:If i could see you naked i'd die happy. Woman:If i saw you naked i'd die laughing. as i sit on a swing watching my children play i realize my memories of you have began to slip away as my heart sinks low and my eyes fill with tears i cling to the precious thoughts that i hold so dear so sadly i sit as my heart breaks
Please Pray For Her
Show Her Some Love
Aries Rule!! :)
March 21-April 20 Ruling Planet: MARS The bonk now/think later God of War, aggression and action! Sexually, Aries is an explosion waiting to happen! The excitement is often in the chase more than the actual conquest though and while they may appear to want to dominate, they do not want a submissive partner. Routine brings boredom to sex for Aries, so if you're only comfortable with the missionary position, go for another sign, but if you like forceful personalities and enjoy pretending you're a human Twistie, then you've found paradise with an Aries. FAVE POSITION Always on top and always in charge BEST SEX TOY Handcuffs! Like I said, Aries likes to take charge! ARIES MALE IN BED The Aries male is loud, domineering and 100% stud! He's from the bump n grind school of lovemaking so if you're looking for romantic dinners by candlelight and long walks on the beach, keep looking! He's the original 5-minute man so if you're turned on by ultra-macho grunt-and-groaning typ
The March To Peace
Long before and ever since Nietzsche proposed the untrustworthiness of one ethnicity (after all there is only one race: homo sapiens sapiens what some people mistakenly call "race" is actually "ethnicity") there have been people who sought to intellectualize racism and racialism as appropriate defenses for one ethnicity's aggression against, or segregation from, another. The relationship between "racism" and "racialism" is complex because the words are at times used synonamously and at other times racialism is distinguished from racism where racialism is considered a political/philosophical agenda where racism is an action. This allows racialists to recruit and defend their position distancing themselves from the violence of racism. In the Oxford distionary "racialism" was first noted in 1907: belief in the superiority of a particular race. "Racism" is first included in 1936: The theory that distinctive human characteristics and abilities are determined by race. Now these were g
When your just about ready to give up what do you do? Some people think of the positive out looks and some just try to make it better..If it wasn't for my niece i think i would give up on life..To me it seems i can not please any1. Some how some way i all ways let someone down.My worst fear is that my mom will die and she won't have me there..My mome lives in Alberta,Canada and she is my life and my world with out her i wouldn't have nothing. I was born on my mom's 20th b-day. June 10th of 1987! When i was born i was not breathing. The dr's had to do CPR on me and i was stuck in an inkubator. They realized i was not ready to come out. My lungs were not fully developed yet. Since i was born i have had alot of things wrong with me. i am allergic to over 110 things. i have atopicdertatitse i have really bad asthma and i found out in august that i have sist on both of my overies..And i'm also a risk for cancer just like my mom. I wonder why i seem to get teased alot and get put down by ppl
The World Of Art
GOOD Morning all you awesome people! My husband and I were having a discussion, and i would like to involve all of you in it; we were discussing the world of art and how it is important. My husband, whom is a member of Fubar, J_SIN, is an artist, in many words, sculpture, painting, airbrushing, drawing, pottery, etc. He is what you call the starving artist, striving to get his work known, not his name, just his style. He has this surealistic style to his art, it all comes from the imagination, and his heart. He has been drawing since he was 2, and went to Worcester Art Museum, under a summer scholarship when he was 6 and was invited again when he was 14. I'm not tooting his horn, i'm asking you all to take 5 minutes out of your schedule, go check out his art, and style. He will be well known, someday, but not while we live up here in Maine. There are no outlets, and what there is of an outlet, he winds up getting stepped on and tossed into the trash like an old tiss
Taking Some Time
I have pretty much moved out of my house and I am leaving my wife. Therefore, I will not be online as often as I was. I will still try to check in as often as possible. I hope all of my real friends on here will still be here. LUV YOU ALL and there is one in particular that I LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY!! She knows who she is. Till next time... jokerLUVSboobs
Thanks To You!
i thank every one who helped me level i can load more pics to goto to morph war with i appreciate all of you guys...lots of love to you all!
A Prayer
I just released Topaz ~Lady of Magic~, she is new to the lifestyle and asked to be released so she could decided if this was truly what she wanted. Although her training with me was short, but she is a quick study and was doing very well as My submissive. I wish her all the best in what ever she may decide. If you have time please show them some love by visiting and rating her page. ~Sir Dave~ Sir's Lady of Magic@ fubar I recently released two online submissives, they were very special to Sir and good submissives, whom I will miss very much. They both requested their release so that they may serve another Who was closer to their locations, this fact would give them realtime with their new Master. I wish them all the happiness life has to offer, If you have time please show them some love by visiting and rating their pages. ~Sir Dave~ Gypsy@ fubar Shorty@ fubar
Thank You !
Please say a prayer for my son Bobby, He is at Camp liberty, and they were hit yesterday> My son called this morning he is okay!!!!! Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who prayed for him, it helped keep me going all day. Thank you everyone. that helped me level up. I leveled up just about 2 levels.
Dragon Tears
Dragon Tears Dragon's eyes, Gold and bright, Shining out Into the night. Fire rising Through the mist, Lighted by The sun's first kiss. People fleeing, Full of terror, Except one girl With golden hair. Brave is she, Strong and bold. Never bound To any hold. Scales of green and gold, Glittering blue In the morn, Shining through. "Brave are you, Not to fear me." says he. "I will not harm you You may go free." His golden tears Fell all around. Dripping softly to the ground. "Why do you cry, Oh Dragon sir," The maiden asked To be quite sure. "Oh, maiden, You do not need To know the problems Of this weed." "But, oh, sweet
To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that did what she wanted to do. To every guy that cried in front of her. .... To every guy that she cried in front of... To every guy that holds hands with her. To every guy that kisses her with meaning. To every guy that hugs her when she's sad. To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all. To every guy who would give their jacket up for her. To every guy that calls to make sure she got home safe. To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes..... To every guy that would give his seat up... To every guy that just wants to cuddle. To every
New Members
Please show our newest members sum love. Please keep coming back and checking this blog as it will change with new members be added and unfortunately ones that do leave. Go welcome them into the family and make sure you are adding them as well. If you notice that you are missing members on your list please private message myself{Tainted} Jess{Shadow} or Jaymes{Baby Boy J}. 2/14/08 MistressBroken~Nyha'sFu-wife~IBIC~Owned by CherryEater, punkrock210 & BBW Goddess~PSPinup~@ fubar ****************************** unknown dates lol ****************************** Thickndaazz4ya (NBSD) & Member of Dylon's Divas!!! Drink Me Baby!@ fubar ☆§†ïñå aka §kÈȆêr☆@ fubar billymac39 (Please Fan, Re-Rate,and Add Me) CLUB FAR and member of DSC, D&DC@ fubar ~Metal Baby~Hollywood Spotlights~JL'sFu Wifey~CLUB F.A.R.~Sisterhood~NBSD FAMILY@ fubar ******************************* 01-21-08 ******************************* Craziness that is Me; darkside; nbsd family@ fubar
Marcus-ownz@ Fubar
My Los And Lettes
to all my lo and lette homies from salem this is to let you all know that this lette has had her baby! He was born on the 16 of september and im sorry to all that wanted to be there and werent it was just my biological fam there and i had him in silverton if i would of had him in salem yall would have been able to come hell most of you would have been takin me to the hospital sorry and i love you all!!!
What Tree Did You Fall From?
Find your birthday and then find your tree. This is cool and somewhat accurate. Then send it to your friends, including the one that sent it to you, so they can find out what tree you fell from, but do not forget to change the subject line to your tree. Find your tree below and see what you are like ... Dec 23 to Jan 01 Apple Tree Jan 01 to Jan 11 Fir Tree Jan 12 to Jan 24 Elm Tree Jan 25 to Feb 03 Cypress Tree Feb 04 to Feb 08 Poplar Tree Feb 09 to Feb 18 Cedar Tree Feb 19 to Feb 28 Pine Tree Mar 01 to Mar 10 Weeping Willow Tree Mar 11 to Mar 20 Lime Tree Mar 21 (only) Oak Tree Mar 22 to Mar 31 Hazelnut Tree Apr 01 to Apr 10 Rowan Tree Apr 11 to Apr 20 Maple Tree Apr 21 to Apr 30 Walnut Tree May 01 to May 14 Poplar Tree May 15 to May 24 Chestnut Tree May 25 to Jun 03 Ash Tree Jun 04 to Jun 13 Hornbeam Tree Jun 14 to Jun 23 Fig Tree Jun 24 (only) Birch Tree Jun 25 to Jul 04 Apple Tree Jul 05 to Jul 14 Fir Tree Jul 15 to Jul 25 Elm Tree Jul 26 to Aug 04 Cypr
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I Am Worthy
This is about 3 trees that had loft aspirations; an Olive tree, an Oak tree, and a Pine tree. Each tree had a great dream to become something special i nlife. The Olive tree dreamed of becoming a finely crafted trerasure chest. It would hold gold, silver, and precious jewels. One day a woodsman chose the one Olive tree, our of all the others in the forest, and cut it down. The Olive tree was so thrilled. But as the craftsmen began working on him, the tree realized they weren't making him into a beautiful treasure chest; they were making him into a manger to hold food for dirty, smelly animals. Heartbroken, his dreams were shattered. He felt wortless and demeaned. The Oak tree as well dreamed of becoming a part of ahuge ship that would carry importnat kings across the ocean. When the woodsman cut down the Oak, he was so excited. But as time went on, he realized the craftsmen weren't making him into a huge ship. They were making him into a tiny fishing boat. He was so disco
Every Time, Always Something!
If this sounds like I am rambling it's cause I probably am. Had a long ass day and it's going to roll over into the weekend. My office is in Las Vegas. I spend my Monday thru Fridays there every week and fly home to be with my son on the weekends. Most of the time I try and keep it to a three day week and then back home. Well, this week I went out later in the week versus a Monday. (See, rambling. I know.)Today, was hell. My flight was supposed to leave Las Vegas at 8:00am and put me home around Noon. Didn't happen that way at all. Plane leaves gate 20min late, no problem, they can make that shit up in the air. We taxi to the runway and the pilot floors it, plane takes off. We probably got 20 feet off the ground and the effen smoke alarm goes off. Problem in the lavitory or something. Flight attendants going ballistic, they search the lav, nothing. False alarm. We go for another hour and the captain gets on the overhead system. We are turning back to Vegas. This flight should only l
Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about the one's who don't. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a second chance, grab it with both hands. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.Friends are like balloons; once you let them go, you can't get them back. So I'm gonna tie you to my heart so I never lose you. Send this to all your friends including me and see how many you get back. Send this balloon to everybody you like You may also return it to me.?? Love....... It's hanging on when you think you've had enough,And giving more when you feel like giving up! (tryin with all my might to just hang on!) English - I love you. Polish - Ja Kocham Ciebie French - Je T'aime Hindu - Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte Hae Czech - Miluji Te Slovakian - Lu'Bim Ta Italian - Ti Amo Ukrainian - Ya Tebe Kahayu German - Ish Libe Dish Chinese - Wo Ai Ni
10 Reasons To Have Sex !!
1.Scientific tests find that when women make love, they produce double amounts of the hormone estrogen, which make hair shiny and skin smooth. 2.Gentle, relaxed lovemaking reduces your chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow. 3. Lovemaking can burn up those calories you piled on during that romantic dinner. 4. Sex is one of the safest sports you can take up. It stretches and tones up just about every muscles in the body. It's more enjoyable than swimming 20 laps and you don't need special sneakers! 5. Sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases the body endorphin into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. 6. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered. The sexually active body gives off greater quantities of chemicals called pheromones. These subtle sex perfumes drive the opposite sex crazy! 7. Sex is the safes
Freakin Love
What Am I Talking About?
Please be polite Bite right in You can use your fingers and lick the juice that may run down your chin You do not need a knife, fork, spoon, plate, napkin or tablecloth For there is no core, stem, rind, pit, seeds, skin to throw away
Little Rant To Pass The Time
Waking Up (nsfw)
I woke up this morning and jumped in the shower, still sleepy i grabbed my razor and shaved. As one of y hands reached done to scratch my balls i noticed i needed to shave them again so i did. fter my showe i went online with my towel around my waist and booked a flight to the states, last minute so i'd be able to arrive there the same day. on my way to the airport and in the plane the only thing i could think of was looking you in your gorgeous eyes and tears your clothes from your body. Appearantly the stewardess noticed that my line of thoguhts wasn't completely pure cause she kept walking by and gave me a few winks and smiles. But i was too much in lust to pay much attention to her. Finally the plane landed and i was able to get out and run to the gate to see if you were their waiting... When i finally got my bags and cleared through customs, i saw you standing a bit in the back, rather close to the public restrooms. Slowly i walked up to you and kissed your lips forcing my
Get Real
Just Leting Every One Know
My friend LadyLoneWolf is Haveing some problems it would really make her feel better if you would drop in and say hey you dont have to rate or comment just say I nice word or two and let her knoe she's not alone I know it would help out alot Thank you Cindy To all of you ass's that are Bashing LadyLoneWolf she is right you people dont givr a fuck if she tryed for you or not. She is a far better person then most too bad you didnt find that out sooner you might havejust made a friend for life but thats in the past now. Just remeber that there are alot of people out that there that want just to belong and to make friends and thats no no drama orshit like that but some of you wil never know Jess I love you girl and dont let any one ever tell you that yournot worth it Because you are better then most this chick is stealing people pix off their p
Jenns Blog
Weird Kinda Carma Going On
Ok here the deal I am in a vary weird kinda pattarn not sure if it is good or bad . First off people who know me very well well have made very rude and crude comments about my personal life which put me in a down moodbasically telling me that I am ugly I dont think I am but hey , 2 I have had two of my ex girlfriens contact me over the past few days one who I havnt talked to in over two years she wants to go back out weird the other I she wanted me back but I was not sure now she told me she wants me back weird . So I told them my new out look on life which is no more will I ever go back meaning if we parted ways in the past it was for a reason so I told the both of them that I want nothing to do with them . 3 My boss gave me my review this week OH BOY he sure can make shit up wow all to keep from giving me a raise sucks . 4 I found a friend with benifis supposedly who never in the mood So wow I must say I kinda at a loss 5 I HAVE A WEEKS VAC NEXT WEEK BUT I HAVE NO ONE TO GO WITH OR P
Birds In Alchemy
Birds in Alchemy In alchemical writings we meet a seemingly bewildering multiplicity of animal symbols - red lions, white eagles, stags, unicorns, winged dragons and snakes. Although at first glance all this complex mass of symbolism seems tortured and confused there is an inner coherence to these symbols, which the ancient alchemists used in specific ways reflecting their esoteric content. In this article I wish to consider a particularly tight knit group of these animal symbols, the birds of alchemy - the Black Crow, White Swan, Peacock, Pelican, and Phoenix - which are descriptive of certain stages of the alchemical process. Of course it would be wrong to suggest that there are fixed rigid meanings with regard to these symbols. The alchemists always integrated the symbols they used, so that one has to look at the total context, the background against which they stand, but when the birds appear in this sequence it is almost certain that the following interpretation can be applied.
Fuck It All
80 Gig Ipod For Sale
Pittsburghese-Local Lingo Stillers—Steelers Blitzbufgh – Pittsburgh during the Steeler playoffs Pop – soft drink or soda Mon – Monongahela River Yinz – variation of Southerners y’all Windas – Windows Redd up – tidy up Sweeper – Vacuum Punkin – Pumpkin Owl – Aisle Oleo – Margarine Come meer – Come here Didya – Did you Elvis has left the building – When the Penguins win Haaja – How did you Doohickey – Object you can’t name at the present time Gumband – Rubber bands Light Bill – Electric Bill Jumbo – Bologna Crick – Creek Yabbut – Yes, but Priddy – Pretty Sammich - Sandwich Hoagie - Sub Sandwich Mundy, Tuedy, Wensdy, Thursdy, Frydy, Sadurdy, Sundy How a Pittsburgher pronounces the days of the weeks. You walk caefully when it is "slippy"Yunz are from Picksburgh if… You walk carefully when it is “slippy” outside You’ve told your children to “red up” there rooms You’ve gotten hurt by fal
Tell Me Is Fubar For Adults...
I am sorry but this bullshit with NSFW and all the fuckin rules on here have gotten out of hand...I work in a lounge that is considred NSFW...Alright will if it isnt safe for work ...stay the fuck of at that time or fuckin hide better...My friend has been silenced totally from every privilege on here for tellin his opinion of something that needs to be changed...Well I dont know about the rest of you ...but I thinks its time that we are treated as grown ups period...yeah we have sex and we are human /...when people turn us on we act on it...So what god dammit we are adults here...this isnt myspace or face book! People can come here and harrass the fuck out of u ...with comments and ratings an d bullshit and they do nothing...but u put up a pic of what god has given u and they consider us NSFW...BULLSHIT!I stand behind my true friends...So come takes us down...We are sittin in Club G Spot waiting! Come prove to us how childish u really are! I am sorry but this bullshit wi
Quotes By Known People
What greater thing is there for two human souls that to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other... to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. ~George Eliot~ Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today. ~James Dean~ And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln~
Gift For The Holidays
Above all else they are safe and do not contain harmful chemicals or carcinogens, that other household, laundry, and cosmetics contain. For example: Did you know… Chlorine bleach can burn, irritate skin, eyes, and the respiratory system? Ammonia can be damaging to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract? Air fresheners contain toxins that include Formaldehyde and Phenol? Dishwashing detergents contain dry chlorine, which is the #1 cause of poisoning in children according to poison control? Furniture polish contains Petroleum Distillates, which can cause skin and lung cancer. Another fact for anyone who cleans their own home: According to the National Cancer Society, a 15 year study found that women are at higher risk of cancer! I am so excited to know that by changing my household over to non toxic,natural,enviornmentally items, my house is a cleaner, safer place for my family.I know not alot people know where to get this so ask me and I will let you know where. I foun
Veronikas Surprise
Sexy Gifts
du du hast du hast mich du du hast du hast mich du du hast du hast mich du du hast du hast mich du du hast du hast mich du hast mich du hast mich gerfagt du hast mich gerfagt du hast mich gerfagt und ich hab nichts gesagt willst du bis der tod euch scheide treu ihr sein fur alle tage nein nein willst du bis der tod euch scheide treu ihr sein fur alle tage nein nein du du hast du hast mich du du hast du hast mich du du hast du hast mich du hast mich du hast mich gerfagt du hast mich gerfagt du hast mich gerfagt und ich hab nichts gesagt willst du bis der tod euch scheide treu ihr sein fur alle tage nein nein willst du bis zumtod der scheide sie lieben auch in schlechten tagen nein nein willst du bis der tod euch scheide treu ihr sein fur alle tage nein nein wer zu lebzeit gut auf erden wird nach dem d ein engel werden den blick gen himmel fragst du dann erst wenn die wolken schl
My Stuff
Lost & Cold Lonely & Empty inside when your love fades in the wind like a breathe of death. Your heart bleeds for that touch of emotion to seal your soul. My mind plays tug of war with my heart ripping it into pieces of dying flesh. To numb the mind,drunkness prevails,but the heart of emotions flood my heart with tears of a child. Burning with your passion. I'm Lost & Cold without You! By: Me - Jason C. McQuistion ~JÐΘG3881~ÈÑҒΘRÇÈR @ ÑħŦ¥ ŦĦ¥Ħȧ £ÖÚÑGÈ®~@ fubar This Is How Every Gal Should Be Treated ! To every guy that's said, "Sex CAN wait" To every guy that's said, "You're beautiful." To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her. To every guy that gives her flowers and a card when she is sick or down. To every guy who has given her flowers just because thats how he rolls. To every guy that said he would die for her. To every guy that really would. To every guy that
Let me remind you that you are the one who called me crying and telling me how depressed and homesick you were and how you miss your sister and her new baby and telling me how the boy you are with is misstreating you and all and wanting me to get you home to oklahoma remember YOU CALLED ME so I cannot believe you would let him block the only way you have to find out anything about the wrest of your family.
Vote For Me Plz
Ones To Level
My Wonderful Life!!
So here it is the first couple of days of 2008 and I have already worked my ass off to the point where my whole body hurts. I need a massage, any offers?? LOL So all and all this year is going pretty good, no big fights with the parents, looking for a place to move so I can get the fuck out of this house before I do kill one of my parents. Because it is only a matter of time before them or I flip out on each other. So I am hoping to move by March at latest giving that nothing comes up between now and then. Which knowing my luck it will. My relationship is still going steady and strong given where my old man is. LMAO. I still have a temptation to be with another man but I don't know if I can bring myself to do it, but hey in the heat of the moment you never know. Right? Right! So yeah, that is it for now. PEACE, LOVE AND TRAMP STAMPS!! So here it is getting closer to a new year. I am kind of excited because that means I don't have much longer until the love of my life comes
Kiss From A Rose
Ba da ba da da da ah ya ya Ba da da da ba ba ee ah Ba ya ya ba ba de ba da da da ah ya ya Ba da ba da da da ah ya ya Ba da da da ba ba ee ah Ba ya ya ba ba de ba da da da ah ya ya Ba ya ha ya ah ah ah ah ah ba ba ya ya Ha ah ah ah ah ah ah Ba da ba da da da ah ya ya Ba da da da ba ba ee ah Ba ya ya ba ba de ba da da da ah ya ya Ba da ba da da da ah ya ya Ba da da da ba ba ee ah Ba ya ya ba ba de ba da da da ah ya ya Ba ya ha ya ah ah ah ah ah ba ba ya ya Ha ah ah ah ah ah ah There used to be a greying tower alone on the sea. You became the light on the dark side of me. Love remained a drug thats the high and not the pill. But did you know, That when it snows, My eyes become large and, The light that you shine can be seen. Baby, I compare you to a kiss from a rose on the grey. ...kiss from a rose on the grey. Ooh, The more I get of you, Ooh................... Stranger it feels, yeah. (l) And now that your rose is is in bloom. (l) A light hi
Checkout Dark Reflection New Skins
Okay, so the graphics bug has got me!! I have made a few skins... feel free to rip them if you like them, but please be kind and at least rate my profile while you are there :) Repost if you don't mind! :D Just click the pic.. to preview the skin :) Oh and Happy New Year!! I hope it is a great one for you ALL! Mwah! Brought to you by: ∞ ÐrκRëƒlëcτiön§ ∞
Hello Everyone
2008 Parties!!!
These parties start at 8 PM and can last for up to 6 or 7 hours. The cover is only $10. Your boundaries/limits will be respected. Please respect ALL, if you attend. Floyd & Barb (Hosts) 1099 South Virginia in Reno, NV 775.329.1099 January 19 - 70's & 80's Retro February 09 - Pretty in Pink March 15 - Who's Your Lucky Charm? April 19 - Passion & Fantasy May 10 - Slave June 21 - Just Because July 12 - Hawaiian Luau & BBQ August 08 - Leather August 09 - Lace September 06 - Lingerie September 27 - Leather Vibrations October 18 - Halloween Costume November 22 - PJ December 13 - Sexy Santa's Helper     Unfortunately, this Club closed it's doors in July of 2011. The Chapel Tavern is now located here. I haven't been to this establishment, yet .. after I visit, I will write a review.
Anyone Know?
Anyone know of any good porn sites or anyone or and place that has good webcams to view? They have to be free naturally. My preferance is lesbian porn btw in case it matters. If you know where to find any...please let me know!! ~Amber~
The Crow
'sarges Bad Girls' (add, Fan, Rate)
How Romantic Are You? My Results
Quiz Result Yes, you are a hopeless romantic. You need a lot of of emotions and warmth. Daydreams and fantasies intrigue you and mesmerize you. You focus on your fantasies as they provide a way out of the ordinary. You are a dreamy person who is very prone to infatuation.
Tobe's Paradise....come On In!
Something, What?
Nearly Unnoticed She is lonely Even though you can't tell She is reaching out For what, she doesn't know She will continue to sit in silence And hope that someone may stumble across Her and all of her emptiness But they only hope that they do it in time Otherwise she will have drifted too far And she may let go Of whatever grasp of the world she has As she slowly fades out of the lives of everyone Nearly unnoticed. Something Must Be by Oblivious Something must be wrong with me with all this hurt inside, always bursting with anger, and never any pride. Something must be wrong with me if all I do is cry, I can't stop this pain all I want to do is die. Something must be wrong with me if my emotions run wild, all this confusion does is make me feel like a lost child. Something must be wrong with me with all these terrible things, always there and never gone depression is what it brings. Something must be wrong with me if I can't stop these thou
My Favorite Place To Be !!
Help Drew Out Please!!!
If any of you are looking for something to do, I have a great idea for you...Our very own sweetheart Drew is in a contest, if you can find it in your heart to take a lil trip over and give her a pic rate so she can win it would be greatly appreciated...Here's the link to her pic...Thanks to any and all of you that give her any help...Tina
Got R Did
Fu Wedding Tonight
Come join with us as we get Fu Married Tonight at 10:00 p.m. Est in the Martini Lounge. We would love too have all our friends there too join us. ♥ BooBoo ♥ Founder of Shadow Levelers.@ fubar gary1210WRR FAN~rl b/f of Christina~shadow levelers~FU OWNED BY~♥ BooBoo♥ Founder of@ fubar Standing for us.. Man of Honor ~yeahmon~[Shadow Leveler]~Please read profile and sign guestbook~@ fubar Best Women ♪LilBamaGirl♪~Shadow Leveler~Taken By BamasKeeper@ fubar Click on the Martini too enter the lounge. Pastor Andy will be preforming the ceremony stop by and show him some love. Pastor Andy ~LoL Family@ fubar
Family Bulletin
RockstarBy NickelbackBest Video Codes Just a little ol Bulletin from good old Agent Smith ,each and every one of these people are really awesome people to me,so iam asking that if you get chance Fan Rate and Add each of them,you wont be let down,they are all top notch friends and family,real quality people. I would also like to thank each and every one of my fu-friends for all the fun we have on this crazy site!!!! below are all the links to the awesome people,check them all out,it will be worth it trust Agent Smith ~MAGICKME~@ fubar †ŞħãĐØŴ† {owner of NBSD}@ fubar Wonder Woman@ fubar ~Tiger~Goddess~Lady~ ~Club F.a.r.~@ fubar tainted*kiss founder of NBSD@ fubar fatz THE EVICTOR(hotties r us)@ fubar
My Thoughts
"relationships" ... Down upon my mind, the forces come.... Like the whirlwind of the soul.... Introduced, I say, "..." and curtsay to the host, Love. Their are three of him? or four? Dancing, whirling, he does not allow himself the chance to capture me. "***..." he says. I cannot garble my words enough to please him. He cannot choose. Niether can I. "Love?" I state, preoccupied, as he tugs on my sleeve, sipping a punch I cannot taste. "????" he inquires, plaintively. I cannot read his eyes, and I cannot touch his soul, so I dismiss him, as he dismisses me. "~~~," a voice whispers from everywhere and nowhere. I see him there, not Love, but a dark stranger. Again he says, "~~~," and it is a taunt, a challenge. "!!!" Love cries to me, but the stranger has claimed me. I am his, for he facinates me, enthralls me, where as Love paid me no mind, as I paid him none. "!?!?" Love pleads. "~~~!" The stranger growls. And I am tak
Great Philosophies
Trust is the foundation for intimate, secure and successful relationships. It must be earned and maintained with consistent actions. But building trust and feeling like your partner is trustworthy is not always easy for those who have had their trust betrayed. Once your trust has been violated, it’s difficult to make it viable in your relationship again. Trust has to be a living, breathing entity in order for a relationship to survive. This applies to romantic relationships, family relationships and friendships. So when your trust is violated, how do you overcome that and restore trust in a relationship? Children learn how to build trust in a relationship with their parents or caretakers early in their development. If parents are consistent in responding to their child’s needs, then that child will learn to trust them and their environment. As a child gets older, trust takes on a different form because children can process why they trust and why they don’t. It’s especially im
Tag, You're It!
Well it's come to this... I've been checking to see who looks and rates which pics. I've noticed that I get half the rates I used to on my regular folders because everyone spends their time in the NSFW folders. That's cool, I'm glad you like looking at them. But I think it's only fair that if I give you a little something (namely T&A), you should give me something in return (namely rates). So for the time being, I have closed my NSFW folders because I'm tired of being fu-used. I'll open them back up when I feel like it. Until then, go rate the folders I have open now. You might learn something new about me! Go figure, I'm not all T&A. Thanks to all of you who rate my pics on a regular basis and are my real friends. To the rest of you, it's up to you when the folders get opened again. And trust me, you'll want them opened after the fun we're about to have tomorrow ;) Instructions...... Once you have been tagged, you have to write a blog with 10 weird or rand
Want To Auction Yourself Off?
I'm going to have an auction anyone who is interested in joining in on the fun let me know..You decide what you are willing to give your new owner..So let me know if your interested thanks!!!!
you havent held me in so long. i mean, really held me. cold is my soul alone our bed isn't whole empty. you havent kissed me in so long i mean, really kissed me. neglected are my lips lost my memory slips forgotten. you havent fucked me in so long i mean, really fucked me. fridgid is my heat lacking making love is not sweet disappointed. you havent loved me in so long i mean, really loved me. aching is my heart longing we're worlds apart strangers.
Friends Without Faces
Friends without Faces: We sit and we type, and we stare at our screens We all have to wonder, what this possibly means. With our mouse we roam, through the rooms in a maze Looking for something or someone, as we sit in a daze. We chat with each other, we type all our woes Small groups we do form, and gang up on our foes. We wait for somebody, to type out our name We want recognition, but it is always the same. We give kisses and hugs, and sometimes flirt In IMs we chat deeply, and reveal why we hurt. We do form friendships - but - why we don't know But some of these friendships, will flourish and grow. Why is it on screen, we can be so bold Telling our secrets, that have never been told. Why is it we share, the thoughts in our mind With those we can't see, as though we were blind. The answer is simple, it is as clear as a bell. We all have our problems, and need someone to tell. We can't tell real people, but tell someone we must
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My Life
My life was dark and dismal Going forward without purpose No reasons for caring Out of the blue You entered my life Darkness subsided Life gained purpose Shadows of misery Transformed to light You entered my life I found purpose at last Finally I am Out of the darkness
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In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory Of My Dear Friend Amy Who Lost A 2 Year Battle With Cancer On February 29, 2008. You Have Touched My Life And Will Always Hold A Special Place In My Heart. God looked around his garden And He found an empty place. And then He looked down upon the earth, And saw your tired face. He put His arms around you, And lifted you to rest. God's garden must be beautiful, He always takes the best. He knew that you were suffering, He knew you were in pain, He knew that you would never Get well on earth again. He saw the road was getting rough, And the hills were hard to climb, So He closed your weary eyelids, And whispered"Peace be thine." It broke our hearts to lose you . But you didn't go alone, For part of us went with you, The day God called you home.
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Gone In 60 Questions
1. Do you hate the last girl you were talking to? do you mean... "talking" to??? i'm going for no on this one, either way. 2. When is the last time you took a nap? i take cat naps all the time. except they're huge like tiger naps. 3. Do you only drink bottled water? i only drink unicorn blood. which is yummy. 4. What are you listening to right now? your bitch mouth. oh... and lite jazz. 5. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Jesus. 6. To text you? your mom and dems. on tha down low. 7. To send you a Myspace message? Chris4 8. What's on your mind most today? how to take over the world. 9. Something that happened today that made you angry? i woke up. 10. Have you dated anyone on your top friends? not quite yet. 11. Do you hide your feelings? i hide them like easter eggs about the yard. find one and you'll get some candy. 12. Do you wear makeup? about as much as KISS. 13. Are you missing someone? yes and i keep throwing thin
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Dear Husband: I'm writing you this letter to tell you that I'm leaving you for good. I've been a good woman to you for seven years and I have nothing to show for it. These last two weeks have been hell. Your boss called to tell me that you had quit your job today and that was the last straw. Last week, you came home and didn't notice that I had gotten my hair and nails done, cooked your favorite meal and even wore a brand new negligee. You came home and ate in two minutes, and went straight to sleep after watching the game. You don't tell me you love me anymore, you don't touch me or anything. Either you're cheating or you don't love me anymore, whatever the case is, I'm gone. P.S. If you're trying to find me, don't. Your BROTHER and I are moving away to West Virginia together! Have a great life! > Your EX-Wife *********************************************************** ******************************** Dear Ex-Wife Nothing has made my day mor
i am homesick for my old friends and depressed for no reason, and unable to make anyone around me happy anymore. Why the hell does this shit always happen to me? I wish i could disappear and hide but that will only make things worse. I am a poet..most of u prolly don't know that..and stting either tomorrow morning or later tonight i am gonna start putting my poems online here in my blog..not like anyone ever reads blogs anyways LOL. Maybe that will help my depression. U can call me silly if u want to but i am a real person with real thoughts and feelings that I need to get out of my head. Hey are you on fubar like all day long already anyways and wondering what to do while you are here other than post commetns on pics you could care less about, and vote on mumms that are completely retarted most of the time? Well..come check me out in sex sells..the steamiest lounge on fubar....i am in desperate need of some dj's. So..come hang out with us, and talk to me or dj hihoney about bec
Another Day In My Life
Okay a lot of you might not know this but I am really an amateur professional poet. It is all copywrited and please don't copy it without my express written permission. This is the latest one but all of my work so far can be found at and search for me. ask in a message i will tell you my name. Pain and Suffering I try to hide my pain behind a fake smile many cannot see it for they ignore everything yet those few who care see right through me all the way to my suffering within those few who care is my true love for her I want to be strong not feel the pain I feel yet she has a portal to my soul knows when I am suffering she comforts me with her voice a small part of her lies within my heart she is always with me so when I feel pain and suffering I look to my heart there I find peace for she is with me through it all Christopher Wayne Rhea Copyright ©2008 Christopher Wayne Rhea The End Sadness is all around me Closing upon me like
Venting On Everything
I don't know what to fucking think hey? I know you know what I'm talking about I sooo wish one of you would slap me upside the jaw to stop myself from talking about the subject as well!. Wish that I could switch off my phone remove myself from the computer and not think about some of the stuff I've been ranting about!. But of course you know my reason for having the phone on 24/7. damned if I do and fucked over in hell if I don't!. oh blah time for bed!.....guess we'll have to talk about this another time!. sorry but work is the shits and I really have to be there no matter what this time!. chat to you soon okay? So a family member so nicely put me down today all because I can't be stuffed dressing up all the fucking time cause I do manual labour as my job. really what the fucking point?. sweating buckets and having makeup on is a bloody waste of time and money. besides I have family members in real life giving me a talking down for putting stuff on my face. yeah hate
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for those who may know and for those who don't...2 fridays ago my dad was put in the hospital for almost 2 weeks and he had to have 2 surgeries one on his heart to get more blood flow in it and stuff...he had 1 out of 5 main arteries working before the surgery but now he has 4 of the 5 & he also had his gall bladder taken out cause he had gall stones! hey all this is for the ones that I told about what happened or what was wrong with my dad...well he is in good shape right now maybe alittle weak from laying in a hospital bed since last monday til friday cause monday morning he about had a heartattack and they hospital that he first went to put a stent in him and all this stuff and he stayed all night there and then they decided to take him to central baptist hospital tuesday morning and have surgery done which didn't happen cause dad agreed to not smoke cigarettes anymore and he was in ICU there for a couple of days and then they let him go home friday afternoon that's about it and he'
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I need a fav please. Rick underwood is a real good friend of mine, great guy and he needs some input on his music.. could u please if u have time give him a listen and rate his songs on myspace and some are at his website and thanks so much , means a lot ~Lori Even if u dont like this type of music, an honest input would be very nice.. thanks so much and just email him at his myspace with what u think ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi everyone! I hope all are doing well. I have a favor to ask of you... Here's the deal... I need your input. For the first 19 people who do this for me, I will mail out a copy of my cd 'Going Home' to you. I'll sign it for you if you like. All I need for you to do is simply this... 1) Go to my website at www. rickunderwood. com myspace 2)Listen to all(or at least the first half)of all 10 tracks that will be on the cd.
My First Blog....ever!!
ok sooo here it is!! why do i give 100% in most everything i do in life only to get maybe 10% back??? ok i took a trip to south ga to see family!!! i cant understand why i even thought that i would enjoy myself and relax abit!! it seems as if my family even my fam in nc and especialy my fam in ga thrive on drama and contraversy! i myself have many probs yet this bothers me greatly...i can't imagina what happens here when i am gone!! i am not at all used to this and i can't handle it!! and to think i was asked to move here and was considering it!!! Why??? Why Do We Love?? Why Do We Cry?? Why Do We Live?? Why Do We Die?? Why Do We Hate?? Why Do We Mate??
Crazy Wench
Okay, so this crazy woman has been harassing me, which is no big deal...but to REALLY get under my skin, she attacked 4 of my friends online. Her name is Anne Hampton, and FuBar User ID 1074505. I am really ticked b/c she has had at least 2 friends get their accounts deleted by marking 'NSFW' on everything she could. Additionally, I know of 2 others who have blocked her before she could do more damage. The FuBar-tenders and Bouncers tell me it is out of their hands b/c they have to abide by the Terms of the Member Service Agreement, but she has blatantly and maliciously lied and flagged users b/c they left me a comment. Bottomline, she is extremely jealous, and we only chatted for 30 minutes yesterday...that's it. So needless to say, I am pretty ticked b/c my friends who did nothing, literally nothing but leave me flirtatious comments and messages have had their accounts deleted, and she is still here messing with whomever she can. So if any of you know this user called 'Anne' (
Chris Higgenbothem (young Higgy)
If you never seen his smile you never felt the warmth. If you ever need a friend and couldn't find him he would find you! If you so ever so mad you wanted to beat the fucker down it was this dude!! I have lost so much now this. I loved him I protected him and you took him from me haven't I lost enough!! I hope you look at this and know what you took from me! Young Higgy@ fubar Christopher Shawn Higginbotham Was Born On September 5th 1979 Died On April 26th 2008 He Is Survived By His Father Stanley Leroy Higginbotham, Mother Diana Rae Higginbotham, Brothers Michael Wayne Higginbotham & Jeremy Bosley, Sister Jaden Leeann Higginbotham, Sons Trent Michael Lee Julien, Tucker David Davis, Brady Christopher Higginbotham, Several Aunts And Uncles And Grandparents. Nieces. Chris has 3 young boys all under 5 years old their mother is who took his life! She knew he was allergic to everything and still persuaded him to take a pain pill. A Few later he stepped into Mike (his you
The Parrot
A guy is browsing in a pet shop and sees a parrot sitting on a little perch. It doesn't have any feet or legs. The guy says aloud, Wow, I wonder what happened to this parrot?' The parrot says, 'I was born this way. I'm a defective parrot.' 'Holy crap,' the guy replies. 'You actually understood and answered me!' 'I got every word,' says the parrot. 'I happen to be a highly intelligent thoroughly educated bird.' 'Oh yeah?' the guy asks, 'Then answer this -- how do you hang onto your perch without any feet?' 'Well,' the parrot says, 'this is very embarrassing but since you asked, I wrap my weenie around this wooden bar like a little hook. You can't see it because of my feathers.' 'Wow,' says the guy. 'You really can understand and speak English can't you?' 'Actually, I speak both Spanish and English, and I can converse with reasonable competence on almost any topic: politics, religion, sports, physics, philosophy. I'm especially good at ornithology. You really ough
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