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Okay to clear a few things up. Me and Steve have been together for almost 14 years now. We have never been married. I would like to say I'm not the kinda Woman to follow the rules at all. I am madly in love with Steve and I always will be. In my heart I am His Wife. I do all the Wifey things I need to do for Him. When We get sick We take care of each other and thats how it should be. He's my Viking, The Father of my Daughter and the Father of my 2 Awesome Stepkids. He is my Life Partner and He's who I wanna spend the rest of my life with. I do not nor never will need that piece of paper telling Me who's in my heart and yeah I do have My Pirate and my Goddess on Fubar. I love them both too for different reasons. Pirate He's my Fubar Constant and He's always been there for Me at anytime. I have been there for Him too. Although I can say when I was with Tony on Fubar I was ALWAYS faithful to Him. My Goddess makes Me superbly happy and having a Woman like Her in my life is WOW to Me. But the rest is MY future. I am planning on having another Child with Viking and making my whole life full with either a Rubie or a Robert. Just saying Yeah I'm a Wench who knows what She wants and She has never been the one to sit back and just wait for stuff to happen. I love everyone in my life and I have my Cowpokey as my glue. My BFF keeps Me sane and We talk almost daily.

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