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1409800's blog: "My Thoughts"

created on 07/02/2009  |  http://fubar.com/my-thoughts/b302077  |  1 followers

Okay so i'm awake and in a bunch of pain so I  thought i'd blog for a few.

I'm pretty much known  to have quite a few favorite eyecandies.

So I'm gonna list em all and tell You a lil bit about em all.


1. Dez Fafara. Front man  for Devildriver/Coal Chamber. So this guy is pretty much awesome and vocally brilliant. 

2. Matt Shadows. Frontman for Avenged Sevenfold. Pure sexy and gorgeous

3. Synyster Gates. Guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold. OMG YUMMY !!!!!!!!

4. Perttu Kivilaasko.  Cello player for Apocalyptica. SEX ENCASED IN  SHEER PLEASURE !!!!!!!

5. Shaemus. WWE. He makes Me feel like I'm 16 again and kinda innocent lol

6. Mike/The Miz. WWE. Cute, Hot, OHIO !!!!!!!

7. Ryback. WWE.  Walking brick wall. Messy violent hardcore property distroying sex !!!!!!

8. Simone Simons. Beautiful voice, REDHEAD :O Purely amazing.

9. JOHN CENA !!!!!!! I'm like completely smitten with this Man and I  have had many dreams about Him :s

10. Paul lavesque/HHH & Stephanie Mcmahon. WWE. Now there's a couple I would love to have a 3 way with !!!!!

11. Randy Orton. WWE.  OMG His Phyicque is next to an Olympian GOD !!!!

12. Razakel. She is  superbly awesome and my all time  Female Icon. She goes against the grain and believes in self empowerment not to mention She's Sexy as fuck !!!!

13. Matthew Heafy. Trivium. Thinking Womans kinda Man and mmmm HAWT :O

14. Klayton Celldweller. Beastly and vocally supreme !!!

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