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My Pirate

He is completely awesome in every which way possible

I adore Him fully

He gets Me more than anyone else ever will on Fubar

He's amazingly cute and naieve at the same time.

I cannot fathom why or how We work but We do.

Yeah this is my second time around with Him. I was initially hesitant BUT I won't ever regret my desicion to get back with Him.

He's My true north. My Pirate and my complete.

We sail a vessel called The Epicloud *after our massive love for Mr Devin Townsend*

We are both massive potheads. Him more than Me.

He loves Cats like I do.

Loves the same bands I do.

He makes Me blush uncontrollably but I love it.

He knows how to treat Me and talk to Me.

Yeah most of what We say is  Old school Pirate tongue. But thats how We are together.

He looks after Me, My Wellbeing and my sanity when things go wrong.

I guess We have always been ment to be on Fubar. But pride, feelings and other people happened.

We have decided to simply put Our FuWedding rings back on.

I think He's a rare find and I'm glad I found Him.

He has brought Me happiness and pain but I guess most relationships on and offline can be that way.

I need Kris in my life and I always will no storm in any port will make that change for Me.

I have nothing but a pure uncomplicated friendship/relationship with Kris and I'm happy to be called His Wench :D


My Goddess

RaWR/Kat is amazing and I wish I had Her ballsyness. 

I love the fact that She's not afraid to speak Her mind and if She has something to say She'll say it. 

I adore Her for numerous reasons and She's all kindsa epic. 

Having feelings for a Woman that I have never met is hella weird. But I am weird.

She gets Me and keeps Me sane when things go kinda wrong.

I met Her in Zombie Massacre while I was with 20 Dolla Tony. 

I started flirting with Her hardcore and I never expected anything. But I got the best surprise ever when She told Me She loves Me. 

I love Her and She completes My Fuworld. 

We are both as forthright as each other and don't stand for any bullshit.

Her more so than Me. 

We are like poles apart different with music tastes and everything.

Yeah We have had our ups and downs mainly because of Men, but We stand strong.

Thank You Kathryn.

Your an amazing Woman and You mean alot to Me.


So my Viking .........

I have been with Him since I was 18 and I'm superbly happy with Him.

He has given Me so much, I hope I have done the same.

I am so deeply in love with Him and He has given Me an amazing Daughter and 2 really awesome Step Children.

We met through my Friend Cindy. He was Her Fathers friend and yeah there is a 15 year age gap. But I don't care about that.

He's MY Viking and I worship the ground He walks on.

Yeah I have no idea what He sees in Me because my body has changed so much since He met Me.

But that doesn't seem to bother Him. It's all kindsa weird BUT we work.

He seems to be amazingly comfortable with Me being naked which I find odd. But I'm semi comfy with being naked around Him.

He's my Rock, My Life Partner, My Lover and My wordly center.

And thats totally awesome that I found someone I can be fully Me with. He knows I'm a freak and I love all things kinky. 

He's technically my Dominant. But I don't like calling Him that. Viking seems so much better. Not to mention the fact He looks like one :D

I love You Steve and always will !!!!!!

So where do I begin with Badz/Brian .......

We met way back in PDP and I'm glad I did. 

Honestly I can be proud to call Him my Best Friend Forever 

He's been there for Me throughout and He's one of my solids.

I adore Him and He's awesome.

He's My Daughters Godfather and She likes Him alot.

We have been through so much over the years and He means alot to Me.

I need to thank Him for everything He has done and helped Me with. But I think He knows :D

He's a really good guy and He needs a good Woman in His life and I so want Him to find that Special Woman and settle down with Her.

I love Momma Deck too. She looks after Him and makes sure He's okay. 

Thank You for coming into my life Brian (h) !!!!!!!

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