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KrysBeard's blog: "Poems"

created on 09/26/2012  |  http://fubar.com/poems/b350510  |  1 followers

i lay there, feeling like a part of a scheme 
asking myself, was i on the right team? 
watching the rising steam 
inside my never ending dream 
while my soul and my conscious fought 
i watched them raise the knife 
stabbing me, ending my life 
ending the strife 
i have become the train of thought

After breaking from his internal cage 
The Sleeper caused him rage 
And The Miracle turned onto the page 
Writing for hours at a time for a wage 
Thinking, "What should I have brought?" 
As the Lake Of Fire continues to burn 
The Miracle and The Sleeper learn 
That the Scenes From that Memory still yearn 
As Metropolis rides away on my Train Of Thought

As I watch my brothers die in vain 
executed, standing like a human chain 
pools of blood, as thick as a glass pane 
so much death, so one can reign 
with patriotism overbought 
bullets and shrapnel fly 
filling this lake of fire high 
as i sit here and watch them die 
on top my train of thought

Fears have been stirred 
as our dreams are brutally massacred 
now our lives, blurred 
as our speech is slurred 
because our eyes are bloodshot 
feeling like a hired gun 
and I'm trying to outrun 
the blast from a shotgun 
on top of my train of thought

Entering this sleep, hypnotic 
the world around me, chaotic 
why is life considered exotic 
when everyone here is psychotic? 
thinking as an afterthought 
the only thing left is doubt 
are we all supposed to fade-out? 
because someone sold out? 
are our minds that distraught?

They decide to leave and flee 
we see their decision and agree 
maybe, once again, we'll be carefree 
since we are home free 
like it or not 
this fight was inside myself 
can I put this chapter on the shelf? 
my soul has lost itself 
on this train of thought

Finally we're face to face 
right here in my own birthplace 
feeling a bit out of place 
can you feel the disgrace 
in this tightspot? 
she distracts 
he attacks 
could this be the climax 
aboard this train of thought?

As my emotions swung 
to my slain dreams, I clung 
the pain stung 
and screams unsung 
can't be heard from a blindspot 
realizing, shock 
seeing your own cellblock 
like a movie from Hitchcock 
floating through my train of thought

Have I gone too far to overexpose 
why I've come to blows 
with the sense that overflows 
the sense that only heaven knows 
that which is self-taught 
this brain corrosion 
causing a cranial explosion 
and the body's implosion 
on board this train of thought

"Who would wish this on our people?" people cried 
as one by one, our sacrificed sons died 
as the non-believers lied 
and the true heroes tried 
to expose the self-proclaimed messiahs, red handed, caught 
who chose to drop these death balls 
that were sent to eroded these halls 
that make and design these walls 
that entrap my train of thought

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