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Tonight has been one of the best nights ever. I spent alot of it talking to my FuBf Diggity and lounging with my Homies in Crimson Asylum.

Man I'm soooo freakin happy right now

Feeling like this MUST be Illegal or some shit

He's the most amazing guy and I have struck GOLD

I adore Him and yeah He adores Me back

This has been a long time coming 

I'm gonna marry that guy and make Him MINE !!!!!!










<3  <3  <3 <3


Lets go dancing under the stars
Lets float around together
Locked in a never ending embrace

The moonlight lights Your face 
I can see the light in Your eyes
Glowing stronger by the year

Living in this epoch with You is bliss
Simply having this ..... 

Taking my Soul into Your hands
Feeling the warmth of my being
The soft glow of my life essence
Radiating, Vibrating, Humming

Time is what I need
Enough to make me ME again

Push my Soul back inside Me so I can feel
I pray to Odin to give Me strength 
So I can be whole.




You sink deep into  my veins

I feel You

You feel like Ice

So cold and numb

But I love the feeling of You there

Inside Me

Clinging to my artery walls

Filling all my senses

I crave You

I need You

You give Me life

You give Me power

Like a Witches Atheme

This power You hold over Me is Consuming

But I want to be consumed

Wholly Fully Completely

Give Me the Bliss I yearn for

I sense Your presence within Me

Give Me more !!!!!

I need to feel again

Breathe again

See again

Ahhhhhhh You are there !!!!!

Lets make this worthwhile


Don't hold back PLEASE 

Closes eyes tight and flys ........................... Where to this time ????



Sitting in my room

Next to my bed

All these thoughts runnin through my head

Pretty colours

Funny dreams

Oh what the hell are in those beans

Floating yet grounded

I can see through the bars

No stars. Only blue sky

I miss my normalcy

Taking pills every day to keep my demons at bay

Hammering these thoughts and feelings away

Wearing a straight jacket is bliss

Holding Me tight with it's barbaric tightness

Giving Me the most tender kiss

Having Me live to the extreme of my own existance

Doctors coming and going

about their daily chores 

Putting Me under a Microscope

Having my life disected to obliteration

Picking apart who, how and what I am

Giving my whole life a whole new meaning

Am I sane. Or am I living a dream 

It would seem that I feel nothing

Am nothing.

But I Feel, See, Touch, Smell and hear

My room feels sooooo cold and bare

Stone and Steel against my skin

The air is stale. Medicated and harsh on my nose

I miss the smell of a sweet rose

My temple is ALIVE

My body is mine and it will stay that way

Scars, Wounds internal and external. 

They are part of Me 

Take Me as I am and not what You want Me to be 

Thanks for Reading


Blinding Light


Ethereal glow

Shines so Bright

Swallowing Me up

Entombing my being

Deeper and Deeper

Branding my Soul

Eternally Yours


The blade cut so deep

Although I didn't weep

I saw my own blood

Eminating from my own flesh

Demon Steel

Took Me a while to heal

Taking my soul

Fucking thing was stolen from me

Breaking Me

killing me

But the people I have in my life 

Gave Me back the power to put down the knife

My Loves, My Hearts and My World

Giving Me the power to fight 

Giving me my light back and helping Me win 

It felt like such a sin

Just to give in

But I'm whole

I have my soul

Thanks to those who helped

You mean the Galaxy to me

The world is just to small

For Us all



I can see You in a crowded room

Filling my day full of light

From this day there shall be no more gloom

Only the pure serenity

and my might

I have fought my Demons before Beat them to a bloody pulp

I took a big gulp

Swallowed my pride

I have no more reasons left to hide

People think I'm Beautiful

I have to be dutiful

To look after what many hold dear

live my life without fear

Trepidation is something I can't stand

It gets way out of hand

My body may not be perfect

But I see myself as worth it

Day by day

Hour by Hour

My being fills with power

Unbridled bliss that is this

True love and affection 

The only perception

Is that I can see clearer now than ever before

Like someone has turned on the lighthouse on a distant shore.

Guiding Me home like a ship, keeping Me safe and true.

Taking everything into account 

How could I ever feel blue

with people in my life like You.


Loving all those Special people in Your life

Indepth conversations that NEVER get boring

Very forgiving of others misgivings and tolerance of other peoples feeling

Intrigue and unfathomability of Your own being 

Never judging of other peoples Creed, Race, Flaws, Sexuality, Faith, Lifestyle choices and or Wishes 

Giving the best of Yourself to others as well as the worst.

You need to be Yourself and Not Fake. If You do then You will always be known as fake.


Dreaming is my time

To Explore my Mind

Keeping time and taking notes

Feelings and Emotions running riot

Making a Movie 

One image at a time

Bringing thoughts to the fore front 

Living and feeling everything 

Loving every moment

Bad ones creep in but I shoo them away

Taking stock of my life 

Dreaming about people, places, times and environments 

Pleasing and enveloping my whole being

Mental time out and my time to heal

My space to be who I want to be.

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