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Aaron Ackerman
Aaron Irvine
Aaron Mcdonald
Aaron Gallardo
Aaron Vanslyck
Aaron Zirk
Aaron Cook
Aaron Brown
Aaron Albaugh
Aaron Joe
Aaron Castro
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Aarre Kallio
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Aarron Kirkendall
Aaron, 28 ohio. love to skate and jam out on some instrament.what apeals to me is a heated, snappy conversation. push urself to a better person if possible, we will evlove someday and levitate to pick the kids up from soccer practise ..yeah our minds are their places. they could make heaven of hell or hell of heaven. stay up* genetic research
A'ar Syank Edho
Aarsh Gawande
Aarti G
Aarti Singh
Aarti Saini
Aarti Gupta
Aarti Chauhan
Aarteest Mj
Aarush Malhotra
A'arun Yadav
Aarvee Venkat
Aaryn Bradley
Aarya Singh
Aaryan Choochoo
Aaryan Gurjar
Aaryn G
Aaryan Kc
Aasara Raseek
Aasanth Kir
Aasen B
Aasen Bloedoorn
Aasef Ansari
Aash Lycant
Ken is dead...Long Live Aash Which deadly sin do you represent? (Angel Sanctuary Pics) brought to you by Quizilla There once was a boy named Ken...he was a nice boy...he was the good one in his group of friends...he was the one who was most in touch with his emotions...he was the one with the unshakable morals that defined his view of the world... He's dead...killed by the very emotions and ideals that shaped his entire being...his ghost would like to say that there is someone to blame...but there's not...except maybe himself for his own nievity... Enter Dameon...Dameon reveled in many of the vices that had tempted Ken...Dameon however was also held by a code...Dameon could still feel...he just liked to play a little more than Ken ever did...Ken's ghost spoke regularly with Dameon giving advise whenever consulted...Dameon went to war...Dameon was KIA Enter Aash...Aash is the epitomy of wrath, pride and lust...the only emotions left to this sorry soul...Ken is long dead...his
Aashantii ----------
Aash Bansal
Aashen Arango
I am known as Ace around my town i live in hartford ct. Im 5'8 150 i like to go out alot and i also like to chill. I am a very calm person and who ever like to contact me dont be afraid to do so...!!! I am interested in football, basketball wrestling and doing the impossible!!!
Aashu Saini
Aashutosh Goldy
Aashray Trivedi
Aashish Kumar
Aashish Lamichhane
Aashu Kaushik
Aash Az
Aasis Aasis
cAtCh mE.......................iF yOu cAn........................... hmmm?i really luv 2 hang out wit frnds{on sundays}den love to watch movies...bit shy and scary 2 sum x-tend... luv 2 make lot of new philosophy is love ur frnds as much as u hate ur enemies...howzzz tat? Languages : french, english, hindi, and sum wat tamil Interests : chatting wit uuu Clubs & Organizations: dublin, pasha, ec 41, platinum Favorite Books: da vinci code, shakespere..... Favorite Music: shania twain, evanacense, 50 cent, daddy yankee..and de list goes on and on Favorite TV Programs: lets go...... fresh up... Favorite Movies: saw, omen, fast and furious, urban legends....
Aasim Aly
simple man quite .kind heart like shine smile at any one
Aasim Zargar
Aasim Bascomb
Aasim Mistry
Aaska Patel
Aasmohammad Saifi
Çağatay Murat
Çağatay Karabay
Çağatay Kurnaz
Aathi Shanker
Aathithya Varma
Aatish Singh
Aatif Iqbal
Aatif Rana
Aaugust Sstreata
Aavi Lash
Aayliah Crizter
Aayus Roin Japung
Aayush Singh
Aa Za
Aaz Zina
A* *b
im me heehee..if u wanna know jus ask dont b shy!! *******I LOVE COMMENTS..teehee********
A. B.
`m aB but they calL me tickeLs my birthday is november 22 i`m so singLe ! i live in drama city i now work at sleep inn with my best friend justice! i`m addicted to tattoos and peirings i have seven piercings (my nose three in one ear and two in the other and a tounge ring...) i`m obsessed with nickeLback my new obsession is jim morrison i love hinder i`m addicted to coke(drink) my weakness is guys =[ my fear is love i`m very ditzy i cantstand backstabbers and liars. i dont like cheaters.... dont understand them so if you are one dont msg me. i`m out of schooL thank god! i love music*rap and rock!* some country! i am over the whole drama scene..the whole he said she said shit... i have trust issues i normaly dont get along with girls*drama* i love to party jack daniels is my fav! i like alot of underground bands i have ALOT of bad habbits i love faries hmmmm i love chewing gum i might be one of the most random people you
A. B.
To All of you on Cherry Tap, I'm very new, have no idea, what i'm doing lol..... I'm decent shy, sweet outgoing, lady , who likes to make some friends, and family, hope this is I'm married. Webdesign, Artist, Sketching, Reading, Writing Poems, Walking, Horse back Riding, Computer chat, meeting new friends or family. Etc.
Well, to start, I am the type of person to "say what you mean and mean what you say". I am definitely a free-spirit!!! I love to have interesting conversation, I think having something to talk about, is important, no one likes the "awkard silence". Some say I have a tendency to be quite sarcastic, but by no means am I trying to be mean. I will never say I am perfect, I truly don't even considerate it, yet I know my imperfections help to make I am a laid back guy(don't sweat the small stuff),and spontaneous, yet "stupid" competitive. Don't worry I have fun with competition, in no way does it become obnoxious. I love to laugh and make people laugh, even if it is at my own expense! I am always in search of that "chill spot" to hang out with friends, drink a cold beer and watch a sporting event(ex.UFC, College Sports). I am always in search of ways to expand "my horizons" and finding super fun things to do. I like the arts and music. I can be put in almost any situatio
Aba Adada
Ababu Shimelise
Abab Mals
Abab Ayay
Abab Fiw
Married white male, 45ys old, Seattle area. My submissive wife and myself are into "alternative" lifestyles and always looking for a third bi female partner to join in the fun, with a longer term relationship as the goal. UPDATE: We've found that wonderful sweet submissive BBW "3rd" patrner, and are having a great time enjoying that "NRE" New Relationship Energy.
Abacus Tyme
Abacas S
Abady Alshamari
i am deep heart man and good enough, fearless, fair, strong , romantic & caring and i like my cats. I have a daughter and if yall cant accept that yall can leave. and if u expect me to put any1 b4 my daughter yall sadly mistaken
Abadi Alasal
Abad Antonio
Abade 69
Abadi Almaswri
Abad Azz
Abad Aguirre Urbina
Abadthirtyoneyroldmiaya Get'em
Abady Mag
Abadi A
Abad Umar
Abah Lekky
Abakar Djoufoune
Abalise Abalise
Ab Ali
Ab Am
Abank Sai Sai
Abantika Roy
Aban Cb
Abang Anden
Womam 25 to 30 old Action, Scf-i, anime
Aba Pro
Abari Mas'ud
Abas Abas
Abass Musa
Abasi Holmes
I'm single, hansome and alone so just remember that when u talking to me cuz being alone makes you hear things you want to hear and not what was really said. I'm just not use to being alone so i might need help to cope.
Abassi Sinper
Abas Ritonga
Abas Badeli
Abasboi Deedee
Abass Musa
Abass Omar
Abate Desta
Abate Ohio
Abayomi Fash
about me: I'm down Earth man a Love Poem Writer, and i'm here to looking for a good lady and Caring One as well Talking about who i am, I am that easy going type,open minded and a good listiner .I laugh a lot and try to make people around me all the time happy.My hobbies are too many but to mentioned a few; sports,watching movies, going for walks, playing with kids, listening to all types of music), dancing in the dark etc. My favorite movies are romantic movies, eating habits: just about anything. i don't want any Games Scene on here,that is why i always say the real truth about who i am LEESTAN_001@YAHOO.COM
Abayomi Abu
Abayomi David
Abayomi Durojaiye
Abayomi Ekunboyejo
Abbas Abbas
Abba Fernando
A.b. Barrientos
Abbas Dia
Abbagail Moya
Abbas Mbo
Abbas Hammoud
Abbas Rahmati
Abbas Zoghi
Abbas Al Hadad
Abbas Ghaderi
My name is Abbas Ghaderi , Iranian citizen , 48 years old , separated . I have Associate Degree in Machine Tools. My main Profession are Industrial Drawing & Engineering in the field of Oil , Gas & Petrochemical Complex . Meanwhile I would like studying and have several years self study in field of Astronomy , Geography , History , Archaeology . I like nature , flowers , gardening & traveling to the unknown places . I don't smoke and drink at all . I am interesting & decided to have a happy home , a true & real life and am dedicated to the ordained role as the father and husband . I have many great goals & wishes in the life . Looking for my life partner who is kind, happy, clever , correlate to family , caring and very serious & sincerely and devoted to his faith .
Abbas Jaffer
Abbas Hussein
Abbas Uddin
Abbas Ali
Abbasi Aqli
Abbas Baker
Abbas Zafari
Abbas Ali Maryan
Abbas Ansari
Abbas Boi
A LITTLE ABOUT ME!!! OK i'm single of course available currently living 21 years in my life,Raised up,spent and still spending most of my life in singapore. i am straight. I'M man, i could be a good father, a friend to those who return the favour. i'm the guy you most want on your side and the one u don't want to cross, i support friends fully and wish only greatest,success and happiness in life. i know i'm not perfect, i'm prone to mistakes but i always work hard to be better and learn from them. WHEN I'M GOOD I'M THE BEST... WHEN I'M BAD I'M THE WORST (BURN) (BURN LIFE STYLES) *CLUBBING *SMOKING AND DRINKING *HANGING ON THE PHONE WITH CHICKS *DATING WITH GIRLS *SOCCER *BOXING *USING COMPUTER *HANG OUT IN THE NIGHT *WORKING
Abbas Ara
Abbas Galal
Abbas Sharaf Eddine
Abbas Ali
Abbaas Braswell
Abbas Shams
Abbas Noureddine
Abbas Jizzini
Abbas Hadi
Abbas Musallam
Abbas Soltani
Abbas Moghaddam
Abbas Saleem
Abbas Mayahi
Abba Heartofthepeople
Abbas Abbasi
Abbas Ab
Abbas Haider
Abba Abdullahi
Abbas Aljanabi
Abbas Karimi
Abbas Khosravi
Abbas Bahrami
Abbas Soltani
Abbas Daghlavi
Abbas Ali
Abbas Hussain
Abbas Prince
Abbas Uddin
Abbas Shah
Abbas Kasra
Abbas Mohamadi
Abbas Goudarzi
Abb Benton
Abbey Osborn
so yeah im 16 live in battle creek. i have a boyfriend, you see in my pictures and yes the pictures are from this year!!!!! me and him have been goin out for 8 months (and still goin strong might i add) ummmmm,...what else....... i do pretty much nothing but chill at home,...with my friends,...but im mostly at collin's house chillen with him or watching him ride. yeah kinda a boring but fun life yeah soo that is pretty much me!!! yeah general interests,...well i like to watch movies,..get on the computer, on the phone,...and i love to hang out with my boyfriend and go watch him ride so thats my general interest movies well yeah lots of them ill tell you later
Abbey Osborn
Abbey Osborn
Abbe\' Robinson
Abbey Norwood
im very moody at times im 5'4'' i weigh 135lbs my hair is light brown for now i love Sonny Moore and Frank Iero MY BUDDIES!!: megan lille brianna muffin Hakeel heather sylvia sheran seth corey tamara tasha jon orin brandy deja michelle earon jesse devon MEGAN STAPP listenin to new music on the internet and gettin on devon's nerves constantly!!! LMAO!!!
Abbee Jaine Williams
If you all want to know more about me then go here:
Abbe Friedl
Interesting, isn't it? It seems as though girls now a days have nothing better to do with their pathetic existance than call pedophiles to them in any way possible. Myspace and LostCherry accounts are a good way to connect with friends, but they are also a breeding ground for pedophiles.. I would have to say LostCherry is probably a little worse than Myspace judging by the name. Anyway, not only are these girls stupid enough to think that these 50 year olds care about their pathetic lives, but they are also stupid enough to meet people they meet on the internet in person. Resulting from this, these websites are forced to pay large settlements to these 14 year olds, and when the occurrence is presented to the public we are supposed to feel bad for them. I don't think so. I think they deserve to die because now they are set for most if not all of their lives because they are idiots! Anyway, Anyway, I am done preaching now. That was just my thoughts on that. Hi everyone, my n
Abbey Wallace
I hate to fill these things out just ask will have a picture soon to post
Abbey Smith
Abbey Willcox
ive got blue eyes dark brown hair 2 kids...not skinny not fat! GOOD N ALL THE RIGHT AREAS...:p hey message me on yahoo cuz my pages on here dont load fast enough sowy hotsmiles2000 love music movies loving care I live in the country so naturly i like pasture partys n riding horses or some cowboys as long as they dont open there mouth or turn on there stereo! lol love reading scary books any thing that will bring me a trill is great!
Well what can i say??My girl made me sign up because i have no life i guess. I have two wonderful boys.And i miss my best friend very very much... I love tatts and piercings, and i watch some sci fi stuff as well, just not that many.OOh and no i'm sorry i'm not looking for a boyfriend i don't swing that way,,,lol Just ask me because i will fill this out later
Abbey Lorrae
Abbey Mcdaniels
Abbey Marshall
I'm you're typical girl from Texas. I live and work in San Antonio. I'm still in college trying desperately to learn something useful there. I'm married to a wonderful Sgt. in the US Army and I love him with all my heart. [ Hi Jacob!! ] Also I'm proud to say that I have a self proclaimed sister named Mallory. She's the wife of a US Marine and I'd go crazy without her. I'm not really into these intro things, so if you have a question about me just ask ok?
I am a full time student at the University of North Florida in Jacksonvile, where I am a Biology major. My intended career goal is to become a veterinarian. I love the beach, swimming, drinking, I am spontaneous as well as adventurous and maybe a bit of a thrill seeker. I absolutely love animals which is why it is my passion to work with them. Also check out my Myspace : Get More at .mygen { Background Properties }table, tr, td { background-color: transparent !important; border:none; border-width:0;}body {background-color: 000000 !important;background-image: url('') !important;background-attachment: fixed !important;background-repeat: repeat !important;}.mygen { Table Properties }table table { border: 0px }table table table table{border:0px}table table table {border-style:solid;border-width:3px;border-color:limegreen;background-color: black !importan
I'm Awesome! Thats all you need to know. keep that in mind and we'll get along just fine. You know that woman, out by the pool. The one you just HAD to spend the REST of your life with? ... that was me.
i am 18 and i am just fun and totally random..even though some people dont like it i am outspoken and sometimes very loud...but the best thing about me is...I LOVE ME!! i am okay with myself and i love myself for who i am and who i want to become... i love camping hiking boating swimming...anything that has to do with the outdoors basically...or if i know i will have fun doing it then...i do it..!!!!
partying,having fun, not giv`n a shit what people think =]=] Lil Miss Dangrous
Abbey H
Name: abbey age: 18 single or taken: taken unless he dumps me I like singing and dancing that is only when I have time to do those things since I have a kid that isn\'t a year old yet because he was born in August 28,2007
Abbey Marshall
Abbey Adams
Abbe Mcginnis
Abbey Smiddy
Abbe Vonhenner
I am a retired corporate pilot.I am 54 yrs old with a mind and spirit of someone half my age.I like to travel alot.I am looking for a lady who will be my friend,my lover,my traveling companion,and my confidante!She must like to fly!I sometimes help associates out who tour the airshow circuit.If you have any questions you have but to ask!! Have a truly wonderful day/night! I am interested in everything that has to do with going very fast! I love the thrill of going 200mph on a motorcycle,300mph in a car,and breaking the sound barrier in an airplane!!!!!!!!!! I enjoy reading,listening/playing music,and live concerts! I enjoy doing anything that is entertaining!! My interestes are so varied that they seem to contradict each other!Oh well it works for me!!lol
Abbey George
Abbey Oye
Abbey Ramsey
Abbey Tina
Abbeyadaire Haze
Abbey Yusuf
Abbey Akins
Abbey Freeman
Abb Elwy
Abbey James
Abbey Shull
Abbey Keeton
Abbey Super
Abbey Kerr
Abbey Glazier
Abbey Saavedra
Abbey Furman
Abbeytology Oguns
Abbey Brown
} My name isn't important to those that don't know me. Let me just get this out there... I am married so I am not your babe, baby, babygirl, or any of the other things you pervs insist on calling me. Please stop! I love all kinds of music and listen to pretty much anything. I'm a funnyjunk whore and I will repost my favorites in my funny shit album. If you've never been there you should check it out. } } I don't try to be a bitch, but I come off as one to people that are rude and don't have respect. I'm a very easy person to get along with until you piss me off. I was born and raised in Indiana and I hate it. I have been with my hubby for almost two years now and we have a one year old daughter that is our life. We actually met on Fubar, and later found out that we went to highschool together. It's a small world I guess. I am a juggalette and if you have a problem with it I don't give a fuck. I started listening to icp when I was about 12 and have recently got back into it. I th
Abbey Kay
I am a Lesbian! I am looking for female friends 18-24 that are Lesbian as well! not Bi! Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time, Sexy Time,Sexy T
Abbey Jose
i;m a kind that likes and enjoy good relationship,with someone who is kind,caring,honest and very simple and easygoing.i like kissing & cuddling,watching good movies,holding hands and going to beach/parks,quiet places,sometime go to club,dance,and having a nice,good time with someone,that deserve it,someone that give love,and want to be loved.. ....if you are down to heart woman,that appreciate and value a good man....not just for sex.... but for something good&better in life. ... i will like to hear from you,and please don't be shy or feel discourage about age, younger but i prefer people older than my age....a woman that know more about life than i do,and ready to show me. if you are a caring,honest,simple,open minded and an easygoing woman,that really need a soulmate,someone to spend an happy life time with,.....i will like to get to know you.
Abbey Smith
Abbey Clark
Abbey Spencer
Hmm,,i'm from SW indiana but living in SE PA now. I'm madly in love with the man of my dreams for 3 yrs now. I miss my pals from Vincennes University soo much. I just got a medical discharge from the US Navy (but with the ability to come back in 6-12 months). I'm a party girl who also loves to be laid back and just chill indside for a night of movies and alone time. I love history and photography almost as much as i love traveling. Anything else or just to chat,,hit me up online. I probably won't update this much because i have a lot of other sites that i update on a daily basis so feel free to IM!! Hmm,,my interests include,,,my sexy boyfriend of 3 yrs, partying, photography, history, traveling, united states navy, camping, hiking, family, friends, movies, music, hanging out with my friends, going to bars and clubs,,and many more
Abbie Thomas
Hey there! well... i am 23, Just got a great new job, and i am on my way to moving to NY... anyone need a roomie?! haha, JK. i have a beautiful dog that i love more than anything in this world. i love doing all kinds of things... just ask, i dont bite hard... LOL oh, i have instant messenger... AIM a2dabizzy hit me up!! lol i enjoy many things and i am always up for trying something new... right now i snowboard, love swimming or just soakin in the sun, softball is one of my loves.. ummm.. playin outside with my little pup.. i do a ton of driving too.. not always intentionally but i do enjoy that as well sometimes...
Abbie Woods
Ummmm...I am a graduate of 2006! I like to have fun, party, do what I life...I have a son, Issac! Uhh ask me what you want and I'll answer you! :D Ummmmmmm anything and everything!
Abbie Lockitt
Hey! Well, I'm 16, Blonde and I go to Eccles College. I swim for City of Salford 8 times a week so am very busy. But I love it there, sometimes its crap, ded hard n everythin but its great wen im havin a laugh with the guys n girls n swimmin well! Iv got a lil sister Philly and i love all kinds of music, old stuff, new stuff, rock, pop, rnb, rap, dance, just not heavy metal. My fave songs are Nickelback - Far Away, rihanna - unfaithful, elton john - candle in the wind, journey south - time after time and lifehouse - you & me, hanging by a moment. Love loads of films as well, especially ladder 49, the notebook, a walk to remember, the green mile, robin hood; prince of thieves, 50 first dates, titanic, the lake house. etc. xxxxx I swim about 8 times a week for Salford. I'm also interested in meetin new people, music, films, arty stuff, football (man united), other sports.
Abbie Yourmom.
Abbie Edwards
Abbie Lupino
Well first of i am 23 years old, and you already know that live in Federal way. But yeah i live in Federal Way with my awesome boyfriend jon. whom i love more then anything. and you can see what i look like cause i put pictures up but i will give a breif description anyways well i have brownish-red hair (at the moment, i always dye it) and i have blue eyes, i have freckles i am 5'4 (yeh i know short) but i dont give a *uck* anyways lol i dont swear (unless i am pissed off) i do have a temper, and i am stuck up. I dont really get along with girls (mostly cause all the girls that i have meet have been jealous of me) which is cool cause i tend to get in fights with females cause i dont like em. But i am white of course you can see that. i have piercings, one in my tounge and i have my left eye brow pierced as well as my ears. i am currently in the process of drawing my first tattoo. Which i am hella excited about...umm not really sure what else to say, if you all think of something
Abbi B
Abbie Trevor
Abbi Private
I am a 25 year old happily married female, living in Ohio. I love making friends regarless of sex or marital status. I am honest, sweet, and kind, yet I am not a people pleaser. I love to talk. I will talk to just about anyone lol! I am down to earth for the most part. I LOVE to chat and visit my several websites. I also love to learn, so I am online alot reading stuff. Stop by and send me a message! < I love Jesus, my husband, music,and computers. I also enjoy reading and writing. I like to write poems and do art also at times. I got more but you need to ask me if you wanna know;) Jesus, my husband, parents, and my friends. I also really think Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp is cool. I love the band Linkin Park and the singer Avril Lavigne, but the first few people on my list are definetly at the top of my list. The rest are just cool. Wow, I love to watch TV and there are so many movies I would recomend, but I can't think of them all. I really love comedies and dramas.
Abbie -- [noun]:A lewd street performer 'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at Hey what's up?? My name is ABBIE!But my friends call me,[[PAUL]],♥Mailbox♥,[[AB]],♥Abigail♥,[[Lyn]]. I live in L-ville ohio! I'm a Sophmore in loudonville high school.Its a Small ass school.Filled with hicks,sluts,&DRAMA!I hate school! But my friends make school fun!♥ yah girlies!!But umm i'm 5"6 not that tall but oh well. I have black&blonde curly hair.I'm always changing the color of my hair. I have 12 piercings!11 ears piercings. And my nose is done on the left side.I have hazel/gray eyes. I suffer from CRS[[Cant rember shit!!]]:]It sucks but i deal with it.I'm a pretty random chick! I wear icp shirts alot. & I'm always listenin to music.I love walkin around the mall and chillin with my friends!!i'm shy until you get to know me, Then my loud side comes out! But anywayz if you wanna know anymore about me hit me up!! MMFWCL
Abbigale Neclario
I am a laidback gal that loves to have a great time! dancing, having fun!
Abbi Litchfield
i believe with out friends life would really have no point. life has taught me some hard lessons but i stay in the game and fight to become a better person every day. i have an awesome job at usbank and i love my pitbull. Courtesy of females-pitbulls-jeeps-usbank- Courtesy of Courtesy of
Abbie Smith
Likes : Piercings, Tattoos, Brandings, Scarification, Suspensions, Music, Puppies, Kitties, Boyz, Football, Rugby, Swimming, Basketball, Television, Home, Dirt, Goths, Playboy Bunnies, Musicians, Beards & Goatees, Simpsons, Futurama, Death, Emos, My Nieces & Nephew, Fruit Juice, Apples, Nail Varnish, Make-up, Stripes, Stars, Polka Dots, Vodka, Beer, Long Hair On Guys, Make-up On Guys, My hair. Dislikes : Ignorance, Arrogance, Unclean people, Beggers, Wine, Work, Car Crashes, Cars, Old People, Kids, Know-it-alls, Smrtasses, Toes, Feet, Junk, Drugs, Sweat, B&O, wearing Glasses, Racism, Sexism, Alcoholism, PEOPLE WHO HATE GAYS, Illerate Half-wits, People Who Type In Caps, People Who Can't Spell.
My name is Abbie, I'm 19, I live in ocen view in va, I have blonde hair, blue eyes, I'm 5' 8" and 135 pounds, I'm single and bisexual if you'd like to know anything else just ask.... ;) I enjoy dancing, singing when no one's around, cosmetology, reading, writing poetry, listening to music, partying, and just chillin with friends.
Abbie Jones
Hey Everyone, I'm new to the site so still learning my way around with my friends help. Just moved here from Austin Texas. Look forward to making new friends and meeting new peope. Thanks Abbie
Alright, everyone keeps telling me to put something on here so I am.. My name is Abbie, short for Abagail... I like to go by Abbie... I love to party with friends!! I love to go to the bar!!! My favorite place to go out when I am not working is the Firehouse.. if any of you know where that is... Anyway I am going to NWTC right now for nursing.. I love spending time with my family... I have 2 brothers and 5 sister.. I know we have a big family... I a 1 dog and her name is Princess.. She is a boxer!!! I just love her to death!! Well if you want to know anything else just ask!!!
[*.(*.♥.**).*] [♥`*Abbie*`♥] [..*(.*♥`*.)`*.] well im the gurl who cares to much and has a heart thats to big. im all about being with my friends they mean the most to me!! i love to just hang out!i always say just live life to the fullest. If something in life goes wrong i wont give up i just try harder. im always there for my friends when in need and ive had alot of regrets in life but i try to make it for the better and forget about them. im a pretty kik "n" person!! if you want to know anything just ask im prety much the most open person around!! PEOPLE WHO DNT PLAY LIL KID GAMES AND CAN ACTUALLY TREAT A PERSON AS IF THEYRE A SOMEBODY AND NOT THEYRE BITCH!! well theres many of them but ill name the most important ones to me!! my greatgrandma who was the biggest insperation to me while growing up and she passed away june 1st of this year then theres my Dad yeah hes pretty much the gre
I'm bisexual..looking for a woman
Abbi Bailey
Abbi Tricarico
Abbie Paxton
Abbie Morton
HeyyHeyy.. im Abbie i live on a sheep and cattle station in NSW. i love to ride my motorbike, drive the car, go on the internet, pig hunting and Shearing time... if you wanna chat just leave me a comment or a message! kbye.
Hi, I'm Abbie. I'm a happy-go-lucky, glass half full kinda girl. My friends would describe me as kind, thoughtful, charming, witty and always the life of the party. I would have to agree, with the addition of modest and humble
I'm 27 year old female. I have two children. One boy who is 5 and one girl who 3. I love all of them. Any questions just ask. I'm also on here to make some new friends and just meet some new people. I'm not only on here for the other. I do have other interests too. I'm meeting new people and getting out there. WITCHYS WIKKED GRAPHIXsize="1">PinknSexxy PinknSexxy PinknSexxy
Abbie Corn
♥ (OK PEOPLE... I SPEAK FRENCH,ENGLISH,AND GERMAN) My name is Abbi & i am probably the nicest kid you will ever meet. I have a boyfriend by the name of travis... i love him to death. I can come off as a bitch to some people.. but I'm really not like that. I have an amazing fashion sense but I swear I'm not stuck up..(i swear) I am orginal. I'm a vegan/vegetarian and I don't eat meat just cause it's a trend, I don't eat meat cause I acctually care about stuff.. (unlike some of you) I don't hate people, I dislike people. I know for some of you myspace is your life,myspace isn't mine. I love life. (IF YOU SEE ANY FAKES LET ME KNOW AND I WILL SEND THEM HATE MAIL!)Don't hate on me, send me trashy comments, judge me or whatever,cause I will make you the most hated person in the world. Seriously,what you say won't have any affect on me..I'll forget about you in like, 5 minutes.Hatemail makes me laugh so..send away! I cut my own hair. I do my own make up. ..
Abbie Morgan
Abbi Heneghan
Abbie Thompson
Abbie Rhoads
Abbie Kelley
Abbiano Abbiaty
Abbie Lough
Abbie Moore
My name is Abbie. To my friends I am sometimes known as "bhie". There's a lot to me. I am friendly, fun, outgoing and a bit naughty. But I am also very intelligent, warm, sensitive, and easy going. I get along with pretty much everyone and I like to keep it that way. I'm wise beyond my years, but still very much a kid at heart. I love to talk and laugh and make others laugh in return. I've been known to be just a tad bit quirky on occasion. My curiosity knows no bound. I like trying new things and having new experiences. I try to live life to it's fullest and enjoy every day I spend on this earth. I love my family, they're always there for me. I love my friends more than anything, they mean the world to me and I try to be the best friend I can be to any one of them. I love to meet new people and enjoy making new friends, so whoever you are, talk to me! I'll talk back, I promise. Just add me in your yahoo messenger lovely_abbhie at yahuu dot com. Lets chat! Or Join me here: http://is.g
Abbie Seguin
Abbie Campbell
Abbie Campbell
Abbie Gaile Swift
Abbigail Georina
Abbi Scott
I like to party and have a good time, I like down to earth people.
Abbie Taylor
Abbigal Berg
Abbie Safran
Abbie Barker
Abbie Blais
Abbie Quirk
Abbigael Robles
Abbianshah Maurer
Abbie Huxley
Abbie Mitchell
Abbie Griggs
Abbi Lanier
Abbie Ag
Abbie Price
Abbi Rotenberry
Abbigail Rose
Abbi Roberts
Abbie Clark
Abbie Feller
Abbie Williams
Abbie Deocampo
Abbott Mason
Abbra Tullos
Abbra Kadaver
Abbry Caln
Abbrey Robinson
Abbrol Palmer
Abbt Batista
Abbushi Ak
Abbu Molla
Abby Triplett
uh yah!
Abby Osmun
umm my name is abby im 15 i'm hott and guys love me that's basiclly it!!
Abby H.
this is me peeps i got a man and 3 kids and 2 dogs 3 siblings! ya so that's about it!~ my idols are my family i live 4 them!~ i don't really watch TV i'm always really busy with my family or at work or at the partys ya i do it all!~
Abby Hays
well im 14 my birtday is not in april like this thing says it fucked up my b-day, my b-day is really in aug but yea i like to collect monkeys b/c there effin pretty as fuck and idc if u dont think so but yea
Abby Mullen
Abby Graham
Abby Jones
Abby Guiboche
Abby Maynard
Abby Jo
I am A single mommy. I am in school full time and Have a full time job. I am hoping to find my soul mate someday soon! I love to go camping, fishing, vacations,weekends. I love my family and friends. I am easy to get along with Untill you piss me off. lol dirty dancing, joe dirt, all the fridays. fried green tomatos
Abby Cowel
Hey everyone... my name is abby and I am a senior at Edison High School... I will be friends w/ everyone and i love to have fun... everyone should talk to me I am a girly girl but i love to ride four-wheelers, I also like to get dirty, and i
Abby Gruber
Abby Sparks
Abby Sweeney
mhmm......if you wanna know then just ask my big bro randy! and my big sis tina!
Abby Krenrich
Abby Holifield
im a 5"2.blonde lil sk8r chick.that cant find ny 1 gewd 4 gewd for meh i LUV to sk8.its my burnin passion.nd im eithr eatin.sk8in.or puff puff not givin with hippie letuce i HAT3prepps so friggen much so if ur gonna talk to meh nevr say !!"W/E"!!haha well im me on aim *dirtyjamesluvr* or go to my myspace page nd ask meh to b ur friend(ps my last name is holifield) myspace
Im a single mom whos been called a milf one to many 2 boys are the loves of my life and my motivation that they will grow up to be men that any women would be proad of. Im a family girl with a big heart and strong morals. Love to laugh and make people laugh. Im up for anything new and exciting. Im so normal that i just want to get CRAZY sometimes...know what i mean?
Abby Adams
Abby Seale
Abby Crites
Abby Seward
I just like to kick back and have a good time...whatever that involves:) Pulp Fiction, Boondock Saints, Napoleon Dynamite, Dumb and Dumber, Meet the Parents, Finding Nemo, Detroit Rock City, Tommyboy, Dazed and Confused, Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing, Sleeping Beauty, Varsity Blues, Waiting, Elf, Ice Age, Night at the Roxbury, Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore,
Abby Sakaan
MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments RandomFull Name?: Abby LynnetteAge?: 21Status?: singleHappy w. it?: YupWhat type of guys do you go for?: The wrong onesDo Your Parents Know You Have A Myspace?: They don't know what that isDo You Sleep With A Stuffed Animal?: NoDo you have any pets?: Yeswhat kind?: Puppy and KittyWhat are their names?: Pokey and GookDo you like to have your picture taken?: Not reallyWould you date someone who has been in jail/prison?: Probably noWould you date someone who cheated in the past?: DependsHave you cheated on an ex?: YesWould you forgive an ex who cheated?: NoHow Many Shoes Do You Own?: That's like counting stars in the sky.When Is Your Bed Time On School Nights?: lol school nightsDo You Think You Are Spoiled?: NoHow Many Boyfriends Or Girlfriends Have You Had?: umm 7? no 6....I thinkAre You Dating Anyone Now?: NoDo You Doubt Yourself A Lot?: Not reallyWhat Is The Latest You Have Ever Stayed Up On A School Night?: This
Abby :-)
there's only one word that describes me and that's unique?!You will never meet anyone like me they may come close to being me but they'll never be 100% because i'm special edition!I luv gettin into all sorts of mischief...I am also extremely random you never know what i'm gonna do next just when you think you've got it figured all out I turn the table... I am a political science major I'm a very blunt and honest person, telling lies only makes the situations worse, btw its harder to say no than it is to say yes... and for this usally people can't hang with me, im not judgemental but If i get a bad vibe from someone thats it for me no more, I give 1 chance you fuck up your finished So ya wanna know what interests me???.............................. Well pretty much everything i'm amused by the smallest most stupid random things ever,But...I guess if i had to narrow it down my favorite interest is xbox xbox xbox. I also like Strawberry Ice cream with sprinkles, sprinkles rock my w
i'm 5ft 7in tall i have short hair naturally blonde but right now its black with a different highlights, i have blue green eyes, wear glasses, have a ass and a thick body! if you dont like who i am dont bother talking to me i dont really know what to say im justa down to earth female that likes to have fun and is looking for the guy of her dreams! oh wait i was dreaming for a second there! i dont have any really my teacher from 1st grade and 9th grade RIP MR SMITH i will watch any movies really specially comedy and horror
Abby Diaz
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Abby Perez
Abby Allen
Hey guys I am a fun-loving girl who wants to meet new people...i really like to party and have fun...any kind of fun...well to find out more aim me..tuffblonde sports, shoppin, chillin with friends, and LIVIN IT UP!!!
Abby Ellzey
Abby Mcclain
Abby Martin
I am new to the site and would like to meet cool people to chat with... I have been on myspace and met some cool people but would like to check out this site to see who all is out there that might like to chat with me. I am a college student that loves to go out and have a good time. Love to drink with friends and hang out at the lake. Winter comes around and I love to go where the snow is and ski. Anyone that wants to chat with me, please let me know... I am into anything to do with outdoor adventures. I really love to do anything that is outside. I am into hanging out at the lake or going off to Ski since it doesn't snow where I live. I am currently in school in TN and there are always parties to go and have a great time. I heard about this site on MySpace and thought that I could check it out to meet to people. I seem to find myself online when I'm not outside. If only I could figure out how to make my laptop work outdoors, anywhere I go... Love to meet some people to ch
Abby Perkins
Abby Barritt
Abby Raines
I am 24 My name is Abby Raines i am a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i am going trough a divorce and it is really hard also i love to draw, write and i love to read if you wanna know more just ask me.
Abby Maanao
shopping,surfing,movies,posing for pics,talking on da phone,and most of all smoking weed&kicking back with mai gurlfrewns!! Get your layout at
I'm your normal girl that loves to have fun. I love to dance, drink, party, and make a fool of myself when ever possible. I only got on this site because my girl Shannon made me! hehehe.

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