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Aaron Freitag
i'm in a band, gonna start 2 more, im the singer. in the other bands i'm gonna play guitar and sing finally. i love art, music and movies. i grow up around it so why not love my most favorite thing in the world other then alot of BEER!!!!
Aaron Brown
Aaron Duke
Aaron Anzalone
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Stafford
Aaron Guerra
Aaron Smiley
Aaron Berlin
Aaron Ellis
Aaron Hughes
Aaron Torbet
Really can't do these 'about me' things lol My names Aaron, I'm 18 and from Scotland. I love to party and hang out with mates. I'm pretty easy to get along with. Anything else? just ask. Socialising, football, music, tv, films, going out at the weekends and hitting the pubs and clubs.
wow, uh... I'm pretty good about talking about anything to people I don't know, just not writing about myself in a little box. I'm a pretty funny guy, outgoing, spontaneous with a bit of a wild side. I usually find myself in the center of activity wherever I go, whether it's a party or just the gas station. It can be a good thing, or a bad thing. I enjoy being random, and with me there's usually a surprise around every corner. Being outside, throwing water balloons at kids and the elderly, food, sleep, dogs, music... blah blah blah...
Aaron Wix
Aaron Doerner
Aaron Bovia
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Harmon
Aaron Watson
Once you get past the self-deprecating humor, you will soon learn that I'm a raging egomaniac. Nah, that's not true, either. I'm lots of fun, but don't have time for drama or emotional hysterics. I'm well educated and don't care what anyone else thinks. I do what I want, when I want. But you probably figured that out already. Careful, I might be the guy your mother warned you about. I'm pragmatic but spontaneous. Nurturing but competitive. Peaceful but energetic. I love staying up late, whether it's to party, clubbing, or just read a good book. Okay, that last part will probably never happen. But I almost always sleep in on weekends. I definitely have an adventurous streak whether it's trying out an exotic recipe in the kitchen, running, or traveling the world thanks to my good friends at Orbitz and Priceline. Weird things happen to me; nothing that you should be afraid of, but just realize that if we get together, you're in for a wild ride. I've driven a go-kart for six laps w
Aaron Seamann
Aaron Conway
Aaron Doyle
Aaron Sutter
Aaron Waddell
Aaron Dukes
Very outgoing willing to try just about anything,especially if it involves the company of good looking ladies.I also love to spend money, as fast as I can make it im keeping up with spending it. what fun is having money if your not gonna have a kick ass time with it? Im also very generous with everything, if you needf it and I have it your more than welcome to it. you know what I mean? i believe to the fullest what comes around gos around.Im always trying to find the good in everything,nd to sum it all up thres three hings in life i cn stand, and thats Liars, Cheaters, and Thieves. oops, i guess I mean four thigs if you include country music. but I could probably even deal with hillbilly music for the right person. Very outgoing willing to try just about anything,especially if it involves the company of good looking ladies.I also love to spend money, as fast as I can make it im keeping up with spending it. what fun is having money if your not gonna have a kick ass time with it? Im also
Aaron Kindoll
i race dart bikes and i stay on the computer all the time
Aaron Minde
Message me and find out!
Aaron Hudman
Aaron Roettger
Aaron Hardesty
Aaron Shaw
Aaron Kangar
Aaron Velarde
An English guy who is working in America -but living in UK, want to find out more drop me aline
Aaron Qualls
Aaron Aldridge
Aaron Hearne
I'm Aaron, a 22 year old chill ass dude. My friends are my world, and my girls are my queens. I like watching football, going to basketball games. Rockies game opener is today! Word baseball games are awesome. I like to go to walmart and pick up cuties, lol havent actually tried that yet. Let me know what you think about that, perhaps? I'm 6'2'' a stick at 160 pounds. I've got short light brown hair and hazel green eyes. My hat is always on. Well anywayz check me out, late. I like to party fo sho. I am always down like some chicken scratch at churches chicken. Mon through Sunday its word. My job is also a highly appreciated interest. I am an electrician. I blew a curcuit onetime and ever since then I have been the man. Real talk, I can even dance on water. Lol Maybe not that far.. Actually not an electrician, I just got a job as a highway construction flagger, ya ya!! Music is the shit, I'm gonna be learning how to Dj from my boy DJ Benergizer, check him out!
i party and have fun and live life while i can i play the guitar and song writer
Aaron Swanson
Aaron Breen
Aaron Rhames
Aaron Beeman
My names Aaron, im 24 years old and live in New York, if you cant tell from my name in a gamer like MMORPGS, that stands for Masive Multiplayer Online Role Play Games. such as WoW, Diablo, Last Chaos, so on and so forth. just got into Magic The Gathering....its a fun but EXPENSIVE hobby! hmmm so yeah i found love finaly and boy does it feel when we meet ill be happier *huggles lilly*
Aaron Davidson
Aaron Frost
Aaron Upshur
just aint got no time for the bs so if thats u just keep it moving ......wanna know anythang just ask??? Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics
Aaron Willingham
Aaron Keene
21 years old, 6ft2 185. toned, in shape, over all i think im a pretty sexy guy. oh by the way im in the army too requim of a dream
Aaron Moore
Aaron Mellendorf
Aaron W
Im 21yrs old what do you think i like to do? Acctually not alot i drink go to the bar spend time with my wife and son. I work, fuck,and partywhen  get the chance im not to much of a movie person but there are a few that i do like. I like sin city, the spirit, fight club, and thats about it not to many on my mind right now
Aaron Thomas
5'5" 155 lbs brown hair and brown eyes .I have a daughter Reading and hanging outside, also camping
Aaron Reyes
i'm interested in sports and gurls
Aaron Jewett
Aaron Carter
Aaron Cruz
I'm 24 y/o, I have 2 children who mean everything to me and I train in mixed martial arts. I've been training and competing in mixed martial arts for over 3 years now.
Aaron Wicker
Aaron Fields
Aaron Buskirk
Aaron Wilson
Aaron Arensman
Aaron Spaleny
Im a wild country boy i love to party with my buddys and sling some mud.I have 27 horses on the family ranch.I ride bulls and saddle bronc horses.If ya wanna no more hit me up.
Aaron Galpin
i like to fuck really gorgeous girls i love to eat pussy and all sorts of stuff when im gettin freaky ya dig
Aaron Snelgrove
Hey my name is Aaron and I'm 23 I love life and my girl Joan and we have been dating since September of 2008 and we are loving it and found out five months ago that we are having a baby and we are so happy to hear the news....its a little scary but we love the Idea of being parents!
I consider myself a very easy going person. I get along with almost everyone.I consider myself a very versatile person with a lot of interests and character, spontaneous !!! Ok my interest. fisrt thing the ladies interest me, then I enjoy going for long rides on my motorcyle. I enjoy doing bodypainting I try do it it atleast 4 times a month. Even more during bike/car show season. Love the river and the outdoors. Give my a bottle of spiced rum or gentleman jack and lets get the party started.
Aaron Hutson
Aaron Dennis
Aaron Brown
Aaron Klein
Aaron Williams
Aaron Dulac
Name's Aaron Tyler DuLac love it or leave it hate it or deceive it,i've got a little brother and a broken family,not gonna lie i've got maybe six real friends anymore since i gave up the drugs nobody wants me around anymore,i'm in an adult ed program workin on my diploma it's a little ways off but that's what i get for fucking up high school haha,i'm about 5'6" somewhere just over 200 pounds tryin to lose it tho i gotta get in shape woot woot!!!!,if you had just met me in a public place one of two things would happen you'd remember me lovingly forever or you'd hate me completely,most people don't understand why someone with such intelligence refuses to apply it,see i'd love to have time you just bullshit with people but i can't i'm looking for work and it's not going very well but hey leave me some love or some hate whichever and i'll hit you back when i remember hmm...let's go with the basics first,i'm into partying when i can,still goin for that damn high school diploma that's an in
Aaron Thomason
Im funny i can always break a bad mood on anyone... Im sweet as can be wll better yet i'll let you be the judge of that. and if you want more info just ask.
Aaron Johnston
Aaron Manus
Aaron Korkowski
FEAR THE PLATYPUSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! prepare for total destruction of every in this world that is sane, in my domination of this world and all the levels of hell i have achieved very little but I'm still trying, one day you will all tremble in fear as i walk by on the plains of Armageddon. i am 6'2" 185lbs of pure hatred and destruction, i am usually really quiet and chill but get some rum in me and you will just need to sit back and enjoy the show. ok so anyhow, i am a trained killer by day, and a ninja by night.Anyhow if u wanna know something just ask. 1. What is your best friends name? justin 2. What color underwear/boxers wearing now? free balling 3. What are you listening to right now? anti flag - die for the government 4. Whats your favorite number? 13 5. What was the last thing you ate? steak and cheese hot pockets 6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? black 7. How is the weather right now? sunny with a wind from the pacific blowing in
Aaron Rickman
Aaron Nations
Aaron Obrien
Aaron Sherwood
Aaron Pollard
Aaron Eader
I'm basically a "normal" guy, a smartass that can twist almost anything into something funny. Anything involving the outdoors.
Aaron Hayford
i'm in the U.S. Army, i am 6'3 and i wiegh 158 LBS. i love music, and i love being outside. i'm a very open person.i am caucasion, i have brown hair and light baby blue eyes. i've been told they are seductive. lol. but anyway anything else you wanna know just ask cause like i said i'm very open. shooting my weapon since i'm in the U.S. Army. i also love fishing, hunting, running and pretty much anything outdoors. i alos love games. yea i know its a turn off normally but fuck it right. well anything else u wanna know just hit me up. i'm very open.
Aaron Duncan
I'm 23 years old, I will be 24 in July. I was raised in the country, but am by no means a hick. I have brown hair, greenish/blue eyes, weigh 150 (I know, scrawny), am 5' 6". I like to just chill with friends, maybe hit the bars on a Saturday night. I don't spend a whole lot of time on the internet, but I am on it regularly. Check out my interests for more. Anything else you want to know just ask, I'm not shy and I will definately be strait-up and honest with you. Hit me up. I enjoy a few things in life. NASCAR is the one thing you can count on me having an interest in everyday of the week. I like hunting and fishing, four-wheeler riding, listening to some good music, playing poker with some buddies, having a few drinks, and just relaxin'. I love watching movies. Mainly Comedy and Action flicks, every once in a while throw in a Drama or a Suspense, but (and you can call me a pussy, cause I'll say "you're right") I will not watch a horror flick. I have a highly active imagination and I j
Aaron Ison
Aaron Keil
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Aaron Sanders
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Aaron Carter Jr
well i guess im a little on the wild side i like to drink alot,smoke tree, and smoke the hell out of my tires in my street rods!! i dont give a whole lot of what people think they con all go to hell!!! i like fast cars and i like my girls just the same fast and a little on the wild side!!!!!!
Aaron Moon
Aaron Ellzey
Aaron Gardner
Aaron Roark
Aaron Snell
I'm 20 years old from Belton, South Carolina. I am 6 ft. tall and weigh around 325 lbs. I am bi-sexual. I am not currently in school but I plan on going to school this fall to study Video Game Programming. I have a dry sense of humor, and I can be a little dense at times(not purposefully!), but all in all I'm a fun guy to be around. My intrests include: writing computer programs surfing the net reading(Sci-fi/fantasy, programming manuals, and horror) TV(Scrubs, Supernatural, Family guy, American Dad, Xplay, Attack of the Show, and stand-up comedy) Movies(Star Wars(IV,V,IV), Matrix Trilogy, Dazed and Confuzed, and anything with Jay and Silent Bob) finally, sometimes I write poetry.
Aaron Birdwell
Aaron Green
Aaron Simpson
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Aaron Dyches
southern guy and i dnt give a d*** what anybody thinks. outdoors
Aaron Unknown
Aaron Mcpeak
Aaron Cortez
Aaron Hardman
Aaron Roach
I'm Just A Laid Back Guy,I Like to get together with my ppl an have a good time, i love sports, I'm 20 an In the army, If U wanna know more just message me or somethin...peace Playin Basketball,Meeting New People,Watching Movies,Music,Hangin out with friends
Aaron Vancleve
Aaron Fackrell
Aaron Qzzzzzzz
Aaron Raffaelli
Aaron Crider
Aaron Wall
Aaron Montano
Aaron Speer
My life is an open book, so don't be afraid to ask me questions. I'm an honest, straight forward kinda guy. So if you're feeling friendly, drop me a line, and get to know me. Really I'm just looking to meet some interesting people, make a few friends, and if I find something more, then great. A little about myself, I'm a DJ/Entertainer by profession. I have done things from Stand up comedy( which I was good at, according to customers), I've been a stunt boy for a local radio station(I wouldn't suggest it, getting maced, tazed, and waxed on the air, among other things...isn't really as fun as it sounds...LOL), to hosting Karaoke, Trivia Nights,Spinning vinyl at clubs, etc...I love to entertain people, my goal is to make the world a better place one smile at a time...lame I know, but it's the only dream I got... And there is a lot more...but you'll have to find that out for yourself...till then, thanks for dropping by my little corner of the world, and until next time, take ca
Aaron Boring
Aaron R
Aaron Fouyer
my name's aaron and i just moved and i'm honestly bored. i'm looking for online friends to talk to and have fun with. about me: i love music. i'm a stuggling musician with hopes of making it big one day. i'm comfortable in my own skin. i love a good talk, sports, cars, GIRLS, sex(who doesn't?) and walking on the beach(i'm so original) i'm 21, and BBB--well, the last B is still in progress, but working on it! that's it for this if you want to know more talk to me.
Aaron Allen
Aaron Barton
I'm 6'2, I have dark short hair, Dark brown eyes, 8 pack, easy going, wild, crazy, luv to party and smoke bud.
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Aaron Foye
Aaron Deaton
Aaron Marks
Aaron Darlas
Aaron Wischman
Aaron Fink
My yahoo messenger is and my aim is aaronfink2000. If u want to know more "About Me" lol. Then use those to kindly contact me and ill tell u myself. Im the leader of a team of mountain racers. What the main goal to evolve todays racing theorys...and put them to the test in diffrent situations. A handful of highly skilled drivers from the area are currently being recruited for the development of their various racing styles. All are freinds of me...and are specially chosen according to their diffrent talents...but mainly according to each of their max potentials. Normal people driving normally....sometimes you can still see the maximum of someones potential. Only the strong ones u can tell like that right off. Ive been in a mini van before...and riden with a woman in her late 30's who was so good at driving....and she never went over the speed limit..... This is why ive chosen to fill out the interests thing so much....this is what interest me the most.
Aaron Adams
Aaron Shaffer
Aaron B
Aaron Derboven
Aaron Bryant
Aaron Rose
hey people my name is not important, but what is, is my sweet car. I have a 1992 Nissan 240sx Coupe with alot of things done to it such as.... SR20DET Blacktop Turbo Engine Nissan Silvia Front conversion Gold/Chrome lip 17"Rims Z Rated Tires 245.17's XTD Stage 2 Clutch Set ARP Head Studs Mishimoto Racing Radiator Forged Crankshaft Sard 700cc Injector kit Brian Crower Stage 3 Cams Brian Crower Valve Springs Ti Retainers NGK BKR6E Spark Plugs Greddy MLS Head Gasket Greddy FMIC Polished Intake Manifold Walbro Fuel Pump Q45 Ignition Module Z32 300ZX MAF Brian Crower intake valves Briant crower exhaust valves EPP Exhaust valve guides EPP Intake valve guides EPP Intake and Exhaust valve seats Fidanza Aluminum flywheel Tomei rocker stopper Apexi Power ECU Computer HKS Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit BLITZ SBC i-D Boost Controller HKS SQL BOV Greddy Oil Pan Extension Greddy Cam Gears Greddy Lightweight Pulley Kit Greddy Trust oil filter G
Aaron Massey
Im an outgoing male looking for a female to have some fun with, if you are looking for a good time, then you need to get ahold of me as soon as possible. Golf, Sex, Beer, Girls, Las Vegas, Chicago Cubs, Friends, Watching TV, Movies, Etc.
Aaron Brear
Aaron Helms
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Simmons
Aaron Webb
Aaron Yates
My name is aaron I live in the country im a big ole redneck. I have a girl named loretta, 2 sisters, 1 brother, and 2 brother in laws... My parents are william and dixie... We have lots of animals,,,, 2 pigs, 3 big dogs an 4 puppies, 5 horses, 17 big chickens, 26 small chickens, and 2 cats..... Well any questions u cn jus ask... I love 4-wheeler riding, fishing, hunting, hanging with my son to be wife loretta... I also love going to the races from time to time. Gettin on myspace an imvu every now an then. Usually don't really have time for anyhing always trying to find something to do out doors. I hate staying inside. I love listening to music my faorite is country. That is about it anything else u wanna now jus ask.....
Aaron Mcdonald
Aaron Titus
Aaron Paparella
Aaron Garcia
Aaron Powell
Aaron G
Aaron Rossi
Aaron Dungan
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Aaron Bowers
Aaron Gough
Aaron Colebank
Aaron Lawhorn
Aaron King
Aaron Forshee
Aaron Buche
Aaron Vargas
Aaron Wright
Aaron Gennuso
Aaron Sosa
hay I'm Aaron im a pretty layed back guy I like to go to the movies some may say a little to much i like to run, read,hang out withe my friends and family. I live in Californian on base but i like to go home to west covina as much as possible I'm marines. Stationed on Camp Penelton. I like what I do. I went to west covina high school
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Stanga
Aaron Cole
Aaron Karpe
Aaron Allen
Aaron Hampton
Aaron Massey
Aaron Quillen
Aaron Burgess
im 18. im from a small mill town in maine. i like to have a good time. i like dirtbiking, riding bmx, and i like to have fun!
Aaron D
Aaron C
Aaron Perez
Aaron Bise
Aaron Rose
Aaron Montgomery
Ah about me...Well I'm a college student. Currently going to MJC for now,but I'll be transfering to a different university sometime soon. I'm a gamer too. I play alot of video My goal is to become a game designer and start my own company,which I'm a step closer to I stay on Eastside Modesto,so if you're in the area,definitely send me a message! My interests? Video If I'm not playing a game,I'm watching a Pretty straightforward. Its just what I love doing. I also listen to alot of music and write rhymes.
Aaron Thomas
laid back, easy going, enjoy hanging out with family and friends as much as possible. I enjoy boating as much as I can, working out, and playing sports. sports, boating, snowmobiling, lifting weights
Aaron Adams
Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Sims
im 6'6", blue eyes, light brown almost dirty blonde hair. weigh 210, but dont have an ounce of fat on me. im here just to see whats up and possibly meet someone sometime so hit me up well idk what my interests really are, i just like having fun and being around good people
Aaron Massey
Aaron Montalvo
Aaron L.
Aaron Santiago
Aaron Adams
Aaron Troupe
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Aaron Langley
im 6'1" with what most say blue eyes,brown hair but prefer to go bald. i have 3 babys, 2 boys 9 & 6 alomg with one of the most beautiful 2 year old blue eyed dirty blonde texas tornado. my three babys most of all but then theres fast wheels(4 or 2 prefer only 2) cold budwieser hot tequila, maybe a crown and coke when it fills right and far from the last would be sexy ass woman with chicky pantys or boy short
Aaron Moss
Aaron Brown
Aaron Holmes
Aaron Ratcliff
Aaron Williams
Aaron Elijah Frisk
Aaron Vanlinden
Aaron Lively
Aaron Bixby
Aaron Rowe
new to this site. was just referred. simple. laid back. not really much else to me. i drink i smoke. what else is there..
Aaron Stout
Aaron Marshall
Aaron Wells
Aaron Hearn
Aaron Kopnick
Aaron Parish
Im ah cool mellow individual but not to laid back to hold ah decent convo yadig! But Im 23yrz grew up on the southside of da city Chi-Town wild 100'z Im ah full time parent fulltime worker an partime student. I luv to make music I am not ah rapper I am a artist cuz when I freestyle or put the pen to the pad itz ah masterpiece ! lOl I hav ah sense of humor to but u dig wat u hear pick that shovel up then! I luv music I get inspire by many different soundz of music,enjoy going to new placez tryin new food I luv to eat I b goin ham on ah meal. I like horror moviez da best out of all other moviez topic,stay playin ball luv hoopin going to gamez concertz u kno like ah normal guy my age would dig it!
Aaron Neeper
Well lets see where to start, I'm a flawed, half crazy, the other half is insane, great friend, great partner, great drinker, smoke, smoke out, huff and puff and blow your house down if you piss me off. I'll put in more later.
Welcome Come Check Out Are You: [x] Tired of people taking this so serious [x] Wanting to meet awesome people that know how to have fun [x] Not easily offended. Then Euphoria is the place for you! Can't wait to see you there!
Aaron Boyles
aaron 21, single, and live in illinois......i have two gorgeous little girls...hadley is 4 and nicole is gna be 2......nething else u wanna know hit me up nething for a laugh and a good a major movie fanatic my 3 top fav movies are the boondock saints, fear and loathing in las vegas, and greenstreet hooligans
Aaron Pierce
Aaron Finch
just add me and ask, i dont exactly know what to put...
Aaron Jones
Aaron T
Aaron Coleman
I enjoy spending time with my kids when I can. I play ps3 and on my laptop. I am a huge NASCAR fan and a fan of boobs.
Aaron Slusher
Aaron Wood
Aaron Reed
Aaron Pagel
Aaron Couch Jr
Aaron Dingess
Aaron Kempton
Aaron Freudensprung
Aaron Wald
You probably already know but My name is Aaron or i got nickname Grandma from the movie Rounders. I have my tongue and nipples pireced and i also have a brand on each of my arms and one on my chest. Im not going to school right now only working figured id save up some money. I have no idea what to write in this kinda just winging it. This is all you get to read about me for now. Want to know more message me Lets figure this shit out now.....Well i enjoy filming random stuff with my friends like jackass stunts and just messing with random people. Just going around finding random stuff to do everynight. Going to parties off an on. I dont drink anymore was forced to go to AA at the age of 15 pretty shitty haha
Aaron Moore
Aaron J
Hi im Aaron and im here to have fun. No cams no drama no bullshit. I give respect and i deserve it back. I welcome new friends always. I live to hunt and be the best father i can. My daughter is number 1 in my life. I also love nascar and my local short track racing. Mid-west modifieds,Late models,and super late models.
Aaron Hussey
Aaron B
aaron chris bagamaspad. march 17 1989. full time student. full time dreamer. full time achiever. cal poly pomona. communication major. whs class of 07. chamber singers 03-07. cpp concert choir. music. guitar. ukulele. piano/electric keyboard. rock. alternative rock. hip hop. techno/trance. pop. jazz. reggae/island. feel good. independent artists. dance. art. screenplays. scripts. skits. short films/stories. gaming. miscellaneous junk. retainers. teeth whitening strips. crochet. food. sushi. korean bbq. pasta. pineapples. strawberries. raspberry iced tea. peach iced tea. water. health nut. swimming. jogging. aimlessly driving. road trip. party. live laugh love. enjoy. perform. hang out. friends. family. God. unconditional love. movies. comedy. action. horror. sci fi. romantic comedy. tv. g4. e!. mtv. discovery channel. useless statistics. other cultures. japanese. hawaiian. maori. random nonsense. parkour. freerun. work out. computer. comp enthusiast. miscellaneous. myspace. facebook. y
Aaron Shaw
My Names Aaron Im 6 tall and 160 pounds, black hair and bright blue eyez, Im smart handsome and confident, I have some of the sexiest dips you'll ever see leading to an 8 inch cock, i like to dance and have fun, im a great cook, girlz that can dance good are much sexier I love girls with eyez as pretty and bright as mine if u dont got that dont even try I like skinny girls that treat there bodies like i treat mine by bein active and in shape !!!No Fat Chicks!!! and im not being shallow i just think the girl im with should look as good as me. belly button rings r a big turn on for me as are girls who like bein dangerous I go to school full time and have a part time job as a cook and i like having something to do all the time well if you wanna know more just hit me up and send me some Drank Snowboarding, anything dangerous, and just having fun doing anything exciting really I LOVE Adrenalin rushes!!!
Aaron Yates
Aaron Chance
Aaron Thats A Need To Kno
Aaron Vaughn
Aaron Warren
Aaron Sass
Aaron Casey
Aaron F
Aaron Elmore
my name is aaron. im 18. im the youngest of 6 kids ranging from 35 to myself. im a very chill person. i lyk to sit around n listen to music while i help watch my nieces n very quite n i seem lyk a shy person but im not i just cant find the words to tell ppl all time. wen i do find the words i speak my mind very clearly. i play guitar and bass. i skated for about 5 or 6 years. i lyk to workout n chill wit my friends. i listen to alot of music and i do roadie work wit my friend matt.he plays bass for 2 bands and hopefully something may hit for us n the next year or so. until then im about to start working wit my father on the plumbing of a storm shelter n also a local prison.
Aaron Bangel
Aaron Ggibson
Aaron Rose
Aaron Boarman
i have many interests that i do, i play drums in a community band, i do karate. Steve Gadd, percussionist I love star trek and star wars, anything Science Fiction, action movies, no chick flicks, Bruce Lee movies.
Aaron Halas
Aaron Zimmermann
Aaron Vest
I am 6'4" tall. 200lbs. Athletically built. I am a work-aholic. I enjoy going out, drinking, just having a good time. Drinking of course. Playing any and all sports. Sex...just your typical guy i suppose.
......Well hello!......and welcome to the show... ....Plz....gentlemen..i dont come for your girl..... ....i'm just ...chillin.... but if you got a's it off.. ..she may just like it?..... .....but any way i need ta finish this .....sober....kinda....
Aaron Miracle
Iam a old used up firefighter. I started in 1995. Iam working on getting my EMT certification back. Im a hopeless romantic with a freaky side to me. First off my woman without whom I am nothing, our kids and what very few friends i have left. Im intested in auto racing of any kind. Wrestling, and creating things with my hands.
Aaron Culli
wild crazy never a dull moment sometime that is lol n thing else u wanna know just ask...i don't bite unless u want me too playing pool rideing my bro's 4 wheelers swimming watching movies with the right one
Aaron Haggerty
the names aaron lots of people call me harold though i really have no idea why haha i'm 21 single just got outta a 2ish year relationship heart was destroyed...but hey whatever i dont drink that often haha kinda weird i love heavy metal music going 2 concerts i'm currently unemployed story of my life... but besides that i'm cool as hell haha tattoos are one of the best things in life my friends are like family to me oh almost forgot i live in the lovely shithole town northern cambria pa just get ahold of me if you wanna talk always up for meeting new people... metal...rap...hardcore country...movies...animals...hanging with my Aleah and gage...piercings and tattoos etc...
Aaron Mcclanahan
Aaron Anderson
Aaron Adam
I'm 27 years in Gary, Indiana and have no kids and never have been married..ha!!! I currently work as a publicist for a boxing promotion and also work part time as a correspondent for a newspaper. I have an English degree from Purdue University North Central and look to get back into baseball very soon. I'm a huge baseball my cubbies.
Aaron Penley
we are a couple looking for fun with a girl or singl guy for some adult fun must be over 21 and drug and dis. free ok well we live in up state ny ami is 25 and me aaron is 34 we like to have fun we are into all kinds of things but no drugs so if you like what you see get at us and you must be in ny thank you aaron and ami we are into role playing she ami is into anal sex she loves it and wants me and another guy to fuck here at the same time also she is into other females alot so if you are in up state ny lets hook up
Aaron Hook
Greetings, I guess to actually know me is to ask and see who I am, but as for what I am. I'm an artist, that is back in school trying to finish out my degree. I'm also a christian, and if you see by my interest I'm quite a videogamer and a rocker. I'm as respectful and honest as a man can try to be. I am one that is seeking for other creative minds and meet others. Anything else please just ask, until then take care, Art - Drawing, Painting, Charcoal, Pastels, Watercolor, Ceramic Scuplture, 3D Animation, Fav Artist - Luis Royo, Brom, and of course I like others. Movies - Horror, Drama, Action/Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi (Seek out my list for better understanding) Music - Rock, Techno, Trance, Swing, Christian, New Age, Goth and Classical Books - Bible, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Genetic Engineering, Leardership, Virtue, Art, Computers Fav Author - Richard A. Knaak, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allen Poe and like many others too. I like body building, swimming
Aaron Diaz
Aaron Wean
Aaron Vance
I'm me i don't care what anyone thinks about me if you have something to say to me just say it don't run your mouth behind my back. im a easy going person to get along with i like to make new friends one day i will travel the world it's just something i want to do, i love music, i like to cook, my friends mean everything to me, i stand 6'2" 170lb last time i checked wanna know more just ask im somewhat open and honest
Aaron White
Aaron Lenard
Aaron Yagi-stanton
Im a cool chill guy. I am me, I dont change who i am for others. I'd say im pretty open minded and free spirited. I enjoy just spending time with friends and family relaxing listening to music, watching movies. I do like my personal space to relax and get away from the rest of the world. I'm currently single looking for new friends and looking for that special girl. I just want a girl that wants to be with me for who i am and not who they want me to be. I want someone to call my own and for her to call me hers. Like I said I am who I am, take it or leave it
Aaron Davis
Aaron Neeley
My name is Aaron. I am 20 years old. I am in the United States Army. I love my job i get to do alot of cool shit. I am currently deployed to Iraq. Wont be back for a while. But that dont mean you cant message me lol If you wanna know anything else just hit me up and i will tell you... I like to read and hang out with friends. LOVE to party! I also love women all women.
Aaron Dell
Aaron Dade
Aaron Riggs
Aaron Hellbusch
I live down on a farm by a small town. i like to go out and drink with friends and check out girls. I go to college in Norfolk Nebraska. i also i work at a sale barn and on the farm which i stay pretty busy then. Im into four wheelers and pick up pick up trucks
I'm 21 years old turn 22 this november. I love my job and my life, although id give my life in service to my country for all the freedoms ive been given. I'm a hometown kind of guy I grew up in missouri lived there for 19 years until i joined the military which i dont regret at all. I like to go out and hit the bars/clubs once a month to blow off steam and relax and meet new people. I occasionally drink with my buddies but not that often because I'm trying to get a bachelors degree. I love hunting fishing being with my family. My goals in life are to rent an apt. and get a car hopefully after tax season. I just want to chill and meet new people who arent going to be douchebags to me or ask me stupid questions there is enough stupidity in the world dont add to it. I'm blunt and honest and dont really care if you like me or not noone said you had to. I love tattoo's I have 5 at the moment I plan on getting at least 5 more and then to keep adding on because they're just amazing and e
Aaron Christian
i never have enough money to continue my body art i have five kids with four babies mommas and im white
Aaron T
Aaron Eads
Aaron King
Hmmmm.... interests.. Well this is my first time here filling this out so i am not even sure where it will show up on the page.. But i love mountain biking. getting out in the fresh air. away from all the stresses of the world. I like to work on my house. fix it up and make i better. I love horror, action, sci-fi, anime movies. Hot fires on cold winter nights. How is that for a start??
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Lets see where to begin im a 28yrold country boy that hates country haha. Im all about the rock and metal. Im a dad to 2 beautiful Girls Hailey and Amelia. They are the reason i live. Im divorced and am totally happy that way. But i hate drama first and formost leave that elsewhere. Im addicted to ink and adrenaline. Im a mud truck drivin beer drinkin metal music playin, treeclimbing, paintaballing, mowhawk rockin lady luvin country boy from iowa. Just cause you live in the country dont mean your Country yee haw lol. Im addicted to sexxy as women. I love tattoos and piercings on a girl so hot. SUICIDE GIRLS omg haha love em. Kat Von D can i stalk you from a distance lol. Damn that would make me a sexual predator lol hhmmmmm worth it? I like to think so. Got Questions? ask away.
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daddy tow bee aim so so happy me and my wife travel layout powered by / MyHotCommentsMyHotComments MyHotComments MyHotComments work work work all the time like to fish 4 will and do it all
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Aaron Tsakos
Aaron Mecham
Well I'm new to this website, I'm tired of immature people and just looking for freindship I'm all about having a good time whether it's at a bar, (an online bar), boating, at a park, BBQ with freinds and family, concerts, getting a tattoo or pircing. I'm working full time as a paralegal helping people repair their credit. I train in Kenpo martial arts and am aiming to fight in the UFC and making a name for myself. My biggest goals are to get married, live happily and just do whatever the time brings as fun!
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Im Married and have children! looking for good chat only and friends! Any questions please ask me! Oh and my Original name was Princey but i decided to Change it! Not Interested in Cybering with anyone! Family Hockey Reading Xbox360! World Of Warcraft! Good Convo Whiskey & Beer Friends! All types of music Photography canucks fan check ou my photo stream if you want!
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well my name is aaron im 23 yrs old i live in san antonio texas im always on yahoo mesanger,im a huge stoner im always looking for something to do,and im always willing to try anything once,im currently out of work so im online alot untill i get another job,im real eazy to talk to i dont start drama,hit me up if u wanna get to know me better
Aaron Arnold
Aaron Goodwin
Aaron Hunt
Materiality. Material Force. Material temptation; sometimes obsession The Devil is often a great card for business success; hard work and ambition. Perhaps the most misunderstood of all the major arcana, the Devil is not really "Satan" at all, but Pan the half-goat nature god and/or Dionysius. These are gods of pleasure and abandon, of wild behavior and unbridled desires. This is a card about ambitions; it is also synonymous with temptation and addiction. On the flip side, however, the card can be a warning to someone who is too restrained, someone who never allows themselves to get passionate or messy or wild - or ambitious. This, too, is a form of enslavement. As a person, the Devil can stand for a man of money or erotic power, aggressive, controlling, or just persuasive. This is not to say a bad man, but certainly a powerful man who is hard to resist. The important thing is to remember that any chain is freely worn. In most cases, you are enslaved only because you allow it.
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im 35 years old with lymes yes you get it form a tick. but i don't let it stop me from doing what i love i love to ride my hayabusa. if im not on that im on my horse. love being out side on my good days. on my bad days well i rest at home get on line most of time im gaming to get my mind off the pain. i party when i can. love my wife she the best she stay by my side no matter how sick i get. I taken her to japan to see the place i call home when i was little. she love it there. she let me have my time to go on rides and runs. she come with me when she can. but if she can't she always get one of her friends to go with me. witch is cool i ride english and western. no kids but i like kids there cool gave one of my bike to my bother inlaw i told him it was his when he got back home form over sea. he been over there three times. got less the 2 years left then he got his 20 in. i love my sis kids there the best. i love lots of thing but the best thing is the openness i have with my wife wel
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