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My Name Is Don
First,I'm 56 years old,well,for a couple more months anyway.Old enough to start dreddin birthdays. Yeah I'm single.Live on 142 acres outside Hot Springs,Arkansas.I work construction through the week and raise beef cattle at home.Dont have time to party,stuff like this is my relaxation.I literally hate the city and everything about it.I like the peace and quiet here on the farm.If I want to take a leak off the front porch I do.If I feel like some target practice,I can make all the noise I got ammo for.I reckon I'm just your average country boy.   I can be friends with nearly anyone.Lie to me or steal from me then carry your ass.I never needed anything bad enough to steal it and never done anything I was so ashamed I felt I needed to lie about it. Making new friends is always nice.Hope to make a few here.Ya'll take care now.
Interesting Things
Body Double Films presents Third Contact, an Independent Film according to after a second patient takes their own life in mysterious circumstances, psychotherapist Dr David Wright embarks on an obsessive investigation to find out who or what is behind their deaths before any more lives are lost. Seems by the trailers on youtube that this could be a very interesting film. They did score a crowd of 300 in London for this flick. It gain some very good critical responses and they plan on bringing this move to America. There is going to be Q/A's after each screening to get opinions from the sample crowds which may determine the ultimate fate of this film. Give it a shot and check the event link by clicking on the Tugg link above or going to Facebook: Third Contact or Twitter: Third Contact to find out more.
The Blind Date
I Met him on the Internet, very nice looking and quite polite. He asked me to go to his office for some lunch. Felt nervous and excited all at once. Took the elevator to top floor of his office. He answered the door as i tapped lightly , he stepped aside for me to enter. He pointed to a Sofa in the corner for me to take a seat. We shook hands . I leaned in and whispered, Let's skip Lunch. Placed my hand on his  leg than it slowly went to his groin, where I started rubbing it. His hand reached into my blouse to caress my titt and pinch my nipple. My Pussy was aching for his Cock, wanted so bad to have him take me. He licked my lips and stuck his tongue into my mouth, oh i was getting so horny.I unbuckle his pants to slide them mid thigh. than I slip my panties off and hike my skirt up. I stradle him backwards my back facing his chest. I stick his massive Cock into my now moist Pussy and slowly ride him. Up and down i am sliding, my titts bouncing and he is grabbing both in his large han
Is There A Adult Photobucket?
Is there a Adult PhotoBucket? If so what's the webpage name ?
Highly Underestimated
People say I view the world, a little differently than most. Perhaps this is true, for I am a living ghost. I exist within the shadows, through dark and deserted roads. Reflections of the future, speaking in codes. Codes that are unbreakable, which I taught myself to read. Ones free from confusion, with every drop I bleed. Crazy I may be, but with every pill I swallow. My vision becomes much clearer, and the path which I must follow. With every broken bone, bruise and beating pain. I have learned what it takes, to finally win this game. The game of love and life, is a war suited only for the strong. I have found my inner strength, and I know where I belong. I belong right here, with my head held high and stern. Walking with fire in my eyes, as I feel the intensity burn. No one can drown me out, I am a force unlike any other. My flames blaze wildly and out of control, the more you try to smother. Unstoppable is what I am, designed to withstand this place. I am raw power
Suffered Enough
A light came shining through the darkness my way. Should I walk in its direction, or simply run away? It took me by surprise, unexpected to say the least. I'm trying all that I can do, the tame my inner beast. A feeling unknown, shocking and new. Power, with such purity, created by YOU. Trembling knees, shaky presence, filled with a racing heart. Has left me a stand still, I found the light inside the dark. It is so vibrant, colorful and true. My one has finally found me, I know that it is YOU. My world has expanded, it's lit up for me to see. The future belongs to us now, you and me. Pure inspiration, from the very first words. They were soft and sweeter, than any I've ever heard. I will no longer shed blood tears, they will not fall from my eyes. From the day I fell in love with you, I have memorialized. Your worth, a new beginning, the past no longer matters. There's no such thing as broken promises, there's nothing to be shattered. For everything that happened bef
Pork Fried Rice
The Moment I Touched Your Face
I must have read that message, at least a thousand times. Spelt out right in-front of me, as I read between the lines. I seen the words she's crazy, but that will always be okay. I don't want to change her, I love who she is today. Then I seen I would kill for her, I want to set her free. I only wish I could save her, bring her straight to me. I didn't want to read anymore, those words alone were enough. To know he sees me as I see him, my diamond in the rough. Tears fell down my face, as I continued to read. Happy and hurt, my heart began to bleed. His words were so meaningful, he had me in mind. Although the rest cut to the bone, at that moment in time. Trust has to be earned, not given away. And the little that I had, faded straight to grey. Someone's word I cannot take, when actions speak much clearer. Perhaps a deeper look, inside that jaded reflection in the mirror. Is exactly what they need, so they can truly see. Themselves through my eyes, their fake transpare
My Name!
I sat through swollen eyes...broken and blood stained skin...listening to my own body attacking itself...through hunger and infection setting in...needing someone...anyone....I had someone...ME...through good times and the unimaginable I have never let myself down...I am always there when no one else is...holding my head high through some of the most shameful occurrences...right or wrong I do what it takes...regardless of what that may be...fierce and has always been me against the world...yet I listen to people and it shames me how petty this world has become....I stand up for those who have no choice...those who never complain while suffering in silence...hearing other people's non-existent issues is what keeps me silent....keeps me writing...weakness has never been an option in the world I live in....I have only had one choice and that is JUST DO IT...breathe in...breathe out...and strive to succeed....LISTEN to all the fuels the fire...REMEMBER the bad
This Is Your Soul Speaking!
    Every tear tells a story, of joy or sorrow. Mine tell a million, of yesterdays and tomorrows. A river filled with crushed dreams, new ones brought to life. Sometimes the current picks up, struggling to stay alive. Every day that my heart keeps beating, another dream dies and a new one takes its place. I see, fell it all over again, their disgusting face. Write another story, and get rid of the pain. Experience it one more time, but this time, with no shame. Go back to that day, look them in the eye. Tell them it ends today, then take back your life. The one you would have had, if they hadn't stolen it from you. Do whatever it takes, to make it come true! Be fierce and be strong, defeat them at their own game. Make them regret hurting you, make them choke on your name! For every day they control your thoughts, and take over your mind. They are defeating you, a little more at a time. You are right about one thing, they will never stop! That's why you have to face t
Weight Loss, What No One Tells You, Or You Expect....
I Decided Back on March 24th that I wasn't happy living within the shell I was carrying around with me. Busting/rolling out of a Size 14, With way more than a MUFFIN top, more like a bunt cake! I was going to CHANGE, Starting with a calorie counting, drinking more water & green tea, and adding some calorie burning. I took out my Smart phone, downloaded the "LOSE IT" app, added my weight, height, age, and my goal weight. started walking 3 miles a day, eating under 1,300 calories a day. I also added a step counter accupedo, put a goal of 10,000 steps a day which I fell short of at first. I took Photo's, even though I hated my reflection looking back at me. Pushing 180, with a goal of 150 in site. I started walking my route twice a day. Weighing ounces and counting every calorie became a game to me. Not just putting in the food I ate but the butter I cooked it in, the salt I added. I used to think FRUIT & veggies were FREE.... wrong! My image of a pasta serving and a real serving was 3 ti
I had a dream. In that dream i was lifted. I was whole. Nothing could hurt me. no one could find me. No one even thought of me. I was safe. I was happy.Then suddenly, after years, something dark entered my dream. and it consumed it, and warped it into a nightmare. and I was stuck. trapped and in fear.i tried to wake up, but when i awoke it was all the same. I had stayed safe for so long. I had escaped. But then my vacation had a natural disaster, and there were no flights out.
Last Good Bye
Maybe one day I'll be strong enough for this world or maybe ill paint  the hole  world grey couse all of the red has been drained gave all i had to give ,hope has all most be come  exstiined   couse all i wanted in this world is to be love and even love my self but you know  just as well as I its j all just  a fairy tail with out the happy ending so i got to cut my ties  and say my last good byes
Leroy Neiman
Kirk's Angry Fundraiser Rant
Now the angry side of me is growing! It's bad enough to see Kiki crying because of the pain (which causes us both to lose a great deal of sleep, daily), and vomiting every few hours (which makes (our) drastic weight loss even more devastating), but she just got off the phone with a family member begging for help, and it was excruciating to hear and see! I'm so ashamed to be a member of this weak and pathetic species. As dumb as ants are at least they know how to work together for the common good. What ever happened to the days when people had pride in being charitable.  Kiki and I have always given those in need something of ourselves when we had nothing monetary or material to give. A kind word or two. A warm compassionate hug. Help finding answers or contacts that knew some way to help. Excluding those of you who extend these gestures and sentiments (beyond yourselves) to others out of the goodness of your hearts, I pity those of you who don't. I exert very little energy in doing so
is anyone else having problems rating newbees and moving the meter.
Other Stuff
I'm not going to give you a meaningless Thank you for your service response that's become almost as generic as have a good day. I'm going to tell you something that happened to me when I was about 10. That'd be back in 1959. I think it was at my uncle's. There was some of his army buddies there from WWII or maybe Korea. Can't remember. All I remember is like any kid I was interested nit he gory details. It was actually unusual for them to even talk about anything then. I just knew they'd all been in the army. One 'old guy' (he must have been late 30's early 40's then), told me, he didn't want to talk about that stuff but he did spend time with me talking about some funny stuff. I kept asking if he ever shot anyone, etc., and maybe sulking a bit when finally my aunt told me to just tell the guy thank you and leave him alone. That's when he sort of grabbed me by the shoulders pretty gently and told me if I REALLY wanted to thank him and his friends I'd go have a great life, not be afra
I just wanted to see what this was all about. what the hell is a blog and does anyone really read them?
Gryffdon And Me
It has taken me a long time in this journey of self discovery to find out my place in my secret desires and fantasies. I have been a tease for so long to let that part go took some adjustments in my thinking. I am very open and honest about my personal life to a point. I rarely ever let the dark side of me come out in public and those who see that side of me are a very close circle of friends. I did not take Gryffdon's collar as easily as most would think. It has been there in my reach but I did not want to accept it very easily. Most do not know how long it was in my reach and nor shall you know how long it has been there. I almost lost the chance by being obtuse and taking it for granted that it would always be there. It took him the courage and balls to say what he did to get my butt in gear. I am lucky in the fact that through thick and thin he has been there for me along with a few others that they know who they are and I love them for their love, the right words of advice and the
Computer Repair in Tallinn. Ремонт компьютеров в Таллине. Arvuti remont Tallinnas. Tietokoneiden korjaus Tallinnassa.
Sylo 2014 Tour
**** SYLO FUBAR FANS ****   Heres The Deal,go to and see if we are in or close to your city for our 2014 Tour. Then if we are come to the show and find JB(Manager) Which isn't Hard to do. He will setup a meet and greet if you say we are friends or fans on Fubar. Then get pics for your profile and a gift from Sylo.    EASY!!!!      We hope to see you all on our 2014 Monument Of Nothing Tour........Starts In April (Dates and Venues TBA)
Work Drama
I work as a electrician in a place that makes robotic and other kinds of machines. I wire up the machine, build the control panels and other stuff in between. Its me and this other guy, Tim who do most of the work. He's more experienced because he's done that longer than me while i have 15 years experience, but I know some things that he doesn't so we compliment each other in getting a difficult job done. Then there's Juli. She has a problem, she thinks her ability to bs and socialize will get her places. Tim told her a few month's ago to stay away from him and that he's not going to help her anymore. There's only the 3 of us in the electrical department but we only answer to the vice president. I was trying to be patient with her and her I don't give a shit attitude and i don't take shit from no guy kind of attitude. I figured ok, I'm going to try and get along with her, learn something about her and give her the benefit of the doubt. Supposedly her ex husband beat her, or was it ex
Pimp Outs
Im going to put this as nice,plain and clear as possible.. pimp outs are very appreciated yet it would be nice, polite and curtious if people would please ASK first instead of just pimpiing them randomly. Not all but some on here run bling late night and the getting pimped alot during the day hurts more than helps turns a 40 cr bling run into 50credit bling run.. me personally im not rich like a few of the other members on here 10 credits to reset just to run bling for the fam 2-3 times a week does get expensive so please just ask members before you pimp people. I know alot as for myself i will status when i need pimped or for a pimp trade. Hopefully this will help open some eyes im sure it will not only help myself but it will help many of you members on here aswell.. thank you 
Club Dgaf
CLUB DON'T GIVE A FUCK LOUNGE RULES   * Must have a primary photo while in the lounge * Respect Everyone {Staff, Members, as well as Visitors} We are all here to have FUN! *  All cammer must be 18+ ~PER FUBAR TOS~ * Caps are for announcements and song request * No trash talking other lounges.... we are here for us * Ask before dropping links in lounge chat * Use SHOUTBOX for giving contact info {skype, yahoo, oovoo, kik, voxer........} * No HARD DRUGS on cam at any time ~PER FUBAR TOS~ *  Flashing is permitted, but FULL NUDITY is not unless the lounge is locked down ~
Hotel In Hanoi
Maison hotel in Hanoi include Maison D'Hanoi Boutique Hotel and Maison D'Hanoi Hanova Hotel Located in centre of the capital, both Maison D’Hanoi Hotels are stylish business hotels that reflect a typical old quarter Hanoi building which is a long and developed on a narrow plot of land. Here, the designers have optimized a narrow Old Quarter lot and created a building that suits the area’s mood and history.
A Must Read!
Over the past few weeks I've recieved a few messages asking why I'm never around, some are nice and of genuine concern but most are actual complaints and threats to remove me from friends lists as they dont see the point of having someone on there thats never around.......Let me explain why I've not been around much lateley......First off, I work 12 hour shifts most days of the week, some days, some nights, and they change all the time so my body clock is constantly beat, Secondly, I'm on a different time zone to most of you, And thirdly and most importantly.....I have a 2 year old daughter who at the moment requires most of my attention and she will win it over anyone ALL the time. So, to those people who keep sending messages complaing I'm not here much, I say this........Get a fucking job because you obviously spend too much time on here, if you have children, spend more time with them like I do, and if it makes you feel any better, delete me, because I have no time to fuck
Collection Of Erotic Stories
Jamie was like no other guy I knew, and in all honesty I can’t decide if I like him in a sexual way or not. Ever since I met him we’d been good friends, I could tell him anything and knew he wouldn’t care, wouldn’t judge me, he knew my past, my abilities, there was probably nothing he didn’t know. Months before he’d asked me out but I couldn’t do it, I liked him, but as a friend, these days I’m not so sure. He keeps trying to get me as his girlfriend and I keep shying away from the question, but now I just don’t know, something inside me rears its head when I think of doing things with him. Before the thought of him touching me, even holding my hand made me panic, feel repulsed and I backed away.“I’m scared,” I whispered into his shoulder as he held me close, the musky scent of his skin caressing my senses, his fingertips edging toward the centre of my back, the rain sticking my punk styled faux hawk to my scalp, t
My Redemption
Do not tell me anything, that you do not mean. You ask me what my name is, and it's just as it seems. Everyone is longing, to redeem themselves somehow. That is why I am here right now. Every time I take a breath, it is for someone else. I come here, for myself. I come here to feel loved, to be accepted, to find peace. To vent, laugh and release. My redemption, dwells within this place. Suddenly, I'm not just another girl; one more face. In those eyes I am more, than the world can see. And I don't have to fake anything, I am just me. Choose your words wisely, before typing out loud. For, meaningless chaos, will not be allowed. You can view me as you choose, most do anyway. Although the person that I am, chooses not to play. With people's emotions, I'm outspoken and true. My redemption is here, it just isn't you.
This Is My Plea
I wrote this poem for a contest...and the subject was the Beatles song...Act Naturally...A story I am working on about a young woman's struggle with meth addiction inspired this poem...I did win the poetry contest...altho learning about this ladies inner struggle and having the HONOR to tell her story and having been inspired by her strength and def more rewarding....   This Is My Plea   Corrosion sets in, claws at her flesh. Every ounce of her being, is put to the test. One needle at a time, she begins to repress. The person she once was, has been second guessed.  
In A Cold Sweat
In a cold sweat at night, I awake from my dreams. Disturbing the world around me, changes everything. Stepping out of my bed, the sweat descends at my feet. Into a raging river, filled with defeat. The current is too strong, but still I must fight. For isn’t that the true meaning, of getting things right? Battling despite your fear; making your stand. Defeating the odds, with your own two hands. The monster stood before me, it was my time to choose. The decision was easy, I wasn’t designed to lose. I was built suited for battle, I was put here to win. So with a cold distance stare, let the games begin. The once cold sweat, burns then turns hot. Teaching the perfect lesson, only I could have taught. For the monster was me, my inner beast. She had to be tamed, and never unleashed. The monster has been put to rest, I now know my true worth. When your time comes, be ready to face yours.
Worth The Cost
In my time of rest, I am finally at peace. There is no pain, just me and my sheets. I begin to drift off to a world, full of vibrancy and contrast. Then I see my daughter, surrounded by pitch black. She is alone and afraid, calling out my name. What have I done I ask; knowing I am to blame. I took the easy way out, put an end to my hurt. I left her exposed, I put myself first. I was her wall, her own personal shield. Now she stands alone, in a wide open field. I’m sorry I scream out, then I run her way. And just that fast, I hear her say. Mom wake-up, you’re having a nightmare. Do my eyes deceive me, is she really there? I jump from my bed, and hold onto her tight. I vow right then and there, to continue this fight. The one with the world, and within myself. For nothing compares, to the regret I just felt. Every file action, and every unwanted touch. Was worth the cost, of missing out on so much.
The Broken Things You See
Obey the rules, and you will not get hurt. That’s what he says, as I grip onto the dirt. Face down on the ground, where I should be. I deserve this, welcome to me. I brought it on myself, with the decisions I have made. One day I’ll finally rest, in an unmarked grave. I have never been important enough, to really make a difference. Although I have tried, it comes back to this. Just one more person, the world has forgot. Being turned into something, I know I am not. That is my punishment, for being here at all. To me the world is huge, I just remain small. You will never know me, for I never really mattered. But take a look around, where my life has been scattered. My presence remains, in the broken things you see. That’s the only glimpse, you’ll ever have of me.
Choose Your Words Wisely!!
To those of you who don't know me...which is the majority of you horn dogs...don't view me as a game...I promise will not win...I am highly aware that men are NOT that damn sweet and talk out their ass most of the don't love would not give me the world...and there ARE plenty of things that you would not do for me....I know the game...I just don't play it anymore...I am not a doll...I am not a toy...and I do NOT play well with others....I am here for me not for a little respect around this place would be great for a change...this place is filled with millions of people and only a few are actually worthy of my time....the typical male bs can go to the next page....there are LOTS of girls on this site that fall for that crap...I am NOT one of to me like the REAL person I am or do not talk to me at all....I'm not gonna lose any sleep either not give me you number...I will not call you...also begging is unattractive
I’ve started my own business in the wine industry with WineShop At Home. We specialize in bringing the wine country to you in the comfort of your home. I guide you and your friends through an in-home Wine Tasting of five to six-bottles of limited production, artisan wines and we pair those wines with very simple cheeses and chocolates. It's a really fun way to get friends or family together for a relaxed evening while enjoying some very exclusive wines.   As a dear colleague I wanted to reach out and see if you may be interested in hosting your own Wine Tasting to help me get my new business off the ground. As a host you would purchase a wine sampler directly from the winery for just $29.95 plus tax and shipping and you would receive five bottles of wine for the tasting. And just for booking the tasting with me, you may choose a gift valued at over $20 or a sixth bottle of wine that you may keep for yourself or include in the tasting. At the end of the tasting, guests may take
We are trying to come up with money for my mom's funeral so please share this if you read this
he dances arownd my head all day and night, he voice is like a song that i can dance to all night long too, his voice is like a drug to me that i need every day. his eyes make me get lost and forget that the wold is here. his body is my hideing place were i go for fun and pain. he is my all and all . i will do as he says and i will have his back. i'm his girl and he is my man. i love him more then life and want him to know. that is his the air i breath and  the food i eat. baby u are my master and i'm ur slave. take me for ever and to u i will be ur queen  as u will be my king. baby i love u know u know how i fell
Free Money
So I wanted to share some sites I think you need to use to earn free money while you're taking a break from fubar busy-ness. These sites are all legit and I would appericate if you used my refferal links.     I also have a personal blog too: my blog Instant gc- I've made over 600$ from site   have questions please ask!!!
Devils Breed
Hee i feel realy shit about my shitty shit faced fubar plz help me get my mood back up to positive!!!!!!!!!Kind Regards, Sebastiaan Laurens Koetsier! 
My Joker
To my Joker,   we have only been together for a short period of time which feels like an eternity. I have never regreted anything with you...everything I have told you and done for you is out of pure love for you. Everyday that passes that I am apart from you my heart aches,and I hope you feel the same way too. I can't wait for the next step in our lives to begin cause I am so ready for it and I hope you are as well, But I cna be patient and I will wait as long as I have too. Cause as long as I have you in my life, my life feels complete. I have never laughed so hard with someone and could call someone some of the things I have called you and we just laugh together about it. I love you with all my heart and I want to scream it out to the world for everyone to know cause I don't give a fuck who knows and I don't care who gets butt hurt about it cause they can kiss my ass...your mine and I will defend you till I quit breathing and I know you would do the same for me. Thank you for alw
Tears Of An Angle
Tears of an Angle                                               BY                                            Jason Reinhold Today when I woke I wish I could see my Grand mom’s face an seeing her eating breakfast with me every morning ,but I now I see she is in a better place in heaven looking down  on all us an smiling an saying “I Love U a Miss You all so much an grand pal said to tell you the same”. We will miss this lovely woman dearly she was a Mom ,Grand mom an  Great mom to us all an she will be missed with every day every moment of our lives and as we leave here today she would like for use to be strong An try to be a Family again that’s what her an Grand pal would have wanted. Tears of an angle have falling again cause another gods children was sent to Heaven , with the sun shining bright I was a glorious sight . Angles welcoming another child of god to heaven with opened arms. Tears of joy for ones that are having a baby or getting married, tears
Who Dat? Auction
I have been hosting auctions here on Fubar for quite a while. I have noticed over the years that those who are the most popular  (or highly ranked in one Fubar catagory or another) always get the best bids, while everyone else is left with the crumbs. I was thinking...What if nobody knew who they were bidding on? Would everyone then have the same chances of getting high bids? I think they would and I want to find out. So, I'm starting a new type of auction.....The Who Dat? Auction!    HOW TO ENTER: Submit in a PM your auction offers, just as you would when entering any other auction. Include a link to a photo you would like to use for the auction photo that DOES NOT show your face! It's that simple! I'll do the rest!! You don't even have to promote the auction if you don't want to. (Doing so would take away from the "Who Dat?" concept, right?) .   PHOTO REQUIREMENTS: Entry photos must be of some part of your body.  MAY NOT show your face! May show whatever part of your body you
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Favorite Song Right Now
Run your car off the side of the roadGet stuck in a ditch way out in the middle of nowhereOr get yourself in a bind, Lose the shirt off your back,Need a floor, need a couch, need a bus fare...This is where the rubber meets the roadThis is where the cream is gonna riseThis is what you really didn't knowThis is where the truth don't lieYou find out who your friends areSomebody's gonna drop everythingRun out and crank up their carHit the gas, get there fastNever stop to think "What's in it for me?" Or "It's way too far" They just show on upWith their big ol' heartYou find out who your friends are...Everybody wants to slap your backWants to shake your hand When you're up on top of that mountainBut let one of those rocks give wayThen you slide back downLook up and see who's around thenThis ain't where the road comes to an endThis ain't where the bandwagon stopsThis is just one of those times whenA lot of folks jump off.You find out who your friends areSomebody's gonna drop everythingRun out
Profile Changes
did some changes to my profile one last time due to i will be turning 37 years old on the 29th of this month and two sadly a site called myopera will be closing down effective march 1, 2014. i will be having to redo the video playlists due to the site where i got the original playlists from jamzee has been down don't know if they will be that way either temporary or permanent. the new playlists will be on within the coming days. my page will currently be remaining as is until no earlier than march 2, 2014 which will be the day after myopera will be closing down. i will try and do what i can to see if i can get people from over there to come here before the site closes down. also to inform you all i will only be on 1 time a week until shortly after my birthday going to be busy. may be going on a trip futher down south where i am at the end of next week for an early thanksgiving. then there is thanksgiving itself and my birthday just one day later so busy time ahead. i should be back on
My Views
why can't we live in a society that we ALL hold the same standards of living, no poor no middle class or no rich, we don't need people that think they deserve more and a better life just because they are born into a "higher class" and have money behind them demoralizing and medieval consumerism a massive problem fact! you need this you need that.. BULL!!!! here is pure consumerism that most people didn't even know about, SHAMPOO! supposed to keep your hair clean healthy? Actually it does but the chemicals that the big and small brands put in harmful chemicals make your scalp dry up and your hair go greasy quicker it either MAKES you buy the same product or you try another brand...... that is probably another franchise of the same company you got the first product... I could throw millions of things just like that or even worse at you but I won't bore you. GREED is a horrible thing main thing that causes it... people would think money first but nope it is the "hierarchy" people in p
Kelli Kocktails
What It Is
I have never did a bog before, or ever thought that I would have. After reading my first blog here on fu, it has insprired me to write a little just to express my own feelings... I am not a writer, so please forgive my grammer mistakes lol... Where do I start? I have been talking to someone for a good while now, and I never expected to open myself up as much as I have or to have created so many feelings for this person.  But I guess it happens in time, especially when you connect to that person as well as we have.  Recently found ourselves heading down the right path, even if it seemed like it wasn't the right thing to do in the first place.  Then everything seemed to go on the hault, not by our doing.  Since then, a lot of discussion was spoken and it still blows my mind on everything that was said over the course of just one day.  Some things make sense while others just don't.  It seems that certain reasons for us to be together are stronger than the other ones. I ask myself everyd
Best Bar Ever
Skor or Heath Bar I can not deside which one is the best. They are both made by The Hershey Company, Heath bar is a milk chocolate english toffee and Skor is a milk chocolate crisp butter toffee bar.    
Some Rhyming Crap
these cuts, run too deep this hope, i cannot keep from falling out of me so little light today the future, i cannot see going any other way
Give Me The Night
Seems I am a night owl or just have some insomnia issues though in truth I do have sleep apnea which doesn't help with sleep either.  I am either too tired or wide awake but I am defiently not a morning person.  In the end though I do enjoy staying up more during the night then the day and some might tease I am a vampire but in through I just find it more quite and I get more creative then.  Though when sleep does take hold and I can't keep my eyes open any longer I will head to bed.  :)
Mothers Shouldn't Have To Say Goodbye
I have known Shawna and her amazing son JackAndy for almost 10 years. Tonight she had to do the most difficult thing any parent has done; say goodbye to her 14 year old son. JackAndy is truely a miracle child. He overcame many obsticals in his short life. Jack had many medical issues including autism and a form of gigantism. I can't even begin to imagine what she and her family are going throught right now as they are dealing with such a tremendous loss . Jack lived many more years than Shawna was told that he would. He had many medical procedures to help him over the years but sadly the last procedure was not what his body wanted. JackAndy loved cartoons especially blues clues and he loved to eat taco's. Though he couldn't speak Shawna always knew what he wanted. In my eyes and many others shawna was supermom and fitting it is for her since Jack loved superman. Please keep Shawba and her family on your thoughts and prayers. Cruet have prepared for this day for a long time. But the
Living in a flat has lots of advantages & one time you are converted to the idea it is hard to imagine living any other way. However, when you are at the stage of looking for a property, whether in order to gain more space or to relocate, it can appear a daunting task. Before you set out to look at the multitude of apartments on offer in Maida Vale, first draw up a list of features that you cannot do without. List your preferences for storage, stairs, and number of lifts and so on, and be sure to measure those standards against where you live now. While you may compromise on some points, it is best to know exactly what you do insist on from the outset. It is advisable to evaluate your storage needs first & foremost. It can be all simple to forget how much 'stuff' you have & how much you have acquired since your last move. When taking a look at new properties, also think about how much scope there is to expand storage space by generating additional cabinets or adding freestanding she
i have been on fubar now for 11 months now and very where ya turn is drama what does that get ya nothing but being blocked and loseing friends and no help when ya need it so drama is not a adult thing its childish and dont get u no where so not drama from me ever so dont bring to to my page or lounges it will get u blocked or banned
Profile Revamped
i did some changes to my page here one last time due to i will be turning 37 years old at the end of this month on the 29th and also due to sadly a site called myopera will be closing down effective march 1, 2014. but all on my page will be remaining as is until no sooner than march 2, 2014 which will be the day after myopera closes down but i am going to try and do what i can to see if i can get people from there to come here. i will be putting on new video playlist(s) on my page within the coming days due to sadly the site i got my old ones from jamzee has gone down don't know if the place will be down temporary or permanent. but for the time being i got a new music playlist up ALL OF FULL LENGTH CD'S !i even got several full length cd's by hope you all enjoy them. everyone please be sure to send me comments, bling, gifts and drinks i am in very deperate need of some. also please fan, rate and like i will do my best to return the favor. hope you all enjoy the changes an
Whys It So Hard
whys it so hard to love you your there but not its like the closer i want the freather we both get it hurts know im the one that holds so much back  im scared of everything about a man is it bad to feel this way is it so horrioble to love some one you barely know i feel im lossing myself not knowing waht to do anymore but run to you and say im here do you see me i give my heart willing to you or am im just going crazy for some one i barely know i dont know its just so hard to love you not knowing
My Poetry, Or Random Writing
A poem I wrote. Words...The space between timeThe space between my next thoughtAnd my next lineWords...They fall from my mind to my handPen and paper,expressing the best I canWords...From my expectations to my actions From having closure,to satisfactionWords...Between healing and forgettingBetween stand down,and livingWords...To never giving a fuckTo never being enoughTo push back when times get toughWords... To your reactionFrom my expressionsBetween guilt,and another lessonWords..
Love? Or Sex?
        The title....hmmmm, is that a question?  or an answer? You can decide, ya'll, this story is about a Love from afar. to most of you, a "long distance" romance, if you will. He talked to her online, on the phone, and helped her orgasm time after time. Yet, they had never met face to face. In his mind, She was perfect. She had a smile that made HIM smile, each time they "got together". He got her to relax, then talked to her the only way a Lover can, her heart, AND her mind melting until they couldnt stand being apart. Then, he made the mistake most online loves hate, saying the wrong thing. He told her he loved her. Apparently, she was merely infatuated with him, his words made her horny and wet. But he loved her! What to do? should he try and meet her in person? He had already seen every naked picture she had, as they were posted on the site they frequented. more....
Vietnam Public Bank (PVcombank) là cái tên mới nhất ra mắt trên thị trường tài chính ngân hàng, được h́nh thành từ Ngân hàng Phương Tây (Western Bank) và Công ty Tài chính Dầu khí (PVFC). PVcomBank ra đời với vốn điều lệ không hề nhỏ - 9.000 tỷ đồng, tổng tài sản cũng trên 100.000 tỷ đồng. Sau hợp nhất, PVcomBank có trên 100 điểm giao dịch và dự kiến sẽ tăng vốn lên 12.000 tỷ vào năm 2015. Dàn lănh đạo cấp cao của PVcomBank vẫn lấy ṇng cốt từ PVFC trước đây. Trước đó,Western Bank là một trong 9 ngân hàng trong diện yếu kém, thanh khoản thấp, nợ xấu cao lên tới hai chữ số, chưa kể hoạt 
States visited
Our Role In Afghanistan
   So, according to reports, the US government is negotiating with the Afghan government with regards to the role of our military in their country. If you remember, over a year ago, the administration said that we would be out of Afghanistan, leaving a small contingent. Evidently, now they are trying to finalize the terms.    The yet unsigned agreement calls for a contingent of American troops to remain in Afghanistan in a security and training capacity. The agreement says that although there may be a need to conduct missions against Al-Qaeda, Afghan officials do not want American forces to have the ability to arrest or search homes or other real estate properties.  They also want the troop numbers to be between 10,000 and 15,000 personnel, while the administration claims the number will be around 6,000 to 8,000.    Current rules of engagement under which our men and women operate basically puts targets on their backs. Soldiers and Marines under fire must get permission to return fir
Special Days Aren't Always Happy
  Lemme start by asking this: If someone dies and is brought back should they be considered (besides a miracle they are still here) a zombie?  I know everyone has their stories from bad times in their life and every now and then they reflect on those days and take stock in the blessings they have at that point and say "well I guess it did get better after all". Well for me this is my day of reflection. My day to break out the abacus and get to a countin' everything thats been a good impact on me and those I've helped along the way and see how it may out weigh the bad. Some years its tougher to put things in the good column but this year I feel was a stellar year for the good! The birth of my first grandchild seems to be my crowning moment for the year. Being there and holding such a helpless lil bundle of world conquering cuteness and being the first person to get a pic with his eyes open was an absolutely indescribable rush that if I were to try and describe it would only take away f
40k Likes Nov 21/22/23
You can help by:  Participate in my contest.  Make a mustache pic.   Promote your pic and get ppl to rate/like me and rate your pic. There are 8 contests for this- see my profile for details and prizes **Adding my banner on your page, and updating your status with me a bunch of times tomorrow. Like when I announce I got a new rockstar (banner code link at bottom) **Link to banner code on my page also **Reach out and personally ask several of your friends to come like me all day long. **Each new Rockstar ask several new people to come like me too **I need pimpouts every 10 minutes. Pimp me around the clock.  I'll be resetting those a ton of times.  **Announce my new Rockstar activations (see schedule below) **Announce the time of the next Rockstar   Rockstar Schedule: Thursday 6pm----THIS IS WHEN IT GETS STARTED***** 10pm Midnight-come back and like me again right after midnight- this is a 24 hour window of time for 40K Friday 2am 6am 10am 2pm 6pm 10pm Midnight ag
To Do List...
Don’t forget to include; - Count my blessings... - Practice kindness- Let go of what I can’t control - Listen to my heart - Go for my dreams - Just BREATHEHave a beautiful day ♥
If you have already read my profile, this blog should be more in depth. Let's see. I'm a licensed massage therapist, graduated top of my class, and currently practicing for over a year now. I love helping others with personal issues they can't figure out on their own and helping those deal with physical pain. I can't stand it when someone is hurting. I have had my fair share of pain both emotionally and physically, so I can relate. I have had 7 surgeries from now since 18 years of age. Surgery doesn't scare me anymore. I just want to get it over with. I have a hard exterior and soft interior meaning that my shield is always up and if I suspect anything of you I don't like you will be cast aside and quickly. I am delicate on the inside and can easily get hurt. It's usually by those I have let in. Believe me, I just don't let anyone in. I'm very specific and yes, I will figure it out if you're not worth my time. I have studied human behavior for the better part of 18 years. It's rather f
Happy dayZ to u all who u c :
Băng Tải Cao Su Chất Lượng Chỉ Có ở Thuận Thiên
Bang tai cao su hiện nay đang là 1 sản phẩm băng chuyền phổ biến được sử dụng trong các ngành công nghiệp chế biến.Với độ bền cao,tính năng ổn định nên hiện nay băng tải cao su đang là lựa chọn hàng đầu của các doanh nghiệp.Bang tai cao suBang tai cao su     Nhưng hiện nay,các sản phẩm băng tải kém chất lượng tràn ngập thị trường khiên cho các doanh nghiệp hoang mang.   Công ty cao su nhựa Thuận Thiện với nhiều năm hoạt động trong thị trường cung cấp băng tải cao su chất lượng sẽ giải quyết nỗi âu lo của các doanh nghiệp.   Với mong muốn đem đến
Tổng Hợp
Phụ huynh và học sinh luôn luôn đắn đo, trăn trở để chọn lựa một môi trường học tập phù hợp, nơi có thể đào tạo và phát huy tối đa tiềm năng của học sinh với một mức phí học tập vừa phải. Malaysia là một trong các thị trường mạnh nhất, và nóng nhất hiện nay ở Châu Á. So với các quốc gia khác, Malaysia có rất nhiều lợi thế.Công ty tư vấn du học Hằng Lương hân hạnh phối hợp cùng Đại học Taylor’s Malaysia tổ chức buổi hội thảo chuyên đề “Du học Malaysia nhận bằng cấp từ Anh, Úc, Mỹ”, trong buổi hội thảo các bạn sẽ
Nấm Linh Chi Hàn Quốc - Royal Korea
Nấm linh chi núi   Thành phần: 100% nấm Linh chi núi Hàn Quốc  Tác dụng:Từ hàng ngàn năm nay luôn chiếm vị trí cao nhất trong cổ thư Trung Quốc.  - V́ thế, nó không c̣n xa lạ với thầy thuốc bốn phương và từ lâu đă có tên chính thức trong dược điển của  Hàn Quốc… như một phương thuốc hữu hiệu nhất để chữa trị một số căn bệnh nan y như ung thư, tiểu đường, gan, dị ứng, cao huyết áp và để giải độc cơ thể.  - Ngày nay, bằng nhiều công tŕnh nghiên cứu khoa học đă chứng minh rằng Nấm Linh Chi giúp phục hồi cơ thể bằng cơ chế tác dụng gián t
Tell The Fda To Do Their Damn Job!
Dear Fellow Pet Owners:   Something you may not be aware of, the FDA is suppose to keep Us & our Animals (pets) safe, but they're failing at their job.  Hundreds of dogs have died due to the greedy corporations and their need for money, regardless of whom they may hurt or murder. Even the AKC isn't with out fault.    Did you know that it is not mandatory for companies to list where a product is made or produced? The FDA encourages companies to be honest, but there are no fines,if they neglect to put on packagaing where a treat is made. This is how hundreds of dogs have become sick and have died (even a few cats too). Treats made in China have continued to sicken and kill pets since 2007. The FDA says they put out warnings on the news (I've never seen them, until about three weeks ago), and on their website, (whoopty fuckin' doo). Maybe, they should have thought, about putting the warnings on the treats packaging, or on the store shelves, where the treats were sold. But then this wo
Putrid Excuse
You are a miserable excuse for a person. You prey upon others’ generosity, You attempt to charm your way into their hearts, You want to use their goodness for your own lack of esteem.You want to voice your own opinion, and be damned of the consequences.You want to spend others’ money, but to hell and perdition if you want to spend YOURSYou so do not want to hear advice.You do not wish to learn wisdom.You do not wish to care about anyone; except for yourself. You are the most vile of filthy scum I have every met. You claim to love people, but inside it’s all about YOU.You claim to care about people; but only when it suits YOU.You haven’t a care about hurting people- or their feelings, but the world be damned (!) if YOUR feelings-opinions-voice are hurt! Your laziness oozes from you like the stench of death, Your attitude of ME-ME-ME, is so visible as the sun’s rays.Your willingness to open your putrid mouth and spout your stupidity to the world, is on p
Exquisite Love
It is midnight, the witching hour upon this All Hallows eve. I am alone, in bed.Asleep, yet not asleep.Restless for some reason, I cannot fathom.My skin prickles and itches with an unspoken desire. I shrug to myself. Nerves, I say. Such paltry folly of mankind.I roll over, and fall into a heavy delerium. I awake. And perceive a misty apparition. She is here. Never have I seen such beauty.Her long, thick, flowing hair. Dark and seemingly alive all of its own.Her skin, pale as a china doll's, and as flawless as a diamond.Her lips, full and ripe. Moist with a dewey nectar that I lust to taste.Her eyes; almond shaped, dark, and bottomless pools of eros.Her body is full and rubenesque. Well endowed and ripe. She is beautiful. Is this a dream? Am I not awake? I must be, for no such perfection has visited upon me in all my days. I begin to arise, but she places a perfectly manicured hand upon my shoulder, and I slump back onto the bed. As if she suddenly drained my energy.
Elegantly Fragile
This heart of glass... cracked, flawed, shattered inside. it lays defenseless. ready for destruction. save for a tear shed for it, and a faint voice, it is ready for the end.
Anger Unbound
I have watched, waited, and helped where I could in this nauseating miasma of society. I have conducted behavioral experiments of my own- and yes to the fucktards- I am qualified to do so. My experiments have proven several disappointingly, even regrettable, theories. One, there is no family unit now. Divorce is as rampant as an STD. Over 70 % of men, and 65% of women, only care about getting their fucking sex jollies and do not fucking care who gets hurt in the process; their spouses, family, or kids. And kids? Do not fucking make me laugh. Because most of these kids today don't get their asses busted, or their faces slapped for popping off the first fucktard backtalk thought they have, enough or at all. Psychotherapists, psychologists, LPC's, and LMFT's, have conspired with entitites like Department of Human Services (DHS) and Child Protective Services (CPS)-who's names vary from state to state, to make children a "hands off" area. And as such, children are disrespectful to adults, a
His body's on fire, his heart starts to race. By the touch of her skin, the sight of her face. He listens to her voice, and outlines her lips. But the words he hears, she isn't saying, each time the knife slips. Digging deeper in her flesh, he sees her tears fall. If I can't have you, then no one will at all. She doesn't understand, for he is the one in her heart. Until obsession kicked in, and tore them apart. He had her sweet taste, then sank his teeth in. Biting off pieces of her soul, leaving holes in her skin. He was blinded by love, taken over by rage. Unleashing his inner demon, from inside of it's cage. As soon as the door cracked, the beast took control. His obsession laid to rest, the other half of his soul.
All I Can Say Is...holy Sh*t!
I'm spelling out our dirty little secrets, in black and in white. As the sweat starts to fly, and we leave on the light. We don't want to chance, missing a thing. As you press your lips to mine, and our bodies then cling. Lying me down flat, I grab onto the sheets. I can feel your breath, where your tongue soon meets. My area of weakness, my body then melts. Passion then ignites, the intensity felt. Grabbing onto my back, as I slide up and down. This bed that we're on, while fooling around. You give me a smile, and give you a wink. The tension is too thick, we can't even blink. Zoned in on one goal. as your body enters mine. Releasing a sweet moan, at that moment in time. Picking up pace, as that moment draws near. With your hand on my thigh, that moment is here. I can feel you throbbing, pulsing with me. HOLY SH*T BABY THIS IS F*CKIN KILLING ME!!!
My Fuvideos
So I noticed there is no links on members profiles to videos they share except in the timelines as they are posted, but only as long as the newsfeed lasts. However, I did find how to link to others videos. First, go to their profile and add "/video-" and their FuBar ID (which I find in their salutes). Heres mine:
A Few Words For Friends
Just a few thoughts on a select few of the members in my fu-fam. Not leaving anyone out for any reason, simply don't have the time at the moment to list everyone. You are all special to me, and I appreciate each and every one of you. If you've been left out, and would like, I can add more at a leter date. Like I said, this is just a quick list made from spur of the moment thoughts.Sandra, aka "Snazziiibuttaflii". You were the first person to offer assisstance when I started getting into the levels where requirements were set to advance in this "game". Any time I needed assistance, you were right there ot offer what you could. I have watched the problems you've had, quite sadly. Whenever things take a turn for the worse you blame yourself. Instead of placing blame, you should be believeing in yourself. You are a loving, caring, beautiful woman. Too much so, at times, perhaps. You'll find one to make you happy and keep you that way, just unlikely it'll be here on fu.Tricia, aka "Windy Ci
Shit Is Just Crazy
Im terribly sorry that I chose to pay attention in grade school and high school and pursued my career to the best of my abilities. Actually no Im not. Im fucking happy I did. You wanna know why, cause I can do things that most only day dream about, and not even feel it financially. So Im not sorry, Im fucking proud of myself. I worked hard through school, and im grinding hard as I can right now to ensure a future for my child. I work long hours, basically living at work when I have contracts open and until they are closed, nothing will step in the way.  People these days say they want this and want that but you know what. Action speak louder than words. Dont lead me on and tell me how much you want me and then politely show me the door because Im working. Dont waste my time or yours if thats what your plans are. Unlike the vast majority of people out here I take pride in what I do and Im NOT going to chose a phone call over doing what I need to do. Im not perfect by any means but damn
Day To Day
Well, it's the day before my birthday. Big fucking whoop. My family turned their backs on me when my mom died 4 years ago, never forgiving me for my mistakes. Yet, we're to forgive their kids for their fucktard mistakes. I'm not perfect. Not by a long shot. I'm intelligent, I am kind although few ever see that side, and I am vengeful. Why? Why not? Why should I turn a "blind eye" to stupidity? Why should I be the one to "turn the other cheek?" No...I call a spade a spade. If you're a female just looking for twat stuffing- I'll call you a whore. If you're a guy just horndogging around- I wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire. But I will still give you the shirt off my back if you're hurt in some way. Why? Just because you're a whore or a horndog- you're still a human being. Just don't ask me for money, sex, or for my time. I hate people in general, kids especially. I like few, love even fewer. I trust only two people on this planet, and one of them is me. I hate what this world has b
Fubar Love Letter By Rev Brad
Fubar love letter  Dear baby, Hey I just thought I would let you know I wanna stick my dick in all your holes. I know we don’t know each other but I couldn’t control myself cause you so damned beautiful.  I know you will love me once you see my dick cause it’s a whole 8 ½ mm which I think is the same as inches right? But this thing is so long I can suck it myself but I can‘t do it right now cause my back hurts. But it’s so freaking huge I don’t think you will be able to handle it. And don't worry about how my marital status says married. Me and her have been seperated for a whole week now. Is that your husband? Cause he kinda looks like a complete douche. I bet he never really satisfies you but I could. I'll even pay to fly you from where ever you are to here. I don't think he would mind cause like I said he looks like a complete douche and wouldn't care.  Now tell me what you want me to do to do for you. If you ask me to I will eat my own
Walking through a field of crushed eggshells I find a bruised butterfly in my mouth with both wings torn off. That’s how I feel without you, as if flight is no longer possible without your limbs holding me up to the sky. Missing your mouth and kissing myself isn’t easy because my teeth always clack together when they hit the mirror. I remember when you pressed apologies into my tailbone and pretended that every notch of my spine was holy ground when you walked over it to crack my back.Holding you felt like running through a sea of grain because everything receded too quickly. In the back of my mouth it still tastes like your mouth, as if we’re nested inside each other like Matryoshka dolls. Now I understand the term “muscle memory” because all my muscles can’t forget what they felt like beneath yours. It’s not a case of short-term memory, or even long-term memory; it’s a case of infinitely-always memory.I go to grocery stores just to star
Sexy Legs And Heels Contest
I thought since I love my heels so much I would run a contest. Rules: 1 pic per entry Must be wearing heels Winner will be decided on rates x comments Winner will get a 135 Bling Pack Album open in an hour Voting will start 1 Dec 13 and End 24 Dec 13 Must be your own pics so a salute required Min 20 entries to start contest
John F Kennedy
This is America As we see Old glory fly in the sky every day, we have to stop to think of whom we are to the world that we live in. We are a country filled with pride, freedom, liberty, and justice. We are also filled with Democracy, history, and admiring people who make this country strong and proud. We are a symbol for the brave men and women who serve through the wars and battles in our past, present and future, when the evil times come towards us. We have prospect leaders that get the jobs done, and set role models for us good and bad. As I see all of the past events in our history in this country, we have learned on how to deal with pain, anguished, and despair, and also successful times.
I need
Breaking Point
Sinfully Healthy Food
Sinfully Healthy FoodMouth watering Recipes So Good Your Friends Will Swear Your Cheating On Your Diet!Click Here For 100% Sinfully Healthy Recipes!
Our Story
August 2, 2008 was a day that would change my life forever, it’s the day I met Jo.  My mom was part of this website called fubar. She would get on there and talk to her friends and just chill in one of the lounges. Well one day my mom would not stop bothering me to make a fubar, she said “there’s a guy on here I want you to talk you. I think you’d really like him.” So I finally gave in. I said fine mother and made one. She told me where to go to meet this “mystery man” and said she honestly thought he would be good for me. I met the guy his name was “spinny” he was a dj at one of the lounges and we became friends. We talked all the time! I stayed up lots of late nights talking, sometimes about anything that came off the top of our heads and sometimes super serious things that were going on. My mom was right he was perfect for me. On December 1, 2008 I finally got enough courage to tell him how I felt. I always said I love you in a f
Mafia Missions
New Missions for those above 150Extort From A Govt. OfficialPlatinum - 5 SCB-304 Subs 5 AH-64 Apache 4 Outlet Strips 5 Plasma Cannons 35 Silver MinesDiamond level - $64 T, 400 skill pts , 20 BFG ,10 Plasma Cannons , 4 Turrets , 40 Gold MineFix A Horse RacePlatinum - 5 Armored Trucks , 2 Mines , 1 Laser Turret , 80 ScrubsDiamond - $48T , 400 skill pts 20 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons , 3 Turrets, 75 Silver MineCommit Stock FraudPlatinum - 250 Merc Repellents.Diamond - $32T , 400 skill points , 20 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons , 135 Data CenterKidnap For RandsomPlatinum - cash regens every 5 minutes for 4 hoursDiamond - $24T , 400 skill pts , 10 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons , 3 Turrets , 60 Copper MineEavesdrop Cellular Phone NetworkPlatinum - cash flow every 2 & 1/2 minutes , 70 scrubsDiamond - $16T 400 skill pts , 10 BFG , 4 Plasma Cannons. 3 Turrets , 120 OfficeRig An Underground CagefightPlatinum - 2 TUV , 1 Condo , 25 RBS, 26 Town Square , 60 C-4Diamond - $12T , 400 skill pts , 10 BFG , 3 Plasma Cannon
I have seen the setting sun of days gone by long ago. I have seen the sunrise of a thousand mornings. I feel the aches and pains of age, though they do not compare to the pains of the scars I carry in my heart. I have attempted to be a good person, although to have it spit back in my face. Am I that useless in this age, this era?
The Everything Blog
I've never written a blog before. EVER. So everyone please bear with me as I get going & learn. To begin, I'll say that this blog will probably be one of the most random blogs ever, & include just about any topic on any given day. However,  some topics will probably creep into this blog more than others. Those topics will include quantum physics,  aliens, ancient history, working from home, some of my creative writing, and the invention/patent process. As I get more comfortable in the blogging process, each of those topics will more than likely be 'spun off' into their own blog. But for now, this blog literally will be about anything random that strikes my mood.      Today's blog will be an introduction of who I am, where I'm 'at' right now, and what I'm thinking right now about my life & where I'm heading. So let me get to it. My name is Alan Payne. I am back in CA near my family again, after 13 years away, spent in IL. There are a variety of topics I'm not only interested in, but ha
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General Bastard US Tour Dates. More Coming Soon!! Spread the Word Please! If you are in any of these cities Come See ME!NOV 26 SAVANNAH, GA The WormholeNOV 27 JACKSONVILLE, FL The Burro Bar W/ The Koffin KatsNOV 30 PENSACOLA, FL The Handle BarDEC 1  HUNTSVILLE, AL CoppertopDEC 2  MEMPHIS, TN Juicy Jim'sDEC 3  HATTIESBURG, MS The TavernDEC 4  OCEAN SPRINGS, MS The Squeaky LizardDEC 5  NEW ORLEANS, LA Checkpoint Charlies W/ The UnnaturalsDEC 6  HOUSTON, TX White Swan LiveDEC 7  SAN ANTONIO, TX The KorovaDEC 8  AUSTIN, TX HeadhuntersDEC 10 DALLAS, TX Reno's Chop ShopDEC 12 TULSA, OK The Sound PonyDEC 13 TOPEKA, KS The Boobie Trap W/ Faces For RadioDEC 14 KANSAS CITY, MO Davey's Uptown Ramblers ClubDEC 15 LINCOLN, NE Duffy's TavernDEC 16 DES MOINES, IA Hull Ave. TavernDEC 19 MADISON, WI The FrequencyDEC 20 CHICAGO, IL Reggies Music JointDEC 28 LANSING, MI Think Live MusicJAN 11 CANTON, OH Buzzbin Music ShopJAN 18 INDIANAPOLIS, IN The Melody Inn W/ Danny Thompson Deluxehttp://genera
Helping Hand
Stumbled across this and thought it was worth passing on.....     Hello,I was wondering if you could help me. My grandfather is an elderly veteran. He's not been doing well lately and has been feeling lonely and kind of forgotten.I was thinking that if he received Christmas cards from other veterans maybe it would help cheer him up. I've included his service picture with the writing on the back. Yes, he lied about his age to join (lol) he was in the Army Air Corp. I would appreciate you passing this around and helping my family to lift his spirits. He's health is starting to get worse and we don't want him to feel like every one has forgotten him.He joined when he was 16 in 1948. He was a bomb loader, because he was so small he could go into the bomb area and lock them in. He told me that he almost got shut in one time, which would of crushed him!Grandpa was due to get out but then the Korean war started so they tacked on more time and sent him to Europe. He didn't go to Korea, I
Naheed, You know that You are my heart n soul. When I talk to you I feel relaxed. I'm not feeling well since yesterday. Headache is killing me. I don't want to take medicine. Hope I will be fine soon but one thing is irritating me that is negative thinking of nearest and dearest. What can I do?  
Time For Change
Thought maybe I should write my feelings down and possibly see if any one has suggestions or comments on what is going on in my head.   I have been going through a lot lately in the homefront. Recently this year I was arrested for a trumped up "Domestic abuse charge" all because I pushed her out of my way when she was not letting me leave my own bedroom. My bedroom is on the second floor, and it is my own room. Before we had our differences I was already in my own room due to not being able to sleep. Always wanting to complain about everything I do and keep me up at night, even when I had a job.   Another reason I had my own room as well was the relationship started going south when we moved to Iowa. At that point when she proved to me she could not be supportive until I could find a job, I knew it was time to move on with my life. But I did not know how or what to do, so I accepted the situation as it was and tried to just deal with it on a daily basis, find a job and save money t
"Defamation" is a catch-all term for any statement that hurts someone's reputation. Written defamation is called "libel," and spoken defamation is called "slander." Defamation is not a crime, but it is a "tort" (a civil wrong, rather than a criminal wrong). A person who has been defamed can sue the person who did the defaming. (For in-depth information on defamation claims, check out Nolo's Defamation, Libel & Slander section.) Defamation law tries to balance competing interests: On the one hand, people should not ruin others' lives by telling lies about them; but on the other hand, people should be able to speak freely without fear of litigation over every insult, disagreement, or mistake. Political and social disagreement is important in a free society, and we obviously don't all share the same opinions or beliefs. For instance, political opponents often reach opposite conclusions from the same facts, and editorial cartoonists often exaggerate facts to make their point. What the vi
Moon Tears
There once was a man who held the moon tight. The moon loved him so much, that it began to shine bright. Lighting up the night sky, showcasing their love. While inspiring young lovers gazing above. The moon faded one night, then lost its true shine. For he did not show up at all this time. It wept as the dew fell to the earth. With every moon tear fallen, came down its self worth. The next night arrived, but the moon wasn't whole. It appeared to be missing, a piece of its soul. As time went by, the moon gave up hope. Displaying only half of itself, was the only way to cope. The world down below, stays drenched in moon tears. Because the man it loved most, gave into his fears. Afraid of his own feelings, he simply walked away. While the moon's broken heart, is on permanent display.
Both Of Their Right
A project of mine involved a lot of research of Napoleon and Josephine..after learning all that I had about the two of them...their love story...I couldn't resist rhyming it out...   Both of Their Right   The scent of a rose, led him away from the war. He found it decaying, upon the earth’s floor. Though its smell was still sweet, the pedals had begun to wilt. Napoleon then spoke, through his grief stricken guilt. Rose was your name, I felt changing it was my right. I robbed you of your name, kept you away from the light. Now just like the stains on this rose, I hold in my hands. I tainted your soul, with my foolish demands. I am known as a great leader, but what the world fails to see. Is that the roles are reversed, for you now rule me. Although I threw your love away, and we are now divorced. Our trail of love letters, is living proof of our course. Every word written, came straight from my heart. Painted from visions of you, seen countries apart. I speak to
Wrap Your Arms Around It
  When you walk upon the beach, you leave footprints behind. The same goes for your heart, body and mind. Once someone walks through, marking their place. Their intensity takes over, it is never erased. For they had the power, not to be heard. They spoke to your soul, without saying a word. They took you by surprise, sent your world spinning. Taking you back, to before the beginning. A place where the slate is wiped clean, the past doesn’t exist. Leaving you wanting more, the passion to persist. For they have given you the strength, the whisper of self-belief. Opened you up to a new world, dwelling beyond your own grief. That is true power, at its best. Wrap your arms around it, for you have been blessed. 
Stolen Her Shape
Running with the moon,staying by its side.A statistic by the shore,along a merciless tide.They found her by his body.She kept repeating,it wasn’t me.For the person she once was,longed to be free.Through swollen eyes and handcuffs,they hauled her away.To the state penitentiary,is where she will stay.That side of herself,brought to life by his hands.Died alongside him,beneath the beach sand.Years of ridicule,torture and pain.Sent fury and fire,pumping through her veins.Although she wore the scars,held the knife in her hands.It wasn’t me she restated,while being called to the stand.And indeed it wasn’t,but that matters not.In death she will learn,the lesson which was taught.For she became like him,while trying to escape.The person he used to be,has stolen her shape.
The Truth That Stood Before Her
Walking across the sandy beaches,a sparkle caught her eye.A pair of glasses buried in the dirt,sends the sea gulls up high.They were the only witness,to the events that took place.They were about to unwind,as she slides them on her face.Suddenly she was staring upon,two lovers walking hand and hand.Smiling and laughing,engraving their name upon the sand.Looking through the glasses,they were rose colored it appeared.For the man that held her hand,simply disappeared.Transformed into a monster,filled with force and rage.Years of deception played out,by the turning of the page.For without the glasses,the girl could not see.The truth that stood before her,the salty beach was the key.The key to an unopened doorno one knows exist.Sliding the glasses off her face,she gives them a kiss.For the glasses belong to her,it took losing them to see.The events that would play out,if she didn’t set them free.
Tell Me You Love Me
  Tell me you love me he shouted, but she simply refused. Because, to him she was just a toy, there to mistreat and abuse. Punches and kicks later, she still stood firm. She would not be who he wanted, her wishes were confirmed. While enduring the pain, through all his attempts. Still the words I love you, never once left her lips. For love she is certain, is something pure and sweet. Not this demon standing before her, knocking her off of her feet. Those three precious words, she will say one day. When she can see clearly, through her visions of grey. The mixture of black and white, the bruises on her face. Have healed themselves, when someone else takes his place. 
Embarking On Sin
I waited in the shadows, for him to appear. Judgment day has arrived, after all of these years. I descended from the darkness, with a firm grip of my gun. Absorbing his fear, as I stood there with none. Do you remember that night? Was the question I asked. He stood there in shock, un-fulfilling my task. Pulling back the hammer, I asked yet again. Demanding to be remembered, embarking on sin. Thou shall not kill kept playing in my mind. Yet I lied there dead, at that moment in time. Back on the night in question, he refused to remember. Thirteen years has passed since that cold December. A statistic I was, young and alone. Having been taken, so far from home. His prisoner, his slave, my chains were bound tight. Left to bleed to death, in the middle of the night. As the images replayed themselves, again in my mind. I mustered up enough strength, to find. The courage, to lay down the gun. While staring straight into his eyes, he knew I had won. He d
Congradulates You
  You stand high on the thrown, proud and confident. While holding in the truth, to all the years spent. Conspiracy and lies, have brought you here today. You wear that crown well, covering up your betray. Turning against those, who fought by your side. A traitor you became, while your loved ones all died. For your own self benefit, but what have you won? A fake crown I suppose, what a good job you have done. At setting an example, for those who follow you now. What lies ahead? I ask you how? How do you plan to keep it hidden? Now that you’ve won it all? Your web will be unwoven, you’ll be the one to fall. For you chose to lie, cheat and steal, your way to the top. You have set an example, of what not. To do, they will eventually see. You for what you truly are, not what you’re pretending to be. But for now I stand here hardheartedly, under the grey skies camouflaged blue. With my arms by my side, as everyone else congratulates you.
Stitches Of Reality
I find myself back here,after all the time passed.Glancing around at the houses falling down,no questions need be asked.As the sands within the hour glass,began to turn back time.Jaded images of shattered lives,weighed heavily on my mind.There I stood sinking into the abyss,better known as the railroad tracks in town.The final resting place for far too many,traces of them litter the ground.As I ventured down the broken roads,filled with yesterday.Children stare out their windows,afraid to come out and play.Passing by the meth houses,local drunks leaned against an oak tree.Growing closer to the road, that ultimately sewed,the stitches of reality.I stared upon the house,that had sealed my fate.Etched out in sin, upon the invisibility within,I slid across home plate.But I was far from safe,this was a stolen home in-deed.The blood that I shed, brought out the color red,that laid resting at my feet.Everything flashed before me,the past, the then, the now.Yet the pieces to this puzzle,fit pe
I have heard people say that you shouldn’t try for what you don’t really want....I am living proof of head and my heart are always at war with one heart can be head cannot....and typically my mind refuses to accept what my heart is convinced mind has a way of convincing itself....making excuses of its own why it is not possible for someone to actually mean what they are saying to mind prepares my heart for heartache that it hasn’t even felt yet...all due to fear that it is just a matter of one is real and I am not worthy of it...this is what I face...what my mind keeps repeating...getting me to trust is an almost impossible task and  I never trust 100%...that would just be foolish on my part....I am trying harder than I ever have before to trust is difficult but regardless if I am worthy or not I am grateful that someone gave me enough self-belief...even if only for a lil while...I felt wor
So i been sick on and off for months been going to the ER for them to tell me the same thing for months ...    They say i have acute sinusitis but they cant seem to find the right meds to treat it...   so as of 11/24/13 i now have fluid in my ears nice ahhhh   they have me on some other meds and ear drops which atm are just leaking back out of my ears    i have been on 2 diff meds in the last 72 hours    last nite from it all my bp was 183/96 which could have caused me a heart attack    im lucky i didnt    then the Er give me pain meds in the arm which did NOTHING expect make my arm hurt    i swear these drs are dumb as fuck....
Is it possible for someone to give me all I want n need?..... Seriously like that song?????
Good Bye Fubar
I want to say good bye. I think it is finally time for me to delete myself and go away. I don't fit in here anymore. I already deleted myself off of Facebook. This should go to. I felt so alone on Facebook and I feel even more alone here. I have tried everything I could think of to have friends, to make friends and to keep them, but I failed. Today someone i have talked to for a few years.. and he went away for two years came back..he asked me who i was. He forgot all about me. I guess everyone esle has to. I am not what people want to be friends with. Maybe some are right, I am too messed up to have friends. So, I want to thank all those that spoke to me over the years here......and this is my final curtain call.. Like the late great Michael Jackson said. I might be back someday... I don't know yet.. Stay happy and stay smiling.. I'm out...
Prey To God?
I'm the reason humankind bleeds It'sbeen called the curse of eve or evolution Ancient times to modern lies you know my name I've turned your pleasure into pain you made love i gave you aids My capitalistic pollution gives you cancer of the brain Yet to me you sell your social soul Fame and glory plated gold You're such an easy prey Please let us hunt The millions of bodies lying dead and dying beneath my hands War was such a simple game to play Preachers and politicians do my bidding yet blame me for thier sins  Altar boys choir girls are taken in panic and sin Kill and eat your own in my name Religion kills the towers of ivory in new york I got more apococaliptic plans Please let us prey Let us hunt Suicide and genocide Prey to god?   -- Smoking Ginge 
What Is Love?
What is love? i Asked myself. I really dont know. What is love? i asked the pig, but he did not answer and kept eating What is Love? I asked the bird. The bird did not answer, but only dropped sh*t on my car.  What is love? I asked the dog. The dog only farted and walked away. What is love? i asked my wife.  Love, my dear is what you do everyday. Eat,Sh*t, and fart.  Thank you honey,i love you to...   -- Smoking ginge
My Soul
My soul drifts aimlessly in times of hopelessness.It searches tirelessly for meaning and truth ...Yet finds no direction.My heart bleeds quietly in times of loneliness.It yearns to find warmth and happiness ...Yet it somehow eludes me.My eyes seek out visions in times of want.They gaze endlessly through the blackness that envelops them ...Yet they cannot see the light.My ears listen earnestly in times of silence.They search for familiar sounds to comfort and console ...Yet they cannot penetrate the darkness that surrounds me.My arms reach out frantically in times of despair.They seek strength and compassion to enfold me ...Yet they find nothing substantial to enwrap.My mind cries out desperately in times of solitude.It poses intense questions that demand answers ...Yet there are none to be found
Lost in a sea of faces.All alone in the crowd.No one turns an ear,Though I scream out loud.Lost alone in the darkness,Why can’t anyone hear?Warmth is fading swiftly,And the snows are drawing near.Lost without a friend,I face the world alone.No one’s here to hear me laugh.Oblivion is my home.The light is ever fading.The darkness drawing nigh.Will nobody come to me,To bring me to the light?We all just stand around speaking.Illusion, no one really hears.We’re all too concerned with ourselves,Fighting our own fears.You can’t see the world through a mirror,But no one tried to break through.We wallow in our own darknessWe wander without a clue.If just one hand could pierce the darknessTo grab another’s hand,No longer would we all be lost,And light would flood the land.
I have been to a great many places, have done many things. I have I have seen many joys, and just- if not more- as many sorrows. I have seen the victomology of this world; ranging from infant to senior. There is no more purity, no more innocence. As pure as a child this day may seem, they have already had their virginity taken by the electronic surrogate of the web. So yes, no more innocence. Every heart is as blackened as coal. The air, the water, the Earth, and the heart and soul, are as fouled as decaying flesh.
Confession Is Good For The Soul
If I have failed to like , rate, or anything else I am sorry.   As a lot of you know I have been very sick for the past 7 years  and it gets progressivly worse.   I have early onset dementia, liver and kidney problems that affect my vision ,  I have to use a magnifying glass to read my shout box, when i can find it. I have good days and bad days I am working with a group of doctors using experimentel drugs on me. I do NOT  want anyone to feel sorry for me, It does not hurt , well exept my pride.  I can still work and drive short distances.  I sometimes cant remember names or i wander around the house because I forgot what i was doing. It was cause by tramatic brain injury on my job  So I have Great Job security :) I just do not want anyone to have hurt feelings if i neglect them.  I really try and i keep notes by my computer that help me. God has given me a very blessed life So i have nothing to complain about..........sometimes i still do though :) if i dont answer something it
Lived Is The Key Word
Back to the drawing board...I started off as a single straight line....then a heartbeat was I grew and the more life happened...that same heartbeat that was born fragile and innocent began to weaken and grow cold...witnessing and living thru all that I have has taught me how to survive...what it takes to make it in this place...I envy those who have lived their sheltered lives and not had to experience the world as I have...I long for equality and love...real love...not the faked shit....the unconditional kind...a mother and fathers be everyone’s equal through everything I know I am not...the Holidays were just another day for me until I had my daughter...just the thought of having a child terrified me....loving something as much as I love her was overwhelming....I have always been gifted at screwing up and doing things wrong and my life taught me what not to do as a parent...I think back on that longing hear my mother tell me she loves me...she&
This Isn't Mine It's Boss's
Cold Heartless Cowards
I shouldn't be surprised and I've heard all the excuses. I don't allow comments for a good reason, so my blogs don't turn into a mumm of sorts. Its unbelievable that people give up on love, find an excuse to avoid it. I don't need to list examples, you're all adults. Anybody with a brain knows what one reason is for people to come here. How many times I've had my heart fucked with, ridiculed my beliefs about compassion and was had big time, in person, with someone. I never gave up even after being ripped apart inside many times in life, I'm not afraid of love, to even fall in love again. I threw out all the rules we are were taught as kids to follow, it only served the HEARTLESS who want to control people. It took me 30 years to understand the why's people chose their form of love.It's not hard to tell the perverted from the passion or the lust from the love. Some of you do know me and all of you know that I never did anything perverted that I've heard about going on here, so use that
Seeking Single Women
looking for a single true woman that will an want to meet in person one that wants to share with a true honest faithful man im here awaiting for it to happen
Mind Control Who?
She puts on her war paint, one stocking at a time. In search for a seed, a master of the mind. As her thoughts spin wildly, out of control. The master then finds her, with only one goal. To control what she’s thinking, refocus her thoughts. But there’s no controlling, what wasn’t meant to be caught. He got more than he bargained for, when he planted his seed. Something else was planted, fulfilling their need. Both were missing something, that each of them found. The right fertilization, the perfect compound. With their minds together, working as one. The seed began to grow, a new journey begun. One filled with respect, then gave birth to love. A mission unlike any other heard of. Both were longing for control, which neither could tame. Now standing as one, they both win the game. Both are strong, and stand proud in their spot. Linked to one another, thickening their plot. Each day is something new, a mystery of minds. Creating the best mixture, as t
Destined To Lose
Longing for a challenge, someone like me. Someone caged and still fighting, while perfectly free. Staring life in the face, with a stern distant grin. There’s no time for pity, beyond the violin. I tune out the violin, and zone in on the guitar. I hear it loud and clear, then there YOU are. I was always in control, until that day. When I met my match, and forgot how to play. You see playing doesn’t matter, when you know you can’t win. And even though I swore no one was getting in. You broke down my wall, and left me exposed. You opened every door, I was sure I had closed. I emptied my closet, and those skeletons flew. Introduced me to myself, my brand new debut. You seen the me, which I never knew. I lost and won at the same time, all thanks to you. You played off road, ventured down wooded trails in the night. Traveling through dangerous territory, through absence of light. But you weren’t afraid, you jumped in with both feet. You are my grea
History In The Making
We have left a trail, which I retrace all the time. Re-read, re-watch and revisit our path left behind. Getting lost in your eyes, as you stare back in mine. The beauty of your gaze, the way your eyes shine. How you brought realism, to the word love. A feeling so surreal, one I never knew of. I have given you every part of myself, the bad and the good. You have loved me through it all, the way no one else would. I revisit the angry times, the way we lashed out. Camouflaging our own difficulties, while drowning in self-doubt. Our trail is beautiful, made for the strong. As we make more memories, through all that’s gone wrong. Through it all we got it right, and in our hearts we remain. For loving you is the most inspirational pain. You planted a seed, and so have I. One too powerful, for us both to deny. For we are the same, I get who you are. From a world away, you’re not really that far. You have spoken to my soul, from the very first word. I read your h
Lets Have Fun
hi there guys looking for fun come and get me my sk¥pe is zerenity18 ill make all you hard guys what are you waiting for get me now
Relationships are like anything else in life, if you dont maintain them & make adequate time for them they will break down
One Manchilds Lies And Deception - Hey If Ya Gotto Lie To Get Pussy Might As Well Be Called A Boy
Now that I'm calm down and thought about it. There are a few things I would still like to vent about. YES YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE BUT YOU SHOULD BE HONEST TO EVERYONE NOT PLAY WITH THEIR EMOTIONS!  1) I dont wish any harm to come to you. 2) The only thing that is pissing me off to this day is that you talk bad about me to others (she steals, she cheats, she does this or that, is bossy, etc etc) and you do the same about others as well. 3)I DON'T HAVE TO PROVE MYSELF TO YOU OR ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER  4)YOU EITHER BELIEVE ME OR YOU DON'T. I PERSONALLY DONT GIVE A RATS ASS WHAT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE THINKS NOW. 5)IF NEEDED CAN BE A CUNT(and I am one of the best)! ITS IN MY BLOOD. 6)I am NOT Going to put others personal shit on here or anywhere else for that matter.   7)I wish you nothing but happiness and the best. 8)I am always here as your friend after all we've known one another since 1986. I hope everything comes true for you someday and you can survive your own demons you put in
When four of Santa's elves got sick, the trainee elves did not produce toys as fast as the regular ones, and Santa began to feel the pre-Christmas pressure. Then Mrs. Claus told Santa her Mother was coming to visit, which stressed Santa even more.When he went to harness the reindeer, he found that three of them were about to give birth and two others had jumped the fence and were out, Heaven knows where. Then when he began to load the sleigh, one of the floorboards cracked, the toy bag fell to the ground and all the toys were scattered. So, frustrated, Santa went in the house for a cup of apple cider and a shot of rum.When he went to the cupboard, he discovered the elves had drank all the cider and hidden the liquor. In his frustration, he accidentally dropped the cider jug, and it broke into hundreds of little glass pieces all over the kitchen floor. He went to get the broom and found the mice had eaten all the straw off the end of the broom.Just then the doorbell rang, and irrit
Introducing Moi
Hello Ladies n Gents. My name is Keith...folks call me Kritter.  Its my tattooing nicknm=ame lol Yes, i am an ametuer tattooist in northern Indiana.  I am an uber Nice guy. hard worker in an rv paint shop, and a good friend :) Do you, glorious reader, have any tattoos?  Do you have pics of them youll share? lol
Bad Girl!
I love to tease letting men look down my top and up my skirt n so on. Like the thought of their stiff cocks and I let them stare...this day I was in the supermarket making sure three lads got a good eyeful of my wares as I shopped mmmm fuck I bet they could smell my wet pussy as they followed me out. I lead them behind the supermarket where they store the bins and waited as they came round I dropped my skirt and top on the ground "hey boys wanna fuck me?" They were shocked but wasted no time in getting their hard cocks out and sucking my nipples as the third licked my pussy spreading it wide... Oh fuck!! I was sucking two cocks in no time as the third ploughed my hole from behind...then the second cock pushed into my ass!! Oh god Jesus I was in heaven both holes filled and a throbbing cock fucking my face like a cheap whore!! I just kept cumming and cumming until I felt the cocks pull out before all 3 spurted their hot loads in my mouth mmmmm. All in all a good day xxx
Right Or Wrong
You don't have to tell me I'm crazy, for me to know that it's true. And now it's tme for me to vacation from fu. You see, crazy I maybe, but stupid I am not. I read between the lines, a little lesson I was taught. Others may not see it, but the words that aren't there speak to my soul. Recollecting my thoughts, which are spinning out of control. I won't be a test subject, I'm not a game. My mind is my own, one not meant to be tamed. I'm made of real flesh and blood, a heart that beats true. There are just somethings, which you cannot undo. I finally realize now, exactly what I am. I am just another face, just one more exam. If I died this second, I would just simply be gone. Another invisible girl from the net, who read it all wrong. There is nothing that seperates me, from everyone else. The only thing real about me, is the way that I felt. The way I feel right now, and have for so long. Still trying to wrap my mind around, how I got it all wrong. The words I love yo
Starlight Ent & Limousines (sla)
Dont risk dinking and driving... Starlight Entertainment & limousines (SLA)  Starlight can offer you an awesome 18 passenger Coach Limousine (Party Bus Style) which has (3) bars - ice bars, wet bar, dry bar, glasses, napkins, (3) Champaign buckets, Star-Gaze back wall, fiber optics ceiling, TVs/DVD/ cd stereo system with ipod, mp3... "VIP room on wheels" (Party Bus Style) weekday specials - 6 hours only $480 plus gratuity for the Chauffeur. CALL NOW for an additional discount! Visit Starlight's website at to view Limousines. We accept all major credit/debit cards for your convenience. Thank you,Starlight Entertainment & Limousines,
Sweeter than honey
Life Philosophy
My entire life I have fought fiercely for what I want.  I would work way too hard to try to maintain friendships or relationships when clearly the other person involved was not as invested in me as I was in them.  It is exhausting and just ends up making me feel hurt in the end.  Maybe it is even selfish of me to be that way... as if I would be forcing my friendship upon other people. Truthfully, friendship is a two way street and people need to be invested in each other for it to grow over time.  I have been really sick recently and I have seen who has taken the time to be there for me, both in my real life and even on an online community like fu.  I am appreciative and grateful when people don't abandon me without explanation. I would never try to make anyone get to know me or spend time with me or any such thing.  People tend to have a habit of just disappearing without telling me what's going on, and I think my inherent flaw here is expecting others to be as considerate as I am.
Rox Speed
You know, I love riddles, codes, sayings and the like. I thought I'd share this one with you. A few weeks ago I was presented with a phrase that I had never heard used in this context nor ever considered; however, I liked the sound of it anyway even though I had never prescribed to its true meaning. The phrase? Pump the brakes - a euphemism for something other than what it literally implies. I liked the sound of it, was going to heed what it meant and pondered it enough to write a country duet that I subsequently copyrighted and sent to an up-and-coming CW artist in Mississippi, due to record an album in January. In the meantime, I pumped the brakes for a time then decided to actually hit them hard. Circumstances had changed. Now I've gone so far as to put on the emergency brake and turn the engine to idle. Eventually, I'll slip it into drive but steer in a different direction, hopefully with someone who's comfortable at Rox speed.
My Sexual Fantasy
My ultimate sex fantasy even though I am only sexually attracted to white dudes for some reason I have always fantasized about seeing a black police officer having sex with a white police officer while I look on. The black officer would fuck the white officer in the ass with his huge black cock while I would jerk off in the corner of the police station. I just love a man in uniform. Ahhh!!!
Review Electronic Gadgets
Review Electronic Gadgets'Review Electronic Gadgets'Review Electronic Gadgets'
wow iam really blogging this is weak!! need points please
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So Long Ive Been Waiting
 So long I have been waiting the pain i can not bare if only you were mine the pain would no longer be there Dont you care bout my feelings cant you seem to understand if only you were mine id be id be forever the happiest man But until that day arrives ill be forever anticipating signed with love still waiting
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Family Holidays
Every year of my life we have always had holiday meals at my parents. My mother loves to do all the cooking and baking for the holidays. I wont lie I do love going to my parents and do love my mother's cooking.. My mother is a very sick woman and has had differnet types of cancer through out her life and has beat them all, but she also has other health issues. How do I get her to let me do this for our familywithout upsetting her? We have a big family, there is her and my father, me and my husband, or 3 kids and our 4 grandkids. I have told her mom please let me do the cooking for the holidays and all it did was make her mad. I didn't say it to make her mad. I just want her to relax for once aand let someone else to all the work. I am 41 years old and my mother has been doing this for 41 years. I think it's time she enjoys the holidays, and not do all the work....
Gone, You Are Not
Yesterday as I was cleaning my home. Dusting, throughout the rooms where I roamed. I picked up your picture, and remembered your sound. The way your eyes lit up, when I came around. This time of year, sends me wishing. For things I never had, all I've been missing. I wish I could just tell you one more time. What a difference you made, in this world of mine. As I held your face in my hand. I felt a warm breeze, like you understand. From beyond the grave, your memory lives on. I feel like a person, instead of a pawn. You were the only father, I ever knew. And how much it meant, I could never tell you. But I do speak to you, every day through my thoughts. I love you grandaddy, and gone, you are not.
Just Me Is All I Need
Hey hope everyone is doing ok! I know I am so anyways just wanted to say what's up?
Short Poem For Missy, My New Gf
  The depths of my feelings Cannot be defined I thank the Lord daily For making you mine The love that you give me Has opened my heart I thank you, my baby For this love's new start
Speaks To Mine
Let me tell you about this one dream. I became more than what everyone seen. My smile became real, my heart wasn’t broken. Purposes were born, through every word spoken. This feeling came over me, as I began to connect. With a piece of myself, which I didn’t expect. That part which I never knew. Came alive, thanks to YOU. The dream was so vivid, full of beauty and contrast. Time stood still, within the hourglass. Reflecting us both, united at last. Born separately as one, through shattered roads of the past. Our chain has been bound, since the day we were born. As we both stared, in the eyes of the storm. Leading two separate lives, but still fighting as one. Both staring down the same barrel of the gun. Shots were fired, and both of us were hit. My eyes sprung open, before realizing it. That this wasn't a dream, this is my life, in the now. Connected to you, although I’m not sure how. Nor do I care, for it makes no sense. But you’ve walked
Forever In Love
I want to hold you in my arms and love you forever . You would be mine until the end of time if only you could know Just how much i love you so. Then we would spend eternity me lovin you ,you lovin me Side by side hand in hand together you and i wouls stand Always for ever in love. No other one you see could love you as much as me Your the only one oh my angel sent from up above  You mean the world to me and ill keep waiting patiently   
All About Me
Well things about me : I sing I'm seventeen, I have a lovely family and a month old nephew named jacob :) he's my world :) I have 2 sister's a brother and a brother in law :) I'm currently dating the best guy ever :)
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may we be friends?here's my link  fallow me on my facebook, thanks :)
Sometimes We Must Carry On
When life hands you a surprise and you windUp somewhere you didn't plan on being, maybeIt's time to stop and rest, read some good books,regroup, and stop trying so hard. DoSome things you may not have taken the timeTo do for yourself before. Take time to study;All of us need to be constantly growing in Wisdom. Feed your soul by being quiet, by just being rather than doing.Try not to worry or fuss or fume. Try to lookAt this situation as a challenge rather than an Obstacle, a time to develop patience.Say to yourself: "I can handle this. This is not too big for me."Realize you can change you're your attitudeEven if you can't change the circumstances.Look closely at your troubles. Don't let themCause you to give up.Befriend them. Say: "I'mNot afraid. I'm going to learn from you." FeelThem lose their power over you. Allow them toTeach you some lesson you needed to learn and Move on.You're going to deal with this. You're going to uncover some things about yourself even youDidn't know. You'r
What The Fuck Is Up And What The Fuck Is This Fu Shit Lol
wheres all my Tacoma Wa local metal gurls?!?!!
I really hate people that omit, hide, or fake their profiles. I don't really care if you lie about what movies you like, or your hobbies, or what you do for a living. but important information like relationship status should not be hidden to people. I just think its really stupid to hide your relationship status, and you should tell people that you are seeing someone
Tune Lyrics
Sweet Tooth" (I swearBy my sin-loving soulI can taste your sinsAll over me)I see broken angelsWith splintered halosI'm the serpentSwallowed by the sunMy gentle obsession withCorrupt nutritionI can taste the madnessDripping from my tongueBetween the spaces toScratch the itchMy sins of excessProve to me that I existMy lips dripSecrets of the fleshThey fold into a bladeAnd beg "make me wet"I can't help myselfSWEET TOOTHSeduced by my obsessionI'll build my own religionSo I can taste the secret placesThat set you on fire(You are my favorite)Most dangerousFascination)Tempt me devilTeach me what you think I needHer fingers are CaesarSlowly conquering meWe move like BuddhasTwisted in a silent screamOur souls explode& merge with the Shiva frequencyThe meat is sweetIs it love ? or is it lies ?To burn in the heatOf the fire in her eyesMy lips dripA soft song of love and fleshThat folds into a bladeAnd beg "make me wet"I can't help myselfSWEET TOOTHSeduced by my obsessionI'll build my own religio
You Wouldn't Dare Predict!
See me as you must, honestly I couldn't care less. For, I am more powerful, than what you possess. I wasn't born a bitch, life made me this way. It came from life lessons, learned the hard way. Gather your own opinion of me, in that shallow little mind. The only thing that tells me, is you're not worth my time. Judgment is not yours to make. Passing it upon me, was your mistake. If you're looking for a fight, I can give you one. Understimating me, is where you went wrong. I am small but mighty, but don't take my word. Finding out for yourself, is the method I prefer. I'm up for the challenge, I'll knock you down to my size. Pierce right through your soul, with one stare in these eyes. Like daggers, piercing your heart. For, you can't touch me, and this is only the start. Of my tactics, you hit below the belt. You brought this on, now prepare yourself. For one hell of a battle, you wouldn't dare predict. I demand respect, so I'm taking that shit!
Squirting 101
  Female Orgasm – Squirting 101 The ability to squirt during orgasm is perhaps one of the more elusive and taboo parts of a woman’s anatomy. Squirting can be a huge turn on for guys and it can intensify an orgasm for a woman ten fold. Many people believe that squirting isn’t something women can do at all, but in recent years it has been proven that women can indeed squirt. So what is squirting anyways? What Is Squirting? Squirting for women is much like ejaculating is for a man. All women have a functioning prostate gland that starts producing fluid when a girl begins to go through puberty. This fluid is what is ejaculated from the vulva when a woman “squirts.” It does not come from the vagina nor does it come from the urethra, where urine is expelled. It comes from its very own special gland called the Skene’s gland. This gland is present in all women and its sole function is to serve as an exit for a woman’s prostate fluid. Howev
Energie Vergelijken
Hoewel de gemiddelde marktprijs van elektriciteit is afhankelijk van de locatie van uw bedrijfspand , niettemin , zelfs op dezelfde locatie verschillende bedrijven verschillende tarieven . Bovendien , feedback ontvangen van consumenten helpen energie vergelijking websites om de kwaliteit van de diensten die worden aangeboden door verschillende leveranciers van elektriciteit te geven. Vandaar , afgezien van het vergelijken van de prijzen van elektriciteit , kan de consument ook Energie vergelijken vergelijken met de kwaliteit van de dienstverlening . Door het bezoeken van een energie- vergelijking website , kunt u gemakkelijk een betrouwbare leverancier van elektriciteit die eis van uw organisatie energie kan voldoen .
Looking For Sexy Ladies
Hello let me introduce myself: I am Keith Fitzpatrick and I am a Talent Scout for - Espionage Entertainment LLC C/O Desert Girlz on Facebook and we are looking for web cam models and entertainers who want to make serious money and have a lot of fun at the same time. I ran across your profile and thought I would shoot you the links to check it out for yourself and sign up if you wish. Please if you do sign up at either link below please use my name Keith J. Fitzpatrick as your referral. Thanks for your time as brief as it was I do greatly appreciate it very much. Well take great care and hope to see you on the site soon....... WEBCAM MODELS & amp STUDIOS WANTED - Earn $500 - $2,500+ a Week From Home! MODELS WANTED -                                                              Getting started is easy - Make up to $500/day+ NO HIDDEN FEES - SAME DAY PAY! 18+ APPLICATION
Life Changes
Recently my mom and i had a talk about my life changes. in the last 10 years I;'ve been married once and engaged twice. My first marriage failed miserably because he decided his habbit was more important then working together and fixing a marriage. I was only 23 yrs old when it happened.  Needless to say I learned from my mistakes. I swore up and down that I would never marry again. Still to this day I think marriage is a joke. Would I like for it to happen yes I would but lets be realisitic nothing lasts forever. In the last 6 months I've been with my boyfriend who I love very much. He knows I would do anything for him and then some. He knows my situation on not being able to have kids. He argues that I need to go to a specialist to find out and see. I;ve gone to drs and they have told me time and time again the chances of me having a child is not very good. Due to so many health problems. I don't wanna go through the heartache of it all. I don't want to sound selfish but Im starting
I Am A Firefighter
"When you are in darkness, constricting, engulfing darkness, I will be there. When you are in a prison of metal, cold, threatening metal, I will be there. When you are covered in your own blood, I will be there. When you scream and shout for help, I will be there. When someone you love is trapped in a maze of fire, I will be there. When your son or daughter is mangled and lying limp in front of a wrecked car, I will be there. When all others flee, I will be there. I am no angel, no hero, no savior. I am a firefighter. Your life is my life. When you feel you are about to take your last breath, I will be there. When you feel the walls closing in on you, I will be there. When you have given up hope, I will be there. I am a firefighter. This is what I was born to be. When you need me, I will answer your call. Day or night, cold or hot, I will be there. I am a firefighter. I have never met you, but I love you. You may be my nieghbor, you may be my family, you may be the new guy in town, you
The firefighter knows but one thing: this brotherhood of brave, selfless and mildly crazy men and women who wear that Maltese Cross with him, are beyond a family. This ragtag group of saints and sinners, freaks and dorks, men and women, know so fierce loyalty that they will gladly and without hesitation, push the other out the door so that one shall live. Day or night, this family, is always there for each other, not just in the flames of a burning building, but also in the flames of each others hearts. They will, until their dying breath, put all others before themselves for no more then a smile. Bless them, bless their families and honor the fallen.
I Hate Feet!!!even My Own..
It's stupid, everybody have them , feet. I never saw feet that I like, except babyfeet is cute sometimes. Even my own I hate!!I hate it if it's time to cut the nails. In the swimmingpool i never look down.And sometimes you see on tv such clos-ups ugh. I think it's because of Jesus.I ment, in the church were i have to go when I was a kid on a catholic school, the priest told us when we were 6 years old, that you have to eat the body of Christ, if you don't your bad and go to hell, especially when you do something bad!!! And for sure that I do something bad!! Immediately i thought, I get the feet(for punish)!! I don't want that, everywere you look you see Jesus hanging on a cross, with iron pins , directly inside feet, bloody eeehw, and it looks so fucking real, everywhere, on the ceiling, floor, wall i don't matter were i look up side right left , you saw the feet bleeding.I throw up the body of Christ on the altar.I had the luck that my parents don't go to the church every sunday, so I
Big Girls...
Guess I am in one of my moods .  So little things are bugging me.  Anyways.  Just seen a blast about .. "why do big girls come last ??" I am sure it was to get attention.  I am so tired of seeing that stuff on here though.  That is so far from the truth. I have seen plenty of big girls out there getting loved on. I use to be bigger myself..and recall.. Getting alot more attention back then, then I do now. Not saying I dont get attn now.  I do. But I got alot back then.  All I know is seriously.. stop with the sayings of that.. or real men want meat..not bones. ETC.. If you feel like you are not getting loved by the way you look..either accept it.. or do something about it.  
Dj Harv's Dj Blog
So yeah... As an amateur DJ for Excito Diabolus, I want the listeners to experience the most clean sound I can offer with my Sams. No Gate, no much messing around with the processors available on there. I personally think the Gate function on the AGC settings are kind of a waste of space, but if you want to use it.... Be my guest :) Here are my AGC settings for a pretty clean sound with Sam Broadcaster v4.9.2... 1) Make sure you bypass the AGC settings for Deck A, B, Sound FX, Voice FX, AUX 1, 2 and 3.2) Then go to the Mixer tab. On there the Gated AGC should be turned down all the way and I do believe there is a little difference in the sound quality if you check/ uncheck the box. Give it a try. Decide what's best for you.3) I turned off the Stereo Expander completely. I think the tunes sound better that way.4) For a little more Bass I set mine to 3dB, 40 Hz, Peak.5) Completely turn off the Clipper and the 2 Band Processor.6) Turn on the 5 Band Processor, set it to 0 dB. Also set t
Level 57
First of all I would like to thank each and every one of you that helped me reach it to level 58.  First of all if you are going for this level a few tips i might mention that helped me make it here are:    1. Start on the wed before you are going for it not thursday thursday will set you day one with a bad rank and you will have to work harder all week.    2. Stock your page with about 500-600 credits being a male it cost me 550 for the week. (with the help from good friends not charging me)    3. Max fu pal on credits is 5 times a day soo team up with a friend that is also going for it and take turns buying each other in it will get the both of you in more famalies.    4.Since your buying into so many families my suggestion would be run boomies that way your reg. people and more can still rate you.    5.Something i didnt do but is a tip from a friend.. run a few blast during the week and do all possible to stay in live feed     6. Most important LIVE on the active bling page r
Pay It Forward, before I start my little story...just know that I'm not trying to boast or get any attention...I am just proud of myself for being able to do this....So, I got paid this morning and just got done paying a few bills along with a partial hefty college payment. Along with all this I still had to go grocery shopping. I didn't know exactly how much I would be able to spend on groceries, so I remember a store that a friend had told me about, Ruler Foods. Their prices are literally half, if not a third the price of regular grocery stores. I finished shopping and as I was bagging my own groceries (they are set up like Aldi), I could hear behind me at another register , a cashier telling a customer that he/she did not have enough for their groceries. I turned around, because well, who doesn't? But when I did, I was heartbroken. There I saw a couple with a cart full of groceries, but what got me was the 2yr old son sitting in the front of the cart and the not even 6 month old (from what
Thiết Bị Mầm Non
Bộ xếp h́nh xây dựng bằng xốp, kích thích khả năng sáng tạo của trẻ Sản phẩm gồm 68 chi tiết nhiều khối xốp nhiều màu, nhiều họa tiết, h́nh khối. Chất liệu xốp EVA không độc hại. Giúp bé nhận biết và phân biệt h́nh khối, màu sắc Kích thích khả năng sáng tạo, tư duy logic và tính tự chủ của bé Sản phẩm phù hợp với bé từ 2 đến 6 tuổi.  Một số sản phẩm thiết bị mầm non tiêu biểu:   - Bút sáp vẽ Plastic màu   - Sáp nặn thủ công   - Xếp h́nh thông minh bằng xốp màu   - Bảng từ và các bộ học toán, học chữ trên bảng từ   - Đồ chơi trong nhà Quư khách có nhu cầu v
So I got a christmas party on wendsday and i cant find a date. This really sucks.
Delhi Independent Escort
I am dynamite. I am usually charged, and ready to explode you away! Monika Talwar an independent escort for knowing me dial 09654431249 or mail me at Read More Delhi Escort Service Delhi Independent Escort Escort in Delhi Delhi Escort Girl Delhi Escort Delhi VIP Escort
Nude Contest
Wantin to Do A Nude Contest...If ur Interested In Doin It Send Me The Link To One Of Ur Sexi Nude Pix Gotta Be Full Body Pic Thou.....Gotta Have Atleast 10 Interested In Doin It...  The Most Votes And Or Comments Will Win A Month VIP And Or Bling Pak   Will Start Monday And End Friday 12/9-12/13   Ok So You Can enter Either Full Body Pic Or Jus A Clear Cock Pix
New Column
So, a friend of mine was recently dumb enough to suggest I start writing a column for his website. I won't post it here but I'll include the link for anyone interested. It's just me being my usual little ray of sunshine!
Holocaustic Beginnings Began To Ignite
My work requires I cover a wide range of topics..and each one is different, but not every one touches me..this one however did...researching the Night of Broken Glass really inspired me to write this poem...we all have heard about the Holocaust and that alone is tragic and saddening..the night of broken glass is when that first sad how hateful and evil this world has and can be at times...     Torn and shattered lives, screamed throughout the night. Holocaustic beginnings began to ignite. Evil retaliation, was the only thing in sight.   None of the government officials, offered a hand. Icy cold bodies, littered the land. German gangs and mob members began attacking the Jews. Hard pounding thrusts fell upon cold-hearted shoes. The night Hitler’s hatred began to diffuse.   On that long and horrendous night, the streets were painted red. Families ripped apart, through the blood they had shed.   Businesses were vandalized, homes were burnt down. Rage
The Effects Domestic Violence Has On Society
Children all around the globe witness domestic violence on a regular basis, and it is the primary source of injury to women in the United States. Domestic violence doesn’t only effect its victims and the children who witness it, but it also effects society. Prevention and treatment is necessary, which can only be accomplished by enriched wisdom, harsher punishments regarding this issue and expert training. I help make the statistics on this delicate issue, for I was once a victim. Still, I am confident that with a healthier perceptive of domestic violence and discovering how to identify the effects caused from it; we can help prevent this type of abuse. Despite this being a major issue in today’s society, there are still those who do not see domestic violence as a crucial issue, and these are the people that need a better understanding of it. There are various myths connected with domestic violence, which causes society not to distinguish it as a matter of significance. It
Ok let me start out by saying ty to my wonderful family, including my perm boosters, I would have never have gotten this far in the game with out your help, and hard work and dedication iv felt so honored knowing that you have cared enough to work as a team to get me to my goals of top ten and even pushing me further too #1 truly from the bottom of my heart ty all so very much, My real reason for writing this blog is that it has come to my attention that if you are not a level 57 ranker you should step down from the ranking game, ok for one I agree if your already at your 58,59 level yes it would be the right thing to do and help out, their has been a few people not naming names, that cant keep my name out of there shout boxes or referring me to a (NEW BREED OF RED) in some specific blogs, that they feel me at level 56, and on the verge of 57 should stop ranking and fall off the grid, but before you people talk your smack and say your insulted by my family members still running me, you
In Honor Of My Mother
Once upon a time an angel held my hand, She wiped away my tears and helped me understand.Our time on earth is brief, there's lessons to be learned,Each precious day God gives us another page is turned.Every chapter full of memories, times of joy and tears,Triumphs and defeats, through every passing year.She loved us unconditional, always by our side,When no one else would listen, in her we could confide.With gentle words of wisdom she led us on our way,Down the paths of righteousness if ever we did stray. She saw the light in everyone and gave with no regrets,Always from her heart let's us not forget.Angels come in many forms, for me it is my mother,  With love I cannot say in words there'll never be another.  Every day I turn the page in my heart will ever remain,  Everything she taught me as I stroll down memory lane.  Thank you God for giving me the most priceless of all treasures,Help my Lord to keep alive her memory here forever.I pray that I can some day be everything she hoped I
Ok I have been thinking about this and reading what everyone is saying. There is something that EVERYONE needs to realize about those REDS and the Powerhouses that are running famps all the time. You guys trying for ranking dont want them to stop running. You should want to be in those families. Those of us that are running famps three or more times a week are the ones you want on your side. Ask yourself this...if those who are doing all the famping (REDS and Powerhouses) stop running, where are you going to get your rates from? Your bitting the hand that feeds you!! Those of you that have commented on this blog that have already been RED once if not more should agree with me on this. You know the rating game and how it works. Think about it! Stop trying to screw other people and play the game the way it was intended to be played. Everyone knows what runs this site and sure is not everyone giving someone something for nothing! Learn to work it. If you want tips on how to make it to the
Hello everyone.   my name is Laura Dodson. i am 28 years old. never been married but i have 3 beautiful children. my childrens name is Logan Aaron Nichols, Maria Ella Nichols and Victoria Lynn Dodson. i have been with 2 guys throughout my life and i had children by them both. Logan and Maria got the same dad but Victoria got a different dad and he dont see her like he should but oh well thats life right??? well my daughter, Victoria Lynn was born when i was 32 weeks and 5 days pregnant with her (her due date was April 15 2013) she was born on February 21 2013. yea i know what you are thinking wow so early.. yes she was a preemie baby and she spent 2 weeks in the NICU at Roanoke Carilion Memorial Hospital in Roanoke Va. she came home on March 10 2013. let me tell you my daughter amazes me so much in her almost 10 months of her life that she has been here with me. she is truly a miracle and i just thank god for his miracles.   well i am going to go now but i will be back on blog soo
Level 57
Sooooooooo here's my plan for those wanting to know... yes, I am trying to rank this week in order to level.  NO I won't screw anyone over to get there... I am working hard at it and not just looking for handouts... I spend hours on here every day and make sure I rate/like/comment all my fam, top friends, another list I keep... thank peeps for bombings and return ALL comments.  I've been told I'm CRAZY for doing all of that and that a lot of people don't put that time and effort into it.  For me? I feel that if you took time to show me love, you deserve my time and love back... so call me crazy all you want ;) And for those that comment and DON'T like/rate in order to get love returned without REALLY giving any? Well, you win... I give it... and I can sleep with myself at night ;) Anywhooooo.... back to the topic...  I would appreciate any help I can get from anyone running famps.  Or PLZ let me know if you hear of a buy in if you don't see me in their fam...This is the ONLY week I wil
No Idea What I'm Doing!
ok, done that, now who pays me? :-) hi all, nice to see you're all happy today!  
My 2 Cents
Creative Writing
At dusk she wakes, standing she stretches and walks slowly to the opening of her den. Looking out at the freshly fallen snow, it sparkles like diamonds in the dim light. She steps out of the protection of her sanctuary, she shivers as the cold of the snow spreads through the pads of her paw. She shakes of the chill and sniffs the crisp air. There is something different in the air tonight she could feel it. She starts to trott through the woods picking up pace as a burst of energy hits her. The trees flying passed her as she runs full speed to the edge of the forest. She looks out carefully surveying the area for danger before walking out of the cover of the trees. She walks over to the pond leaning her head down she quenches her thirst. Perking her ears she hears an owl hooting in the distance, a pair of raccoons chattering as they scavenge for food, and the yipping of a lone coyote. She turns walking over to a huge snow covered rock she sits looking up at the moon as her mind wanders
college, an pro
My Writing
I'm tired of sleeping alone I'm tired of being Of being so faceless, so unnoticed, and so unknown I'm tired of stupid, sarcastic sentiments So much sacrifice that only Gets the return of bad intent, So fake and plastic If it lasts, it Is only to teach me What all this misery has meant, Nothing but shit I'm tired of stupid fucking questions Of lectures lent Just to mold me from everything told to me To make me something I never Wanted in the end   I'm tired of hypocrites, Phony fuckers, faking emotion, Hoping a hand held out Gets them much more than they spent I'm tired of everyone knowing While I'm clueless because I'm not being What they had in mind for me, They think I should have my shit together But there hasn't been enough time to be Anything but alone, tragically, magically Melting away, dying to die, trying to hide That I hate everything about my whole fucking life   I'm tired of guessing what's next While I'm second guessed every chance that they
Mirror, Mirror
The Collier Blog
Just when you think you know someone they turn around and show you there other sides, why cant people just be themselves and leave the drama outside.....oh it is too hard to show your true side all the time. I love my family and true friends and all who are true to themselves and others.
With Me
Sit with Me Learn my face See the weather worn trace my lace Comforted by your shadow The one I always chase Please just stay Please just stay    
Barclays English Premier League
I say Arsenal will win 
Halong tour đang được nhiều bạn trẻ lựa chọn, với 4 mùa rơ rệt du khách có thể tham quan vào bất cứ thời gian nào trong năm, bởi mỗi mùa có một vẻ đẹp riêng. Cũng như vậy để tham quan vào mùa đông khá hấp dẫn du khách, nhất là khách du lịch Châu Âu vốn thường ưa thích đi du lịch vào dịp lễ Noel. Mùa đông hầu hết thảm thực vật trên các đảo đá của Vịnh Hạ Long thường co lại chờ đến mùa xuân. Tuy nhiên như để bù lại cho mùa xanh thực vật có phần hạn chế, thiên nhiên đă “ưu ái” tặng cho Vịnh Hạ Long một “đặc sản” đó là sươ
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Erotic Writings By Me
Chapter 1 I wanted somethinghot for my birthday, something erotic. Something memorable. Something I havenever done before. Something I would never do again. I wanted to push thelimits on what I was willing to do. So I contacted you, of course, and trustedyour judgment. The rules weresimple. Whatever you say, I have to do. No exceptions. We started at myplace. You picked out what I was going to wear. Naturally, you chose a dressthat clings to my body, very thin fabric, showing lots of skin, Lots of leg andtons of cleavage, with easy access. A couple drinkswould lower my inhibitions. A Jack & Coke, a shot, a second Jack & Cokeand a second shot. I was ready. I looked fucking gorgeous. I smelledincredible. I was feeling sexier than ever. The anticipation of what mighthappen had me wet already. Well, it didn’t hurt either that you insisted onhaving the Playboy Channel on my TV as we got ready and warmed up. We wereabout to leave when you noticed something. “Why are youwearing
Vuagia chuyên phân phối nhiều loại xe đẩy hàng : xe đẩy phong thạnh, xe đẩy siêu thị, xe đẩy prestar, giá rẻ nhất thị trường. Các ḍng xe day hangmà các mặt hàng xe day hang của chúng tôi cung cấp đều có lai lịch, xuất xứ rơ ràng như Jumbo, xe đẩy hàng phong thạnh, xe đẩy hàng dolly, xe đẩy hàng fujikawa với những chế độ bảo hành tận nhà cho khách hàng.Các ḍng xe đẩy hàng mà chúng tôi bán chạy nhất gồm: - xe đẩy hàng 2 bánh- xe đẩy hàng 4 bánh- xe đẩy hàng siêu thị- Dưới đây chúng tôi xin giới thiệu loạt sản phẩm xe day hang hiện đang bán chạy nhất trên thi trường cho quư khách tham khảo:1. xe đ
Just Md.. Just A Day Away! :)
Boyfriend Application BASICS:   Name (last, first, middle, aliases): _____________________________   Age: ___   Hair Color: __________________   Eye Color: __________________   Height: __________   Weight: _________   Phone: ( ) ______ ___________   Email Address: _________________________________   Have two female acquaintances rate your looks, circling one number per evaluator, and obtain their signatures:   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 X______________________   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 X______________________     PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE:   Number of previous relationships: ____   Number of previous serious relationships: ____   Virgin? (Circle one): Yes No Questioning   If not, by what margin?: ____   Describe most recent ex (Leave blank if not applicable): _____________________   _______________________________________________________________________   Percentage of exes on good terms with (Leave blank if not applicable): ____%     INTELLECTUAL BACKGR
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My Thoughts
Just another rant of things going on in y head. I tend to overkill things sometimes. I tend to get my emotions to involved sometimes. And I tend to break my own heart. I try to be true to myself and others. So much more easy to be true to others and never myself.  I latch onto things and sometimes I just can't let go. Like a feeling, or a thought. I can be absolutely crazy about someone and they would never know it. I show no emotions to give it away. Looking back I feel guilty about some of the decisions I have made. But there is nothing I can do about it now except to make sure I dont make the same mistakes again. More then likely if you feel like something is bothering me, more then likely there is. But it takes alot for me to tell you what it is. Not because I dont want to, but because I may feel like you wont talk to me tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come. But I still keep things to myself. Sometimes I would just rather tell someone to FUCK OFF. But I dont. I keep the conversation g
Be Real
                I feel I am the realest person I know. I speak my mind, I don't like making up stories to cover the truth, I don't like drama and I don't like talking behind other persons backs. but being that I look the way I do meaning :beauty wise, people think I am a liar till they get to know me and realize I am not like anyone they have ever met or ever will again. I am confident and as the American culture has it set that being confident means you only care about yourself in which I wish people would stop trying to follow trends that they did not create, or just agree on something because a certain someone agrees to something and just be there self with your own creations or thoughts and just pure originality. also I have always done things how I think they should be done, do I ask for help? yes at times I do because not everything can be done alone. so what I am getting at is just be you, be yourself and be honest with yourself in order to be honest with others.   -KRISSY
May Dua Vong
Bạn muốn nằm ru con ngủ? Truyền thống chăm sóc con cái đă là bản năng của người phụ nữ Việt Nam bao đời nay, luôn muốn vỗ về ôm ấp đưa con vào giấc ngủ thần tiên, may dua vong của chúng tôi với sức đưa mạnh mẽ đến 65kg, mẹ và bé tha hồ cùng đùa giỡn và ngủ ngon nhé. may dua vong tu dong của VINA Nôi đi đầu về các gía cả cạnh tranh,sức bền với nhiều sản phẩm máy đưa vơng khác nhau phù hợp với túi tiền mọi gia đ́nh và hỗ trợ cho các chị em có thêm nhiều thời gian để tự chăm sóc bản thân, vun vén hạnh phúc gia đ́nh và làm việc, tiêu chí hàng đầu của chún
Im Wild And I Love It
Bdsm Is Good For You!
Despite the fact that their sexual preferences are listed in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as potentially problematic, people who play with whips and chains in the bedroom may actually be more psychologically healthy than those who don't.A new study finds that practitioners of bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism, or BDSM, score better on a variety of personality and psychological measures than "vanilla" people who don't engage in unusual sex acts. BDSM is a sexual practice that revolves around those four fetishes. BDSM is listed in the DSM-5, the newest edition of the definitive psychiatrist's manual, as a paraphilia, or unusual sexual fixation — a label that has caused controversy between kinky communities and psychiatrists, who themselves are mixed on whether sexual predilections belong in the catalog of mental disorders. As written, the DSM-5 does not label BDSM a disorder unless it causes harm to the practitioner or to o
The Evolution Of Me
I am 36 years old. Some would say the best of my life is behind me. I beg to differ. The best is yet to come.   I have searched for myself for so long. I have buried parts of me that I never thought I wanted unearthed, things I was told by others should NEVER see the light of day.   No more.   I am a beautiful mess, gorgeous chaos. You can see it in my eyes and my attitude towards everything and everyone, which is slowly changing.   I am Dominant. I am submissive. Both of these things make me a Switch, as I can change roles depending on the circumstances. I am Primal, in that I identify with animalistic qualities. I have a love and respect for Fire. I am warm, friendly, caring, considerate. I am passionate. I am reserved, quiet and shy. But open me up like a Christmas gift, and my inner self will shine through, brighter than the sunshine streaming through a window. I have discovered that I am Pansexual. I love who and what I love, regardless of stereotypes. It isn't based on se
New To Fubar
Im pretty new to Fubar and following the guidance on my page and trying everything to see what its about. I figured I would drop some thoughts here. Not sure what the ultimate point of levelling is or why so many actively seek it, but Im sure I will find out in time. Its nice to come across new people and read about them and enter alittle part of their world. So far I am liking what Im seeing, but stil have that outsider feel. Im sure that will go away in time, but we will see. I look forward to my time here and where it goes. Im ready, well as much as I can be for all that their is to experience and do here. Hopefully if anyone takes the time to read this, I might bump into you and be able to says thanks for listening for a moment or two. Thanks, Ben
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kind of new here, was on fubar many many many many years ago.
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Karma Has Arrived
    She soars around, for not a soul to see. Seeking out her prey, invisibly. With every foul act, every wrong move. She gets a little closer, she has a point to prove. With every tear shed, and through all the blood lost. She is waiting in the shadows, calculating the cost. Vengeance is hers, as she sinks her claws in. Causing you the same pain, inflicted by sin. Forget, she does not. She comes full force, when her lesson is taught. Her name you will learn, the hard way it seems. While you face your own demons, through a wide open dream. Years of wrong doings, brought forth by your hand. Sent her spinning in motion, through the shifting of sand. You have given her, all the power she seeks. With the seeds that you sowed, and now they shall reap. Karma has arrived, you must pay your dues. She’s ensure you think twice, before making your next move.
I care for each of my family in my own way.  Some more than others.   I have to say I have about 7family members on here that I care about .  They have been friends for quite awhile now.  Anyways.. I know theres a few who have deep feelings for me. Although I am not telling you that you have to stop feeling the way you do.. I am asking to please not put it on my page of how you feel.  Just feel at times like theres a competition going on.  If you cant respect this or you got your feelings hurt I am sorry. I do appreciate everything you all do.. but if you feel like you cant follow my wishes I wont blame you if you delete me.   love nikki
Fu Xmas Spirit And My Cause!
Ok so this blog is going serve as a shout to people to stop bickering through the season! I will also explain why toys for tots is such a inportant cause to me.   First where is everybodys Christmas spirit? Everyday it seems the bickering gets worse and for what? Famp spots? red status? Jealous friends? Come on people is it really worth it what happened to the helping each other out? When you already got to top level why are you fighting to keep others from doing so? Why is it so inportant to hold others down so you can look cool or like a big shot? Why not once hit top level to thank those who helped you get there with famps, bling, promoting, whatever why not help them in return give up that spot for a bit to push somebody else to get to top level? I have seen so much bickering over this in past week it is sad:( Do not add this person to your fam for the run, do not help this person, do not trust this person, so on so on. Come on people it is a game so what you are red wooohooooo
Will You Be The One!
Well I am not perfect. I am A man and I do stupid thing but I never cheated or hurt anyone I was with. Each of the two relationship I had in my life lasted four good years. But for some reason when I ask the big question they leave. Is the next one going to go all the way? good question. So I ask you to think about it long and hard about being in a real love learning and growing from each other as the days and months and years go by. I give everything into my relationships I want nothing more then to be the one in her eyes and wrapped around her heart and absorbed into her soul. I did my best to make them and happy and try to give them everything they want and need. yes including the bedroom. They stayed because they wanted to.
Fabian Perez Art
 fabian perez dancer in red Flamenco is a Spanish art form with roots deep in Andalusia, Spain's southern region. There are many theories as to how this folk dance evolved, the details are lost in history. Even the origin of its name is elusive. Some attribute it to the early 1500’s and the Flemish fabian perez Proud To Be A Man II courtiers during the reign of Spain's Charles V. Their bright clothing inspired the names given things garish or conspicuous, such as flamingos and flamenco.  
Something To Think About
Late last night I found out a good friend of mine passed away and I still don't want to believe it but I know that he is at peace right now but that doesn't take any of my pain away. I'm still sitting here I haven't slept much and my thoughts are still racing. I think the worst part is that I never got to say goodbye but I will you again someday my friend
I Wish I Never Heard
A fool such as I, deserves all that she gets. Every last heartache, and the harder it hits. I feel as if I'm drowning, being dragged under. Mystified by the lightning strike, following the thunder. I hear the distant roars, the screams of the night. Still I push on, searching for the light. Surrounded by darkness, refusing to cave. Feeling bitter and weak, pretending to be brave. I remember the Blade, how it tore through my flesh. Unexpected eyeopener, which shot through my chest. It came looking for me, saught me out. Sent tears down my face, while drowing in doubt. My soul was instantly, taken from me. Through watered down eyes, that didn't want to see. A feeling a little too familiar, happened yesterday. As a stranger came along, ventured my way. I ignored my gut, I have given her a chance. Yet my eyes are wide open, and my memory's enhanced. I will do as I did before, and not say a word. I just pray she never speaks, all I wish I never heard.
How To Let Go
I walked away, locked the door. Broken down, hit the floor. On my knees, making a plea. Won't someone please, just listen to me. I really am trying, but the pain is too much. I could never forget, soon enough. Please take, these images away. Help me erase them, from my mind on this day. I have to forget, this I know. I'm searching for the answers, on how to let go.
The Same Way I Came In
Right or wrong, I simply don't care. Don't say you understand, don't you fucking dare! You do not understand, you don't know the pain. With no end insight, and nothing to gain. They move the pawn, as you strongly push on. Being secretly weak, through all that's gone wrong. The wall I have up, is my only self protection. I couldn't care less, about your jaded perception. Judge me by my size, and the smile that you see. I dare you, to underestimate me. I haven't made it this long, by being fragile and weak. You provide me with more layers, my survival technique. I stand tall, and I cannot be moved. I arrived here on a mission, with something to prove. Through swollen eyed tears, I laugh in your face. Is that you got; you're such a disgrace! You could never break me, but I give you your props. Kudos for trying, but heres where it stops. I have stepped outside, my very own mind. No more blood tears, for once I'm not blind. As every heartbeat, takes a little more away.
Players Club Cam Rules!
PLAYERS CLUB LOUNGE CAM RULES No Children under the age of 18 - This does include infants & newborns.   No Pornographic Material - (i.e. Special Adult Film on T.V.) - This does not include T.V. shows within appropriate Televison Content Rating System (TV [Y] - TV [14]). No Sexual InnuendoNo Sexual Intercourse (of any form) No Sexual Play (ie. foreplay, etc...) As long as the lounge is {(NSFW)} a Lounges Cam can show any part of the body provided it does not violate the above rules. Men & Women Can Sit Nakkied On Cams Thats IT! Nothen More Nothen Less! Lounge Has To Be LOCKED DOWN!
Just some thoughts running through my head, so I thought I'd share.  My grandfather has been really sick with leukemia and other diseases/infections. It's been really rough seeing him go downhill like this. It's even harder to see the effect it has on my grandmother. She's 76 years young, and this has been draining her. Lack of sleep and lack of food- she is worn out. Through all of this though she's remained strong. My grandfather is too weak to fight at this point, sadly, it's become a waiting game at this point.  I won't forget the other day I was leaving their house and I went to say bye to my grandfather. I took his hand as he was resting in bed, told him I loved him. He said he loved me too then he began to pat my hand and said "it'll be okay." I want to believe him so badly.  What I'm getting at is, is that Christmas is around the with your family. Enjoy the time with them as much as you can. Even people that aren't your family memebers. Close friends. Tell them y
Angel's Haven
Come check out my new lounge,
It Will Happen Again
She lays still as he takes, all that he can. Shedding angry tears, due to the acts of a man. She’s mad at herself, for putting herself there. As she revisits that day, he just doesn’t care. How helpless she was, left broken and torn. It simply won’t stop, it is constantly reborn. The way his skin smelt, and the look on his face. Leaves her ashamed and exposed, in total disgrace. Still, she can’t show it, she must play along. While feeling like a broken lyric, in a tragedy song. Undervalued and taken for granted, she is nothing but a tool. Used for his enjoyment, but providing the fuel. Engulfing her spark, until it’s out of control. As her wildfire spreads, she has only one goal. Freedom is what she seeks, she is destined to find. A place more powerful, beyond her own mind. One attack after another, she keeps her head held high. She is focused and determined, with no more tears in her eyes. He can take it, as the other did before. But ne
Welcome To My World
    Paul Franklin Crouch who, along with his wife Jan, co-founded the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) died at his home in Orange, California, on November 30, 2013, after a decade-long fight with degenerative heart disease, his grandson Brandon Crouch told The Associated Press. Trinity Broadcast Network had reported that Crouch became ill and was taken to a Dallas area hospital in October while visiting the network's facility in Colleyville, Texas. Later he returned to California for continued treatment of "heart and related health issues."
Newtown .
        Please remember the families of N E W T O W N  . Some great people said : " We should consider our role in preventing future violence ;  " We  have N O T done enough to make our communities safer since the tragedy . We have to do more to heal troubled minds . We have to do . . . . . . . . e v e r y t h i n g  . . .  we can to protect our children from harm and make them feel LOVED , valued and cared for . " This has been my first fublog , as written by I , drLONGHAIR : ENERGY Healing Practitioner and NEWTOWN neighbor .
You Wanna Know What Really Grinds My Gears??
               5 things that really grinds my gears...       Hey y'all this is my list or 3 things that grind my please sit down and take notes.     Thing # 01.....Girls who make stupid faces and post them on facebook...First off if you are still doing the duck face in 2013 pipe the fuck down nobody likes that shit.      Thing # 02....If you are taking a picture in a mirror please clean that shit off nobody wants to see you're nasty ass toothbrush fuckin stains on the fucking mirror...clean that shit off bitch, clean that shit off.     Thing # 03....If you are sitting on the ledge of you're motherfucking sink with you're camera up in the air saying "Does this angle make my boody look big" bitch if you're boody ain't big don't try and make that boody look big it only confuses N*****S and we all know that you're ass is as flat as you're chest..PIPE THE FUCK DOWN.     Thing #4....Swag..Now there's a difference to swag and hustling...If you got a job and you
You Know Its Real
You know it's real when you cant stop smiling,  When your thoughts revolve around him,  He's the one you feel the happiest with,  When theres just that something about him that you dont see in other guys,  And when you're not with him,  The only place you want to be is in his arms
My Life
You know sometimes we just sit and think about tomorrow. Thats what I'm doing today. I wonder will it be cold, wat will i be doing, what will i fix for dinner, etc. Ever wonder why we do this? Why do we try and rsh through today just to rush through tomorrow? Well I am ready to get out of here and not have to worry or think about tomorrow and just live for today. So i packed my stuff up ( all of my stuff) got in my car and went 6 hours to another state. Now I don't have to worry about tomorrow bc today is just that today....
What To Do For My 40th Bday?
turning 40 in a few weeks and have no idea on what to do..any suggestions would help greatly...
Cabbage News
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My Sweet Song
My sweet songIt's been a long timeWhat'd you come around here forCause that old love is goneAnd I've since carried onThought I was rid of you for sureOh my sweet sweet song, you don't sound sosweet no morePlease don't sing to meCause it hurts me to hear the melody that wasGood to me beforeOh my sweet sweet song, you don't sound sosweet no moreOh you said love was forever and you told melove would neverBreak my heart, and I believed you as I fellThat's all over, let it go,You're just a song I used to knowAnd your fantasy, it don't work for meGo and pick on someone elseOh you said love was forever and you told melove would neverBreak my heart, and I believed you as I fellThat's all over, let it go,You're just a song I used to knowAnd your fantasy, it don't work for meGo and pick on someone elseMy sweet songGuess I'm stuck with youAnd someday, I'll find the love I'm looking forThen my sweet, sweet song won't sound sosad no moreMy sweet, sweet song, I'll guess I'll always be yours
Mr Fucking Tax Man
Ḷ Nướng Thỏa sức thưởng thức tất cả các món nướng tại gia đ́nh bạn với các sản phẩm ḷ nướng, ḷ nướng thủy tinh, ḷ nướng điện nhiệt với rất nhiều mẫu mă, cam kết giá tốt nhất. Yên tâm mua hàng và nhận được những ưu đăi tốt nhất tại Điện máy số 1. Liên hệ ngay 0966.57.9119 Điện máy số 1 cung cấp - Các sản phẩm ḷ nướng các thương hiệu nổi tiếng: Candy, Pensonic, Tefan... - Các sản phẩm ḷ nướng thủy tinh: Khaluck, Hasuka, SunHouse.... Chúc quư khách mua sắm thành công!!! Ḷ nướng thủy tinh Comet 12L CM8616 960,000VND840,000VND
Good Morning FU Friends.
Natural Help Remedies
  *** Amazing!!! *** Grind a handful of rice until u get a fine but coarse flour. Add a few spoons of raw honey to the mixture along with enough apple cider vinegar to obtain a thick paste. If the cracks are very deep, add a spoon of olive oil. Soak feet for 20 minutes & gently massage with this paste.  rice- grind to a flour form apple cider vingar- add few fulls spoons  raw honey- few spoons fulls  If deep cracks  spoon full olive oil
Cherry Inferno
A lot of people it seems have difficulty completing the Cherry Inferno achievement. Most fail for one simple reason: They waste too much time refreshing the browser window between bombs while waiting for 30 seconds to elapse. Even 2-3 seconds lost can be compounded over the course of an hour and result in several minutes/bombs lost as a result of repeated refreshing of the browser window. Below are a couple tips I found useful to avoid this. Prepare yourself  Turn off the shoutbox and eliminate any distractions for the next hour Close all unnecessary browser windows or applications to improve performance of your computer. I have no more than 2 browser windows (windows not tabs in the same window) open at any time. 1 window for the list of people I will be bombing 2nd for the person i'm currently bombing  Place the windows side-by-side and drag links from the first window (with your list of people to bomb) over to the second window to open them in that window. Note: yo
Banner Codes
These are codes being used to promote me or that I am using to promote my bestest friends and fam with what they are up to. These can be placed in the about me or used as profile comments.   Code to promote me   
My Writing
The Ringleader steps out onto his stage and announces for the first act of the night will be the Eater of Flames. The man who can eat fire so well that seconds after he swallows the flames he can project them from his throat just as a dragon would. The Ringleader steps off of the stage and back into the shadows and is replaced by the Eater of Flames. The first act begins with the juggling of the batons that he swallows the flames from just to show they are real and in fact not a trick of any sort. Then he begins to light the three batons and begins to juggle them once more and during the juggling he inserts a baton into his mouth and douses each flame in turn and drops the batons. Belching smoke and a god-awful smell of sulfur he apologizes to the audience and holds up a finger as if to say “just a second ladies and gentlemen”. With a look in his eyes that nobody recognizes he knows something has gone horribly wrong and this will be his last performance. As he begins to b
The Bar So Far.
I gotta give "MAD PROPS" to all of you here at the BAR. Every woman I've been fortunate to chat with pm poke and so on have shown nothing but love towards me. I'm even getting Likes and high fives from some of you men out here too. Real peoe just recognizing real people. It's a refreshing change from all the other BS sites floating around out there. Looking forward to meeting more awesome people here, I've broadened my search now to more than just locals cuz I can tell I'll be selling my sell short if I did. So, ladies if your attractive and have anything interesting to say, you will be getting a pm from me giving you praise. Lol lets get it!
Fraa Blog
When the temperature takes a dive, winter coats come to the rescue. Know which coat shapes will work best for you? suggests a few coat shapes that you should consider before you decide on a style for you: - Boyfriend coats: They have an androgynous fit that will glide over your waist and hips, and can be designed in any length. This classic style will take you from one season to next, and can look great with both work wear and casuals. - Oversized styles: They are enlarged and masculine; an ideal style to wear over chunky knitwear and extra layers. Try adding a belt to focus on your waist. - Maxi coats: Longer in length, they are gender neutral. - Wrap coats: They are universally flattering on all body types and sizes. They are unlikely to have buttons, just a wrap around with a belt.
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My Time On Fubar
how should i start this? well joined mostly to play game and show off my sexi body to the fubar members. less then five minutes joined i have drinks, girft, friends request even before i post my picture or anything about me. so i add more pictures and  open up a bigger mess then i had before with tons of guys in my sb and upset that i can't even answer much before i get hit with tons more? grrrrrrrrrr  then i join the mafia game and find it boring at first but now a bit better since i got a toon able to work the list :). the lack of womend here is a real problem with more guys then women at above 2 to 1. most the guy are rude and perhaps me naked has something to do with that? some of the guys are very nice and don't start off  in sb with "nice tits baby" lol  the women here seem sweet but with all this going on i really haven't had the time to meet many.i feel bad that i haven't rated by one profile since i joined or gave many drinks back but there is so much to do here and i do
All Of Me!!!!!!
I get the whole infatuation thing around’s easy to get caught up in someone...but there’s a difference between infatuation...lust and love....all of them are powerful...but when you break down the burier and combine them...that feeling is matter how much shit and trash talk someone lays on you....regardless of how great their body is or how gorgeous they are...when you have been opened up to someone...from the inside out and love them...REALLY love them...then that should surpass any infatuation...or at least it does with me...that is how I feel about him....I know how to play the game...I have just chosen not to because of the way I feel....I don’t allow myself to become blinded by some random stranger that I am either going to lose interest in or they are going to lose interest in me....spicy comments....trash talk and utter random bullshit just isn’t that important to me but HE is....REAL life changes beyond this virtual existence
Bama Braver
i like to play in second life chat its loads of fun i like to fish like to camp likes vacations to likes to swim :O)
Saw This On Fb, Lol
HOW TO MAKE A MAN HAPPY1. Feed him2. Sleep with him3. Leave him with peace4. Don't check his phone (Msgs)5. Don't bother him with hismovementsSo whats so hard about that?HOW TO MAKE A WOMAN HAPPYIt's really not too difficult but.... To make awoman happy, a man only needsto be:1. a friend2. a companion3. a lover4. a brother5. a father6. a master7. a chef8. an electrician9. a plumber10. a mechanic11. a carpenter12. a decorator13. a stylist14. a sexologist15. a gynecologist16. a psychologist17. a pest exterminator18. a psychiatrist19. a healer20. a good listener21. an organizer22. a good father23. very clean24. sympathetic25. athletic26. warm27. attentive28. gallant29. intelligent30. funny31. creative32. tender33. strong34. understanding35. tolerant36. prudent
Depressing Time Of Year
Truly finding this time of year depressing. I am unable to get my children anything at all....i am working but just enough to pay bills....i am in a relationship but it seems to be failing.....and i love being on Fubar but can never buy anyone anything.....sometimes i feel as if id be better off not here and i often wonder....would anybody truly miss me..... 
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"merry Christmas"...and Mean I
     I will open with.........Merry Christmas to all........I have yet to yield on my right and my choice to  say Merry Christmas.  I read and hear allot of folks shying away from saying 'Merry Christmas', and then complain about's is the heart of the matter. If you said 'Merry Christmas' in the past, why are you afraid to say it now?  Have you been told to by some pundit who feels it isn't correct politically?  Have you been asked by a religious fanatic from another faith? Have you been told that its just easier for everyone to cruise through the season by saying 'Happy Holidays'?  Lets put it in perspective.......The Jewish faith celebrates Hannakuh also known as the Festival of Lights or Festival of Redication , Islamic followers celebrate Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting, Fitr means 'to break the fast' symbolizing the breaking of the fasting period......can kind of see where our 'breakfast' comes from also. Kwanzaa is a week long celebrati
Wedding Photographers Swan Valley
Wedding pictures keep alive the memories of those special moments and commemorate the time and money spent to plan the most important days of your life. Other than the spouse, the most important wedding-related decision is to choose a photographer who can record your big day. If you are living or getting married in the scenic Swan Valley in Australia, here are some tips to help find a suitable wedding photographer in Swan Valley. Talk to your partner and decide what type of photography you both prefer. Do you want the wedding photographers swan valley to follow the traditional approach in that the photographer clicks posed images? Or would you prefer more candid shots in which you and your guests are not even aware that they are being clicked? Do you like the glamour approach or prefer the wedding photographer combines all these styles? Decide on what level of service you require from a wedding photographer in Swan Valley. Do you want to hire the photographer for a few hours of the
Ho Chi Minh dentist – nha sĩ Hồ Chí Minh hay nha sĩ ở những nơi khác đều phục vụ tốt cho khách hàng, đặc biệt họ rất nhiệt t́nh và yêu công việc. Hiện nay có rất nhiều người muốn làm đẹp, như niềng răng hoặc bọc răng sứ… họ đều được các nha sĩ tư vấn kĩ lưỡng. Như niềng răng có lợi ích ǵ? Họ sẽ chỉ ra lợi ích của việc niềng răng này để bạn biết thêm nhiều thông tin không chỉ là vấn đề làm đẹp. Như tạo cảm giác thoải mái và tự tin với hàm răng đều, đẹp, nắn chỉnh răng không những tạo thẩm m̘
 The art of procreation and the members employed therein are so repulsive, that if it were not for the beauty of the faces and the adornments of the actors and the pent-up impulse, nature would lose the human species. 
Christmas Humor
REMEMBER THIS AT CHRISTMAS TIME According to the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer, each year male reindeer drop their antlers in early winter, usually in late November to mid-December. Female reindeer however, retain their antlers until after they give birth in the Spring. Therefore, according to EVERY historical tuneful rendition which depicts Santa's reindeer, EVERY single one of them, from Dasher to Blitzen, even Rudolph, had to have been a female !!!! We should've known girls ... only women would be able to drag a fat old man, in a red velvet suit, with a sleigh full of toys and goodies, all around the world in one night and not get lost.
The Bottom Line
A Short Mental Health Story
5:26am reply Countrylov...: QUIT FUCKING IGNORING ME AND ANSWER ME 5:34am reply Countrylov...: WEL U CHECK ME OUT AND NOTHING REALLY???????? 5:39am reply Countrylov...: so what u gonna ignore me? 5:51am reply Countrylov...: SUCH AF UCKING DUMB FAT ASSS THATS SCARED TO ANSWER ME 5:56am more To Countrylov...: I'm just now getting around to looking at my sb. You're impatient and very disrespectful. I can see why nobody likes you at work now 6:02am reply Countrylov...: gee i wonder why lets call a 51 year old hag beautiful really thats old enoughto be your mom 6:03am more To Countrylov...: I'm not gonna stoop to your childish level and call you names either. 6:04am reply Countrylov...: well its pretty rude saw you checked me out but cant rate,like or comment my status but lets call my mom beautiful really 6:04am reply Countrylov...: maybe get the idea of thinking your jason aldean outta your head and
  Love him, hate him, or just be confused by him,it matters not for he is  here the new Dr.Love read his profile,and follow his blogs, or dont its up to you, but as they say life gose on, and so dose the life of Dr.Love thank you all love peace and cheiken grease....Yep, Sometimes you have to fall from the mountain,to realize what you are climbing for...Obstacles are placed in our way to see,what we want is really worth fighting for...From every wound theres a scare, and every scar tells a story,a story that says.....I was deeply wounded but...I survived...yes world i have survived and my profile only scratches the surface of me but I have many scars maybe too many some may never realy heal althe way but they are what make me, me Dr.Love..and what makes me what my profile says I am  so if your intrested read these blogs as they are posted and find out why i am,the way i am...from a past whimp to the dark psychopat, to goverment made monster,to now, Dr.Love  a story for comics and tv m
Sex And Basic Biology
We like to think we are different than animals and we are in so many ways.  Yet one thing remains the same among all us creatures.  The way our species survives is by procreation...yes plain and simple...having sex.  Can you image that happening if sex weren't so pleasant?     One way we humans have used our larger and more powerful brains is by capitalizing on that pleasure.  We could just have sex and be done with it, but that pleasure hardwired into our brains makes that silly.     We have learned how to make all those plentiful nerve endings provide us with enormous pleasure.  We use our mouths to stimulate.  We lick and suck and bite and it feels so good.  Any stimulation will get the juices flowing and make us want more.   Some folks have a problem with this. They try to put the whole business into a "moral" context.  The idea of morals is not in harmony with basic biological reality.  Therefore those folks spend a lot of time being miserable and even find themselves being

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