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Crucial Diva Notes
Any Good Women Left In Omaha, Ne Area
Just as it sounds. Im a very nice guy and just tired of bein ran over. Would love to find a good woman in the area that will sweep me off my feet as i would her. I dont have much to offer but my heart and me. I guess if thats not enuf then im probably not worth the time or effort. I will answer anything so ask away and if ur interested in meeting and getting to know a wonderful man then give me a shout i'd love to talk more.
Contest Blog Plz Come Rate Me Plz
Im looking for comments and rates please come by and give me all u got or can do please i havent been in contest in a while show me lovin that i have been missing plz Kandylicious Ok. Heres what i have decided to do for those interested! Im trying for spotlight and since I havent gotten one ever and in need of fubucks I decided to make skins for those who want one personalized according to ur fubar name or symbols sport etc etc that u may like u decide! if u have a favorite pic u want to have me include such as urself or an image pertaining to what u like or name fumail it to me and depending on how hard it is to make depends on how much i charge for it. I wont go too high but I will work a deal 5k is the starting point if ur not interested please share with someone that is so tyvm for u time if u have any ??? plz fumail me if u wanna see my work just check out my skins i have made them from scratch. KandyLicious Godmother Kandylicious Charisma Stiletto gurl Own
Saved Stuff
My Youngest Brother
Today i was down at my dads place for dinner. As i was leaving my dad asked me if i would go and check on my grandparents place that is up for sale in Toronto. So i drove there and seen my youngest brother in a verbal fight with a few guys down there. keep in mind that my youngest brother is living on the streets. which is his choice btw. He is 17 yrs old and had it good. but when i seen this verbal fight. one of the guys decided to touch my brother. so basically a fight broke out between these guys. so there is me big brother saving youngest brothers ass. well right now my youngest brother is in the hospital. due to the fact he was higher then a kite and he has a few open wounds on him. so i'm going back to the hospital right now, to make sure that he is doing all right. as well i'm going to be spending the night with him. so i'm just letting everyone know where i am and i wont be on here more then likely at all tomorrow.
Random Nonsence
~Miss Dee~**Member of Level Pounders** is our new SPONSOR of the month!!! She got us in our Auction and she gave us even moren then just the bid she made!!! ~Miss Dee~**Member of Level Pounders**@ fubar EVERYONE hit her up and show her a big thank you!!! The whole Team $$~LEVEL POUNDERS~$$ says Thank You $$~LEVEL POUNDER
The Last Real Man
INTHEMIXXTV.BLOGSPOT.COM Wednesday, AUG, 30, 2008 "Baketown Swinging" the blazing hot CD from 3THIRTY now available at DEPARTMENT STORE GIANT ADDS 3THIRTYS CD TO THEIR ONLINE MUSIC CATALOG Atlanta, Ga.- Bakersfield, California is a city known for breakout celebrities like rock recording artist Korn, Country Western Singer Buck Owens and NFL Pro Bowl football player Joey Porter just to name a few. This week the city adds another soon to be platinum talent to its national celebrity.Recording artist 3Thirty aka Burnis Banks celebrates another milestone this week. His new independently produced CD titled "BAKETOWN SWINGING" in now available online at In January 2007, the CD made its debut on the E-Cast Jukebox system. The electronic jukeboxes have replaced the old record spinning jukeboxes in thousands retail outlets, bars, and restaurants across the country.3Thirty is overwhelmed by the fan support and national exposure
Friends Please Look
i would like some help with a background for my profile and my lounge.i will post everything and the best will be put in its pace on my lounge or profile.please help me. my vip is going to run out in 7 days and i cant pay for another on and alot of my pics is going to go with it,so for my birthday can some one buy me anothr one please.
Ok, so once my VIP on here is up, Im going to be deleting this profile, and just going back to having one profile. My main one, my level 21. The link is Add me, fan me, rate me, crush me, bling me, LOVE ME!!!! ~*~Kristy Nichole~*~
Dougs Blog
Adult lifeguard wanted Days wanting assistance Saturdays & Sundays Location Castlewood State Park Hourly pay Call Doug @ (314) 352-7567 Call between the hours of 9:00 A.M. & 9:00 P.M.
Pen & Paper Are Over Rated
Holding Hands In Heaven I remember mom laying In the grim hospital bed. I remember the very last Words that she ever said. I said "I love you Mommy" Trying to hold back the tears. Didn't want her to think There was anything to fear. "I love you too baby" She tried so hard to speak. But everything is hard When your body is that weak. Daddy said to me "Baby, you will have to leave" "Her heart rate is rising" "She's not able to breathe." That was the last time I saw my mommy alive. Daddy said to her "I will always love you, my wife." The months went on I tried hard to be strong. I wanted my mommy's hugs And kisses I so longed. Then when I felt The pain would soon heal. Out of the darkness New pain I did feel. I remember it so clear, 4:30 Wednesday morning. I was hit once again Again without any warning. I picked up the phone To find brother on the line. "Sister, please be strong" "Please try not to cry." I already had a feeling
So Sweet
LETS MAKE HER A GODMOTHER !!! ♥J_M ♥Member : Fubar's Ultimate Bad Girls Club*Fu Owned by PackerBacker*@ fubar ~Let Her Know DJ BABY BOY sent you~ ~Brought To You By~ $Dj' BABY BOY${D.S.C } PU$$YCAT*PLAYMATE P!MP@ fubar
Auction For Me
My New Yahoo Id
Just A Reminder
JUST A BIKER I saw you hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local Mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant when you saw my bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But you didn't see me riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless. I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our Leather jackets and glove
Espaa Chopone $$$
I Got Flowers Today!!!
I Got Flowers Today flower It wasn't my birthday, or any other special day. We had our first argument last night. and he said a lot of cruel things. That really hurt me. I know he is sorry and didn't mean the things he said because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today... It wasn't my birthday, or any other special day. Last night, he threw me into a wall and started to choke me. It seemed like a nightmare. I couldn't believe it was real. I woke up this morning sore and bruised all over. I know he must be sorry, because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers today... It wasn't Mother's Day or any other special day. Last night, he beat me up again. And it was much worse than all the other times. If I leave him, what will I do? How will I take care of my kids? What about money? I'm afraid of him and scared to leave. But I know he must be sorry, because he sent me flowers today. I got flowers, today. Today was a very special day. It was the da
This Is Me
I'm the guy who will text you every single morning and tell you good morning and every single night to tell you sweet dreams. I'm the guy who will hold you when you're crying and wipe away your tears. I'm the guy who still thinks you're beautiful with no makeup on, wearing sweats, and a big t-shirt. I'm the guy who won't pressure you to do things you don't want to. I'm the guy who will show up at your house with soup and a movie when you aren't feeling well. I'm the guy who kisses you on the forehead. I'm the guy who doesn't kiss and tell. I'm the guy who actually listens to you when you talk. I'm the guy who's excited all day because I'm looking forward to our date that night. I'm the guy who is content to just be able to hold you and wants nothing more. I'm the guy who can't help but smile when you walk into the room. I'm the guy who's perfectly content with staying in, watching movies, and cuddling. I'm the guy who won't lie to you about whe
Rkkennedy84's Fall Auction
It will be a fall themed auction... It will open this friday October 24th so I will need your 10k entry fee, your picture & your list of offers by Thursday the 23rd. It will last 2 weeks... SELF PROMOTION IS A MUST! If u want good bids, plz make ur offers good... PLEASE SEND SFW PICTURES ONLY! Heres what the pictures will look like Thanks
Chick Pics
i understand there are alot of ugly chicks on here and i see that for some reason when you take an overhead shot of yourself it makes you look somewhat cute..... comething about gravity pulling the fat from your face when you look up, or i dont know maybe it has that "this is what i look like when i go down on you" effect for guys or does something to your eyes and makes you look overall thinner or something but good gawd... take some regular shots or ya too and use those for your defaults!!!!!! im so tired of seeing these chicks on here with their old plain jane grannie over the shoulder boulder holder bra's on that look like they are about to tear cuz ya got it from walmart or something and they arent even properly holding the damn things in place and they take pics of themselves in these things from an over the head angel with this look on thier face and think its cute!!!! half the time they are in the bathroom and have all the rest of their cloths on to hide the girth they have
Kansas is sooooo boring................ I wanna go back to Texas
Interesting Tidbits...
I thought this rated my first ever blog post on fubar... You'll have to cut and paste the link. Sorry. She will always set the bar for what "sexy" is... she will be missed. -C-,0,1667172.story
Body: YOU OPENED IT NOW YOU HAVE TO DO IT OR YOU'LL NEVER BE WITH THE PERSON YOU LOVE!!! NOW BE HONEST AND DON'T CHICKEN OUT! 1)Single or taken? TAKEN 2) Do you like it? YEA 3) Would you kiss your ex? YEA 4) Have you ever had your heart broken? YEP :( 5) Do you believe in certain circumstances where cheating is ok? UMMM NO....... 6) Are you missing anybody right now ? ALWAYS 7) Do you want kids? HAVE 1 ALREADY but wud like one more 8) If yes, how many? 1 9) Would you consider adoption?mayb 10) if someone liked u would u want them to tell u? SURE 11) Do you want someone you can't have? nah 12) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries? YES 13) Do you get butterflies around your crush? NO 14) Do any of your ex's still have feelings for you? I DONT KNOW 15) Do you love anyone so much that you can't explain it YEP Where is the person you gave your heart to for the first time? SOMEWHERE ELSE How do you feel about
Fill Your Pockets Up With Earth, Get Yourself A Dollars Worth!
The broken glass And the rusty nails The wild violets grow Say goodbye to the railroad And the mad dogs of summer And everything that I know What some men will do here for diamonds What some men will do here for gold They're wounded but they just keep on climbin' And they sleep by the side of the road There's a hole in the ladder A fence we can climb Mad as a hatter You're thin as a dime Go out to the meadow The hills are agree Sing me a rainbow Steal me a dream Small time Napoleons Shattered his knees But he stays in the saddle for Rose And all his disciple They shave in the gutter And gather what's left of his clothes What some men will do here for diamonds What some men will do here for gold They're wounded but they just keep on climbin' And they sleep by the side of the road Tom Waits: Diamonds & Gold This song reminds me of New York, nuff said. in pitch dark i go walking in your landscape. broken branches trip me as i speak. just cus you
Leveling / Gifts / Etc
If your here, you are here for the levels, gifts, and perks given from one fuMember to the next. I am talking bling, bling packs, Happy hours, fuBucks, and the ride range of gifts and drinks. I want you to understand that I am willing to give those who earn it what they want. We all know that money must be spent for the worthwhile things here on this site. And most of us who have been around for awhile know what each is worth. I do enjoy the view provided by this site. I am looking for personalized views for myself though. Send me a private message with what you want, what your willing to give, and we'll go from there. I would like Grape Ape somewhere in the picture or a message to me. I am not talking only NSFW pictures. Use your imagination. There are hidden benefits and pitfalls. Some things will instantly get you a HH and tons more and some things that will get you blocked. Oh, if you instantly think you know what those are, you don't know me and are probably wrong. fu-Own
Whats Up
im on yahoo im ... tokenmagicninja
Well i've have no one to talk to about this because no one cares because its not about their problems. I'm so sick of being everyones go to girl im not a miracle worker i have my own problems to worry about and frankly after 21 years I'm really tired of hearing about everyone's bullshit because im hurting and they don't care. So next time some one wants to talk about their bad day look else where because I'm not your girl. I don't really care about anyone's break up problems i mean apparently if you break up its pretty fucking obvious it wasnt meant to be; so get over it. Not like its the end of the world and i'm tired of always being someone's second choice. For once i would like to be someone's number one concern but everyone is to wrapped up in their self pitty to worry about their friends; which honestly after that statement makes it pretty apparent that none of you are true friends, because if you gave a damn i wouldn't be venting to my self right now. So stopping asking me to fix
Poison Ivy Has Autos On
Poison Ivy Has Autos On! Come and show her some massive love! And Level Up! She's an angel but deserves to be spanked really HARD!!! Ends at 8:00 am Fu-time (PST) ***************************************** Lovingly pimped out by Carrie
420 Freaks ( Now Hiring Staff.)need Greeters...
No Clue What To Do About My Mother's Downward Turn With Health
No clue what to do about my mother's downward turn with health Current mood: stressed Just need to rant about what I have been silently been going through with my mother's health ordeal the last couple months. Those of you who know me well already know my mother has some severe health issues with her back being the worse as of recent year or so. The last 3 months now it has gotten to the point were she can't even walk without taking lots of pain medications and the last few weeks they haven't even helped. About two months ago she fell in the bathroom fracturing two ribs compounding the pain. For the last two weeks I have had to take care of her because she can only stand or walk far enough to go to the bathroom. The last week now all she has done is cry because of the pain and pray to god to just die. I have been trying to push for her insurance company and doctors to do something to help but just keep getting the run around. Today we are at the pain management center again tryi
Tag, You're It Again
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Dating Online
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Dating Online
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Dating Online
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Timed Scavenger Hunt!
The Awesome Abraxas is hosting a Fubar Scavenger Hunt? Abraxas@ fubar He will be giving away a Cherry Bomb to the first person to collect all items correctly The rules are very specific and must be followed exactly or your entry will be disqualified. HERE IS YOUR LIST YOU MAY NOW BEGIN 1. To enter the Scavenger Hunt you must first r/f/a the host, in the friend request you must say "I am entering the Scavenger Hunt" Then click the link to his blog and post a comment that you are entering the hunt. Scavenger Hunt Blog 2. You must find all 20 items on the list (This Bully will be updated at 4pm fubar time, at this time the list will be posted and the hunt will begin) 3. The list will contain 20 items, it is your task to find these items in the form of a picture someone where on fubar. These are generic items, meaning you may be asked to find a picture of a daisy. It can be anywhere in anyones gallery, any picture containing a daisy will be accepted as long as i
Going To The Hospital Cuz.....
Yea pretty much that sums it up. Day before yesterday, I got these absolutely paralyzing stomach pains in the lower right side of my tummy...and Jessyka hadn't been very active or anything either. Well, tried a bunch of things that we thought it could possibly be and called my doctor and he told me the pain could just be the growing and stretching of the ligaments and stuff in that area but that if she didn't start moving around more and the pain didn't subside soon to go to the Labor and Delivery. After about 9 hours of this horrible pain, it finally started to subside a lil bit...and she was moving around some but not as much as she normally does. (She's ALWAYS kicking and elbowing me) So since the pain subsided enough to handle, we decided to wait and see how I felt the next day. day comes around...the pain is gone except for it feeling like a badly bruised muscle. Only thing is Jessyka isn't being anywhere near as active as she normally is. So now I'm going into the hospi
Give My Friend Some Love
General Crap
So I've been going thru a lot of stress lately and some depression. The first is mostly about bills and being able to get enough hours at work. The secound is partly cause I'm single again and lonely. Also, I read one of my friends on here's newest blog and found out just where my ex fiance is and it kinda hit home.Why am I still so broken up over him? I still love him and Jeremy but with what he did to me in leaving like he did is bad enough without it making me feel this way over and over again. I'm sick of going thru these spurts where all I can think of is him and how much I still love him. I know I need to move on with my life but it's so hard. It seems like almost everyone I trust fucks me over. Sick and tired of crying. The one man that I ever truly fully wanted to marry betrayed and abandoned me. It's been 7 months and it still hurts almost as much as the day he left. The worst thing is that I still don't know why.I'm sick of trying to pretend that I'm happy go lucky when I r
Bling Trades
fuck fubar and all thedse other networking sites I am done with all this and am going to hang myself by the nearest tree! I come on here to try to find love and all i find is IGNORANCE!!! no one wants to talk to an old man that is fat and ugly so why should you even care like anyone will actually read this shit but if you care anought to keep this dude from doing the unthinkable, then tell me i am not a loser like evewryone says and thinks I am good by
Best Of Me
Woke Up From The Sound Of Pouring Rain Smell Of Wet Sand Reminded Me Your Skin Cool Breeze Raised My Burning Desires And Once Again I Fought With My Will Within Slept Again With The Sound Of My Tears As My Lullaby Same Stained Pillows Embracing My Swollen Eyes Nothing Has Changed, Another Year Has Just Passed By And I Wonder If You Could Ever Hear My Dying Cries Cool Breeze Wash My Tears Away When I Walk Down Your Street Again Time Stands Still When I Look At Your Door And My Heart Cry Out Your Name In Pain There's A Long Way To Go Before I Reach The End And I'll Keep Walking Even If Forever I Stay Alone I Am Not A Weak Man To Follow Any Suicidal Trend But I Have Been Too Much Hurt Since You Have Gone Weird Feelings Passes Me By So Frequently Now Sometimes I Wish My Heart Had A Bone This Life Has Just Turned Upside Down Somehow Since My Heart Became A Rolling Stone Ruptured From Your Love That Now Stink I Had So Much To Tell You On Your Face Realities Be
On The Cumberland-erotic Poetry By Sondra
On The Cumberland You tenderly, teasingly kiss me in the moonlight While holding me, unyielding and close Secure in the love we feel, together, as One Sheltered in a Lover’s embrace Protected from the cares of the world While in your presence `My Happy Place` Your warm breath brushes my bare flesh Affection substantial in your sparkling eyes
We Still Finiah Last
we still finish last! Current mood:sympathetic Category: Blogging To every guy that’s said, "SEX CAN WAIT"To every guy that’s said, "You’re beautiful."To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her.To every guy that did what she wanted to do.To every guy that cried in front of her.To every guy that she cried in front of.To every guy that holds hands with her.To every guy that kisses her with meaning.To every guy that hugs her when she’s sad.To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all.To every guy who would give their jacket up for her.To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes.....To every guy that would give his seat up.To every guy that just wants to cuddle.To every guy that reassured her that she is beautiful no matter what.To every guy who told his secrets to her.To every guy that tried to show how much he cared through every word and every breath.T
Just Erotic Story
They have been talking for several years, by phone and by post. It was a rocky beginning but slowly they grew closer…finding commonalities and like interests. She had never been to the states but yearned for the wide open spaces of the American West. He had, on numerous occasions, invited her to experience the mountains and the plains. Just last year she had decided to take him up on his offer and began to plan the trip. Although it had taken several months, he now stood at the arrival gate in the airport, waiting for her international flight. He is surprised to find his hands are sweating. His heart beats harder and his breathing quickens as the aircraft docks at the gate. He waits patiently as the passengers debark…..too slowly, he thinks to himself. He sees her….he smiles and rushes to greet her. He hands her the bouquet of flowers, says”welcome to America darling!” and takes her in his arms. He is surprised at the warmth of her embrace for just
Moms Club
If you’re a stay-at-home mom, you might have heard of MOMS Clubs all over America. It is a very good organization perfect for mothers who choose to stay at home. Staying at home is entirely fulfilling but the job sometimes lead to too much pressure or the exact opposite, boredom. MOMS Club has been created for moms so that they can have an outlet for their talents and emotions. The club takes mothering into a whole new light. It is a perfect support group for mothers with the same concerns and interests to stay and work together.moms club websitemomsclub newslettermoms club newsletter
About Me
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Why Is My Life So Complicated
wow never in my life did i ever think my life would ever be this complicated im with a great guy yet i still have guys hitting on me and my ex that is in jail for a very long time now is still calling me and tellin me how bad he wants to get back with me when he gets out then theres another one of my exs that keeps tellin me how much he loves me like everyday and its just so confusing why does my life have to be so complicated
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Top 10 Questions On Obama's Afghanistan Strategies
President Barack Obama will announce his new Afghanistan policy tonight at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York. Some news organizations have reported that President Obama will sendanywhere from 30,000to 34,000 additional troops to the region. To get you prepared for tonight's announcement,here are some answersto the most asked questions about President Obama's proposal. 1. If the President sends 35,000 more troops to Afghanistan, does that count as a “surge?” Simply put, no, because the use of that term implies an Iraq-like strategy of ramping up forces to the maximum of what the generals are requesting. It has been widely reported that General McChrystal’s assessment for additional troops to achieve maximum chance of success was between 60,000 and 80,000 troops. While the President’s decision is better than no new troops at all, it falls short of that assessment. Additionally, the White House plans to add troops over time as it sees fit, a
To The People Of The Planet Earth:
It has come to my attention that the people here on earth do not believe that there is as such a thing well known as extraterrestrial aliens. To these people I say that they are ignorant and that they are arrogant to think that they are the only humans in the entire universe. They want to believe in a god that’s all right with me. But, do they put all of their eggs in one basket? No, and neither did their own god, as they want to believe in him. And you wouldn’t stop there with just only one kind of intelligent life form neither. Just think about parakeets, they can talk to and communicate quite well with each other. Or what about Dolphins, you’ve been trying for years to talk to them as well. So whose to say that their god didn’t create an intelligent life form that looks like a reptile, that walks upright on two leg or even on fore legs for that matter. This brings us to the matter of space travel. Here on earth you’ve dream of going to outer space a
Sex Blog
Seriously Stressed!!!!!!!!!
Do This For Me........please!!!
Hi all my fubar friends and family and to those that aren't yet!!! I am posting this link and some info for a WONDERFUL CAUSE and hope you will take the time to look at it and open your heart for me. I have two amazing boys, Justin whom is 21 and Sean 19, my Sean is Autistic and is the sunshine of my entire world, as they both are. We are looking to help the Special Olympics fund raising for the Polar Plunge this Feb. I am hoping I can get some or maybe with any luck all of you to help out. I have added a link to this that goes to the page directly so you can read and maybe donate to this amazing cause for ALL SPECIAL NEEDS KIDS. There is NO amount to small and you are not forced to do it. I am only asking as a favor. My boys are my world and what Justin is doing will help out ALL Special Needs Kids, maybe you have someone you are close to that would benefit from this as well. Thank you in advance to anyone that donates and to ALL that take the time to read this, it really means e
Oh Really..
There is nothing more hilarious than a woman who tells me I am wrong about women... Really? Well let me ask you this... Who knows more qualified to work on cars... An auto mechanic who takes a bus to work every day, or someone who happens to own a car? Ladies, just because you have a pussy doesn't mean you know a single thing about other pussies. So I am telling a girl about how another girl was driving me crazy... Then I make the statement, "This is the kind of shit that drives me crazy about women." She said, "Most women aren't like that." How the fuck would she know? Does she date women? Does she fuck women? Does deal with the emotion swings of this woman then that woman? No... I am dead certain that most women know jack dick about other women which is why women don't have many friends... They fucking hate each other too. The best part is when a women will tell you she is the "exception to the rule" but is 30 years old, single, and lonely... Yeah... Loads differe
Miss Giachetti
So this is my very first fu-blog ladies and gentlemen! I think I am going to try and start posting blogs every few days and ramble on about my silly life. Sometimes these blogs can be therapeutic so thats what I am hoping for. Just to get you up to speed I've been going through quite a bit this past year. Now I'm not whining and complaining, I know everyone has their problems. I just want to talk about it, to get it off my chest for a few minutes ya know? So here goes... In January I lost my dad, he was my best friend. One of the hardest things I've been through yet. I seperated from my husband in June, after finding out his entire family is completly horrible to him, I honestly believe they are going to keep going until they kill him. I've had 3 major surgeries so far, which have not been fun... I was diagnosed with Stage one Chronic Kidney Disease, PCOS, Bertolottis syndrome (which is a spinal birth defect, will explain more later) my cardiologist tells me I am very boarder line CHF,
What Is The Craziest Thing You Have Done In Your Life? Now Be Honest!!
Willie Lynch Letter
Getting Old...
Do not go gentle into that good night,Old age should burn and rave at close of day;Rage, rage against the dying of the light.Though wise men at their end know dark is right,Because their words had forked no lightning theyDo not go gentle into that good night.Good men, the last wave by, crying how brightTheir frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,Rage, rage against the dying of the light.Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,Do not go gentle into that good night.Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sightBlind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,Rage, rage against the dying of the light.And you, my father, there on the sad height,Curse, bless me now with your fierce tears, I pray.Do not go gentle into that good night.Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Not Really A Blog...
TEXAS The devil wanted a place on Earth Sort of a summer home A place to spend his vacation Whenever he wanted to roam So he picked out TEXAS A place both wretched and rough Where the climate was to his liking And the cowboys hardened and tough He dried up the streams in the canyons And ordered no rain to fall He dried up the lakes in the valleys Then baked and scorched it all Then over his barren country He transplanted shrubs from hell The cactus thistle and prickly pear The climate suited them well Now the home was much to his liking But animal life he had none So he created crawling creatures That all mankind would shun First he made the rattlesnake With its forked poisonous tongue Taught it to strike and rattle And how to s
Drowning In Darkness
Im drowning in darkness and cant see the light, I know its not fair and i know its not right.... but im drowning in darkness and cant see the light, go up the stairs and turn to the right, im drowning in darkness and cant see the light.... three more pills and ill be alright, im drowning in darness and cant see the light, laying back in my bed eyes closed tight.... death is coming in the black of night, im drowning in darkness where is the light, if someone had cared shed be here tonight.... but she was drowning in darkness as she searched for the light, so hold out your hand ill grip it with all my might, for im drowning in darkness, ive lost my light... plase whisper softly itll be alright, just take my hand ill show you the light, cuz im drowning in darkness and cant see the light.... i know its not fair and i know its not right, but you see, im drowning in darkness.... wait.... is...that....light..... (this poem is mine the original date i wrote this has sinc
Arriving Back To Fubar
Hi everyone im glad to be back after a long, long absence and would like to say that this fubar website has grown so much bigger and more things to do and people to talk with. I dont see many i know on here or they have taken up different names but im sure i will have more fun and have a blast in relearning what to do.
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Quize Results
Something New
I'm Sick.... Oh Joy
yeppers... I'm finally starting my path of ickyness... I hate being sick this time of year... I always seem to catch the worst shit ... I need some chicken soup or something... but yeah just wanted to let everyone know that's why I haven't been on in forever....
This is an e-mail I recived this morning on my accound on manav_r_hunk, 21 New York, NY United States hey hi sexy watz up..u lookin cute n hot and i dont wanna miss hot girls..wan add me in msn catch u there byee this is how i m gonna seduce u: U willl be lying on a bed. First i wud just slide my hand from ur legs, to ur thighs, slowly inbetween ur legs... and then massage ur hair and cunt under ur panties for some time and slowly smooch u and squeeze ur boobs and then my fingers wud slide inside the heaven slot and wud explore more finger it finger it finger it finger it finger it finger it finger it finger it finger it finger it finger it finger it and then rub my tool on ur panties... after some time wud take off ur tops and u wud remain in ur bra and panties.. and then wud open ur panties and kiss the heaven slot and squeeze ur boob at the same time... and then on to ur belly button kiss them suck them.. and move up on to ur b
Fuckin Bored
IM SO FUCKING BORED...........SOMEONE TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm Single,,,you Interested???
Make an online slideshow at I live In Illinois.If single and nearby Let me know if ya like what ya see!!Wanna Know me a little better? Sighn my guestbook so i know ya was there.Tell me what ya think.Wanna chat>dennyh65@yahoo im me.Send a Pic or two or 3!!!Let's have some fun!!(((((ladies)))) ONLY!!!! Make an online slideshow at
Conserts Thats What I Do
Went to Canibal corpse wif vampy (hybrid vampire) on tuesday night was a very good time best metal gig I've been to so far can't wait for the next one, Soul Fly here we come hehe (6 concerts down) 2 to go I'm going to have to by us some more tix.
Oh Shit...
Im new to LC and so far I love it... Definitly giving it more propz then Myspace haha... People should add me cause Im tired of being no the bottom rung of this thing lol
Poems I Have Wrote
NEW LIFE She sets off to find her self, alone on a old run down road, not a branding mark in the dirt and mossy grass grows down the center schrubs drapeing over the once called roadway. for this is a quiet little pathway left behind for her self discover, looking back at what she had. a light is burning bright like a sailers wife in her lighthouse setting the pathway for her loves return a pathway i will steer around, and never return too looking down at this once unbranded road my footprints are left in the soil this is a sign that it is time and things around me are changing and it is time for me to change with it too. BY: Dynielle J. Brennan 07-28-2006 To love, Then to lose. My heart aches when I look into your eyes, A feeling I can not handle, Yet one you still deny. A small tear trickles down my cheak. When I look at you my body quakes, A sadden life I have made, One you should have not faked.
Me: Inside A Crazy Lesbian
so i was talking to my friend today about the times ive bin mistaken as a boy so ill tell you. ok so my girlfriend and i went to sine in for volentering at bumpershoot and when we got up to the stand the lady said " can i help you gentalmen?" and my girlfriend was like were girls! this other time when i was snowbording this girl asked me if i was a boy so i told her i was and had her fooled for like 5 minets. oh this didnt happen to me but this one time my friend and i were in the girls bathroom and this little kid walks in and my friend says "this is the girls bathroom!" and the little kid looks at her and says "i am a girl!" it was so funny!
My Stuff
hey peoples i am board and loney stuff happened the weekened of the 28th and because of it i think i got all my friends mad at me. so i need friends, good friends. Friends that will be there for me and do stuff with me. i need friends that will call me to just talk or invite me to go places with them. im always home alone and board and i hat it. so if u want to be a friend that will call me to talk jor to inviete to to do something or go someplace with then message me.
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What Are Your Qualities
Which Positive Quality Are You? Your Result: Love You are Love. Love is the glue that binds us all together. The love of family, the love of friends, the love between husbands and their wives--these things form the foundation of our happiness, our security, and our comfort. "All you need is love."Charity Faith Peace Friendship Courage Which Positive Quality Are You?
You've Just Been Kissed
__________, .-'Y _^-, ______, .-'^H E , -^_^-, .. _, .-'^ R S , .-^_______..| _.. H E , .-^____________k __.., .-^_________________i ________________________ss ________________________kis _______________________skiss _______________________kissk ______________________isskiss ____________________kisskisskis __________________skisskisskisski ________________sskisskisskisskissk ______________isskisskisskisskisskiss ____________kisskisskisskisskisskisskis _________skisskisskisskisskisskisskisskiss _______kisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskissk ______isskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskiss ______kisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskis _______skisskisskisskisskisskisskisskisskis ~*~*~YOUVE JUST BEEN KISSED~*~*~ PASS THIS KISS AROUND TO SHOW YOUR FRIENDS YOU CARE ABOUT THEM!!!!! IF YOU GET A KISS BACK YOUR FRIEND CARES FOR YOU
Survey For Enquiring Minds...
Don't CHEAT by looking at my profile!! Create your own friendquiz here 1. Anal or oral? I like oral more, but anal is good when done right.... 2. Chocolate or whip Cream? whip cream....chocolate if we are in a tub or something... 3. Ice or feathers? Ice 4. Two girls and a guy or two guys and a girl? That is a tough one....two guys I would imagine.. 5. Movie porn or live porn? LIVE, duh! 6. What do you wear to bed ? T-shirt when I am alone, a bra when I am with someone...keeps the boobies perky.. 7. Love making or hard fucking? VERY much both, depends on our mood...and where we are at, and if there's a camera 8. Do you shave ? always 9. Spit or swallow? I like to play with it a little....freak him out....swallow if it's a quickie...less mess... 10. Do you masturbate ? all the damn time...I love my hand.....hahaha 11. Whats your turn on ? pure inbridled passion and majorly good kissers, love ORAL men! 12. Whats your favorite position ?
Hello There
check out my new album theres some more daring pic in my photos xx ill add some adualt pics soon ;)
My Morning
Haha, so I had kind of a crappy morning and I just thought I'd share it all with you. It seems like it should have come out of some horrible comedy movie. So first of all, I got less that 4 hours of sleep because I had to get up at 5 to drive Ryan to work. Well, I slept through my alarm and ended up waking up at 5:30. So I was already pressed for time and was hurrying to get ready. Well, I got ready around 6:30 which was perfect because that's when I needed to leave the house. Well, I realized that I couldn't find my cell phone. So I was freaking out and searching everywhere for it but I could not find it. So I just decided to forget about it and find it later. So I ran (literally) full speed down the stairs, tripped on the rug and face planted into the wall. I yelled both out of pain and frustration because at this point I was about 15 minutes late. My dad heard me, came running over and picked me up and basically kicked me out the door. And then, I found my cell pho
What i want for my bday is that i need more rate for my profile or pic to level back up so i can upload more plz help me level it up and im on level 8 and it long way to go for me to upload more photos and it makes me mad lol...
For As Long As I Can Remember, I've Been Stuck In Corpus Christi Texas For 22 Miserable Years Without Knowing What Snow Is Or Was. I've Always Wanted To See Snow But It's Way Too Humid Down Here For Anything Like That To Happen. I Saw Some Snowflakes When I Was Little But That Was It. Since Then, I've Been Wishing Really Hard For Snow To Show Up. In December Of 2004, There Were A Lot Of Talk On The News About Possible Snow Flurries In Texas As Well As Really Cold Temperatures. And Of Course People Were Not Really Believing That It Could Happen. When It Got Close To Christmas Eve, The Weathermen Mentioned That It Was Going To Snow On Christmas Eve And Maybe Even Christmas Day. Now People Were Praying For Snow To Happen. When Christmas Eve Came, My Relatives & I Were Having Dinner @ My Grandparents House. There Were Lots Of White Stuff Falling From The Sky That Looked Like Hail & Sleet. I Went Out In The Front Yard & There Was More White Stuff On The Ground. So I Went Outside And Told Ev
Hey COME AND VOTE FOR ME!! Well Everyone the contest is now open reminder there are 2 seperate contests one for rating and the other for comments.. Remember no kicking no spitting and no fucking everyonenjoy and LET THE GAMES BEGIN.. Thanks everyone... And goodluck to all.. iv'e seen some really good talent out there.. Maybe the best morph of CT win.. Click HERE TO VOTE FOR ME
We Lost A Great Friend
DUNCAN...We all miss & love you, you will never be forgotten... Duncan Black~~2/18/80-11/24/06 If I leave here tomorrow Would you still remember me? For I must be travelling on, now, cause theres too many places Ive got to see. But, if I stayed here with you, girl, Things just couldnt be the same. cause Im as free as a bird now, And this bird you can not change. Lord knows, I cant change. Bye, bye, its been a sweet love. Though this feeling I cant change. But please dont take it badly, cause lord knows Im to blame. But, if I stayed here with you girl, Things just couldnt be the same. Cause Im as free as a bird now, And this bird youll never change. And this bird you can not change. Lord knows, I cant change. Lord help me, I cant change. Lynyrd Skynyrd, "Free Bird"
War has changed...... Our time has ended. Our war is over... Since the Manhatten Incident, Restrictions of military intervention in foreign countries have ceased. Fueling the demand for mercenaires. Today, the world's wars depend largely on PMCs, (Private Military Companies) whos buisness includes supplying these mercenaries. PMCs have become a serious threat into the world. The U.S. has exported too much military power. Now she's paying the price. In total, they've got enough manpower to rival the U.S. military. Based on our investigation, the five largest PMCs are run by a dummy corporation which acts as a single mother company. And the mother company? Outer Heaven. The one world in which soilders will always have a place.. War has changed, Its not about nations, or ideologies Its not even about profit, resources, or ethnicity. It's an endless series of proxy battles, fought by mercenaries and machines. War, and its vast consumption of human life, has become a ratonial,
Got Pierce?
Buried at
Yes I Am Married But Not Dead
As most of you see from my profile I am happily married. But I still have a beating pulse :) We have a very happy open relationship. I have a friend on the side. Who I have also been with for about 7 years. Don't worry it is hard to offend me :). I like sex alot and I hope you do to.
New Picutres
I have a new crush...tell me who you are please..I'll give you a kiss! New go and comment and rate!!! Muah! -Jlo
Join Me In Cybersocieties?...
From: Jeff ( Subject: Jeff has sent you an invitation to Cybersocieties! , I have been using CyberSocieties and thought you might want to check it out for yourself. Here is an invitation to create your own account. Let me know what you think! Jeff (a.k.a. moose147) --------------------------------------------------------------- Jeff has invited you to open a free Cybersocieties account. To accept this invitation and register for your account, visit: Click on the graphic that says 'Membership is Free' at the top of the page to access the signup page. Once you create your account, Jeff will be notified, and you will be able to begin communicating instantly. Cybersocieties offers a wide variety of functionality, with a unique spin that separates it from typical rating sites: - Users can form alliances with each other, providing mutual score benefits. - Live, multi-room cha
The Other Vehicle
My friend Natalie wrote a book called The Mechanics of Women which has an interesting look on relationships. She basically compares taking care of your lady to maintaining your car. You know, the basic stuff you can do to keep your automobile from seizing up, or breaking down, you need to do those little things to keep your girl happy too. I took the lessons in her book, and use now what I call maintenance romance, but I do not only use it on the women I am interested in physically. My friends, or the females I share emotions with of some kind also receive my mechanics. If I can sense something is bothering someone, I ask. Or, I drop a note or a voice mail, maybe pay a visit or offer something to do. Just whatever I can do to help them out of whatever burden seems to be holding them down. Yes, I do get to play emotional tampon at times, but isnt that just part of being a friend? Sometimes, when I do like a girl and am trying to figure out why, it is like I am considering buying a
Shut The Fuck Up And Read
My angel is always with me she always says she loves me. My angel holds me close and says she'll never let me go. My angels lips get pressed against mine and I'm lost in the bliss of time. My angels eyes strike my inner soul and keep me bound in eternal time. We love eachother and that will never change. I love you lette of toxic.
This Is Your Early Christmas Present
Cool Slideshows CLICK on The Above Picture To Get To My Site This Is Your Early Christmas Present CLICK on The Above Picture To Unwrap It CLICK HERE To Check Us Out Today "
My First Mumm
i posted my first mumm about an hour ago. the response has been fantastic. for those that didnt see it, it was about my search for my knight in shinning armor, or my devilish demon in darkness. i want to thank all those that commented and voted, and i invite everyone to add me as a fan, maybe also as a friend. im on here because i am lonely, and i am looking for companionship and friendship.
Pure Gorgeous
Oh Wow
Ok wow, I got cool feedback on my photography from I would love to shoot for these guys some day :). Ahhh....least it is nice this time of year in SW Florida...........Any one wana play? I have a blog on here....go fig lol -k
I am the girl that is always there at the drop of a matter what. I am the girl who prefers blue jeans to skirts. I am the girl who prefers Chuck Taylor's to high heels. I am the girl who prefers t-shirts than tight tank tops. I'm the girl who likes to go out and drink, but can still handle my responsibilities. I'm the girl that if you ever need someone to have your back I've got it. I'm the girl who likes to say what she thinks no matter who's listening. I'm the girl who would rather talk on the phone with her one true love, than a few random guys. I'm the girl who is faithful to the person she loves...and will always stick to that. I'm the girl who is scared to disappoint her parents but seems to do it a lot in their eyes. I'm the girl who seems to be sad alot but smiles just so you'll never know. I'm the girl who would rather work than do nothing all day. I'm the girl who does everything on her own and is too proud to ask for help. I'm
Hhhmmmmm...i Am Pondering On This...
♥So I have been dating a guy who lives 850 miles away from me for about a month now...and i'm wondering...Do Long Distance Relationships REALLY Last?!♥ It was SoOoOoOo awsome at 1st...I even went ALL the way down where he lives on a Greyhound bus over New Years!!! I thought everything was perfect...but after I got home...i started noticing within less than 2 week that he seemed WAY less interested in talking 2 me and he ALWAYS seemed SoOoOo bored with me. We went from talkin on the phone or the net (for at least a month) from almost 12 hours a day 2 pretty much (if i'm lucky) less than 30 min.s a day! Sure, there VERY FEW days that we talk longer...but it has been pretty rare lately. So this WHOLE past week has been horrible and i've been pretty down tryin 2 figure out if maybe he is just tryin 2 give me the hint that he doesn't want this anymore but doesn't know how 2 say it or what...caz he has told me b4 that he HATES breakin up with a I just told him
Let's Go Big Wayy Big!
No man I am just looking for way cool people all over the shop to talk story with hell maybe even meet. I am sorta out there, just live for today but try and travel as much as possible need friends in Australia, Hawaii, the E.U. AS WELL AS SOME local austinites or people in san antonio to hang out with and do stuff with . I smoke, I drink and cause mayhem but in a good way,I'm a fucking clown, I like drugs cause theyre fun but I have a serious side as well like my horses ,scuba, surfing, peeing off balconies when I'm drunk and yes people with loads of humor and can laugh and dont give a damn about what the mainstream has to say...who's got a ciggie to spar??? i'M sORTEd OUT... Mark Christian
Dear Mr. Mechanic
Hands-on Education Why hello Mr. Mechanic man I like those big hands of yours Hope you dont mind me lookin. I am just a good Southern girl Raised in her mommas kitchen So you are breathtakin to me With your labor and toil and manly form. Barefoot with pigtails I stand here watchin you work Twirling my tongue around ice-cold sweet tea I'm all grown up now and standin here looking at you Do ya see me? My sunkissed pigtails ticklin my bare shoulders A bit of freckles and tanned bronze skin? This isnt the body of a lil girl I am a woman now. I always liked a hard workin man My Daddy sure was one What I'm wonderin in my innocent lil head Is what those hands could teach me And those contoured arms that strain as you work I like that trickle of sweat running down I'm feelin kinda funny Standin with my legs stickin to my cotton skirt It really is warm out here isnt it? Cuz I feel the heat rising as my cheeks flush And I cant stop staring at your hard body If y
Life Is Short
Life is to short grudges are a waste of perfect happiness apologize when you should and let go of what you can't change. Love deeply and forgive quickly take chances...give everything and have no regrets. Life is to short to be unhappy you have to take the good with the bad smile when you're sad love what you got and always remember what you had always forgive but never forget learn from your mistakes but never regret people change and things go wrong but always remember LIFE GOES ON!!!!
Mossman Tells It
When my Mommy does come home. I'll try and be nice, So maybe I'll get just One whipping tonight. Don't make a sound! I just heard a car My daddy is back From Charlie's Bar. I hear him curse My name he calls I press myself Against the wall. I try and hide From his evil eyes I'm so afraid now I'm starting to cry. He finds me weeping He shouts ugly words, He says its my fault That he suffers at work. He slaps me and hits me And yells at me more, finally get free And I run for the door. He's already locked it And I start to bawl, He takes me and throws me Against the hard wall. I fall to the floor With my bones nearly broken, And my daddy continues With more bad words spoken. "I'm sorry!" I scream But its now much too late His face has been twisted Into unimaginable hate. The hurt and the pain Again and again Oh please God, have mercy! Oh please let it end! And he finally stops And heads for the door, While I lay there motionless Sprawled on the f
To All My Friends, Family ,fan's
The Crybabies Of Cherrytap
One of the reason I came to CherryTap and left other social networks was that the average age of the user was much older and hopefully more mature. Was I wrong on the maturity thing? ITEM #1 All these fucking blogs about: ????? is fake. Then you have the so called victim doing hours of research trying to prove that ????? is a fake. Oh, enough with the crap already. AH, so ????? tricked you and you fell for this person. Now you got hurt. Yeah, it sucks, but get the fuck over it and start living your life instead of trying to be PI GetaLife. I get emails daily from supposed drop dead gorgeous 20 something year old females trying to become my friends etc.... It is not too hard to recognize. When I get an email from some user with a hot pic wearing barely nothing who claims to be in the 20-25 year old age range, then a red light comes on in the head of this bald 41 year old male. As much as would like to believe that this chicks want to jump my bones and be my girl
Pimp Daddy's Hotties
How Wet Can It Get
Text, Chat, Email and phone calls are fun but there is no substitute for the real thing. Its been a long time since we last met. I think we have both been a little excited to do this again. This time there is no need to meet in the bar. Just get to my room. I text you the number and pour myself a glass of wine. Lay on the bed and wait. When you come in you throw your jacket on the chair, kick off your shoes and jump ontop of me. Nicciiiiiii. Don't talk just kiss me. the hunger is still there. The passion. Kiss me harder. I can feel you are harder in your jeans. Clothes start coming off, we are naked in record time. You sit back to look. Now Nicci, you say, just enjoy this. I prop myself up on the pillow behind me. Grab a glass of wine and take a sip. Pour just a little near my navel and let it run down the crack of my thigh. You lick it up and dive in. SO wet. I am already half way there. You take my clit in your mouth, gently pulling on my pi
I Dont Know
that are 19 yrs or older, i have this 19 yr old female that asked me to help her look for sum one, u can find her on my fans list, BerryBerryJuggalette, shes a very nice and sweet person and she just needs that one guy that will always make her smile, so plz be nice guys......again 19 yrs or older plz and thhank you if u have my yahoo u know damn well wut i do on there so plz be kind lol and not rude i really dont need the drama about it lmao but n-e how lol if n-e of u lovly ppl want to know wut i do my yahoo is dark_1_2010 lol feel free to stop by sum people might think that im just here for the cats if yall know wut i mean lol but its about friends to and if talking to sum of my female friends causes sum problems then i am turely sorry its just that i have never really had a guy to talk to so i tend to talk more to females........just so every one knows
Plane Accident You've Never Seen.
My Present Situation
You know, life is truly great, at least for me. I'm discovering new things all the time. Take my girlfriend, for example. Last night, I discovered a whole new side of her that I find "intriguing" to say the least. And it's getting more and more surprising in a good way. I have a great number of friends whom I would never give up for anything in this world. I would sacrifice my very soul for those closest to me. I can only hope and pray for them, but i'm always here when they need me. To all my friends, even my distant ones, I hope you know that. You can ALWAYS count on me to be there for you. I thank you for coming into my life, each and every one of you. I know I may not seem to be there for you or I may not seem to be what I truly am, but I AM what I have said I am. Take no doubt in that. Again, thank you all, for listening at the very least. You know how to reach me if you need me, even to listen. Why are relationships so easy to screw up? Let me offer a piece of advice to all of yo
I Just Don't Know What To Think
Check out this situation: My wife went to Vegas for a work related function. She flew out there with a girlfriend from work (no problem). While they were there, they attended night/dance clubs and had a good time. One night my wife and here friend were out, and they met some guys who invited them to their VIP section. No problem with me at all. My wife ended up leaving with one of the guys there, and left her behind. I tried to call her and got no answer (she left her mobile phone at the hotel). I finally reached out to her girlfriend (who was extremely worried) because she had not seen my wife for about an hour. I questioned my wife about it, and she said that they met these people who invited them into the VIP section. While they were all dancing, my wife had to go to the bathroom (but her girlfiend didn't), so one of the guys said that he would walk out with her so that she could get back in the VIP section (she didn't have a wrist band). My wife said that a
Marty Live Playing The Drums' To Rush- Force Ten! Neil Peart My Idol!
MARTY PLAYING IT L...Hosted by eSnips
Blogs, Blogs, And More Blogs
Ok I have been tagged and have to come up with 10 random things about me.....hmmmmmm ok lets give it a whirl...... 1. i'm an internet nut 2. In school I was totally shy and quiet 3. if i could go back in time and change any one thing i'd bring my mom back to life 4. my favorite food is pizza 5. i believe in God but not religion...God is love, religion is a money maker 6. i'm hooked on fubar 7. i don't think of myself as a handsome guy but if others think i am then cool 8. i'm a lot harder on myself than i should be 9. after losing my mom i learned never take anything for granted 10. the single greatest moment of my life is every single moment i spend with pooh WOW..Ok thats that over your turn....BUT can not tag me my 5 ppl are...... Jimmy's Girl Wildman Tweetybird Willie Kelly 1969 .....over to you *September 11th* 2001, the 11of September, A plane crashed in to the world trade center. 18 minutes later, buildin
Come For U .., I Will
Obama, Clinton Sparring Early Campaigns' Scrutiny Unusually Intense By Anne E. Kornblut Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, March 12, 2007; A01 CLINTON, Iowa -- Standing in front of a large banner that blared "Clinton," surrounded by students in Clinton Community College sweat shirts, Sen. Barack Obama offhandedly mentioned the obvious. "Hillary, you know, she's interesting," Obama said, acknowledging that he understood they would consider other candidates before making up their minds. Interesting, indeed. In the month since the presidential nominating contest got underway, Obama (D-Ill.) and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) have barely mentioned each other's names in public or even greeted each other in the Senate halls. But each campaign has increasingly fixated on the other, engaging in a shadowboxing match in which they intentionally cross paths but dodge to avoid each other's subtle jabs. With an intensity unusual for this stage of the campaign the two a
The Woman Next Door
What I know of the woman next door The woman next door, I knew her well She use to come out from where she dwells Full of life she use to be Believed in all, she believed in me What I know of the woman next door A mother she was, the best of all She loved her child, parenting her call A friend she was, always stood tall She would catch her friends each time they would fall. What I knew of the woman next door She spoke her mind, and loudly I must agree She stood by her convictions to a "t" She would not let many in for fear of being deserted Some called her a bitch, I would say assertive. What I knew of the woman next door She did not mind being in the shadows at times When you where at your lowest and drowning, she always dropped a line. One day, she woke up and needed a hand No one was found, Not one woman or man, She looked all around to those she had been bound Not one single friend could be found. What I knew of the
Blog 1
Maybe it's because im too Naive. But my Trust has always been easily gained. It never took more than a few days for me to trust people. Its true,though. It only takes seconds to shatter. That i learned the hard way. From now on,I won't trust people as quickly or as easily as i previously have. I won't give people my heart anymore. If i ever let anyone in again,it won't be for a while. "Trust noone, And don't get hurt. Trust some, And take the chance to either be hurt or find something real." Im in the middle right now. Im not sure as to what i should do.All i know, Is that my heart doesnt wish to be broken anymore than it already is. I know you guys probably dont care. And don't get me wrong. Im not looking for sympathy. I just needed to get this off my chest. People come and go. Memories fade away. Laughter soon dies. The sun eventually sets. Batteries loose life. Paper burns away. Trees cut and die. Flowers wither away. Life changes with each passing seco
All U Sexy Women N Here
My msgr n yahoo is clove92134 I want 2 do more n CT, but having a hard time navigating...who wants 2 b my personal tutor?? Dinner will b ur reward, if n Jacksonville, Florida. Holla at ya Boy!!!!
I'm Featured!
I've just recently been a "Featured Shopkeeper" at! I'm very excited about this, and proud of my accomplishment! please, check it out! thanks for everything!
Going On Vacation
Just wanted to say hello since I haven't been on line that much. Going to GatlinburGE Tenn On the 30 Will be home April 3rd. Maybe after then I will be able to be online. Thanks for all the comments and ratings everyone. Char
MyHotComments Back in 1989 my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer he was 59. He had his rt lung removed. He has had problems but he is almost 20 yrs post-op with NO signs of CANCER. Now, my mom has lost wt., having SOB, & uncontrolable coughing. She went 2 have a bronchoscope & biopsy done, turned out she has a tumor in her right lung in her bronchial tube!!!! Im scared 2 death, Its hard tryin not 2 le my kids know how scared Im 4 my mom. Shes goin 2 b 73 next month, if she has 2 have radiation, chemotherapy or surgery I dont know how its going 2 affect her. My sister is very worried also, If mom gets sick whos gonna take care of our father??? Hes 77 yrs old!!! He wont b able 2 take care of out mother. My sister & I will do wat we can since we live closer than our other siblings. But Im so scared something is gonna happen 2 her. Im not ready 4 her or dad 2 b in ill health I know they r getting older but I want them 2 c my youngest daughter graduate high school!!! That is their youngest
Marty Kays Drummimg Live - Def Leppard- Rock Of Ages' !
Hello, M.C.A. is Proud to announce that on this very day...04/02/2007... Da One & Only KraZy J. is 22 yrs. old!!!!
So Long England
Well for many of my friends on here you know that I currently live in England. But in 3 months time I will pack up my house and will be leaving the UK forever. We are States bound. We have lived in England for 4 years. I have had tons of fun and made many great lasting friendships but I am so ready to get back to the States. In the 4 years that I have been here I haven't been home once and so I'm a little homesick. I know some of you who are friends of mine may have wondered why I haven't been on here in so long...alot of it has to do with trying to get organized before the big move. Sorry if I have neglected anyone. I hope that all is well with everyone. Well I need to close this I have more sorting to do. Take care.
Uber Blondes
General Stuff
Scorpio You are very dominant in bed, and you like to control your relationship in general. You are so intense in the sack that none of your partners will ever forget you. You are an amazing lover, because you like to have an equal amount of give and take. Sex matches: Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces Take this quiz at
The Snook
this is a very short rant from the snookie cat...well I am just creating a blog which is kinda annoying cause I'm taking part of my day to write someone prolly no one is going to read
Revised April 16 Th
I'd like to Thank,Everyone,that Gifted me for my Birthday.It was all Wicked Awesome. I'd like to Welcome Rick The Webdude, to my Familly.If you've never checked out Ricks Photos,Images,+ Web Designs u should do so.He has Excellent Comments Tags,etc.He's another Great Morph Creator.He does CherryTap Marriage Licenses to name a few.Plus he's a Wicked Decent Dude.He will be a Welcomed Addition to my Familly. I'm a bit behind sending out Comments an Thank You's.Just bare with me,Hopefully I can get them done.
School Update
well it is nearly that time. ill be graduating in three weeks. our portfolio show is in two weeks. cant wait to show off all of our design work to the community. Anyway, our theme for the portfolio show is a movie premier so all of our advertising is following those lines. come check out my page and see the movie trailer that we shot for our tv commercial, its awesome, considering we are graphic designers and not movie
Thanks Nympho 4 Making Me This.... Muahhh Xx
Please help rank my good friend up.shes been good to me.rate,ran add and don't forget those pictures nothing less then a ten!
Love isnt just something that everyone can get love is something that one has to earn from one an other i am so happy that i got mine from someone very specail and that he has his from me. I wouldnt know were id be some times if it wasnt for him. He stands at my side as i stand at his and it makes the world spin with each moment liveable. If someone were to see us together they would see that we do mean the world to each other and that we push all the haters and the drama people out of our way and make it all work and to that i couldnt be happier. I want to say thanks to a great man and he knows who he is, SO thank u Hunnie from the bottom of my heart I love u more and more each day Im closeing now thanks all for reading my blogs please feel free to comment and tell me what u think of some of them ~*Mandie*~ His heart is mine and my heart is his and we carrie our love for each other
Updated My Page Check It Out
cool pics and different background
A Cowboy In A Gay Bar !
Brokeback Bar (lol) cute A cowboy walks into a bar and two steps in, he realizes it's a gay bar. But what the heck, he says to himself, "I can really use a drink." When the gay waiter approaches, he says to the cowboy, "What's the name of your weewee?" The cowboy says, "Look, I'm not into any of that, all I want is a drink." The gay waiter says, "I'm sorry but I can't serve you until you tell me the name of your weewee. Mine for instance is called Nike, for the slogan 'Just Do It,' and that guy down at the end of the bar calls his, Snickers, because it really 'Satisfies.'" The cowboy looks dumbfounded so the bartender tells him he will give him a second to think it over. So the cowboy asks the man sitting to his left, who is sipping on a beer, "Hey bud, what's the name of yours?" The man looks back and says with a smile "T imex," and the thirsty cowboy asks, "Why Timex?" The fella proudly replies, "Cause it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin!" A little shake
The Boys In Hefner
whats up people - ray and i are going out to the brick bar in fort myers tonight c-ya there
His & Mine
His and mine when its placed all into one it untouchable becaue its two great people comeing together and loveing one another with all that they have in there life to show for one another and others as there friends.... Loveing someone Only for one person Very powerful with there feelings for one another Energnic to push through what trys to stop them His heart is like a fire ball as it sits in her hands and burns with total love for her, Her heart is like a fire ball as it sits in his hands and burns with total love for her! Total completness is always a joyfull thing with all love for one another and im here to say im so glad that him and i share this love that we carrie for one another Im closeing now i hope everyone else has a great day or night what ever ur haveing please rate and leave a comment !!!! *~Mandie~* His heart only burns for her as her heart only burns for him
Goodmorning From Twisted Radio! COME! Join me in the AM! Start your day off with a healthy dose of ROCK!
From My Mind To Your Eyes...
I just want to say I love you, I would give my life and soul for you. I have died for you...this is my life unraveled. This is my story. I spent endless nights, pondering about my future. Why, I do not know. With every ounce of power I had, I tried to stop but couldn't. I saw myself happy and in love. I felt an overwhelming feeling of bliss. I saw children playing in the front yard, dogs barking at the back door. Vivid sights of things to come. I believed that with all my heart. At first I thought it was just a dream, but then, you walked into my life. As soon as I saw you, my heart stopped and my legs went weak. I had seen you in vision. You were that blissful feeling that overwhelmed me. I walked over to you and stared, speechlessly. You were dating one of my old friends, who I hadn't seen for a while. He introduced us. I didn't know what to say. So I just said hello, and shook your hand. Then I made up and excuse and left. Later that night I started thinking about you. I said
Haters Not Welcome
If you come to my page, and you rate me low, because you don't like people or are just plane ugly, fuck you in advance. I will block your sorry ass and all those who think your a friend. someone who rates low of someone they don't know must not be worth my time. lots of luv too the lovers don't rate haters and they'll learn faster they are not wanted here. budda 840 first on my list
Tool F*%@#ing Rocks
JAMBI, STINKFIST, FORTY-SIX & TWO, SCHISM, LOST KEYS, ROSETTA STONED, INTENSION INTRO?/RIGHT INTO WINGS FOR MARIE, 10.000 DAYS, LATERALS, VICARIOUS, AENIMA!! Well that was the way that it went down. I still think No FUCK THAT!! I know that it its to damn bad that May 16th, 2007 "was" the last time that one of the greatest bands will be playing together. Well at least for us anyway. Yeah I know that they will play again at least one more time before its all said and done but ITS NO FAIR!! I was at their show last September in Dallas and I think that it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Maynard was sick as a dog and he still fucking rocked out. The City the where suppose to play before Dallas got canceled because he was so sick. I was very impressed. This show wasn't as good as the last one. At least in my option. Personally I think the reason that September 07's show was so much better is because he was sick. He gave it that much more and it was fucking bad ass! T
Women Are Insane, And Men Are Just Nucking Futz
1) bachalor goes to laundrymate to do his laundry, puts everything in one load in the supersized washer... Women in the place look at him with horror.... 2) Women come up to the guy they love and who loves them and asks the question, "Does this dress make me look fat?" Look, no matter how we answer, we are in trouble. 3) There is always the eternal question that women ask, "Why did you ask me out." Guys, piece of advice, do not say anything that includes the words knockers, boobs, butt etc. Unless you are ready to die. Say something about thier eyes, safe, romantic and they will give you a bit of credit. 4) Why do women complain about the toilet seat being left up? a little tap and down it goes. Ladies, this is referred to kenetic energy due to gravity. simple physics. 5) Ladies, baseball is not just a game, the world series is not just another baseball game. They are part of the sacred fabric of this country. 6) Yes, High School football in texas IS a
Wat Ever
hope all my frinds have a verey happy time Sexy & Romantic glitter graphics from S e x i l u v . c o m
Leaving For 2 Weeks
ok my friends family and fans i'm leaving for 2 weeks....who birthday is in thoughs 2 weeks will get them when i get back home on the 14th of july..i will have pics up and i'm will try to get everyone comments when i get back and i will have fun and let everyone know that i'm back and talk to everyone that leave me messages and a shout.....i will miss talking to everyone when i leave
My Time
not sure really what to say here I am new to CT... And well it looks like fun have not met to many people around here..... So different from all the other sites like myspace and stuff like that.. Still it is fun well to tell you something all about me I am 23 turning 24 next month of the 20th the day after my roommate and also my ex and he is a sweetheart. I am from canada amd have lived a long life for most people my own age all I can say is from everything i have seen. My saying for life would have to be live life to the fullest cause if you dont you never know when you wont be here anymore. well thats all for now tah

What Is Cystic Fibrosis
Cystic fibrosis is an inherited chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system of about 30,000 children and adults in the United States (70,000 worldwide). A defective gene and its protein product cause the body to produce unusually thick, sticky mucus that: clogs the lungs and leads to life-threatening lung infections; and obstructs the pancreas and stops natural enzymes from helping the body break down and absorb food. In the 1950s, few children with cystic fibrosis lived to attend elementary school. Today, advances in research and medical treatments have further enhanced and extended life for children and adults with CF. Many people with the disease can now expect to live into their 30s, 40s and beyond.
Two Faced
I really hate drama but what I hate even more are self-righteous morons who think they know everything & are above a fan train, than guess what?? They go and make one of their own LMAO!!!!!! This dee dee dee.... ♥ Life - Club Fantasia's Bartender posted this... in a blog on my fan train page... O look she went & made one The word 2 faced comes to mind...
Why Americans Don't Immigrate To Arab Countries
Send A Prayer
I recently became a father to a 6lb 10 oz baby girl. Her anme is Kirsten Faith and she is the most beautiful thing in this world.. She is now 4 days old and needs a little help from the lord above.. Please send prayers for her to get healthy.. Thank You with all of my heart!!!!! Clint
I would love the chance to tell you how I feel... And how much you will be missed...Life just won't be the same without you...Your laughter and the way you always cheered me up when I was down...We were good friends through thick and thin...You will always be missed and my heart you did take...I know we will see each other in another life another time...But right now it hurts to know your gone...To know that I will be able to talk to you... Love you hun... Christopher RIP 1978-2007... Just so you all know plz tell the one's you love how you feel...Life is so unpredictable...And you don't know when they will be ripped away from you...
Hand Me Down Matchbox 20
Musing For A Moment
I've met some great people on here. *really* great. If I invested time into you, you really were worth it even if I didnt always show it. and i'm sorry. i mean, this is the fucking internet and yet i still get my feelings hurt. on a daily basis almost! guess i'm just not as mentally strong as i thought and even taking a single minute out of my day to say hey to someone.. makes me feel somewhat attached to them. my screwed up mind tells me that yes, even though i may be busy doing stuff away from the comp, certain people would just know i'm thinking about them. but it doesnt work that way.. and right now, this particular point in my life, i dont have energy or time to change. i want to curl up under a pile of covers and sleep forever. but having a 2 year old doesnt allow that. so i must slick on the happy face so many are accustomed to seeing me wear. funny, i cant seem to remember what smiling Vicky looks like... ps~ i never meant to string anyone on or lead them to belie
Here For Now!!
im here for now but no one can ever tell me or you how long or for what reason, only the future can tell the outcome! lol!! so if you are bored stop in and drop me a line!!
Trixie L Laroux
As I Site Here With Tears Rolling Down My Face
Thanks To The Asshole That...
That gave my ex my cell number and info about me. I hope you fucking rot in hell. Have a great day:)
Life As A Swinger
Dan and Jennifer are an awesome couple that cover a wide range subjects about the Swinger life Style.
Vote 4 Me Sexiest Look Contest
Go here and Vote for me... bomb it please...
When I Think Of You
Original Poetry - Do not rip When I think of you. When I think of you, many things come to mind Your voice so soft, so sweet and kind Your intelligence is beyond measure Talking with you is always a pleasure Your lipsyour touchyour eyes full of fire Being with you ignites my desire Kisses as sweet as a ripened peach Caresses as soft as the breeze on the beach Your hair, your fragrance, your desire to please All make me weak in the knees. When I think of you, many things come to mind And I realize that you are a very special find -Brian 2007
Experience, Strength And Hope
EXPERIENCE, STRENGTH AND HOPE When, Im at the end of my rope, I rely on my experience, strength and hope. My experience has taught me well. Life sometimes can be heaven and hell. My strength has enabled me to go on. Sometimes, life can be hard from dusk until dawn. Hope reminds me, of a loving spirit that has all power. I am protected even in my darkest hour. My experience has taught me to kneel in prayer. Thru my silent times, Ive found comfort there. My strength has been made strong. I pray lead me from what is wrong. My hope is that no matter what, I shall not yield. I have, a heavenly Father that, gives me a shield. My experience can be of use to others. I can be a help to my sisters and brothers. My strength can be there to give a helping hand. Sometimes, all I need to do is listen and understand. My hope is, to share a light to those that are in the dark. There cant be any light or hope, without a spark. chris The trials and errors Far
80's Cartoons
Contest 5pm Sorry
in order to help me win u must rate,fan,add sexygirl then u may comment the shit out of me lol ooh i was told if i dont win... well forget wat i was told lol starts at 5pm today.... runs for 10 days but i need it done in 5 so the other 5 will be play time to add more 67,000 point min... thank u all.... *SEXYGIRLBLONDE* OWNER OF *THE DYNASTY CLUB*@ fubar ok i hope this all works but i think this is it and NO cheating...of course we have no cheaters as my friends lol ok so after u click on her link rate,add and fan her comp back to mine and click on mine and rate and comment the shit out of me lol.... thank u all.... thanks.... tongue....
Book Passages And Quotes That Intrest Me...
"I never liked jazz music because jazz music doesn't resolve. But I was outside the Baghdad Theatre one night when I saw a man playing the saxophone. I stood there for fifteen minutes and he never opened his eyes. After that I liked jazz music. Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It is as if they are showing you the way. I used to not like God because God didn't resolve. But that was before any of this happened."
Lossing Weight
Well its been awhile since ive been on here. So let me send a little update. Shortly after my last entry was posted me and my now ex, lost our house, split up after 5 years and 1 beautiful child together oh ya I got laid off too. So the weight loss was put on hold until now. Dont get me wrong, I have lost about 12 pounds so thats something. But since she has all the money since she has our daughter and I wasn't working I had to do the one thing I didnt want to do. I moved back in with my parents. :( So since i'v been here i've found a job been their about 2-3 months and actually have an interview at another place for more money. Finally starting to save money, so im going to go down to my local YMCA and join. That way after work I can just go and work out (Cause a brotha needs it BAD). Ive actually realized this is good for me because Ive always had a room mate and never really been on my own. So im gonna save some money and get my own place for a while. My ex wants to get back togethe
Hard To Live Without
Our hearts are full of memories, We cherish them with care, The way you had to leave us Will always seem unfair, One thing we have to tell you, Of which there is no doubt, You are wonderful to remember, But so hard to live without.
Tomorrow Is Friday Yay!
You can find out more by going to: myspace- beautifulsunshine06 I'd appreciate it if you would visit my new site & look up some stuff by typing in keywords/clicking on links. The site link is on my profile page. Add it to your favorites! Thanks! I'm really glad that I get out early tomorrow from work and I have monday off too, it will be nice to relax for the next 4 days! Too bad I don't got any beer or liquor to celebrate! D'oh! Guess I might go hit up the state store this weekend. They had a bottle of rumrunner that looked really yummy! My older 2 kids had their first day of school today, they were so excited, they actually got up on their own this morning around 6:45 am without even fighting with me! That's about it for now, I'm still writing my book for those of you who don't know about my goal to become an author. Hope yinz all have a great holiday weekend! Rhonda loves ya!
Picture Poems
prater8502@ fubar ***Had the nerve to come and rate my main picture a 4...Fuckin Hater...Watch out for her*** MyHotComments :: HotFreeLayouts
What Do U Do?
In Memory
This is to go out to all my fallen bretheren, friends , and family. Tommorrow is the day the earth stood still. I would like to send my hopes and prayers out to everyone who has lost someone on that day. We know they are in heaven looking down on us all.
Am I Just Bein A Bitch?.......
On Thursday I left for a not so difficult 7 hour trip that I was very excited about and was supposed to arrive at my destination around 3 or 4 oclock in the afternoon at the latest. Well my good buddy Murphy has taken permanent residence on my ass and never misses an opportunity to remind me he's there! As usually happens I started having some trouble with my radiator on wednesday night and discovered a patched crack that was causing the problem. Being the optimist that I am (you'd think experience would break me of that pesky optimism thing) i decide to pick up a new radiator and replace it when I get back over the weekend as I did not want to be late. Ha think again says Murphy! I got approximately 3 hours into my 7 hour journey when I began to overheat - after the second time of stopping in BF oklahoma and adding water and trying to temporarily fix the problem I finally gave in and pulled into a parking lot off of the highway to change the radiator. Now comes my reason for the
How To Catch A Kitty
PORTSMOUTH David Kondrup has rescued plenty of raccoons from chimneys. And as owner of New Hampshire Animal Damage Control he's also rescued possums, owls even a boa constrictor from the tight spaces, but Tuesday night marked his first cat. The local feline is now missing a little fur but is otherwise safe after a 45-minute rescue effort on the roof of a Union Street building that formerly housed Pro Portsmouth. The unidentified mouser was trapped in a 30-foot chimney at 236 Union St., which had been sealed off from the inside. Fire and police crews were on the roof trying in vain to help it when Kondrup was contacted around 9 p.m. "It is a first for me. Cats are usually pretty smart and don't fall down chimneys," Kondrup said. Police say the property manager had been contacted Monday and was told there was a cat stuck in the building, but he could not locate the animal. By Tuesday, fire crews were able to pinpoint the kitty's location in the one-way shaft. Afte
Fubar Is Totally Fucked
Fubar out of order again.Baby J suppose to be fixing Photos.Bulletin Reposts are Down,Contest Links are Fucked up as well an some members blogs dissappear. Good Luck Fubarland
ok peeps im on myyearbook most of the time if you ever wanna come look me up , my addy is the name SOUTHERN COMFORT I hope to see you there :))
For My Twin!!! Xox
COME JOIN DJ BUTTERFLY WARRIOR LIVE ON AIR!! DJ Butterfly Warrior ~ K.O.P.E.~ Hell Hound @ Guardians of Hell@ fubar Show her some love, rate, fan and add, while you're here! Just click on the pic, hold on tight and enjoy the ride into the Guardians of Hell!! Have Fun ... MUUUAAAAHHH!!
Pure Romance Parties
Jules Blog
Well I weighed myself the other day. Turns out I've lost 40 pounds in less then two months. I now have jeans that look like shit on me but hey I'm happy about that. My family members are worried about me because of how fast I'm losing it but they shouldn't. I'm not trying to kill myself here I'm just trying to lose some weight. Anywho I am very happy about that. lol
My Meez
Thank You Spirit Bombers And Friends
Never Again
Things will never be again, will they? Turn around and do it over but it won't be the same. It can never be done twice. No matter how hard you try, no matter how much effort is put in, you always end up with what you had when you started. So what comes next? Nothing! All you can do is nothing. Never should've wanted it in the beginning. Let it go!!!!!! It's like life, you just let it go!
The Signs
you think you could cope with life and yet you ask me whats on my mind so much darkness its so hard to explain theres way too much to see and stay sain for just a little taste and youll soon see enough thats why ive done drugs and all of this fucked up kinda stuff my mind is a terible thing to taste so if you value you life stay the fuck out of my mind try surching your own mind but dont surch to deep cause it is me that youll always find the darkness risess from with in i form a grin the evil thoughts set in a twisted mind one of akind and evil thoughts so divine controlled by an illution of fath A world full of hate and a hope of a new day wher everything is gray the bodies dekay and life faids away the emptyness left in space no human race a blank look left on my face as i find a new place
Helping Friends
If you have time to pass some comments or even a rate to my friend LadyOfNY I would really appreciate it. Its her first contest and shes trying to hard to win. Its just her and I commenting as well as a few others. Please help her to win? Here is the link. Thanks so much!
why do lecture classes have to be so BORING?! sitting here wishing i could just scream or run around in circles. something to break up the monotany of it all. i need something to happen! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A Poem For My True Love
To love is to live To live is to love Love is to have you To have you is to love Life without you is loveless Loveless is life without you Caring is to have you To have you is caring Caring without love is ain Pain with caring is love So to have you is Love and Caring Pain is what I have When Im not with you I love you Always Allen
Life Is Wierd Yo
life is wierd yo... asked a few girls out in the last few months... they reject me.. go out with abusing drug addicts and wonder why they are miserable.. but then again I've come to realize a lot of people in this town are addicted to misery.. which is why they stay here and I don't fit in.. I'm used to being around people who enjoy life.. I don't belong in this town
Dirty Deeds Radio
Time Away :(
Well friends, my mom fell down and broke her foot and ankle today, and is surgery. I am about to hop on a bus sunday night to Indiana to be with her for 6 to 8 weeks. So what I am saying I may not be on often, hope you all can forgive me. I will try to reply while I am away, if not sorry. Will miss you all, Muah!! Roxy
Who Wants A Million Dollars In Fu Bucks ?
I want to throw a contest . The winner with the most votes will win a million dollars in fu bucks . Pic comments count as votes . I need at least 12 contestants to open the contest and I will run it for 10 days . So if your interested contact me , my link is here below. Thanks , Lisa * lisasweet *@ fubar I will start this contest today Wednesday December 12th at 6 pm central time . It will end on December 22 at 6 pm . Here is a list of each contestant . Click on their photos when the contest starts to vote for them. Good luck to everyone .
READ THIS. LET IT REALLY SINK IN. THEN CHOOSE. John is the kind of guy you love to hate. He is always in a good mood and always has something positive to say. When someone would ask him how he was doing, he would reply, "If I were any better, I would be twins!" He was a natural motivator. If an employee was having a bad day, John was there telling the employee how to look on the positive side of the situation. Seeing this style really made me curious, so one day I went up and asked him, "I don't get it!" You can't be a positive person all of the time. How do you do it?" He replied, "Each morning I wake up and say to myself, you have two choices today. You can choose to be in a good mood or you can choose to be in a bad mood. I choose to be in a good mood." Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or I can choose to learn from it. I choose to learn from it. Every time someone comes to me complaining, I can choose to accept their
Happy New Year U Wanna Ride
Your Rose Petals....
Your Rose Petals Sit back with a rose in your mouth. Ill take it from you, with my tongue Lovely as shy angels, Romantically embracing your rose petals, Smooth as the clouds of heaven, With God watching below. He sees us making love, With raw intentions With my lips caressing your pleasure center. Wet and dry, Soft dont cry Ill eat the whip cream off your pie. Dont be afraid to be in dear. To deny yourself to love, Is the biggest mistake to make. In order to know love and how to love, You must surrender yourself to love. I taste the tear, That runs down your cheek I hold you close My heart beats only for you. I pour my feelings to you and say theyre true. Dont fear to love me back Ive given you my heart and soul, For me no other will do. We just made love The way I see it, I poured my love and passion into you. Your lips are like beautiful rose petals, I can never get tired from their taste I will kiss you and lov
Freaky Storiez Vol. 1-20
My World
lets see im 23 got a wonderful girl she's about to have my daughter any day know my little girl dont know it yet but she is already everything in my world i hold dear to me i cant wait to see her face i got a great job doing what i like to do Construction so whats there to complain about?
Religious Tolerance
Actually I am not sure that it has. Here in the early 21st century, In general I see a watering down and an acceptance of things that are not part of Wicca as it was initially set up . The following is merely my own opinions and thoughts on this subject and may change with constructive criticism and others replies. The Positive Side Some people might not agree, but it is just an opinion and observation, the academic community seems more interested in studying Wicca. Therefore we are able to put aside some of the common myths that people were taught say 40 or 50 years ago (such as that Alex Sanders was initiated by his grandmother when he was a child). I think the academics interest, and often their training in research methods, is a positive. Many Wiccans are passing their traditions on to their children and yet allowing them to make up their (the children's) own minds about their spirituality. I think this is good as long as the oath-bound material is not passed on until
Voting: We The People
I think voting is important to our way of life as you can the last time we voted we lost a lot of freedoms that they were for (Nation Security)ALRIGTHY THAN! But this time we need to check out all the all the people that are running for office. Because we need to take back control of our government remember ( WE THE PEOPLE ) that's what we are the people that can control what happen in our country. I love this country and I want the best for all of us. So went chossing let's really think about who we are voying for. (I had this on my mind I just thouht I would write it down) ("YOU CAN NEVER HAVE EOUGN FRIENDS!")
i need ur help in leveling up please rate fan and add
Leavin The Bar
Lattr all, those who have an alternate means of contactin me, good on ya
One of the things I've always struggled with is hate. It's a very strong and potent emotion. Entire nations have built armies on hatred alone. The only problem with hate as a motivator for life's actions is that it's self consuming. It works great! It's like putting a cruise missile on your car and driving down the highway, you go very, very, fast but in the end you crash and burn. When most people think about hate they usually imagine that someone decides to do ill will toward another. For example, if you discover your spouse is cheating you'll very likely hate the person that is sleeping with your spouse and probably your spouse too. That's hate in its most basic form, but hate is like Sherwin Williams and comes in many colors. We all have our favorites. For me, hate was a great way to achieve goals. I would consider all of those who had done me wrong and paint their face across my psyche as I attempted to succeed in my ventures.* school, family, work* I would imagine ho
i love being a mommy love watchin her grow but its so hard not having anyone help and trying to have a life she fights sleep and gives me problems ever time i try layin her down nobody really understands even though they try to they arent the ones up with her at night and any hour of the day when she feels like wakin up i love being a mommy but im getting so tired all i want to do is sleep getting so tired... it usually takes a lot to make me feel comfortable...especially with a guy. but not him. he somehow just does. and i honestly dont think he tries to. i feel completely comfortable openign up to him about everything and i know he would never judge me from anything he learns. hes willing to accept me for who i am and understand all the things i have been through. if something doesnt make sence to him he wont ask but thats oly becasue he is afraid of making me uncomfrtable. he does such a good job at making me feel comfortable. i have no worries when im talkin
My Grandfather
I 1st met my grandpa when i was in 2nd grade at least when i could 1st recall meeting him. He was a hard core drinker. Also had a world of knowledge to pass on to me. To me he was the toughest son of a bitch you could have ever met. Over the years i got to know him on a level even my mother didnt know him. we done alot together. While living in tucson as a kid we went to see old shot up cars out in the desert and different mountains. he was also the one to get me into putting model toys together. as time went on i moved back to jacksonville and i kept in contact with him. so lets fast forward some years. I decided to become a truck driver after my army career. When i started driving trucks i started to visit him on a regular basis. During this time i had found out that he had served in the navy as a frogmen. and served with UDT 3 which stands for underwater demolitions team. he started talking to me about some of his war stories that he was personally involved with during his career. i
Military Stuff
This Picture is Worth 1000 Million Words... We truly take a lot for granted. Forget the football 'heroes' and movie 'stars'. Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier One died for your soul; the other for your freedom
I'm not really sure who wrote this, but it is so true about Indiana. It's winter in Indiana And the gentle breezes blow Seventy miles an hour At twenty-five below Oh, how I love Indiana When the snow's up to your butt You take a breath of winter And your nose gets frozen shut. Yes, the weather here is wonderful So I guess Ill hang around I could never leave Indiana Cause I'm frozen to the ground!
So I Was Bored....
ok i so i added 2 new videos on my profile and one in my stash
Sex Questions
Would u have sex with me? answer: What position would u want me 2 do u in? answer: Would u wanna taste me? answer: Would u have sex with me the first night u met me? answer: Give me a naked pic? answer: Would u do me in the shower? answer: Would u hancuff me or tie me up 2 the bed and then do me? answer: What makes u want 2 have sex with me? answer: Would u talk dirty 2 me while we had sex? answer: Would u do me in front of people? answer: Would u do me in the rain? answer: Would u do 69 with me? answer: Would u mind if we did it like porn stars? answer: Would u do me once then leave me the next day? answer: If I gave u my heart would u love it or let it go? answer:
Strangers on a Train A scientist gets on a train to go to New York. His cabin also has a poor farmer in it. To pass the time the scientist decides to play a game with the guy. "I will ask you a question and if you get it wrong, you have to pay me one dollar. Then you ask me a question, and if I get it wrong, you get ten dollars. You ask me a question first." The farmer thinks for a while. "I know. What has three legs, takes ten hours to climb up a palm tree, and ten seconds to get back down?" The scientist is confused and thinks long and hard about the question. Finally, the train ride is coming to an end. As it pulls into the station, the scientist takes out ten dollars and gives it to the farmer. A redneck family from the hills was visiting the city and they were in a mall for the first time in their life. The father and son were strolling around while the wife shopped. They were amazed by almost everything they saw, but especially by two shiny, silver walls
The Fubar Blog Of Dave
hello here it is...i have this fubar crush to use and well don't know who to use it ladies between the ages of 18 and it goes. if you are interested in being my crush, message me with why you should be my crush...i want creativity! i want someone who is actually going to talk to me :) also, i'd like someone who is going to be open with me and someone who is open to getting to know each other. so ladies, if you're up to the challenge...send me a message. hey everyone, whats up, i'm dave...i joined fubar cause i thought it'd be a great place to get to know people...and well i havent really had any conversation with this is more or less an invite for people (hopefully ladies) to get to know me better. message, put stuff in my shout box, rate me, fan me, add me....i will reply/return the favor...thank you all for taking your time to read this, i appreciate it. -dave
My Space
Anyone who wants to be one of my myspace friends come check me site is
Internet Down
my internet is down for a few days. using my wireless to mouch off of the neighbors till i get my new router. so if i dont answer back right away thats y.
Animal - Best Drummer Everr ! Excellent /awesome/incredible ! A Must See !
After reading people's comments from Scrapper's mumm in regards to comment approvals, I agree with Scrapper's views. Mumms weren't intended for haters to bring in their hatred remarks and bash ppl. For that, they can go to another site. There is a HUGE difference when it comes to commenting on ppl's mumms and you're spewing hateful and derogatory remarks that are completely insensitive and heartless and the other would be when you're actually giving constructive criticism towards the person who created the mumm. Some people are missing the point here. It's not that you're not allowed to speak your mind, and give out your opinions, IT'S HOW YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF. It's not that ppl don't want to hear "the truth" or in some cases, what YOU believe is the truth, because let's face it, everyone is different and have different views, beliefs and opinions, and yes, everyone has a right to share those differences. Again, it all boils down to HOW YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF. Think about
The Pimps And The Playmates
MEET OUR SEXY PIMPS!! YEAH I KNOW WE GOT SOME OF THE FINEST MEN ON FUBAR LOL! THESE ARE THE ONLY MEN THAT WILL EVER HAVE A PLACE IN THE PU$$YCATS. LADIES PLEASE RATE/FAN/ADD ALL THESE SEXY MEN AND PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELVES. DoLeMiTe *Pimp of Pu$$ycat Playmates*@ fubar nadananutta*Pimp of the Pu$$ycat Playmate's@ fubar Bluedemon(Owned By Fire N Ice) Pimp to Pu$$ycat Playmates@ fubar lc@ fubar ♠DMTRS♠@ fubar (repost of original by 'Ła$Ŧ♠o♠DinŖΞΞdMadamOfPu$$yCatPlaymates~OwnedByRusticPhant' on '2008-04-30 10:16:26'
~ I Feel You...~
Sexy Comments & Profile Graphics ~ I Feel You...~ When I see you I can feel you In my soul - my heart takes flight. I can hardly wait to taste you In the darkness of the night. I feel your breath so hot and sweet Circling in my soul. When our bodies come to meet It's then that I feel whole. Peace.
~ Last Lecture ~
~ Close to Home ~ Hi everyone. I have come across a video of an Extraordinary man who is dying. I hope you take the time to view this in it's entire presentation as I feel it will enrich everyone with the patience to watch it. I pay it forward because it strikes close to home with me. You see, I too have a battle that I am fighting minute by minute. I blew out two discs working as a medic and when an MRI was done, a tumor was found growing on my spine at L-1, shocked me beyond words and left me numb. The discs blown were L-5 and S-1. I am going thru treatment and accept injections in my back four at at time....I have to tip my hat to ladies that get epidurals. Not a pleasant experience. I tell you my journery because of the bravery of the man in the lecture. This too is why I chose to place blogs mostly about Love. I do not wish pity on me. Just smile and Know 'new day, new opportunity'....please my friends, watch this....I learned some things as I did...I learned: 1. 'W
My Brother Erick.
Hi friends first off I want to say im sorry for not being around lately to chat and hang out with you all I miss all of you of course alot has chaged alot of lately for me. A good friend of mine I have know sence 92 when I came here back in 92 from California her name is Marci she gave me a call a couple of weeks ago now outta the blue right after lunch at arby's she was on the fun with the best news I have heard in a long time she found my little brother Erick. the last time I seen him was back in 95 when I was home for a visit things was still real rough between my parents and me so I left home again back to T.X. I have not seen or heard from him sence then she has been on the hunt for him sence she got back in touch with me a good few months or so back I owe her soo much and thank her with all my heart for bringing Erick back into my life again. I have to admit I have been under alot of stress of late with Erick and my job and also tryin to go into body building some I
----- You know you're a Floridian if.... ... Socks are only for bowling. ...You never use an umbrella because you know the rain will be over in five minutes. ...A good parking place has nothing to do with distance from the store, But everything to do with shade. ...Your winter coat is made of denim. ...You can tell the difference between fire ant bites and mosquito bites. ...You're younger than thirty bu
What Should I Do
I have been with my girlfriend for 5 long yrs now. we have 2 kids together, a couple of cars, and 2 dogs. Were do good for our selves but were not happy with eachother! I love her very much, But I just cant stand her.shes the true meaning of a bitch! She doesnt do anything around the house and bitches at me to do it all for her. She doesnt cook, clean the house, clean the dishes, help with our 2 kids, or do any of the laundry! shes doesnt even brush her teeth! thats grows. I dont mind cleaning up the house. infact i enjoy it. I put some music on, light some candles, and insents, drink a few beers! I like a clean house. BUT, the whole time that im cleaning -shes bitchin about the music or she wants me to stop the babies from cryin, or theres always something! So i usualy get it done when she goes out. and then She'll tare up the house with in a day or 2 I cant stand her any more. I have tryed to push the kids off on her but she just wont stop bitchin. Ive tryed to not clean the ho
Life Is To Short
i just found out yesterday that my 25 year old cousin laura is dieng with stage three cancer it is eating her insides out very fast the doctors said she has maybe three months to live i havent seen her in 24 years and now that i am trying to reunite with my family she is leaving me behind and wosrt is she has 4 kids and going to be without a mom and dad
Quietly Longing And Waiting
quietly longing in silence i sit heart pounding in my chest dare i believe that u feel this too my child of the night??? your presence i seek comforts me when here i sit alone i built up these walls so strong and thick and yet i yearn for you my spirit wanders the night with out my permission sometimes eyes that pierce straight thru to my soul, a nuzzle so gentle and warm dont ever stop dont ever let go for here is where i wish to remain safe with in your loving embrace U seen a part of me that many never see... and yet we r to b natural enemies i do not wish this to be my love i quietly sit and still long for you and your presence to be with me.
This Is It!!
I hate all of you Date: 2008-04-20, 11:50PM EDT I don't care what colour you are. I don't care where you're from. I don't care what you do for a living. I don't care what class you are, how you dress, what you smoke or drink or who you know or whom you've fucked. I hate you all. I hate every last living, breathing, snot and feces producing, promiscuously copulating, celebrity obsessed, opinionated one of you. From right here in Toronto right around the planet and back, coast to coast, nationwide and internationally. Every. Single. Last. One. Of. You. Fuck love. Fuck your insipid grasping at some abstract concept of chemical imbalances and reasonless actions, fumbling around in the crowd trying to find some cinematic supposition for real human interaction. Fuck lust, too. Fuck you all, from the lowlife dirtbags that think dropping trou and waving the little soldier in a sloppy arc is a pick-up line to the sniveling of the desperate 'nice guys' who never get the girl due to a
Nightdreamer's Blog
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I Love This Stuff
OnEbLoNdE_RoSe~... rated your photo a '1'! OnEbLoNdE_RoSe~... rated your photo a '1'! OnEbLoNdE_RoSe~... rated your photo a '1'! OnEbLoNdE_RoSe~... rated your photo a '1'! OnEbLoNdE_RoSe~... rated your photo a '1'! OnEbLoNdE_RoSe~... rated your photo a '1'! friend Highway Freakin... commented on mumm 'MYOB'! OnEbLoNdE_RoSe~... rated your photo a '1'! friend 'Jesse James*Dam...' just uploaded a photo! OnEbLoNdE_RoSe~... rated your photo a '1'! friend 'Jesse James*Dam...' just uploaded a photo! friend 'Jesse James*Dam...' just uploaded a photo! OnEbLoNdE_RoSe~... rated your photo a '1'! friend 'Jesse James*Dam...' just uploaded a photo! K n o c K rated your photo a '10'! K n o c K rated your photo a '10'! K n o c K rated your photo a '10'! OnEbLoNdE_RoSe~ Fu OwNeD By CrEePer 316420@ fubar How can you make a big dream come true? You need to have one secret element, and when you have that secret ele
Hotels In England
Welcome To Hotels in England, Our England Hotels Provide the perfect base for your exploration of this beautiful county and England is known as garden of England. A site dedicated to provide the complete listing of the top most hotels across England. Stay in Style with the best deals on England Hotels like Cheap Hotels in England, Discount Hotels in England, Cheap Hotels Accommodation in England, Discount Bed and Breakfast in England, Hotels near Airport, Family Hotels and Cottages in England have seen more and more demand as its population grows. Its a wonderful way to enjoy the festivities, with more than enough opportunity to have some peace and quiet as well. England is a Country with a energetic and vibrant atmosphere and a unique exciting character. England Hotels are the perfect accommodation who needs a place to rest, whether on a leisure trip or on a business visit to England.
Happy Father's Day
More Free Graphics and Myspace Layouts at This goes out to all the Grand Fathers, Fathers and Single Mothers!!!!
You Are It!!!
Sher L's URL
Tied For Darius
She awoke softly, a gentle breeze blowing across her exposed skin. She looked up and smiled as a sparrow hopped along her open window sill. Stretching, she turned her gaze to the clock... 8am... still early. She lay there, basking in the warmth of the sunlight, not quite ready to get up and out of her comfy bed. Her slender hand covered her full pink lips as she yawned softly. As she began dozing off again, a soft whine got her attention. She looked over to her little puppy in his kennel. Sighing softly, she rose from her bed, taking the robe that was hanging on the chair nearby. She tied the robe around her naked body as she walked to the kennel. Bending over, the edge of her robe rose up, exposing the slight curve of her ass. A quick pull on the latch and she opened the kennel door. "Morning Adam, did you sleep well?" she asked the bouncing puppy as he bounded into the room. She looked down at him as he greeted her by licking her toes and wagging his white flag of a tail furious
My Beloved Son
My beloved little boy, I felt you grow inside my body for 6 months. Sometimes u kick your mommy so hard and times you were gentle. Daddy and I were so excited about bringing you home. We never knew you be taken from our arms. The doctors tried so hard to keep you inside mommy but it was nothing could prevent what happened. You were so beautiful when me and daddy held you for the few moments of life you did live. I will never regret us holding you and that you passed away in our arms. We rather had you die in our arms than in a strange doctors. Mommy and Daddy love you so much Danger,but know you can not be with us. You r our little angel looking down at us from heaven. We will always have u in our hearts our baby boy.
I been doing alot of thinking maybe im better off in Azorina i lived down here in south Carolina for about six mo. and i dont know anyone here where in Azorina i made friends that liked to hang out and go places i do have someone down here that i care about and moved from AZ to be here i just feel like im beind ingored most of the time like im not even here the one i care about here rather go places with her friends but when i ask it's i don't wanna go it seem like she is spending more time with her friend or maybe im just shelfish. Maybe it is that im around all the time but will i be missed if i stay in AZ when i go in a mo. is that what it takes to realize there's more to do then computer and games and texting most of the time? Where i used to live in AZ everyone i meet was really nice and helpfull the place where i used to live the landlord wants to rent the place to me for 300.00 a mo. i used to help them out when i was living down there and did vonlinteer work at a ranch the
Auction Time
Random Thought Processes
Confusion Loneliness Peace within A soul stronger Attentive that this is unpredictable Never knowing Confident Survivable An insatiable longing Wanting for this to last longer Knowing better Awaking Unveiling A spirit secluded Keeping this all locked inside Silently screaming Terrified Frozen A mind running Thinking of all possibilities Unwarranted fear Ecstasy Fascination A selfish ebullience Yearning for a fantasy world Lustful desire
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goin on vacation will return all love when i return be back next week
This is the second train I am doing to help Hazeleyed Soldier level while he's in Iraq. He is an awesome young married man with three boys. First, stop by his page and rate all of these pictures that are on Hazeleyed Soldier's profile: Second, F/A/R / rerate all of the riders (all initial riders need to hit each other up): Tulsa's Angel~ Sarge's Bad Girl ~ Club FAR Team LOVE Captain ~ Fu Owned by Steve!@ fubar (wife is running my page for me)@ fubar ♑Browneyes♑ Proud member of the FHSG@ fubar Steve ~Club United~@ fubar ♡STANG♡FU BAD B!TCH♡OWNA OF CENTERFOLDS♡@ fubar *Phantom*@ fubar Belladonna Club F.A.R.member...Owned by...Cod Father "T" and Kirkland@ fubar ~♥~SweetAngel~♥~{Dirty South Crew}~*~Club FAR Greatness TEAM CPT.~*~Sarge's Bad Gi@ fubar Sarge's Bad Girls
On The Brain
An interesting article: By PAUL CANTOR Why did Osama bin Laden choose September 11 for his attack on America? On September 11, 1973 a military coup d'tat supported by the administration of President Richard M. Nixon in the United States put an end to the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile. After the coup Nixon supported both diplomatically and economically the military Junta that seized power. The junta, led by Augusto Pinochet, arrested, tortured and murdered thousands of Allende's supporters. It is not farfetched, therefore, to suppose bin Laden chose September 11 in order to make us look like the pot calling the kettle black when we charged him with being an antidemocratic religious fundamentalist. And if that is the case the choice was well made. In the past the U.S. supported the repressive regimes of Anastasio Somoza in Nicaragua, Fulgencio Batista in Cuba, Suharto in Indonesia and Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines. In addition
There is no point to this blog other than to give people access to my NSFW "Fantasies" blog.... I get home from work late, I look through the house and find you sitting on the bed watching our favorite porno. You are massaging a very large erection, as I watch you masturbate from the doorway, I find myself starting to feel warm all over and the moisture collect between my legs. You still don't know that I'm there.... I burst into the room suddenly and go into full "cop mode". I start yelling about you breaking the law and that you will have to be punished.... I tell you to stand up, you do so very quickly. Your cock looks huge, and all I can think about is wrapping my lips around it, but I need to stay in character.... I tell you to face the wall with your hands on your head so that I can "search" you fully. I start by running my hands down your back, I linger when I get to your ass, I lower my body so that I can feel down your legs. I order you to turn around. Your huge cock is ri
Today is NOT a good day...I shall not go into details but I found out today that a work mate and dear friend passed away yesterday and it looks as if he took his own life....... Why is it that some people seem to be less able to cope with the bad that life throws at us yet some cannot only cope but overcome it and get stronger with each passing day!!!. God bless you Paul and may the angels keep you safe from the pain that drove you from this earth.......I will miss you.
Last Chance
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Leaving Sideways
Come see the best band in NJ.. Now yes i am biased because the dummer and I are best friends.. LEAVING SIDEWAYS! November 1st, 2008 door open at 8pm The Saint Asbury Park, NJ It is a CD release and benefit.. Come join me and my girl Queensbitch, for an awesome shoW
Cleaning Up List
I will be cleaning up my list soon. Although I like to get ahead on here some..I also like to make friends. Lately only been a handful I am able to talk to. Not even worth coming on at times. If you want to actually be my friend..let me know. Would be nice to have someone to actually talk to..
What You Think About You Bring About...
This year has been so unreal. Unfortantly not in so much for the better. I know what you think about you bring about and what you believe you shall receive...and I am like did I really believe my life would change so much. I believe in reaching all lifes golden opportunities and believing anything is possible. I always keep my head up and know this is all a test for what is to I know I am a real girl who is down her friends, family, or my love...and only want that in that too much to ask... I know I have met some really great friends once I moved away from some old friendships.....guess that should be my focus...letting the old go and allowing the new in...for the better...Focusing on what is to come and not what was...
1507 days, 8 hrs, 46 mins, 10 secs left for Age of Transition to begin! "The Hopi and Mayan elders do not prophesy that everything will come to an end. Rather, this is a time of transition from one World Age into another. The message they give concerns our making a choice of how we enter the future ahead. Our moving through with either resistance or acceptance will determine whether the transition will happen with cataclysmic changes or gradual peace and tranquility. The same theme can be found reflected in the prophecies of many other Native American visionaries from Black Elk to Sun Bear." - Joseph Robert Jochmans 3rd Rare White Buffalo Born on Wisconsin Farm Fri Nov 23 14:19:00 2007 Map of Mayan Civilization centres Cusp Of Great Cycle We are living today in the cusp of the Mayan end times, the end of a galactic day or time period spanning thousands of years. One galactic day of 25,625 years is divided into five cycles of 5,125 years. The Great Cycle of the Mayan Lo
He's Tappinit
I would like to introduce you to a very special man. Who now ownz my Arse! woo hoo ~*~*~He Is Tappinit~*~*~ I have had the honor of knowing this sweetheart of a man who is Close to My heart!he is one of My Greatest Friends! he Always Show mad love to Everyone in one way or another! Please Go show him major love to him!!F/R/A if you havent yet. Go spank him!! and do it hard he likes it!! he always returns the love.. i promise you its a win/win not only will you be helping me show him that he is the best man to own me and that he is an amazing man ! u will also be gaining a great friend!! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ he really has gone above and behond to help other.. I know this first hand he has been such a great friend helping me when i needed it~I want to show himr that i really appreciate him and his friendship! Tell him that " DSIP sent ya to spank him" here is his link! let the spankings begin
Coming Full Circle...he Who Awakend That Within Me
you know how u always have a special one in our lives who really awakens that of our deepest darkest desire, one which we dont even realize even exsists??? well tonight i stumbled across a few pages of an ex, who basicly put he is the one who awakened my sense and understanding of a tru VAMPYRE...and no i didnt misspell it, for those who understand u know what i speak of... bobby and i oct 2001 aug. 2002 he touch my very soul with the way he plays and sings... he was the first man who lived to b unique and we had so much in common on so many levels... and yes he is the one who awakend me to the pleasure of blood letting and exchanging of this sacred bond... funny how things come full circle though... back then when we broke up it was due to GOSSIP and peeps who were jelous and caused us to part ways... i never thought he and i would ever cross paths again... i know things happen for a reason... but why he has crossed my path after so may years i do not
How Do You Let Go?
I'm tell me. How do you let go of someone you love? Do you just forget them and never speak to them again? Do you remain friends and wish them the best? Could you remain their friend? I believe if you truly love someone that in many ways you never let go of the feelings even if you have to let that person go; that is if you can truly love someone unconditionally. I would always want that person to be happy no matter what path they choose in life, or whom they choose it with. I would speak to them anytime they wanted too. I would always be their friend and would hope for them to be mine. I would always be their by their side and support them. Why because when I love someone it is unconditional. I give my whole heart no matter the risk of it getting broken into a million pieces, with the hopes that someone will come along one day, and love all the pieces that are there as much as I would love them.
Come To My Place
hello there care to chat me this my addy
My Auction
Talking Shit
Welcome to my first (and most likely last) blog on fubar well what can I say not meant people will read this and hell if I did not have to write it nether would I and yes I am sober yeah no really I am anyway time to say something funny stupid or to make ya laugh well try to anyway but I have nothing sorry about that I just wasted ya time but I do that a lot so watch this space and see what other shit I talk if they let me post another one after wasting every ones time so cheer drink up and hell if I see ya my shout !
Poor Kid
Just got back from spending three days in the hospital with my son Tommy. He had symptoms of meningitis. Fever, stiff neck. There had been two cases in this county in the past month. Poor kid had to have a spinal tap, IV, blood cultures. Test concluded it wasn't meningitis, just a virus, thank God. Tommy was in a very grumpy mood our last hours there. Not even early Christmas presents could cheer him up. He was all ready to go and we had been waiting for the discharge. Tom was beside me when I signed the paper work and he kicked the nurse! He was ready to go! I told him of course it was not nice to kick people. But I still had to keep from laughing. He had to get a little payback. LOL
Mean Moms
This was sent to me via email this morning... wow no wonder my kids think I am so mean at times... Someday when my children are old enough to understand the logic that motivates a parent, I will tell them, as my Mean Mom told me: I loved you enough . . to ask where you were going, with whom, and what time you would be home. I loved you enough to be silent and let you discover that your new best friend was a creep. I loved you enough to stand over you for two hours while you cleaned your room, a job that should have taken 15 minutes. I loved you enough to let you see anger, disappointment, and tears in my eyes. Children must learn that their parents aren't perfect. I loved you enough to let you assume the responsibility for your actions even when the penalties were so harsh they almost broke my heart. But most of all, I loved you enough . .. . to say NO when I knew you would hate me for it. Those were the most difficult battles of all. I'm glad I won them, b
Tryin Something Out...
Just A Thought That Came To Mind
I'm so sick of men. All they want is a one night thing. Can I find one that wants more? One that isn't thousands of miles away from me? gee.... I always knew life would be hard, but I didn't know it would be this hard. Don't walk infront of me because I may not always follow you, don't walk behind me because I may not always follow you, Walk beside me and be there for me the way I have you.... Just random thought going through my head with the millions of others... wondering if I'll ever find the one that will walk beside me and not infront of or behind me....
Let anyone listening, let all the angels hear, let God himself percieve the depth of my anguish, and give her health. Let every saint and every cherub, every archangel unite in this endevour. and If not then oh dark lucifer take whats left of my soul in return for her very exsistance, let your demons do their worst to me for all eternity for no hell can compare to a world without her in it. There is no redemption save from her lips there is no peace in my world, there would only be cold and dark. and so I beseach what ever immortals would listen, would bargain, would find worth in all that I have, all that I am, all that I will ever be. Give her peace, give her health carry her through this, for she will not allow me to be there to carry her and I scream against the night that is my life to do so. I would do anything endure anything for that laugh when she has every reason to cry for that smile steadfast no matter what life has thrown at her for just the fact that shes the first
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Why Do I Do This??
i have a place to go and a save place to stay as long as i need.... i have someone who would treat me right and i wouldnt have to worry about going to sleep at night wondering if ill be able to sleep through it and not have nightmares of the same things i'm going through when im awake. my god he broke my neck, for christ sake i had to crawl out the fucking bedroom window to get away from him so i wouldnt have to stab him with the fucking steak knife... and yet again, i had to call the cops for him to get it through to his head that i was scared for my well being with him again! what more does he have to do to me before i'll really say 'enough' i just dont understand myself anymore. i have to get out, i know this... but why dont i just do it?? ...i dont know... i need help, and i just dont know where to start and how to get away this time. god if only i would have just stayed in the house that night and just let him go. i mean yeah he gave me a suicide note and i sent him to the looney
Dragonfairy Repost
fubar Bulletin!MAKE STICKY! ***Dragonfairy*... (Auto11's On/ InSearchofAVale ntine@WYKD) United States remove friend subject: She is Dangerous With her Tongue (repost) date: 2009-02-02 21:06:12 *Ends 2/3/09 10 pm Central * She says quote "I Been Naughty ... Spank Me Hard" *You Wont Regret It Ladies & Gents She even PAYS YOU to spank her!!! *She is giving out Random Bling and Gifts* Spank Her Hard ~CLICK BELOW~ **Dragonfairy**Greeter@WYKD @ fubar (repost of original by 'Я ~W $j ߺ$~Owner of WYKD~' on '2009-02-02 21:01:37') Reply To Poster | Repost Bulletin! [?] note: it costs 10 fuBucks to repost! Share this! Leave a comment! html comments OK. NOTE: If you post content that is offensive, adult, or NSFW (Not Safe For Work), your account will be deleted. [?] Comments
Dom & Sub
Dom & Sub The candlelight flickered, casting shadows on the walls. Luther Vandross was crooning softly in the background. I come out from the kitchen holding two wine glasses, and my shirt is unbuttoned. Your fingers start to tremble, itching to explore my chest, but you take the wine glass instead. We sink down onto the plush leather couch, hip to hip. I lean over to whisper in your ear. You feel my breath teasing your earlobe, sending chills down your spine. Ooh you can feel your juices begin to flow between your legs. Enough! You carefully place your glass on the table and then I tell you to take mine. I dip two fingers into your glass and run it across your full lips, dipping inside to your tongue, and then back out again. I repeat it several times until I can feel your breath becoming labored. I then tell you to stand in front of me. Sliding the thin straps of your dress on your shoulders, you expose your firm breasts. With a small wiggle the dress falls to the floor, leav
Saturday's Tunes
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Dating Online
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Night Wolf Gifts
Hi all! I'm back and kickin' with a new home and my own business. I have taken on a business partner (Troy Moore) and our online store should be up and running by next weekend. We will also have gift cards available. As a grand opening promotion, we will be giving away $10 gift cards. If anyone is interested, please message me with your primary email address and I will email you a FREE gift card worth ten dollars off your first purchace at our online store, There is no obligation to buy anything, but there will be an expiration date on the cards. I'll let everyone know when the site is up and running so you can check it out. Blessings, Corwin
Holding My 1st Auction Wanna Join
< Ok Im Holding My 1st Auction !!!! This Auction Will Start Friday 28th March 2009 @ 1pm Fubar Time And Run Till Friday 4th April 2009 @1PM Fubar Time This Is Open To Anyone On Fubar But I Will Not Be Responsible For None Payers There Isn't A Entry Fee Auction Will Be For Fubucks AND/OR Cash/Bought Gifts. Starting Bids Will be 100k I Will Need All Enteries By 1PM Fubar Time Friday Please After That Time You Will Not Be Able To Enter Ok All You Need To Do Is Private Message Me With Your Offers And I Will Do The Rest So If You Would Like To Enter Please Contact Me @ The Picture Below Thank You TRǥ {hw Lvlr m Lr}rl w ߥ ~♡~MMR~ & J~mm~Promoter @ ddr
the number one thing about me is that i love boys and i because of the way they treat me and of crouse best thing about realtionship and i also love my lil nesse i love her she is just a newborn and i love taking care of her will my sister is at work so i love kids
Nate's 1st Place
I am so very proud of my son Nathan. He is in the 6th grade. And he is a maverick. He won 1st place in his wrestling tournament. Tell me that don't make a mother proud.
The Truth Of Lastalker And I
U.s. Soldier Vs. Fox News
hey i got an email from someone who wanted to chat so i came through and now i can find him please look me up again i would like to know you i like to meet new people an friends have some time on my hands now see ya soon
Hello Bar
how is every one to-day iam a newbi but trying to find people so write back if youd like looking for friends to drink with and chat with. jason

Bad Luck W/girls
I've got the worst luck with Girls.Ever since my ex told me to fuck offbefore i deployed last time i haven't been able to strike it off withanyone since we've been back. Its like everything I say only succeeds in chasing everyone off.
Supreme Court Vacancy
Last week, Supreme Court Justice David Souter announced hisretirement, providing President Barack Obama with his firstopportunity to nominate someone to the high court.Liberal groups are already pressuring the administration to name aleft-wing activist to the court. But they should remember that judgesare not in the business of writing laws or twisting it to serve theirpolicy preferences."Obama should seek judges who will apply the law as it was written,not how they would like it to be written to address the particularparties before them," Heritage Foundation legal scholar Robert Altwrites in the New York Post. "To do otherwise in replacing Souter willsurely shift the Court further to the left, and further away from therule of law.""Americans don't want judges who will bend the law toward the sidethey favor," writes Heritage Foundation Ronald Reagan Fellow andformer U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese. "They want a fair judge whowill apply the law in the same way -- as the people's represen
Throw a dog a bone I'll take it if I have to Go real fast like there's somewhere we can get to What's the use of standing right there on the edge if there ain't nowhere to fall What's the use in hanging on tight to the phone if nobody might call Desperation There's danger in frustration Complicated words slipping off of your tongue and ain't one of them the truth I'm still desperate for you Tell it like a lie live it like a movie Give a heart away like it don't mean nothing to me What's the use in making all the plans that we made if you weren't gonna go [ Miranda Lambert Lyrics are found on ] What's the use of slapping on a smile for a face if your eyes don't wanna show Desperation There's danger in frustration Complicated words slipping off of your tongue and ain't one of them the truth I'm still desperate for you Well it's too damn bad you didn't have a chance to make me your best friend You were too caught up in giving too much up and not doing what you should ha
Stupid Blog
stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid
Just A Biker
JUST A BIKERI saw you, hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday.I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant when you saw my bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the hurricane relief.I saw you roll up your window and shake your head when I rode by. But you didn't see me riding behind you when you flicked your cigarette butt out the car window. I saw you frown at me when I smiled at your children. But you didn't see me, when I took time off from work to run toys to the homeless.I saw you stare at my long hair. But you didn't see me and my friends cut ten inches off for Locks of Love. I saw you roll your eyes at our leather jackets and gloves. But you didn't see me and my brothers donate our old ones to
her to meat freind and to have fun wy i met new freind will i hop you all will be my frind to xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooooozozozozozozozozozozozozozozozozozozozozozozo
Auction Ending On The 1st
The Fight I Don't Want But Have To Have :s
I'm not in the mood to have this fight but I must . . . . Just found out today that my daughter will not be receiving TSS service next school year, cuz the school didn't/refused to provide input. This is good on one hand cuz now the school district will have to step up and do right by this child. On the other hand, the school district can keep being an ass and refuse to provide the child what she rightfully needs to excel in school and life. I'm going to bet that the district will continue to fight me and my daughter. The school district dropped the ball when she was little and totally ignored the signs that this child is autistic. . . all the therapy that she would have been given is geared towards children around the age of 3, there is no program or help for adolescents that need the must needed therapy that the 3 year olds are getting. I've tried for 13 years to get the district to do right, and now it looks like I have no choice but to take to the Dept of Education and pursue
longisland ice tea and a shot of patron and then a good pipe
Life Lessons
Well here it goes after four years of adultry, jackass's, lawyers, cops, and a divorce I have learned this. God does fail; Evil does win; Happly ever after is for fairy tales; Women are just as big of cheaters and liars as men can be; Love is overrated; Never Ever trust the ball coach;
Quote Of The Day
Todays quote of the day is...... It takes a good lickin to get a good stickin... Source: Music - "Lollipop" by Uncle Luke
I'm a drunk motherfucker right now so buy me a drink!!!!!!!
All About Me
hi about me i am 62 years old just interested in meeting friends, oops, anyway i am disabled but ok , just cant walk much but still trying. would like friends in colunbus, ohio. thank you
Back Online
So, I got another PC and I'm back online and back to work with the new album. I've set the studio back up and put down some new beats and track layouts for my 5th solo album. That's about all for now, I'll post more about the record/s later.
My Whiskey Lullaby
I am tired everyday of seeing my children torn apartwhen I drop my daughter off at daycare my youngest is begging me to take him away,I am tired everyday to see all of my children begging to stay with me,but they must go with their motherI am tired everyday of losing more and more of what I am,and becoming more and more of what I left behind so many years ago.I am tired of losing everything, my family, my life, my belongings, my self.I am tired of waking up every day knowing what the day brings, shame, sorrow, and pain - for things I have lost, the things I have done, and the things I should have done.The whiskey barely works anymore, so I drink more and more.The more I drink, the better it gets, and the less I remember.Every night, the whiskey gets lighter, so I drink more and more, waiting for the day that never comes, the eternal slumber, the final drink.This is my Whiskey Lullaby...goodnight.
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Ladies Please!
Yo ladies please learn to shave always and to be independant!
My Thoughts
I'm not sure if I should keep this. I don't even remember making it. lol.
So you want to fill out thegirlfriend application? knock yourself out! if you can think of any questions i should add, email me ahead of time and let me add them, then fill out the application. if you want to send a picture, send an email to email answers to the above email your name: email address: location: astrological sign: how did you find my site? date of birth: height: hair color: eye color: smoke? yesnodrink? yesnoany tattoos or piercings? yesnoif yes, what/where:
Me Speakem!
True friends are those who walk in while the rest of the world walks out. True friends are those who visit you, just to SEE YOU...without wanting to borrow or ask of something. True friends are those who say sorry just to make the peace even if it was you that was at wrong. **Damn!...where can you get one of these? Sorry! it just dosen't exist anymore! why do you need an excuse/a all come together and pretend that you like each other and stuff yourself with food till you are bloated and accept crappy gifts that had no thought go into them. Lets just keep it for the kids and not worry about the surrounding false pretence that comes with it. amen! Went into the sex store yesterday and amazed how now, the kinky stuff is out from the back dark corner and out in the light. Looks like BDSM is becoming to popular...i use to like hiding in that dark corner when doing my shopping. *SIGHS*
Cowboyz Bowl Bound
Mas Mexico, Mas Vino Tinto
Fubar History
fubar is a social network launched in Summer-Early Fall 2005 as the first "online bar". In October 2007, they teamed up with Jangl to provide their members with the ability to call other members anonymously. The site is for users 18 and older, and is free to use. Registered members initiate conversations through buying each other virtual drinks with "fubucks" earned through using the site. Other features include the ability to buy a "Happy Hour" for the whole site (reducing drink costs for all members), file sharing, and the ability to ask the community as a whole for their opinions. History In October 2007, Fubar claimed over 1.2 million members. fubar began as Lost Cherry, then changed to CherryTAP in late 2006. In 2007, the site changed its name again to fubar. Site creator Mike Hedlund is also a member, using the ID "babyjesus".
The Fall
So far of a fall So much waste So many years So much hate Fallen from grace Wasted oppurtunity Years spent wandering No Love shared A bright and promising future An intelligence highly evolved A lifetime of oppourtunity A real chance Thrown away on fear Paralized to move Hating thine own self Never knowing thy self Now later in life What do I have Nothing but emptiness and a desire to strive I feel nothing emotionally I fear nothing anymore Hunger has become a daily friend Longing just a memory They say people can change That we all evolvle We can change if we choose Chosing what choice For our life has dictated the choices to us People we once wanted have drifited away Becoming the one thing they always said they werent Lonely arent we the fallen The fall was great Our fall has never stopped Falling for it all Falling just because I made my fall I made my choice I made my mistakes I made my call.
Mmmhmmm :p
Shit I Like Or Think About
50 Things That Girls Should Know About Guys Guys aren’t psychic, mind telling them what you mean? Guys don’t like to be used as pawns in trying to make your friends jealous. Guys tend to get serious with their relationship and become too possessive. Better watch out girls. The biggest turn off for guys is to see girls smoking. The biggest turn on for guys are the girls who workout. Girls who don’t want to listen to the truth shouldn’t be asking any questions. Ending a heated conversation with “Fine” or “Whatever” isn’t considered acceptable. If you want sex, just ask. Don’t expect guys to say as many sweet things as they do in the movies. It takes 10 couples to come up with one sweet thing that they put up in the movies. Only models are able to carry off most of the stuff you see in fashion magazines. A guy who likes you wants to be the only guy you talk to. A guy would sacrifice his money for lunch just to get y
Expressing My Losses
It's coming up on that time again on May 10, when I lost three good buddies of mine in combat May 10, 2004. These times are hardest for me as I just went through a rough time last month celebrating the life of another fallen buddy. These are spread out through the year as can assume we completed twelve month tours. I can only express myself to get over the anxiety that takes place and the broken heart that sits in my chest for a good week before and a good week after. I used to rely on my closest friends while Active Duty but I recently just hot out the Army of 10 years and now I'm struggling to find that person or those ppl to confide in here in the civilian world. Only because most civlians don't know how to cope or understand or talk to a veteran that has lost something so close and/or been through (themselves) something so tragic. I know it's not the right thing to do but I usually drink myself stupid and retarded in the safeness of my own house and don't go anywhere. I reco
Just How Much You Really Mean To Me
Heartbreaks just a part of life,Everyone has hurt sometime.But if you let me i could be your shield,Protect you from all the hurt you feel.I would stand tall and be your guard,Be there for you even when its hard.It breaks my heart to see you cry,Would do anything to see you smile.It kills me just to see you hurt.I know you dont beleive me buti could take that pain awayas long as you can feel the same.I could mend your broken heart,Piece it back together like it was at the start.I wish you could just open your eyes and seeJust how much you really mean to me.
Your warm embrace.Your elegant taste.Your ace lights up my world. Your loving smile.Your quirky style.Your ways keep me on my toes. Your sensous eyes.Your little white lies.Your always my best side. Your hidden love.Your love above.Your love is all i want. Love and lust,Lust and love if not acted on soon will for sure turn to dust
15 Things That Annoy Your Local Sound Guy
15. When a drunk person I don't know wants to stand next to me and talk to me the whole time I'm working. I have a job to do which requires concentration and me paying attention to what's going on and it's a lot harder for me to hear what's going on in the room when someone is constantly jabbering into one of my ears. 14. When people ask me for a table or try to place a drink order with me. You're talking to the wrong guy. 13. When people expect me to be as excited to be there as they are. Where this might be their every once-in-a-while night on the town, I do this 3 to 7 nights a week every week. Forgive me if I look bored. 12. When people expect me to want to go to a club on my night off. Can we just go someplace quiet and peaceful instead? 11. When random people want to tell me how they think it should sound. They don't know the sound of the room, what the band wants, what the club management or owners want, or about potential noise complaints from neighbors. And really, I do
A Different Kind Of Truth
Take meRaise me aboveTake meThis undying loveWhat once was, I wish to no longer seeWings of hatred, come set me freeYou are the air in which I breatheYou are the blood I drink and bleedThese words beyond forever trueMy new religion is youForsake meIt is you that I serveTake meThis undying loveYou are the air in which I breatheYou are the blood I drink and bleedThese words beyond forever trueMy new religion is you Honeybabysweetiedoll,You're the one that I wantOr I don't want one at all.Honey baby, my heart's aflame.I'm all fucked up and you're to blame.Honeybabysweetiegirl,Let me count the ways you rock my world.Stone soul sister,Soccer mom.Muchacha, amiga,Cherry bomb.Baby lover,Angel faces.Satin doll,You straight up aces.I'm a bad little cowboy,Send me to your room.Let's get started,Let's not stop soon.I roll like the oceanWhen the moon is full.I'm a face grenadeWith the sex-pin pulled.Baby lover,Angel faces.Satin doll,Y
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Little Johnny was sitting in class doing math problems when his teacher picked him to answer a question, "Johnny, if there were five birds sitting on afence and you shot one with your gun, how many would be left?" "None," replied Johnny, "cause the rest would fly away." "Well, the answer is four,"said the teacher, "but I like the way you're thinking." Little Johnny says, "I have a question for you. If there were three women eating ice cream conesin a shop, one was licking her cone, the second was biting her cone and the third was sucking her cone, which one is married?" "Well," said the teachernervously, "I guess the one sucking the cone." "No," said Little Johnny, "the one with the wedding ring on her finger, but I like the way you're thinking." Dear Self, Okay, so I am just starting this thing out. I am excited, but am feeling like under the weather. Uh, allergies suck! Haha, anyway...I need all the help I can get! However, gotta be careful these days t
My 1st Blog Ever
But there's gotta be a 1st time for everything.
lalala my first blog and i have nothing to say :) Lx
Waxing Poetic
The Cherry Bed
You are on a four poster cherry bed looking very small, tied with silk ties to your wrists and ankles holding your limps taught. Blind folded, yet very calm, an air of anticipation about you, you are naked and feel so vulnerable. I come into the room making only the slightest noise and sit on the bed beside you. I take out a soft feather duster and lightly play it over your body, starting at your neck and soft shoulders. I then I play it downward across your breasts, lightly brushing and stimulating your nipples back and forth and around until I see your hips begin to ever so slightly rotate. Then I continue to lightly play it to your tummy and really clean your navel with it. Then I stop and start at it again at your feet, just lightly playing it over them. After I see a visible affect on you I play it up the inside of your legs, slowly oh so slowly, nearer and nearer to a beginning to quiver mound. The feathers hit your now moistening cunny and you have never felt a feeling lik
The song is called "Love will make you Beautiful" by The Afters. Time is slipping away Days go by, fade away With one eye opened, one closed I think you know Love will make you beautiful Love will make you beautiful Thoughts swirl, spinning around Weary, falling down When out of the darkness a hand Reach out Hold fast ~Chorus~ Love will make you beautiful Love will make you beautiful Turn round this time Love is there to find Lift your head and see Open uo your eyes Love will make you beautiful Love will make you beautiful Cannot wait for the new season of The Unit to start tonight! Mary and her husband Jim had a dog named 'Lucky.' Lucky was a real character. Whenever Mary and Jim had company come for a weekend visit they would warn their friends to not leave their luggage open because Lucky would help himself to whatever struck his fancy. Inevitably, someone would forget and something would come up missing. Mary or Jim would go to Lucky's toy box in the basem
I love Metal. I love Concerts. Please I want to go now. I think everyone should love Meshuggah. Wait I don't think, I know. Damnit. I get to see the famous Massive Attack in Chicago this Tuesday~~ YEAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm telling ya that is a once in a lifetime show.
Well today is my bday. So far it is going totaly fucking awesome! I so cant wait till my boy friend can come down and spend bday time with me! That would totaly make my week! I miss him. But I know I will get to see him soon enough! My mom is getting me a Blues Clues cake just like I wanted. She couldnt find any blues clues toys to go along with it. which sux cause I realy wanted some. I get some every year. but none this year. guess i will have to go and find some and buy them for myself. I got a $50 card to wally world so that works! haha Well I will post again soon! Dont forget to go and leave me a birthday comment! love you all! ♥KoRi♥
Sexy Back
You would think with the number of available people who want to hook up why is it so difficult? You get to ask me 1 Dirty Question (TO MY INBOX)...any question, no matter how crazy it is, and I promise to answer it truthfully...the catch have to repost this and see what people ask you *1 Dirty Question (repost of original by 'Kira' on '2006-09-28 10:01:00') (repost of original by 'Professional Taco Taster' on '2006-09-28 10:37:38')
Grim Enchantment
Bitter Blood A life undemanding, a freedom not given. The severed ties tangled apart un-forgiven. A bitter blood weeping the tears of a year. The heart of a lover beats loud and clear. The dreamscape forgotten a landslide in place, an unmoving hand holding its place. The treason of one the injustice of another. The bite marks cut deep in the vein of the lover. A cold eye of winter a smile like daggers. The dark in the darkness holds still for hours. A moment of courage a life's light gone out. The crimson petals fall all about. The dream of a life time the death of an hour. With one word a monster unleashes its power. The death of the lover the corpse white and rotten, the once bitter blood all but forgotten. Dream Reaver Dark and Alone, who cast the first stone. A ripple in the pool of the lost and the damned. A mad stirring shiver a death to deliver, a cold hand reaches from the deep blood river. The Dream Reavers face a thousand at once, a slow step forwa
Game I Guess
Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things or habits about themselves. People who are tagged should write a blog with their own 6 weird things or habits, and state this rule clearly. Choose 6 people to be tagged, list their names, leave them a comment and tell them they are tagged and to check your blog for details. It's fun! 6~PERSONS YOU ARE TAGGING: 1-H.B. 2-hippiechic 3-alison 4-stang 5-tueskitty 6-dizzy 6 weird things about me. 1-never taken a drag off a ciggerett. 2-have been to 32 out of 50 states. 3-have lived in all four corners of the u.s.(alaska,california,maine,florida) 4-love to go to the opera. 5-love to travel to places that not many people go to. 6-would love to go to japan to go to culinary school.
"train Of Thoughts"
This particular morning Eric awoke with some trepidation, for he was about to head for the office for the first time after his brand new promotion. It wasn't so much his new duties that were giving him fits of nerves. No, he pretty much had all the angles covered. In fact, this new office manager knew his job better than most of the existing office managers. It was a growing fear that he was about to be isolated. He knew what happened to employees when they reached the ranks of middle management. People who thought of you as a friend suddenly saw you as a superior, an adversary, a taskmaster. If you tried to maintain a friendly realtionship with those who you once shared comradeship, you were thought of as weak, and not worthy of thier respect. Those above you pressured you to drive staff members harder, squeeze more out of them. It wasnt the responsiblity Eric feared, it was being disliked. Making friends wasn't easy for him. He hated the idea of being shunned. The air was cold a
Fast Cars!
I am an america from PA but I think germen sports cars will out do american sports cars. Eample: Audi RS4 vs. Cadilac STSv, who do you think will win?
Yea thats right its free and all you have to pay for is the shipping and handingFeatures * -Premium military grade Material * -Lifetime warranty * -30 day money back guarantee * -High Gloss Scratch Resistant Finish * -Precision Fit * -Invisible Protection * -Added Gription * -No Added Bulk Click Picture Below For More Details Miller Brewing Co. is launching a new chocolate-flavored brand for the holiday season as the company seeks to capitalize on the growing thirst for craft and specialty beers. The new beer, Frederick Miller Classic Chocolate Lager, is brewed with six different malts, including chocolate and dark chocolate malts. It will be sold from October through December in Wisconsin, Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Valparaiso/northwest Indiana, Miller said Wednesday. The beer will be sold in four packs of 12-ounce bottles, and be marketed for holiday gift giving and party offerings. The suggested retail price is $5.99 for a four-pack. Cho
My Thoughts
Sometimes when I'm alone I cry, cause I'm on my own. The tears I cry r bitter and warm. They flow with life but take no form I cry because my heart is torn, I find it difficult to carry on. If I had an ear to confiding, I would cry amoung my treasured friend, but who do you know that stops that long, to help another carry on. The world moves fast, and would rather pass by. Then to stop and see what makes one cry, so painful and sad. And sometimes... I cry and no one cares about why. Hey everyone what sup? how you ya'll doin ? I am doin good. Well I hope ya'll like my poem. And if you're woundering yes I wrote it myself... lol!!!! I feel like this at times and to be honest and it's not the best feeling in the world. And if I am correct some or all you feel or have felt this at some point in you're lives
Learn To Give Space
Makin Love
By "Precious" H. D. Remembering the last time we made Love Reliving each kiss you gave me Our bodies trying to match the other I don't want to miss a rythm don't wanna step out of sync So I close my eyes to think Our lips intertwine deeper and deeper The kiss is a shockwave of joy throughout my body You reach and caress my breast Never felt my heart beat so fast Wishing this feeling would only last Loving you and HOlding you tight Damn how I wish you were here with me tonight To feel you kiss my neck and go down to my chest To feel your lips..... As they caress my hips! A slight moan of joy you gotta expect! Tracing your body with my tongue Ohhh.. "not just yet; we still are not done!" Breathing so hard I whisper "I Love You" and give into Pure Ecstacy!
Going Through Alot
Lately I have been so confused I am missing my ex alot lately.. not to sure why yet but i have been. I have also been talking with a few guys and well been let down by two of them already... Im so done with liars!! I feel so alone right now... like noone understands what is going on.. there are alot of things that are happening in my life that i dont understand if any one could talk feel free to hit me up it would be great to talk to some people thanks bye
Where Are You??!!??
My Ex And The Ass He Is Being
I have been seperated from my ex husband since october of 2004 and we officially got divorced june of 2006. I gave him custody of our then 3 year old son as I had a 5 year old that i had to take care of and didn't know if I could afford to take care of both of them being a single mom on a waitress salary. So I let him take him after he told me that i could have him back when i got everything straightned out. Well needless to say he didn't give him back and I ended up giving him full custody. I never said anything before because we didn't have paperwork and I haven't been able to spend Christmas at all with my son for the past two years and not he is telling me that i can't spend thanksgiving or christmas with him this year either. I know that I did some stuff to hurt him, but hell it was 4 years ago. We have both moved on and learned from our mistakes and yet he is still acting like an ass with our son. I told him that unless he let me have him for Christmas that I was going
a cold day my gloves are torn the wooden park bench gives me no comfort i wish to be warm newspaper only thing to save me the cold day turns to a cold night that freezes every part of your body i wish i was warm who will save me nobody is there the town is silent blistering cold creeps down my back i feel myself getting numb my heart beats ever so slowly i start to shut my eyes i know its time time to go the great gig in the sky i hope i see you soon
Why Are Your Pics Free??!!
'bout 10 years ago, i entered the worldwide web thru AOL. since i luv porn, i began to find all the porn pic trading chatrooms and i amassed a huge collection of pics as well as traded some away. on one horrifyingly memerable day, i received some child porn pics and when i made a comment in the chatroom about what the f**k i'd gotten, those muthfukaz said, "he doesn't know, does he?" the f**K i don't know! and i didn't want 2 know! i immediately jetted outta there and reported them to AOL's TOS department. it took AOL a few hours to shut the room down. i'll never forget that shyt! i hate child porn and child sex abuse. i hate them with a passion! but i digress... all the hardcore and softcore pics i'm finding here on cherrytap takes me back to those bygone AOL pic trading days. but there seems to be a big difference between then and now. back then quite a few people were faking, using amateur and professional pornstar pics claiming that those pics were them. from what i've seen s
WOW this is much diffretn then myspace geezzzz
I think I've come to the conclusion that I'm fake, that I'm a false person at times. Now, things will always bother someone, the only difference is how you deal with what's going on. I usually come out of situations with my head up high, acting as if everything is fine, as if I wasn't bothered at all, but could that be exactly how I feel? Things bother me as much as the next person, I just have a weird way of hiding my true feelings, rather than show that I am affected somehow. People ask me all the time, 'Why are you so calm? Why are you not bothered?' Thing is, I fake being ok. Things eat at me like crazy, I just choose to push it off at the moment and try and focus on something different. Then suddenly I'm alone, and all I do is recall the times I said that 'I'm fine, I'm over it', in which case I never really was. I think I act as if I'm ok so I'm not starting trouble, so I'm not causing problems. Yes, sharing your feelings can be a good thing, but we all know sometimes it can be a
Hey yall if you would like to chat with me I have msn and yahoo chat. They are both jay_sac_kings so feel free to add me so we can chat. MSN is Look forward to hearing from yall.
Vote For Me
Here are the links for this one contest rate all pics and comment please ty now what do you need? giggles, kisses === 'SEXIEST FEMALE'S ON CHERRYTAP CONTEST' spewed forth the following at '2006-11-12 16:03:35'.. > > Thanks kisses Alyse I do not advertise many contest lol, never really won any, but hell this is for new outfits so i would like to win to show them off for you. Would you please go by and click the 10 and thats all thank you so much I will do any favor that you need to kisses
stabbed in the heart stabbed in the back who really cares if i come back i dont belong i never will god take me away from this hell life sucks life is draining me take me away i dont want to be here why do u torture me where do i belong somebody tell me what should i do ill wasted away like every other fucking day
Happy Thanksgiving To All U Cherries
happy thanksgiving to all cherries
A Thanksgiving Prayer!!
Even though I clutch my blanket and growl when the alarm rings each morning, thank you, Lord, that I can hear. There are many who are deaf. Even though I keep my eyes tightly closed against the morning light as long as possible, thank you Lord, that I can see. There are many who are blind. Even though I huddle in my bed and put off the effort of rising, thank you, Lord that I have the strength to rise. There are many who are bedridden. Even though the first hour of my day is hectic, when socks are lost, toast is burned, and tempers are short, thank you, Lord, for my family. There are many who are lonely. Even though our breakfast table never looks like the pictures in magazines and the menu is at times unbalanced, thank you, Lord for the food we have. There are many who have no job. Even though I grumble and bemoan my fate from day to day and wish my circumstances were not so modest, thank you, Lord, for the gift of life. ~Author Unknown~
I Need Your Help With Some Bitches
So I found out that there are two people that I thought were my friends talking shit about me behinde my back. The old Sara would confront them and then kick their asses, but the new Sara is trying to handel things in a "more adult way." SO I was hoping that maybe my kick ass friends on CHerry tap could give me some Ideas. The whole situation is complicated cuz my whole family knows this family and all that other stuff, that's why I can't be like the old Sara and go in there and Kick some ass. I'm thinking that I should say something and then if they still wanna be bitches.."kill them with kindness" and when people start to find out what they are doing they are gona look like the dumbasses?? I don't know. I am open for Ideas. Thanks to everyone in advance. Hope everyne is having a great weekend. KISSES and HUGS!! Sara
My Lies!
1. Your Name: 2. Age: 3. Favorite position (s) ? 4. Do you think i'm hot? 5. Would you have sex with me? 6. lights on or off? 7. Would you have to be drunk? 8. Would you take a shower with me? 9. Have you ever thought about having sex with me? 10. Would you leave after or stay the night? 11. Do you like cuddling afterwards? 12. Condom or skin? 13. Do you give Oral pleasures? 14. Do you like to recieve Oral Pleasures? 15. Have sex on the first date? 16. Would you kiss me during sex? 17. Do you think I would be good in bed? 18. Three sum? 19. Anal yes/no? 20. How many times would you like to cum? 21. Would you use me as a booty call? 22. Do you like fore play? 23. What is fore play to you? 24. Can we take pictures of the act? 25. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?
I Carry You With Me
Through what you will do And what you will see My dear friend, forever Im my heart you will be As the seasons welcome change From hot summer to spring From my soul to yours A song I will sing Change may overcome us As the time ticks slowly by We my lose touch See distant memories and sigh But my friend, my love I hope you can see No matter what happens In my heart you will be
Help My Cherry
Crazy Dancing hey everyone, check me out, i wanna get up on cherry points. im new so hook a girl up! thanx
Love Is A Drug
Gemini You are a master flirt. You know just how to pick up hotties, but it is usually just a one night stand because you are out to have fun. You like sex to be fun. You are not afraid to spice it up with some sex toys, blindfolds and food. Your ideal partner would be open minded, and into having fun too. Sex matches: Libra, Aquarius Take this quiz at
When I look in the mirror I see my scars, when I look in your eyes I see my scars, When I look in the water I see my scars, When I hold my arms out I see my scars, when I lay down, tears of my scars fall bloody red on my cheeks and pillow, As I look up at the ceiling, your angel face haunts me, My poor heart bleeds from my scars, because of you. I lay there wondering what I did to deserve these scars, I curl up in a ball and rock myself back and forward, Calling your name out, as my tears roll down my cheeks, I bawl up my hand and put it in my mouth and bite down hard, I scream my pain out and curse your name, Why my sanctuary did you make me love you with all of my heart and then you rip my heart out, Now it bleeds in your hand. I lay there wondering if there is a women out there for me. My wings spread out ready to fly me to a safe place, where i would be safe from the sun and safe from your lovely face. Oh this scars of mine they hurt me so much, Is
Richards Blog
just wanted to know how many people relly read these blogs. Good day all can someone tell me how this cherry tap works?
Hi There
I am new here i hope to meet and make new friends. Hi i am new here just checking the place out was invited by a friend I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year be safe and have fun
The Worest New Years Ever
How do you celebrate the start of a New Year when you have to lay one of your dearest friend down to rest. I apologize to all my friends.. I'm sorry that i ruined your New Years. But it's hard to go on an pretend that she never existed. An To Rose... I'm sorry for all the times I said I was to busy. I'm sorry for all the stupid little fights we had. I'm sorry for not being there in your time of need. No matter what i do i know we can't go back. An it breaks my heart to know that we will never have anymore times together. But while you were here you touched so many peoples lives. I know my kids loved you. I try to think of the many times we had together. When we were 8 an your stole your moms smokes. Man did we hack an choke. The first time we smoked our first blunt together, an our first drink. There are so many firsts that we had together that i will always cherish. But what I guess I am sayin is I Do Love You.... maybe if I said that sooner you would still be here. But only you would
Every Rose Has A Thorn !
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