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SherryMH's blog: "Hello"

created on 12/20/2008  |  http://fubar.com/hello/b266750
Under each question, answer it, then go to urbandictionary. com and put the VERY FIRST definition that comes up. 1) Whats your name? ME: Sherry UD: Sherry a confused young girl who has no idea what the hell she doing. Girl: You are such a sherry! you can't love two guys at once. 2) Whats your age? ME:41 UD:41 A good looking or HOT, female. Used as a code so others will not know what you are talking about. Look at that 41 behind us or thats a 41 at the door. 3) Name one of your friends? ME: Ashley UD: Ashley a bad ass motherfucker who who won't take no shit off of nobody that girl is about to get the Ashley knocked out of her 5) Whats you favorite color? ME: purple UD: purple Extremely potent marijuana, specifically marijuana buds that have a purple hue to them. Also accompanied by a fragant, usually fruity smell and mad perma-grin. Yo, you gotta come over and smoke, boy! I got the purple! 6) What is the name of the city you were born in? ME: Lexington UD: Lexington One of the greatest party towns in the nation. Home to some of the hottest college girls (most in a sorority) found anywhere, the University of Kentucky is one of the best in the nation, from my experience. Lexington is home to some awesome places to hang out, ranging from Tolly Ho (best food in town) to clubs like Avio and The Dame, which have live music. I live just off campus, and attend UK. There is always something to do, especially on campus. While Kentucky as a whole is considered the capitol of hillbillies, this references a 1800's-1900's stereotype that devolved to myth (except for supremely rural towns) in the early 60's at latest. Lexington, a party city, is known as LexVagas. 7)What is the month that you were born? ME: May UD: May may is the month where teachers think that they can control a classroom but really nothing gets done and no one cares about their grades anymore. usually this happens because summer break is only 30 days away "hooray i have math..." "don't worry bro, its may, nothing gets done anymore" 8) Who is the last person that you talked to? ME: Justin UD: Justin Sexy, without flaw, loving, kindhearted, name for someone that is special to you, thoughtful. 1:Hey, honey 2:Hey 1:I bought you some flowers 2:Your such a Justin, I love you!!! 9) What is one of your nicknames? ME: Sher UD: Sher all those who have their names similar to Sher are usually good looking persons (especially the eyes and lips) and have one hell of a character. They never give up and are difficult to resist. ^^ Never underestimate the friendship of a sher :P ^^ simple definition of the name Sher 10) What is your zodiac sign? ME: Gemini UD: Gemini Gemini is a sign that runs from May 21st to June 20th. Geminis are Creative, artistic, Nice, Intellectual, Individualistic, Outgoing and Compassionate. On the other hand they can also be inconsistent, nervous, nosy and lazy at times. Gemini's Likes include: -Talking -Writing -Adventure -Variety in life Their Dislikes include: -Boring things -Labor (such as school) -Repitition; being in a rut -Conformity -Strict People
Well, it's official. I gave my notice today here at my apartment complex. I will be moving in the next month. I had chinese delivered a lil bit ago and realized I am gonna miss that restaurant's food and my lil chinese delivery guy. :( My fortune today: Temptation resistant is the true measure of character. That is all.
We needed a blog. Where's Witchie? :P Anyway.... Good morning. :)
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