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LulaBelle's internet is down>  If you are good friends with her and want her # so you can text her just hit me up in shout.  



As you were :)

I'm kinda bummed.  It's Blake weekend, but all the roads around me are pretty bad and I now have a head cold.  It looks like no Blake this weekend.  Ah well...


I'll get him when I am feeling better and the weather agrees.



Was great to see Daisy Blue on here this morning.


Dud is asking for it.


Something about Gallo's balls.


Postal needs a Peace ball gag.


And I need more coffee.

Hello there :)


It's been awhile.  Things got hectic in real life.  Things are getting on track now.


Lots has happened since we last saw each other.  Good and bad.


Blake's DNA test to determine which mutation of cystic fibrosis he has took place.  Bad news: the most severe. Good news: the most common so it's researched more.

Bad news: it will be two years before a new drug will be released to the public for CF treatment.

Good news: Blake will start blood work and  testing in 6 months so that he will be ready to be one of the first CFers to be prescribed the new drug. 


The new drug will improve some lung functionality which should increase life span for CF patients.  It's a step in the right direction.


He is doing well now.  The thing about CF is that to most people the kids don't look very sick. The common comment a CFer gets is "you don't look that sick". It takes over $10,000 a month in drugs and treatments, various hospital stays a year, and constant prodding of a 3 year old to get them to eat for them to look "that good".  Without it he would die. That's the horrible truth of the disease. He wouldn't make it to school age.  We have been lucky so far and avoided hospital stays a few times. 


Little man is excited about Christmas and YES...Nana bought tons for both Blake and Khloe. :D


Khloe is walking everywhere now.  She actually walks better backwards! Go figure.  Haha!  She still looks like me.  Poor baby.  LOL!


I am waiting for it to warm up some so that Blake and I can go on our "date" to see Yogi Bear 3D!  It's a little too cold to get him out much and there's a new strand of flu going around he doesn't need.  Not to mention cases of whooping cough.


That is all....for now :D

So. Miss me at all lately? lol No, I have not been doing anything wrong. Just venturing out because all the drama and hatefulness was getting to me. I know you find that everywhere, but I needed a breather from the drama I was dealing with. It has seemed to become a war zone mostly in the MuMMs, where I have always loved hanging out. People ganging up on people. People treating others as inferior, etc. I was pulled in to drama I didn't want to be a part of because of misconception and lies. Most of you should know me better than things which were said. Now it seems it is only getting worse and people are checking me out and such because of something which has nothing to do with me personally. lol Anyway... I miss some of you.
HeartbrokenA quiet rest of the day after a longggg week. Happy Birt...
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