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SWAGFUNK: There will never be a day when the heart would not ponder the thought of you. There can never be a moment when the visions have become so darkened that your reflection has been removed from the concious perception. May there never be a day when the evening would find great sadness because it would not be able to adore the remarkable sensation that has been discovered in you.






That is all.

It's too early to deal with these douches.



juggalofir...: do little dicks make you laugh?
To juggalofir...: yep. I point n everything
juggalofir...: mines 4inches is that big?
To juggalofir...: um no. that's not very big
juggalofir...: is it tiny?
To juggalofir...: it's pretty small.
juggalofir...: would u make fun of it
To juggalofir...: without a doubt
juggalofir...: would you be really mean?
To juggalofir...: it would be hard not to laugh
juggalofir...: add me theres a pic on my profile
To juggalofir...: no thanks. I already have a headache and laughing would just make it worse. have a nice day
juggalofir...: i wanna be your lil dick bitch

If another person {man} tells me I just leveled again because I have tits I may delete them.  


For the record...


I don't have a VIP

I didn't have a rang

I didn't have a bomb

I didn't have auto 11s

I wasn't even in anyone's family who ran a famp I don't think

I didn't have a blast

I didn't even have a ticker


I DID polish enough bling in the past 24 hours to rack up 6 million points.

I did have a few friends that help.  Old friends who have been on my list for a long time and 1 newer friend. Mostly females who don't care about my tits.


Yes, I had some pimpouts.  Anyone can be pimped.



To those of you who helped, thank you so much. *hugs*



That is all.

So the fairly hot cop next door has a new girlfriend....



A MUCH younger girlfriend whom he has already moved in, along with her extremely obnoxious 6 year old son.  *sigh*


What is it with you guys?  Trying to regain your youth?  Enjoy playing Daddy?  Women your own age are too old for you?  When women date younger guys we are stereotyped as cougars.  When men do it you pat one another on the back and ^5 each other.  I have even noticed it on here.  I see men on my list who are in their late 30s and 40s  mostly flirting with the 20somethings.


People are always asking me why I am single.  Here is one reason.  A lot of men my age only go for the young girls and I am NOT going to date someone my son's age.  That's just weird.  


That is all for now.

If you were to introduce me to someone, what would you say? This should be fun. Pass this along and see what YOU get back.
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