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I am going to ask you to just tell me some songs that i could down load (If I dont already have them) in a few of your fav types of music.. This will kinda serve as a request blog for Area 51 to get a better Idea of what people want to hear..


so, take a moment to list a few songs by artist and title for me. 

and I will be sure to get more music that people want to here.


as you were

How was everyones Valentines Day? I went out and had some quality time sunday, it was fun! yes.. mmmhmmm. 

So anyways, it seemed like fubar was a ghost town on the day for lovers. If you dont know already, and im sure you do from all my status messages about it, my Area 51 lounge is up and running. We have myself, Peacey and a certain other streamer you all know. When he is on air, you might recognize his streaming data name, but apparently he has been forced underground on fu... and DJ P (amongst other names, he changes his sn as much as witchie does lol) I am streaming right now and I am all alone in Area 51 :(

anywho, come in and listen with me

For the holiday spirit, I have been giving friends custom skins. I have chosen people who have not used fancy skins and have not had anything custom. Its a hit!! I plan on doing some more from now until the end of the year. for the Naughty and the nice, i dont discriminate lol I am looking for the next person to make a skin for.

I am also for hire, for people I dont know the price is 1 million for the templates you have seen, red or white font, with a custom header name bar. 

for those that might not know who have my cool skins, they are listed on my profile in the about me section.

btw, it feels good to have all of you chatting about my skins, and not my skin for once lmao

I hope everyone has an awesome holiday season.. 


as you were

Have you ever got the munchies before bed, and decide to eat a salad or something of the sort? but then you decide to just top croutons with ranch and bacon pieces? yeah, cuz the bacon was falling off, and im thinkin i need some glue..oh ranch...see its not so weird! 

oh yeah, and president Obama has stitches in his mouth, from a "Basketball accident"? riiiiggghhhhtttt!!!!!


and auburn beats alabama, the saints destroy the cowboys comeback efforts, and lsu plays tomorrow, greenbay plays the flacons sunday...great weekend for football!!


I cant wait for monday..why you ask? because them boys of mine go back to school!!! thats why!

and sunday i will see my girl, and my pe,,,nevermind


spent thankgiving with her and she cooked, and it was good... score!


and im just going completely random, because i felt that half a salad wasnt substance...and i ate a sammich after


Does it really matter?

its almost bedtime, so dont worry... 



as you were

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Veterans' Day and Armistice Day
November 11 

By Sarah Lane
Nov 11, 2004, 06:00 PST


The War to Begin all Wars

It’s hard to imagine that World War I involved 35 countries. It lasted five years, from 1914 to 1918. The United States only fought from 1917 to 1918. A year was more than enough time, however, to claim too many lives, and people held tight to the notion that this was the very last war. When the fighting stopped, leaders of several countries signed an Armistice on the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month. An Armistice is an agreement to stop all fighting, in other words a truce. This truce was signed on November 11th, 1918 at 11 A.M. 

This is important to know because Veterans' Day was originally called Armistice Day. This day was set aside to reflect and remember the sacrifices men and women made during World War I in order to ensure peace. The first official celebration was on November 11th, 1919. Veterans who survived the war marched in parades and were hometown heroes. A Veteran is any soldier who has fought in a war. Ceremonies were held and speeches were made. World War I was called ‘the war to end all wars’ because everyone hoped there would never be another one.

Almost 20 years later in 1938, Congress voted Armistice Day a federal holiday. Unfortunately the very next year, in 1939, World War II began. This ended the theory of no more wars. It seemed that with the progression of war came the progression of death. Over 16.5 million Americans took part in World War II and 407,000 died in service. Over 292,000 people died during battle. 

After World War II, Armistice Day was still celebrated on November 11th. Around the year 1953, people began calling it Veterans' Day. This was in thanks and remembrance to the Veterans in their towns. Many people believed that peace was preserved not only by World War I, but World War II, and the Korean War as well. Congress decided to change the day to an occasion to honor those who’d served America in all wars. In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed a bill proclaiming November 11th each year as Veterans' Day.

In 1968, a law changed the national commemoration of Veterans’ Day to the fourth Monday in October. People protested that November 11th was a date of historical significance. Finally, in 1978, Congress returned the observance to its traditional date. Every year on November 11th we give thanks for peace, observe a moment of silence at 11 A.M., and remember those who fought and died during times of war. 

Although Armistice Day was in honor of World War I, Veterans’ Day is in honor of every war that the United States has fought. Separate ceremonies and commemoration events occur every year. For example, Veterans and their families gather at the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial in Washington, D.C. in support and remembrance of those who died in the Vietnam War. It is important on this day to give thanks for times of peace, and to remember who’s protecting your rights every day.

Source: The United States Embassy, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Library of Congress

© Copyright 2004 by Classbrain.com

When in an internal battle with yourself, one has to make a decision based on your perception of the situation you boil over. The factors are emotional, mental, and instinctual. How do we sift thru the facts and determine what is perception and what is scars from our personal past? Being with a person emotionally is so difficult to begin with, but when the warning flags fly high, its just too much to ignore our intellectual foresight. When you see something coming, and its so obvious that it cant be ignored...what else can you do but ease your mind by removing the things that make you stress/worry.


I have seen recently things that made me extremely uneasy with a person i got myself involved with. yes it was exciting and rather intense. BUT when words and actions contradict themselves, I started thinking. I come to the conclusion that the end result will be somewhere i dont want to be.  Peoples actions are habitual and I could see myself in a position i have been before and I wont do it again. Misery. 

But why is it, people become insulting if they dont get what they want? for example "Be a man and talk to me about this" because they havent been given the opportunity to convince me to change my mind. 

I refuse to be with someone i dont trust.

I refuse ignor the red flags that scream "you are gonna get fucked over"

I refuse to be with someone I cant trust

I refuse to accept certain things.

I refuse to wonder if a person is faithful like they said they would be.

I refuse to allow myself to ignore my gut feeling.

Finally i refuse to be uncomfortable in a relationship because i dont want to be alone. 


as you were


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I'm Bobby Rio, one of the founders of TSB. I tend to write about what is on my mind so you'll find a mix of self development, social dynamics and dating articles/experiences. I've recently compiled a book with over 177 free PUA Openers...It took me awhile to put this collection together. Also, I just released another free report on small talk calledSmall Talk Tactics.


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 Women have something called “make up my mind syndrome” and once you realize that life becomes a lot easier. This goes for all phases of a courtship.

Girls want to be led. This gives them an out of things go wrong. It resolves them of blame. This way in their mind they can say that it wasn’t their decision.

For example; Instead of asking a girl if you can have her number, tell her to give it you. Hand her your phone and tell her to type it in. She’ll do it.

When you ask a girl out, never say “What do you feel like doing?” or “Where do you want to eat?” Instead say, “I’ll pick you up at eight and we’re going to head to the track. We’ll grab a bite there.”

Girls like a leader. Someone who takes charge.

Even when it comes to hooking up. I remember I had this female friend who I had hung out with for three or four years without hooking up with. I started to become increasingly attracted to her. I decided that I wanted to hook up with her. I knew that if I disclosed my feeling verbally it would give her a chance to make up her own mind, and thats the last thing we want. Instead on a ski trip with a bunch of friends (her included) after a night of drinking and typical flirtations I went for the kiss. She let me kiss her for a second and then turned away. A few seconds later I kissed her again. We kissed a few more times that night. The next morning after having time to think she told me she doesn’t want things to get weird and we what happened last night was a mistake. Later that night I kissed her again. She slapped me. I kissed her again. She slapped me again. (Realize that everytime I kissed her she kissed back) I woke up the next morning having decided that I’ve showed my hand and I wasn’t going to to try anything again. That morning the minute she saw me she started kissing me. We fucked the whole rest of the weekend.

I made up her mind for her. She didn’t want to take responsibility to ruining our friendship so she hesitated, but when I took the lead she eventually followed. (Don’t take this story as one of those no means yes type stories) I just am proving a point that women like a man who makes the decisions.


I had actually kinda just had this conversation today in sorts.. I find this interesting and wanted to share.. although the author may be offensive and rude or just a plain jack ass, there is some truth to his point... what do you think?


as you were

Tonights game between the packers and the cowgirls is gonna be a good one for me.. I have a bet.. a friendly bet. the stakes.. if dallas wins i will be required to give oral to her for as long as she cant stand it..and if green bay wins.. i get to choose and give her a piercing... i know the piercing i want her to have..but the question is if i win should i choose to give her the hood piercing or let her decide against it of she chickens out...

I mean either way i win lol

she wants it, but is anxious and nervous about it.. 


as you were

Michael and CatBummed
sh*t faced!
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 Michael and Cat: hi im cat...can u plz rate and comments some of my photo



wtf? clever self promotion?? im thinking if I had a profile shared with my gf or wife, there would be pics of her and I together.. not on this profile... i didnt even see any pics of HER in the albums, except the one that says she is naked.. my best guess is he is using this as a ploy to get the pervs to rate his pics... or he calls his cock cat? Maybe he has a split personality... 




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Slip Shodd was bragging about the ranch he had purchased, when Charles Pompuss commented that it was probably just a piddly little two horse farm. Slip thrust out his chest and replied, "My ranch, I'll have you know, has all horses but two, all cows but two and all sheep but two." How many animals does Slip own?


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