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Hello all, It's Sunday and I feel like jammin the classics... yanno, the stuff with nostalgia..anyway, Im streaming some classic rock, oldies, punk covers and whatever else today in Area 51.

Also I will be on in SER for the 7 to 10 slot..thats EST..be there or be square!


as you were 

Ok, as for now the assigned date and times are open..

Peacey has been allocated the following:(for now)

wednesday 7pm pst to 10pm or until

friday 7pm  est to 10pm or until

myself... im streaming all the time..


Further dates and time (MthruF) are open..for the most part.


also, anyone who is interested in picking up some streaming times, leave me a message in here stating when

If you know anyone, who streams and wants to do so in the lounge...spread the word


speak now or forever hold your peace..

as you were

to get on cam, go to "www.ustream.com"

cam1 user= area_51_radio

cam1 pw= area51cam


cam2 user=area_51_radio2

cam2 pw= area51cam2


click broadcast in the upper right hand corner of your screen once logged in, and youll see the adobe window open up, and click allow, and once you see yourself in the video window, click start bradcast and announce you are showing your dirty ass house in Area 51 lounge

How to get on Area 51 cams

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