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Hello.. been a while since i blogged.. but here goes...


so, heres the deal.. once upon a time, I met this girl..actually she was a neighbor at the time I met her, and my relationship with my ex wife was ending. My sons played with her son and we hung out outside during the day at first.. and there was always that tension between us cuz i was having serious sparkage and so was she.. I had the last big gtfo fight with my ex and we were over.. a few weekends later im hangin out with the nieghbor gettin drunk and we finally had sexual relations.. HYFR!! (hell yeah fuckin right for those that dont know)

that was it.. she had a bf and i left her alone.. BUT I run into her a few years later at a bar and it was one of those things were we picked up like it had only been a day since we saw each other.. she had a new BF who treated her like a trophy and ran around on her a lot. she ends up coming to my place many times when he would leave her sitting at home, and she starts coming over when he goes to work.. I had to tell her to make a choice because i was really into her and knew better than to get more involved...but she is one of those women i think about "what if". i am crazy about her to this day.


so I am writiing a song about it.. here is the first half, first draft.. I have the music already, another original by me :D


EVERY time I see you girl you kissing me so passionate

I think about me and you together but you cant imagine that

I know that its the furthest  from your mind tonight

You don’t know how I love the way you blow my FUCKIN mind

But girl you fine , I aint gonna lie I want you so bad

I think I could mess wit you if tonight is all we have

When you stayed the night that last time and I was like whats on your mind

 youre usually gone and Been went home    but you stayed the night

I seen you Beam when you  speak of leaving Him, for me 

And you fell asleep IN MY ARMS telling me about your dreams

And  you were beautiful

YEAH girl YOURE so beautiful

I know he don’t treat ya right or you wouldn’t be with me tonight

Hes out with his boys makin noise and  you know hes out cheating right

I KNOW YOU DONT trust him as far as you can see

andI don’t know why in hell you try so hard BE with him

Baby Hes a NO GOOD hood rat and Youre too good for that 

I promise you that IF YOU WERE mine I’d never treat you bad

LIKE he talks down to you  and runs around on you 

Baby you need man to be down for you

What im sayin is you can do better 

You can bad all by yourself
EVERY time I see you girl you kissin me so passionate

I think about me and you together but you cant  imagine that

(to be continued)


so usually us guys can be really stupid about women like this, BUT i am proud of myself actually.. i saw her about a year after we stopped seeing each other, at a festival, and I stood my ground cuz she was still with that douche bag.. even after she said she wanted to kiss me and taste me right there.. grrr.. 

well, this has been anothe installment of the fucked up love life of Deacon...


as you were



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