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Deacon Songs's blog: "fabar stuff"

created on 01/31/2011  |  http://fubar.com/fabar-stuff/b339201

This blog is to help you rip, and activate a skin. since I have had to instruct people on how to do this for their first time, I will explain step by step how to rip a skin...


FIRST, be sure you have skins enabled in settings, by accessing edit profile. if you never see any cool backgrounds on profiles, you dont have them active...


1. to find a skin, use the search feature for skins here http://www.fubar.com/browse_skins.php or if you like a skin on a users profile: scroll to the bottom of the page and look for "Browse members skins" on the bottom right..click the link. you will see the list of skins, "preview skin" and "rip skin".


2. Next i recommend previewing the skin, to make sure it is in fact the skin you want. sometimes you might find that the skin titles are misleading. after confirming it is the skin you want, click "rip skin"


3. Your browser will be redirected to a new screen confirming the action. "You have successfully ripped skin" will appear on top, and your browser will be redirected once again. Your skins will be listed on this page.


4. You will notice a drop down box with the word "NO" inside it, you will need to change this to "YES" in order for the skin to display on your page. You may display multiple skins if you like, all the activated skins (only the skins with the "YES" displayed in the drop box will be active) will be used randomly on your profile.


Now you have successfully ripped a skin and all your friends will be able to see your profile background!!! congrats!

Also, if you do rip a skin, make sure it isnt a custom skin made for someone before ripping. and if it does say "DO NOT RIP" please do not rip those skins. Many people hire coders to make a skin with their screen names on them.

And finally.. (I know its long) If you rip on of my skins, I would appreciate it if you just sent me a shout stating so. I have been curious many times who rips a skin, and on occasion people have ripped skins before they were finished, and or skins i have made for myself. 

And I am sure I speak for many Coders, that it is flattering to know when your work is appreciated.


as you were....

Okiedokie, since the actual emote didnt work on the paste job in the last job.. here is the link..


btw this blog is intended for my own personal easy access to the list. since my boolmarks are full of shit i use for everything else...




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