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Deacon Songs's blog: "vampire story"

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I have always been an intricate and complicated individual and have been evolving for decades. I could start by telling you about my birth place and family, but the significance of these details isn’t relevant in my opinion. I will begin with when I was turned.

 The year was 2000, October 31st, Halloween or all hollows eve for the believers in the super natural. I thought I was just going to a private party in Las Vegas, to drink and meet some people, and if I was lucky, go home with a beautiful woman. The woman I met was not what I expected at all. In fact I didn’t believe her when she told me she was a vampire, it was Halloween after all.

 We danced and talked and drank champagne for hours. I joked about how I wanted her to bite me, in typical flirtatious banter and I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I realized after that the party was thrown by a familiar to such preternatural life. This woman, Milla, was a centuries old vampire and when she turned me, I was given all her strengths and knowledge. The process was nothing like you could imagine, the movies are very dramatic and tend to bend their imagination for dramatic effect, but it was quick and painless. That is until I woke up, and experienced the worst hang over of my entire life.

 It was like having pneumonia and a stroke, all at the same time. My skull felt as if it was in a vise and my body ached from the lack of blood and dehydration made me delirious. I had never felt so thirsty and the more water I gulped the thirst grew greater, also making me nauseous. As I tried to eat some crackers and cheese, it seemed to get caught in my throat, gagging me, and I was unable to swallow it.

 As I slept after being bitten, my body was changing rapidly. The pathogens in my blood mutated causing a chain reaction in the tissues of my body, changing the very chemical composition of my cells. Basically I went into a coma for two days, died and came back so to speak. My body now does not create endorphins, plasma or insulin. I no longer need enzymes in my stomach to digest food and my testosterone level is increased extremely. According to vampire scientists my DNA is 9 strands longer than human DNA. The ability to smell blood, sense electrical impulses, night vision, agility, stamina and strength are all enhanced in my new state of vampirism. I can smell fear, as well as read minds. This was all just the beginning of my changes.

 When I woke from my transformation I didn’t know what happened the night before. It just seemed like I blacked out from all the alcohol or possibly being drugged. With no memory of how I got home or much of any memory after the midnight hour passed, I believed I was extremely hung over.  I went back to sleep and woke up to Milla’s voice calling my name telepathically. She told me how to retrieve my new memories and I thought that I had dreamt them all.  When I woke up I began to recall my dreams and suddenly found them to be real. It was time for me to feed or perish a suffering inexplicable.

I felt like I was floating as I walked down Koval to find someone to feed on. In Las Vegas it was extremely difficult to find clean blood. As I approached each person I could sense disease, drugs and malnutrition. The further away from Las Vegas Boulevard I walked the blood got cleaner and I found my meal in an apartment complex on Flamingo Drive. I walked behind her as she was opening her car door and attacked her juggler, sinking my teeth in her neck and drinking the life filled blood until she was dead. I watched the venom of my saliva take effect and seal the holes before my eyes. It was amazing, and I needed to feed some more. So I continued my search further east and found my next feeding on Russell Road, again in an apartment complex parking lot.

 Milla was calling me, I could hear her voice whispering in my mind. She told me to come immediately to the New York New York hotel where she would meet me in Coyote Ugly.  I went right then and she told me everything I needed to know, and then some. About how the vampires didn’t want people to know that we existed, except in their legends and fantasies, because when vampirism was commonly known of, vampires were nearly exterminated. Hunters killed the vampires while they slumbered in the name of God by the hundreds in the early 16th century. By 1729 there was one vampire family left, because the humans didn’t know about them. They successfully destroyed all the vampires they knew about, and claimed victory. When vampires were eliminated as a threat to humanity, the hunters went on telling their stories in pubs and theatres across the countryside.  To keep the stories interesting, the story telling hunters began exaggerated with their tales. So much that people began to discount the fables and believe them to be legends or folk lore.

 Human population began romanticizing the vampire legend and they became fictional characters to the world. The real vampire family couldn’t be happier about the events that took place and began the world we live in and the rules they abided by until this century. Living in secrecy was a must if they expected to survive. Only feeding on blood of animals to satisfy the thirst, and the banning of turning any other humans was strictly enforced by the family for 50 years.  They mastered the arts of telepathy, shape shifting, remote viewing and teleporting.


Sebastian LeVey was the oldest of the family At a young 412 years, also the one who turned all 39 of the family he oversaw. His mother was turned by an unknown vampire when she was pregnant with him, perishing during childbirth. Sebastian was the first to be turned as a fetus and the first to endure the light of day and had been kept a secret by his grandmother, Athea.

Athea was a witch in life and believed that if the Vampires found out about him, they would take him or kill him. She taught him how to cast spells, speak to the dead and helped him fine tune his vampire abilities. She was familiar with vampires and had the knowledge of many of their habits, and feared Sebastian would become the monster that she knew them to be.  Every effort she made to prevent him to be savage proved to be successful. At the age of 93 Athea died and Sebastian had been a cultured sophisticated man, smart enough to start his own covenant in secrecy.

The Vampires of today have been bred and taught how to survive this world for centuries. So begins my story of defiance and rebellion. Sebastian would kill me on site if he knew of me. Milla turned me for her own reasons, and expects me to carry them out for her. I am supposed to be the future of vampires, the leader of the vampire underground and end this chapter in history. I have been chosen by a council of greed and repression. My name is Deacon.

Milla returned to London, where this vampire family had grown to over 5000 in the last few centuries. Still living in secrecy and still under the control of Sebastian LeVey, Milla wants to change her world and gain some freedoms. The plan is, since vampires are restricted to Europe, I will be trained and taught how to defeat the King Sebastian there, and total secrecy is necessary so Sabastian doesn’t learn of the rebel plan. Lord Sebastian’s weakness is being a control freak and an intense desire for information. I am to assume he knows of the prophecy and will be constantly on guard.

I was brought to London to be trained as a vampire assassin, Martial arts was the beginning, followed by telepathic and teleporting training A tiring decade it proved to be as I was being molded into this being I am today. Now I have the responsibility to find people and breed them to become my army. I am searching for the most viscous trained killers and the disposable heroes to carry out this prophecy.  According to the prophecy the entire covenant will be at war and perish, which comes welcomed to the Elders since the master is overbearing and has been for the better part of two centuries. Since he was betrayed by his second in command, his iron temper has clamped down on his once loyal cabinet of elders.

gothic Pictures, Images and Photos December 25th 1114 A.D Ireland In the beginning there was one man, who in a desperate act against God, created a legend. A man who in defiance, started his legion against God, even with out Lucifer, and cursed the very origin of his child's existence. Because of a single incident of fate, his love, his passion, and his true destiny, was taken from him in a instant. His pregnant wife Rebeka died in the strains of child birth with their son, Devin. In the final moments of child bearing, Rebeka screamed and begged for Gods mercy, as she knew her life was at stake. Willing to sacrifice her own life to ensure the existence of her child, Hannibal watched helplessly as the midwife prayed and chanted for her charges well being. Rebeka would not live to hear her son cry for the first time, as she went unconscious before his head breached her vagina. Her stressed body went limp and her heart stopped beating before the umbilical cord was cut. Hannibal fell in a heap beside the bed his deceased wife lay dead in, and cursed his beloved lord almighty. While the midwife's helpers cleaned the bloody and fragile child, he chanted the Latin words, unknown to his listeners. The lamps extinguished their flames and a smell of sulfide permeated the bed room. A roll of thunder and a flash of lightning filled the landscape arresting each and every birth maiden in their tracks. The air immediately became electrified and an intense glow took about the infant as his eyes flickered red and his skin assumed properties of static conduction. Rebeka lay postmortem, her blood cooling as Hannibal continued his vile curse. The Lord he cursed allowed demons to infect and inhabit his first born son, as well as the very soul that resided in his chest. Both Hannibal and his unnamed son were to be doomed to an eternal life as immortal and infectious former humans. Belonging to no sentient being, nor hell nor heaven would claim their souls in death,they were sentenced to walk the face of Eden for eternity as man and son in exile from any form of afterlife. Hannibal stripped the wall of its oak crucifix and lunged it into her chest. Bathing in her blood damning Jesus for taking his beloved Rebeka, drinking the red fluid from his hands in madness. Hannibal awoke the following morning painted in his wifes dried blood in a state of panic. Suffering amnesia of the previous nights events, he staggered out of the enormous guestroom into the hallway. Slamming into a young house maid, catching her as they collided, she emitted a terrified look of horror. Confused, he continued the stretch of hallway to the master bedroom. Thrusting the door open and nearly falling in, he noticed an empty bed stripped of its linens, the mattress stained of blood, and Rebeka wasn't anywhere in sight. In a sense of emergency, Hannibal made his way to the stairs and all but tumbled down the first quarter of them. regaining his balance, hollering Rebeka's name, ran down the remainder of the spiral staircase of their mansion. Finding his way to the kitchen, where the waitstaff was preparing breakfast, plowing through the doors. Theresa, the kitchen servant, stared blatantly at Hannibal as if she anticipated his confusion. She made every attempt she could muster to keep eye contact, but failed when Hannibal spoke. "Where might Rebeka be, after bearing child, Theresa?" he shouted. Theresa calmly stated "Master Romaine, do you not recall?" "Theresa, I shall ask you only one more time." Hannibal stepped closer to her, with a menacing expression, as if to strike his slave. "Where are my wife and child!?" "Your child is presumably in the nursery, master Romaine, perhaps I can prepare your tea before you visit him." she gave him a look of despair. As if his memory had been suddenly restored, and the images of the painful ordeal had come rushing back to him, Hannibal fell to his knees and wept like a child. Hannibal screamed as if he were descending off a cliff, and peered through his hair at Theresa. Balling his fist in his curly locks, He spoke softly. "I have been forsaken by God, what have i done so terrible that he has taken her from me?" Faintly, he could hear the infantile sobs of his son, that he has yet to hold. Hannibal gathered himself and headed toward the ruckus. For it has been legend, that Devin was the first of his kind, an immortal, not bound by the laws of man, but somewhere between hell and earth. To remain on this plane with the abilities of angels and demons, confined to flesh, and the thirst for blood. Because of his fathers curses to the Lord, Devin Romaine shall walk the face of the earth with him forever, cursed and forsaken. For almost a thousand years Hannibal keeps the secret of that December night from Devin. But after an intoxicating sexual release, the immortal father reveals his darkest secret to young and beautiful Werewolf, Milla. Her desire for the empire that the father and son duo have built, leads her to Devin's bedroom with an agenda that estranges father and son.
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