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I have not been on fubar for a while because of some sort of technical difficulty trying to login and it is summer time here in Vegas with lots of better things to do than sit here and suffer the abuse of complete losers who have nothing better to do (plus now I dont have VP anymore and I refuse to pay for it; I cant update my pictures anymore so why even bother ya know?). The fam has been slowly but surely unpacking the boxes and settling into the new house; BBQing with the neighbors, partying like rockstars as usual and now we are going to Ireland this wknd. But I did finally get logged in a week or so ago and just as I expected, the losers are still here harassing those that are having a better life than they are (because they dont seem to realize they can actually get off their fat arses and make a good life for themselves - if they would just get off the computer sometime), still harassing when they dont get their way and so on. SMOKE is my stalker's name, and he is from Las Vegas (scary). He seems to be somewhat unstable because one day he was all nice and then the next time he was just irritatingly offensive and then heaven forbid you point out that you feel he is being offensive, then come the insults.

It's funny to me how these ppl sit on their cushy chairs at home and just sling the insults to attempt to make themselves feel better about their insignificant existance. It is even funnier that while HE has me on ignore, as not to chance getting anything back from me, he is now on day two of harassing me via my SB. Sad thing is, I can't even ignore him if I wanted to (thanks FUBAR for that). He will now continue to message me each chance he gets with some negative asinine verbiage that he feels wasting his time to do is more productive than anything else.... I guess I should feel "flattered" that he's that obsessed with wanting to make me unhappy. Unfortunately; after this blog, Im off to work, and to pack to go to Ireland. Going to try some real Irish guiness and get some activities in with the newlyweds (bro and sister-in-law). Then...... EDC2011 in vegas and so on and so forth with the real life adventures. Poor SMOKE. I hope you get over harassing me soon and get your own awesome life, outside of the comfort you feel in trying to make others miserable from your computer keyboard.

The fake FU-Marriage. Seems to be a trend now. Maybe it's even a money making scham for FU elite (cause they are the ones that started the trend and all the other fu ripoffs) getting fu-married, then worshipping your fu spouse in Happy Hours, Shout outs, blasts and so on. and ya bought her a fu pony too? a charity could have used that 600-700 dollars more than the fu could. Oh Im sure Fu does their tax write off due dilligence... but seriously.... how caught up in the non real can ppl be? I think the worst part of it, you see someone fu married and all fu-up on someone one day... the next they have fu-divorced and moved on to teh next better marketing material. its puzzling to me. confusing and completely unrealistic. We are suppose to believe you are all in love with said fu-wife... although she just fu married you a few weeks ago and before then, we had never heard of your unknown a$$? puhleez. How much did you have to pay for your newfound fu-fame (over and above those fu-ponies)?

I am not sure if its the rain that has taken over southern california the past few days, or if its just the conglomeration of truly nasty ppl that gather here on this site.... But I am really not feeling any love here anymore.

In the beginning. This seemed like alot of fun. I invited some of my real friends to this site, my husband even joined, and we were having a great time even in spending real hard earned money in a time when we have only one income, to sppruce up each others pages with VIP and bling. I have been a VIP member for a year and a half now and the extra bennies seemed worth the real money that needed to be spent in order to post more pictures so that the masses could live vicariously through myself, my husband, my boyfriend and all of our families real friends that have better things to do than sit at the computer all day.

Unfortunately for me, Im just not popular here. I dont sit here all day and rate people. I dont beg people to rate me. I dont bling the sh*t out of people I dont know and have talked to only once, and I dont do the lounges, I have never been invited to be in one of the popularity bestowing clicks, I never get hot chic of the week and my rate here is truly low compared to some of the other girls here that are in tight with the elite of fubar. So... due to falling short here, I dont sell in fu-owned for a lot of money and I never seem to be able to get anyone to purchase me unless I offer to pay them to do it. So Adfter last night Im probly going to shit that feature off.

Last night I came home in the rain from work and opened up fubar to find a message in my shoutbox from my fu-owner. Paraphrashing, he asked me to hurry up and get myself sold to someone else because he needed the fubucks to help someone else. Well mind you... I dont know this person who bought me. I havent ever chatted with him before, but he did buy me without me begging, asking or even talking to him about it til after the fact. Once he bought me I told him that he would not make his money back unfortunately because I just dont have those "influential" or elite friends like everyone else seems to have here. He didnt seem too bummed that no one else would buy me from him, til yesterday. Well... after reading that message, I tried to think of a fast way to try and get someone to buy me. But since I was over a million, no one was going to help me with this I just knew it. So..... being a sarcastic little twit, (which the owner person did not know) I decided to post a status -- "My owner doesnt want me any longer. Could someone pls relieve him of ownership?" and that circulated for about 30 minutes with no one biting. So I ended up posting something else similar to that but probly even more sarcastic (I would have cut and pasted it from my old statuses but I was reprimanded for MY behavior and the statuses were deleted). Anyway, the owner of me at that time came onto my page and flipped. He starts going off on me. Calling me a B*tch and a liar and a few other not so nice names.... but why? I mean come on.... its fu-bucks. They arent real. And seriously? I couldnt have been the only person he owned that he could have asked them to get themselves sold. Well he goes on and on ranting at me. Continuing the name calling, etc. He goes on and on then about how he knows NOW why I have no friends (fu-friends mind you becaus eyou know.... fu friends are the only ones that count so if I cant find one person to save me from this lunatic, then Im a loser. And so on and so on. This guy never got in trouble for any of these insults or the harrassment because the policy here if someone is treating you poorly, being insulting etc, is just to block them. They dont lose their accounts, they dont get demoted a level they arent asked to behave, they arent asked to leave, nothing. The person being harassed is just suppose to quietly block them and never say another word about the incident, and the perpetrator.... scrolls free across fubar, unpunished. I got in trouble for lashing out at him via my status.

Its sad to me how ppl behave here. As I had said previously, this place started out as a barrel of fun that I was willing to sink real money into, to have a better experience. In return, I have managed to come across truly mean and nasty people who are allowed to continue here no matter how rude, nasty, and demeaning they are to other members. Have you ever heard about Retention. The most common use for retention is usually with gym memberships and colleges. Retention is the "process" of doing everything possible to keep a customer/member/student engaged, and enjoying their experience with an organization so that they stay. I wonder if anyone here has thought about retention. In my time here. I have invited and had join 197 people. The stats were updated the other day and 184 of those remains and I could tell you that probly 100 of those would rather just delete their accounts here as well but just havent thought to much about it since their first few weeks here. If there was a policy in place regarding nasty ppl who do rude things and such then maybe we could retain a few more of the ppl who have been the victims of this anonymity here that so many people take advantage of (check the MuMMs sometime if you'd like to see the height of harassment and rudeness because those individuals think they are the MOST intelligent, MOST intouchable members here). It just seems that on other chat programs and social networking sites;p if you act an a$$ you get a warning. Do it again and your banned forever. But maybe since these ppl spend alot of real money here, there is no real desire to get rid of them no matter how assinine the person is.

So... Im not feeling it here much anymore. I hid my profile and rearranged my pictures so that hopefully only the really excellent people I know, will be able to still communicate with me. Thanks to the very very few people I do know that I am certainly glad I met here as I might not have found you elsewhere.

love, *kttn*

Just a hater

He lives in my city

hes fat and atrociously hideous to look at, almost to the point of making me gag

But he comes on MY page (as everyone is welcome to do) posts nasty comments about how Im so ugly, so digustingly gross, how i look like a 20 dollar vegas hooker, and then blocks me. I didnt even have a chance to send the LMAO I was typing in SB before he rated me several ones and BAM - BLOCKED!!



I woke up this morning to see most of my new pictures had been rated NSFW. I am not naked in the pics, I am mostly covered up in a majority of them, showing my new tatt on my shoulder, my side (without showing my tits off) and my back tattoo. I am a bit confused as to how pics showing tattoos are nsfw.

I say this because I saw Belladonna scroll across the top today, wearing a totally sheer top and thong in her default picture, with everything about her breasts being visible in the see-thru material however THAT picture isn't nsfw. Then moments later as I am looking at a picture of myself in panties yet pretty well covered up (reported nsfw this morning) Hard2Handle scrolls by in a bra and panties laying on a bed as her default.

Now honestly..... I don't have anything against those girls, cause they aren't the only ones getting away with those pictures (they are just ppl I see frequently getting away with it). More power to them for figuring out how to beat the system and never have any risque pictures labeled as nsfw (Cause the two pics I saw today aren't the first and only nsfw looking pics I have seen on those profiles).  And SURE, I'm butt hurt that some chics are allowed to show whatever they like, while others (probly cause of who we DON'T know) can't. Im just saying... it doesnt seem entirely fair that pictures that I have seen that seem way more revealing or nsfw than mine.... are scrolling around all over the public areas, yet I haven't learned how to play the game. I can't even get fubar support to answer questions I have about the nsfw reports that were made or the fact that I have set a folder to "Only Me" access but everyone and their family can see everything in the folder :-(

I guess when ~*Tanya*~ left, I lost my protective barrier. That bites.

LOL this dude's name makes me lagh so hard. He calls himself a gentleman but he is the most rude, most crass, asinine, woman-hater I have ever met. He has nothing nice to say about women, ever. He is constantly degrading them and demeaning them in his statuses and in conversations with them directly. He's pathetically outspoken with nothing of value to say, making judgments and harsh remarks that are based on no real fact just the negative encounters he has had with women here online. Today his status is about how weak minded women are, that his bluntness is mistaken for rudeness and women block him too easily. This coming from the same man that blocked me first because I didnt want to deal with his sh*t. Attention ANYONE who thinks that being blunt is a license to be a d*ck- bluntness doesnt have to be about being a total jacka$$ when addressing someone. There is this thing called TACT and it should accompany BLUNTNESS on all of its adventures (especially if you are going to profess you are a gentleman).

My rant for today.... just needed to get this one out there in honor of the d*ckhead of the week.

I honestly do not know how anyone else feels about this so I am ONLY speaking for how I feel about this (which is absolutely disgusts me) ....

But if you have decided that you are going to create a Fubar profile, post a default photo that is some hot dude that you don't even know the first name of, and that default photo is the ONLY picture on your entire profile, you have no Salute and nothing else on your profile that says "the default picture isnt me" then IMHO you are lying. There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. And to actually sit there and try to defend misrepresenting yourself with some bullsh*t explanation about how your looks dont matter, you are the person you have represented yourself as in chat?

Give me a mfkn break dude!!

If you are misrepresenting yourself on any level, you really have NO ARGUMENT to defend yourself. There is really no way to tell what you are lying about and what you aren't. Period.


Just so that NO one gets the pleasure of trying to use this against me (cause some people like to come here just to be a$$holes; get a life much?).

YES!!!!!! I can be a drunkin attention whore. Who the f*ck here isn't.

Get over yourself there subiedubie, ya aint all that and you sure as hell aren't smart enough to have figured this all out on your own; I had to actually give you lots and lots of clues for you to work it out. Trailer park trash much? Get your emachine on sale at the Kmart.....


yeah thought so.



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