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I have not been on fubar for a while because of some sort of technical difficulty trying to login and it is summer time here in Vegas with lots of better things to do than sit here and suffer the abuse of complete losers who have nothing better to do (plus now I dont have VP anymore and I refuse to pay for it; I cant update my pictures anymore so why even bother ya know?). The fam has been slowly but surely unpacking the boxes and settling into the new house; BBQing with the neighbors, partying like rockstars as usual and now we are going to Ireland this wknd. But I did finally get logged in a week or so ago and just as I expected, the losers are still here harassing those that are having a better life than they are (because they dont seem to realize they can actually get off their fat arses and make a good life for themselves - if they would just get off the computer sometime), still harassing when they dont get their way and so on. SMOKE is my stalker's name, and he is from Las Vegas (scary). He seems to be somewhat unstable because one day he was all nice and then the next time he was just irritatingly offensive and then heaven forbid you point out that you feel he is being offensive, then come the insults.

It's funny to me how these ppl sit on their cushy chairs at home and just sling the insults to attempt to make themselves feel better about their insignificant existance. It is even funnier that while HE has me on ignore, as not to chance getting anything back from me, he is now on day two of harassing me via my SB. Sad thing is, I can't even ignore him if I wanted to (thanks FUBAR for that). He will now continue to message me each chance he gets with some negative asinine verbiage that he feels wasting his time to do is more productive than anything else.... I guess I should feel "flattered" that he's that obsessed with wanting to make me unhappy. Unfortunately; after this blog, Im off to work, and to pack to go to Ireland. Going to try some real Irish guiness and get some activities in with the newlyweds (bro and sister-in-law). Then...... EDC2011 in vegas and so on and so forth with the real life adventures. Poor SMOKE. I hope you get over harassing me soon and get your own awesome life, outside of the comfort you feel in trying to make others miserable from your computer keyboard.

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