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LOL this dude's name makes me lagh so hard. He calls himself a gentleman but he is the most rude, most crass, asinine, woman-hater I have ever met. He has nothing nice to say about women, ever. He is constantly degrading them and demeaning them in his statuses and in conversations with them directly. He's pathetically outspoken with nothing of value to say, making judgments and harsh remarks that are based on no real fact just the negative encounters he has had with women here online. Today his status is about how weak minded women are, that his bluntness is mistaken for rudeness and women block him too easily. This coming from the same man that blocked me first because I didnt want to deal with his sh*t. Attention ANYONE who thinks that being blunt is a license to be a d*ck- bluntness doesnt have to be about being a total jacka$$ when addressing someone. There is this thing called TACT and it should accompany BLUNTNESS on all of its adventures (especially if you are going to profess you are a gentleman).

My rant for today.... just needed to get this one out there in honor of the d*ckhead of the week.

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