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The fake FU-Marriage. Seems to be a trend now. Maybe it's even a money making scham for FU elite (cause they are the ones that started the trend and all the other fu ripoffs) getting fu-married, then worshipping your fu spouse in Happy Hours, Shout outs, blasts and so on. and ya bought her a fu pony too? a charity could have used that 600-700 dollars more than the fu could. Oh Im sure Fu does their tax write off due dilligence... but seriously.... how caught up in the non real can ppl be? I think the worst part of it, you see someone fu married and all fu-up on someone one day... the next they have fu-divorced and moved on to teh next better marketing material. its puzzling to me. confusing and completely unrealistic. We are suppose to believe you are all in love with said fu-wife... although she just fu married you a few weeks ago and before then, we had never heard of your unknown a$$? puhleez. How much did you have to pay for your newfound fu-fame (over and above those fu-ponies)?

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