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Well I am now back home after my week adventure. It was really nice all except the long ass flight and many stops coming back home. It turned out to be a long friggin day, and that was Tuesday and this girl is still tired! Slirpa is the bomb! Ernie is a sweetie! Never thought I would have so much in common as I do with Slirpa, wish she were a lot friggin closer to hang out with. Coming back, I had a 4 hr layover in Seattle, so I met up with Chainsaw and we went over to Denny's. He is way cool as well, I felt so delirious when I met him, cuz I was so damn tired and had already been traveling for 12 hours, and of course when I am traveling I do the NO make up and the baggiest clothes I am missing Tim Horton's coffee already, don't know how but I did manage to feel addicted to it in 6 days :) It is nice to be home though, I need to get my crap back in order. I have the appt the 3rd for my wrist, and if I don't get my medical approved I am gonna find a job doing anything, I am just scared I will start a job and my wrist will act up. I do have a feeling I am gonna need surgery on it... :-( Muahz!
Sitting in the toronto airport... plane was suppose to be leaving at 2 now its leaving at 2:30 cuz of the weather in Halifax. I has the stress cuz my landing isnt that long in Calgary and I have to clear customs... Now Seattle should be cool Hell I have 4 hours there anyhow..... Just put on a nicotine patch, cuz I am starting to have a nicfit.... go figure....
Tommorrow is gonna be the long day from hell... gotta be up at 7am EST, my plane leaves at 10:20, from here I fly to Toronto, then Calgary, then Seattle and then finally into Spokane, arriving at 230AM est.... yikes...... the trip was fun for the most part... April and Ernie rock! Wish me luck on not missing any flights, I won't be on at all tomorrow so see you all on Wednesday ♥ ya'll
Start off with saying do I ever feel like an ass today!! Yesterday was cool as hell. April picked me up and we were going to hang out at her house for a few hours, instead I think we went to a ton of stores. She dropped me back off at the hotel to take a bath and to get ready to get Ernie from the airport. April was nervous as hell, not quite sure why, but she was. Last night we took a cab over the bridge into Michigan to a bar. Right when we got to the bar, I felt awful so when the cab dude came back over to Michigan to drop people off I got a ride back to Canada with him. He had to drop me off at the original bar that we got picked up from, but had radioed ahead to have another cab there. I got back to the hotel, thinking I may have felt terrible from not eating, so I tried calling pizza places and didn't get an answer anywhere so I had a bag of chips and a fruitopia. I am not sure when I fell asleep, but I slept so damn hard that I did not hear them banging on the door nor calling when they came back. :( I am not sure how long they attempted to wake me up, but I woke up with a headache, so I know I slept hard as a rock. Usually, I am a light sleeper and even hearing my yahoo pop with a message wakes me up. When I got up an hr or so ago, Ernie had knocked on the door, I don't think he is too happy with me, nor do I blame him. I feel awful for not hearing them. I know I was having some extreme nightmares last night, I kind of remember them vaguely. I was in a burning building and the fire drill kept going off, but I couldn't get out. I remember the alarm going off consistently as people were trampling down the stairs trying to get out. Okay enough for now, if I continue to write, I will feel even MORE like an ass :( I don't know how to say I am sorry enough.


Sitting here in the hotel room waiting for April to call me, I thought I would do a quick blog! It has been fun since I have been here in despite of the lost luggage that I got back yesterday afternoon. April is a hoot. She is really fun to be around and we have been having a blast. Last night many people on my yahoo seen us on cam, I was buzzing nicely and she was sloshed, lolz! We ended up going to a bar to get wings, she got the sea salt and black pepper (way too much salt, bleh) and of course me being up here had to try the maple syrup and garlic wings, they were yummy. Ernie arrives here tonight, so it will become a lot more interesting :) I will be taking a lot more pictures and uploading them. My only complaint, is the cigarettes up here are way too light tasting. Ya, Ya, I know quit, but since my luggage came, I have my American smokes. Not sure what we are going to be doing over the next few days, it's trying to snow right now, fun fun.... Have a great day all! (h) ya all!
Just a quick blog before I crash... I am in Canada met my fu-wifey she is awesome! Its been a long day over 12 hours of airports and flying, and they lost my luggage so I feel so grimy!!
I dont even know what to say, dont even know whats going on.... yesterday was overwhelmed, I thought today was better until I heard from someone, then I just dont know....
It's official, Thursday I will be in Canada meeting up with my fu-wifey and my fu-bff! Will be there through Tuesday! and you know what, this clown is FRIGGIN NERVOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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